“You wanna’ sell your Casita?”

Saturday and Sunday, September 1 and 2 in Arizona

I’m sitting on the porch when a car slows to a stop in front of the house.  A man in his thirties brings down his window, sticks out his head, and hollers a question toward me.

“You wanna’ sell your Casita?”

“NO!  I love it too much!”

This exchange makes me curious.  Online I search for 2011 Casita travel trailers for sale and find a few listed in the $12,000 – $13,500 range.

The Best Little Trailer is worth a lot more than that to me!

It takes me and my crew to wonderful and wide-open places, such as the one in the photo below.

The Best Little Trailer above a pretty canyon in Utah.

Read and see more of this free camp in the April 2014 post, “From Green River to a sweet boondock in the San Rafael Reef.

Pecans, pecans, pecans!

When I first walked the property and saw two pecan trees growing side-by-side, I became hopeful they would prove to be prolific producers.  As you may know, many varieties of pecans require pollination by a compatible, yet different, variety.

Two trees together is a good sign.

I enjoyed the nuts from my two pecan trees in Georgia.  Every fall around Thanksgiving those trees were laden with more nuts than the squirrels and I could eat.  I froze several bags of pecans every year.

Both pecan trees at our Arizona house are young (maybe between 4 and 10 years if grafted, older if from seed, which I doubt) and not very tall.  They’re healthy and promise to give an abundant crop this year.

Okay, calling for recipes with pecans.  Care to share yours?

Roses in bloom again!

Nancy and I are surprised by our rose bushes pushing forth buds and blossoms at this time of year.  Apparently the rain awakens a second bloom.

Since taking the photo above, several more buds open.

It’s fun learning the cycles of plants on the property.

The front door receives a face lift.

Nothing like painting an old, dirty, white door a rich shade of turquoise to improve the looks of a house!  Nancy and I chose the color Navajo Turquoise and we think it’s smashing!

The stucco is cracked below the threshold.  That will be patched. Also a fresh coat of white will be applied to the trim around the door.  A new, black, door handle would be the perfect finishing touch.  That, however, will have to wait.

Let’s close with a few glimpses of Margaret, Reggie, and Roger . . .

~ ~ ~

~ ~ ~

~ ~ ~

~ ~ ~

~ ~ ~



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94 Responses to “You wanna’ sell your Casita?”

  1. Lisa in San Diego says:

    beautiful roses! bet they smell good, too

  2. Barb George says:

    Yowzers! That title scared me!!!!
    Hugs from Hoquiam!

  3. Columbus Calvin says:

    The picture of the Casita is set in a beautiful place indeed.

    I didn’t know that about pecans. I just like the nuts. The roses having a second bloom makes perfect sense, but those of us from other climates wouldn’t think of it.

    Your door came out looking nice indeed. That color really works.

    I’m glad the dogs are still enjoying themselves. It looks as if they thrive in the new setting.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Calvin,

      Our crews are thriving, enjoying regular daily play times.

      Yeah, it’s wise to plant two varieties of pecans. I wrote that these are young trees. That’s comparative to their possible life span of 100 years. Pecan trees are a great addition to one’s property if it’s in a good region of the country for them.

      That boondock is a special place. We camped there more than once. It’s not far from Goblin Valley State Park and a less crowded alternative to its campground (plus no reservation necessary!).

  4. Rain does bring out second and third blossoms on my trees. Of coarse where you live, the temperature is a tad cooler than Phoenix so plants do better. We have pecans along the neighborhood roads near where I live. The city wanted to cut the trees down but we rallied to not have them destroyed. So, the pecan trees still there and anyone can pick the nuts. However most don’t realize they are pecan trees. I use to roast them and then freeze them. I put pecans in breads i.e. banana, pumpkin and other breads, salads, trail mix, and lots of other things i.e. turkey dressing and cookies, etc., etc.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Gosh, rita, you’re making me hungry! Pecans in turkey dressing… I never did that, don’t know why, sounds great.

      My ex-husband loved pecan snacks. I’d spread them out on a baking sheet, drizzle them with butter and honey, and roast them. I had to refuse doing that after a while because he was putting on the pounds. 🙂

      Good for you, saving the pecan trees. It’s good to have pecans growing in places where people can gather them.

  5. Not surprised you received the question about selling your Casita. We’ve been known to ask a neighbor a few blocks up if his Burro was for sale but he said that no, he was going to fix it up. Well, that’s been about 10 years and the poor thing has been sitting there collecting moss–the trailer, not the neighbor. Anyway, every once in a while we’ll see a trailer that has a “NOT For Sale” sign.

    Speaking of trailers, this morning we went to check out a trailer at a local RV lot with the intention of just checking it out to see if the floor plan would work. Two hours later we left with papers in hand and we pick it up Wednesday! It’s a 2019 Jayco JayFlight 154BH. We have been looking at this plan for a couple of years and we were given such a good deal we couldn’t resist. It’s only 17′ long and everything will be NEW! So now we need to plan a trip.

    BTW, LOVE the front door color. It’s gorgeous. We love our red front door but would be inclined to paint it that color if we were in the SW.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Congratulations on the new trailer, Robin! What fun! And right in time for the fall camping season. I know you will enjoy it. 🙂

  6. Joe in TN says:

    Hi, Sue,
    The roses are beautiful! I don’t think of rain when Arizona comes to mind. Have you had more or less than normal? Whatever, keep the flower pics coming. Love the snazzy front door color also. Have a great Labor Day!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Joe,

      A local, long-time resident told me that AZ hasn’t had a “real” monsoon summer in several years. I don’t think this season has been unusually rainy. Just so happens it is raining as I type this. The rains are heavy and short-lived, although the one I’m hearing on the roof at the moment sounds like one of those that might last a while.

      Glad you like flower photos. Happy Labor Day to you, too!

  7. Pamela bohanek says:

    The front door is perfect!

  8. Beth and Rosie dog, Arizona says:

    Love your post today, but I always do. Your front door color is awesome! Good choice!
    Are you planning a short getaway soon or gonna stay put for a while longer?

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Beth and Rosie dog,

      Thanks for approving the door color. I love how cheerful it looks.

      I’m itching to camp! I’m waiting for Labor Day Weekend to be over and also to resolve the rough idle issue on the PTV. (I’ll report on that soon.) Once I’m confident the PTV is in good shape, I’ll hitch up the BLT, toss Reg and Rog into the PTV, and take off. 🙂

  9. Gail from Buckeye AZ says:

    I love the color of your front door, looks so fresh and perky.
    I also like the picture of the three little doggies!
    Nancy’s plants look great on the porch. I live in Buckeye AZ and its much hotter and drier here and you really have to work to try and keep anything alive but having said that I live surrounded by cotton farms with healthy lush cotton plants, wish my plants looked as good as the cotton plants do. I did plant a lot of Hopseed bushes and they are doing terrific!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Gail,

      Hmm…. Hopseed bushes. I’m unfamiliar with those. You’ve sent me off to research.

      Our “fresh and perky” door… That’s a cute description. 🙂

      LATER>>>> I remember Hopseed now! Someone mentioned them previously. I’m glad yours are doing well.

      • Gail from Buckeye AZ says:

        Hi Sue, that was me! I told you about the Hopseed bushes that I put around my yard to block the view of my block fence. They were little then about 3 months ago but are about 3 to 4 feet now, fast growers!

        • rvsueandcrew says:

          I thought it might be you. I’ve learned not to say things I’m not sure about… I mix people up too easily. I remember you writing about your Hopseed. Took me a while…

  10. Elaine Magliacane says:

    What an inviting front entrance to your home, the planters, the lovely door color, and 3 dogs to greet you. We had pecan trees in our yard when I was a child, I LOVE pecans, just raw, two of them in hand to crack the shell and eat them. I never developed a taste for pecan pie (too sicky sweet for me)… but my husband loves it and makes one for himself usually at Thanksgiving or Christmas. I have some ‘Planters’ pecans (store bought) on my desk right now… I eat maybe a tub of them once a week, wish I had a tree for some free ones, but you’re right I’d need two trees not just one.

  11. ValGal (Western WA) says:

    Pecans! What a treasure!!! The rose is precious, too.

    I love the color of your door.

    The pack looks happy. Seems like Marg is fitting right in. I have a soft spot for Westies, so I love her.

    Have a Happy No Labor Day, Sue, Nancy, and all the blogorinos!

  12. Carol in MT says:

    Love the door color. And a black handle will set it off perfectly!!

  13. Barbara (Nashville) says:

    Love the color of the front door. I need so much painting done around here! I want to change my front door too, but the HOA would never allow something so bold and beautiful. I will probably do a charcoal gray with white trim. Still waiting on the HOA to replace the frame around the door as it is rotting.
    My sister will be here the 17th to start painting the rooms as much as possible while she is here. Hubby decided we should just replace the cabinets. We found some really nice ones at a good price installed. Top ones will be white, bottom ones will be a med-dark gray. Think I am going to do a silver color on the walls with some bright art work.

    Love the photos of the pups. Reg & Rog are so cute playing tug of war.
    Wish I had some pecan recipes, but I just eat the nuts mostly. I did make a pumpkin
    cake recipe last fall that has pecans, I will look that up for you.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Barbara,

      I hope you don’t have to paint the replacement cabinets. I think cabinets are the most tedious things to paint, worse than ceilings. Your plan sounds good. I’m glad your sister will help you.

      Your pecan recipe is my favorite! 🙂

      • Barbara (Nashville) says:

        My cabinets are already finished and sealed. They won’t have to do anything except install them. thank goodness. Sister is going to paint ceiling & walls.
        Can’t wait.

  14. Hi Sue, the roses are beautiful. Many of my friends in SE AZ were prolific rose growers. We had one that produced a deep red rose, not a lot but pretty when it did. I love the Turquise door, so bright and cheerful. My best recipe for pecans – shell and eat! 🙂

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Like I told Barbara (Nashville), the best recipe is “shell and eat” the pecans.

      We have a deep red rose, too, and it doesn’t produce many blooms. I wonder if it’s the same as yours.

  15. Cinandjules 🌵🌵🌵🌵 says:

    Fiberglass eggs hold their value…..which is a good thing. I like the older models of Casitas..not to mention things aren’t made like back in the day!

    Wow! I absolutely love the color of the front door! Very very nice!

    The crew + one look great! Reg is so white! Love the look Rog is giving Reg! And sweet Marg is being silly on the pavers!

    Pecans……………sorry no recipes.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Cinandjules,

      Yes, I’m pleased with the prices I’m finding for 2011 Casitas. It looks like the BLT’s market value has dropped about $5,000 since 2011. I’m okay with that. Best $5,000 ever “spent.” 🙂

      • Judy J. in S.C. says:

        We’re amazed how Casitas hold their value. We bought ours used (2004) in ’05 for $10,500. Pretty sure we could get that much, or a little more, if we sold. Which we won’t! Just love our little doll house. I’m always planning the next trip while we’re still on a current one. Travel fever! Wonder why we just. “relax and let go” when we’re away and don’t feel the urge to have to do anything… because we’re camping! We consider that enough activity in itself. Hope all are having a wonderful day, whether home or away.

  16. Geri in the FL panhandle! says:

    I agree with everyone else, the front door looks great! Your house really is becoming a home! What a trip the pups have become! Great friends sharing lots of play and fun!
    Dang, I sure hope your engine problem isn’t serious! Maybe you could ask your roofer who he would recommend as a good repair shop! He seems to have a pretty good pulse on the community there. Had he finished all roof repairs?
    Looks like we are in for a very wet week here and possibly a tropical storm or even (please no🙏) hurricane! 😢
    Y’all take care and remember we love you! 💗

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Geri,

      No hurricanes allowed! Stay safe, you guys.

      The roof is done and the rain is frequent. I have asked a few locals in town where they have their vehicle serviced, which has given me a pretty good idea both who is good and who is to be avoided. I bought some Sea Foam on the recommendation of a blogorino, haven’t used it yet. I’m also going to buy Premium gas next time. The old gal deserves the good stuff after all these years of service.

      I love you, too! Hi, Chuck! 🙂

      • Geri in the FL panhandle! says:

        Now it will be a hurricane by the time it hits here tomorrow!😢😥 I hate Septembers in Florida! Chuck just brought in my grand old lady jade plant! So it will be safe! Say a prayer for us too please!🙏

        • Geri in the FL panhandle! says:

          I hate autocorrect!😠
          The sentence was written to say , “Chuck just brought my grand old lady Jade plant! Sheeeesh!
          Boca Raton is getting hit pretty hard right now.
          This is the 3rd time I have tried to post this! If the other 2 show up, please delete!

        • rvsueandcrew says:

          I’ve been keeping up with reports and thinking of you and Chuck and all the residents of your area who have been through enough already. I pray for your safety. Hug the boys for me!

          • Geri in the FL panhandle! says:

            💗 I need to stop watching the weather channel! They scare me to death! Local news report was totally different! Tropical storm winds start tonight with heavy rain! The local map shows it west of the weather channel map, coming in around Pensacola, not here and IF it strengthens to a hurricane it will be tomorrow night, after it will be passed us!! I like local weather channel better! 💗. Anyhows, we will be fine!

            • rvsueandcrew says:

              You’re right about the Weather Channel. They’re all about creating hysteria. Thanks for the details. Yes, be fine! Love you!

            • Cinandjules 🌵 says:

              The only person that was always spot on was Dr Greg Forbes…with his Torcon. Since he retired..TWC is horrible!

  17. Linda Sand in Minnesota says:

    That second picture looks like Marge just told a joke and Reggie is laughing.

    When you get ready to replace that door handle, think about a lever one, It is so much easier to carry things into the house when you can use an elbow to open the door.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      I see my reply to you disappeared. I’ll try again…

      Hi, Linda! Nancy immediately suggested we get one of those black, lever type handles. They are made in such graceful styles. I hadn’t thought about the ease of opening the door with that type of latch. Good point!

      Reggie does look like he’s laughing at Marg’s joke. 🙂

  18. suzicruzi says:

    Hi Sue, and friends,
    I haven’t been posting, because I’m bummed about my surgery on my hand, for the basil cell carcinoma. It’s not healing well despite my taking care to follow the wound care instructions exactly as written. I’m not patient to begin with, that, and it isn’t healing as well as I’d expected. I’m stuck in a holding pattern until after the holiday, until my doc and his team can look at the photos I’ve been emailing.
    To see our Casita sitting out on the street, not being used, is killing me! I just want to fix her up, finish decorating, create a bit more storage, get my memory foam pad cut to size, and buy new linens. Here I sit- moping. LOL!! Not really, but like I said, I’m not the most patient person there ever was!
    Not only that, but Larry and I came back specifically so he could drive the bus 6 more weeks, and then we’d be done for good. He needed 6 more weeks, to be able to collect his retirement savings. And guess what? The teachers are on strike, and school has been delayed another week now. They will go back to the table Tuesday, and we’ll know more then. Larry was told before it was all said and done, it could be September 15 before he’s back to driving. And of course, his 6 weeks begin then. Well, I needn’t say more. Hence my silence these days. Mom always said, “if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.” Good advice, and it’s served me well all these years. I don’t like to come on forums and bring anyone down! Especially happy forums like yours!
    I’m going to ask everyone to just read, and absorb, and then not comment. It’s all good. “This too shall pass”. Right? 😉 So thanks for letting me whine a tad, and thanks for having a platform for us here, that makes us all feel safe, and cared for in a way that can bring comfort to complete strangers.
    I did like the part about “Is your Casita for Sale?!?” You know, I hear that A LOT from other Casita folks. Hence the signs “NOT for Sale”. LOL Nice to know our little trailers are so desirable, isn’t it?
    Also one more thing: LOVE the turquoise door!! Sea Green, Blues and Turquoise are my favorite colors of all time. It comes from the colors of the ocean where I was raised. I can’t escape that gorgeous blue-green color. Good job on choosing your colors!
    Happy Labor Day to all! xo

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Sorry to hear about your hand not healing well. Hoping that improves. Also the frustrating, excruciating delays! Try to remember that it may turn out to be a blessing that you were held back. A guardian angel may be working hard on your behalf. 🙂

      Thanks for coming by with an update. We take the good with the bad here and we take it in stride. Best wishes for a happy Labor Day!

  19. Lauri C. says:

    That front door makes the porch ROCK!!! Especially with all those gorgeous plants!! I wish I had Nancy’s vision!!

    Back in my twenties I could maintain plants….any more I just don’t have the patience or commitment!!

    I just can’t get over how adorable Margaret is!!! It’ll be interesting to see what role she’ll adopt… alpha? omega? They’re all adorable!!!!


  20. Pat in Rochester says:

    Love the gorgeous color on your door. And pecan trees! I never thought about those. Of course they’d never survive here. Probably a good thing – keeping me from that kind of supply! When my former sister-in-law lived in HI there were coconut trees all over. Crews would cut down the nuts (they were a hazard) and SIL made homemade Almond Joys. Yum. Me – I’m thinking about planting blueberry bushes.

  21. Linda, Molly & MIdgy in Carmichael, CA says:

    I think your front door looks great. I’ve had so many people leave notes on my door or stopped to ask if I wanted to sell my Roadtrek. I always said no. Now I’ve decided I’ll say yes, for the right price. Then I’ll ask for twice its book value and send them on their way. Lucky you’re going to have a crop of pecans. Sorry I don’t have any recipes for you. I have a golden delicious apple tree and have made lots of applesauce for the freezer ( I don’t can) and today I baked an apple pie to take to my kids house for dessert. Love this time of year. Looks like the 4 legged kids are getting along nicely

  22. Gal and a cat in Montana,not Florida says:

    Love the photos! Also news of you gals settling in. Just perfect and so glad it worked like you planned.you sound happy and content. But I feel a little roam with the BLT in the future. I know we are not supposed to know where exactly, but are you south of Phoenix? If you can’t say, ok. Just trying to get an idea. Lol dont worry, no spy me.
    Happy fixing and painting. Looks beautiful.

  23. Jan Johnson says:

    Such cute dog photos. Marg is beautiful! I have long wanted a westie. So great how well they get along. Your guys are so sweet and social.

    Your property has some great existing floors!

  24. Deena in Phoenix says:

    Love the blue pop of color for the door…Yes, lever handles are better…blooming of the roses…lovely…I agree, the conversation between the pups looks enjoyable…the rains came to the south and west of Phoenix tonight, didn’t make it close to me though right now it is 80* at 2AM so I’ve got the arcadia door opened…it smells like rain somewhere…the request for the Casita was to be expected, I guess…they don’t you as well as we do…still lots of life in the BLT and her Mama and Crew!

    Take Care

  25. Laurie says:

    I love the blue door! I painted the door in our previous house a similar color and it really updated the front of the house.
    The pups are so cute and I bet they entertain you and Nancy all day long!
    It is wonderful how quickly dogs settle into a new routine.

  26. MB Dillard says:

    I love your blue door! One day I would love to have a small southwestern style home….with a little courtyard…….and a blue door. Yours is beautiful!

    • MB Dillard says:

      Hi Sue,
      I know you may not see this but I thought I’d just write while I’m thinking about it anyway. The other day I needed a good, relaxing, “spiritual” visualization. I was remembering the post where you found the hot springs and had it all to yourself. Loved that post……….a bucket list experience for sure.

      Have fun with your extended family!

  27. Diann in MT says:

    Good morning, Sue and Crew! Happy Labor Day to all! On that note, this has been a busy summer for getting things done around the house. I have had to hire a couple of companies whose skills and specialties were needed. While I observed their work, I couldn’t help but admire the professionalism, the teamwork, and their efficiency in each case. So, a big shout out to the men and women whose hard work and talent help all of us live happier lives. Professionals who use their hands and hearts to accomplish so much!

    On another note: This summer, I have had a man come up to the house and want to buy it and another, like you, shouted from the street to ask if I wanted to sell my little fourteen foot trailer! Like you, I could have taken their offers, but really, how the heck could I replace so much fun and life experience! Have a good one, Sue and Blogorinos.

  28. Kelly says:

    Love the door color.
    Good to see the 3 doggies getting along so well.

  29. Jean in Southaven, MS says:

    I will be like everyone else and say that I love the front door. In fact, I love what I have seen of the house now that Nancy is there. Looks very inviting and comfortable. Life has a way of taking care of itself doesn’t it. One of the main reasons I would not go on the road is the exit plan. I am afraid I would wind up living on welfare somewhere awful. I guess I am just a chicken now that I am older. I would have done it in a heartbeat when I was young. I left home as soon as I graduated from high school at 17 and have never lived at home again. I am so glad you were adventurous though. I have really enjoyed your adventures and your pictures. I wish you would at least publish a book of your pictures. So many of them are just beautiful. Love the doggy pics and hope your Labor Day is stupendous. Tell Nancy hello and we are so glad to have her on board.

  30. Pauline in Mississippi says:

    I love your front door!!! What a great color. The plants make it all look so inviting.
    Pecans!! Love them!! Wish I had some trees. Pecans cost a fortune in the stores here so I have been buying walnuts instead. I put nuts in salads (great in tossed salads), breads, oatmeal, cereal, even in cottage cheese.
    The crew and Marg look like they are having a good time. Marg is used to being an “only child”. Must be fun having playmates.
    Sending lots of love and big hugs to you, Nancy and the Crew.

  31. Dawn in Michigan says:

    Wow, you had me worried for a minute. I’d miss your adventures, but if you REALLY wanted to settle in one space I guess I’d let you. LOL

    Glad to see Reggie and Roger playing, and all 3 playing together too. I was a little worried that Reggie would end up 3rd on the totem pole and would feel a bit sad w/ the addition of another dog, but it looks like it’s all working out great!

    Our roses in Michigan do a rebloom too, usually when it cools a bit. Yours are beautiful!

  32. Lisa, Dad, Tommie and Buddy in FL says:

    Hi Sue,
    Your front door is a hit! I love the picture of Roger giving Reggie the eye over that tuggy chew toy, and Marg watching daintily on the curb. That Old fashioned rose bush is beautiful, watch for the rose hips. They are very high in vitamin C and make a great jelly (or so I’ve been told) I usually nibble on them fresh from the bush. You talking of Pecan trees has me thinking of adding a couple to our property, something else to research! As for recipes…any recipe that says nut works for Pecans in my book.

  33. weather says:

    It doesn’t surprise me that the BLT has retained so much of it’s monetary value. Casitas are a far better investment than most rvs are. I love your considering it’s worth based on all the great experiences it affords you! One cannot put a dollars and cents price on such things as happiness, dreams come true, freedom, and living surrounded only by nature’s beauty… can they?

    You are so-o fortunate to have already well established pecan trees and rose bushes on your property. Though I usually can make almost anything grow and flourish, when I bought a potted rose plant at a local nursery a couple of years ago it perished despite my efforts. I honestly get more pleasure from what grows here naturally, so probably won’t get any more outdoor plants. A couple days ago I stood on the shore beside a morning glory being blown by the strong wind. Though the lake’s water was being tossed into enormous waves and trees were being bent that flower needed no protection or human care to survive.

    What a beautiful color for your front door! It will look amazing with one of those black, lever type handles. Isn’t it great to have the house becoming lovelier with each improvement?

  34. Susan in Dallas says:

    Your porch is just lovely, so inviting. Since my new back door has to be painted I think I will have the front door done as well. And your choice of colors has inspired me to go with a color I like rather than just the same color as the trim. That should take a couple months of great indecision! LOL

  35. Ozarkjoy says:

    The morning glory is called choke weed in my book. I often damage healthy plants trying to overcome it. I grind my teeth when I see the blue oewhite or pink in or around the garden. Lol.

  36. Ozarkjoy says:

    Did I mention I don’t really like gardening? Just fresh veggies. And it 50 miles to gro..

  37. Elizabeth says:

    Well, how fortunate to have some pecan trees, Sue!! I use them a lot…in cakes, muffins, etc. Especially when I make gluten free cinnamon rolls for my granddaughter who thinks that is just about the best part (I use more than called for, with some yummy butter and pecans along with the coconut sugar in the topping). But most of the time, frankly, hubby and I just like eating them roasted a bit. I put them in my little toaster oven at 300 degrees for about 10 minutes…get them out when you begin to smell them. Tastes so good and is a good treat for those of us with blood sugar problems!!

  38. Ruthie in Fontana says:

    I love the front door, color choice and the two plants beside the door. Hope you get the pecans you desire. They are my favorite nut. I am looking forward to Nancy’s Kitchen recipes. We used to live at a place with avocado trees, coming from Colorado I really had never had avocado’s. But there were two trees side by side. And that’s when I learned it takes two. We got about eight bushels from the trees. The rest on them stayed on the trees until they fell to the ground. I love this blog, thank you Sue for all of your work. ps. don’t sell…

  39. Cynthia in San Clemente says:

    Well, with the exception of Prescott and Flagstaff, I have always thought of Arizona as a brown wasteland. You and Nancy are proving me wrong! The roses and the pecan trees are just beautiful! I don’t think I’ve ever seen a pecan tree, so I’m assuming those oval-ish green things become nuts??? They look more like limes to me, but it’s hard to tell their size. I do love to eat pecans, but it seems like most of my recipes include brown sugar and butter so I don’t bake those kind of things too much anymore. I used to have an “aunt” who was a good friend of our family and a teacher here in California. She was originally from Georgia and used to go home to visit every year around Thanksgiving. She would come back with bags and bags of pecans which my mother gladly accepted for Christmas baking.

    The front porch looks wonderful with the new turquoise door, the green plants and the black and white color scheme. It looks like a lovely place to sit out and have your morning coffee or smoothie and an evening iced tea or margarita!! I would love to have a colorful front door, but we’re in an HOA and have to stick to certain colors. I suppose that’s good so no one can paint their house taxi cab yellow with purple trim, but it does tend towards boring!! When we lived in Laguna Beach we painted our front door a deep eggplant color and it looked awesome against the light grey house color, but then that’s an artists’ community so we probably could have gotten away with almost any color combination!

    I felt the first hint of autumn in the air last night when I walked the dogs – it was the first time since May that I’ve needed to put a light sweater on. Today my wind chimes are singing in a light breeze that is so welcome. I had taken all my hummingbird feeders down in early July because I just couldn’t keep the ants away, and the birds really don’t need them during the summer months when so many plants are blooming. I filled them all up and put them back out this morning and it didn’t take the birds more than an hour or so to start feeding at them again. We’ve been in this house 16 years now and I often wonder if I’m feeding the great, great, great grandkids of my original hummers!!

    Love the photos of R&R playing tug-of-war and Marg walking on the “tightrope” – too funny!

    Sue, any word on Rusty?

    • Judy J. in S.C. says:

      Hi, Cynthia. Just replying about pecans… The “green thing” is the hull. Inside that is the hard, pecan shell. When the pecan is ripe, the hull opens and releases the pecan. Just like a coconut!

  40. Cynthia in San Clemente says:

    Sorry Sue, just saw your comment on the previous blog post. Will wait to hear what you find out. Thank you.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Cynthia,

      No reply from Rusty. I doubt there’s any reason to worry. Trust me on this. To explain further I’d have to say things I’d rather not. It’s nice of you and others to care about his welfare and it would be considerate of him to let you know he’s okay.

  41. Jackie Dolan says:

    Sue I haven’t written in a while. My plans were to be near Arizona in January but life doesn’t always go as planned. My house was damage due to a house fire by arson next door and cost me and my insurance company. I ended up not leaving and stayed behind to repair my house. Life has lots of little twists. I am getting married in December. Hope that we will travel some together if not I plan to travel anyway and he knows this. It is his choice to come along or stay. Only difference it won’t be for as long of times as planned if he don’t come along. I like your new home and love the turquoise color. It is beautiful. I want to paint my door a bold color but can’t decide. Hate the plain white. Glad you and your sister are together and love little Margaret along with Reggie and Roger. They are a precious three kiddos.
    Best Wishes

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      I’m sorry about the damage to your house, Jackie. Arson is a most despicable crime.

      On a brighter note…. Congratulations on your wedding plan! I wish you both much happiness.

      Have fun choosing a color for your door…. 🙂

  42. LeeJ in Northern California says:

    Love the door…so here’s a question for Nancy…. my house is painted a color called manatee grey, it is a lightish gray green. Trim is white and the door and security screen are white. Long front covered porch…I need to paint my front door and security screen both and wanted your wonderful sister’s input! I have white wicker porch furniture with deep red rugs….floor of the porch is porch gray….
    Help! I keep thinking of matching the red from the rugs….too weird or am I on the right path?

  43. Eileen says:

    Such sweet little pooches. Luv the pics.

  44. DeGin says:

    Like everyone, I love the door! And I think the black hardware would be awesome. You guys are really sprucing the place up!

    Here is my mother’s pecan pie recipe:

    3 eggs beaten
    1 cup Karo syrup, dark or light
    1 cup of sugar, white or brown
    2 teaspoons vanilla
    3/4 teaspoon salt
    1/3 cup of coffee cream or canned milk
    3/4 cup pecans, broken
    Mix all and pour over the pecans in an unbaked pie shell. Bake at 365 degrees for 20 Minutes, then at 350 for 30 Minutes.

    I also have a recipe somewhere which I can’t find but when I do I will post, for making crunchy cinnamon pecans for snacking.

    So, my news. Been sorting through all my papers and of course there are things I can’t find, like the title to my house! Not done yet but getting there. I hate it when I can’t find things. Haven’t redone my resume yet but now I have all the data I need to do that at least. Will try to do that in the next week. Been doing various chores to bring money in, like selling my timeshare and cashing in some annuities. I want to accumulate as much as I can. I’m considering moving back to Tulsa where I have old friends and some family, mostly cousins. I’m a little tired of being alone. But not sure yet as I really love AZ. But now I’m planning on going over to Texas in October, then heading up to Tulsa from there for a couple weeks. That gives me a month to get my health in shape and my paperwork done. So I think I’m going to be fairly busy. If I actually do all the things I plan instead of just lounging around reading novels.

    So that’s my story. I’m excited you are going back on the road! Is Nancy ok with staying home alone?

    Hope everyone is doing well! TTFN!

  45. ApplegirlNY says:

    Lovely front door. You and Nancy are a great team. Your house is really becoming a home, especially because it’s filled with the love of sisters and critters.

    We had someone recently ask if we wanted to sell our Casita. We’re in Upstate NY, so when people see it, they go online and realize they aren’t very easy to come by in the Northeast. We had to drive all the way to Indianapolis Indiana (12 Hours each way) to pick up our Casita. Well, that was 5 years ago, and it was one the best things we’ve done. What would we do if we sold it? We couldn’t find anything else that would suit us better and do what we need it to do. So, like you, Sue, we’re sticking with it for the forseeable future.

    Getting our fill of New York tomatoes, early apples and corn. Yummy. We grab it while we can, since those frosts will be here before we know it. Made some fabulous sweet pickle relish the other day with cucumbers that got away from me in the garden. Too big to eat, but perfect for relish. It has such an old fashioned flavor. I served it up with Sunday dinner and it was eaten as a side dish. Everyone took some home. So much fun.

    Take care everyone. I’m not writing as often as usual, but I read all of the posts. I’ll be back more regularly as the weather changes, I’m sure.

  46. ReneeG from Idaho says:

    Gorgeous front door color! Love it! Now you need some Mexican tiles with splashes of that color somewhere else there too. I love the photos of the doggies. So cute!

    I didn’t reply sooner because we took off for the Labor Day weekend. We left after work Friday and found a great spot off a forest service road. It was so peaceful and cool. Highs were in the upper 70’s and low’s were in the low 30’s and upper 20’s! We were nice and warm though with our Heater Buddy! We’ll be heading out later for a longer trip.

  47. rvsueandcrew says:


    We are blessed with another day. Wherever you are, whatever you’re doing, I hope all is well for you. I pray for those of you whose road is rough or uncertain.

    Your comments are fun. Fellow blogorinos and I enjoy hearing from you. Thank you for participating and making this blog a warmer and more interesting place than I could ever make it on my own.

    Bye for now,

  48. Seana in AZ says:

    Happy Tuesday RVSue Universe!

    The door…that color…oh yes..add my 👍 vote to the rest! What a peaceful lanai 🙂

    I didn’t know that about pecan trees and needing two varietals to produce nuts. Not sure about that far south, but up here farmers have to be leary in the spring/early summer. (Guess they produce twice a year here?) The trees will push forth blooms to pollinate then the late april/early May freezes will sweep through and destroy them all, leaving no harvest for the season. 🙁 The roses, on the other hand, I’ve noticed bloom throughout the year, even little buds if it’s warm enough for a week in the winter.

    I agree with the old timer, the glory and strength of the monsoon season has been missing these past few years. I remember being able to tell time by it. The first rumble of thunder was like a chime for the 3 o’clock hour, usually when I just got home from work at the time. Cue Seana sitting on the back porch, watching the shimmering rivers of rain pour down the red rock faces, clinking drink in hand, and beaming uncontrollably with every blinding flash and bone shaking roll of thunder. Ahhhh…memories…

    Speaking of roll, the gentleman asking about your egg may have been the BLT’s way of saying she’s ready to start rolling again 🙂

    Aaaaand now I will be singing Garth Brooks for the rest of the day…..”and the thunder roooooolls, and the thuuuuunder roooooolls!”

  49. A gal in Maple Valley, WA says:

    Macaroon Pie (aka Soda Cracker Pie)

    Mix in a bowl:
    14 saltines, rolled out to crumbs
    12 dates,chopped small
    1/2 C chopped pecans
    1 C sugar
    1/4 tsp baking powder

    In 2nd bowl, beat 3 egg whites stiff and add in 1 tsp almond extract just before finished. Fold egg whites into 1st bowl of dry ingredients, folding only until well blended.

    Pour at once into a well buttered 8″ or 9″ pie dish. Bake in a preheated oven at 300* for 30 minutes. Cool. Serve with whipped cream.

    I also nominate (Mexican) Wedding Cookies aka Russian Tea Cakes using pecans.

  50. rvsueandcrew says:

    Message to those in the path of Gordon…. I hope you are okay!

  51. Jodee Gravel says:

    Love that door!! Great to see the kids are still getting along so well.

  52. ReneeG from Idaho says:

    I’m anxious to read the next update on Sue’s trip out and Nancy’s progress on the house.

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