Where the heck is Farson?

Sunday, September 14


Yesterday Bridget and I left Lander and camped in a charming boondock on a spur road off Louis Lake Road near Atlantic City, Wyoming.  Our campsite in Shoshone National Forest was next to a small stream called Slate Creek.  This is the area of the historic South Pass.  No internet and no snow!

Today we are crossing the Little Colorado Desert and the Great Divide Basin  in the direction of Rock Springs.  I’m typing this while parked alongside the road near Farson, Wyoming.

I’ve read and enjoyed your comments!  Please ignore the spam that is getting past my filter.  Looks like another glitch for me to work on (along with the email notifications not happening), as soon as we have a camp with internet.

I’ll expand this post with photos of Slate Creek Camp soon.  I don’t know if I’ll have internet at the next camp, so don’t worry if I’m not back here soon.

Thank you for answering your fellow blogorinos’ questions in my absence.

Until next time… the road is calling!

Love y’all!



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75 Responses to Where the heck is Farson?

  1. Dave Burdick says:

    Have a good time Sue

  2. weather says:

    Answering the call of the road-means you are strong enough to respond to it’s pull.That’s all I needed to know to be glad you posted at all.Thanks ever so for letting us know.My day will go a lot better now,hope the rest of yours does,too!

  3. Monica says:

    I’m learning through your travels across Wyoming the geography and names of places. I never heard of those places since I grew up on the east coast and now live in California. Looking forward to the photos. Safe travels!

  4. Marsha/ MI says:

    I love maps, so I try to look up your location on Microsoft Streets and Trips, or on a paper map if I’m on the road. Farson looks like it’s in the middle of nowhere, but apparently on the way to somewhere.

    Thanks for checking in.

  5. Wendy in Thailand says:

    Safe travels.

  6. Ilse says:

    Hi Sue,
    Sure am looking forward to getting email notifications again. Right now I see the new posts every time I go to your blog to get to Amazon (which seems to happen every few days – the UPS guy finds his way to my front door blind folded). In other words, ordering something from Amazon now takes forever, because I have to read posts and gazillions of comments:)
    Happy travels!

  7. Applegirl NY says:

    Happy Trails!

  8. Hi Sue:
    I’ve been ‘settled down’ visiting family and recovering (fantastically well) from total knee replacement – and not reading or writing posts. I just realized that Spike is now living with the Great Spirit and wish him well with love on his new adventure. I am weeping as I write, as I’m one of the world’s foremost dog and cat lovers.
    I don’t remember how old Spike was when he decided to go to his new home; but, it doesn’t matter, it’s terribly hard no matter how long you’ve had to love and be with him. And, Bridget has lost her life partner.
    I lived in Guatemala for a year and a half studying Spanish and doing volunteer work – along with Bella (BA-YA), my Shih Tzu, and Lacy, my Standard Poodle. I’d bought Lacy to love and as a partner for my sweet Bella. Four days before we left to come back to the States, Bella was hit by a car (and killed) while walking on the sidewalk in Antigua. Reverence for pets is not the same in this impoverished country; the driver didn’t even stop.
    I carried her home; she’d died in my arms just minutes after the accident. I called the gardner who cared for the lawn and garden – he came (it was a Sunday afternoon) with his brother – and, together we dug a grave in the beautiful garden and lowered Bella, wrapped in a fluffy towel and placed in a box, into the volcanic Guatemalan earth. A group of friends came to say a prayer over the grave and she was laid to rest. I was devastated coming home without her, but I knew she’d loved being there with us and that very home was to be lived in, after I left, by a long lost cousin I’d actually met there in Guatemala.
    Just recently my cousin wrote to say that she’d moved to a new house. Immediately my mind raced to, “Oh my God, Bella will be left ‘alone.'” Linda quickly continued about her new home, “And Carlos (the gardner) dug Bella’s casket up from the garden and placed her in a new grave here at my new house!”
    I’m going to visit Guatemala in January, as part of a nice South and Central American sojourn; I’ll stay with Cuz Linda and will be able to feel close to my Bella once again. It won’t bring her back to me but I’ll pay visits to her resting place.
    The Catholic Church has the relatively new Pope Francis, who took that name in honor of Francis of Assisi, the patron saint of animals. Years ago when I visited Assisi, I lit a candle for each and every one of my life’s pets – up to that time. In my opinion, religion makes little difference – it’s the thought and caring that counts.
    I feel your grief and give you and Bridget my fondest condolences, albeit a little tardy.

    • Rita from Phoenix says:

      Mary-Pat, you have missed a lot. Did you know MeandMyDogandRV has been revived from the dead? Social security declared her dead so all the financial institution she dealt with closed her accounts including credit cards. She’s stuck in Albuquerque while she is declared ‘undead.’ What a mess.

      • BuckeyePatti (Ohio) says:

        Wow Rita, I’ve followed this lady’s travels off & on. How in the heck was she declared dead? That’s more than annoying.

        • Cat Lady (on the road in Bradyville, TN) says:

          Her ex recently died and I guess they decided she should go with him. Hope she gets this mess straightened out soon.

          Cat Lady

    • Sidewinder Pen says:

      What a heartfelt/nice post. I was so happy to read that Bella went along to your cousin’s new home. How awful to lose her so far from home and just before you were leaving to come back! I would have been devastated (and even though she was “already gone,” somehow leaving her there…. oh that must have been so hard). I’m so glad she’s with your cousin still. Carlos.. what a guy.

      (I have followed your blog and enjoyed it as well.)

  9. Pauline from Mississippi says:

    Travel safely!! Looking forward to your next stop and lots of pictures. According to the 2010 census, Farson had 313 residents. You are in the middle of no where!!!!

    Love you

  10. edlfrey says:

    Yes, I know where Farson is; have stopped there twice. The fist time was in 1991 for an ice cream stop while on a bicycle tour. The second time was 3 August 2011 for breakfast at Mitch’s Café where everything on the menu was quite pricey. They do serve up a huge platter of food for the price however.

    Pauline thinks Farson with a population of 313 is the middle of nowhere but it is ONLY 40 miles to Rock Springs. ‘Au contraire mon frere’, I stayed for a month in Torrey, UT population 180 that was 65 miles from the closest big market – that is the middle of nowhere.

  11. DesertGinger says:

    I thought yesterday afternoon…..hmmmm….Sue hasn’t posted in a while. I bet she’s traveling somewhere. And you were. Got to go to mapquest and look at where you are headed…it’s the only traveling I can do these days.

    We are all here….will be here when you get back.

  12. Drive safe, know we all love you, but most of all….. Enjoy the day!

  13. Cinandjules (NY) says:

    Safe travels! Can’t wait to see our next site!

  14. Patricia from Florida says:

    Have a great time meandering and finding the next beautiful camp…

  15. Shirlene says:

    Hi Sue, I was afraid you fell down a rabit hole, I have been looking at your website like a damn stalker….I need to get back to work!. Anyway, glad you popped in here, my stalking days are over until the next time you are off grid…what the heck is the matter with me, I really do have a life! LOL. Hi to all my fellow blogorinos, we ARE family.

  16. Kay says:

    come on over Sue, I will give you internet, and a QUIET place with good food….

    • DesertGinger says:

      I think Sue is on a beeline back to Utah. She’s got a ways to get back down to Yuma area before winter falls up north.

  17. Denise - Richmond VA says:

    Hi, Sue,

    So happy to see your post! Wishes for safe travels! Gracie pup and I are patiently waiting to see where you and Miss Bridge will take us next! Love & hugs!

  18. Kathryn Hall Allahyari says:

    Farson WY has many magical memories for me! As I child on our way to our special campsite at Half Moon Lake, we stopped in Farson and spent the night in a new corn silo – very comfortable! The next day we walked alongside a ditch that was being dug by WY DOT heavy machinery and found a treasure trove of fish fossils – the whole area was the site of an ancient lake, covering thousands of acres. The fish died, sank to the bottom of the lake and over the centuries were fossilized by the millions! My older sister picked up a 8×10″ flat stone that split horizontally in her hands and a tiny puff of fish rose, leaving two matching sides of a small fish. She’s passed, but I still have the two fossils, and wonderful memories of Farson, WY! Thanks, Sue, for passing thru!!!

  19. Cari in Plano Texas says:

    Thanks for letting us know where you are! sounds kinda like you are out in the boonies, but heck, that’s where you camp most of the time 🙂

    I went to an RV show yesterday – saw a few trailers I was interested in. Most of the Class C motor homes were way out of my price range, but I guess maybe a used one would be cheaper. I’m going by the Casita place this week (once a month I go to Corsicana and drive right by the plant, usually without enough time to stop) and I plan on stopping and getting another look at them. December (my target retirement date) is rapidly approaching 🙂

    • Cari in Plano Texas says:

      Hey, I just noticed that the buttons to notify me of followup comments and new posts by email are back at the bottom of the page. And I got the confirm subscription email. Did you fix this, or did some blog fairy fix it for you? Whatever – I’m grateful!!!!

  20. Heda says:

    Q. Whereabouts is Farson?
    A. In a galaxy Far Far away?

  21. Willow (AZ) says:

    “The road is calling” how wonderful that sounds. Sue, you have made a wonderful life for yourself, just enough adventure to keep you and Bridget active and happy, overcoming obstacles, like licenses, repairs, weather, and locating your next home site, all while traveling the road less traveled; and you do it with grace and humor. I also admire the other writers on this blog who are full timers you are all true adventurers, my hat is off to you.
    I’m having ‘ a sleepless in Sun City’ night tonight, which is to bad because I have to be up at 5am to go hiking while it is nice and cool. Oh well I can take a siesta when I get home.

  22. weather says:

    just checking this feature -back to staring at the lake-back soonish

  23. weather says:

    checking part 2

  24. weather says:


    • weather says:

      Because the water is warmer than the air,a mist rose on it, a barely there breeze gave it shapes-hazy forms of people walking on the lake-then disappearing.

      On the arm of a decades worn chair a lady bug slept,half the size of a pepper corn-she’s young.She awakened while I watched and moved between the ridges in the wood- straight to my finger,I left.By picking her up I’d have made her lose her place back to wherever she came from.As she made her way home,I went for a walk.

      A neighbor’s house is empty this week,I check on things and stand on their deck.Looking at the lake across their treeless yard-that’s practically nude of life-I feel stripped of air to breath,and leave before I suffocate.They find what they have beautiful,I’m glad they’re happy -whatever it takes to make them feel that way is alright with me.I came home more grateful than ever for all I’ve received.

      Hearing ,and being,wild life playing -or calling -,surrounded with choices- here or ahead ,-trusting that the illusion that beautiful things disappear is just that -an illusion…

      May you gently be shown the perfect picture the pattern of these days are creating for you-while breathing in the Life all around you today

  25. Cinandjules (NY) says:

    Weather….what are you doing? Lake back soonish?

    Woke up to frost and condensation on the windows! Oh I do believe it’s going to be a tad bit nasty this year!

    It is waaaaayy to early for this.

    • weather says:

      Hah!meant “be back soonish.” Frost on the pumpkins this early has me thinking about ways to make it less nasty,too.Waterproof everything I can,stock up on staples and warm things.Whichever way it plays I intend to enjoy it-we’d be bored sh*#tless with too much calm and you know it 😉

    • weather says:

      P.S.that test was about the notifications thingy

    • JodeeinSoCal says:

      She was at the lake and would be back soon-ish 🙂 Weather writes like soft yarn through a loom, weaving lovely patterns, always different.

      • Cinandjules (NY) says:

        Either that or she has an ipad that tries to think for you!

        Yep I have to run to town to get some straw for our feral fur kids’ insulated cat house. They are looking at me like…really? One tried to make it in our house last night on Annie’s last potty run!

        • weather says:

          Sounds like those kitties are becoming less feral over time,it wouldn’t surprise me to hear that Jules was right,and you end up taking some with you on the road eventually,either way-good of you to get them straw and care

          • Cinandjules (NY) says:

            They know us and Annie….everyone else they scatter.

            Their “house” has everything but a tv. They have been fixed and get their shots (a task in itself) ..they just don’t know what a potty box is….or trust me they would ALREADY be inside!

            We would already be gone…but we committed to taking care of them…as they won’t make it thru a winter w/o help.

            • weather says:

              Than this winter is bound to hold something wonderful for you-such loving sacrifices never go unrewarded -I’ll be interested to see what Providence sends you,have a great day 😉

            • Alan Rabe says:

              Cinandjules, build a little sand box near their house. Once they start using it get a litter box and fill it with some of the sand so it will have their smell. Then bring them inside and actually place them in the litter box first. They will sniff around it knowing what it is and then everywhere they go in the house will be in reference to their litter box. Then you can change from the sand to real cat litter.

              Wishing you the best.

            • Shirlene says:

              Funny thing, my feral cat just walked in the doggie door one night when it was really cold, made herself at home and left when we started moving about…then one day she walked through the house into the bathroom where my indoor cat uses her cat box and helped herself to the cat box and then left and went back outside…??? strange little cat…we trapped her a couple of years earlier and had her fixed and got her shots so we knew she was safe. Who knew?

            • Cinandjules (NY) says:

              Okay…when the momma got fixed..we tried a litter box…she sniffed it…walk down the stairs and proceeded to poop on the couch!

              Will try the sand first! That makes total sense!


      • weather says:

        That’s the third time I’ve seen you easily interpret my writing to get what I mean,Jodee-over the course of a few months.I imagine we’d have fun looking at night skies together,and appreciate your words to me every time,thanks

  26. Marilu from Northern California says:

    Hi Blogorinos,
    It’s interesting reading all of you writing about the cold weather as I sit here looking at another high 90s day and listening to the fire helicopters fly in and out of their base. I’m especially thinking of those of you in Baja and the southwest U.S. as hurricane Odile spins its fury up the gulf of California. Please stay high, dry and safe. I’m hoping a little of that tropical moisture makes its way to northern California.

  27. Cinandjules (NY) says:

    Whereabouts are you Marilu?

    We are CA transplants formerly from the East Bay outside of SF.

  28. Marilu from Northern California says:

    In Mendocino County 40 miles from the coast. We’re at the top of the wine country and the bottom of the redwoods. My daughter lives in the east bay.

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