Slipper thief, tow vehicle tune up, and creating an inexpensive breakfast nook

Friday, March 15, at home in Arizona

Roger has a new thing.

When he’s in a playful, happy mood, he grabs one of my slippers and carries it around the house, head held high.  Cute as heck.

He doesn’t harm the slipper; that’s not the point.

Of course, I can’t know exactly what’s going on in his little noggin, but I do get the feeling that possessing my slipper and being allowed to strut around with it in his mouth is his way of proclaiming . . .

“See, everybody?  She belongs to ME! And I belong to HER!”

(I wish I had a photo.  One of these days I’ll catch him with my camera.)  The other day I open the patio door to let the boys outside and Roger comes around the corner carrying my slipper.  He zips past my legs!

“Roger!  You little devil!”  I holler after him in my mock-angry voice.  “Come back with that!”

Obviously delighted with his prank, he keeps on going around the corner of the house.

I hope he doesn’t bury it.  I like those slippers.

Later . . . . 

“I found it, RVSue!  It’s over here!”

“Thanks, Reg.”

Roger shows very little interest and doesn’t pick it up.  Maybe he’s pretending he had nothing to do with the wandering slipper?

~ ~ ~

Finally the PTV gets attention!

Those of you who have read this blog for several years know that the Perfect Tow Vehicle is a reliable, trusted vehicle.  Since her purchase in April of 2011, she has hauled me, my crew, our stuff, and the Best Little Trailer over 74,000 miles.  (Odometer today: 182,737 miles.)

Many of those were hard miles, rough or steep, yet she hardly complained.  Oh, one time she threw her serpentine belt going down the interstate in Montana, but, gee, that’s forgivable.

Who hasn’t, when under pressure, come loose and let it fly?

Several months ago . . .

The PTV wasn’t starting and running well.  This was after a transmission rebuild, which was troubling.  Happily I report that the passing of time cured whatever ailed her.  I’m guessing it was my fault.  I let her tank sit almost empty during the heat and heavy rains of Arizona monsoon season. Probably condensation in the tank.

Anyway. . . .  

The ol’ gal goes in for her tune-up.

The mechanic discovers the oil pressure switch is leaking so that is added onto the job.

8 spark plugs: $81.60 and spark plug wire kit: $87.98 , also one air filter: $14.79. Labor: $224.00

Oil pressure switch-gauge:  $90.01  Labor:  $24.00

Shop supplies:  $11.16

Total bill with tax comes to a little over $550.00.

~ ~ ~

Something for you homies . . . .

A few items from the thrift shop create a pleasant place to eat a meal while watching the birds through the window.  The next photo shows how the morning light floods the room.

  • Grey table with drawer (top needs repainting): $10
  • Metal chairs:  $12 each (perfect condition)

  • Place mats:  25 cents each
  • Bowl from Portugal (handpainted):  $2.00

  • Curtains (4 panels, crewel embroidery on linen):  $12.00 for all

Total cost:  $48.25  and I love it!

~ ~ ~

Is it time to put the Best Little Trailer on the road again?

I’m toying with the idea.  I want to go and yet I want to stay.   A few days ago I inventoried the BLT’s interior, did some cleaning, and brought out a few things from the house.

I’ll get her set up for travel and then see how I feel about heading down the highway.


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