There’s gold in that campsite!

Saturday, November 9

It’s almost noon before I unhitch the Best Little Trailer from the Perfect Tow Vehicle in preparation for a trip into Quartzsite.

1-DSC01405Bridget and Spike are always thrilled to be thrown into the PTV.  Bless their hearts.  I guess they assume they’ll have a wonderful walk in an interesting place.  Little do they know today it’s a quick errand trip with no surprises for them.

First place of interest is a thrift store.

A cheerful lady responds to my inquiry about books.  “Paperbacks are fifty cents.  Hardbacks, a dollar.”  I pick out two paperbacks.

Next I drive across the street to Quartzsite General Store. 

Two water vending machines guard the entrance.  I remove ten one-gallon jugs from the back of the PTV and fill them up ($2.00).  Inside the store I pluck two red peppers and one green from the produce department, along with a trio of bananas.

When I return to the PTV, the heat is oppressive.

“Okay, guys.  We’re going home where it’s cool.”

Later, as dusk approaches, Bridget and Spike bark wildly as they race to meet a man and his small, white dog approaching.  I saw this pair walk by our campsite the same time last night.

Since I can’t stop Spike by calling him, I chase after him.

This brings me right up to the gentleman.  I explain Spike’s deafness so he doesn’t think I’m a complete fool.  I introduce myself and he tells me his name is Vim and he’s from Vancouver Island.

Together we watch the crew and his dog get acquainted.

“Is that your rig over there?” I ask.  (The Class A in the photo below)

1-DSC01406“Yes, that’s it,” he replies.  He (and I presume his wife) visit the Southwest for six months every year.  We discuss the horrors and tenacity of mice.  He recently went through the ordeal of ridding rodents from inside his motor home.  They were under the couch and would come out at night to eat kibble right out of Miss Muffy’s (or whatever the heck her name is) dish.

Sunday, November 10

I wake at dawn and peek out the window.  Whoa . . . Look at that sky.  I’m so glad I’m a morning person.  I run out and snap photos.

1-DSC01392Sometimes I don’t like Picasa and Photoshop.  Photo editing makes the real thing — when it’s spectacular — seem fake.  On my honor I tell you I did not do anything to these sunrise shots.  That’s the way the desert looks at sunrise.

1-DSC01391As soon as it’s light, a truck with camper shell pulls up and parks right in front of our campsite.

A man and woman get out. 

They proceed to pull stuff from the back of the pick-up . . . clanking around buckets, bins, shovels, rakes, a small table.  Hmm . . . prospectors.  Of course, if there’s any gold it most likely is at my campsite.

When Bridget and Spike go out the door and discover intruders, they do what dogs do.

1-DSC01428They run toward them and bark.  I don’t chase after them because I know they’ll stop barking and make friends with the people faster than I can corral them back to our door.

However, instead of greeting the crew, the man hollers toward my open door.

“I’d appreciate it if you’d put your dogs on leashes.”  Spike and Bridget are wandering around him, clueless, sniffing his truck as he says this.

I step to the open door and return his greeting.

1-DSC01423“I’d appreciate it if you wouldn’t park next to my camp.”  And with an expansive wave of my arms out the door, I add, “It’s a great big desert out here.”

No answer.

Bridget is already heading back to me as I walk over.  I pick up Spike and carry him the short distance back to our camp.  Sheesh.  First they set up shop at our campsite at daybreak and then he tells me what I should do with my dogs.

The crew and I go for a long walk.

1-DSC01430The morning light is wonderful, but only for a short time.

1-DSC01418 The photos for this day are taken in that light or shortly thereafter when suddenly the desert dims temporarily.

White clouds gather like the folds of soft linen across the sky.

1-DSC01422“We’ve gone far enough.  Let’s go back and have some breakfast.”


Throughout the day I sit in my lounge chair reading a book, interspersed with short housekeeping tasks.

The lounge chair is on the shady side of the BLT.  It’s facing the side of their truck.  I ignore them and they ignore us.  They shovel and tap at rocks in the wash, all day long.

Spike and Bridget sense that there’s no love to be found over at that truck.  They don’t venture anywhere near them all day.

Mostly Spike and Bridget snooze in their beds near my chair.  At one point I look up from my book and have to chuckle at the sight of Bridget.

She’s halfway between the BLT and their truck, sitting, motionless. 

She sits there staring at their truck, as only Bridget can stare, for quite some time.  I can’t see her face but I’ve been the object of that stare many times.  That look can drill a hole in your head or flatten a tire.  Way to go, Bridge.  Excellent display of passive-aggressiveness . . .


After several hours of their picking and tapping, I look up again from my book.

I said the crew stays close to the BLT all day.  That’s not entirely true. Without me realizing it, Spike has taken off.  I see him lift his leg on a small creosote bush a few yards from their truck.  Oh, my. This is too good.  The man is in the wash, leaning on his shovel, watching.  Spike finishes the job and, without so much as a look back, trots over to me.  I can’t help but giggle.

“Spike, you do me proud, boy,” I tell him, smiling and stroking his back.  “You do your mama proud.”



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June 13, 2013, I wrote about our mountain camp in Utah and posted photos of the wildflowers.

“Forest flowers and faith”

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162 Responses to There’s gold in that campsite!

  1. DesertHawk - Las Cruces, New Mexico says:

    Wow! You run into all kinds.

    Neat Sunrise Photos.

  2. DesertHawk - Las Cruces, New Mexico says:

    Maybe ya’ need to get a gold pan.

  3. Katydid - now in Chicago says:

    Too funny! (Good work Bridget and Spike.)

  4. Allison says:

    What IS it with people? I’m not a boondocker, but I would never park next to someone out in the great wide open. It’s like being in an empty movie theater and someone sits down right next to you.

  5. Elizabeth says:

    Don’t people beat all?? You think maybe if you know another language, or pretend you do, maybe they would give up and go away?? Unbelievable!! Heh…funny Spike!!
    Practice some of your opera style singing dear….or whatever kind of music you think they might not like…heh!!

  6. Alan Rabe says:

    No pan, need rock hammer. Virtually all the gold in the KOFA area is contained in quartz veins. When the volcano blew ages ago it spit out molten globules of quartz some contained gold. They can be found just about anywhere. I found one further south, no gold though, just by accident. The molten quartz globes hits the sand and ash,and forms a little bowl off quartz. They are really quite neat.

  7. Alan Rabe says:

    People are social animals. It is their instinct to be together. We are, as a species, just drawn to each other.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Well, I must be a mutant then. Haha!

      • Alan Rabe says:

        It is one of the attributes you have that make you, you. Hermits, even nomadic ones, are not the norm. Hence the existence of camps, be they developed or primitive. But our numbers are growing.

        • rvsueandcrew says:

          I think, more and more, loners feel it’s safe to “come out of the closet.”

          • mockturtle says:

            I may have mentioned this before but a good book for us ‘hermits’ is: Party of One: The Loner’s Manifesto. by Anneli Rufus.

            • rvsueandcrew says:

              Yes! I read that several years ago and it was part of the process of me accepting my “lonerism” and getting to a place where I’m glad I’m a loner.

            • Dawn on Camano Island says:

              I’ve always related to Prarie Home Companion’s Norwegian bachelor(ette) farmer, who most enjoyed sitting on the back porch watching the corn grow. I talk nonstop at work 4 days a week & am so thankful to come home to my darling, quiet, still-waters-run-deep husband. Two loners we are & it works for us!

  8. Love the sunrise photos in the side of the Casita:)

    My husband has a saying, “98% of the people are stupid.” I do believe your neighbors fit into this 98%!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Maybe that’s what gold fever can do to a person…

    • Pam, your husband is 100% correct. Too many people suffering from CSI (cranial-rectal inversion). It’s their world; you’re a bystander.

      Great sunrise pics, Sue! I love Dome Rock. Are you planning to go to the ‘naked guy’ bookstore? A Quartzsite icon. Apparently he’s always up for having his picture taken with tourists. He’s an ol’ hippie, 70+ years with skin of leather. Must come from riding his bike to work every day.

      • rvsueandcrew says:

        Hi, Eileen,

        I’ll probably stop in to the naked bookseller before I leave. I’ll be wanting more books. I was going to go there when last in town but it was hot and I needed to take the crew back to camp.

      • Gayle says:

        Thanks for the picture THAT put into my head!

        • Gayle: Google “Quartzsite naked guy” and click on Images. Then you’ll have the real pictures stuck in your head!

          • rvsueandcrew says:

            Gee, you’re stealing my thunder for a future post… 🙁

            • Gayle says:

              …and that’s the naked truth!

            • Lacy G says:

              Hey Sue,

              How many times can I thank you for this blog? LOVE IT.

              I wonder if someone could ‘riddle me this’….(WITHOUT the answer being Why Not) in regards to Quartzite Naked Guy: WHY?

              Hugs to the crew!

            • rvsueandcrew says:

              Hi, Lacy,

              And I LOVE hearing from YOU! You bring up an interesting question. I guess he goes naked for the same reason nudists are nudists. I’ve never understood nudism. I’m not saying nudism is bad. Like you, I just don’t get it.

  9. Cari in North Texas says:

    I love the photos of the sunrise reflecting off your BLT – the colors are amazing (and yes, I trust that you didn’t retouch them) 🙂

    I understand and relate to your puzzlement and annoyance with people picking the one spot next to you out of all the huge desert. I think I’ve told you, I clean and maintain ATM’s for a major bank as a part-time job. I can pull in the parking lot and there’s not a car in sight. But by the time I walk inside, tell the manager I’m here and walk back to the machine, there’s usually at least one car that magically appeared at the ATM. Or while I’m working, a line will develop. What is it – do I send out a signal or something? Hey, Cari’s here, time to use the ATM. 🙂

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      I’ve experienced that same phenomenon, Cari. It’s The Magnet Principle. I see it all the time with RVers. Camp all by yourself and first thing you know, you’ve got company.

  10. Connie & Mugsy (MN/AZ) says:

    Those clouds rolled past my place too. In fact, it turned so dark that I thought it was going to rain. I was online answering emails and clicked over to check the radar and there was no rain to be seen. But it gave me a beautiful pink desert sunset… and you likely got that too.

    I wish that Spike had lifted his leg on his vehicle.

  11. Rattlesnake Joe says:

    People like them give prospectors a bad name. Sorry for their rude behavior. Spike and Bridget figured them out in a hurry. What they did was perfect 🙂

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Joe,

      Oh, I don’t think badly about prospectors because of him. It may seem like I make this stuff up, but I don’t. Bridget and Spike did seem offended by the guy’s unfriendly behavior. Gosh, I love those two!

  12. Willow says:

    I know the type, they are to stupid to realize how rude they are. Glad you and the crew stood up to him….I love the pictures

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Willow,

      In some situations I let rudeness slide over me, shrug my shoulders, and move on. In this case, I felt like his imposition (crowding our space) was greater than mine (letting my dogs run free). Besides, the crew was being friendly, not menacing.

  13. Jean and Skip says:

    I don’t get it either, that has happened to us several times, miles of desert and they park right beside us. I just put Jake out and hope he barks.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      If that guy had kept his mouth shut for a minute longer, Spike and Bridget would’ve made his acquaintance with wagging tales and hand licks. Then they would’ve been satisfied and walked back to the BLT. The way I think it… It was HIS loss.

  14. Cinandjules (temp in CA) says:

    I love the reflection of the sunrise on the window. What a great photo for a Casita trailer advertisement! Hint hint!

    OMG girl you’re killing me! The nerve….I bet you didn’t come across “as vunerable” to them! Hah! I would have split my gut if Spike peed on their pick!

    Are you now sporting your desert hat?

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Cinandjules,

      No, my summer hat was crushed once too often by . . . well, I should’ve hung it on the wall. I bought another one at a truck stop. I like it. It’s made of sage green denim. It’s a bit hot though for the desert.

      I like to think I cut quite an imposing figure, what with the hat and my rugged KEEN shoes. As I said on this blog before… “Ya don’t mess with the desert woman.” 🙂

      • Cinandjules (temp in CA) says:

        That exact quote flashed into my mind when I read your post!

        Your writing style is so descriptive that I could picture you wearing the “desert hat” when you were so quick with your comment. Mamma jamma! 😉

        Have a wonderful day!

        To Rusty and all the veterans who frequent this blog: Today is the calendar date that we remember those who served our country. I believe that everyday when one wakes up we should take the time to remember! Thank you and God bless!

  15. LdB says:

    Hi Sue n crew. We are in our 8th year in our Scamp, settled in our winter nest at Q. We have camped BLM lands and love Dome Rocktoo.

    How long will you be around Quartzsite? Know you do not like drop ins … How about meeting for coffee or a sandwich visit? It would be fun toi swap stories.

    Regardless, please keep up the blog we so can keep up with you. Safe journeys and many more beautiful sunrises. LdB

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, LdB,

      Thank you for your kind comment and invitation. I can tell from your comment that we most likely would enjoy each other’s company.

      I have to decline because there are a lot of folks around here who can see the BLT and the PTV, and we’re easily recognized. There are so many RVers here that some of them are bound to be readers of this blog. If I accept one, I’ll feel I should accept all . . . and then it becomes a problem for me. I know you can understand this.

      Thanks again and I’ll repeat your lovely wish… “Safe journeys and many more beautiful sunrises.”

  16. Ruth(Tennessee) says:

    If you are a mutant, you’re certainly an entertaining one and a creative photographer! The crew are your guardians. Peace and tranquillity to you.

  17. Elizabeth aka E2/etwo says:

    Back in the day when I too wintered at “Q”….the same sort of thing would happen
    to me, mostly in my first 3 years when I had my “starter MoHo”….a ’76 Metallic Purple
    VW van with “The Astrology Store; Co-Creating Cosmic Consciousness” very artfully
    written in black on both sides and the front tire cover. The next move of the intruders was to come to my rig to ask a lot of questions or begin to preach a sermon!
    I checked to find out if there were any “rules” about distances between rigs….. Well,
    no, there weren’t any….
    Most likely there are still no “rules” about distances between rigs parked on BLM land.
    So guess you will just have to put up with it or make some big noises, or train the kids
    to do something obnoxious, or move or whatever…..
    Your response will probably at least keep them from attempting friendship. I used to
    get myself into a “hissy fit” till I realized I could tolerate and space them out of my
    visual and mental until they left or get in the van and move somewhere else… Don’t
    allow others to spoil your moments!!!!!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Elizabeth,

      I don’t think there’s any chance of them “attempting friendship.” I did what you said you did…”space them out” mentally and physically.

      We went for a long walk. The desert is beautiful, especially in the early morning light. I’ve managed to develop the ability to block unwanted thoughts and feelings, and that includes dwelling upon the rude things people do and say.

      In years gone by I wouldn’t say anything in return and then it would gnaw at me for hours. The day came when I refused to let people treat me badly without consequence. My self-esteem was restored and now I can dismiss rude people from my mind and go on with my day in peace.

      Writing about it in the blog was simply story-telling, not venting or anything emotional. The guy spoiled one instant and then he became a subject for my blog! 🙂

  18. Ladybug says:

    Way to go, Sue! I just hope Vim isn’t a reader of your blog….’Miss Muffy’s (or whatever the heck her name is)’ indeed! LOL

    And I believe you about the sunrise….Al from the Bayfield Bunch posted the same sky from Congress.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Ladybug,

      I’m quite sure Vim is the kind of person who would understand that’s part of my story-telling style. His dog is adorable, a shizu/bichon mix… I just was out talking with Vim, and his dog’s name is Cleo. (Sorry, Cleo!)

  19. I would have done the exact same thing RV Sue. The exact same thing. I think we need to call people on their bad behavior from time to time. They may not respond immediately in order to save their pride, but I’m confident a seed will be planted that has a good chance of changing their behavior going forward.

    Mice? I’d never thought about ‘picking’ up mice while RV’ing. My biggests hassles to date have been ants and one memorable infestation of moths. Dang!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Tamara,

      Rodents can be a big problem. As I wrote in this blog, they nested in the ceiling of the PTV. They eat engine wires and make messes everywhere. One of the reasons I was drawn to a Casita was the absence of a seam at the bottom. The BLT is comprised of two shells with the seam around the middle. Of course, there are always weak points where pipes and cables enter, but I like the better odds with minimal seams.

      The PTV, on the other hand, is an easy place for rodents to enter.

  20. Dawn on Camano Island says:

    What a good boy Spike is! Your sunset photos are gorgeous, Sue! Casita should be them on their web site. Sue, I’m curious. Never having camped in dusty areas before but planning to 3 years from now, how do you keep dust at bay in the Casita? Do you have a mat outside & if so, which one? Do you have special techniques for handing the cleaning? Thank you for quieting my wondering/wandering mind. Hope your day is free of prospectors and that you find quartz bowls all around your camp site!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Dawn,

      I have a rug inside the BLT’s door and I usually have something outside the door… either my big, blue patio mat, a floor “runner” (regular rug with rubber backing) or a small rug.

      Depending upon the locale, dust, pine needles, mud, etc. gets tracked in. I sweep almost every day. It only takes a few minutes. Every time we arrive at a new camp, I spritz the storage drawers and any other place that looks dusty, and give them a wipe-down. That’s part of my routine for setting up camp.

      • Rattlesnake Joe says:

        Hi Dawn, For a quick and handy way to clean up many things I use ………wait for it……..Baby Wipes! Yep they are cheap and work like magic. Everything in Arizona is dusty. If you use Windex and paper towels the cost is prohibitive, but Baby Wipes are already moistened real good and work so well I’m afraid to let this secret out on the Internet for fear of raising the price and making it scarse for me. If everyone will keep this a secret I will now put it on the web 🙂

  21. Diane, Blue Ridge Mts. VA says:

    Ha! Chuckeled outloud on this one…maybe you could draw up a map, old looking and rumpled with an x on it. Spike could drop it off next to his tire. Maybe the gold miner will find it and leave.
    Love the Sunrise in the desert, I bet the sunsets are great also. Thanks for the Pics and laughs Sue and Crew.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      You’re welcome, Diane. I’m happy to make you laugh.

      Ooh, a treasure map. What fun!

      Actually, no sign of the prospectors this morning. It’s Monday. Maybe they only prospect on weekends.

  22. RvSue,Bridge and Spike … make my heart proud..:).I have been in “close proximity” with dummies.One couple even swiped my folding table and chair..they only returned them when I made a cell phone call to the Ranger Station!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Wow! Good for you! I’m surprised you got your belongings back.

      I don’t understand how people can enjoy something they’ve stolen. My conscience would harangue me every time I sat in that chair or looked at that table.

  23. Hi Sue,

    Not sure how to reach Rusty but I want to wish him a Happy Veteran’s Day. So glad that he is now in a much better, happier state in life. So hopefully you can get this message to him.


  24. Susan in Dallas says:

    I should know better than to read your posts while I am drinking my morning coffee! Thank goodness I had just swallowed when you reported what Bridget did! Funny how what some greatly misinformed people consider “just dumb animals” can assess character, or lack thereof, so quickly without a word spoken. Go Crew!

  25. Nan says:

    People can be so rude! Like you said, there is a huge desert out there. Maybe you should get up waaayyy early and make clanking noises. teee heeee

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Nan,

      Some people don’t understand the unwritten rules of personal space. If we were in a campground, they’d be considered far away. In empty acreage, they’re way too close. Some folks just don’t get it and never will. No big deal. I’ve got wheels.

  26. Rattlesnake Joe says:

    For a nice soft feel when stepping out of the trailer, I put a long rubber mat under my large patio mat. What a differance this has made. Easy to sweep too. For rodent protection put a product called Fresh Cab under the hood and near entry areas of the BLT and PTV. Rodents don’t like the ordor. It is supposed to be safe for pets as it is non toxic. Look around in “Q” for a Don’t Tread On Me flag and fly it proudly. Maybe it will make some people think twice before ‘claim jumpin’ your area. Also while shopping around look for the handy dandy trash picker upper you were thinking about getting last year. It sure makes fast work out of cleaning up camp areas. A 5 gallon plastic pail is dandy for a trash container too and the plastic lid will keep the contents inside if the wind blows it over.

  27. AZ Jim says:

    As to the comment on the “fisherman” netting. Big difference between breaking the law which he was doing and breaking a BLM rule especially when you are literally alone at the time. You had the right answer for the “prospector” and so did the crew. Some AH’s just don’t care to grant a person privacy. They just jump in and usually have attitudes to boot. You could have punctuated your retort to him with a one finger salute. Nice Pix and glad you’re back “home”.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      A great big THANK YOU to you, Jim. You remind me why I write this blog.

      I’m so tired of people not understanding that my post about the net fisherman was a question with the word OR in the middle of it. I didn’t know there were people who don’t understand the meaning of that little conjunction. Never has such a tiny word brought me so much grief!

      I appreciate you writing, Jim.

  28. Mister Ed says:

    Say I was wondering ?? is a hissy fit ,,the same thing or like a conniption fit ,,cuz my Mom had both ,,and I never know which was worse when I was in trouble ?
    And I never knew how my father got pull in to the act when he got home
    and the part about its going to hurt me more than u was a lie to
    least he could sit down at the supper table

  29. You sure wouldn’t like this campground where we are! We are tight as sardines in here, but we have one of the best views so…. what can I say. But it is a campground, you on the other hand have wide open land and it wasn’t fair for those folks to violate your space! Good crew !!! Go pee on the tires Spikey !!!!

  30. Mindy Reed says:

    Love the photos as usual, I just got a Canon SX50hs and did a great moon shot last night. I’m wavering on what free photo hosting I will use, for years I used on and then they converted to requiring $$$ so I took all my photos down. I use Adobe Photoshop Elements to edit – it’s cheep!…LOL.

    Rudeness has become so prevalent and respect seem to have gone by the way side.
    I love that Spike peed over at their site…LOL and kudos to Bridget for the stare down. My Swedish Vallhund is part of the herding group and has that stare down pat and I’m often the recipient of it.

    Love your “hermitness” I know I’m one, I just took 4 days off and haven’t seen anyone yahhhh, hunkered down on my 10 acres of woods, only making trips to the store.

    This is for Rusty: a big THANK YOU to you for serving our country. I also called my woman friend today to also thank her she was Air Force. And to all of our armed forces – THANK YOU.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi Mindy,

      I know you’ll have a great time with that new camera. I don’t why I never thought of it before — Photography is a great activity for anyone who enjoys being alone. I enjoy it from the very beginning — setting out in the early morning with the crew — to the very end, when looking over photos I’ve taken and appreciating nature’s beauty in detail.

      Sharing pics with people who read my blog is another source of fun.

      • Gayle says:

        RVSue, How about a word or two on how you organize your pix? A folder for each day? A folder for each campsite? subject?

        And I loved the line “folds like soft linen.” Hemingway’s got nothing on you — but perhaps a few bottle of Cuban rum.

        • rvsueandcrew says:

          Hi, Gayle,

          Thank you for the compliment. I’m sure Hemingway fans are retching, but, hey, it’s the thought that counts. Haha!

          Organize my photos? I’m supposed to organize my photos?

          • Gayle says:

            Oops! I was wrong about Hemingway and the rum. He actually said, “I downed a bottle of ABSINTHE and did some knife tricks.”

            As for organizing your pix, I looked up the dictionary definition of organize: “To enlist or attempt to enlist into a labor union.”

            I’d say you’re off the hook for now!!! LOL!!!

      • Mindy Reed says:

        Yup, I came to photography late, about 3 years ago. I enjoy sharing my photos and I loved my freebie photo hosting as I could just paste a link in an email or forum. I’m just being lazy because I’ll have to learn a new one, I signed up for flickr but haven’t used it yet.

  31. PJ Carr says:

    I love your blog. It is our goal to RV in the future, and I also enjoy my privacy. I appreciate you allowing me to share your adventures.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, PJ,

      I’m happy you love my blog. That’s my reward for maintaining it. Thanks for dropping in here. I’m glad you’re with us!

  32. Linda & Gerry Cicenas says:

    Hi Sue, Just wanted to tell you how much we enjoy reading your posts – we initially learned of you thru the AZ Republic stories on Rusty and Timber. My husband is not a computer guy, so I print out each post and we read them, chuckle and enjoy your beautiful pictures at the breakfast table. Saturday’s post was a hoot! As a token of appreciation for sharing your travels with us, I was wondering if you would allow me to send you a small gift of a book. It’s Dogtripping by David Rosenfelt – it’s a true story. Half of the book is about the dog rescue for goldens that he and his wife ran in California before they decided to retire and move back east, and the other half is about the trip back to Maine with their 25 rescue pet dogs in tow – 3 RVs were involved. It’s a great read for anyone who appreciates the company of dogs – it came out in July. I’m hoping you can access my email from your blog site so that you can respond. Thanks so much for brightening our days. Linda

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Linda,

      How very sweet of you to offer such a gift. I will try to find your email address.

      Unfortunately, my follower’s list isn’t very friendly. Something isn’t right with it. I don’t believe the 30-50 followers signing up every day are real. I think it’s full of spam and I’m hesitant to open any of the emails for fear of infecting my computer.

      I tell you this in case I don’t get in touch with you. I wouldn’t want you to think I’m brushing you off. Thanks for your sweet message. It touches me that two people have my blog printed and lying on the breakfast table to read.

      • Linda & Gerry Cicenas says:

        I’ll make it easier so you don’t have to search. Below is an alias email I use when I don’t want my regular email to get bombarded with spam. You can contact me here and then I can respond from my normal email address. Linda

        • rvsueandcrew says:

          I made note of your email address and then deleted the address so you wouldn’t receive a lot of junk via my blog.

  33. Ruth (Tennessee) says:

    Sue, for a loner you sure can stir some folks up! Enjoying your blog.

  34. Cinandjules (temp in CA) says:

    Hmm somehow the phrase campsite etiquette pops into my mind.

    If these prospectors had enough brain material to practice common sense in the first place…..there wouldn’t be this discussion. But to encroach on someone who has basically staked their claim….is downright rude.

    I’ve never been moved by Ed’s past or present posts. Actually I think I had the opportunity to bless his heart a couple of times in the past. In case you forgotten….this blog is rvsue and crew…are you sure you’re at the right site? (Cinandjules… I removed the name you included because I’m not sure it’s the same Ed you referred to. I haven’t had a chance to check, but I will.)

    Back to our regularly scheduled posts….sorry for the hijack Sue!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Cinandjules,

      You defend me and my blog. I don’t see that as a hijack. I see that as much-needed help from a friend . . .


      Sometimes I get moody. I’ve been told this is because I’m “too cerebral”. Others have said I’m “too sensitive.” Whatever the reason, since childhood I have times when I drift into myself, if that makes any sense.

      Yesterday afternoon into evening, I had one of those times. It’s not a bad thing. It doesn’t call for sympathy. It’s a time of mental retreat or reflection, so to speak.

      The last thing I wanted to do is write a blog post, which requires sharing part of me and which is the opposite of these moods. I had intended to include in that post a small tribute to veterans for Veteran’s Day.

      I knew I’d mess up the post, given my mood, so I didn’t attempt it. It was one of the rare evenings that I didn’t read comments and write replies. Instead I read a book. I watched the lights moving up and down the interstate. I hugged the crew and talked to them. I thought about life. In short, I took a break from this blog.

      I get up this morning, open my laptop, and see all this strident crap (that the internet and other media are full of and we don’t need to read again) has been tossed back and forth. Sheesh.

      I check into this blog 5-10 times EVERY day. I even drive down an exit ramp and park while traveling in order to check that someone isn’t writing rude stuff, or spouting politics, or copying long passages from somewhere else and posting them here, or making links that jeopardize my association with Amazon, or hurting feelings of another reader, or ranting on and on because they don’t understand a figure of speech, or take something literally that I wrote in hyperbole for fun and then go off about it, stirring up more tedious arguing . . . all of it hurting this blog that I worked damned hard to develop into something people want to read.

      My apologies to my readers who come to my blog to get away from the stress of today’s world. I’m sorry I let my guard down. My apologies also to those of you who wrote comments that I deleted in order to stop the conversation about gun control and related issues.

      If you’re “late to the party,” you may not know what I’m talking about. As soon as I finish this comment, I’m going to hit the delete button on some comments.


      Thank you, Cindy, once again, for speaking up in my absence.

      And thanks to all the readers who ignored the rants and wrote positive comments we all can enjoy.

      • Gayle says:

        RVSue, I am really touched that you think of us, watch over us, and interact with us even more than I thought you did. I think we are doing what the world needs: We are watching over each other, letting everyone have their say, and softening the effect of that out of respect to each other. This is a nice little world we have here!

      • Sierra Foothill Mama says:

        Glad I missed the mess. Just returned from 6 days in Death Valley and Panament Valley enjoying the desert.

        Thanks Sue for maintaining your standards. You put a lot of work into your site and your work is appreciated. THANK YOU for deleting the garbage so I did not have to see in while catching up on you and your crew’s antics.

  35. Mister Ed says:

    . Something isn’t right with it. I don’t believe the 30-50 followers signing up every day are real. I think it’s full of spam and I’m hesitant to open any of the emails for fear of infecting my computer
    .Sue try this next time your at a library open your followers list on there computer
    There anti virus software is stronger. Look and dump
    Or if u log in to followers on your computer. Loging in will not give your computer a virus but down loading can?? U will see it but don’t open it but dump it
    99% are selling stuff u don,t need to see. Trust us Its Mostly for man anyway

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Thanks for trying to help. However, if I dump those emails, I also dump the REAL people who are signing up to follow my blog.

  36. Marcia in PA says:

    LOL…. love it!

    • Marcia in PA says:

      (Laughing at the Crew’s antics, not at the sad-sack few who love to preach their mantra and attempt to make everyone else as angry and miserable as they are)
      Love ya Sue. You rock!

  37. Crystal says:

    I, too, want to say “Thank you” to Rusty for his service!

  38. Elizabeth aka E2/etwo says:

    The BLM rules seem to have increased in number since my days!

  39. Beekeeper says:

    I saw this and it made me think of how Spike probably was when he was younger.

  40. Rita from Phoenix says:

    The sunrise photos are beautiful. We recently took a sun set photo with the same flaming red sky.

    I don’t understand rude people like the ones who set up next to your camp. I recently read about a family dog who became aggressive towards the baby sitter. The owners set up a video camera to understand why their friendly dog had become aggressive i.e. low growl and walked between child and sitter. they were shocked to see the sitter abusing their child and the family dog intercepting. Someone told me once dogs and children can sense people they don’t like and/or unpleasant. Some times I too can sense people I won’t like. It doesn’t work all the time…some people are very deceiving and seem kind and friendly but they really are not that way at all. Yes, I think Spike and Bridget sensed a very unfriendly and not so nice person and acted accordingly…LOL. I had to chuckle at their rebuttal behavior.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Thanks, Rita, for the compliment on the sunrise photos.

      You’re right about our pets. They know a lot more than they are given credit. It offended the crew that their friendly welcome was rebuffed.

  41. Mick'nTN says:

    Dear Editor, Please use the “Delete” key.

    • Diann in MT says:

      (Thank you)

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Sorry I didn’t check the blog last night.

      • Diann in MT says:

        Forgive me for feeling a little protective of you and the crew.I would really regret not reading about your adventures and the really good tips from your RV buddies. Keep on keepin’ on, girl. We would understand if you just took the day off! Enjoy the sun!

  42. Penny/Texas says:

    Hi Sue! I don’t even know if you’ll see this after all the responses you got here. I wanted to give you a shout. I still follow you!! Back in July hubby retired a year earlier than we had planned so we ditched all the accumulation of “stuff” and sold our house in 1 day!! We bought a diesel truck & 5 th wheel. We’ve been on the road since Aug 10 and loving every minute!! As of today we’re in Newberry Springs CA. Hubby & I are slowly making our way back towards Texas for several weeks. One of our stops will be Quartsite, hopefully we’ll cross paths with you some day… at least have a chance to say hello! We’ve seen some of the most beautiful scenery!! Safe travels!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Penny! Great to hear from you!

      Yes, I remember you. I’m thrilled that you’re loving the vagabond life. You were fortunate, as was I, to unload the house quickly.

      This is one beautiful and diverse land . . . I’m glad you are seeing it firsthand.

    • Gayle says:

      Newberry Springs is the site of the classic movie Bagdad Cafe. Hope you went there.

  43. Sergio says:


    (I deleted your message about nuclear weapons written in French. See reply below. RVSue)

    • rvsueandcrew says:


      You’re new to the comments section of my blog. Maybe you’re new to my blog altogether. That may explain why you engaged in political discussion. Please no more talk about guns or nuclear weapons in any language.

      Let’s keep our comments in English please. It eats up more of my time having to go to a translating site in order to uncover the meaning of comments in French. It’s also impolite. Maybe it’s acceptable practice in Canada, so please don’t take offense.

  44. Trip and Lisa says:

    Hey There Sue,We follow Andy Baird abit also and he installed a set of “LED” 12 volt lights ( to keep the mice away ) under his hood and under the hood of another lady who full times in a class c with her che-wa-wa.If you would like,I can try and find that link where they were working on it and send it to you.
    Ok,gotta run,I need to go shine my snow shovel as it has deceided to snow here.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      No need to get the link… Rusty showed me how he rigged up a light under the hood of his truck camper.

      The PTV is very porous. Mice can get in through the wheel wells. When they do, it’s in search of water, food, or warmth. I made the mistake in the past of storing trash in the PTV prior to finding a trash receptacle. Now I keep it in a bin with a cover.

      Snow? Wish I could remember where you are . . .

      • Trip and Lisa says:

        We had mice in our 5th wheel last winter and we did the trap thing,checking them every few days.Also did moth balls and just about everything else.
        Finally I put some cat food out there to attract them,,,,,,,,,,oh,almost forgot,we put some cats in there too,he he he.Problem solved.
        We are in Northern Michigan,about 30 miles southeast of the Mackinac bridge.

  45. Willow says:

    You don’t have to Sue, given the circumstances,I think you were very restraint. Being in the desert by yourself, until that buffoon came along and got in your space, you had every right to allow the crew to enjoy themselves being free to roam a little.
    I’m proud that you did not allow him to intimidate you. And just a note I owned a campground for 20 years, did we ask people to keep pets on a lease? yes we did, but we also said take your dogs for a walk in the woods and stay on the path let the dogs roam free and read the news. When we were not busy I would tell people let you dog off the lease they like to camp too. I’m rambling on lol we lived in the country because we liked the fact that we could make our own decisions, I guess my point is. You were right!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Willow,

      How kind and understanding you are toward dogs and their owners. I bet your campground was a good one.

      I appreciate your supportive comment

  46. Lisa Clark says:

    Hi Sue,
    I wanted to let you know that my grandmother, Eleanor Brown, says “hi”! She knew that I was FB friends with Pauline and she would often ask me, if I knew anything about how you were doing. A few months ago, Pauline posted your story about Rusty and I discovered your website.

    Every few weeks, I print out your stories for her. She’s always excited to get them and loves to follow your adventures! She thinks that it’s great that you’re doing what makes you happy. I also noticed your comment a while back about an atlas, so that’s definitely on her Christmas list, so she can map out your adventures.

    Gram is 91 and doing great. She’s by far one of the world’s sweetest and most amazing women! Thought you’d like to know the joy that your adventures bring to her day. Thanks for sharing them!

    Best of luck with your travels!

    PS. I’m Lana’s oldest daughter.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Dear sweet Lisa,

      I’m crying as I write this. THANK YOU! Thank you for bringing my dear Auntie to my blog and for contacting me today.

      I can’t express how happy I am to know your grandmother, you, and maybe others in your branch of the family are reading about my travels. Hello and love to all!

      I love your grandmother more than anyone can know! It’s been so long since I’ve laid eyes on her smiling face… almost fifty years … yet the love and kindness she showed me and my sisters when we were children, well, I carry that with me wherever I go. Even though my Auntie has had more than her share of pain in this life, I always see her laughing or giggling or smiling. I can even remember her combing my hair and saying, “Come here, girls. Look at how the sun shines in her hair.” Please give her a huge hug for me!

      Oh, the memories I have from those summers with your grandparents, your mother and your aunt Brenda! What fun and laughter! Your mother and I were the sensible ones, but we were always game for whatever escapade your aunt Brenda came up with. Your grandmother — my Auntie — made it all possible.

      I’m aware this is a sad time for you regarding your mother. My heart breaks for her and for those who love her. Hugs to you all . . .

      Thanks again for the gift you gave me today.

      • Linda in Texas says:

        How heartwarming, Sue! I’ll bet this just MADE your day!!

        • rvsueandcrew says:

          Yes, and the timing was great. 🙂

          • Lisa Clark says:

            I’ve finally had a minute to double back to this. I can’t wait to give Gram your hug and print out your comment for her to read! It’s obvious to me how special you were to her, so this will warm her heart as much as it did yours!

            I can totally imagine my Aunt “B” getting you involved in some type of adventure! I used to ride home from Grandma & Grandpa’s with her on Sunday’s because she’d let me drive (I might have been 13) until we got to the outskirts of town. She was always the rule-breaker while my mom was the cautious rule-follower.

            I’m sure Gram will have more to say after I share this with her, so I’ll be sure to stay in touch with you. If you ever have a chance to send her a card or note, she would totally love that! She doesn’t understand why nobody ever writes any more with all this technology. 🙂

            Take care!

            • rvsueandcrew says:

              Hello again, Lisa!

              I’ll get a letter in the mail to your Gram and my Auntie. You’re right. Technology makes us forget all about letter-writing. I remember how your Gram and my mother used to send letters back and forth to each other.

              Oh, the stories I could tell about your aunt, Brenda. What a wild and wonderful person she was! She’s the one who had your mother and me jumping off the bridge into the Battenkill River and riding 80 mph on turns from Murray Hollow to Salem! I’ll never forget staying up until 3 a.m. during the summer, playing Monopoly with her and your mother, laughing so hard I peed my pants.

              You are so very thoughtful to print out my blog for your Gram. You’ve made me very happy, knowing she reads about my travels. Thanks again.

  47. Elizabeth says:

    Sometimes I do not take time to read the comment areas…nothing there diminishes the enjoyment of reading your posts, Sue!! Maybe you will have to disable comments when you wish to comment on something like your current neighbors. I was curious as to why you did not just pack up and move elsewhere? THAT ability is what I find most inviting about living in an RV. We well understand how horrible living near obnoxious people can be (just finished up 6 months of that while in Seattle area!!) Now we are re-grouping, more or less, to figure out what we will do next…having a rig would make that somewhat easier…we are considering what to do…life holds many decisions, doesn’t it? Blessing on your days…and keep writing…you do that well!!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Elizabeth,

      Thank you.

      Why didn’t I pack up and move elsewhere after I had set up camp? They were prospectors. I was camped. It was easier to wait for them to leave, which they did at the end of the day, and they haven’t returned.

      The act of blogging about my day sometimes makes situations seem “bigger” than they really are. The many responses add to the magnification of something fairly insignificant in the overall landscape of life as a boondocker.

      • Elizabeth says:

        Glad they left you alone after that day!! My brother who loves to go boondocking and probably knows the back country of his parts better than anyone was complaining to me about how all these other people boondocking were ruining things. I asked how and he said, well, they take my favorite spots. I told him he should retire ere long so he can go get those spots himself!! Sharing tis not easy for some folks…and I think people who go to certain spots begin to sorta take some “ownership”…makes me wonder about those prospectors near you?? Heh, well we ALL pay taxes!!!

  48. AZ Jim says:

    Thank you Sue for holding the political and religious discussions out of here.

  49. Eileen P. says:

    Sounds like you’ve been through the wringer this morning…be good to yourself today
    Eileen in Phoenix

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Thanks, Eileen. You have no idea! What you can see here is the “tip of the iceberg.”

      I need everyone to buy tons of stuff from Amazon today to make today’s efforts worth my while, dadgummit!

      I appreciate your comment.

      • Eileen P. says:

        Yeah, I checked in last night during the madness.

        Sooo…I’ve had an external flash for my DSLR on my wish list in Amazon for a few months. Guess today is as good a day as any to move it to the cart, and an even better day to send it on its way to my house via Amazon Prime 🙂

        Eileen in Phoenix

  50. rvsueandcrew says:

    I DON’T KNOW WHY . . . my replies are not appearing where I want them!

  51. Ron says:

    Thanks for deleting my post

  52. Wheeling it says:

    Well I gather from comments now gone that this got a little heated…I guess a small interaction morphed into a big one and stirred the pot? I’m sooooo much more relaxed about these things and probably would have handled that prospector very similarly to you. Too many weird and crazy things going on in the world. That’s why I like to turn off the TV, camp in the wilds and read blog posts. Hopefully you get some peace out there.

    As an interesting side note I did meet a wonderful elderly lady living in her truck camper with her dog at Dome Rock last year. She was a gem-hunter and told me all about the cool rocks you can find in the area…all of which I’ve forgotten of course. There is apparently a big club in the area for amateurs and newbies to learn about this stuff. Next time we go I may join them.


    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Yes, the list of rocks you can find here is extensive. (I googled it.) It wouldn’t take much for me to get involved in that hobby, but I discourage myself from it. I don’t need to haul around rocks and the equipment to search for them.

      There’s a hill here that’s white with chunks of quartz. And another that’s black with another stone I haven’t identified. Interesting place, Quartzsite, and that’s before I’ve visited the naked bookseller!

      Enjoy your mini-vacation at Desert Hot Springs, Nina!

      • Teri in SoCal says:

        When I think of someone carrying rocks in their trailer it reminds me of that movie with Lucille Ball, I believe the name was The Long Long Trailer. So funny.

        • Gayle says:

          Oh, yes, The Long, Long Trailer! I remember Lucy stored a particularly large rock in her trailer kitchen oven! And I can still hear Desi yelling: “Trailer brakes first, trailer brakes first!” If only they’d had a blog …

  53. Ladybug says:

    Well, count me in as one that was late to the party! But that’s the story of my life….;)

    A big THANK YOU to Rusty (and the other veterans out there).

    And a big THANK YOU to Sue, for letting us share in a life that we can only dream about right now, while waiting for someday.

  54. Glenda in OZ! says:

    Way to go Spike…………and Bridget too. How perceptive are your crew Sue?! They know when there is someone that doesn’t gel with your situation. I can’t believe the audacity of those folks to park so close when they have so much area they could have parked and then to tell you to mind your dogs!! That tap tap tapping would have driven me spare!!! GEESH!!

  55. Fortuna Robert says:

    Hi Sue,
    Looks like I’m about 60 miles east of you. I’ve been in the blackout zone of Highway 93 for a week. Tried out Burro Creek Campground. Still no cell or internet. It got cold last night! Down to 40 last night…burr. Nice place and had much needed H2O.
    Promise no busting in!! Sounds like you’re crowded already!
    Fortuna Robert

  56. Angie2B says:

    Hello Sue, I want to tell you that the comment “(I deleted your message about nuclear weapons written in French. See reply below. RVSue)” made me laugh out loud. I bet you never thought you would ever have to write that on your blog about fultiming. Lol …….I can’t help it, this has got me tickled and I can’t keep from laughing…..hehe. Sorry, I was around at the beginning of the conversation, its Ok that you deleted one of my comments, I didn’t know it had gotten so heated. Love you and the blog!

  57. DeAnne in TN says:

    Hi Sue–am not sorry at all that I missed a day or two checking your blog and missing the fireworks. I love it. I have enough drama in my life as it is anyway. It’s still a little amazing that a little blog about retirement in an rv becomes this gateway to something that resembles a public forum. I’m sorry it gives you stress, and gives you more to do with your time. You do have a number of fans (created by spam or otherwise) who understand and hopefully try not to stir the pot too often. Take care, and enjoy your sunshine. Getting down in the 20s tonight!

  58. Jan Johnson says:

    Hi Sue…I will be driving from Oregon to Quartzsite right after Christmas. I have worked on my Scamp for months and now plan to enjoy Arizona for January, February and March. When arriving at Q (as they call it) do I need to purchase a permit of any kind to boondock in the desert around Dome Rock. I read in someones blog recently that south of town a permit is required (40.00) and north of town is free. Any info you and your readers can provide for my first time boondocking in Arizona is appreciated. I am 70 and have a small dog. Thanks, Jan

  59. Rattlesnake Joe says:

    Howdy Jan Johnson, You can camp at Dome Rock for free but I understand you should check in with the camp host to register. You can camp for 14 days at Dome Rock and then you have to move 25 miles away to camp. Stop in at any of the BLM offices for details in Quartzsite regarding long term camping on BLM [public] land. There is lots of land for free camping at Quartzsite and vicinity so drop anchor and stay awhile.

    • Jan Johnson says:

      Thank you Rattlesnake Joe. Good first stop will be a BLM office in Q. I’m getting excited..thanks again. Jan from Oregon

  60. kay says:

    I have to say, when I become re-retired again, I will be rigged up with one hell of a loud set of noise makers and a good set of ear muffs for boondocking. People are just disresptful anymore. Spike, you are a smart boy!

  61. Keen sandals 45 % off THIS Friday…. Black Friday on

    Just to tempt all of you to buy Keen sandals like Sue’s from Amazon and boost her income! 🙂

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Thanks, Geri! I ordered a pair a few minutes ago and got the discount (maybe because I’m an Amazon Associate and I received an email about it.) I can’t wait to put on my new sandals!

    • Eileen P. says:

      The sale is a Black Friday countdown, but the Keen Sandal deal is just for TODAY (Wednesday). The countdown clock has about 12 hours to go.
      Eileen in Phoenix

  62. AZ Jim says:

    I can’t do this without a tear, nor can I ignore the thought of my long gone girl, Sandy.


    Their joys are simple. A soft bed. A scrap fallen from the table that the younger dogs missed. The memory of a treed squirrel. A stormless night.

    White whiskered faces and legs crooked as question marks.

    Old Dogs…their sweet Buddha bellies hang over crossed legs as they fall asleep in a coveted patch of sun. Dreaming of out-racing their shadows down long, shady lanes.

    Once they danced by your side. The very definition of joy unleashed. A perfect poem caught in shining eyes and wagging tails. They have followed you faithfully for years. And would plunge into fires, untamed wildernesses, raging waters if you asked.

    Now, they struggle to catch up. Their pace slow but their hearts still valiant.
    Their cloudy eyes are starting to dim and go distant, tuning in to some invisible world. Just beyond your reach.

    Don’t go you say, as you scratch the tender part between their ears. Stay longer. I can’t imagine a world without your fur pressed close to my cheek. There are still so many roads we haven’t explored.

    And they look up at you with a wisdom that just slays you.

    Their backs are bent, not from the weight of years, but from the invisible wings they are growing
    That will soon take them to a place where once more they are warriors of speed
    Drunk with the sights and scents of a thousand meadows.
    Able to leap high enough to touch the wing of the tiniest butterfly.

    A place where they will now wait for you to catch up.

    H/T Donna Swajeski /

  63. AZ Jim says:

    My post is timestamped 12:39 which is only moments ago yet it posted up ahead of some who posted at 7 AM. Problem.

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