Trusting everything will be fine

Sunday, September 27

P1070590The RV park behind Stan’s Merc in Circleville, Utah

The crew and I have neighbors!

We’re not accustomed to having someone’s window facing our door.  This couple moved in late in the afternoon on Saturday and they leave this morning.  The RV park is empty again, except for us.  As you may remember from the last episode of RVSue and her canine crew, the Perfect Tow Vehicle will not start.

Reggie begs for a walk very early today.

Usually after breakfast, the crew naps.  Not this morning!

“Okay, Reginator.  Let me put you in your warm suit.  Do you want to go, Bridge?”

Her look makes it clear that only a fool would get out of bed at this hour.  It’s barely daylight, for crying out loud.

Reggie and I let her sleep and head out the door.

We walk over to Circleville’s little park and veterans’ memorial.  (These early morning photos were lightened in editing.)

P1070596While I read the names on the monument, Reggie panics!

He barks furiously.  I turn and find him hopping and skittering on his tether.

P1070594-001“Oh, Reg.  It’s only a statue, honey.”

I pick him up and bring him closer.  He doesn’t want to look at it.

“Look, it won’t hurt you.”

He takes a peek and calms down.  I place him on the ground.

I don’t think he’s totally convinced.

P1070595-001Next we cross the street and enter a pleasant residential neighborhood.

No one is out and about at this hour.  Probably a lot of people are still in bed.

Several of the homes are trimmed with flower beds and adorned with decorations.

P1070586Lawns are lush and green from regular watering.

P1070585A black dog trots out to the street to meet Reggie.

Reggie adopts an alpha male stance while the much bigger black dog tries to be submissive to the little guy.

P1070588Reggie does a pretty creditable job of looking tough until he can’t help himself and begins running in circles in joyful abandon.

“Are you showing off?”  He makes me laugh.

We resume walking the empty streets around a few blocks. 

A vehicle approaches.  I gather up Reggie’s tether and hold him by my side until it passes.  Sleepy Circleville is waking up.

P1070584“We’d better go back.  Bridget will be worried.”

A plan forms as we return to the Best Little Trailer in the RV park.

Later, after lunch, I read my Morningstar Remote Meter that is connected to the AGM storage batteries in the back of the PTV.  These batteries are connected to the starter battery.

Hmm . . . 14.3 volts.  It’s time.

I grab my keys and give ‘er a try.

She starts right up!  Yay!   I write a check for $36 for the RV park to cover two nights, pack up (I didn’t unhitch), and lift the crew into their positions. On the way out, I insert the check in the door — The store is closed on Sundays — and away we go!  Yippee!

I drive us northward through Junction.

We pass the old courthouse which sits at the turn for Camp Charming.

P1070444We keep going north on Route 89.

We’re on our way to Richfield!

I recall that there’s a Wal-Mart where we can camp for the night and figure out what to do about the battery not holding a charge.

I also need to buy the crew more dog food, something better than what is available in small towns like Circleville and Junction.  There’s a Tractor Supply right next to Wal-Mart that has a varied selection of high quality kibble.

This is a scenic route through Marysvale and Sevier Canyon.

Richfield is only about a 50-mile drive from Circleville.  Soon we are sidling up to the curb at Wal-mart in front of three big Class As.  (Photos were taken the following morning after they left.  Pretend they’re the day before, okay?)

P1070600It’s hot for about two hours and then the blessed cool air of late afternoon arrives.

P1070606I walk the crew on a closed road next to Tractor Supply.  Bridget and Reggie are loving this adventure!  (Notice the backhoe action shot.)

P1070602Bridget walks calmly beside me on her leash.  “Are you having fun, sweetie?”

P1070607Down this closed road we visit a magnificent tree!

I don’t know what kind it is.  Here it sits surrounded by stores and roads . . . a survivor!

P1070603It’s an adjustment, believe me, to sleep in Wally’s parking lot after boondocking most of the time. 

The interior of the Best Little Trailer is lit up like daytime.  There must have been a stain on the pavement under our window because the street-cleaning truck went by a hundred times.  What a noise!  Anyway . . . .  It does go away eventually, we fall asleep, and we sleep well.

Monday, September 28

After our usual morning routine I attempt to start the PTV and, as expected, she won’t start.

“Time for a walk, guys!”

We stroll over to Wal-Mart’s auto shop, I explain the situation, and an employee walks back to the PTV with us, pushing a charger in a shopping cart.

I drive the PTV over to the shop and park it in the shade next to the bays.

We are going to get this problem taken care of!

P1070608Look at those two goofballs in the photo (above).  God love ’em.  They don’t have a clue and yet they take it all in stride, trusting everything will be fine.



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secludedAlabamaHillsThis was our camp two years ago near Lone Pine, California  — A lot different than Wally World!


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  1. Cynthia says:


  2. Bev says:


  3. Linda Hughes North Carolina says:

    close, but not first……

  4. Jenny Johnson Manuel says:

    Gee I made a close second!!!

  5. Cynthia says:

    Hi Sue and Crew,
    Went back and read the post. I noticed that Reggie and the visiting dog have the same shape to their ears. Perhaps they are cousins. 🙂 I sure hope you get the battery fixed OK and that the only problem is needing a new one. They aren’t cheap but it’s a lot better to need only a battery than to need an alternator too. Bridg looks beautiful in her close up and both dogs sure are happy campers. Safe travels Sue.

  6. Diann in mt says:

    Your patience and acceptance of “what is” are an example for all us. Thanks and best wishes, Sue.

  7. Pookieboy in SE Texas says:

    well you seem take take most of your problems in style
    not too worried about things…..thats good!
    I love little towns like the one your in now….they seem
    so fresh and clean and I know the air is for sure….

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Utah’s small towns are very clean. One has to look hard to find any litter. I like the wide streets, too. Did you know that the towns in Utah, the ones extending north-south through Sevier Valley and so on, were established a day’s ride on horseback apart? That’s why there are about 30 miles between them or 60 miles if a settlement failed.

      • Barbara (Nashville) says:

        That is an interesting bit of history. I was cracking up at Reggie’s barking at the statue and his looking warily at it after you put him down. Can’t seem to get it out of my head, just keep laughing.
        A new battery will make things right again, and everything will be charging properly.

        • rvsueandcrew says:

          Hi, Barbara,

          Actually, when you think of it from a dog’s point of view, what is going on with a man like that? He’s obviously a man and he looks like he’s walking, yet he isn’t walking, and that’s scary in itself!

          Reggie keeps me entertained, that’s for sure, just like your Angel does you. 🙂

      • DesertGinger says:

        In Wisconsin, towns are 7 miles apart. I guess that is how far you could go in a wagon. They didn’t want anyone to freeze to death out on the prairie.

  8. Cheryl says:

    What a nice post. My great aunt worked at the Junction courthouse for many many years and my mom is from Marysvale. Many many summers spent there with trips to Richfield through the canyon, passing Big Rock Candy. Good memories!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Oh, I wrote this post for you, Cheryl! 🙂 No wonder you called it “nice.”

      I would’ve included photos of the canyon if it weren’t already afternoon. I don’t like moving camp at that time of day and my focus was on getting to Richfield. It’s a beautiful drive.

  9. weather says:

    Love this post’s title being true for your wonderful crew!I’m too tired to really comment so I will in the morning.Just wanted to say n’nite

  10. You may not be a fan of KOAs, and generally neither am I. But, about a month ago, we reviewed the Richfield KOA for Campendium. We stayed there on our way to Ridgway, Colorado. Among others things, I opined that it might be one of the best KOAs in the country.

    Hope that pesky battery situation gets/got resolved. Something is draining it, assuming it is able to hold a charge.

    Happy Trails!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Ed,

      You got me! I knew someone would tell me how great the Richfield KOA is. Ha! I set myself up!

      Oh well… Thanks re the battery. It is resolved. Happy Trails to you!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Note to readers:

      I removed my mention of KOA in the post. For the reason why, see reply to Dawn in MI several comments below this one.

  11. Cinandjules (NY) says:

    I can see how the statue of the soldier could be viewed as a threat to Reg Man. Good boy…alerting to the “stranger danger”.

    The courthouse looks like a painting. Funny that the chair is IN the doorway…during closing hours.

    The goofballs are cute. What’s the hold up…lets get on the road! Everything always works out in the long run….and we’re about to learn something new.

    Hmmm….one can buy all types of “whatever you need” on Amazon, ?

    Have a great evening!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Cinandjules,

      Yeah, Reggie wants to protect me. He does his best even when he’s scared.

      The courthouse isn’t used as a courthouse any more. People rent it for family reunions. Click this link to read about it.

      Did you mean I could order dog food on Amazon? I could. It’s the shipping that prevents me.

      You have a great night!

      LATER>>> Now I know what you were referring to at Amazon… the portable bidet! 🙂

  12. Linda Hughes North Carolina says:

    I love this blog!!!! The pics of town, buildings, all of it is the best! Reggie is so into everything in his life and Miss B is…..well, laid back and looking at Reggie Man and shaking her head as if wondering what he is going to do next. I so love all the pics Miss Sue but the way you take care of business is amazing and inspiring. Thanks for posting town pics, it gives us such a great look into how you live your wandering life. Have a great week…..looking forward to the next blog post. Take care, stay safe..hugs for the crew.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Linda, your enthusiasm for my blog is such a pleasure for me. It makes the effort worthwhile, just to read your reaction to this post. I’m glad you enjoy my photos. Thank you for a very encouraging note!

      I hope all is well for you in North Carolina…

  13. Ladybug in Mid-Tenn says:

    Gotta love Reggie….loses it over a statue, but lets the Wally World guy lay his hands on the PTV with nary a fuss! LOL

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Ladybug in Mid-Tenn,

      That statue man had a gun! And he was big! And he wore combat boots! And Reggie didn’t have his camo vest on! 🙂

      Yeah, Reggie’s quite a guy . . .

      • KB says:

        He recognized the stance and emotional intent of the statue correctly…a man with a weapon in his hands. It was an instinctual response “be wary” and it was the correct one based on the visual clues given.

        I have noticed dogs often don’t trust strangers holding as stick like object in their hands. Even a little old lady holding a closed umbrella or a cane might well be an enemy.

        • rvsueandcrew says:

          Interesting observations, KB. You’re correct about Reggie recognizing what the statue represents. I think it startled him, too.

          Nice to see you here!

  14. Lynn Brooks says:

    So glad you’re getting the batteries fixed!
    Lynn B. (Baltimore, MD)

  15. Rob, in Oregon today says:

    Loved the Amazon sales list today, I’d never even heard of a ‘Portable Bidet–USB charger included’ before!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Oh Rob, you have to read the customer reviews! People who couldn’t get the hang of it and got their clothes and the toilet seat wet. People raving about how wonderful it is. And the USB charger. My oh my, it’s an exciting product!

      Can you tell I’m enjoying my strong internet connection? I’m reading customer reviews of a portable bidet at length.

      • Sidewinder Pen says:

        Ha! I haven’t read it yet (slow connection), but it cracks me up how so many things are now “new and improved and cool!” because the new version includes a USB charger. Okay, so I can charge my phone with my bidet. Whew, that has come up so many times when I couldn’t, what a relief 😉

  16. Calvin R (Ohio) says:

    Thanks for the work on the early morning pictures. I like the combination of campground, mountains, and sky in the first one.

    I’m a little surprised that Reggie didn’t realize that the statue was not a person. It surely doesn’t smell the same.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      You’re welcome, Calvin. Isn’t it strange how the camera makes mountains look much smaller than they really are? Those mountains in real life dominate the scene…

      Yeah, Reggie’s reaction to the statue is surprising. He does react that way to things he can’t identify, like a plastic bag floating across a parking lot. I’ve seen him get upset over a sprinkler head (not spraying water). I guess he thought it was the head of a monster coming up out of the ground.

      • Calvin R says:

        I have rescued a few dogs, and I have enough personal history to empathize with them. I can understand being spooked at things one doesn’t understand because, in a dangerous environment, identifying threats is probably the most important skill. I have been able to learn my way out of too-fast responses, but Reggie is new to feeling safe. Thanks for giving him the chance to feel safe and loved.

  17. John K - On the road...Airstreaming! says:

    Utah rocks! We’ve been here over a month now and are heading back north for some cooler weather. We’ve been at Rick Cliffs CG near Hurricane. Great scenery but a busy place. We want to get over to Canyonlands area either through Torrey or Green River. Have you ever driven Hwy 24 to Green River?

    Tractor Supply has a great price on propane. $1.79/gallon.

    I sent a new Casita owner to your site as he was asking about my solar panels and I thought he might pick up some tips. I wasn’t totally sure how you have yours setup.

    We were at Lee’s Ferry last week for a quick run to the Grand Canyon and there were 3 Casitas in there!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, John K…

      Your comment makes me smile. This is the happiest message from you since you started full-timing. I think you’ve hit your stride and it’s feeling good!

      Lee’s Ferry… Loved that place… Hurricane area is gorgeous, of course… Wow! Great choices…

      You saw that price for propane… And, you know, I drove off, forgetting to take advantage of it!

      Yes, I’ve driven 24 between Hanksville and Green River a couple of times. It goes by Goblin Valley and where we’ve boondocked a couple of times.
      How I found a boondock in the San Rafael Reef, Utah

      Yes, Utah definitely rocks! 🙂

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Oh, I meant to say thank you for sending a new reader my way. I appreciate that.

    • chas anderson says:

      24 is a good road.Boondock near Wildhorse/Bell Canyon and hike the slot canyon loop.We did the 8 mile full loop but it can be shortened to many variations.Awesome.

      • rvsueandcrew says:

        Yes, that’s a good suggestion, chas. The ATVs were out in full force (there’s a staging area just past the road that goes to Goblin Valley and at the entrance to the canyon) when we were there.

        To be by ourselves we went across the sagebrush plain on a road that extends behind the kiosk, following along the reef, and camped once in a canyon (still had ATVers but not as many) and another time above the canyon. Anyone interested can see it in the slideshow at the bottom of the post I linked above or in the photos at this post of May 2014. Small rigs only.

        • chas anderson says:

          Yes, I camped back there several times .Had a 34 foot trailer and almost could not get out.Small rigs have a good choice of spots. I would imagine that this time of the year in the middle of the week it should be easy to get privacy.

        • John K - On the road...Airstreaming! says:

          I remember when you went back there, I was on pins and needles worried you were going to get lodged between 2 boulders and would have to saw the BLT from the PTV! We are 48 feet long and am not too sure about trying to get back there. Aluminum is hard to buff the scratches out!!!

          He wasn’t the first I sent your way, we have talked to a few Casita owners and recommended your website to them as well as other types of trailers. Your blog is an excellent source of not only information but loads of entertainment as well.

          I sometimes wonder if we would be out here doing this if it hadn’t been for RVSue and Crew!!!

          • rvsueandcrew says:

            Your last line astounds me, John K. 🙂

            • John K - On the road...Airstreaming! says:

              I believe in giving credit where it is due. When Sharon (my dear wife) saw what you were doing by yourself I think she decided that we could make a life out here as well. It hasn’t always been a bed of roses and you have to roll with the punches sometimes but we persevere and are having a great time. Thank you.

            • rvsueandcrew says:

              You’re welcome, Sharon and John. 🙂

  18. Lisa, Tommie and Buddy in CT says:

    Well, the mystery continues. You’ve had battery trouble before and charged it with your solar panel. I am betting on the alternàtor. Don’t ask me how the accent got there. I’m too tired to go back and change it. We’ve been driving all day, yes I know too long Sue, well I felt we had to. We are parked tonight at a Walmart, our first. Of course I am wide awake from the coffee I had with supper. I didn’t stop because of being tired, I decided towing after dark is not my thing, So it’s noisy but here we are. Some pluses of today are my TT pulled strong through the mountains, we saw beautiful foliage and I practiced backing up three times, I’m getting better!! 🙂

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Lisa, Tommie and Buddy in CT,

      It’s so good of you to give reports on your travel. So you’re in Connecticut at a Wal-Mart. I hope you don’t get the street-cleaning treatment like we had!

      I’m glad you stopped. Towing after dark and after a long drive when tired is not wise. You are accumulating experiences that will strengthen you… I love your “pluses of today!”

      You had a very full day. May sleep come to you soon.

      • Sidewinder Pen says:

        Despite them not being my first, second, or third choice, I’ve camped at a Wal-Mart maybe 10-20 times. I always seem to hit them on “Zamboni night.” Ugh! I mean, I know, they have to clean the parking lot and we are guests and not paying to camp; but does it seem like they purposely swerve all over and take the most circuitous route so that it takes forever? And it’s 2:30 a.m. and you just want to get back to sleep…

        At that point I’m drooling over the folks sealed into their Class A’s with the HVAC running who probably can’t hear a thing (normally I like being able to hear the outdoors so don’t want to be sealed off).

  19. wa_desert_rat says:

    Looks like alternator to me, too. The battery charges up just fine when the sun shines on the solar array so that isn’t it. Battery is a simple fix and Sue is at the right place. In fact, that’s about the loneliest WallyWorld spot I’ve seen in a while. LOL

    I like the shot of Lone Pine, CA. Time flies… I remember when she was there. 🙂


    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, WDR,

      Isn’t it amazing how I can drag out a story? I will wrap up this PTV-not-starting thread in the next post. I promise!

      WallyWorld looks lonely because I was up so early taking those photos. I’m a morning person.

      Yeah, that boondock on Whitney Road near the Alabama Hills. That was a thrill finding that spot. A really nice camp and it does seem like a short while ago….

      You’ve been with us a while. Thank you.

  20. Larry in AR says:

    Other than truck stops, Wal-Mart parking lots are the last places I want to spend the night. BUT, twice lately I got caught with no other choice and was extremely appreciative that Sam’s kids allow us to use them.

    OK, I’m headed over to Amazon. Do I order the RV wheel covers I’ve been needing or the bidet with the USB charger?

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Larry,

      Well, to answer your question with a question … Which is more important to you to keep clean? 🙂

      Thanks for shopping for either from my blog! I’ll know which you chose when I get the orders report.

  21. Monica- CA says:

    I love the photo of the two sweeties looking out the window. They are troopers!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      I get a kick out of how they sit in the same seat together. Reggie’s little chest is cute in his camo vest… I love that photo, too!

  22. I like the way you roll with the flow and let things work themselves out! Looking forward to hearing how the PTV battery issue is resolved. Another thing Sue, I was wondering if you could expand a little bit on your reasons for preferring the Wally World parking lot over KOA? I suppose WW is free, but I suspect you have other reasons. Just curious, I don’t know too much about KOA.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Linda in Austin,

      I don’t know much about KOAs either. All I know is from driving by them and one time I drove into one to buy propane and then I drove right out again.

      They seem like good RV parks, in general. The ones I saw were family-oriented (during summer) and big on activities. I hate that. I drove by one near where we camped on Haystack Reservoir (Madras, OR) and it was buzzing with activity. It looked like scads of people were having a wonderful time. That sort of thing gives me the creeps.

      In short, I avoid KOAs not because of any deficiency on their part. It’s just not what I like.

      • Sidewinder Pen says:

        “The ones I saw were family-oriented (during summer) and big on activities. I hate that.”

        I love that you “admit” that (since it’s not a supposedly proper thing to say). I feel exactly the same way! Don’t ask how or why, but I ended up at a state park after leaving the partying boondock the other day. I thought I *might* be safe since it was early in the week. Of course I was wrong. Yapping dogs, screaming kids running in the “streets” and through my site, people up at night with flashing colored outdoor lights and music playing loudly, folks coming in at midnight and taking their sweet time setting up, complete with shouts and their loud diesel truck running the whole time (with headlights on, natch). Someday I’m going to get a whole night’s sleep. In the meantime, I like some individual people but hate the hordes.

        Yes, lack of sleep makes me cranky. I’m never camping at a state park again (I already knew this, but I guess my thinking was fuzzy).

        Anyway, even through my sleep deprived stupor, your comment made me laugh. Thank you!

        • rvsueandcrew says:

          Hi, Pen,

          Your description of your state park experience is funny, it’s so bad! I can see and hear it very clearly. Misery! “taking their sweet time setting up, complete with shouts and their loud diesel truck running….” Oh my, hilarious! I’ve had that same thing happen! And the blinking lights… oh, golly, my side hurts.

          Not that I don’t have compassion for you, Pen. I do feel your pain. As for me “admitting” that I hate being around groups of people and their activities, I’m not ashamed to feel this way. It’s time for the quiet, non-group people to speak out! 🙂 I hope you find a peaceful camp soon.

          • Marilyn, Dania Beach, Fl says:


            How long did it take for you as a quiet, non-group person to speak out? I have never felt at ease in groups or making small talk. I don’t even like to make phone calls.

            The love you feel from this site is genuine. All of us blogarinos immensely care about you and your crew. We wait with excitement for each post to read about your newest experiences.

            Peace and safe travels be with you and the crew.

            • rvsueandcrew says:

              I’m not sure how to answer your question, Marilyn. Like most people, I’ve evolved. The first stage was refusal to do things that the crowd wanted me to do. I stopped going to parties I wasn’t interested in, that sort of thing.

              Of course, when you’re in the work force you have to participate in things in order to be considered a team player.

              You asked how long did it take to speak out. I had to wait until I retired to be able to truly be myself and to be accepted for being who I am. Before that I was considered all sorts of things that extroverts put on introverts — shy, anti-social, weird, too cerebral, etc.

              After a lifetime of that, your second paragraph about being cared about immensely and being the recipient of genuine love is really beyond my comprehension, as wonderful as it is.

          • Sidewinder Pen says:

            Glad I could provide amusement 😀 No really, I am, because it’s fun that you get it.

            I endured through the two nights I had paid for because I had pretty much planned to be out doing things all day. Then headed for the hills! That next night I was lying in bed, curtains open enjoying the night sky, and listening to …. utter silence! YES!!!

            Isn’t it nice to get past the stage (which I imagine many of us have had) of having to (or thinking we have to) blend in, be a “team player,” etc. Ahhhh. And I agree that it’s good if we speak out to some extent. It helps to create a new normal that includes all kinds. Even those who don’t love the “Oh but we ALL love them, don’t we!?” group situations.

            I feel the same way about feminine norms. In reality, I think it’s all some sort of continuum and there shouldn’t be anything wrong with being at any location along it. In a similar vein as above, I feel there was more “need” years ago to be super feminine, pump up the guys, etc. Now most of my male friends would think that was weird and think of us all (male and female) as just people/individuals. Yay progress.

            • rvsueandcrew says:

              About being a “team player”… That’s what some employers expect. I found it odd that teachers are expected to “differentiate” their instruction, i.e. tailor it to each individual student according to skill level and type of intelligence, yet all the teachers are expected to fit the mold of being team-oriented. I think this is one of the many reasons for mediocrity in the profession. Forcing everyone to work and perform as a team smothers innovation and individual brilliance. Okay, enough of that. Ugh!

      • Thank you Sue, and everyone else who chimed in! Always interesting to hear a variety of viewpoints. 🙂

    • Cinandjules (NY) says:

      When traveling ie moving across the USofA we stayed at KOA’s. With the exception of the one in Wendover NV /UT border…all were very nice. Some can be quite expensive depending on the location. Most have a fenced in dog area with nice amenities for them..instead of the usual gravel patch on the outskirts of Siberia.

      Our favorite one was South Bend IN.

      We stayed in non KOA’s and some were scary Mary “this is a RV stop” places. It really depends on your needs and lifestyle. I wouldn’t hesitate to stay at a KOA in the future.

      • rvsueandcrew says:

        Let me make my position clear for everyone…. I don’t have anything bad to say about KOAs. Nothing. They just aren’t my kind of camping. When I say I don’t like cilantro (and I really don’t), that doesn’t mean cilantro is bad or that people who like it are bad.

        As Cinandjules points out in her comment, KOAs provide high quality amenities. Many have swimming pools. Some children wouldn’t ever swim in a pool if it weren’t for the camping trip to a KOA. KOAs are enjoyed by many people across the country. I think that’s great.

        • John K - On the road...Airstreaming! says:

          I am going to have to throw in with RVSue on this, KOAs and the others like them have a place in this world, but we choose to bypass them every time. Not our cup of tea. Leaves more room there for everyone else!

  23. Elizabeth in WA says:

    I hope you get adequate help there at the Walmart shop. Back in NC where we used to live, one of daughter’s friends had them do an oil change. They neglected to properly reinstall the plugs…yep a ruined engine was the result. So I hope whatever you have done, will be ok…rather nasty to get stranded in some places.

    Glad it worked out ok for camping as you have had to the last few days. The weather and sunset was so lovely tonight. We are so fortunate living in this nice climate now when so many are in terrible straights in our country!! We are glad the worst did not affect our NC family and friends!!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Elizabeth in WA,

      I was given excellent service at the Wal-Mart in Richfield. They employees were friendly and efficient. Yes, I had a similar experience with a botched oil change — That was many years ago — before Wal-Marts were “invented.” 🙂

      Enjoy your good weather and sunsets. I look forward to the Arizona sunsets this winter.

  24. K&B in Colorado says:

    Nice story Sue. I keep up with reading your blog, but I don’t often have a comment to add. Today, I thought I would try to take a guess at what kind of tree that is in the photo. That big tree sure looks like a globe willow, from a distance. Up close, it would be easier to tell.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Posting that photo was a good idea — It brought you here! 🙂

      I think you are correct! The leaves on the tree were narrow like a willow’s. I did a search of “globe willow tree images” and the photos look like the same tree. Thank you, K &B!

      I’m glad you read my blog….

  25. Pamela K. says:

    It was nice to read that your battery problem has been solved and is working fine now.
    Reggie and Bridge sure looked like they likes their Wally-World experience. I think that Reggie really likes the *urban* setting once in awhile. It reminds me of how dear Spike would go *visiting* from time to time 🙂
    And what with that blue CHAIR sitting out side of your door?! HA! You have been found out, Missy!…setting up camp at Wally-World complete with camp chair! I shall never again feel guilty dragging *all my stuff out* on the parking lots 🙂 RAZZZZ, RAZZZZ 🙂 Seriously, no doubt it was too hot to stay inside. I would have done the exact same thing. Besides…Rules? We don’t need no stinkin’ rules! 🙂

    Reggie’s reaction to the soldier holding the gun… I have to wonder if it was the statue or the gun that bothered him most? Remember when he was so scared of the gun sounds at the camp you stayed at recently? I think there might have been some time in his *before* life when guns scared him badly…during his time on the streets. Or maybe he was rounded up by animal control officers who had guns and he remembers what guns look like. Something seems to spook him about them. Most would tend to think that was a natural but my Golden could care less about the sound of guns or seeing them, go fig’? Or fireworks, but storms…that phases her.

    • Pamela K. says:

      BTW, I am so darn miffed…I am STILL here in Georgia!!! Last week I scurried out of Her Bearness’s way when she rushed the door while a nieghbor was knocking. In the process I strained my back at the neckline. I have been nursing it for days now with heat and Vicks rub. I had a few sleepless nights. Today I finally felt better. If weather holds good I will leave out next week on my coastline trip. By then the leftover rains should be gone…I hope. Rains or not, I’m ready and eager to roam.

      • rvsueandcrew says:

        I’m sorry your trip has been delayed again. Maybe it’s a good thing that you aren’t leaving until next week. Who knows?

        It’s not good that you hurt your back! I hope it continues to improve. I want you to feel good in order to enjoy the Florida coast!

      • Sue CleanerGreenerVegas says:

        Have fun, I wish I was a fly on your wall with big eyes to see all those sights

      • Sue CleanerGreenerVegas says:

        One of the prettiest, most serene coastal drives in FL is south of Miami toward Key West if it isn’t a Friday or Saturday. The blue water like a Carribean Island and both sides of the road!

        • Pamela K. says:

          Yes, good of you to mentioned that drive. I have read about it and it is on my route list. I also read about how the traffic backs up on the weekends, most are snowbirds going there for the first time. I was thinking a Tues drive would be best to see that area 🙂

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      I figured someone would call me out about my little camp chair. You’re right and I wouldn’t normally do that. It was terribly hot for about two hours and since the BLT had been closed up in transit, it was even hotter inside. If I didn’t have the crew, I would’ve spent the two hours inside WallyWorld in order to get out of the heat.

      Oh well, I tried to be discreet. I didn’t set it up in the grass. Everyone— Pamela’s kidding about dragging her stuff out– Don’t do it!

      It’s hard to say if Reggie’s behavior is because of past experience or simply because of his nature. He’s alert to possible dangers wherever we go and reacts strongly if he perceives a threat, whether it’s an odd-shaped rock or something blowing in the wind.

      Goldens are so mellow….

      • Pamela K. says:

        “Goldens are so mellow….”

        LOL, most are. Her Bearness is MOST of the time. But that girl sure has a head-strong attitude at other times, and she hates it when we leave her side.
        Translation: She’s a lot like a certain *other* member of the Royal Canine Family…HRH Bridget 🙂

  26. weather says:

    What a delightful gift it is when our fur friends make us laugh ! Reggie’s worth a thousand times over all that you went through to get him.I wonder if the statue just startled him,like when we enter a room or home we “know” no one is in and see someone silently standing there,it’s menacing.Dogs detect by smell and hearing all present before seeing them.Statues,sprinkler heads,plastic bags have no living scent-kind of creepy,we humans are just used to it.I love that you’re always there to reassure the crew that “…everything will be fine”.

    Bridget, since the first photo I ever saw of her, has always captured my heart.Her always being the most content when with you is testament to what a giving person you are and always have been to her.I imagine you must sometimes be in awe of how much love you’ve received from Providence,animals and people …Good morning,Sue,I hope you realize that who you are is far more the reason for that than what you do.

    Wow,I could feel your relief and being happy that the PTV started so you could get to where service was available,Yippee! Again you make readers feel like we are “there” when you write .I’m glad we saw the beautiful globe willow on our walk.That made staying at Walmart much better than I thought it would be 🙂

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, weather,

      Good morning to you, too! Yes, Reggie was startled by that statue. It was very quiet in the park at that early time of day and, all of a sudden, he sees the form of a man marching toward him! It’s his “job” to protect himself and those with whom he has bonded. I don’t like him to be upset like that.

      Fortunately he recovers quickly. Moments later he was trotting across the street with me. He enjoyed meeting dogs on our walks while we camped at the RV park. He attracted the attention of 5 or 6 altogether and he loved it.

      Bridget doesn’t care about meeting other dogs. What she likes is meeting men! Ha!

      I hope you had recuperative sleep last night. Thank you for what you wrote about me. Yes, I am amazed at the love that comes my way. It hasn’t always been so plentiful!

      I’m happy to have you on our walks, sharing our discoveries, like the magnificent globe willow tree. Wishing you a very good day…

  27. Dawn in MI says:

    When I was a kid (100+ years ago) my folks and all 4 or us kids (sometimes more if friends came along) camped in a small truck camper. They used KOAs a lot and when I think about it, it was probably because there was laundry facilities there, and a pool for the kids. My poor mother. I don’t know how she did it!

    Hope your battery issues are resolved now and you are back out in the boondock world. Love little Reggie and Miss B. They sure are troopers!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Thank you, Dawn. The battery issues are resolved.

      I removed my mention of KOA in this post. I only put it in so that I wouldn’t receive a bunch of comments telling me I could have stayed at the KOA. However, it came across as if I was criticizing KOAs and I wasn’t. It just isn’t my kind of camping. If I’m going to camp near people, I can do that for free at Wal-Mart!

      Camping with 4 children in a truck camper…. Is that even possible? Ha! I bet your mother enjoyed seeing you happy, splashing in the pool.

  28. BadgerRickInWis says:

    Of course you trust that everything will be fine. I mean it’s not like we’re in charge anyways. Control is just the grand illusion, and you always deal with life as it comes so well. Great lesson.

    Funny about Reggie and the statue. Our neighbor has a life size stone statue of a dog in his yard and when Dexter was little she would bark like crazy at it. Finally I took her up into the yard so she could smell it. She sniffed, she barked, she sniffed, she barked. Than she just cozied up next to it and peed on it’s foot. After that every time we walked by she pulled on the leash as hard as she could dragging us up into the yard and peed on it everyday!

    Love that look of pure adoration on Bridget’s face as she looks up at you. Too sweet! Can’t wait to get charging into our next location (see what I did there 🙂 ) Take care.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Rick,

      There are places where animal statues are numerous — in front of businesses, in people’s yards, and so forth. I’m thinking of Wyoming and the statues of bears and elk, as well as Native Americans and mountain men. Reggie would have a terrible time dealing with all that! That’s interesting that Dexter, being a girl, would pee on the dog statue every day. Sounds like a boy-dog thing….

      I’m charged up about our new location! 🙂 Best wishes, Rick.

      • BadgerRickInWis says:

        My guess, and it’s just a guess, was that what freaked her out the most was that it looked like a dog but didn’t smell like a dog. She took care of that and than all was well. But who knows, as a woman who lives every minute with two cuckoo’s I’m sure you understand that I really have no idea what goes on in that little mind. Glad you like your new home, can’t wait for details.

  29. Jodee Gravel on the road in Carson City, NV says:

    Circleville looks like a cute little town. Too bad the guy never showed up to take a look at the PTV, but you clearly didn’t need him after all. Reggie cracks me up by the statue – can’t imagine what he thought “that” was :-))) Look forward to seeing where you ended up after the fix.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      It’s just as well he didn’t show up. I told the woman that I would wait until Monday, rather than interrupt the man’s weekend… As it turned out, it’s good that I went to Wal=Mart. I needed to buy dog food anyway.

  30. Suzette (TN) says:

    I really enjoyed Reggie’s antics in this post. He reminds me so much of my granddog, Sassy. She’s a Jack Russell and very full of herself. Sometimes we call her “Sassinator.” They make life interesting, don’t they? 🙂

  31. Pamelab says:

    Sue, happy ending to your battery story. I found myself wondering what you would do, how this problem would be solved.
    Your positive attitude is inspiring. Thank you and the crew for such an enjoyable blog and for allowing us to see your real life situations.
    Happy travels :0)

  32. Ah, the Richfield Walmart. Bright lights, parking lot sweepers, guys blasting around in loud trucks… But it is sort of conveniently located.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Gee, no guys blasting around in loud trucks… We didn’t get the full Wal-mart camping experience! 🙂

      Yes, convenience. That’s the value.

  33. MollyLuvsRoadtrippin (Seattle) says:

    Hi Sue – so glad your van start up issues are getting resolved, and I love that you always make the best of being “stuck” in places you wouldn’t otherwise choose. It is just as fun to read about your town experiences as it is to absorb your missives from the wilderness. I really enjoy the small towns (often fading) all over the USA having taken 2 cross country driving trips in the last 3 years. I always spend some of my time thinking what it would be like to live in every place I am passing through, and with your lifestyle you get to experience all of those possibilities by bringing your home along to each and every one. Thanks for sharing all of the day to day doings (or just beings) with your engaging words and photos. : )

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, MollyLuvsRoadtrippin,

      You’re like me— I always wonder what it would be like to live in that house, on that street, in that town, on that ranch many miles from other people, etc. … wherever we go. I try to figure out how people make a living and that interests me a great deal. I suspect you’re the same way!

      It’s a privilege for me to share our travels and experiences with people like you who appreciate my efforts. Thanks for a sweet note.

  34. Dawn from Camano Island says:

    Good afternoon! Reggie is such a valiant soul–you wouldn’t know it judging by his wee little body. Love the photo of the Crew peeking out the window–we’re very partial here to dogs who love to drive & those who love to navigate. We were grocery shopping one day & saw 2 Goldens sitting in the cab of a pickup–1 behind the wheel & 1 acting as navigator. I had to take their picture, they were so cute.

    You really surprised me staying at Wally World, Sue, although with the battery challenges it makes perfect sense. Glad that problem is solved now. Love the globe willow–well-named. And my gosh–the yard art in that house! My Mom has one, my sis in Omaha has one & one of my nieces has one too. Costco must’ve sold a lot of those this summer.

    Looks as if rain may be coming your rain–stay dry & warm. Skritches to the crew!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Dawn,

      I saw that yard art thingamajig in front of three or four houses, and they’re probably scattered all across the country. Somebody made some money on that creation!

      Yeah, Wally World isn’t our usual style. It was a practical decision, of course. So simple to wake up in the morning, go through the usual routine, and walk with the crew to the shop.

      Yes, rain has come out way and it looks like we may have more this evening.

      I can picture the Goldens in the cab of the truck. Makes me wonder what they were thinking…. You have a good evening, Dawn. Thank you for being a long-time reader of my blog.

    • BadgerRickInWis says:

      Don’t know if you’ll see this Dawn by my old dog always used to move into the drivers side of my pickup when I went in somewhere. As I approached the truck his command to move was “You’re not driving” and he would jump back to the passenger side. Always got a laugh from anyone within earshot. 🙂

  35. wa_desert_rat says:

    I actually kinda like listening to the kids playing. Our favorite little RV park seems to have a lot of families and not many ATVs. Because there are no hookups it seems most campers are in tents. A few folks with generators but nothing too obnoxious. The tenters don’t need anything, of course, Tents are cheap enough that families can show up and there are usually volleyball games going on. Our Hailey – at 14 – likes to get into those.

    Every evening abut 5pm the kids all end up riding their bikes in circles around the park. Half the time I’m riding with them.

    After dinner they all go to bed and the camp quiets down. A few campfires but not so many this year what with the fires and all.

    Our favorite spot in this campground is sunny (for the solar panels) and shady (for the dogs and us). It overlooks the two docks and is festooned with “No Swimming” signs. These are, of course, universally ignored. I like to nap with the window open so I can see the swimmers, the fishing boats, and the cyclists whenever my eyes open. And listen to the kids laughing.

    Happy kids having fun is a joy to my ears. But I did spend most of my life away from our own kids so maybe I’m just trying to compensate. 😛


    • weather says:

      Hi,WDR.Kids having fun is a joy to my ears,too!I also love using swings in playgrounds or anywhere,campfires,riding a bicycle where there’s no motor vehicle traffic,seeing families being able to afford to go on any little vacation with each other …so a family campground sounds great to me,your favorite spot sounds wonderful,I’m happy that you get to go there.

  36. DesertGinger says:

    I’m looking at online catalogues and thinking about buying winter clothes…waffle-knit henleys, long underwear, gloves and scarves…then I think…but you live in AZ! Got an email from my son. He will be at my house in Tucson on the 25th. That means I gotta go soon. A week or ten days at the most. So, now that I’m starting to think about it, I’m gathering a little enthusiasm for the trip. I will be sad to go however. I will miss my friends here. But it is getting pretty chilly here. I don’t like that. It is 80s in Tucson. I like that a lot. So, back to the warmth. I imagine you are heading south soon, Sue. Also looking forward to our beautiful sunsets.
    Next year I hope to have a van and be able to take even more time traveling both ways, camping all across the country. I hope I can make that happen.
    After I get home I have to get caught up on my HR Block classes so I can work this year. Then I might go over to LA and spend a few weeks with my pregnant girlfriend. Then I think I will visit my son in Bay Area and spend Christmas there. Haven’t been there in years and I miss it. He told me he has room now in his new condo. So…places to go, people to see!
    Well I’m off to breakfast. Later, gators!

  37. roxann helsinger says:

    I love reading about your adventure. My daughter wants us to do what you do. What do you think …can we do it?

    • weather says:

      Hi Roxann,if Sue had internet connection now I’ll bet she’d say that you absolutely can do it!How wonderful that you and your daughter would be doing it together!Please stay in touch ,I’d love to hear more about you and the life you choose going forward.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      That’s a question I can’t answer for you. I wish I could! 🙂

    • Pookie in SE Texas says:

      only way to find out is to try it….
      some folks like the life being in a different
      place each week and some folks like the security
      of a home base……

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