Whittaker Creek Campground between Eugene and Florence, Oregon

Tuesday, June 2

P1050394Winberry Creek, east of Lowell, Oregon

Bridget, Reggie, and I only stay one night at our camp along Winberry Creek. 

It was a quiet, peaceful night.  The next leg of our journey to the coast is a short one.  This gives us time for a leisurely walk after breakfast and before we break camp.

P1050383“Well, you two are in good spirits today!”

P1050380-001After yesterday’s close encounter with a logging truck, I listen this morning for the sound of an approaching vehicle.  All is quiet.

P1050377I’m not in a hurry to break camp because I want to avoid the morning rush through Eugene.  The light streaming through boughs high above us promises a clear morning.

It should be easy driving today — no rain.

Back at camp I start up the Perfect Tow Vehicle and turn on the heater.  The crew’s fur is damp from dripping foliage.  I swipe them both with a small towel and then arrange the doggie beds inside the PTV.  I set up their water dish behind the passenger seat and toss in the crew (into the PTV, not the water dish).

“It’ll be warm and comfy in a minute.”

I secure the interior of the Best Little Trailer, remove the chocks and place them inside, lock the door, and push in the step.  A final inspection of our campsite — looks good — and I back us out.

It’s a devil of a job backing up the steep “driveway” and turning onto the road at the top.  For the first two tries the BLT jacknifes.  Three is the charm and away we go!

P1050392We cross the bridge over Dexter Reservoir at the northwest end of Lowell Point Reservoir.  I don’t pull over at the interpretive center for Ewell Covered Bridge.  Once I’m on the road to a new camp, I don’t feel like stopping!

P1050393Route 58 takes us to Eugene.

I exit at Route 126 west.  This may not be the best choice.  I take it because it doesn’t require much thought, if that makes any sense.  I don’t want to deal with a “beltway.”  We work our way through city streets with remarkable ease.  Other drivers let me change lanes.  Signage is good.  No construction.  Lots of traffic lights.  No big deal.

About 30 miles west of Eugene, we arrive at our new camp!

P1050397Whittaker Creek Campground is a very picturesque Bureau of Land Management campground ($10 regular/$5 with senior discount pass).

The BLM website for Whittaker Creek states “RV and Truck Length Limit:  32 feet.”  I’m not sure how that translates for us.  We’re a van and a trailer at 34 feet.  Oh well, we fit in fine!

One of the two campground loops has short parking pads best suited for tenters, car campers, van campers, truck campers, and Class Bs.  I choose a spot in the other loop.  The only people in this lovely campground are the camp hosts.

Oh, the flowers!

P1050401Evidently the first week of June is the perfect time for flowers in bloom.  The number and variety of wildflowers amazes me.

Here’s a campsite in a garden of foxglove!

P1050402“I like it here, guys.  It’s lovely.”

P1050411I pay for three nights.

P1050408We may stay longer than that.  We aren’t in a hurry!



I appreciate every purchase, large and small.

P1050422“Oh my!  A water spigot of our very own!”


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116 Responses to Whittaker Creek Campground between Eugene and Florence, Oregon

  1. John K - Mobile, AL says:

    Very nice. We are just about packed up. We will move to a state park near here tomorrow and wait for Tuesday’s closing and hit the road on Wednesday! Hard to believe it is really happening.

    So, the sign means the total length of tow vehicle and trailer?

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR LAUNCH TOMORROW! Oh, and also for being first today.

      Your plan sounds good… I wish you a very smooth start on your new life.

      As for the sign. . . . I never know how to interpret them. I drove past a sign one time that said “RV limit 28 feet”…. Not being rebellious. I wasn’t thinking. Anyway… We didn’t have any problem then.

      I have the feeling those limits don’t take into account someone towing a trailer, which means, of course, one can park the trailer, unhitch, and park the tow vehicle either sideways in front or alongside the trailer…. if the parking space is short.

      • Lucy says:

        Foxgloves are beautiful, but can be deadly to anyone that chews / eats them.

        My regards, Lucy.

    • JSprater says:

      Yes, it is the total length from nose of the (tow) vehicle to the rear of the trailer. For example, my 2014 RAM truck is 22 feet in length (8′ bed with full crew cab) + 25 foot trailer + 2 feet of tongue, thus my total length while hooked up is 49′. LOL.

      I have asked camp hosts in the past when the area is not used if I may disconnect and park my truck in another slot. I have never been denied.

      • rvsueandcrew says:

        Hi, JSprater,

        I appreciate the explanation. How did you find that out?

        Good tip about asking to park your truck in another campsite. There may be several readers who can put that info into practice. Thanks.

        • DesertGinger says:

          I question whether that is a universal truth. I suspect it may vary by campground.

        • In my opinion, it is NOT the combined length of the tow vehicle and the “RV”…trailer in your case. It is just the RV (trailer). It is assumed that the tow vehicle will be disconnected, or be in a pull-thru spot if one is available. Unless, of course the sign says RV and Tow Vehicle COMBINED.

          Otherwise, applying the same logic, Class A motorhomes pulling a pick-up truck or SUV (fairly common) could be almost 60 feet and would NEVER be able to use ANY campground. And we KNOW that’s not true. The stated length almost always refers to the RV by itself because most campsites always have a space for the car or truck once detached.

      • Sidewinder Pen says:

        If that’s the case, I don’t get it. I mean, let’s say the length limit is 30′. Okay, so my 32′ Class A (one piece rig) won’t fit, that’s clear.

        But how does that apply to my 17′ tow vehicle and 16′ trailer? Sure, overall we are 33′, but we are much more able to get into a 30′ spot than a 32′ one-piece rig.

        So I still don’t see how one length limit can equally apply. Now that said, people can make any rule they want, but (and especially on public land), you’d think they should make sense to people. I would rather see something like this:

        Limit (one piece rig): 30′
        Limit (tow and trailer): 18′ each piece or 36′ combined

        The “combined” might be due to turns in the road, narrow sites where you can’t unhitch (but you can still bend!), etc.

        Otherwise they just always leave me guessing.

    • BadgerRickInWis says:

      Congratulations John, let the memory making begin!!!

    • Krystina - Corvallis Oregon says:

      That is such great news John!! Be safe.

    • MB says:

      Congratulations! I am so envious…..in a good way. Every time I see someone on here finally reaching that day when they can cut the cords and drive off down the road to new adventures, it makes my heart grow more confident that it is possible for me too. I wish you all the best! MB from VA

    • Pamela K. in GA says:

      CONGRATS! and And A Good GO On All Fronts for your house closing and your new travel life-style adventures! You must be over-the-moon now that the time is finally here 🙂 Hugs and happy safe travels.

  2. Diann in MT says:

    Perfect campsite Sue. I think you’re going to enjoy your stay. Was hiking in the Beartooth Mts yesterday and was surrounded by wild flowers. Scouted for good campgrounds, too.
    Thanks for the adventures.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      You’re welcome, Diann,

      Your hike sounds delightful. It’s possible to see wildflowers over a period of 3 or 4 months, starting in the desert at low elevation and moving into mountains during the early summer.

    • R. now in SD says:

      Dianne, is the Beartooth Highway open already? I want to travel from SD to Beartooth Mountains along the route Red Lodge to Lamar Valley. I remember amazing wildflowers there but that was mid-July. And winds were amazing too but I’m prepared.

  3. Elizabeth in S.E. New Mexico says:

    Beautiful! Beautiful! Have a restful, delightful, comfortable stay, no matter how long you will be there!

    Hugs to all three (3) of you!

    Clyde went to his Doctor the other day! He is in good health…. weighs 15.2 lbs…. Big kitty boy! He did not like the thermometer up his butt! A “cat whisperer” person came in to help him calm down! Did you know there are Cat whisperer’s? I didn’t!

    Hugs to all….Blogorino’s too!
    Elizabeth & Clyde…

    • Jean in Southaven, MS says:

      I need a Cat Whisperer at my house. I have five cats and three of them are crazy. One will not come out if anyone is at home and we have had him four years, another one licks all his fur off and the vet says there is nothing wrong, the other one will walk away and hiss at you if you touch her. These are all rescues but we got all of them as tiny kittens. Crazy.

      • rvsueandcrew says:

        If I lived at your house, I think I’d need an RVSue whisperer. It must be “crazy!”

        • Cinandjules (NY) says:


          I have used Feliway pheromone diffuser for my cats with tremendous success. You plug it in like a glade plug in air freshener.

          The difference was night and day and it calmed our cat….the same cat that screamed all the way across the US whenever I drove over a bump in the road.

          Amazon has them….the best price is a company called “pet wish pros”.

          I sent them to my sister who now uses it with her cats.

          • BadgerRickInWis says:

            That’s so funny. Dexter is lying by my side as I type this wearing her new pheromone collar that we just bought today. Hopefully it helps.

            • Cinandjules (NY) says:

              I was skeptical when the vet first told me about the product. Think I actually rolled my eyes!

              Our hellion cat Cruiser, wore one faithfully. Nurturecalm. She went from NEVER wanting anything to do with us to sitting in our laps wanting attention. I could tell when it was getting close to the 30 days. She would start getting moody and unsettled. So we started changing it at 26 days so she wouldn’t go through her moods.
              The vets charge 20 bucks a pop…the pet wish pro place was 10….that was a no brainier!

              I hope you and Dexter have success with the collar.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Elizabeth and Clyde,

      I’m happy that your Clyde is in good health and recovering from the indignity of the thermometer! I didn’t know there were cat whisperers either.

      Gee, your Clyde weighs 6.2 lbs more that Reggie!

      Nice hearing from you again…. Hugs to you and the Big Kitty Boy.

      • Elizabeth in S.E. New Mexico says:

        Clyde was a rescue kitty too…. came to me at 7 months… He is
        now 9 years old and GORGEOUS! Orange & white Maine Coon
        so one of the Vet’s pronounced…. “see the M on his forehead?”
        Probably a cat whisperer could calm your crazy cats….. Ask your vet?
        Sue, I’m not surprised to learn your Reggie Man is smaller than my Clydie Boy…. several doggies in our RV park are smaller and most of the cats as well…..at least those I have seen…..

        Sue I read your blog daily….. will respond now and then….just do not feel the need often……
        Hugs…. Elizabeth & Clyde….

        • A gal in Maple Valley, WA says:

          Hi E2,

          Your thermometer comment made me snort! My cat will turn and look directly at me as if to say ‘YOU let this happen to me. You will pay! Don’t fall asleep anytime soon’, and then get the most pitiful look on his face that I can’t help but laugh at. I feel for the fella; I too, would find it * most unpleasant*

          Actually, I have been avoiding THAT ‘oscopy’ the Dr. ordered for me. When ya ‘go under’, someone has to drive ya there and STAY and drive ya home. Got no volunteers. Bummer. NOT!

          • Susan in south central WA says:

            Hey Maple Valley Girl. Just wanted to say hi since I lived in Auburn when I was a kid!

          • Sidewinder Pen says:

            I had that same deal. This was a few years ago, and I lived two hours from the clinic, and they won’t give you anesthetic unless someone brings you. I needed both an EGD (in from the top) and the Colonoscopy (opposite…).

            Well, I did some research and found that in some places they don’t even typically use anesthetic for the EGD (Scandinavia, IIRC). So I went and did that one myself. Wasn’t really that bad, and the doctor said that’s the way he does it when he needs one.

            Next up was the colonoscopy, and I tried the same thing. Well, I couldn’t get through that one (pain). Bummer! Eventually I found a friend to take me and did the anesthetic. But anyway, all this to say that you might be able to go without it (it’s an option anyway).

            Your imagined (and probably real) cat “comment” (look) had me laughing 😀

  4. PookieBoy SE Texas says:

    number 4?…yee haw
    Im getting better

  5. Jean in Southaven, MS says:

    Hi Sue, I ordered 15 computer cases yesterday from Amazon. Hope it helps. Love these pictures. I guess where you are there isn’t a drought. Just beautiful green. Way differenct from the desert of a few weeks ago, huh? I like that we are here. Enjoy

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Wow! Fifteen! I’ll look for them on my order reports, probably won’t show up until tomorrow. Thanks a bunch, Jean!

      I don’t know for sure… I think this is a part of Oregon that receives a lot of rain but Oregon is still in a drought. It’s been very dry east of here.

  6. Timber n' me in Origon says:

    Nice Camp Sue, and purty flowers too! After I meet up with a ol’ friend at pilot truck stop in Chemult this comin’ Monday, we’ll move to the west side of 97. Oh ya, I miss the map, so at the truck stop I’m gettin’ a new Benchmark map book. Have a great weekend and give them pups a hug from us,,,,,,,,,,,me

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Rusty,

      I had a feeling when you gave me my first Benchmark that you would be needing it someday! Oh well, you’ll have the newest edition. I’m sorry for the inconvenience and expense. I do appreciate the one you gave me.

      Nice that you’re meeting an “ol’ friend.” You have a great weekend, too!

      • Timber n' me in Origon says:

        Sue , don’t be sorry, I gave it for your enjoyment of turering this part of the Northwest and you needed it. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,me

  7. Hi Again Sue, those flowers are beautiful, and it looks like you will be staying there through the weekend. Do you expect it to get crowded or are you at the end of the campground where you probably will not be bothered by others. Looks cozy and not drippy. I love the campsite in the middle of foxgloves..that was lovely. It is Friday today and my dogs get groomed tomorrow, took them camping with long hair to keep them warm. Now if they brought anything back with them, it will be cut off by the groomer. For those who don’t know, they are 2 poodles…I know what a sissy!

  8. weather says:

    The photo above 58 to Eugene shows an average scene from a road there ,I’m glad you included it in this post.It demonstrates the difference between travel and experiencing places the way you do.From a distance one would have no idea what beauty and drama is found on the hillsides and their forests that are just glimpsed on a drive.I ,too,prefer driving through most midsize cities instead of using beltways and bypasses.Those often have the sign you need appear suddenly while lane changing for the entrance/exit you need is precarious ,at best.A straight shot through is more relaxing even if time consuming,it’s worth it to me as hurrying’s not my usual style,and clearly,it isn’t yours either.

    Your prior camp was gorgeous in a lush green hidden away sense with it’s tall tree covering.This ones flowers give it a happy “oh my gosh” feel-delightful!Flowers really are the prettiest vegetation,I’m so pleased for you to have them around you for a few days,you must be smiling,ooo and a-ah-ing a lot 🙂

    • weather says:

      It’s the weekend,I wonder if you’re where lots of other folks are.Hi,Sue,where ever you are,I hope you’re the one enjoying it most and that all is well with you and crew.Last I knew you had flowers nearby,by this hour on a Sunday you could have the pups asleep in the PTV,as you drive from your campsite to a nearby pull off to walk the Pacific’s shore.Flowers and where they grow are so nice to be around,still,unless I were camped in a full blown botanical garden,after a few nights I’d have a hard time resisting the ocean’s call.I’ve spent almost half my life near water,you might think I’d be over it by now,it just never gets old to me.If you aren’t on the coast yet you will be soon and had a good reason not to be.Being happy where you are in the moment is always a good reason in my book-,here’s to a lovely day spent on the page in yours that you’re living 🙂

    • weather says:

      Boats tied to docks are being tossed on high waves as though they weigh no more than the petals that are being blown off the wild flowers.The only birds that can withstand this wind are the eagles and seagulls,and only a few of them are even trying to.As inspiring as they are the chipmunk that scampered across a low branch to come near me on the deck I sat on impressed me even more-he wasn’t out on a joy ride he was clearly on a mission.That’s a lot to take on for such a little guy.Good morning,Sue,saying hello to you,thank God,is far easier.If what’s delayed you from being on here much is something wonderful may it’s wonder stay with you.If it’s some type of struggle may you be shown the easiest way through.I hope this is whatever kind of morning you most need and can enjoy.Sending blessings 🙂

  9. kgdan says:

    Oh, you are moving into some of my favorite areas to camp. I hope you are going to the coast. It is so beautiful.

    Today our Casita moves into its ‘For Sale’ staging position at the edge of our property. This is a really edgy, emotional time for us. We are not yet quite attached to the new rig and we are separating from our beloved home on wheels in which we have traveled many miles. No matter how sensible the decision, it is still hard.

    In addition our son & wife are moving out of our home this weekend, so there’s another transition. This summer seems to be nothing but transitions for us.

    Please keep those beautiful photos & stories coming! They sustain us.

  10. Linda Rose & the 4 M's says:

    I looked Whittaker Creek up on Google maps. Did you find that campground using your Benchmark maps? I need to get a couple of those. That’s just the kind of place I love to boondock. Your pictures are so beautiful and inviting. I guess I will be changing my computer wallpaper again to that tenth picture. I also saw that there is a Salmon Dam in the area. Looks like it would be a nice hike to find it. Your Reggie weighs about the same as my crew. They range from 8 to 11 or 12 lbs. with my oldest (10) Muffin being the biggest. Of course since she’s long haired and VERY fluffy probably a pound of that is hair. Love getting your posts.

  11. Barbara (Nashville) says:

    What a pretty campsite, with the Foxglove ins bloom! Seems like you have been moving campsites faster these last few weeks, or is it just my imagination? This one looks more peaceful, not quite as spooky as the last one. Enjoy your stay. Bridget and Reggie seem to like it.

  12. DesertGinger says:

    Well, a couple days of IV drugs and I am much better. Will be released tomorrow. Still have a cough but I can breathe. Hopefully back to class tomorrow.

    Beautiful campsite Sue but a bit too closed in for me. Love my wide open space.

    Love to all.

    • weather says:

      YA-HOO!DG-go girl 🙂

    • Denise - Richmond VA says:

      So, so glad that you are feeling better, DesertGinger! Whoo-Hoo!! Sending you a hug! 🙂

    • BadgerRickInWis says:

      Good to hear Ging, thanks for the update. I’m sure you are anxious to get back to class but to make sure to take care of yourself in the process. You deserve it.

      • Timber n' me in Origon says:

        Yay for you Desert G, Getting better is always great News,,,,,,, Timber says hi too!,,,,,,,,,,,,, me

    • Krystina - Corvallis Oregon says:

      Fantastic! Happy to hear that you are on the mend and getting out of the hospital. 🙂

      • A gal in Maple Valley, WA says:


        Sue left you some comments on the last page; hope you saw them.

        Being interested in our (women’s) health issues, would you mind sharing what issues you are having that concern you? Be as vague or detailed as you wish. I may be ‘speaking’ for myself only, but I could use some sisterly wisdom. If I can share any of my experience with female ‘plumbing’ issues that would be of interest, I’ll do my best. Some things have changed for the better in this day and age….we CAN talk about those things now. And not just with the doctor. I think our lives are so much more enriched and elevated when we share important information.

        Totally cool if’n you don’t wanna go there, too.

        But I do want you to know that if you get in a jam and need some help, I’m only a few hours away, north of you, and would offer my services to you. I don’t comment here regularly, but I read at least twice a day. Just ask.

        • Krystina - Corvallis Oregon says:

          Thank you soo much for inviting me to “tell all”. How did you know I was a “tell all” person?? Not too much to tell. I went to a Dr. because I knew something was up. My urine was REALLLLLLY dark. The Dr told me I had a kidney infection and gave me meds. Kinda cleared it up but not totally. I then went to a clinic is CA and the Dr. did a culture on the urine and gave me different meds. Turns out there was no bacteria in the urine. If there was bacteria in it then meds would have cleared that up. Not good. I asked him what it could be and he said it could be a kidney stone (I have no pain though) or kidney cancer. My Dad died of kidney cancer. Needless to say I am a bit of a basket case. The Dr. in CA told me I had to go to a Urologist and there are none on the coast of Oregon (nothing is easy). I came here to Corvallis and have been waiting four days for the Urologist to just look at the paperwork I had faxed to him from the clinic in CA!! Not a happy camper at this point. Thank you again for inviting me to “tell all” 🙂 🙂

          • Velda in Roseville Ca says:

            Holding you in thought and prayer that you find answers and care you need.

            • Sue says:

              Sue you are in my prayers. PS. 103. 3

            • Krystina - Corvallis Oregon says:

              Thank you Velda for all your support. I got your wonderful message from the last post. You suggested the Benton campground as RVSue did…thank you. No clue as to why that did not come up in my search. Also, thanks for telling me the hospital in Corvallis is wonderful…that helps if I need to go there. 🙂 🙂

          • A gal in Maple Valley, WA says:

            I’m sure the doc went over the usual: flood your system with plain water…. any new additions to your diet?….has the amount or frequency of out put changed?

            If you get closer to Seattle, a large part of the U of Washington is a medical school and is world renowned for it’s research and has satellite clinics throughout the state.

            Very slim pickins’ for RV parks or campgrounds near most metro areas here, though. Kent (KOA) and Issaquah has a few.

            Here’s hoping you regain your balance soon.

            • Krystina - Corvallis Oregon says:

              Good Afternoon! Yep I drink so much water that my output has changed!! LOL I seriously cannot leave the RV for long. No changes to my diet. Thanks for your suggestions!! 🙂

            • Elizabeth in WA says:

              Krystina, I have weak kidneys and whenever things just don’t freel good….I drink a lot of water with lemon in it. It seems to help. Also, I wonder if you are on any probiotics?? Seems that helps the body in general…just a thought…sure hope and pray you are well soon and the worst won’t happen to you!! There are supposed to be very good docs in the Seattle area alright…tho I do not know many myself. I wish we had a place to offer you to park…but parking is nearly nil in these parts!! Miserable nil!! Tomorrow we will be seeing kin who have lived here many years…will ask them if they know of any good people to see with kidney issues.

            • Elizabeth in WA says:

              Krystina, just read a report on another blog about how someone was greatly helped by using systemic enzymes prescribed by a naturopathic doctor…so am researching online to see if it might help some of our issues too…already read it helps with kidney and liver problems…wishing you the best…and while you await the slower than slow doctor there, maybe research will give you some ideas what to do next. We have been helped so much with some problems we have by an old doc who is regular MD but also somewhat naturopathic doc.

            • Krystina - Corvallis Oregon says:

              Good Morning Elizabeth! Thank you so much for all your info. I have written it all down and will ask the Doc if I ever get to see him. Hope you had a good visit with your kin. 🙂

          • Sidewinder Pen says:

            What a nice way for “A Gal in Maple Valley” to invite you to open up if you wanted to.

            Krystina, I hope you find medical professional(s) you “click” with soon so you can figure out what’s up. It’s bad enough to be worried about something without that feeling that you can’t find anyone to consult with.

            I’ve really enjoyed following your comment “handles” as you move around in your RV – makes it fun the way you change them. I’ll be thinking of you and I hope (if you want to) that you keep us posted.

            • Timber n' me in Origon says:

              I pray for all you ladies who are having health problems and would love to hear that your getting better,,,,,,,,,, When Timber got lost, I didn’t have the internet, not till after getting my baby boy back,,,, But I did get down on my knees and cried to the Lord every day almost all day and night asking Jesus to please bring my dog back to me, He’s all I have. and believe me , God got Timber back thru all who did help in finding him,,,,,,,,, I’m a firm believer in God and his Son, Jesus Christ and if one needs healing, help, and such, get down on your knees and truly trust in him and ask Him for help, Healing.,, And mean it from your heart,,, and thank Him, I know the power in prayer ,,,,,,,, In the Name of JESUS I ask that He Heals You All,,,,Amen,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

            • Timber n' me in Origon says:

              Thank You Lord for Your Healing Touch to all The Ladies in need of it,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Rusty

            • Bless you Rusty, we all love you and Timber and wish you the best forever!

            • Krystina - Corvallis Oregon says:

              Thank you Rusty for your prayers. I thank God everyday. I cried my eyeballs out when you got Timber back!!! I was soooo happy.

            • Krystina - Corvallis Oregon says:

              You are so right Sidewinder Pen…it was so wonderful that ‘a Gal in Maple Valley’ sent me that wonderful post. The Doc that I saw at the clinic in CA and I did click. It was wonderful. I am praying the Doc calls me today so I can get on with it.

            • Get well Krystina! I hope it is nothing and that you can get all that worry off your shoulders…

    • Elizabeth in WA says:

      Hey breathing is GOOD…glad you are better and hope it continues, Ginger!!

    • So glad you are doing better DG! Sheeeeesh! You have really had your health problems this year! Not even enough time to get your resistance built up before you get whammied with something else! I hope this was the last of it! Time for you to go out and have some fun !!!

    • Velda in Roseville Ca says:

      Glad you are on the mend, take care and enjoy the rest of class.

      • Sue CleanerGreenerVegas says:

        Velda…do you have any update on the lady who was RVing with her greyhounds and suffered a stroke? Just concerned

    • Pamela K. in GA says:

      So super glad the IV meds worked for you! Being able to breath is a Good Thing, I’m sure 🙂 Will you have to do any extra out-patient meds now that you are out of the hospital? Hope not and hope you are finally done with all that! I bet Chloe was glad to see you again!!!
      I will see my doctor later this coming week. I’m feeling somewhat better Crossing my fingers and toes that all is well and that the meds and breathing treatments did their job so I can avoid the hospital stay.
      Again, so super glad you are finally getting well!

      • DesertGinger says:

        Still have outpatient meds. Not well, just better. Thanks for all the support.

  13. Lynn Brooks says:

    Such beautiful pictures!!!
    Love them all!

  14. Cinandjules (NY) says:

    Beautiful site….love the greenery and the flowers. Your own spigot was handy.

    From the slack on Reg Man’s cable it appears that he is getting the “lifestyle”down.

    Enjoy the peace and tranquility of the area.

    Took the ferals in for their distemper and rabies shots…since they are friends with AO….they are calm with us…but as soon as we got into the vets…the three crates resembled the spin cycle of a washing machine. OY!

    • Cinandjules (NY) says:

      The “uneven load” spin cycle

      • Timber n' me in Origon says:

        They must have a uneven feelin’ ’bout bein’ at the Vets, like ooohh noooooooooo, Mr. Bill,,,,,,,,,,,,, me

      • A gal in Maple Valley, WA says:

        Would that Nurturecalm work for them?

        • Cinandjules (NY) says:

          They only have to go for shots once a year…every three years for rabies.

          The collar works only if it is on them all the time. Since they are outside in the woods…a collar is dangerous as it might get snagged on a tree branch or whathaveyou.

          They act like regular cats around us…but with everyone else they are skittish.

          • A gal in Maple Valley, WA says:

            I’ve seen the sprays and sachet bags that you spray or toss in the carrier. Was hoping someone knew if they worked well. I’d like something natural for reducing the stress of the crate, the car ride and the Vet’s visit. Of course *I* take a valium or three and get drunk for his visits and the bill. 😉

            • Cinandjules(NY) says:

              Feliway has a spray….we used it for specific spots ie the front door.

              Lord knows we tried EVERYTHING!

  15. Shawna says:

    Beautiful campsite! To which “senior pass” are you referring to? I want one! 🙂

  16. Cynthia from San Clemente, CA says:

    Beautiful pictures Sue – makes me want to be there. I just got home from 5 days of camping with my family at San Onofre State Beach. While we were there, my niece’s dog got bitten by a rattlesnake (while the kids were walking her on a leash!) and had to be rushed to the closest vet hospital that was open on a Sunday, in San Juan Capistrano. Luckily, because I was there and live in the area, I knew where it was and how to get there. But, it made me think … we often camp in places far away from home where I’m unfamiliar with where the nearest vet or vet hospital is located. Although I always travel with my dogs’ medical records, proof of rabies and current photos, I think I’m going to start researching (ahead of time) where the closest 24 hour vet hospital is to our campsites, just in case of emergency. Just a suggestion for fellow blogorinos ….

  17. Sherri D says:

    Oh, you are in the area that is in our top three to move to and retire to! I am REALLY enjoying your pictures. I have never been to Eugene, but I still think from all I have read and seen, that it is a good future fit for us!
    That photo after the one of the picnic table with the flowers, looks like a fancy painting by a famous artist. Very very VERY pretty!

  18. Jolene says:

    I just love this camp. For that matter, I have been loving this whole spring into summer route. I can’t help but think of Spike when I see these little streams in these parks. Forever in our hearts!!

  19. Denise - Richmond VA says:

    Hi, Sue,

    The wildflowers are beautiful! Enjoy your weekend! Love and hugs from me and Gracie pup! 🙂

  20. BadgerRickInWis says:

    A senior pass is issued by the U.S. Geological Survey (why the USGS, who’s job it is to print maps. Who knows?) but it allows anyone over age 62 to stay at any Federal campground for 1/2 price. It’s good for campgrounds run by any federal agency, NPS, USFS, BLM, Army Corps of Engineers, etc.
    One of the all time great deals. You can order one here:
    Or pick one up at any Forest Service ranger station, or National park.

    • BadgerRickInWis says:

      Dang it, messed that up. This was supposed to be in response to Shawana’s question above. Sorry.

    • Krystina - Corvallis Oregon says:

      Thank you Badger Rick for the information about the Senior Pass. I have one and it is a lifesaver. Just yesterday I was trying to find a place to get one because a friend I met about 10 days ago didn’t know about it. The website gave me LOTS of info I didn’t know. 🙂


    • Chey says:

      Do you know anything about a disability pass? Thanks Rick

  21. Jim in AL says:

    That’s a nice CG. We stayed there one night while passing through several years ago. We stayed in the loop requiring “crossing” the stream. IIRC there is a concrete area in the stream bed to drive over.

  22. Chuck says:

    Glad you got through Eugene OK. FYI, road ‘tween Eugene and Sisters, OR is awful, posted no trailers and numerous 5MPH signs. The rest top at the top is infested with skeeters. Sister area gorgeous, take the long way if you going. Great pix as always, Miss B getting better looking as she slims down. Reg will keep her young!

    • Bill & Ann, OR says:

      Hey Chuck,

      Do you mean 242 out of Sisters? We have pulled our trailer many times on Hwy 126. It is not a bad road and there are quite a few FS csmpgrounds plus a lovely drive alongside the McKenzie River.

      • Chuck says:

        Don’t remember the # but it was hell and I was in an Astro Van! No campgrounds, just a rest stop at the top.

  23. Nancy says:

    I believe you’ve found Nirvana, Sue. I’m making a note of this place for my bucket list. Thank you!

  24. Elizabeth in WA says:

    Sure lots of gorgeous places in Oregon…so glad you are finding so many!! Safe travels!!

  25. Susan in south central WA says:

    I totally love today’s campsites. It’s my kind of heaven! I get down to Eugene once a year, 3rd full weekend in June. My parents lived in Vida for a while when they were first married. Vida is due east of Eugene on highway 126.

  26. Chris B in Southern California says:

    Hi Sue! You are getting quite popular in the camping world! Clete and I were hiking in the Sierras above the city of Big Pine (off hwy 395) and ran into a couple of women full timers who met you in Utah a couple of years ago. They pull a fifth wheel and their names are Diane and Becca. Then, yesterday at Rock Creek Lake (near Tom’s Place,also off hwy 395) we met a new campground host who has heard about you and will be reading your blog after she gets her internet up and running. She recently started full timing and I told her to check out your blog for tips on finding great campgrounds.
    I love the flowers at your new place! Can it get any better than that? Beautiful!
    We are currently camped for free at a casino for the night in Mesquite, NV and will be going to the north rim of the Grand Canyon tomorrow morning. I think that it’s about 2 hours away. We haven’t been there for a few years and I’m ready for some awesome views.
    Chris B

  27. Krystina - Corvallis Oregon says:

    MY BAD!! You are so thoughtful to look up those campsites for me! Thank you, thank you. I do believe I will go to the Waterloo campground today. Looks nice. Yesterday I walked over to the Dr. in the afternoon and he still had not looked at my paperwork!! Soooo depressing. I came back to the Buggy and just read!! Thank you again RVSue for helping me!

    Wow your campsite looks fantastic…and the flowers are fantastic! I do miss my gardens back in Vermont. Reggie’s eye looks a lot better. I do hope he is on the mend. xxoo

    • Velda in Roseville Ca says:

      Krystina, just here thinking about you and your problem. Dark urine can be a lover problem instead of a kidney problem. Hope they can see you and get to the bottom of the problem soon.

  28. Applegirl NY says:

    I absolutely love foxglove. I love looking inside each blossom for the little polka dots. Like God painted them with a little brush.

    Beautiful day here in Upstate NY. Finally got a couple of days of much needed rain. Now we have to mow.

    Looking forward to your adventures to the coast.

  29. DebsJourney says:

    Hi Sue
    Looks like paradise there and I would love that camp. Oregon is just so beautiful and green. Those flowers are gorgeous.
    I only have 3 or 4 weeks left living in my house. I’ll be moving into Christine (my travel trailer) soon and right now it’s getting several things done to it. It should be ready for my travels and so much for me to do. I haven’t been feeling that great and it’s probably anxiety and I strained my ventral hernia. Hoping a few friends will help with the main move into it.
    That’s the update from me. I know you will enjoy your surroundings and I sure wish I was out of the Florida heat!

  30. Timber n' me in Origon says:

    Hi Sue, We got a NEW Oregon Benchmark , Road & Recreation Atlas today and I’ve been lookin’ it over real good, It lines up with all the Major N.F. roads, so we’re not lost after all, I still remember most of them. just had to refresh my noogin,,,,,,,,,,,, me ,,,,,,,,,,, Timber says hi too,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  31. kgdan says:

    Sniff, sniff . . . placed our 2002 Casita on Craig’s list yesterday. She just left on the way to her new home in Seattle.

    • A gal in Maple Valley, WA says:

      I hope you kept that onboard gourmet chef!

      Soon, more adventures with more room for you and you made someone else’s life a lot happier.

      Like a favorite pair of shoes, it is sad when we outgrow our little friends but the memories will be with us for quite awhile.

      Every time you make up your new, easy bed, I hope you will sigh and smile. 🙂

  32. Sue, we’re east bound on 126 today from Florence to Eugene to get motor home checked out in Coburg. Would you like us to pick anything up for you before we head out of town. Can meet along the way if you wish.

    No pressure, just offering.

  33. Jodee Gravel in SoCal for 2 more days - back on track! says:

    I’m loving all the green and am so looking forward to getting to the north in the next couple weeks. I worked with a woman who lost her husband to a logging truck dumping its load on his car, so I’m always anxious passing them on those narrow roads. Your “incident” sounded hair-raising! Hope you can stay for a while in this lovely spot, but it seems the ocean is pulling you west 🙂
    We are finally back on schedule to launch on Tuesday morning. Three nights at the beach in Morro Bay will be a nice start to our new life!

  34. rvsueandcrew says:

    Good morning, everyone!

    I apologize for our disappearance from the blog without a word. The crew and I moved to another camp in search of peace and quiet. When we got there I realized we had no internet and I hadn’t left word that we were moving. Anyway . . . .

    We’re back in the cyber world! Such fun for me to read your comments…. Instead of replying to each one I’m going to get the crew and myself settled and then I’m going to work on a blog post.

    Happy launch, John K.! Thanks for the offer, Dennis — We have everything we need.

    Talk to y’all later. Whatever your wish for today, I wish it, too, for you.


  35. Tony Brassfield says:

    Just curious if campfires are allowed right now and do I need to make a reservation if I want a spot this weekend. Thank you.

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