Sunrise surprise

Thursday, January 28

P1090337Sunrise seen at Sonoran Desert camp near Why in southern Arizona

Yes, sunrise! 

I spoke too soon when I said that sunrises — those with color and spectacle — cannot be seen from our camp due to mountains and vegetation in the way.  By the time the sun clears the mountains, the color, if there was any, is gone.

This morning I’m pleasantly surprised!

P1090336The crew and I haven’t been awake long when I notice the sky turning from the grey of pre-dawn to a lovely pink glow.  I grab the camera and with a quick “I’ll be right back” to the crew, shut the door behind me and sprint down the lane through the cholla, mesquite trees, and saguaros.

A sunrise like this isn’t going to last long!

P1090340It’s not every day that I wake up and shortly thereafter run away from home!  I run until an angle is reached where the view is uncluttered.  That’s when I take the photos above and swivel to capture the rest which is how the photos end up with different landscapes.

This is a wrap-around sunrise!

P1090343The photo session is over in less than five minutes.  Wow.  What a way to start a day!

Later, the crew and I prepare for our next camp move.

We motor into Ajo and stop at Belly Acres RV Park for propane.  From there we pick up groceries at Olsen’s.  The last stop is the Shell station’s water vending machine to fill up more jugs.  The Perfect Tow Vehicle is gassed up and ready for tomorrow!

One more shot of the sunrise . . .

P1090344Friday, January 29

Today we break camp.   If all goes as planned, we won’t be on the road long today.  I’m not sure what kind of internet connection is available at our next camp.  If you don’t hear from us, a lack of internet signal is the reason.

Otherwise, the crew and I will be back soon!


NOTE:  Helicopters!  Five have flown low over our camp so far this morning.  The last one has a banner.  Hmm . . . What’s that say?   “RVSUE:  YOU ARE AT THE 14 DAY LIMIT.”  Okay, okay, we’re leaving!



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101 Responses to Sunrise surprise

  1. eliza says:

    beautiful, and funny. we should all have a personal banner….

  2. Calvin R says:

    I love sunrise. It’s the best reason to be up early.

  3. Sandy says:

    As I sit in a hospital room with my husband, your pictures brighten my day; thank you

  4. AZ Jim says:

    Slowly I crawl closer and closer….

  5. Pookie in Todd Mission Tx says:

    wow..snuck one in on me

    • Fuji-maru says:

      Hi! Pookie
      You lose me. Please let me know the meaning of “snuck one in on me”!
      Thank you

      • Pookie in Todd Mission Tx says:

        HA……….Sue put a post up while I wasnt looking or online…
        I sure wasnt expecting another one at that time…snuck or snook….
        not sure if I even spelled it right….. 🙂

  6. Thank you for your dedication to your bloggerinos and the blog.

  7. Deb D says:

    Beautiful sunrise pics.. Have a safe journey to your next lovely campsite.

  8. Pookie in Todd Mission Tx says:

    wow…what a way to start a day………….
    Sue, I can just see you running down the road in your jammies…..HA

  9. Ronda western WA says:

    I love it when nature presents the unexpected. What a joy to be going about your day and…”Oh look at that!” Thanks for sharing your surprise sunrise, beautiful.

  10. Jean in Southaven, MS says:

    I don’t even try to be first anylonger. I have given up. But I love this part of the country around Ajo. I love the posts with the little blue house and the fence. It had a very nice man that lived in it. It was not in Ajo, but it was somewhere no too far away. another favorite camp was across from the cabin in Utah. The cabin was built by a man and his son. They had chickens at the cabin they had to come take care of. I think there was a stream close to your camp there. I am anxious to see where we wind up this time. Maybe it will become another favorite memory also. Be safe and hope to hear from you soon.

  11. Renee Galligher - Idaho says:

    All your photos are gorgeous, but I especially like the very last one with the greens and blues of the cactus and terrain.

    Best of luck on your next spot.

  12. DesertGinger says:

    Wow! Love the sunrise pictures with the lovely saguaro silhouettes. Very lovely.

    I’m waiting for my heart surgeon to call. He is in surgery today and they didn’t know when he would be available to see me. So, I’m supposed to be ready and when they call, I have an hour to get to the office. Meanwhile I will start filling out the 19 page questionnaire. I’m scared and excited.

    Beyond that, these babies don’t sleep. My poor roomie has been up all night with them. Thank god it is her job, not mine.

    • eliza says:

      best of luck DG…thinking of you

    • Cinandjules (FL temp) says:

      Sheesh…..waiting for the phone to ring is almost like watching the clock!

      How are the twins?

      I hope you have a great day and find out all the answers!

    • Elizabeth in WA says:

      Hoping for encouraging news for you, Ginger!!

      • Kerry On (UT) says:

        Good luck at the surgeon’s today! I hope your appointment goes well – we’ll all be thinking about you and sending you positive energy! Hugs to you!

    • Jolene/Iowa says:

      I think of you often DGinger. Praying!

    • Marilu in Northern California says:

      I’ve been thinking of you Ginger. You will feel so much more settled when you have a plan in place with your doctors. Take care!

    • Denise - Richmond VA says:

      Sending you lots of positive thoughts and prayers, DesertGinger! **Hugs, too!!**

      Maybe I missed it….two boys, two girls, or one of each? Your friend certainly has her hands full! She was doubly blessed! 🙂

    • Applegirl NY says:

      Hi DG, I read your update yesterday. I’m still praying for you. I’m so glad you’ve been referred to a surgeon. Thanks for keeping us up to date.

  13. Pauline in Mississippi says:

    Gorgeous pictures!!!! I could just picture you running outside in your jammies to get us those pictures!! Well, we appreciate your effect!.
    Sandy…hope all goes well for your hubby.
    AZ Jim….I have an RVSue file also. I save a lot of her pictures to look at later.

    Hope all of you have a great day.

    Happy Trails to my sister, looking forward to the next post to see where you are.
    Love to you and the crew.

  14. Cheryl O. says:

    Beautiful photos. They totally make up for the gray clouds covering up our sunrise. Thank you and take care everybody.

  15. Gorgeous sunrise! Ehhhh….what time does that happen around here?? Maybe I need to get up early (gasp!) and check it out.

  16. Pat in Yuma says:

    Great pics….I’m never up early enough to see the sunrise. Thanks for letting us night owls see what we are missing.

    • Sidewinder Pen says:

      Sue does it so we don’t have to 😀 😀 😀

      Thanks for sprinting down the road in your PJ’s – the photos are lovely.

  17. Jolene/Iowa says:

    Hi Sue,

    Love the photos, beautiful way to wake up for sure. Things are going well, just busy as heck. We are getting ready for a potential blizzard here in Iowa next Tues/Wed. time frame. We will see if it holds together.

    Looking forward to see where we all go next! Take care!! Hugs to you and the crew!

    • Sharon in MO says:

      Hope the blizzard misses you, Jolene!

    • Elizabeth in WA says:

      Hope you have everything you need if the weather becomes bad!!

    • Denise - Richmond VA says:

      Hi, Jolene,

      Stay safe and shovel smart if the storms hits your area. I had to dig out of the 2′ of snow that fell this past weekend. An usual amount for Virginia! Take good care! 🙂

      • Elizabeth in WA says:

        Wow…need to do that a bit at a time…when the snow is deep…18 inches is the max I have been in I think (other than going to the mts for a day). Tis not so bad if you have all you need…I just love how clean and bright everything becomes and the SILENCE!! Not wishing for any here however, as we are on hilly hills…so would be stuck at home maybe quite a long time!!

  18. Lynn Brooks says:

    So Beautiful!!!
    Thanks for sharing!!!
    Safe travels!!!
    Lynn B. (Baltimore, MD)

  19. Pamelab says:

    Hi, Sue – thank you for all the pretty photos of the sunrise! So nice. Happy moving day and happy trails. Just took an online quiz that gave Yuma, AZ as the sunniest city in the US. I know it’s a popular spot for rvers.
    Thanks again.
    Pamela in Houston

  20. Sharon in MO says:

    Sue, such lovely sunrise photos! I love the surprises God sends our way. Safe travels and hope your new campsite is wonderful too.

  21. Penny in AR says:

    WHY??? Because you can!!! Beautiful photos!

  22. Leesa (IA) says:

    Beautiful pictures, they are talking blizzard here next week so I will post them where I can see them often. The last line made me laugh out loud and everyone wanted to know what was so funny, I told them rvsue and they just shook their heads.

  23. Elizabeth in WA says:

    Very lovely photos…would look so nice in a calendar!! I remember those old magazines called Arizona Highways that my grandparents always received!!

  24. Cinandjules (FL temp) says:

    Beautiful photos!

    I’m sure you’ll find a great site.

    Internet connection at our “next camp” will be slow and expensive. We are in Florida getting ready to board a chartered Holland America MS Westerdam for a week. 2000 women ages 21-80 getting ready to have some fun in the sun!

    See you guys in a week….take care and be good….and if you can’t be good…don’t get caught!

  25. Denise - Richmond VA says:

    Hi, Sue,

    Thank you for sharing that beautiful sunrise! What a wonderful way to start the day! I hope you had a smooth travel day and found a good spot to land.

    Sending you and the Crew hugs from me and Gracie pup! 🙂

  26. Dawn in Mi says:

    Simply stupendous.

  27. Barbara (Nashville) says:

    Lovely sunrise pic Sue. I, too, can just picture the running in PJ’s for the perfect pics. The banner line was funny. RV Sue, time is up. Move along little doggies. This was not meant to repeat what you said.

    I taught Angel to jump into an old office chair, then into the bed to get in and out, instead of waking me to get back in. I just had to show her twice and she’s got it. She does still bring the sock and now the toy back with her. Last night she brought the sock to DH. Guess she thought he deserved it.

  28. Piper (Virginia) says:

    Beautiful, Beautiful sunrises!!! One day my husband and I will experience them!

  29. Applegirl NY says:

    Those cacti silhouettes really make your sunrise pictures come alive. How beautiful. Hope the travel to the new camp went well. Looking forward to hearing about it.

  30. rvsueandcrew says:


    Looks like y’all have been doing fine without us! I so enjoy reading your interactions without me putting in my 2-cents. Thank you for the positive words about the sunrise photos. I’m happy you like them.

    After I pushed the publish button for this post, I thought, “oh shucks, I could’ve made the note about the helicopter banner better. The banner should read, “RVSue: You’ve reached the 14 day limit. Don’t make me come down there.” Haha!

    Well, we’re at our new camp and all is hunky-dory (whatever that means!). We have the place to ourselves, the view is lovely, and the internet connection is good. Yay! In the morning I’ll take photos and then I’ll write a post. I hope all is well with you, dear readers.

    Have a great evening, everyone!


    • Elizabeth in WA says:

      Yippee…everything nice at once!! That sounds like a lovely spot, Sue!!

    • Fuji-maru says:

      Hi-ho, No-Ajo! Good Mornig!, RVSue and canine Crew
      Many thanks for your post with beautiful sunrise photos under slow-speed connections!
      Where are you now? Hmm…Santa Rosa? Anegam? Tat Momoli Pass?
      Are you writing a new post about new camp site at the very moment? I’m looking forward to it!

    • Fuji-maru says:

      Can’t wait your new post! 2:11 am now, time to have to go bed…
      Have a Good Day! And Good Night!

  31. Sealarkesmiles says:

    Hi Sue,
    Gorgeous sunrise photos! Thank You! I’m better at sunsets but I think it’s because I don’t mess with the settings on my camera. Wish I could take better night sky shots, too. So, in the future, when I don’t see a post from you for a while I will be worried about the helicopters swooping down and picking you up, Casita, pups and all! Have a great ‘move’. I’m sure it will be a great new upcoming post to come!

  32. Hi Sue,

    We are back at Roosevelt Lake after a run back east for the holidays (won’t do that again, I will fly). Things have changed here and are getting worse. The rate is now $8 a day and they do NOT take the Senior Pass anymore…booooo! The rate will go up to $20 a night once they install their automated pay machines, but after that they will take the Senior Pass again so the rate will be $10 a night. So, a huge jump for us Seniors, everyone else not so much. The other bad news is the solar showers have been broken for over a month and they can’t find anyone to fix them. They might not ever work again. Rumor is the showers at Windy Hill are blazing hot, so we may move down there. The hassle with that is, the dump stations are up here. They are supposed to be adding some new features to go along with the rate increases but who knows.

    The good news is that it is still pretty quiet and beautiful here. We are glad to be back out here. On the way out we camped on the beach at Padre Island National Seashore. That was a hoot, but now I have sand in everything.

    Glad to see you are all doing well. Stay warm down there!


  33. Linda-NC says:

    Thanks for the sunrise~I am never up at sunrise, so now I know what I am missing. Thank God for early birds like you. Kiss them kids! Reggie makes me laugh and Bridget just has it figured out. Learn youngun learn!:))

  34. Ladybug in Mid-Tenn says:

    Sunrise surprise…..that ought to be some sort of breakfast dish, but not sure exactly what! LOL

  35. gayle cooper says:

    Those photos were sure worth the effort to go dashing out the door, to say nothing of getting up that early! Thanks, Sue, so I don’t have to!

  36. Libby Nester WV/PA says:

    After dealing with our 40.5 inches of snow from last weekend’s Winter storm, Jonas, it was refreshing to see such a beautiful sunrise. Here in the Eastern Panhandle we’ve had some beautiful skys this past week, but nothing to compare to Sue’s view from her yard.

  37. DesertGinger says:

    My open heart surgery is Feb 22. Super scared. But the other option is worse; he said he thought I only had weeks left without the surgery. He will replace my mitral valve, repair my tricuspid valve, and do ablation (whatever that is) to fix my atrial fibrillation. He said I had no coronary artery disease and my heart still pumps well. He said that he didn’t understand it, but my heart seemed to have no damage from my years of smoking. How about that? He said he couldn’t tell yet how my lungs are.

    I am getting a tissue valve, not a mechanical valve. The tissue valve will last 10 to 15 years and by then they will be able to replace it without invasive surgery. If I have tissue I will be able to get off Coumadin after 3 months.

    So that is the plan. With any luck, in a few months I will feel better than I have in years.

    • Krystina ~ Sutton, Vermont says:

      OH HAPPY DAY DG!! That is very good news. Doing a happy dance for you. February 22 is not that far away. Will keep the prayers coming.

    • Cinandjules says:

      Great news DeGin!

      Think of it as your 60 year oil change…’ll be running like new in no time!

      Go energizer bunny!

    • Ablation for atrial fibrillation generally consists of burning a series of dots around the wall of the pulmonary arteries where they enter the heart. It’s not a trivial procedure. Afterwards your heart will hurt from the burns. But, since they’re opening your chest, I suspect pain management will be rigorous, so you may not notice it among all the other procedures. Good luck with this.

      • Pookie in Todd Mission Tx says:

        the worse pain experience I had was when I woke up after surgery in
        intensive care the nurse came over and made me cough………hurt like
        the devil………but they want the fluid out of the lungs I guess……

    • Mick'nTN says:

      Great news DeGin, I will be sending prayers to help you through this final step to a long happy life.

    • Marilyn, Dania Beach, FL says:

      My neighbor had a valve replacement. They managed the pain so well she experienced none. I had spine surgery and had no pain myself. Medicine is amazing.

      I was frightened to death, DG, myself. Now, I know there was no reason to be.

      You will do fine. You have a much better attitude than I.

      • Barbara (Nashville) says:

        DG, that is great news. I will keep you in my prayers, sweet lady.
        Today’s medical procedures are amazing. One of my dear friends had a quadruple by-pass 2 years ago and was back in exercise class after 2 months. She was still in rehab at the time. Kep us posted on your progress, okay?

    • Denise - Richmond VA says:

      Great news, DesertGinger! I know you will be strong and have a good outcome. Keeping you in my prayers. Sending you a loving hug. xxxooo. 🙂

    • Pookie in Todd Mission Tx says:

      Hey DesertGinger………..all the doctors have this heart bypass surgery down
      to a T now………Ive been through 2 of them in the last 25 years…..its tough but
      I know you can make it through the surgery OK………Im 71 and still smoking
      and I guess I’ll keep on doing it til my lungs give out…….they dont have the
      lungs figured out yet but my doctor says if I get a cat scan every year they will
      catch any cancer in my lungs if I have any……..
      anyway gonna say a few prayers for ya gal……….

  38. Eileen Dykeman says:

    those very pretty photos are a gr8 start 2 my day! thx!

  39. Barbara (Nashville) says:

    Even a scraggly Ironwood can add more beauty to a gorgeous sunrise. Love the photos.

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