Walking with my best friend

Sunday, February 8

Bridget is anxious to start our second walk of the day.  She barks at me to put down the Paperwhite and get out of the lounger.

“Okay, okay.  Let me get the camera and we’ll go.”

1-P1020460I continue to be amazed how Bridget hikes all over the desert rocks without any damage to her pads.

1-P1020464For those of you who don’t read the comments under each post, Bridget’s face is close to normal again.  The bump has shrunk, leaving a very small wound which is healing well.

1-P1020474What a relief!  Thanks to everyone who offered suggestions and wished the Bridge well.

1-P1020465 - CopyOn our walk this evening we pass dark, volcanic rock. 

Those are ocotillo growing among the rocks.  No red blooms on these, although I’ve seen a few on others.

1-P1020461 - CopyWe need to make an early start tomorrow in order to break camp, drive the twelve miles to Yuma, go across town, and arrive at SunBum RV for our nine o’clock appointment.

1-P1020467Bridget and I walk a wide wash as the golden hour commences.

The clear sky makes a day sunny, but it doesn’t lend drama to photos.  We walk in and out of shade.  The palo verde branches look like they’re blown by wind.  It’s really very calm.

1-P1020468Before going in for the night, I’ll start breaking camp to make life easier in the morning.

1-P1020469I’ll back up the Perfect Tow Vehicle in order to line up the hitch ball with the coupler within a few inches.  Then hitching in the morning will go quickly.

1-P1020470I’ll pull the stakes and stow the outdoor rug and lounger in the PTV.  I’ll take down the antenna pole and slide it into the BLT.

1-P1020471“Hey, Bridge.  Are you going to lead us home?  It’ll be dark soon.”

1-P1020473This has been a very peaceful, quiet camp.

1-P1020475The sunset on our last night at Ogilby Road . . .

1-P1020458Monday, February 9

The refrigerator service appointment goes well.  When it’s done, Bridget and I travel to a new camp!

1-P1020459 - CopyThis has been an enjoyable and productive day.  I’ll share the details of the RV service appointment, as well as the day’s travel to a new camp, in the next post.




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106 Responses to Walking with my best friend

  1. Vicki & Kitty campin'... says:

    #1 again ???
    Thank You Sue!
    Love your blog as always.
    Now to read it 😀

  2. lindale says:

    We had a nice day here too. Helps cheer you up.

  3. Pam says:

    Branches silhouetted against orangey sky, simple and beautiful pic. We’ll look forward to reading what they found with refrigerator.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Pam,

      I thought I’d write about the service appointment in this post. As it turned out, I was too tired from a full day to do more than these photos with a bit of narrative. Plus we were enjoying our new camp! Thanks re: the branches-reaching-for-orange pic.

  4. cc and canine (Eastern Missouri) says:

    Your photos are always great, but I especially liked the one of the gnarly tree trunks
    silhouetted against the blue sky…

    So happy to hear that Bridget’s owie is improving!

  5. shirlene says:

    Hii Sue..another new post I think I am getting spoiled. I can’t wait to hear about the RV appointment and I am so happy Bridget is doing well. it’s late so it’s time for me to tuck into bed. I suppose you are going to do the same thing. Logo close to Bridget. I will see you tomorrow morning for coffee well maybe the afternoon I’m taking my daughter to the airport tomorrow morning. until then sleep tight don’t let the bedbugs bite.

  6. MarciainPA says:

    Sue, your photos are stunning!! I can’t wait for the day that me and my best friends can follow in your footsteps. You are such an inspiration, I just love reading your words and feeling the love you have for your lifestyle (and your little nutcake). So relieved to hear Bridget is on the mend!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Marcia in PA,

      I used to dream about following in the footsteps of Tioga George and now look at me… You can make it happen!

      In the meantime, I’m glad you are riding with Bridget and me. Thanks for the compliment on the photos.

  7. Barbara (from Nashville) says:

    This is the closest I have ever been to the coveted #1 spot. Glad Bridget is healing nicely.
    Safe travels.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Barbara,

      All my blogorinos are Number Ones. Yeah, Bridget had me concerned. She’s looking good!

  8. Diane, Blue Ridge Mts, VA says:

    Really awesome shots today Sue, Thank you so much for them! The lava rock looks like the moon or not of this earth to me… it’s all so enlightening to see these things for the first time.
    So glad Bridget is better. She is so sweet. Can’t wait to hear about your next adventures. Take Care Sue and Bridget.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Thanks for the caring message, Diane, and the compliment on the photos. That black-rock area is weird. The rocks are smooth, unlike lava rock I’ve seen.

  9. Sharon in MO says:

    Such gorgeous photos! Glad to hear Bridget is healing and the refrigerator is doing okay.

  10. DebsJourney says:

    Hi Sue,
    Lovely photo’s and I am using the sunset pic for my wallpaper. Glad your fridge is fixed. That’s a major need… a good fridge. Looking forward to your next post. Tonight it’s as if I felt you had posted and you did.
    Sweet dreams to you both… as I type this Lily my chi is sleeping on my arms. lol She needs to be close. I don’t mind. Rosie is feeling better than I’ve seen her in so long. They are my heart.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Deb,

      Aw, sweet Lily. And bless little Rosie. I’m glad you have them both. I know exactly what you mean when you say they are your heart.

      You sensed I posted… Interesting… Sometimes I’ll think of a blogorino that hasn’t appeared in a while and then I find them here.

      We’re connected!

  11. AZ Jim says:

    Needless to say but I’m glad the Bridge is mending. I’m hoping the fridge story is a good one although you kinda indicated it was. I’ll tune into tomorrow for then next exciting chapter of “RV Sue and Bridget face life on the road with it’s ups and downs”.

  12. Cinandjules (NY) says:

    Love the title!

    The photos are awesome! Glad to hear HRH is healing!

    The fridge……….. You are so good at cliff hangers!

    Nite nite Desert Women!

  13. JazzLover WMa says:

    Bridget is quite the tour guide, love how she stops and turns around to make sure you are there and keeping up. Glad her face is nearly back to normal, you were wise to go with your gut, you know your little girl. Can’t wait to hear what the problem was with the fridge.
    Appreciate the sunset pictures, we’ve been having snowsets here for far too long.
    Be Well

  14. Pleinguy says:

    Glad to hear you got the reefer fixed. Hope you’re new camp is peaceful. Saw you at Ogilby, but decided not to bother you; as you asked. One of these days I’d like to meet-up.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Pleinguy,

      As much as I’m sure we’d enjoy each other’s company, I appreciate your decision. Thanks.

      And thank you for mentioning here the choice you made which serves as a gentle reminder for anyone who happens to see us in the future. 🙂

  15. Teresa from NC says:

    Those last 3 pics are awesome…perfect to see right before “dreaming time.” I’m glad Bridget is doing well (and you, too). Having a productive day that includes a working fridge and a new camp must be a tad rejuvenating. Have a great evening, you two!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Teresa,

      The day was “rejuvenating” and ended with me feeling tired, but in a good way… which is why I made this easy post instead of tackling the explanation of the fridge service and new camp. A rely-on-the-photos sort of post was the result. I’m glad you enjoyed it. Thanks.

  16. Lisa W says:

    Great post today, Sue. Full of good things — Bridget getting better and it seems the refrigerator has been fixed. Bridget seems to really enjoy being the leader on your walks. Lovely sunset posts at the bottom. Thanks for sharing with us, Sue.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      You’re welcome, Lisa W.,

      Bridget’s favorite part of any walk is when I indicate it’s time to turn back. No matter how many turns and loops we make in our walks, even in winding washes where you can’t see out of them, she finds the best way home. She’s so proud to be the leader! I wonder if it’s her chance to take care of me… that, and licking my leg until I’m feeling better. 🙂

  17. Karen - SC says:

    I just love your sunset photos. You do a great job with your camera. I am learning to take pictures with my Nikon. It is so nice to see you and Bridget sharing your walks. How wonderful it is when our pets can help us to do and see things that we couldn’t imagine on our own. As always I love your posts and especially to see Bridget doing so well. I hope you continue to have wonderful experiences on your journey.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Thank you, Karen-SC, for that nice comment!

      Good luck with your Nikon. I’m glad you think I’m doing a great job with my camera. I’ll probably always be a point-and-shoot kind of photographer. My photos show that you can be creative and have fun with out-of-focus photography. Work it, work it . . . . Ha!

      • Sondra-SC says:

        We have the same camera it took me a while to realize you have to focus the eye piece! Its that little wheel by the eye viewer, look through and then focus it so you are seeing what the camera is seeing..You may have already figured that out but JIC thought I’d mention it. Glad your fridge woes are history!

  18. Elizabeth in WA says:

    Glad to hear all is well, Sue!! And that you were able to move onto the next spot. This one has been an interesting one I think. A neat idea to share your fruit with the birds too!! Glad Bridget is doing well with the sore. Sounds like she is a quick healer!!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Elizabeth in WA,

      It was fun to sit in my lounger, camera at the ready, waiting for birds to arrive for their morning OJ!

      Bridget does heal well. Remember the leg injury that was supposed to require surgery? She’s hopping around, climbing slopes…. no limp at all.

      You’re over by Spokane, right? No flooding in that part of Washington, like Barb in Hoquiam has been telling us about!

      • Elizabeth in WA says:

        No, we live north of Seattle a bit…part of that metropolis…but almost to the country….almost….heh!

        • Elizabeth in WA says:

          PS…been raining a bit but no flooding that we have seen. We need more rain…and way more snow pac….in fact today a friend told us that the ski area you see by the highway in Snoqualamie probably won’t even open this year. That has only happened 2 other years I guess. It looks nice and green…but by summer will tell the tale I guess.

          • A gal in Maple Valley, WA says:


            Aren’t you kinda near where Sue visited when she took the ferry ride? Strange weather here, for sure. Now the skiers here have to go to downtown Boston. Not sure why you said we need more rain; meteorologists said we had more rain just last week than was forecasted for the entire month. The Cedar River, down the hill from me, has crested to almost flood level. With the ground so saturated, if we get any more of the 40 – 60 mph wind, many of our cedar trees will easily uproot and fall over. Were you here a few years ago when that happened? Actually, every year a few get blown over but that time most of the Puget Sound area was crippled from that storm. Yes, we need a LOT more snow in the Cascades for storage to use in the summer. Have you tried taking the Sounder train down from up there to visit Seattle? When it isn’t shut down from all the landslides, they say it has some of the best views and is the fastest way to the city. I hope with these unseasonably warm temps you and your husband have gone for a few nice strolls. The spring bulbs are making early appearances. Take care. Sending you sunny, warm wishes 🙂

        • rvsueandcrew says:

          Oh, I was thinking of another Barb… Now I remember where you are…

  19. Rattlesnake Joe says:

    Your 6th photo looks like a creature from another planet getting ready to devour you. Quick grab your communicator and …”two to beam up Scotty”!! Stay tuned for another exciting episode of RV Sue and her canine crew. Will she get out of this one???

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Joe,

      Washes can be spooky at times… 🙂 I love your imaginative way of looking at the world!

  20. JanisP in Ecuador says:

    So glad to hear Bridget’s face is healing well! I was worried. LOVE those photos of the golden light and your amazing sunsets!!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, JanisP in Ecuador,

      Wow! I’m wondering if you are a native Ecuadorian, a vacationer, a full-time traveler, or an ex-patriot… Whatever the case, thanks for the kind message!

      • JanisP in Ecuador says:

        I’m an ex-pat, been here about two years. Now living in Gualaceo, 20 miles from Cuenca. But hoping to return to the States and do something like you’re doing!

        • rvsueandcrew says:

          Thanks … My curiosity is satisfied… well, one more thing, if you will . . . .

          What do you like and not like about living there? Anything you wish to share will be appreciated.

          • JanisP in Ecuador says:

            I live at 7200′ elevation..the climate is perfect for me! Ranges from 55-80 all year round. We are in winter now so highs are usually 75. The fruits and veggies are AMAZING and super-cheap…meats are all grass-fed & free range. Meats are all about $2 a lb. Whole beef tenderloin is $3.30 a lb. (Around $10-12 for the whole thing!) I rent a very nice 4 bedroom house with amazing rooftop terrace, about 10 blocks from the town center, for $250 a month. Elec. is $6 a month, water $4. Don’t need heat or A/C. Ecuadorians are friendly and many of them speak at least some English. Buses to town are $.15, taxi about $1.50. Healthcare is very good, my health/dental ins. costs $104 a month and they pay 80-90% after a whopping $120 a year deductible. (Doctor visit to my home $30-40, dental cleaning $25) Infrastructure is very good, and kids are taught English in school. Cons…the language barrier, and for me, not being able to travel & camp! You also have to cook from scratch, there are no convenience foods here. To make spaghetti, you start out with raw tomatoes, etc. But..lunch in a restaurant including drink & dessert is $2-3. I just don’t eat out very often myself. It’s also expensive to go back for visits, around $1200 rd. trip for me and my little dog. (I usually go back for 2 mos. at a time so I MUST have my dog with me!) I spent the first year in Salinas, over on the Pacific coast. $250 a month for pretty decent 3 br. home just 2 blocks from the beach! But it was just too hot for me there. I love living here but I want to travel, and I miss my camping friends.

            • JanisP in Ecuador says:

              Oops… we in SUMMER right now! I get confused, there’s really only 4-5 degrees difference between the two.

            • rvsueandcrew says:

              Thanks, JanisP… Lots of interesting info!

            • Applegirl NY says:

              Very interesting. Sue has such a wide array of followers. I hear more and more folks are heading far south. Great quality of life they say.

            • A gal in Maple Valley, WA says:


              Sounds like a wonderful experience! How did you come to live there? How did you find your ‘villa’ there? Is there a large ex-pat community there? Have you gone on excursions to higher altitudes? Curious minds want to know. Well, I do anyway. Thanks!

  21. Velda in Roseville Ca says:

    Deb of Debsjourney, in case you missed it, there are two suggestions re your appeal on the previous post under yours.

    • DebsJourney says:

      Thanks Velda, just went back and read the post about my situation. I do appreciate you letting me know. I can’t tell when someone has spoke to me. I am going to appeal and get the American Legion to help me. I doubt I’ll get this agent orange pension. Just have to keep on going and work it out.
      Probably do a few craft fairs where ever I wind up roaming to. Still need to sell my home which is fearful for me but that’s nothing new. 🙂 I sure love all the wonderful people on this blog! amazing!

  22. PookieBoy in houston says:

    another great post with great pictures….thanks for taking me along with you. I have a neighbor that lost her husband of 35 years last year and I gave her your blog address for her to read. She reminds me so much of you. I think she would do well doing what you do with her dogs…..
    glad to see Bridge doing well….we worry about our babies…

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, PookieBoy in houston,

      It’s my pleasure to have you along with us. Thank you for sharing my blog with your neighbor. I hope she will feel welcome here and benefit from stopping by.

  23. weather says:

    As I scrolled through the photos of this post, noting the cohesiveness of twilight pictures telling us that your time at that place was also drawing to a close,I kept thinking about the unity of motion.Of your picture stories and narrations,and of your and Bridget’s way of living,belonging-the way you lace together .Each beautiful and independent without allowing separation to come between you.She waits for you to go walking,you make each part of your day and journey wait- for her meals ,healing and enjoying life.

    The best friends and travel companions need that sort of resonance.Providence brings that to us in such delightful balances.Exuberant ,each in our own way, we bring what wouldn’t have been there into the life of each other.Light accompanies and leads us on the path,helps us wait for the next just right gift to play and rest beside.I guess that’s why the pauses in your search for another pup have been occurring,why my own and others searches have had the pace that they have.The everyday wonders- really amazing, aren’t they,Sue?

    Recently I specifically mentioned to my grandson dates we’d talked about .My launch time of late autumn 2015 ,his graduation late spring of 2017.Thank God that I did!In his excitement and hopes he’d somehow missed that we’d be on different coasts for a while.As the realization came to him,his prior enthusiasm(that I’d taken to mean he was OK with that) became a saddened surprise and he simply said”…But…I’ll miss you..”

    Finding that he’d expected us to be here and leave for San Diego together,that he’s come to consider me as “home” in a way,I altered the plan a bit.Now I’ll travel intermittently from here for a while,do things differently and not leave NY completely until he does.I had not understood,yet had trusted,not being led to hasten.I know this is a bit long,just wanted to tell you what’s up and note some of the whys of our walks…

    • DesertGinger says:

      Oh Weather, how very caring of you! The NY winters are so harsh and long…perhaps you can get away for a few months each winter? But I agree…nothing is more important in this life than our relationships. It has been clear by your stories how much your grandson values his relationship with you. It is wonderful you want to stay and share this time with him.

      • weather says:

        Thanks,Ginger,for understanding and caring about what’s involved…you know the warmth in love’s ardency,that compensates for much that’s cold.Trust that I’ve what’s needed to not let what’s harsh hinder me 🙂

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, weather,

      It’s good of you to explain what you referred to earlier. I was concerned but knew you could handle whatever situation had arisen. Your decision to postpone your move to San Diego is a delay of a year and a half or so… certainly not too much to give for a grandson as loving and as precious as yours.

      And, like you say, you can take short trips in the meantime. Having heard your grandson’s message from his heart, you wouldn’t have the same feeling of freedom on the road if you left the area — and him — prematurely.

      I have on occasion written on this blog … “Let life play out” or something along that line. You are a master at that. Letting life… or the Light, if you prefer… make those decisions for us is the wisest way to travel. You know this well. Your writing here gives us a perfect illustration of how that is done.

      • weather says:

        Thank you,Sue,for taking the time to wade through my long and involved comment,to reply so thoughtfully and for your confidence in my ability to handle life,appreciation of the way I make choices.

        You’re so right about the feeling of freedom…it’s particularly comforting to have you say that to me right now.I’ve spent my life not accepting the restrictions the world’s recommendations for a path offered,in order to follow my heart.Knowing it’s right and rewarding never makes it easier to do,your understanding does.

    • Applegirl NY says:

      How heartwarming. I love reading about your relationship with your grandson. Precious.

    • Elizabeth in WA says:

      Weather, it surely seems the best idea to wait until your grandson is ready to leave too. What lovely precious times you will have in so doing!! We had not planned to be here either, but I think we always make the right choice when we change our plans to benefit others. I was thinking yesterday how happy I am here…and there are other parts of our lives aside from being with our daughter too. I do not prefer large population areas, but that is where she is and we are not in the thick of it all as they are….we have to travel a bit to get to her. But not too bad. I hope all will go well with you and your grandson!! Thanks for sharing…

  24. Pamela K. says:

    So glad to hear Bridge is getting better!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Thanks, Pamela K. She’s having a wonderful morning at our new camp! Lots of exploring and now settling down for a nap…

  25. wildflower in prescott says:

    Photos are beautiful. Bridget is a cutie. 12 months from now I hope to be full-timing. That is my goal. Thank you, Sue, for the inspiration.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      I’m glad you like the photos, wildflower in prescott.

      I hope you will still comment here as your launch date approaches and beyond. I enjoy re-living those first days on the road as a full-timer. Reading about blogorinos reaching their goal is the greatest reward I receive from writing this blog. 🙂

  26. Nancy says:

    Hi Sue,

    As usual, your story is so inspiring. You’re doing your thing and loving what you do, which is what life is all about. Not being confined to one place and not paying property taxes as well! I think that if more people were aware of this lifestyle they’d want to emulate it, but then, you wouldn’t have as many good places to make camp, either, so shhhhhhhh….I won’t tell anyone.

    As I told you in another post, your stories were a large part of why I bought an older Class C and fixed it up. I’ve been to Michigan from Georgia in it three times, stopped at Flying J and WalMart parking lot, etc. to overnight along the way and never had any problems. Took it to New Iberia, LA last year to visit friends and stopped off at the beach at Navarre, FLA and just sat there and looked at the ocean, parked right on the side of the sand. Such a feeling of freedom. Working towards making it a permanent lifestyle in the not-too-distant future.

    I think Bridget is just adorable and I get a kick out of her facial expressions. Her eyes say it all. And it is quite evident that she loves you very much. What a lucky little canine to have you and the lifestyle you can give her. And how cute is it that she likes to cover herself up to sleep!! She’s small enough that you can pick her up and cuddle with her or put her up into the truck. My dog is my absolute best friend, too, a chow/shepherd/beagle mix, rescued from the humane society, and just the sweetest girl. But I sometimes wish she were a bit smaller so I could have her in my lap or pick her up if need be like you can with Bridget.

    Anyway, I do love reading your blog and am sending many good wishes your way.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Nancy,

      Great comment! I particularly enjoyed the second paragraph where you told some of your story on the road. You wanted to do this and you made it happen! And you’re traveling your way…. I relate completely to the “feeling of freedom” you mention, parked alongside the beach. That feeling is like a powerful rush of serotonin! Automatic smiling occurs!

      I’m pleased that you love my blog, and I’m glad you have a best friend of the canine kind. Thanks for sharing, Nancy.

    • A gal in Maple Valley, WA says:


      Hi! How old was your class c when you bought it? Did you have it checked out by someone with motorhome experience or were you satisfied at first look? What all have you done to ‘fix it up’? Do you have more mods planned in the future? Do you have someone or someplace assigned to do the work you won’t be doing? If so, how did you find them? Would you have done anything differently? Your input would be most helpful. Home is where you park it, right? 🙂

      Aren’t all dogs lap dogs?

      • Nancy says:


        My Class C is a 1996 Minnie Winnie that belonged to friends I’ve known for 40 years. They bought it new and used it only for short trips, from GA to FLA simply to avoid having to stop at public restrooms. The carpet still had plastic on it, and the engine had less than 18,000 miles. It belonged to a couple now in their 80s and they just never used it anymore. The husband would crank and run the engine and generator once a week and drive it a little bit once a month or so. So basically I just bought it on faith having known a bit about how it was kept.

        I knew it would most likely have leaks in the cabover, and upon inspection it did, a typical problem with Class Cs, especially that old. I was fortunate enough to have an friend who works on boats and is a licensed electrician, someone I’ve known for many years. They have it at their house for a couple of months working on it in their shop.

        I wouldn’t do anything any differently. It was the model I wanted and the Class that I felt would be best. I like the idea of being able to jump up from bed and into the driver’s seat and take off, not having to hitch and unhitch. It’s a very small 24-footer which can be U-turned, easy to get in and out of the gas station, short enough to be in the smaller state parks.

        Thanks for your interest and I hope this answers all of your questions. Are you thinking of buying one or have one already?

        • A gal in Maple Valley, WA says:

          Thanks for the reply!
          I bought my ‘starter’ R.V. this summer. 1985 class c 26′. First thing I did was rip out the all the original curtains and valances. BIG improvement. Amazingly, no leaks or water damage. However, one has just started in the cabover and I’m monitoring it until warmer and dryer weather where I can address the invasion. Can’t locate exact spot. Been trying to research which is more likely; roof seam, running lights or window gasket.

          Is yours mounted on a Toyota chasis or Ford or Chevy? If you’d have to drive off in a hurry, unless you were boondocking, you’d still have to unhook the utilities, remove stabilizers and roll up the awning not to mention grab chairs and mats and other outdoor items.

          What have you had to have done? What did you do on it? What do you want to do in the future?

  27. Timber n' me says:

    Glad your feelin’ better Bridget, Rusty’s workin’ on the fresh water system, he just put a Britannia water filter on the Dura Faucet that is over the All Clad cooking pot, it’s now a sink or a dish pan till he puts in a drain. You n’ Sue have a great day,,,,,,,,, Timber

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      It makes me very happy, Rusty, to hear about your projects and all that you are doing to fix your camper how you want it. I know you enjoy doing things yourself. You’re a creative guy. Thanks for the updates… and the Amazon orders!

      Wishing you and Timber a wonderful day!

  28. Lolalo says:

    Sounds like all is looking up for you! I’m glad everything is back on track so you can carry on with your adventures.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Lolalo,

      It’s like Bridget and I are flying along, thrilled at what we see from the sky, and then the engine sputters and a wing tips a bit until our equilibrium returns. We’re flying smoothly now!

  29. Pauline in Mississippi says:

    I agree with all those before me…..So glad Bridget is doing better, glad the refrig is working and love the pictures!!! I like the sunset on but I really like the bird with the orange. Love you!!

  30. Denise - Richmond VA says:

    Hi, Sue,

    Love, love, love the golden hour and sunset pictures! Bridget is adorable as usual! Glad that she is feeling better – I know you are relieved!

    Hope you have a wonderful day! Hugs from me and Gracie pup! 🙂

  31. BadgerRickInWis says:

    I think you may find full timing fulfilling. Freudian typo.

    • rvsueandcrew says:


    • BadgerRickInWis says:

      Sorry that was supposed to be in response to another Blogorino’s comment about her IPAD auto correcting but I’m not sure what happened to the original post.

      I DID get completely sucked into a book on my new kindle last night so I’m runnin’ on minimal sleep. Maybe that had something to do with it. 🙂

  32. Shirlene says:

    Hi Sue, back from the airport…picked my daughter up at my older daughters house, said Hi and goodbye to my granddaughter and older daughter and then swept my youngest daughter away to breakfast with her mother (me) before delivering her to the airport to go home. We had a lovely visit, lovely breakfast and a quick goodbye at the “White Zone for loading and unloading only”. She will be back in 3 weeks for her stepdaughters wedding..Yay…and then I will be flying out with her to Idaho for a week..Whew, CANNOT WAIT!. Well, that is my news, waiting to hear about the fridge check-up, and glad the Bridget is healing…Have a wonderful day of many blessings. You and Bridget are in my thoughts from the morning when I get up and then before I go to sleep, wondering what is going to be happending in your life today and then reading about it later…what fun. Many thanks for that.

  33. Tawanda (Ut) says:

    Hi Sue and Crew,
    Just wanted to drop in and say hi, still following, enjoying your writings, your life, and the wonderful pictures you share!
    I hope Bridget is open to sharing you again when the time comes, it has been so neat to see her personality kind of blossom. She certainly adores you!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Thanks for writing, Tawanda!

    • A gal in Maple Valley, WA says:

      Haven’t seen your name here for a long time. Was just wondering where you went that could ever be more fun than here. You’re in the S.L.C. area, right? Hope all well with you. Have enjoyed your comments. How much snow did you get this winter?

  34. cc and canine (Eastern Missouri) says:

    Hi Sue,

    I was just re-reading your post (and keeping up with comments) when I noticed that your photos do not contain the little “Pin it” button that used to be in the upper left hand corner. Have you decided to not let readers “pin” photos to their Pinterest boards? Just curious….Your photos are stunning, and there is a natural urge to save them!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      I never knew there was a Pininterest thingamabog. I don’t see one on my screen. Totally unaware why it was there and why it isn’t now.

      Thanks for the compliment on my photos.

  35. DeAnne in TN says:

    I teach middle school, and this is what I imagine Bridget saying:
    “Mom! I get one little zit on my face and you have to go and post it on that blog! Now everyone knows I had a zit on my face! People are going to stare at me, and no boy will ever like me and I am TOTALLY embarrassed now! From now on, you will only get pictures of my butt!”

  36. Lynn Brooks says:

    So glad all went well with the fridge!
    And ESPECIALLY HAPPY to hear precious little Bridget is getting better!!
    Safe travels & thank you for sharing!!

  37. Applegirl NY says:

    Sue, such wonderful golden pictures lately. Can’t wait to hear about the rv service place. I’m tired too. In bed with my kindle after two days shoveling snow. I do love reading on this thing. Have a great night Sue and little Bridge.

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