Willows Campground and a surprise welcome to the state of Washington!

I’m always looking for free camps.

As the crew and I motor westward along the Tieton River in south-central Washington (Wednesday, August 14), my heart leaps at the occasional sight of RVs tucked under the trees on the far bank of the river.  Oh, we have to get a camp like that!  I wonder how they got over to that side. Well, tonight we’d better play it safe and camp in a campground. 


A mile back I passed a trailhead with a sign posted, “Discover Pass Required.”  When I drove into the elk feeding station, a sign proclaimed that another kind of pass was required.  It being the off-season for elk-feeding, a pass wasn’t needed for us or for the guy geocaching there.  However, that put in my head that I’d better figure out Washington’s pass system before I set up camp along the river.  About all the geocache guy could tell me was that he found Washington passes very confusing.

I’m not taking any chances.

Nothing would spoil my first visit to the state of Washington more than a citation right from the get-go.  County sheriff and forest service vehicles are all over the place.  Not that I’d circumvent the pass requirement if they weren’t.  We’ll settle into a campground at least for the night which will give me time to figure out the pass system. 

I turn my focus to a campground search.

My Benchmark atlas for Washington shows the National Forest campgrounds on Route 12 . . . Windy Point, Willows, Wild Rose (day use only), and Hause Creek.  Well, Windy Point doesn’t sound inviting and it’s the closest one to Yakima which means people.  I pass it by.  Hause Creek is the closest one to Rimrock Lake, further up ahead.  The atlas informs me it has 42 sites.  Probably popular with people visiting the lake. 

That leaves Willows Campground.

The bulletin board at the entrance announces the fee is $14 regular or $7 with senior pass.   It’s a fairly small campground (16 sites) and on the river – perfect!  I take a fee envelope. 

I drive us around the two short loops.  Only one campsite is occupied.  All the other riverside campsites have “reserved” tickets hanging from their posts.  The reservations are for the weekend, starting on Friday.  Well, that’s okay.  It’s only Wednesday.  We could stay for two days and by then I should know what I need to do to boondock on the other side of the river.

I pull us into the prettiest site.

1-P1060655Immediately I open the side door of the PTV to let out Bridget and Spike. Excitedly we trot down to the river.  Spike has to give the river a soak test.

1-P1060640Bridget knows the routine and dips a paw in at the edge.

1-P1060641Spike gives the campsite pool an A!


The Best Little Trailer sits above the site’s picnic area.

This photo shows the view from the BLT.  See the crew?

1-P1060651-001 A path leads down to a large, shady area next to the river that has a picnic table and fire ring/grill.  Lovely! 

1-P1060648There’s plenty of room for the crew to roam around (under my watchful eye) without leaving our campsite.   Access to the river is easy down this short path.

1-P1060649I retrieve the air card from the PTV and turn it on.  A signal! Oh happy day! The antenna will boost it to three bars.  I give our new camp an A plus! 

1-P1060650Having thoroughly sniffed our new yard, the crew relaxes under the picnic table while I write a check for two nights and fill out the fee envelope.  Together we walk our payment over to the self-pay station.  Already I love this camp by the Tieton River!


The next morning (Thursday, August 15) we investigate the other campsites. 

I want to see the view of the river from each one.  This campsite also has rocks set to form a circular pool. 


Most of the sites have a sharp drop to the river.  The Tieton runs deep and swift here.  I wouldn’t advise a family to camp at Willows Campground . . . too dangerous for children.   

The next photo is from one of the double sites.  The river is such a pretty green in the morning light!

1-P1060629Our last morning at Willows Campground (Friday, August 16), the crew and I walk the campground one last time. 

We meet a couple walking their dogs. 

I notice they are neatly dressed in fresh clothes, unlike me, who desperately needs to find a laundromat!  Harold and Candy arrived here shortly after we did.  Of course, before we can learn anything about each other, the canines grab our attention.

Spike and Bridget are curious to meet a naked dog wearing only a harness, wig, fancy socks, and tail feathers!

1-P1060636-001Candy tells me her two dogs are Chinese Crested Hairless.  One is quite a distinguished-looking gent . . .

1-P1060635The other?  Not so much . . . 


 That’s their rig in the background. 


Harold holds their dogs away from the crew so Candy and I can chat.  She asks questions about the PTV, the BLT, the solar panel, etc.  I reveal that we live in the BLT full-time.  Candy, like so many others I’ve met along the road, reacts with “all by yourself?  I’d be too scared to do that.”  I tell her I’ve not had one scary moment since hitting the road in August of 2011.

Candy is cheerful and pretty.

Her salt-and-pepper hair is softly tucked away from her face.  Her eyes are lively and accented by the bright colors of her top.  I suspect the phrase, “never meets a stranger,” fits her well.

Since Candy and her husband are Washingtonians, I ask about the pass system.  Well, to shorten the ensuing conversation . . .  Harold and Candy find the pass system confusing also.  They suggest I drive to the Rimrock Grocery, about five miles up the road, and ask the lady there to explain it to me.

Then they do something that amazes me.

Harold goes back to their rig.  When he returns, Candy says, “Here’s our annual forest pass.  You take it.  We want you to have it.”  How they communicated their intended gift to me I have yet to figure out.  They seem to be of the same mind.

“What?  No, no!  Tell me how much it costs and I’ll pay you for it.”

“No, absolutely not!  We want you to have it,” Cindy replies.  Then with a big smile she adds dramatically, “Welcome to Washington!”

The pass is good until next August. 

It gives me free entrance to all day-use areas.  A lump forms in my throat.  I’m stunned by their generosity to someone they met only a few minutes ago.  Gee, maybe I should dress like a derelict more often.

“Candy, you don’t even know me.  I could be a terrible person.”

She laughs and says, “Well, I could be a terrible person, too.”

I’m pretty sure she’s not!

1-P1060631I thank them again and we say goodbye to go our separate ways.  As we walk back to our rigs, I call out to Harold and Candy.  When they look back, I wave the pass high above my head with a big grin on my face.  “My spirits are sky high!”

Of course, as soon as I’m in the BLT I go online.

1-P1060654 I learn the pass costs thirty dollars.  Just then a horn toots.  I glance out the back window and see Harold and Candy’s rig moving toward the exit.

Welcome. Welcome to Washington indeed!



Did you see the news about our friends, Rusty and Timber?

Click here to read all about it and watch the video!

I’m happy to see acknowledgement of the generosity and kindness of readers of this blog. I know Rusty is pleased that his story provides publicity for the veterans’ housing program via state and national media (USA Today carried the story, too!).

If you haven’t joined the house-warming party yet and would like to do so, go to the blog page, “House-warming for Rusty and Timber.”   

And as always . . .




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54 Responses to Willows Campground and a surprise welcome to the state of Washington!

  1. rvsueandcrew says:

    Dear Readers . . . I would like very much to respond to every comment like I usually do. I read each one and you make me laugh, give me great suggestions, and encourage me to keep blogging. Thanks for that.

    I’m driving 12 miles (one way) each day to blog and, even then, the connection is deathly slow. To reply to comments would take hours. Do drop in with your comments. I know I’m not the only one who enjoys what you have to say!

    • Phyllis says:

      Come on Mick find some new technology we need a signal.
      That dog was ugly and the other looked like a snob. Their parents however are magnificent. I am so excited for you. The water looks like the Caribbean.
      Phyllis. In Oklahoma

      • Mick says:

        I think that river valleys are the problem. They are usually the low ground and surrounded by twisty hills. RVS has had good luck with the signal when camped on high ground and at some lakes but not at the river locations. Look at the topographical map in the right sidebar and you can visualize the problem. Solution, helium balloon and 500 feet of cable. LOL

    • Mari Whitmer says:

      Hello Sue and crew! I just found your blog and I’ll be a follower. My husband and I are planning to move from our farm to something like you are doing if I am able to retire next year, also my Airedale terrier. Depends on what we figure out on health insurance. We have not talked about traveling as much as you are doing. We are thinking we will stay in a trailer/5th wheel going between 2 different places. Maybe the Oregon coast in the winter and northern Idaho in the summers. I’m from that area. It’s too early to know but I plan to follow you and the crew in your travels. My husband is very interested in solar so I’ll try to locate the fall 2011 blogs you mentioned to someone.

      Happy and safe travels!

  2. Dear Dedicated Blogger: I know you live a hard life, having to put up with all those beautiful camping sites and a bagazillion folks out here who love ya to death and wish we could be more like you and bombarding you with warm and cozy comments, but honestly, I do not expect to to reply to each and every comment folks make- just mine!
    Hahahahaa! Just joking but seriously, reading your blog and all the comments from folks out there is my days entertainment! Plus when you show us naked dogs with funny wigs do you think I could even stop laughing long enough to tell Chuck what I was laughing at? Girl, just provide me with a couple of blogs a week, the rest of the week, I catch up on all the comments!
    Love that you met such wonderful folks at your first campground in Washington! Thank you Harold and Candy! Sue, the story about Rusty and Timber in their new home was HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY! So glad life is working out for them and for you!
    From a dedicated RVSue Blog reader! 🙂

  3. Alan Rabe says:

    Actually I am a bit amazed you comment on each entry, it must be a challenge. I suspect in the beginning it was easy but I also suspect it has become a challenge. I don’t think anyone I have encountered here would feel slighted in any way if you didn’t respond to everyone of their entries.
    In regards to Harold and Candy, I suspect they are old hippies and found your Karma overwhelming, it out shines the sun. I know I can feel it all the way to here in Va. Beach.
    Best wishes and Enjoy.
    Oh, them hairless dogs, they pretty much when the ugliest dog contest every year. They’re naturals at it.:)

    • Bob says:

      I find it very interesting how your blog and life have evolved since that day you picked up your new home. You obviously were a great teacher and equally so it sounds like you were somewhat burned out. I represented teachers for 40 years and saw so many really good ones who just decided they could no longer deal with the obstacles. They loved the kids but burned out on the bureaucracy.

      There is a lot of teaching in your blog. There is also a lot of effort and planning. You bring out the best in people and you gently nudge us in positive directions. The huge family that evolved with you is a tribute to the good side of humans.

      Thanks for your effort. To some degree it really is a unique form of missionary work coupled with a fantastic travelogue.

      • Yes! Exactly. She teaches me and I’m in my late forties. I think she’s the best of the best and there’s a lot of awful stuff in between teachers and teaching, unfortunately. I know RVSue knows so many (more than she knows) appreciate her and all of her help and guidance.

        Hi Sue! We have limited internet access now but want you to know we’re thinking of you and the crew and wishing ya’ll the very best always!

        When we were getting our limited internet plan, I told Todd “well I need enough to work, check in on RVSue, and see the Bridge and Spike.” He nodded. Oh my gosh, we’re running through it too fast.

        I just read your last post and Rusty and Timber are doing great! Hooray! Cried tears of joy once again.

        Happy to be a member of the huge family.

        Beautiful spot you’re in! Way to go! 🙂

        • Timber n' Rusty says:

          Welllll, My human , that’s Rusty has a AT&T air card with only 5 GB , what ever that is, but Rusty is on this laptop purty good time and he never runs out of his limit ,,,,,,What? Oh nuthin jus looken at the screen, Dad ,,Gotta go ,,,,,,Timber

          • Timber n' Rusty says:

            ps ….. He , my human, Rusty , has a Wilson booster now and boy he has fun getting out in the world and he doesn’t move an inch. ,,,Hey that’s my bone,,, ok I’ll stop lookin at your pc, ,,,jus gimmy my bone back, ,,,,Timber, ,,,Woffff

            • Hey Timber, you sweet fabulous pooch! 😉

              Thanks so much for the heads up. We really need to look into the Wilson! We have a home phone (“home phone connect)” through Verizon so we thought we’d bundle. We get 10 GBs but that’s low for us! I’m doing blogger themes and studying responsive layouts and my Todd is taking tests for his job online.

              Anyway, enough about my woes because they’re really nothing now. It’s probably good because I used to work too much. 🙂

              Why don’t more dogs blog? (clearing throat, Ms. Bridge, Mr. Spike)

              Much love to all the fur kids and their humans!

    • Alan Rabe says:

      Sorry, I meant “Win” not when the ugliest dog contest. They have issues with their teeth, they are usually missing and that is why their tongue hangs out, there is nothing to keep in place. 🙂
      Also that ring of stones in the river is a wadding pool for kids. I am sure someone camps there regularly and they built it for their’s.

  4. Gerri Jones says:

    What a wonderful story!!
    Love that campsite…bet it was hard to leave!! :-

  5. Donna D. (stickhouse in CT) says:

    OMG! I must have belly laughed for a full minute seeing the second dog.

    It was a perfect presentation! I always scroll slowly and read what you write before looking at the photo “The other, not so much…” and there he is! Too funny. I was thinking the first one looked like a dog from Looney Tunes. The second definitely!

    What generous people! But, I think it’s because you give off the right type of energy/vibe/aura. Thanks for today’s laugh.

  6. Glenda says:

    There truly are some amazing people in this world Sue and you just met two of the best!!

  7. Val R. Lakefield On. says:

    Love your new camp. I wish we had those half price senior passes here. Our Provincial Parks knock about $4. or $5. off the rate…bringing it down to about $24 per night. Rusty & Timbers video was heartwarming and as always, I had a lump in my throat watching it. The whole reunion between Rusty & Timber brings to mind a situation we had in our early days of starting our Shelter here in Lakefield. We had a lost cat brought in wearing a collar with a small Georgia tag on it. Sad part was the numbers were too worn down for us too read. cat got adopted but we would have much preferred to reunite it with its owner. I laughed out loud at your description of the hairless dog..:-)
    I must agree, don’t stress trying do daily comments. Don’t want it to become a chore.
    Sue I bet you could write a good book about your time spent on the road..
    Also love the pic of Bridget & Spike together on the seat in the BTV in the previous post.
    So cute.

  8. mockturtle says:

    Sue, you don’t need a Discover Pass. Those are for day use and parking in state parks and do not apply to camping. [WA state parks camping fees are ridiculously expensive, anyway]. Hause Creek and the other wonderful campgrounds along 12 are all NFS and therefore you can use your geezer pass. 🙂

    • Barb says:

      I was traveling Highway 2 and had to use the facilities and I wasn’t to them (or had passed can’t remember) them and came upon a sanikan at a trailhead. It required a Discover Pass. They pop up at the weirdest places. You don’t need them to camp, but some places might be cool to stop at and you might not be able to. Up by us, Dry Falls, Blue Lake, etc you used to be able to pull over and park and fish. Now, a pass is required. Seems like you can’t pull over anywhere in Washington anymore without some type of pass 🙁

      Needless to say, I had to go bad enough, I pulled off really quick and went and then drove off *blush*

  9. cinandjules (NY) says:

    That water looks like it’s raging! Raging cold also.

    Chinese crested dogs are different. People aren’t used to their looks. I too..chuckled when I slowly scrolled down and saw doggie #2. How adorable is that face..tongue and all. You didn’t catch their names?

    How thoughtful of Harold and Candy to give you their annual pass. Good things happen to good people!


  10. Caroline near Seattle says:

    We Washingtonians are known for being aloof, or downright COLD, but your “aura” brought forth the good. What a lovely welcome.
    I hope you enjoy your visit to WA! The Olympic Peninsula is a lovely place to visit if you have good weather. So are the San Juan Islands but the ferry for a camper would be very pricey.
    I doubt you will come to Seattle … our traffic is dreadful but if you do, and you need a place to stay or do laundry or park your rig, let me know. I’m in Redmond about 20 miles east of Seattle.
    I agree with the others . I don’t expect you to respond to every post. If I ask a question I’d like a response but otherwise, you’re too busy being retired.

  11. Mindy Reed says:

    OHHH I’m green with envy…sigh, the PNW photos makes me soooo home sick. But I’m glad you, Spike and Bridgett are enjoying it!!!!

    I’ve never met any Chinese Crested but they sure do look ummm different.

  12. Fred Wishnie says:

    I was surprised to see your friend and his dog on the NBC Phoenix news last night and they credited you for leading to the dog being found. Way to go Sue.

  13. Gayle says:

    The Chinese Crested encounter was priceless! The look on Brigette’s face was rather like “this is a poor excuse for a dog!” They ARE cute, though, in their own phantasmagoric way.

    Just wondering: Can you attach your cellphone to the Wilson antenna to get better cellphone reception? Do you need an adapter?

  14. YAY! for nice people! YAY! for people who would adopt that dog! YAY! for Washington!

    Spike: Where’s your clothes?
    Naked Dog: Where’s your tail feathers?
    Bridget: Where’s your fur?
    ND: Where’s your fancy socks?
    All: *begin singing Imagine in three-part harmony.*

  15. carol from Olympia, Wa says:

    So glad you made it to our wonderful state. I burst with
    pride, that the first folks you met were a wonderful
    example of the kind, helpful generous people i meet
    all the time on the trail. Their dogs were adorable, as are yours.
    Love shines from within.
    Wish i could recomend camping, but im sure your maps and internet
    will provide more info than i can. I regularly camp at DNR. Department of Natural Resouces. 14 days are allowed with a discover pass.
    Enjoy your time here! I so enjoy your blog!
    I too travel alone and ride my horse alone thru the fot

  16. carol from Olympia, Wa says:

    Thru the forest, but i come back to my house each day.

  17. PNW Alison says:

    The multiple pass system is indeed confusing and downright annoying.
    The Discover Pass is required at DNR sites as well as State Parks. There are a lot of DNR sites in WA that you migh want to go to, esp on the Peninsula.
    Your “Geezer pass” I believe covers Nat Park and Nat Forest.
    There is not a lot of BLM land in WA, but there are a lot in Oregon.
    Here is a page that clarifies: http://www.wta.org/hiking-info/passes
    Its oriented to hikers, but at least it’s all in one place.

  18. Cari in North Texas says:

    The last few posts have been just joyous reading for me, causing both tears (of happiness) and laughter. Rusty and Timber being in the national news, your lovely campsites, and now these angels who gave you their camping pass – what a wonderful week you must be having! Karma is definitely working on your behalf – all the wonderful things you have done are now being returned to you, and it couldn’t happen to a nicer person! I wonder how many new readers will find their way to your blog because of Rusty’s story? Welcome, newcomers, this is a friendly, sometimes feisty, bunch, feel free to join in!

    I lived in Bremerton, right outside Seattle, for about 6 months back in the 80’s, and your photos are bringing back memories of the lush lovely environment in that area.

    And Sue, I’m sure none of us expect you to answer each and every comment here, I don’t know of many popular bloggers who do that. Just to know you read them is reward enough for me 😉

  19. Dawn says:

    Lovely post. Lovely people. I was thinking that you run into the most generous people and how odd it was that so many of the people you meet are like that. Then I remembered my days of camping as a kid way back in the 70’s and how everyone was always so friendly and I realize the camping community in general has a higher % of really great people. You being one of them! Enjoy Washington. I’ve never been there and I look forward to seeing it through you.

  20. Barb says:

    I’m so excited you’re in Washington! That forest pass will also get you into Mt. Rainier 🙂 You are in one of the most beautiful areas of our state 😀 I like the comment above about the passes. There’s the America the Beautiful Pass ($80/year) there’s the Discover Pass, there’s the National Forest Pass (which you have now!) They are very generous indeed. I also agree with the people who camp comment. In Quartzsite, Wickenburg and pretty much every where we’ve been that’s been true. Sure look forward to your adventures coming up.

  21. Barb says:

    just to add about the Discover Pass…here’s from the website about them….it’s specifically for state.

    Q. What is the Discover Pass?
    A. The Discover Pass is a vehicle-access pass that allows you to enjoy millions of acres of Washington state-managed recreation lands—including campgrounds, parks, wildlife areas, trails, natural areas, wilderness areas and water-access points. The Discover Pass was created by the 2011 Legislature as a solution to keep state recreation lands open. Revenue from the Discover Pass is intended to replace general fund tax money no longer available to cover the costs to operate state-managed recreation lands.

    • Alan Rabe says:

      So basically during our troubled economic times they found a solution by creating another tax. So when the economy recovers do you think they will repeal the tax. Fat chance right. 🙁

  22. There are so many wonderful people around. Glad you bumped in to a few:) Enjoy the free pass!!

    Spike needs to learn to move in to the water a little further so he isn’t laying in the muddy edge…haha!

  23. Glenda from Glendale says:

    Great pics Sue! Beautiful scenery, funny dogs and nice people. What more could a gal want?

  24. Barb says:

    YAY!!! What nice treats have welcomed you to WA! New friends and a PASS. Hey, we sell them at our office, and I don’t understand them either! I just know, if they are required, you gotta have it. HOWEVER! I have looked at campsites without one… as long as you are just there for a few minutes-and they will track ya down…

    Sue! Are you headed by way of 101? If so, we are in Hoquiam… would love to meet up and say hello. Treat ya to some good chowder or ___? Hugs from Hoquiam! Be Safe!

  25. John fossildreamer says:

    Hi Sue, Phyllis has told you my thoughts completely,,,,
    Would love to make you a great big cake,, I could not believe
    you just finished two years of full timing just 2 days ago…
    WOW WOW how time flys when your having fun……
    Safe travels

  26. Mick says:

    WoW, look at that sitemeter spin!

  27. BuckeyePatti says:

    Thanks for the update on Rusty & Timber. It was cool (pun intended) to see how excited he was to have ice cream in his freezer, an item most of us take for granted. He also looks so much healthier.

    Now back to your regular posts: You have become a bit of a penpal for all of us, but if you choose to answer just one person (ignore Geri Moore-Hajek and answer mine…LOL, just kidding).

    You have created a wonderful “family” of bloggers. We learn much from you and also each other. Thanks for that 🙂

    Patti from Ohio (the Buckeye State…a worthless nut, btw)

  28. AZ Jim says:

    One great thing about leaving a camp you really love is, you can return. Sue don’t be overwhelmed by the kindness of your new friends, they knew a kind person when they met you. Birds of a feather…….

  29. Hi Sue and crew! Thanks for sharing your latest riverside retreat, it’s a good un! Always enjoy seeing a new pic of Spike having a good soak and Bridget dipping her toes in. Got a little chuckle from your descriptions of the visiting canines 🙂

    Enjoy exploring with your new park pass!

  30. mockturtle says:

    I’m quite sure that the Northwest Forest Pass applies only to NFS, which is already covered by the America the Beautiful Senior Pass [‘geezer pass’].

  31. Rattlesnake Joe says:

    I’ve watched the Educational System in our country go from bad to worse for years. No matter how much money is thrown at it…it still sinks and stinks from the government control that deminishes the very system it is supposed to uphold. The New World Order doesn’t want people to be educated, this is part of the secret plan to destroy us. Remember when the last US Marine helicopter left Siagon? The Commies came in and arrested all people wearing eye glasses…then shot them dead. Think about that for awhile. The education we get in this country is Filtered Information, spoon fed to us by the government. We watch TV news but is it real information? We are controlled from birth to death by Big Brother. Teachers have given up because the system is designed to fail intentionally. The US Government is not the peoples friend. The people we vote for are put in place by the Global Elite. Our politicians are just puppets dancing to their tune of World Conquest. Hollywood is the west coasts den of sin just as Washington DC is back east. We are put to sleep by the Entertainment Industry that is government controlled. WAKE UP AMERICA

    • stan watkins says:

      Pass the tinfoil please.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Joe… You know I luv’ ya’ but please don’t turn my blog into a political place. I deleted some responses to your comment because I don’t want a discussion about our government to develop here.

      A lot of my readers come to my blog to get away from the hassles of this crazy world we live in. That’s why I try to keep things on the happy side of the street. I hope you understand.

  32. stan watkins says:

    I don’t know about Washington or Oregon but here in California when you see Adventure Pass Required then just hang up you National park service interagency pass which costs $80 a year but seniors get for a one time fee for life.

    • Barb says:

      different. Discover Pass is State…..National Park pass is national 🙂

    • Barb says:

      Q. Can I use my federal recreation pass to access Washington state recreation lands?
      A. No. The federal pass allows access to National Parks, National Forests, National Wildlife Refuges, and lands managed by the Bureau of Land Management. The passes cannot be used for recreation access to state-managed recreation lands.

  33. AZ Jim says:

    I try hard to think it out before I post but once in awhile I wish in retrospect that we had the ability to delete our own posts. Am I alone in this? Washington is a beautiful state I spent a wonderful three weeks camping in the Wenatchee National forest (off of the Stevens Pass Hwy). One of our sites had a location like Sue always looks for, right by a cool running wide creek. We ate rainbow trout that I wrapped in bacon before introducing them to my hot skillet. That is a great area to camp in. That was a long time ago so I am unfamiliar with that area now but if it’s half what it was, it’s super.

  34. jean/southaven, ms says:

    I had a Chinese Crested named Flash. He was refered to as a Powderpuff. He had beautiful soft curls. His name was Flash because he could run like a Greyhound. He about killed my Yorkie trying to keep up with him. When you looked into his eyes it was like looking at a human’s eyes. He was very sweet.

    Still love your blog, still trying to talk Hubby into traveling when we retire. He is “thinking” about it. He will at least look at RVs now. Be safe

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