The crew’s dilemma and a nagging question about the Best Little Trailer

Monday, May 13, at home in Arizona

Sleeping on the new mattress is like dreaming on a bed of rose petals.

Aren’t these roses exquisite?  Someone please tell me… Are these floribundas?

Okay, so the new mattress isn’t exactly made of rose petals.

But I am pleased with it.  Very pleased.  I put it to the test this past week.

You see, on Tuesday I pulled a muscle in my back or had a muscle spasm or whatever.  The back pain pretty much made it impossible for me to do much, other than sit on the porch reading, watching the boys play, and listening to the birds, or go take a nap.

Lots of naps on the new, queen-size, “medium firm” mattress.

“Reggie, help me show the readers how comfortable the bed is.”

Let me tell you . . . 

This new mattress arrived just in time.  When the ache in my back became too much to ignore I simply eased onto the bed.  Within a minute or two, blessed relief!

“Ooh, stretch out those back muscles.”

By Thursday the pain is mostly gone.

It would be completely gone if I would stop stirring it up again.  There’s so much I want to do around the house that it’s tough to sit around doing nothing!

“Gee, Reg. Don’t overdo it. Oh, here comes Roger . . . .”

The photos in the post show our new bed frame.

The traditional style influenced furnishings for the rest of the room. More about that in another post.

You may recall that the bed frame came from the thrift store ($80) and needed sanding and painting.  Took me a while to get the work done.  I like the way it came out.

I was concerned that Reggie and Roger might not be able to jump high enough to get on it, even with the frame set at its lowest level.

The boys’ typical reaction when something makes them happy — Start a play fight!”

The height did turn out to be daunting for the crew.

Roger jumped up on it one time and, in spite of his success, he refused to do that again.

The white, embroidered coverlet? $6, thrift store.  Or maybe it was $4.  I don’t remember.

Reggie tried jumping up and almost made it.  He hung on the bedspread in desperation until I boosted him over the top.

Not good.  Hmm . . . what to do . . . . 

These two best-friends-forever do everything together.

To assist, I set up a hassock at the foot of the bed.  Ugly.  Oh, well.  At five dollars it’s a lot cheaper than purchasing dog stairs.  Plus there’s not a lot of room in our little bedroom and it’s easy to move out of the way, if need be.

Reggie demonstrates how to use the hassock to get up on the bed. He learned very quickly.

Still a problem:  Roger refuses to use the hassock!

He also refuses to jump up on the bed again from the floor.  With my back out-of-whack I can’t lift him.  I wouldn’t lift him anyway because, you know how it goes, do that once and that’s what’s expected from now ’til forever.

We had one bad night with Roger whining from the floor.

Whenever I tried to position him in front of the hassock and guide him up and over, he acted like I was involving him in a nefarious plot against him. He actually ran and hid under the bed!

This, after watching Reggie hop happily from floor to hassock to bed!

“You’re a frustrating little goofball, Roger.  Not you, Reg.  Well, not at the moment.”

Anyway . . . .

Days pass.  My back is better!

Roger now lets me set him on the hassock (my one concession which I may regret) and he jumps the rest of the way.

Notwithstanding the antics of Reg and Rog, our bedroom is a restful retreat.  I love how the light glows through the curtains each morning.

Orientation of a house, like an RV at camp, makes a big difference in atmosphere. This window faces the sunrise.

More about décor in a future post.

~ ~ ~

Something on my mind lately . . . .

About two weeks ago I carry the 8-foot ladder over to the big mesquite in the back yard.  A branch has grown too close to the Best Little Trailer.  As I work with a pruning saw, a thought occurs to me:

Is it time to give up the BLT?

She’s sat here for a year.  That’s not good for her tires.  She needs a wash and wax.  Why haven’t I gone camping with her?  Maybe it’s time to let her go . . . .

Hey . . . What about a van equipped for camping? Would that be more suitable for the crew and me, now that we have a home?  A van I would use as my only vehicle?

Readers, please help me out here.

What are your thoughts on this?


NOTE:  A while ago a blogorino asked:

“Do you use the BLT’s propane tank for your Blackstone griddle?”

I didn’t reply right away and lost track of the location of the question in comments.  The answer is yes, I do.  I unhooked one of the BLT’s tanks and set it under the table where I use the griddle on the covered patio. — Sue

~ ~ ~


Do you like the bedroom curtains?  I’m delighted with them!

Available from Amazon, they are sold packaged as a set of two panels and aren’t expensive, as far as curtains go, that is.  White semi-sheer with a floral pattern embroidery, they let in light yet provide needed privacy (The window faces the street.).  The curtains are held in place with tension rods.

Opening the curtains on another beautiful day in Arizona!


AmHoo Floral Leaf Embroidery Semi Sheer Curtain Rod Pocket Voile Sheer Curtains Set of 2 for Living Bedroom Window Treatment (White, 53 x 63 Inch)

~ ~ ~


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