When a wrong turn is a left turn is a right turn

Saturday, September 1o

Tonight is our last night at Sims Mesa.  In the morning the crew and I will leave and drive west to Arizona!

P1140021Sunset at Sims Mesa, Navajo Lake State Park, northwestern New Mexico

Sunday, September 11

Before leaving the state park, we stop at the dump station and trash bins.  The Perfect Tow Vehicle and Best Little Trailer are loaded with plenty of water.

The “17 Mile Road Outta Here” takes us to Route 64.

We turn west . . . Blanco, Bloomfield (a stop for groceries), Farmington, Shiprock.  As we motor across desert  and past tan rock formations, my mind drifts from the present moment to the attacks that occurred on this date fifteen years ago.

P1140022I recognize Shiprock jutting out of the landscape.  Haze or dust — I don’t know which — plus obstructions in my view, keep me from obtaining a good photo.

The crew becomes restless.

“Okay, we’ll stop for a few minutes.”

I pull over into a shopping center parking lot in the town of Shiprock.  Bridget and Reggie take care of business.  We get back onto Route 64 and continue our journey westward.

Well, that’s what I think we are doing.

I intend to take Route 64 into Arizona, followed by Route 160 across the Navajo Nation to Kayenta, continuing to Navajo National Monument.  The original crew and I camped in one of the free campgrounds at the monument a few years ago and we enjoyed our stay very much.  The elevation is high enough that air conditioning won’t be missed.  I’m looking forward to that camp!

We never make it.

We don’t even make it into Arizona.  I can’t explain what happens other than to say, about twenty minutes later I get the feeling something isn’t right.  Now, remember, I’ve never driven this part of New Mexico before.  It’s flat desert all around with dramatic rocks popping up occasionally.


Hmm . . . The sun should be behind us as we go west.  It’s kinda’ off to the left of us.  Something isn’t right.  Where the heck is a road sign?

We keep going and going.

Finally a sign appears — 491 south.


Another sign — Gallup, 59 miles.


P1140025After the initial shock . . . .

Well, we sure as heck ain’t going back to Shiprock where I somehow left Route 64 west.  Where are we going to camp tonight?

I did absolutely no research for camps in the Gallup area.  It’s too hot to stop and fiddle around trying to find something online.

Oh great, “Caution:  Road Work Next 22 Miles.”

We’re still in Navajo Nation, which is huge, bigger than some states.  One doesn’t just pull over and spend the night.  No boondocking.  No RV parks. No campgrounds.

Lots and lots of desert. 

I remember seeing a campground near Gallup in my New Mexico Benchmark Atlas.

Long story short, when we reach Gallup, we board Interstate 40, go east a few miles, leave the interstate at exit 26,  go three more miles, and pull into Red Rock Park.


“You two have been such good travelers.  Here it is 3 o’clock.  You’ve been on the road all day.  As soon as we’re settled I’ll walk you around.”

P1140027Red Rock Park is a City of Gallup (Navajo) park.  It’s located in an area called Church Rock.

From the campground you can hike the Church Rock Trail.


Sites with electric and water are $20 a night.  I choose an easy in-easy-out site in the less attractive section so that we’ll be away from the clusters of RVs.

P1140032Our site consists of packed sand, a picnic table on a concrete pad, and a cottonwood tree.  It’ll do for one night.  (See Bridget hiding under the picnic table?)


After a long, hot drive, the air conditioning is wonderful.  I fix a tomato sandwich for a late lunch, then walk the crew.


Reggie is wired. 

All day in the PTV has him packed with energy!  Bridget gratefully lounges in the air conditioning while I take the Reginator on three additional walks before he’s wound down enough to go inside for the night.

P1140033Before going to bed, I adjust my thinking.

I look at the map and see many possibilities I hadn’t planned on.

When all is said and done, that wrong turn may turn out to be a right turn.

The crew and I sleep well with the windows open.

Monday, September 12


Breakfast, potty run for the crew, and I write this post.

Gosh, it’s already past nine!  We need to get back on the road!

I hope to be able to drop in here later today from our new camp . . .

Our new camp in . . . Arizona!


NOTE:  I threw this post together.  No time to check for accuracy or to fix typos.  Wishing you a lovely day.  Bye for now… Sue


P1140038-001Church Rock, Gallup, New Mexico


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145 Responses to When a wrong turn is a left turn is a right turn

  1. Cynthia from San Clemente says:

    First again?

  2. Terri From Texas says:


  3. Gail from Buckeye AZ says:

    Top 5?

  4. Kristi & Daisie (Nampa, ID) says:

    Lovely area–drove through there last year. Would like to visit again. Great photos!

  5. eliza says:

    so close, but not first – again!
    glad you have a.c. and an open mind.

  6. Boots in Montana says:

    Good Morning! What wonderful Pictures I’ve been following the blog, but not posting for a long, long time. Just completed my first year as a Camp Host.

    • rvsueandcrew says:


      Great to see you here again! Do you plan on doing more camp hosting?

      • Boots in Montana says:

        I sure do. I had a fantastic time. A small wooded campground, beautiful glacial lake – what else could anyone ask for.

  7. denimlady in DSM says:

    Love the cool rock pics! And Bridget under the table; too cute!

  8. Rochelle in IN says:

    Top 10?

  9. Corkerinna620 ( AL) says:


  10. Terri From Texas says:

    Wow, never been in the top three before! I love the area you are in! My sister works at the hospital on the Navajo reservation in AZ at Chinle and she has worked in New Mexico as well. She gives me an excuse to visit, although this y ear my husband said enough of the desert! We are going to the Ozarks in Missouri soon-can’t wait!
    Safe camping! 🙂

    • Pat (Ky) says:

      I can see why you are headed to the Ozarks. I lived in Gallup for a while. Made a day trip once up to Chinle to see Canyon de Chelly…amazing place. After a few years though, I needed to see some green grass. Maybe that’s how I ended up in Kentucky, the bluegrass state. Hope you see some fall foliage. The trees here are starting to change a bit, even though it is 90 degrees again today. Pat

  11. Pat in Rochester says:

    Church Rock looks like a hand giving you a “high five” (or four).

  12. Cynthia from San Clemente says:

    I don’t know why but your comment, “Gallup? I don’t wanna go to Gallup!” reminded me of that favorite line in Treasure of the Sierra Madres and Blazing Saddles, “Badges? We don’t need no stinkin’ badges!” Same meter, I guess.

    You’re leaving us with a cliffhanger Sue! Hope you and the crew have a safe drive and find a lovely spot 🙂

    • AZ Jim says:

      Good call! I loved that movie, I’ve seen it 3 times. Brooks, a true comic genius.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Cynthia,

      Thanks for wishing us a safe drive and a lovely spot. Both wishes came true! I look forward to showing the photos I took today of our new camp. I hope you and your dogs are enjoying this evening.

  13. Pat from Mich. says:

    At least when you make a wrong turn, you can adjust where you are going. I left a dog show once on a gray, rainy day and turned left. I was supposed to turn right. I think I went 20 miles before I finally figured out I was going the wrong direction. It was a long way home going that way!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      A forty mile detour after the dog show…. Could have skipped that little drive!

      You’re right. Wrong turns don’t matter much when one doesn’t have a set destination.

  14. Lori S says:

    What a lovely place to happen upon because of a wrong turn! I love how you just go with the flow.

    I’m currently going through your years of posts and noting locations and your assessment. Because in preparation for full-timing I need one more list!! lol

    • Judy in East Texas says:

      Lori…I feel ya. I have ever list on list on list. I will have to live another 50 years to get to all the places I want to see.

      Stay safe out there and rock on Judy

      • Linda-NC says:

        Hey Judy-maybe that’s the secret to a long life! Just say “I can’t die yet, I still have to see this that and the other place.” Mind over matter so to speak. Worth a try anyway:)) I am with you there and I need to get going soon.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Lori and Judy,

      Just remember, Lori, that what I thought was wonderful back in, say, 2012, might not be so in the future. I cringe at the thought of someone going to one of our former camps and it being a huge disappointment.

      Hi, Judy!

      • Lori says:


        Some input is better than no input. You are the only one I know who really goes in search of good boondocking sites and shares what you find. So even outdated information is still information! Don’t worry, I won’t curse you out if a site has changed in the last 4 years. 😀

  15. Dawn in MI says:

    I don’t know…those rocks are so beautiful I’d be tempted to stay another day and explore…but I’ll also be glad to see where you land tonight!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Dawn,

      There are hiking trails at Red Rock that could be fun. It’s too much for us to do. Plus there were two dogs running loose around the park which made it difficult for us to sit outside. Reggie and Bridget bark. I guess they know it’s not right for dogs to roam around an RV park.

      I didn’t say anything because I felt an atmosphere of people knowing each other for a long time and the rules being overlooked, which is okay if everyone’s happy. I didn’t want to hang around Gallup area anyway.

      Also prairie dogs! Man, those things are talkative and loud!

  16. MollyLuvsRoadtrippin (WA) says:

    Good morning southbound Sue! It sure is nice when a wrong turn doesn’t rattle you and even better when new possibilities emerge that weren’t otherwise on the radar. Can’t wait to hear where you settle next. We are packing up the Casita and making an unexpected run to South Beach campground on the Pacific coast – never have been but the pics are so nice and it closes 9/18 for the season. Love doing something today that I hadn’t even thought of yesterday. Happy camping to all!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Isn’t it great that you can pack up your little egg and roll on down the highway to South Beach? Wonderful!

      Great line — “Love doing something today that I hadn’t even thought of yesterday.” Kind of what happened to us because I made a “wrong” turn.

      Happy camping to you, too, Molly!

  17. Hi Sue, in my life I have figured out that many wrong turns can turn into the right turn. Hope today’s travels turn out a little better.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Thank you, Lisa. We’re at our new camp and it’s very nice. Travel was easy. I kept us off the interstate, driving two lane roads instead. Very nice day. I hope yours was, too.

    • Lori says:


      I’d say this is one instance where two wrongs DO make a right! 🙂

  18. Judy in East Texas says:

    Rvsue and crew…..I love unexpected adventures. The beauty of your surroundings just put me in awe.

    Stay safe out there and rock on Judy

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Even though a large part of this day’s drive was across flat desert, the expansive beauty of the land and sky is something I’m glad I had a chance to experience.

  19. Renee Galligher - Idaho says:

    Well, we’ve done that before too! Wrong turn that ended up being OK after all.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Renee,

      Already I’m thinking, “I would’ve missed this if it weren’t for the wrong turn,” as I look out the back window of the BLT. You’ll see what I mean in the next post.

  20. Hi Sue, I am here again, in and out. House in on market…open house this Sunday. People seem to be lining up to get in to see it. I hope it sells fast, and then we are on our way, as soon as escrow closes, maybe sooner…We have two pieces of property supposed to go into Escrow this month…fingers crossed again. Beautiful landscape, I wish I could send our landscape pictures to you in return..but that would be crazy for you data limit… Safe travels…still hot in Arizona I am guessing…you may have to hang out for a while…. I want to head to Flagstaff to visit with friends before we head to New Mexico and then on to Texas… I will wave as we pass on the road!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Well, you are a busy lady, Shirlene! I hope your properties sell fast, too. The interest is there apparently…

      We’re in Arizona, not very high, and it’s not hot today, very breezy. Flagstaff will be cooler than a lot of the state. It always surprises me that way.

      Yes, wave! 🙂

  21. ApplegirlNY says:

    Church Rock is beautiful – more like a cathedral. Safe travels! Looking forward to your next spot.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Applegirl… Yes, it does look like a cathedral. It’s easy to understand the spiritual significance placed on the rock formations of the Southwest by Native Americans. One stands in awe with reverence.

  22. Pat (Ky) says:

    Excited to see the beautiful Southwest. You stayed not to far from where I used to live a lifetime ago. Back in the early 80’s I lived northeast of the hogback outside of Gallup. I worked at the Gallup Indian Health Service Hospital. Housing was incredibly tight then and I ended up in a dilapidated trailer a few miles north of Route 66. I watched many a moon rise over the Red Rock area.

    I learned a lot from the Navajo people. I’m hoping I can return soon.

    Looking forward to seeing where you and the crew are headed. Pat

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      I’m glad my photos brought back those times for you, Pat.

      A passing thought…. You know how in movies and in photos Native Americans are often shown with stern faces? Every Native American I’ve come across… when buying gas, asking for directions, whatever… has been exceptionally cheerful, polite, and helpful. Just thought I’d mention that…

  23. Rob, in northern Georgia says:

    Darn those deadlines! I hope you don’t get in trouble for not getting to Arizona on time !! 🙂

    This was a pleasant post, thank you.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      You’re welcome, Rob,

      Ha! I get the sarcasm…. There’s no need to hurry to Arizona. 🙂

      I’m happy you found this post to be pleasant.

  24. Barb from Hoquiam! says:

    Oh Sue! Thank you for being HUMAN and getting a bit lost!

    Hugs from Hoquiam!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. SweetP from Calgary says:

    Thank you for the really nice pics. Love the rocks.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      .You’re welcome, SweetP, regarding the photos. It’s my pleasure to share what I find as we travel.

      Welcome to my blog, all the way from Calgary! Glad to have you join us…

    • Krystina ~ Sutton, Vermont says:

      Welcome to RVSue’s Blog SweetP!

  26. Welcome to the Zone Sue, I have been in the same scenario some time in my past, sorry you took one of those confusing turns, the Desert dose that sometimes even to the best of us, but that’s the Zone, I pray you and your crew be safe and in a great camp,,,,,,, we are now camped off fr 523 of 180 , 18 miles NWN of Flagstaff at 8199 ft. And the wind is blowing real hard up here and the Elk is moving east to the valley below us,,,, it’s cloudy to the east and clear to our west,, H2, lower left corner , page 58 of Ari Zona,( Zone), Benchmark map book, right between 111*50′ west 111*40′ east and 4 clicks south of 35*30′,,, the road in is a little rough, but it hasn’t slowed the bow hunters from getting their Prime Trophy Elk,,,, yes it’s hunting season in the Zone, bow hunting, no shooting,,,,,,,, Rusty n Piper

    • And I am fighting with the Doctor’s bill and the VA to get the E.R visits back in June paid for by the VA Payment Center in Montana to pick it up,,, $1911.44 and $3087.62 for the infection in my left leg and real bad reactions to the meds ,,, and my leg is doing it again, I have the meds from my VA Doctor in Prescott VAMC to keep it at bay,,, have a great day and keep safe,,,, love to you all,,,,,,, Rusty n Piper

      • Cinandjules (currently in Mishawaka IN) says:

        Take care of yourself! Hello to Lady Piper!

        • The letter I received said I was denied be cause the hospital er gave the wrong numbers of my VA id and I gave them the same numbers that’s on my card, I called and gave to the VA Payment Center the same numbers today, and on the 22nd of June and on the 27th of June , a day after each visit ,,,, I truly think the hospital dosen’t want to wait for payment from the VA and to top it all off , Congress is thinking of shutting down the Government on the 30th of this month,,, ?

      • Retiredcajunlady 'n Louisiana says:

        Rusty, my blood pressure goes way up everytime I hear an American Veteran not getting their benefits and being given the run around. Do not worry about those bills one bit. You get yourself taken care of if you need to. The paperwork will catch up eventually and those bills will be paid. The Veteran’s Administration needs a total makeover so that those who have served get the benefits they deserve.

      • Thanks Cindy and Jules and Piper says hi and give AO a belly rub from us,,,,

        • And this is in a way is what happened to a lot of Veterans back when Jimmy Carter was President, they cut us off totally , I know a few in California that lost there homes,,,,!,,,,,

          • I’m sorry Sue, if you want to delete my frustration with the Doctor’s or this system the VA has,, go ahead,,, I am tired of it,,,,,,,,, Rusty

            • I will send you a picture or 2 tomorrow if I can get out, I haven’t taken Piper out for a walk because of this leg of mine and the wind is light now,,, I am worried about all this that’s happening to me now, I must take a pain pill,, have a great night and stay safe and give them babies of yours a huge hug from us,,,,,,,,,, Rusty n Piper

          • Jo in OR says:

            Piper, be a good girl and take care of your Daddy, Rusty.
            Rusty, be the squeaky wheel and take care of your leg. You deserve the best care. Everything will work out. Prayers for a speedy recovery. I wish I was in Arizona to dog sit for you. Take good care of
            You and Piper

          • Mary Batt says:

            Rusty, you and a lot of other Vets are sick of the bloated Fed treatment of the ones that gave then, and now are still giving daily for their service for others and the USA. There is a large camp that you are in. I hope that you have the stamina needed for persistence to get the system to make the changes needed to cover your ER visits. Bless you and your days. We will do our best for you.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Rusty and Piper,

      You’re seeing the elk! I remember when you showed me where the elk move near Ash Fork. I looked and looked and, of course, never saw one. Bad timing…

      Hope the wind doesn’t keep you awake tonight or bother Lady Piper. Thanks for the welcome to Arizona!

  27. Pam and Maya, Still in NY says:

    Hi Sue, Bridget and Reggie! I’ve experienced the same problem before and it’s always worked out. At least once it was because of something you posted about an area that I remembered and then went online to check back in your archives:0) So thanks Sue, here’s wishing your good travelin karma keeps going.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Pam and Maya…

      Do you mean to say that something I posted about an area made you take a wrong turn? I hope not!

      • Pam and Maya, Still in NY says:

        Nooo, sorry Sue – after I took a wrong turn and was lost I remembered a campground you had stayed in, in that area and it saved me!

  28. Welcome back to Arizona! Thanks for the info on Red Rock. I’ve always Wallydocked in Gallup on our way to or from SW Colorado but sometimes wondered about Red Rock when the temps are pushing my “time for the air conditioner” limits.

  29. Tom Moore says:

    You bring us the joy of not having a destination chiseled in a rock and enjoying doing it on the fly if needed.
    I hope I can learn to have a destination in mind but as a suggestion to myself more than a rule to follow.
    I have learned so much reading about you and the crew.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Tom… I’m glad you’re with us and that you learn from my blog. Thanks for keeping in touch. I appreciate hearing from you. Take care…

  30. Retiredcajunlady 'n Louisiana says:

    I thought a lot about yesterday also. I was in the classroom that day while a student teacher was teaching a Spelling lesson. I was at the computer doing the paperwork, then opened up the browser to send it. And there on Yahoo’s page I saw that we were under attack. I made no sound, no facial movement, nothing…I had children to look after.

    After the student teacher finished her lesson, I whispered to her to check the browser page and to not show emotion. Having no idea what the day had in store for us, she needed to know and read the procedures binder again (which I had quickly opened up for her). Parents came in and out to check out their children and keep them close. I was able to somewhat keep up with the news threw internet reports. I just kept thinking that we would be safe as our town in just average sized. New Orleans and Baton Rouge would be the targets surely, not us!

    I made phone calls to family members to check on them and who they had spoken to. My family was safe and all accounted for, thank God. When I got home, the emergency broadcast system had taken over the airwaves. It was one hell of a scary day. My mom and I talked a lot about Pearl Harbor as she was a switchboard operator and was working that Sunday. This was the second time her country was under attack. My heart broke for her and her entire generation that had to live through this a second time. I don’t know how those countries that have been wartorn for decades can survive emotionally. I just about wore out my rosary that evening praying for our world.

    Sue, if you had even a tenth of the thoughts and memories I had yesterday, it is no wonder you lost track of your track! You did have some gorgeous scenery so lull you into “wonderland”. I am so glad for you that your “mistrek” turned into the great trek for you and the crew afterall. Sometimes the road leads us to where we should go, not to where we want to go…kinda like life. Take care. Belly rubs and hugs for the crew and prayers for all.

    • Jo in OR says:

      Thank you for sharing your experience on 9 11. Very well written.

      My husband and I go to Willamette Park in West Linn OR, almost every Sunday afternoon. There was a beautiful memorial service on the dock of the river. Many police and fire personnel, first responders, even one of the life flight helicopters was there.
      What a great experience.

      • Retiredcajunlady 'n Louisiana says:

        Thank you for your kind words, Jo. I hadn’t realized my post was quite as long as it was…LOL. But I do feel deeply about that day and my country today. Your kind words are very much appreciated.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Thank you, retiredcajunlady, for sharing your Sept. 11 story. I, too, was in a classroom at the time of the attacks. I appreciate the time you took to write this comment… interesting and heartfelt…

  31. chas anderson says:

    Kayenta brings back memories.When the kids were little we were there in July when it was 110 degrees.I amazed them by cooking a pizza on the hood of a black rental vehicle.My son is almost 40 and still talks about it.Hertz not so much.

  32. Geri says:

    I have camped there! In the 1980’s! I kept trying to get Chuck to stop there as we passed it several times the past few years, but it was always too early! Beautiful campground, It was spring when I was there, May I believe, it was a lots greener then. Lots of grass and flowers everywhere! It was only $5 a night back then, with no hook-ups! Great photos today, I love the rock formations! Thanks for the memories. Belly rubs to the pups and thanks again for letting all of us tag along!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Geri,

      Apparently the park has been upgraded since the $5 days. Good thing, because the a/c was appreciated.

      Glad you liked the photos and memories they brought back…

  33. Rover Ronda (WA) says:

    Often the unplanned things are the best. Wishing you & the crew the best!

  34. weather says:

    A spot away from the others with your own cottonwood tree, nice view, air conditioning after a hot drive and being able to sleep with the windows open would seem like a fortunate find after getting turned around like you had. That the situation allowed you to see some nice possibilities that hadn’t occurred to you before turned fortunate into terrific ! I imagine your new plan will please you, and those of us “riding along”, too. Having good options is part of what makes life and freedom wonderful sometimes. I look forward to finding out how this plays out and hope you and the crew are happy where you are now.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Good morning, weather,

      You always write such caring messages and I’m late replying to you and others who wish us well. I hate when I do that — I’ve been a bit preoccupied lately. I hope to be able to post today.

      Wishing you “good options” always….

  35. Cinandjules (currently in Mishawaka IN) says:

    Sometimes things happen for a reason….the reason may not be always clear at the time.
    Neat rock formations! I love the red rocks. Oh Brideggee babeee….we can ALL see you giving RVSue the ole stink eye!
    Gallup….eh? We should be in Gallup on Friday.
    So far so good…Everyone is doing great!
    Enjoy your evening.

    • Mick'nTN says:

      So your on the big move? 385 miles per day to Gallup on Friday. A easy 8 hour day. 1872 miles to your new home. Hi toJules and the kitties. 🙂

      • Mick'nTN says:

        Woops, forgot AO.

      • Cinandjules (stuck in Des Moines IOWA) says:

        We’ve been delayed……the battery warning light went on 50 miles out of Des Moines….alternator? Voltage gauge was fluctuating…oh hell I thought to myself. Will the car just quit on me? Of course I didn’t mention this to Jules or she would have freaked..and god knows I was doing enough freaking alone! Made it to the hotel, fur kids unloaded and safe. Called my mechanic in NY who said NOT to drive it!
        Had the car towed to Chevy dealer just in time for closing. Thank god for the time change. So we’re sitting here waiting for the news.
        What’s behind door number 3 Carol Marrow…..a new car? Wanted to wait until we got to AZ but our hands might be forced.

        • rvsueandcrew says:

          Oh, darn… car troubles in Des Moines!

          I wish you the best, Cinandjules… Whatever the case, I’m sure you’ll deal with it in your usual capable manner.

          Thanks for the updates. We’re thinking of you! Safe travels…

  36. Annette says:

    My dad always mounted a compass on the car dash. Our annual family vacations ranged far and wide, and that compass came in handy! Of course that was before the days of GPS and rear view mirrors which display directional headings.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Annette,

      A compass? Wow! What a wonderful idea! Ha! I’d have to give up my fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants method of travel…

  37. Linda-NC says:

    Hi Sue-Those rocks and views are gorgeous! Wrong turns are sometimes the right ones I think! Safe travels and have a new great camp.

  38. DesertGinger says:

    One of the most fun things about traveling is adjusting your plans on the fly. Done that many times when I wound up somewhere I didn’t mean to go.

    So you have come home again! Are you in for the winter? its already starting to cool down a bit. I just ordered a fleece lined flannel shirt jacket from llbean to see me through the winter. Unfortunately it’s too big so I have to do an exchange. Otherwise it’s very nice. Should be enough warmth for me.

    We had some rain and a lovely rainbow today. And temp was in the 80s. A lovely day. I went to see my sleep doc, who told me again to lose weight. I told him I am trying but now I don’t know what to eat. Need to see nutritionist and get a food list. Salads are bad on warfarin. Bananas, tomatoes, potatoes, pineapple…many things bad for kidneys and must be moderated. Also protein. I don’t know what I can and can’t eat so I’m just eating whatever. I have to change that.

    Been tired and sleeping a lot lately. I bet anew diet would help that too. I can’t seem to get caught up.

    Well, I have some chores before bed. Regards to all.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      I can see where deciding what to eat is a puzzle for you, Ginger. I hope you get some practical suggestions. That list of foods that are bad for kidneys interests me… I’m trying to take care of my kidneys and here I am eating 3 out of 4 that you mentioned!

      Go ahead and sleep. Your body will appreciate the rest!

  39. AZ Jim says:

    Hi Missy, Still warmer than you like here in the valley so stay up higher for awhile. It’s getting cooler though. Won’t be long till it will be perfect. Nice pictures as usual, I used one on the desktop. Be careful and have fun, Hi B & R….

  40. rvsueandcrew says:


    Just a note to let you know we are moving camp again today. I want to get started early and there isn’t time right now to reply individually to the comments that came in toward the end. Thank you for writing. Maybe I’ll have internet later and will be able to pick up where I left off.

    A reminder: Please do not introduce politics or snippets from the election campaign into your comments. It may lead to contention among blogorinos and I’m unable to monitor this page while on the road. Thank you.

    See ya’ later!
    Wishing you smiles!

  41. Guess you were supposed to see this area instead – I do love that Church Rock area. Glad you found a spot to take advantage of the AC for a bit. Hope the winds aren’t bad as you continue west.

  42. Virginia620 (Mobile AL) says:

    Beautiful area. Been dealing with major health issues with hubby. He’s stable again now. Trying to get him to a favorite TN state park-Fall Creek Falls- in Oct for a few days. Elevation around 1900′ . Eager to see how he handles higher elevation. Fingers crossed.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Virginia,

      I hope your husband ‘s health improves so you both can enjoy Fall Creek Falls… and the fall color in October.

      • Virginia620 (Mobile AL) says:

        Thanks, Sue. He will not improve without double lung transplant, which he’s been told he’s too old. Hello. 74 is not old. Just a gradual decline, with issues as he declines. We didn’t get to take our usual 6-week trip this year so we both have hitch itch. Fall Creek Falls was a favorite twice a year destination for years before we started the 6 week trips, and since we have no fall colors to speak of in Mobile, this trip has to happen. Prayers appreciated for him and his caregiver. ?

  43. 11Blade says:

    What great pics of something NICE about Gallup! I’ve driven thru Gallup, too, and I would have KEPT driving. Now that I know there is a nice place to stop I might just do that next go around.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, 11Blade,

      I don’t know what it is about Gallup that has me wanting to keep on going. I’m sure there are many good things about the town. Now we know some of them… Red Rock Park, Church Rock Trail, and I’m going to post about another “good thing” in Gallup soon.

  44. rvsueandcrew says:


    The crew and I are at our new camp and we’re happy with our campsite. Very pretty here. If it’s not too cold tonight, we will probably stay several days.


    If you read the comments above you know that Rusty is having problems with his leg where he recently had a severe infection. It has flared again with accompanying pain, enough so that Rusty drove to the Prescott VA emergency room.

    Someone is providing care for Lady Piper while Rusty is in the hospital for a few days. Rusty is concerned about Piper, of course, and he also has fear regarding healing of his leg. He asks for your prayers.

    This report came to me via an email sent from his phone. I’ll pass along any more updates as I may receive them.


    • Rochelle in IN says:

      Rusty – if you’re reading the comments, please know that I am praying for you and wishing you the best possible outcome! Good to know that Lady Piper is being cared for, but I am sure she misses her daddy!

    • weather says:

      Thanks for letting us know as much as you do for now, Sue. May our prayers be answered and Rusty soon be well again with Piper by his side. I hope, too, that tonight finds you and the crew still happy and warm enough to stay a while at your new campsite.

    • Deena in Phoenix, AZ says:

      Sue, thank you for the update on Rusty and Piper.

      Rusty, sending you prayers and positive thoughts to you and to Lady Piper.

      Sue, hope you are able to stay in this camp a few days, neck rubs to the Crew.

      Deena and Miss Mollie

    • Retiredcajunlady 'n Louisiana says:

      Something told me to come back and check comments even though a new blog entry didn’t show up in my email. Sue, thank you for letting us all know about Rusty. He will definitely be in both my thoughts and prayers. I will offer my rosary tonight for him. I know it is silly, but somehow I wish that Lady Piper could stay with Rusty in the hospital with staff walking her as needed. Emotional support is so very much needed when one is healing. Thank you again for taking the time to let all of know about Rusty.

    • Geri says:

      Saying prayers and sending love to you Rusty and Piper! Take care of yourself, you have a lot of people out here Rusty, who love and care for you!

    • Denise - Richmond VA says:

      Keeping Rusty and Miss Piper in my prayers. I am glad that they are both in good hands. Sending you a hug, Rusty. Take good care of yourself. 🙂

      Sue, thank you so much for the update. Hugs to you, too!! 🙂

      • I’m very thankful for all your prayers and Piper is too, the folks that came to get her, have the assuring love and promise that Piper will be loved by them while I am here in room 350 ,,,, the VA system here is great, it’s just some of the VA systems are backed up with a lot of work and just think how many of us are Veterans,, around 1,000,000 more or less and more will keep coming, they , some got drafted and some enlisted to serve this United States of America and protect her, I wish you all a blessing, stay safe,,,, I must eat this fantastic dinner that’s in front of me,, baked potato, roast, salad, strawberry short cake, tea, and fresh baked roll, French cut green beans,,, and TV, color,,, wow ,,, love you all and Thanks for your prayers,,,,,, Rusty n Piper

        • rvsueandcrew says:

          Wow, Rusty…. Sounds like they’re treating you good! Eat hearty!

        • Mick'nTN says:

          Hi Rusty, Glad you got to the VA for help. That leg thing sounds serious. Make sure you find out how to keep it from returning again. My best to you with prayers.,,Mick

        • Retiredcajunlady 'n Louisiana says:

          Oh Rusty, I am so happy you felt up to posting a message to us! And I am very happy for you that you are in such a wonderful hospital where they will take good care of you. Your supper sounds yummy and I hope you find something good on TV to watch. Take care and please continue to let us all know how are are doing and how you are feeling. Blessings and prayers for you and Lady Piper.

          • Jo in OR says:

            Rusty, it’s encouraging to hear you’re being treated well, you have tv and a great meal, to boot. You are in my thoughts and prayers. I will be praying for your docs also for wisdom in treating your leg. Consider this R & R. Hugs to you and Miss Piper

        • Get better Rusty, prayers and hugs coming your way. I am glad Lady Piper is in a loving place. Enjoy being spoiled as I am sure she is doing.

    • Jan NH says:

      Sue, thanks for sharing the update on Rusty. I love the wrong turn, right place 😉

      Rusty, good vibes being sent your way for a fast recovery and glad Piper is being taken care of for you.

  45. Barbara (Nashville) says:

    Have read the post, but not the comments yet. I just had to say that the morning light brought several wildlife sightings. While wlaking by the lake, we saw a white-phased heron. So beautiful, with its long legs, neck and bright golden bill. We have not seen it before. Then I was just working when my neighbor called and told me to look out my window. Angel’s little buddy, the fawn, and mama were just lying out there in the shade so peaceful. What was most amazing is they stayed out there for about 2 hours until the sun got around and the shade was gone. It was a grateful scene as these last few days have been stressful, with my brother being in a coma and just waiting for updates. I wanted to go to Cincinnati, but they said to wait for some change, hopefully a major improvement. I hate just waiting…

    • Denise - Richmond VA says:

      Hi Barbara,

      I am glad that this morning brought you some peaceful wildlife sightings. You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers. **hugs**

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hoping and praying that today is a better day for your brother, Barbara. What Lisa wrote below about healing during coma gives hope…

  46. Lisa,Tommie, and Buddy in NJ says:

    Oh, I am sorry to hear of health struggles. Rusty rest and heal up for the energetic hello you are sure to get from Lady Piper. Barb, so sorry to hear your brother is in a coma. Sometimes the body uses that deep resting state to heal, I will be praying for you all. My Dad is recovering nicely from his surgery, enough to chafe against his doctors restrictions. Oh well, at least he’s getting better.
    I love the way you made a wrong turn into a new camp. I look forward to seeing the next one.

  47. catew says:

    Hi Sue and crew,

    Wow..you’ve had some beautiful camps lately including the “wrong turn” experience.
    All’s well in Maine…we have a huge cruise ship in our port today that I can see from my living room window, however, I would prefer some of your views in my near future. Just wanted to let you know that I placed a good order from your Amazon link today for several books and mosquito repellent so you can look out for it.

    Have an amazing, adventure-filled day,

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Thanks for the orders, catew. I see them! 🙂

      “an amazing, adventure-filled day”…. Ha! I’ll be happy with a day in the lounger, rather than behind the wheel of the PTV!

  48. Stan Watkins says:

    I think I recommended Red Rock park to you in the spring (I recommend it to everyone) , but after staying there this summer coming back from North Carolina ( stayed going and coming last summer) , I realized while taking on water at our campsite that when that fine dust found in all the sites gets mixed with water it becomes a gooey mess. I love the spot but would not want to be there in the rain. I don’t post much but enjoy your travels and crew very much. Thanks for keeping us informed.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      It was YOU! I remember someone recommending Red Rock Park but I couldn’t recall who that person was. I owe you a big THANK YOU, Stan!

      Because you mentioned Red Rock, I was able to find a camp for the night without a lot of effort. Yeah, I know what you mean about that fine dust/sand. It also wouldn’t be fun on a very windy day.

      Thanks again, Stan… I’m really GLAD you’re riding with us! 🙂

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