To Sherwood in the forest along the Robinhood

Thursday, July 9

P1060033-001Today we break camp!

Before leaving Tollgate Campground in Mt. Hood National Forest, the crew and I explore the bank of  the Zigzag River.

P1060037I try to give Bridget and Reggie plenty of exercise on the morning of a travel day.   Then they sleep most of the way to the next camp.

Walking is a great way to start the day. 

The past few months there have been several mornings when I’ve had to “encourage” Bridget to get out of bed.  Making our walks interesting and fun helps her stay active and feel young.

P1060051-001 “See, Bridgie?  Aren’t you glad you got out of bed?”

The forest is magical in the early morning.

P1060035Goodbye, Zizag!

The Perfect Tow Vehicle hauls us and the Best Little Trailer eastward.

Route 26 winds upward through the forest.  We encounter road construction for a few miles which slows traffic.  I appreciate that!  I can enjoy glimpses of Mt. Hood and relax without feeling pressured to hurry along by the tail-gating vehicles behind me.

We pass Government Camp, the ski areas and Snow Bunny Lodge.  We cross the Pacific Crest Trail shortly before Barlow Pass (4,157 feet).  Mt. Hood National Forest is ideal for people who like to hike.  There are several trailheads.

The PTV does a splendid job on mountain roads!  Of course, I switch to second gear and keep an eye on the temperature gauge.

In a parking area a man leans against his truck camper. 

The hood is up and steam is puffing out from under it.  Gee, this would be a good place to give the PTV a break.  Her temperature is raised only slightly.  Even so, I don’t know how much work is ahead for herPlus I might get a signal and then I can check the blog . . . .

P1060059 - CopyWell, everyone seems to be having a great ol’ time without me on the blog . . . .

As it turns out there isn’t much more climbing for the PTV.  We go through Bennett Pass (4,674 feet) and descend through dense forest until we reach Sherwood Campground.

“Hey, this looks pretty nice!  Let’s check it out.”

P1060075Together we wander around the small campground.

Only one of the fourteen campsites is occupied.  Sherwood Campground (3,000 feet) is situated along Robinhood Creek in Mt. Hood National Forest ($12 regular/$6 senior pass).

P1060076It’s listed online as having a 16-foot length limit for RVs, yet the 17-foot BLT fits fine.  No water or hook-ups.  The camp host is at nearby Cottonwood Campground.  There are trash containers and the ubiquitous vault toilet house.

I find the site that suits us best.

It has a lovely spot to set up my lounger and the doggie beds by the river!

P1060065The last thing I check is my Verizon jetpack.

Darn!  No signal at all!   Gee, I really like this place.  On the other hand, I’ve been gone from the blog a lot lately.  I’m getting further and further behind on my posts.  Oh, but it’s so peaceful here by the river . . .

“Well, Bridge, what should we do?  Stay or keep looking?”

P1060066Dear readers . . .

I’d better end this post.  If you read comments you may be aware I’ve been dealing with repair issues in addition to connection problems.  This post was written over a period of two days as I’ve had to rely on the PTV to charge the laptop and jetpack.  Now all my chargers and my inverter have died!

I’ve moved to a location where I can have repairs made and where there is a store that sells inverters and chargers.  I’ll take care of those things today (real time).  Presently my jetpack is having hunger pains for more power and the last few photos are refusing to load into the post.   Sheesh . . .

I’d better wrap this up.  Thanks for sticking with us!




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110 Responses to To Sherwood in the forest along the Robinhood

  1. Good to see you Sue, so sorry about all the connections problems, but we have been with you so long now, what is a few days between us!. Bridget is getting older and wants to sleep more, kind of like me, I have to force myself to move around, if I were retired and at home I think I would become a couch potato…thank goodness being a full timer will keep me from doing that when I retire next year. Have a good time with the pups, we are always here to greet you when you return.

    • Gayle - SO CAL Beach Boomer says:

      Ditto! We patiently wait for you, entertaining each other until you return, because (1) we love you and your blog; (2) we are of the generation that is NOT SPOILED if things don’t go our way; (3) we entertain ourselves (and shop on Amazon) until you get going again!

  2. phxkayaker says:

    Hope you get everything sorted out!

    aka John & BJ

  3. shelley in california says:

    That campground looks beautiful, stay where you enjoy we will all be here when you get back. I am with Bridgie getting out of bed and moving around is way over rated!

  4. Val R. Lakefield On says:

    Hi Sue
    Looks like a lovely spot….Hope you get your connections all working. I haven’t been able to follow the comment section lately, but always check in daily.

  5. Pam and Maya says:

    Hi Sue, I had to laugh at the comment about Bridget not wanting to get out of bed – Maya never does! Of course once she’s up and out she never wants to come back in but she certainly has a good bladder. We are in Oregon too, camping near Crater Lake. It’s nice to get back to the green forests after a winter and spring in the desert. Hope you get everything fixed soon!

    • Gayle - SO CAL Beach Boomer says:

      Pam, I’d love to know if you feel that the greenery of Oregon is worth the trade-off of rain. As my Dad always said, “There’s a price to pay for all that green.” Looks worth it to me!

      • Pam and Maya says:

        This state is beautiful in the summer but I’m not sure I could take it all year long. I have arthritis and I notice it’s been worse this week! Storms do seem to effect it.

  6. Dawn in MI says:

    I hope Bridget is feeling more adventurous today. That looked like a real nice campground. I might have stayed a day or 2. Or 3. We’ll still be around when you get back.

  7. Marcia GB in MA says:

    Hope you are soon all sorted out with new chargers, inverter and good connections. Don’t worry though, we’re not going anywhere! I had to laugh about Bridget wanting to sleep in. What will she be like when it is colder in the mornings! Bridge, you need to keep getting out and exploring. Lots to see and do; you don’t want to miss out 🙂

  8. Susan in Dallas says:

    Beautiful sites, the one you left and the one where you are now. There’s something about running water that can keep me interested. Getting hot here in Dallas but it is July in Texas so it is to be expected. Keeping my fingers crossed for my son in eastern Kentucky. He texted everything is OK but I’m hoping the rain stops there soon.

  9. Jean in Southaven, MS says:

    My body has been trying to get its days and nights mixed up. I can’t sleep at night and I want to sleep all day. I have to work so I am always sleepy. So I can kind of relate to Bridget. I love Bridget, she has alot of personality that she can convey with just a look. You do a wonderful job of capturing those looks too! Where you are is beautiful. Makes me want to get away. But alas, I owe, I owe so off to work I go, at least for a couple of more years. Glad you are where you can get your repairs done today and hopefully you will be stress free after today. Do not worry about us out here, we can entertain ourselves until you can get back. I am going no where. I go back and read old blogs and catch up on the comments when you are on hiatus.

  10. kgdan says:

    If you are doing business in Hood River & want a nice lunch, try Crazy Pepper right downtown. The tomatillo soup is divine. . . . just sayin . . .

  11. Cynthia from San Clemente, CA says:

    You shouldn’t leave a beautiful spot just to keep us posted – we know you’re out there to enjoy the peace and beauty where often, there’s no signal. I can imagine how frustrating your technology issues must be; mine drive me crazy and I’m sitting at a desk with a landline phone to help resolve problems and retailers nearby that sell stuff. I spent 45 minutes on the phone this morning trying to get my anti-virus subscription renewed!! Do you ever think about the dichotomy between your quest for freedom, beauty, and flexibility and your dependence on technology? Sometimes I just want to throw it all in the trash!

    • Pookieboy in SE Texas says:

      HA….I can relate to you Cynthia…..I have 3 laptops sitting on
      my desk and dont know how to make any of them do what I
      want them to do…..seems like its always something….
      as for anti-virus protection I have been using the free AVG
      on line for years and its kept me safe…..I got tired of paying
      the high price of these other anti-viruses that you can buy…
      it does me good tho to take a break and get away from all
      these computer and the internet in general…I spend way too
      much time on them….
      Sue as usual, another good blog……makes me wanna go

    • Chey says:

      so well said Cynthia! Ditto!

  12. Hope all works out to your advantage and no problems.
    We have been missing your posts and looking forward to your return. That is a beautiful site and we can wait. Enjoy yourself

  13. t-n-t and the bear says:

    Having grown up in the NW, these pictures remind me of camping with my Dad when we were children. A nice cool memory on a hot Texas day.

  14. Applegirl NY says:

    Sue, your dedication to this blog is unbelievable. Thanks! Hope you worked out all of your technical difficulties.

    You’ll have to take advantage of Sherwood forest when you feel the opportunity is better.

    Take care!

  15. Shawna says:

    Bummer about the internet signal. Also the inverter. Keeps life interesting and one hopping, no? We will be here when you return!

  16. Barb from Hoquiam says:

    Oh gosh Sue I am so far behind… Didn’t know you were having issues hope you find simple and not too costly solutions!
    I can write posts and sometimes can read comments but everything loads slow.
    Thanks to your blog, I got to meet up with Kristina the other day!!! Fun blogerinos fun!!!!
    Yesterday I had the water system gone through in my trailer. Twelve hours later (yep) I G Ave fully up to date water lines and an instant hot water heater (luxury). Paul’s RV service did a great job and he charged me the quoted price… So if you need service on your water system in the Tacoma area I highly recommend him. 50yr old silver streak continues to serve…

    Gotta go. Was great to visit with Kristina.

    Hugs from the Puyallup River area

    • Krystina - Puyallup, WA says:

      Good Morning Barb!!! Yes we had a super time!!! We were laughing so much that someone near us came over to see if he could join the party. I am so happy that you got your instant hot water heater install and it is working so well…and they stuck to the price quoted…WOW. I forget, how much longer r u staying in that campground? BTW…your vintage camper is just adorable…love it.

      • Barb from Hoquiam! says:

        Hey there!
        I sent you an email! Trying to catch up with REAL wifi! 😛


  17. Looking forward to hearing how you solve the inverter/chargers problems that all full timers have eventually. My big question is how in the world do you manage to keep the PTV in the sunshine for the solar panels with these simply gorgeous shady camp sites? How close do the two, the PTV and BLT have to be to each other?

    • Sidewinder Pen says:

      I’ll add a note here just to give you something until Sue gets back. I imagine she just tries her best to put the PTV in the sun. At least there has to be some sort of clearing where the campsite “road” meets the loop road leading to it.

      As far as the distance between the rigs. Again, I don’t know exactly how long Sue’s “umbilical cord” is, but the basic factor is that you are trying to avoid voltage drop. Voltage drop is more of a problem at lower voltages (like our 12-volt DC systems) and less of an issue at high voltage (like 110 volt AC). That’s one reason long-distance transmission lines are often super high voltage.

      The way to get around voltage drop is either to increase voltage (as mentioned above) or to use thicker wire. Since Sue’s got 12-volt (presumably) batteries in both the PTV and the BLT, she is probably “stuck” at 12 volts, so she then has to strike a balance between the distance the “umbilical” can be and how thick/heavy/expensive the umbilical has to be. Obviously it can’t be as big as a tree trunk! So, she likely has something like 25′ feet of fairly thick cable, and does live with some voltage drop but not too much.

      Sorry if this was more than you wanted to know! Basically it boils down to the “no free lunch” principle, and that there are numerous ways to get around the issue, but you have to balance the pros and cons.

      • Timber n' me says:

        Hi Sidewinder Pen,, Wiring ,, @ 10 to 30 ft. 14 to 16 gage is sufficient . That is what we’re running from solar to controller to batteries ,,, and ours is running great. Even When the camper was not in the truck, I’m using # 16 gage extension cord,,,,,,, rusty ,,,,,,,,,,,, and Timber says hi too 8>p

        • Barbara (Nashville) says:

          This info is available under the Solar Power Tab the batteries, controller.

        • A gal in Maple Valley, WA says:

          Adding to what ^^Pen^^ stated, the higher the wire gauge#, the smaller the cable (carrier). The smaller wire size creates higher resistance.(harder to push marbles through a tight fitting pipe) The higher the resistance, the more voltage drop (loss). Also, the longer the cord, the more resistance. Too long and too thin is very inefficient and greater risk of fire. It’s smart to go with as large of wire (smallest gauge) as possible, then you can use a longer run, if needed, with less loss. Most R.V. power cords that are rated for 30 amp service are #10 gauge and carry only 110vac (which is a more efficient voltage). (usually multi-strand vs. solid) The minimum recommended size of extension for 15 amp service is #12 gauge. The cables coming off/to most batteries (house and vehicle) are either #8, #6 or #4 gauge carrying 12vdc. (with exceptions for 16/24vdc and series or parallel connections) The amperage (draw/usage) is the main factor, not voltage. Check cords by touch; if they feel warm at all (considering the ambient temperature), they are sized too small.

      • BadgerRickInWis says:

        If my memory is correct (seems to happen less and less these days but heck, it’s the only one I got 🙂 ) The umbilical between the PTV and the BLT is 15 feet.

        • Timber n' me says:

          Hi Rick, Our set up is different from Sue’s,,, The batteries are under the hood of the truck and the solar panels, charge controller are in n’ on the camper, hooked up together via the cord,,, someday in the future ,, I plan to put the camper on a trailer and the power goods on the truck,, kind of like Sue’s set up,,,,,,,,,,,, me

          • Timber n' me says:

            PS,,,,,, I have a Black & Decker inverter that has 2 plugs which runs ether 100 or 500 watts, has a UBS and I got it at Home Depot for 20 bucks back in 09′ ,, it runs almost all day, the HP laptop, almost everyday ,,,,, all the rest of the gear that I have runs on 12 volt or 6 volt,,,,,,,,,,,,,, me

  18. Hahahahaha! Bridget would fit in here just fine! Chuck and DoogieBowser both sleep in late every morning! Radar and I are up and coffee’d by 8 am! Grin! Actually, 8 am is a bit late for me, I used to wake up regularly at 6 am but age and retirement added a few extra hours of sleep!
    Sorry you are having all the communication problems! Hopefully you will get it resolved today!
    Love all the pictures, you are in some awesome campgrounds this summer! Heard on the news, Flaming Gorge had a bad wildfire! Haven’t heard anything the last few days, so hopefully the fire is over!
    Looking forward to your next post! Hug the crew from us! We love y’all!

  19. Judy J. in upstate S.C. says:

    So very sorry you’re going through these issues, Sue and crew. May they resolve quickly and well. Funny that, no matter how simple we try to keep things, life has a way of throwing us some “clinkers”! Your pics of cooling waters and beautiful shade are so soothing. Here in upstate S.C., the temps are running between mid to high 90’s and “bone-dry”!

  20. Julie Green says:

    Sue, another wonderful post. These photos are magnificent – they cool me off just looking at them. I read all of your blogs, (have from the beginning) and let me tell you to please not worry about not answering every comment, or posting only when you can. Your life is wonderful and should be as stress free as it can be. I know you love all of us blogorinos, but I am very happy with what you “feed” us when you can. Don’t ever worry or stress about your internet signal. If you’re in a beautiful place, stay there! The next camp may have internet, and you can catch up then… or the next time… or the next time. Do keep those photos on file for whenever you happen to be in a hotspot. You can see the Blogorinos keep chatting away, we are all one big happy family. Don’t give up a great campsite because you feel the need to report in. Nope, nope nope. That’s not what your life is about – you enjoy and relax!
    Big hugs to you, Bridge, and the Rege-man.
    Jool in N. Texas

    • Jool says:

      PS: I don’t know why google all of a sudden does not list me as Jool as it is supposed to. Sheesh. Anyway, I remain,
      Jool in N. Texas

  21. Across the highway from Sherwood campground is Brooks Meadow Rd/NF-44. Last year I took that up to Cold Springs Rd/NF-4420 and found a great boondocking spot up above cloud/fog/mosquito level with pretty good 4G reception. There was a view north to Mt. Adams. However, there’s a bit of a dip and a hump and two trees to squeeze between in order to get to the clearing. My van made it okay, but larger rigs would be out of luck. One of my nephews is a ranger in the Mt. Hood NF. He clued me into the spot.

  22. Dawn from Camano Island says:

    Hi there Sue, Bridget & Reg. Gosh, you’ve been to many lovely spots this summer. Sorry to hear your chargers, etc. are creating difficulties. The path of technology can sometimes be rough. Hope everything is right as rain now.

    I went back & re-read your recent story, Bridge, & I have to say I smiled the entire time–especially when you got to sit next to the man who was driving the golf cart. I loved how attentive & kind he was to you. It’s a special person who loves & cares for “older” dogs (no offense meant, Bridge). I hope you’re enjoying yourself this summer. When we went grocery shopping yesterday, we saw 2 Golden Retrievers who were in the front seat of a pickup. The older dog (he had a gray muzzle) was just about ready to put it in reverse & drive up to Costco. His younger passenger (looked older–and taller–than Reg) had a big smile & looked as if he/she was looking forward to a Costco dog. Ari’s not interested in driving–are you? Jim & I had a big laugh when we saw these 2! They were having a grand day out! Enjoy your walks, Bridge. Please give Sue & Reg a bark for me.

  23. Hey there Sue!

    Just wanted to pop in and say hi! Gorgeous pics, can’t wait to see the rest! I just love the fact that you get to camp by the river, take walks by the river, watch and listen to the river….so relaxing….

    Enjoy your day!

    Hi to all!!! 🙂

    • Hi Marla, stay away from that fire! Hope you week has been uneventful so far. Enjoy you week and weekend. I will be leaving soon for a respite and Hummingbird Festival in Sedona! Yay for me! Safe travels if you are getting out of town soon.

      • Hello there, friend!

        That sounds like a great getaway! It is so beautiful in Sedona. We don’t have any new plans to go anywhere, hubby just started an awesome new job, but that also means not taking any time off for a while :(. We’ll try to sneak in a weekend somewhere, I’m sure.

        I just read that fire is 85% contained, and is expected to be at 100% by 8pm. I hope! Sure smelled smokey this morning!

        Hope you have a great week & safe travels to you, too! 🙂

      • Shirlene,

        So the fire near Green River/91 was the one I was talking about before, now there is a new one literally 1-2 miles from my house! We just had this a few months ago! I hope they get this one out quick! All the dry brush near our house…ugh. Leaving now, gotta get home!

        • Hi Marla, I was afraid that the fire was near you. Hopefully it will be out soon. Going to have Monsoon weather this weekend, high humidity, maybe that will help in your area. Becareful and stay safe, we still need to have that coffee! 🙂

          • Mornin, Shirlene!

            The fire is out, they did have to evacuate 75 homes, but it was lifted shortly after, and everyone was able to go back home, thank God!

            Yes, coffee for sure!! I need to find a non-busy weekend, that is always the challenge 😉 I’ll keep you posted! Do you leave this weekend? Have a Happy Thursday!

            • Hi Marla, I am glad things were taken care of so quickly. That is quite a bushy area huh!. We are leaving on July 30…returning August 4. Going to Flagstaff also to visit friends. I am looking forward to the visit, but not the long drive, ugh. But lots of things to see both coming and going. Last year we ran into a flash flood coming back, wiped out the main street of a little town we were passing through…kind of scary those monsoons when they are strong and full of water.

            • Oooo, I’ve never experience a flash flood, that would be scary! I agree, it is a long drive, we broke it up last time we went to Sedona, we boondocked in a parking lot at a Cracker Barrel along the 10 fwy!

              Yes, our neighborhood is bordered by a river bed…flood zone areas that are pretty dried out, full of trees and brush. Plus, we get crazy winds through our area, goes right through the canyon near the OC/IE border, so that surely doesn’t help.

  24. Rita says:

    Lovely camp photo but they are all starting to look alike LOL Anyway, our Mimi is like Brigett…won’t get up in morning and have to force her to move around. They get a walk every morning and evening. Is it my imagination? Little Reggie’s eye is starting to get smaller …the left eye with the droopy ears. I wonder if the droopy ears and small eyes have anything to do with one another…a pinched nerve? I hope your repairs go well and your battery packs revive soon….we miss your daily post but not to worry we will entertain ourselves while you’re away 🙂

  25. Anne H says:

    Hey, it’s always something isn’t it?! Electronics burning out, charging issues, getting a signal, software that decides to get corrupted, incompatibility when other software upgrades affect your stuff . . . . sigh . . . . .

    Bridget and Reggie would say – “don’t sweat it Sue, take us for a lovely walk in the woods along a pretty stream”. And I would agree with them! I’m glad you’re getting things fixed up – and glad that it doesn’t seem to be interfering too much with your enjoyment of the wonderful PNW. It’s fun to hear about my backyard from your perspective (and I’m reading about some places I haven’t visited – even after 30 years up here!)

  26. Tanya says:

    Hi Sue
    Enjoy your posts on your travel. I’m hoping to go boondocking in the future. I have a driveway in Boring you can stay in to get everything charged and water topped off. Truck warehouse across street but good internet and cell service. A long trail to walk the crew but no water to camp beside.

  27. Denise - Richmond VA says:

    Hi, Sue,

    Glad that you are in an area that will allow you to get all of your technical issues resolved. Best of luck…hope all goes smoothly, with little additional frustration.

    You are missed! Sending you and the Crew hugs from means Gracie pup! 🙂

  28. BadgerRickInWis says:

    “Thanks for sticking with us!”
    Yea right! Like a hungry jetpack could get us to stop following you wherever the journey takes us. 🙂

    • Sidewinder Pen says:

      For some reason reading this I could only “see” a hungry Verizon Jetpack wireless router, which of course cracked me up. (I use one to get online when traveling.)

  29. Kathryn says:

    Hello Susan from Ireland! I think of you often. I am so sorry for your loss of precious Spike. Sending best wishes…K

  30. Timber n' me says:

    Hi Sue n’ Crew,,,, Nice camp,,, have you seen Brier Bob up there in Sherwood Forest yet?,,,,, Sorry to hear your havin’ juice(power) problems,,, hope all gets fixed soon,,,,, Timber says hi to HRH n’ The Reggie Man,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, me

  31. Lynn Brooks says:

    Dear Sue & Crew-
    So sorry to hear you’re having power & repair problems!!!
    Hope all is ok & you’re all back online soon!

  32. Elizabeth in WA says:

    Sorry to hear you are having technical problems…argh…what is wrong with stuff these days? Ah I know the answer…but tis frustrating indeed. Well, hubby just got me a replacement cell phone and already we are not too keen on it…sigh…now what to do? Well, sat tonight in our apt and stared out at the incredible, tonight very changeable, sunset…a postage stamp view…but good enough. We were to tired to go walking (worked in daughter’s yard today plus went to the market near here)…but just peacefully watching the beauty, and each time is different…none are just exactly like another…is helpful and peaceful. Hope you are in a good spot. Hope you can go back for a bit to this very pretty campground!!

  33. Pamela K. says:

    In the photo with Reggie and Bridget in the truck… in the photo Reggie has a red spot on his forhead (next to his large tan spot near his ear). Does Reggie have a new boo-boo? I know he plays hard and explores with such gusto it wouldn’t surprise me but I thought I would ask since I spotted it there.
    Sorry to hear of your solar and inverter troubles. Try as we might to live off-the-grid it is still not that easy over time. I have been looking at the Goal Zero Solar Generator, the mid size one. They are still pretty costly but thinking it might be a good thing as a secondary backup sytem. It’s hard to know exactly what works best. Too much info out there and so many options makes it hard to figure out, for me at least. I’m not good at that sort of thing. The more I read about off-grid, the less informed I become!
    The area you are in now has so much to offer! I just spent two full days researching that area on line. Some great camping and fishing in that area. Hope you can enjoy your stay there. Looks peaceful, love the water too.

    • Jan in Montana says:

      Thought that I would give you a reply. For four years now I have been totally off grid in my small home. No generator and 620watts of panels. I use a propane refrigerator and heat. The big key is to adjust your lifestyle to the amount of sunshine that you have…if you can’t live within your means, including your income than it won’t work for you. But sure nice to not have as many bills to pay.

      • Sidewinder Pen says:

        Interesting to read of your life setup, Jan.

        I do another variation, which is to basically just live on 12 volts, with rare exceptions. Still tech stuff of course, but no “big” inverter. Laptop, AA battery charger, etc. all run directly from 12-volt sockets.

        I do carry a very small “plugs into cigarette lighter socket” inverter because there are a couple of things I have that just need 110 (for example, drill battery charger). They are infrequent use things though, luckily.

      • Pamela K. in GA says:

        Jan in Montana…
        Not sure what you mean about the income issues you raised. That was never a factor for us. My husband has both soc sec and his pension. I will soon have my soc sec. Both of us have skills that will allow us to work some each year – should we choose to do so. I would never assume you could or could not afford your lifestyle so I’m not clear why you injected the income and bills thing in your answer to me. Sorry, just seemed odd to me to read that. Like you, we can run our Airstream off propane, shore power or battery. I was mainly looking for an off-grid solution to my conversion van when I due solo trips each season, hence the need for a solar generator down the road. I’m just now learning more about that kind of power source. Right now my van has a 2800 free-standing power source I sometimes use for road trip camping needs. Hope that helps you to understand my needs better.
        Thanks for trying to help with your answer. It’s almost FRIDAY, Yeah! Enjoy your weekend 🙂

  34. Pamela K. says:

    Hello everyone,
    After the comments about the reservation restrictions using the on-line system. I did some research into who they were and their parent company. Their parent company is the real power behind the smaller company and holds their debt loads. The company has been sold two different times, at least, and their parent company seems to have a direct connection to a Goldman-Sacks. Both compainies are not at all little and Goldman’s is huge, of course. Check it out on Forbes, they (company and parent company) are into gathering data of all kinds! They are like the Ticketmasters of the sports and travel areas. Seems they were sued for a no-bid contract with the parks, along with the Park services, and the contender lost in court. A no-bid contract for the reservation system, uh, and at big money. Well, needless to say…I didn’t like what I was finding out. And it appears that they market their data, not sure if they market the state and federal parks data or not. Still trying to sort that info out. Anyway, they are not the tiny little private company they seemed to be. The more I read the more interesting it gets. It’s like a soap opera with staggering growth over the last few years. The parent company is publicly traded. The smaller company went through an IPO and sold two weeks or so later… Not sure where all that data ended up being owned by who and what restrictions were placed on that data or its marketing. That’s alittle troubling to think about.

    • Pamela K. says:

      Oh and they were first corportate HQ in Canada, then in NY, then later moved to Dallas, TX. TX has very private laws about researching company data. Some of the strongest laws on the books in the entire US. Their laws make it very difficult to track company info and data except in a very broad-brush way. Given what I have read so far, that move doesn’t surprise me. It has Ivy-League investors written all over it…

      • Carlene from NoCal says:

        Pamela, thanks for the info on RA, and yes what a racket they have developed, I’m sure money was traded between some ppl somewhere. The big get bigger while those of us leading a more wonderful simple life will continue to lose ground. I’ve found RAs page on FB and they do respond to comments and questions from potential campers but are somewhat vague or refer you to the campground that you are inquiring for more detailed information.
        Have a great day, gonna be a hot one here high 90s…
        Happy Travels.

        • Pamela K. in GA says:

          Carlene from NoCal…
          Carlene, you said, “…yes what a racket they have developed, I’m sure money was traded between some ppl somewhere.”
          I’m not sure what, if any, racket they have going. I did, however, find it interesting reading to see how they had so much mammoth data, from so many sources, from so many sports, and camping related people. Most companies have a business model that is followed to either Do Business or to Sell The Business. That said, one does have to wonder where all that data goes and who would control it if it stays in-house or is sold out right later. I read that they do a lot of Cloud computing and data storage. I have never known WHO the people are behind the CLOUD or where it goes or where it ends up. So that alone is a concern enough for me not to use them. Not a fan of Sky mysteries when it comes to my own personal data, that’s just me though.

    • Sidewinder Pen says:

      Is this ReserveAmerica you are speaking of?

      I’m a curmudgeon, granted, but so far I have avoided using them, although it has meant missing some campgrounds I wanted to go to (mostly because I was going to meet people or there was an event that “required” that particular campground).

      • Carlene from NoCal says:

        Sorry Sidewinder, yes it’s Reservation America. I have only had 2 times to use them for reservations and then I was making them for my sons. And going full time in less than 2 weeks I will do my best not to utilize this system.
        I’m a curmudgeon also when it comes to scams that happen thru our government that in general do nothing for the citizens but makes a boat load of money for a few people.
        Off my soap box. Happy Travels.

        • Sidewinder Pen says:

          Happy (full-timing!) Travels to you, too, Carlene. Perhaps our paths will cross in a (non-reservation) spot somewhere along the way 🙂

        • Pookieboy in SE Texas says:

          Carlene, your remark about our government do nothing for the citizens but makes a boat load of money for a few people also reminds me of Obamacare……never could figure out how government healthcare is sold thru companies that are in buiness to make a profit…..
          Ive never had a good experience with Reservation America especially when they charge you to make reservations and charge you to cancel them if the need arises…..

    • A gal in Maple Valley, WA says:


      Pamela’s inquisitive mind and comments got me to query information from a different approach. I started thinking about Sally Jewell, who is now Secretary of the Department of the Interior. She was born in London but went to school here in the Puget Sound. I remembered how it gave me pause that she was an engineer in the petroleum industry then became REI’s head. And on the board of the National Parks Conservation Association. Ironic or co-inky-dink?

      Anyway, that lead me to interesting histories of that department and it’s abuse by many politicians. It is the umbrella for National Parks, Nat. Wildlife Refuges, Bureau of Reclamation, Fish and Wildlife, BLM, mining, timber, oil and gas, ocean energy, Bureau of Indian Affairs and gaming commission, USGS and a whole host of other segments. What could go wrong there?

      That led me to ReserveAmerica that was sold to Active Network, LLC which is head of, to name just a few, Univision Network, Expedia, Hotwire, Lending Tree, Trip Advisor, most all dating/single’s sites and it made an agreement with GQQgle to hand over it’s searches. There’s some more stuff to add to your privacy questions. I couldn’t get as deep as Pamela did to find G.S. association. But, Big (enough) Brother to be sure.

      Further pursuit into concessionaires, Hoodoo (Washington and Oregon) Chuck Shepard, CEO and Recreation Resource Management (AZ), Warren Meyer, CEO brought up quite a lot of discussions on park privatization and some topics grabbed my eyeballs. One that has been brought up here more than once is the subject of concessionaires not having to honor ANY passes that were sold by government agencies. Especially the 50% seniors’ discount. I looked up multiple links and haven’t found how it stands as of today. The last notation I saw was 2010. But the proof in the puddin’ is Sue and others haven’t said that they have been denied the discount.

      Also, further research for anyone interested:

      The Federal Lands Recreation Enhancement Act

      The Granger – Thye Act

      The Land and Water Conservancy Fund Act Mar 2 2011 Forests for Sale (comments) (comments)

      High Country News Cindy Cole 12 12 2013 (and comments)

      I put all this out there (here) because for our future and Sue’s NOW, we need to do what we can to make sure being ‘out there’ will still be available and affordable. Several programs and policies have been affected by feedback and comments urging consideration for campers. To support those that that share and teach through blogs and comments, we at home can help by pleading our case to those that need to hear from us. There are several viewpoints on this subject; pros and cons on all sides. Whichever is yours, your contribution to the discussion is much appreciated.

      • Pamela K. says:

        Thank you for doing some added research on your own too.
        I had read many of the points you listed but shied away from listing too many because, well, honestly it made me seem like I was a lone wolf crying in the wind. I figured if someone else was interested they, too, would seek out to find the info about all of this. I am soooo pleased you were moved to do so without my prompting. I addition to what you found and listed here, I found many direct and indirect connections to Skull and Bones members and the universities they attended before becoming involved in many of the companies and federal programs you listed. It would also seem true enough that many of the investors in the many programs are also Ivy League companies and investors…the directly connected list goes on and the associations seemingly have profound impacts on our present and future rving lifestyles…and our freedoms…and our privacy rights. Now you see WHY I was so interested in researching out and finding this data and the related associations of people and companies involved with those programs. I tried to be kind in my postings about this while sounding an alert to anyone who cares about this. Short of yelling, lol, I was profoundly disturbed when I found this data – especially when it was being portrayed as a *small and private reservations company*. I have no doubt that there is even more data released in the SEC filings and fed. gov. reports for the companies doing business with the fed. and their agencies…
        Conclusion: I think a few well spent days at the public library are on my agenda in the very near future to research this topic more in depth. Personally, for me at least, it reeks of the kind of cell phone gathering data scandals where info and the release of info on many Americans was done without our knowledge and consent. I don’t know BUT those levels of personal data are NOT just sitting there being collected and having no real purpose – that much I’m sure of! Data collection at that level of vastness costs huge money off the profit sheets of any company, including the fed. So that begs the question of how are they recouping those costs and by what measure or controls are they using to recoup those costs? I would certainly venture to assume that the pur act of reservations is NOT the main vehicle to recoup those profit costs, IMHO of course. Needless to say, it WILL be interesting to follow-the-money on these issues…something that myself and my husband were national experts in doing in our former careers!
        So, now do you understand WHY I found this info so, well, interesting at best?! !!!
        I think a trip to Wally-World for some index cards, some push pins for dots on maps and related associations between these companies, their directors and associates might be in order. The more I read about it all and the more I dig deeper into it it has all the markings of News at 11:00 written all over it, maybe.

        Question: Any other takers on stepping up and researching this topic and the many associated companies and their investor chains? I’m serious about this…it’s impact on my, and our, futures and the fed. land programs/budgets. If so, state your interest and I will post my contact info so we can talk next steps forward.

        • A gal in Maple Valley, WA says:


          I am in sooo not in your league of research. I can only get internet if the wind is blowing and a crow is on the clothes line. If I had your ‘push’, I’d be following too many rabbits down holes. (tea party anyone?)

          My intent was to urge those of us taxpayers that ‘have a dog in this hunt’ to write or contact folks that make decisions. If a massive contingency of us flood their in-boxes, they will pay attention to our issues about pricing and availability of campsites. They will know we’ve got the time and the brain-juice to research the goings on and hold them accountable. Either they will receive our input gladly as a directive or be alarmed at the pushback. We need make them aware that we are watching and that ‘homey don’t play that’.

          • Pamela K. says:

            I did some more research on it tonight and there is a direct company connection through an investor thread that leads to the company George Walker IV is the CEO of. George Walker IV as in the Walker – Bush families, as in George Herbert Walker Bush…and so on. Like I said, I could just feel that connection coming in. I told my husband I could feel a “Bush” somewhere in the whole flow of data. Yep, sure enough. That said, I don’t think writing to anyone is going to have any impact on the current or future impact. Clearly there are those who are way too invested in the systems that are already in place and are looking to expand those well into the future. I wish it were better news or that things were different but the handwriting is pretty etched in stone as far as I can see it. 🙁
            Does anyone have any Carter’s Liver Pills ?!
            Even so, it is still a fun project to research more about and to dig deeper into it all. Sad to say that I do not foresee good changes coming, not for us RVers anyway. Who knew that personal data resources is the *new* oil?!! Needless to say, there’s gold in them there hills…

  35. Laurie in NC says:

    Hey Sue! What a beautiful area you are in now! I would love to camp by a creek/river! The early morning walk sounds wonderful! I am a morning person and love the sounds of the forest waking up! So sorry that you are having technical issues, but glad you are near someone who can help! Hope all is fixed soon!

  36. Jodee Gravel on the road in Tillamook, OR says:

    Love the “goodbye to ziz zag” photo – it looks like a dream! It is such a good feeling when your vehicle is pulling the grades with ease, and coming down the other side the same way – makes those travel days a whole lot nicer 🙂 Glad you’re in a place where the power issues can be resolved – hope it wasn’t too stressful to get yourself there! We’ll all be happy when you’re back, but good to know you’re doing okay :-)))))

  37. Eileen says:

    I chuckled when reading about trying to get Bridget out of bed. Sometimes I have to coax my “little old lady” beagle to get up to go outside for our morning walk. I currently set my alarm clock at 6:15 a.m. because she can’t walk much after the sun comes up during summer time here in Florida. Then, in the evenings, after the sun goes down, it seems lately that she’s developed “Sundown Syndrome” because she gets so restless that I can’t keep her inside. Go figure! However, like Bridget, my Missy needs her walks to help keep her mobile, in spite of her arthritis.

  38. Krystina - Puyallup, WA says:

    Love your green, large, wonderful site! The river looks fantastic and I love the sound of water rushing off to somewhere. Love the pic of the kids in the van with HRH lurking in the back ground. I missed her entirely the first time around LOL. Jeeze…what a pain in the !@$^!!!! They say things come in 3’s so I think you will fine for awhile.

    I don’t know if you read Barb form Hoquiam WA reply but a few days ago we met up!!! What a blast we had. We were laughing so loud that someone nearby came over to see if they could join the party. We have a lot in common. Barb was talking about her husband and that he was brought up in Lyme NH…seriously…my kids Dad taught 5-8 grade in Lyme NH!! Then she was telling me about a seminar she went to where the speaker was the son of Simon Pierce owner of the famous glass blowing place in Hartford, VT. When she said that I told her I knew Simon and his wife because they came into my Baby Furniture/European Toy store in W. Lebanon, NH!!! What a small, small world it is!! We just had a great time!! Thanks Barb for coming to see me 🙂

  39. weather says:

    What a nice happenstance that construction allowed you to take in the views on your ride,enjoying the journey while driving can really make a day wonderful.The lighting in your photo of morning in the forest just captures sunrise’s gifts,painting browns and greens golden as it comes-beautifully done ,Sue! I’m glad the technical issues didn’t prevent your sharing that with us .I hope you soon have an easy time blogging again.Sending prayers for all to smooth out and affection for you and crew,may this be a happy energy day 🙂

    • Hi Weather, hope your day is wonderful for you and your troupe. 🙂

      • weather says:

        So far it really has been,thanks Shirlene 🙂 Clear blue sky since sunrise,the water in the lake is so clear that I can see the sand and pebbles clearly beneath the waves and it’s 72 out-great driving with my shades on day,just running errands will be fun.If nothing new pops up here I might not “see you” on here until after the weekend-have a great time on your hummingbird quest!

  40. Sue, in regard to your feeling a great need to post every whipstitch, I’ll read you when you get around tuit. Enjoy your life for goodness sake! Life is short enough, anon, anon, anon!

    • Sidewinder Pen says:

      True, in the “no pressure” way. On the other hand, I very much enjoy reading about “every whipstitch” when Sue cares to post it 🙂

  41. Larry G in AR says:

    “I can enjoy glimpses of Mt. Hood and relax without feeling pressured to hurry along by the tail-gating vehicles behind me.”

    You need the bumper sticker I recently saw on a truck camper, TAILGATE ME AND I’LL SLOW DOWN. I feel that way sometimes.

    • Pamela K. in GA says:

      Like that one 🙂
      or this one.


      • Timber n' me says:

        Here’s one for ya,,, DON’T FOLLOW TO CLOSE,,,, DRIVER CHEWS TOBACCO!!!! ,,,

        • Pamela K. says:

          🙂 🙂 🙂
          LOL, that would sure do it for me! Don’t want chew-juice on the front teeth of my van’s grill, thank you, LOL

          • Timber n' me says:

            Pamela, Don’t worry,, umm,, I don’t spit my chew ,,,, Timber gets it with a kiss and he has no worms,,, nether do I,,,,,,,,,,, me

            • Pamela K. says:

              Worms? Sorry, I don’t get the worms thing…not understanding. Does chew sometimes cause worms or something? I have never heard of that. I like the little round marks on the back pockets of jeans when their chew tins have left their mark, lol! That sexy-cowboy look 🙂

    • Lee J in Northern California says:

      Ok, I have to add a tailgating story. Some years ago we were coming home from a horse camping trip in the Sierra Nevada mountains. There was a beautiful yellow sports car tail gating me. The road was winding and no shoulders, and if you have ever hauled livestock, you know you have to watch your speed on curvy roads or you end up with your stock scrambling for their footing, not good…..
      So…this yellow sports car fellow no doubt did not appreciate following a trailer full of horses, big four horse rig…going sorta slow…so he would speed up, duck out to see if he could pass, duck back into his lane, getting more bold each pass…following so close behind me I could not see him in my side mirrors…
      Right about the last pass to tuck into the lane right behind me, my big Percheron cross gelding decided it was time to relieve himself…and gallons of horse pee suddenly started pouring out of the back of the trailer….right on the yellow sports car that was a couple of feet off my bumper…..and it kept coming…and coming… And he slammed on the brakes..windshield wipers slinging pee all over his car… What a spray was pouring out of that trailer and bouncing off the pavement…it was huge…
      Now I would never put horse pee on a beautiful yellow sports car, on purpose…but old Smoky didn’t have such reservations….first time he ever peed in the trailer..and the last…wonder if he was getting tired of that little yellow sports car running up behind his trailer?

      • Marilyn Dennison, Dania Beach, Fl says:

        Poetic justice.

      • Timber n' me says:

        LOL so hard I’m crying, but leave it up to our 4 footed friends to take care of the tailgater,,,,,,,,,,,, we’ve been poop on by a large cattle truck and he was passin’ us,, guess , we were going to slow for them cows headin’ to pasture,,, had to wash the whole truck,,,,,,,,,,,, me

      • Elizabeth in WA says:

        Thanks for the laugh…that is a good one!! Heh, no doubt your horse was getting nervous from that guy…animals have nerves too!!

      • Alison PNW says:
  42. AZ Jim says:

    Hi Missy and crew! Your forth photo is my new desktop and it’s in my RV Sue file as well. Looks like a wonderful site you found there. Have you purchased “Go set a watchman” yet? Sounds like it will be a good read. Carry on and even if I don’t post sometimes it does not mean I am not keeping an eye on you guys! Ciao

    • Sidewinder Pen says:

      I just bought that a couple of days ago – really looking forward to reading it. For anyone who would like to know, “Go Set a Watchman” is the just-released book by the author of “To Kill a Mockingbird,” Harper Lee.

      Apparently, Lee wrote “To Kill a Watchman” as her first book, and it features Scout (main character of TKAM) in her 20’s and on her way home to the south from New York. In that book are/were reminiscences of her life as a child. When Lee brought that first book to editors, they suggested she instead turn the reminiscences into a book, which she did (To Kill a Mockingbird).

      Then this book sat idle all these years, until Lee now decided to release it (she’s around 90 years old now). So it’s the first book but it’s a sequel.

      • Sidewinder Pen says:

        Sorry, that should read “Apparently Lee wrote ‘Go Set a Watchman’ as her first book, and it features Scout…”

  43. Sue! I haven’t checked your blog for a while as it’s gotten crazy busy for us but I have to say, the slower pace of your life is a breath of fresh air (and boy do I ever need it)! Glad you are enjoying the PWN.

  44. weather says:

    HELLO…Hello…hello…Just thought I’d see if it would echo back from the empty walls of the page.I hope you are well Sue and not frustrated about being absent from here for this long.It seems silly at this point to ask questions, share news or try to initiate a chat given the current situation,whatever that may be,so I won’t.Instead I’ll wish wonderful things for you and crew 🙂

  45. BadgerRickInWis says:

    I guess I shall echo Weather’s echo. Just to let you know that I am thinking of you and yours and holding you in my heart. I’m sure you will connect when you can.

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