A good camp is an easy camp

Wednesday, April 12

We passed the 15-day camping limit on the Sand Mine Road mesa.  Reggie and I pack up, hitch up, and pull out.  It’s just as well we leave now because the waste tanks need dumping.

A few miles south on Route 95, we turn into Valley of Fire State Park.

It’s about 9:30 a.m. and a sign declares the campgrounds are full.  I stop the Perfect Tow Vehicle at the entrance booth.

“I’m not interested in camping, but I would like to use the dump station.”

Entrance Booth Guy takes my $10 for the dump fee and shows me a map of the park, pointing out that the dump station is near the entrance to the campgrounds.

I only take these few photos of the park.

Not that there aren’t plenty of great shots!  Signs prohibit pulling off the roadway, except at places designated for photos.  Also, stopping in the roadway is a no-no.

This morning I’m on a mission to move camp, it’s going to be a scorcher of a day, and there’s no time for stopping for photos or traipsing around rocks.  Already the heat is building.

I find the dump station and set about the task.

I recall the first time I dumped tanks.  What a big challenge for me!  My original crew and I were camped at Brantley Lake State Park in New Mexico, having recently picked up the Best Little Trailer from the factory in Rice, Texas.

On the way out of the state park, I pulled into the dump station. (See the post about it here.)

I was glad no one was around to see me make what I figured would be a horrible, embarrassing, stinking mess.

Turns out the dumping went perfectly that day, giving me, a newbie, a boost of confidence going forward.  Now I dump tanks as methodically as any other routine task.

Funny how stuff seems daunting — like hitching up a trailer — until one learns how.

I also dump a bag of trash into a receptacle before we leave Valley of Fire.

April to May is the toughest time of year to plan camp moves.

Of course, any moves depend upon weather.  Right now places to the north of us are experiencing overnight lows in the 30s and 40s, even though daytime temperatures are pleasant.

If Reggie and I were the type to sleep until ten in the morning or so, those lows wouldn’t be  a deterrent.  However, I’m a morning person and Reg is a morning dog.  We’re usually out from under the covers by 6 a.m.  That means about four hours of shivering or we stay inside with the heater on.

We like to be outside!

I’m antsy to move toward our summer travels.  It’s tempting to take off with a whole lot of enthusiasm and not much caution.  No, we will stay in southeastern Nevada a little while longer, where the elevation is low and the days and nights are warm.

Our new camp will be Stewart’s Point.

A few days ago, when I felt in the mood for a drive, Reggie and I explored Stewart’s Point for the second time.  A previous exploration was cut short because it was so dang hot.

After making the decision to camp there, I stock up on groceries and water in Overton because Stewart’s Point is about 17 miles away from town.

Anyway . . .

In short, here’s what happens . . . .

Well, maybe not so short.

I don’t want to be at the water’s edge because day people will walk through our camp or an RVer will park close.  Up on a bluff is better for Verizon signal anyway.

I look and I look.  This being Easter Week, all the good spots are taken.

I jerk around for two hours or more trying to find and set up a pleasant camp. 

I walk a road with Reggie.  After that he’s hot and tired, so I leave him in the PTV with his water dish while I walk another road.  I maneuver the BLT into a campsite.  The ground isn’t really ground; it’s white rock.

Man, the heat coming off this rock . . .

I try another spot on red dirt. 

I position the BLT and get out, imagining us camping in this spot.

Not as hot, but UG-LEEEE.  We don’t camp in ugly!

A third spot seems promising, although unlevel.  The heat is wearing me down and I’m losing patience so I don’t inspect the site the way I usually do.  I seesaw back and forth in order to position the BLT so the door/refrigerator side is shaded in the afternoon and we’re not facing neighbors when in our outdoor room.

I get out to check the levels.   That’s when I notice the broken glass, dog poop, cigarette butts, and other trash all over the place.

Damn!  I’m in no mood to rake an entire campsite and bury dog poops!

I slide behind the wheel of the PTV and turn to Reggie.

“Ya’ know, Reg?  This is stupid.  I had a feeling when we came down that washboard road that this wasn’t going to be a good camp.  I should’ve listened.  And you know what else?  The views are gorgeous but this place doesn’t feel right. If it takes this much trouble to set up camp, it’s not meant to be.  Let’s go!”

We rumble out of Stewart’s Point . . .

. . . and return to Poverty Flats!

In the past few days many RVers have left the area, and the upper mesa, which I prefer, has plenty of open spots.  My spirits rise as I pull into a site we enjoyed previously.  Even though today’s temperatures are 90 degrees and above, a breeze wafts across our campsite.

What a difference!

I set up our outdoor room and, wouldn’t you know, here comes somebody!  It’s the guy I told you about, the one whose truck and fifth wheel crashed and burned coming down a mountain.

“Welcome, back!” he calls out to me with a big grin.  “I thought that was you pulling in here!”

I set up an extra chair and we sit together in the outdoor room. 

Reggie jumps into his lap and lies down contentedly while we catch up on our news and share a few laughs in the cool, late-afternoon breeze.



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97 Responses to A good camp is an easy camp

  1. Sudy says:

    Good morning, Sue

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Good morning, Sudy! CONGRATULATIONS! YOU’RE FIRST!

      What’s going on in your part of the world? 🙂

  2. milliehubbard says:

    Looks like Sudy is 1st – Congrats!!

  3. eliza says:

    I’m so happy you are back at Poverty Flats! I don’t have any idea why, but I am.

  4. Elizabeth in WA says:

    Glad you found a nice breezy spot, Sue and with a view!! The little nudges inside are best listened to, I have learned in my life!! Happy trails!!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Thank you, Elizabeth! I thought I had learned the same lesson. I usually do listen to those feelings.

      I even look for “signs” when I drive toward a new camp… mostly the birds. A road-runner or quail scurrying across the road in front of us or a raven cruising overhead assures me that a good camp lies ahead. I know, superstitious…. yet it does prove true!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Oops! I forgot to say….. GOOD JOB! THIRD PLACE TODAY!

  5. Welcome back home. Ha. Just climbed out of the pool at the gym checked email. My treat for a good workout this morning…your post. Have a good one!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Marilyn… Thanks for the welcome home! Your morning does sound fine. 🙂

      I really like the name of your town — Golden Valley. Reminds me of the grasslands glowing gold at sunset….

      Ha! You have a good one, too!

  6. Pauline in Mississippi says:

    I totally agree with Eliza…”I’m so happy you are back at Poverty Flats! I don’t have any idea why, but I am.” 🙂
    Enjoy your weekend. Happy Easter
    Love to you and Reggie

    PS….hmmmm no Math box… hope this posts

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Pauline…. I removed the CAPTCHA math box to make it easier for folks to enter here. Of course, I see spam collecting in my spam folder again which means I may have to bring it back if I can’t clear it out fast enough. Tech is such fun… 🙁

      You have a happy Easter, too, Pauline. Love to everyone!

  7. Kim in PA says:

    I’m glad you found a campsite that feels right for you and Reggie.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Kim… How nice of you to say so! I hope wherever you are today, wherever you go, also “feels right” for you. 🙂

  8. Nancy in California says:

    That is funny Eliza! The 1st thing I thought was “oh good, Sue is back at Poverty Flats”! I think it makes me happy that Sue is in a place that she enjoys and not in some crummy poopy campsite!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Too funny, Nancy! Gee, maybe I should have titled this post, “No crummy poopy campsite for us!”

      Blogorinos are so sweet today… Happy for us being happy. *sigh* Counting my blessings…. You be happy, too, Nancy.

    • eliza in illinois says:

      and they say misery loves company. in this case, it’s happy loves company. i don’t mean “real” company though. just virtual company.
      again, thank you to Sue for sharing.

  9. Renee from Idaho says:

    Well, I’ll be. I’m in the top 10 today!

    BTW – I agree on setting up. If it’s not easy, it’s not meant to be and if you end up staying like we have because of the time we spent, we never go back and forever in our minds is etched a bad camp!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      You’re right, Renee. It is very tempting to keep trying and eventually settling for a camp that’s not quite right just because you put so much effort into it. And then you end up with a disagreeable memory of the place.

      Maybe one of these years we will go to Stewart’s Point and find an easy camp that we will love. Others have camped there and report they had a wonderful stay.

      You know how real estate people point out what’s important — “Location, location, location.” Well, that’s true with RVing, but I’ll add another very important element. . . .

      “Timing, timing, timing.” 🙂

  10. weather says:

    Yay! Yippee! Woo Hoo! We lo-o-ve Poverty Flats! Gosh, I hope you are having a perfectly wonderful time there. Being near the pretty water in your photos isn’t worth being in sites you don’t like and can’t enjoy. “this place doesn’t feel right” says all that needs to be said. Good for you in listening to your instincts and moving your home onto the magnificent mesa again.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      What makes a good camp great? Having weather hoop and holler with delight about it, that’s what! Haha!

      The Magnificent Mesa… Gosh, I thought I’d never come back here again. It became crowded and unpleasant before and I became discouraged. Returning and reclaiming the camp we had before is also a delight. And how wonderful that blogorinos share the positivity! I admit I wondered if I’d hear “Oh, no, not the same-o, same o.”

      The BLT’s angle is slightly different in response to the sun’s position. I opened the door this morning to the rising sun directly in view. A sweet moment of contentment…

      I hope you have those moments today, too!

  11. Val R. Lakefield Onario says:

    Glad you are back at an enjoyable camp. So annoying to think people have the privilege of free camping spots yet are too lazy to clean up after themselves.
    We don’t have it quite as warm here at the moment, but happy that the loons are back & ice is gone.
    I loved the cute pic of Reg in your las post. Wish you could put a short video of him on here.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      The loons are back! That must be a thrilling moment, Val. 🙂

      Maybe I will do a video one of these days. Perhaps when Reggie gets acquainted with a live-in girlfriend? Wouldn’t that be fun to see!

    • Retiredcajunlady N Louisiana says:

      Val, I had the very same thought as I read Sue’s post! What kind of person would leave such pretty place with litter and poop and garbage instead of cleaning up after themselves? And I do so agree about a short video of Reggie!

  12. Geri, Florida panhandle! says:

    I will join the crowd and say I am happy to see you back at Poverty Flats where the breeze makes the heat tolerable! Did you notice that 5th wheel in the last photo? Looks just like The MotherShip! LOL!
    Our local no kill humane society just rescued animals from a pet hoarder! Sad story, over 30 cats and 15 dogs, all in very poor health! They put out a call for volunteers and Chuck will be going up later to see what he can do to help. They are totally overwhelmed! They are also in need of some financial help! If you would permit it, I would like to ask if any of the Blogerino’s would like to donate some money, no amount is too small, anything right now will help with buying all the extra food and medical needs for these poor animals! If you say it’s ok, I will post the address after your response. Thank you!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Go ahead, Geri, and post the address or link to the humane society. You and Chuck are good to want to help these poor animals.

      NOTE TO ALL: I’m making an exception here for the situation Geri describes. If I allow others to ask for support for their favorite charity, I expect I’d soon be overwhelmed trying to verify the honesty of each “charity” appearing here. Like I said in a previous comment, spam is flowing into my blog. Therefore, no more requests please. Thanks for understanding my policy on this.

    • Geri, Florida panhandle! says:

      Exact numbers, 55 cats and 17 dogs! OMG!

      • Chuck Hajek says:

        Hi Blogarinos!!! The address of the Humane Society is:
        Franklin Co Humane Society
        Attn: Karen Martin Director
        244 Hwy 65
        Eastpoint, FL 32328
        Thanks for ANY support, we are in a sparsely populated county and this is almost a 6-9 month quantity of animals in one night and yes, we are a no kill facility.
        Thanks Sue!!!

        • rvsueandcrew says:

          You’re welcome, Chuck and Geri!

          Folks . . . .To view the website for Franklin County Humane Society, follow this link. You can donate by PayPal or credit card at the website.

    • Geri in the FL panhandle! says:

      Franklin County Humane Society
      Karen Martin, Director
      244 Highway 65
      Eastpoint, Florida 32328

      If you want you call to verify:

  13. Jean in Southaven, MS says:

    Hi Sue, I could feel the frustration as soon as I read the first of your blog today. I am glad you found a good camp. At least you got a couple of errands done while you were out getting frustrated. Now you can enjoy your new camp for awhile without having to worry about tanks and water and trash and other everyday things.

    My husband and I have settled on a retirement date. We are retiring May 1, 2018. Just one more year. We haven’t gotten so far as to decide to go full time or not, but we are going to at least go every winter somewhere warm. We will see about anything else as we go.

    Have a good Easter and be safe and happy. Thanks for taking us along. “Have a good One!”

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Thank you, Jean. I wish the same for you and your husband!

      Retirement coming in one year — How exciting! I look forward to the day I can congratulate you!

  14. Pat from Mich. says:

    That’s just too funny. All that work to find a new camp and you end up back where you come from. Does that start you on a new 15 days? If you can’t find what you want, go back to one that pleases you! That just makes good sense. Don’t you just wish the slobs would stay home though? Glass and dog poop – ugh! Well, I’m glad you are settled in at a good spot!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi Pat…. I wasn’t very clear about the camps. Yesterday Reggie and I left our boondock on the mesa that is near Poverty Flats but it isn’t part of Poverty Flats. The camp was off of Sand Mine Road and that area has a 15 day camping limit.

      Poverty Flats, on the other hand, does not have a camping limit. That is the camp we returned to. I had moved off of Poverty Flats previously (and then we went of Las Vegas Bay) because we lost our privacy with all the snowbirds piling in on their way north. Now there are much fewer here and it is a pleasant camp again!

      Yeah, the slobs will always exist. Usually I clean up after them but in this case it was too darn hot and I was ready to get out of there.

  15. ApplegirlNY says:

    So glad you’re easy and breezy. You’ve chosen a lifestyle so that you never have to settle for ugly and poopy. LOL You’ve got the right attitude.

    OK, so I no longer see a click to shop Amazon place anywhere on the blog. There are several items listed on the right hand side of the page – Camera, benchmark, Bridget’s car, outdoor mat. Are those the links? I don’t see any below. I ordered some grow bags/pots. Did they show up? If you’ve addressed this already, let me know and I’ll go back and hunt down the answer. Thanks!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Applegirl,

      I’m asking RVSue shoppers to enter Amazon through the ads at the bottom of the post during the month of April. Amazon grants a much larger commission for any purchases made after entering through those ads (See the intro below my THANK YOU FOR SHOPPING AMAZON FROM MY BLOG.)

      I have temporarily removed the search box, the sidebar links, and the link at the top right in order to encourage people to use the ads at the bottom. Thanks for asking about this!

  16. Pat from Mich. says:

    I wonder if I will ever get in the top 10 again? I think the blog takes longer to reach my computer in Mi. I’m glad to read it whenever it arrives. You are my bright spot in a usually gloomy day Sue. I don’t mind the captcha, especially if it keeps spam out of your site. Hate those stupid spammers.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Thanks, Pat, for your patience with CAPTCHA. I expect I’ll have to re-install it after a while.

      New posts are sent in random “bursts” of about 30 emails. I’m not sure how that works exactly, but, you’re right, on any given post, it’s not fair. Oh, well!

      It’s really nice to know my blog is a “bright spot.” I’ll try to keep it that way. 🙂

    • Hi, Pat,
      It takes too much longer to reach my computer in Japan. 🙂 Two days because of the Pacific Ocean!?
      I will never ever get in the top 10!

  17. Dawn in NC says:

    So great to hear an update from you Sue! I want to say that I appreciate all of the work that you must put in not only to keep this blog running, but to fix all of the glitches as well. Thank you!

  18. Pat from Mich. says:

    And pics of Reggie are always welcome. He is over the top cute!!!

  19. carlene in the central Nevada desert says:

    I’m with Weather… Yippy… I felt that way yesterday when I left the Carson City area… needing to head south to take care of some business… ended up at a place I’d stayed at last month heading north…LOL. the wind drove me to stop… I just hope it quits by tomorrow because I do have a schedule… wow schedule… that’s just not right!

    I’ll be heading north in to southern Utah in a few weeks… hoping the spring breakers will be gone.

    Thanks for the up date and I might be in the poverty flat area on my way NE leaving Vegas… of course it’s also about privacy… I’m alone where I am with a river view… amazing how things work out. Happy Travels!

    Carlene and Corky

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Carlene . . . .Driving in wind can be treacherous and usually it’s annoying. Good move to stop and wait for another day. Enjoy your view and Happy Travels to you and Corky!

  20. Dawn in MI says:

    I’m glad you’re at Poverty Flats too. Seems like a good place. Hmmmm…a live in girlfriend for Mr. Reggie? I guess he’s all grown up isn’t he! He’d get to show her the ropes just like Miss Bridget showed him. That would be nice when you find the right match.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Dawn… I haven’t looked for another crew member since coming to Overton. There isn’t a shelter in town. I’ll try again soon and maybe we’ll find her. 🙂

  21. Retiredcajunlady N Louisiana says:

    Oh, I was disappointed with your description of trying to find a site at Stewart’s Point, especially when you described the “mess” you found! Folks that live pigs!..no disrespect to the pigs (animals) meant. The photos of the lake were lovely. But…
    You got to return to Poverty Flats!!! And the tanks are emptied and the shopping is all done, so you and Reggie can just relax and enjoy all the pretty around you.
    Having enjoyed every blog post over the years, I know you don’t do ugly when it comes to location!!! Whereas some sites have been more impressive than others, they have all been pretty–each in their own way! And you always capture the beauty in your photos of each site.
    Take care of yourself and Reggie. Have a blessed and peaceful holiday weekend! Belly rubs, hugs, and prayers, as always!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Retiredcajunlady…. All the other campsites at Stewart’s Point that I investigated weren’t trashed like that one. I think it was because that campsite was near where a lot of day use people come and go. I’ll probably make someone angry by saying this, but I’ve noticed that the people who trash campsites are more often the young party people, whooping it up on the weekend. The typical retired RVer is less likely to leave a mess. There are exceptions, of course, to every group. And people learn and change. At least some do.

      Thanks for the kind wishes, rjl. I wish the same for you!

  22. Karen from Ft. Wayne says:

    Hi Sue,
    That sure is a beautiful picture on your header photo. I lived in Arizona when I was in my twenties and I sure miss the mountains and the beautiful sunrises and sunsets. I imagine with the holiday weekend there are going to be people all over the place. When I used to camp all the time I couldn’t believe how people were practically on top of one another, not my idea of a fun or relaxing weekend. Many times I would just turn around and head home. I’m glad you found a good spot to get through the Easter weekend.
    Take care,

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Karen. . . . . This being Spring Break week and Easter weekend coming up influenced my return to Poverty Flats. It’s not a good practice to travel to a new camp in a new area on the cusp of a holiday weekend. Poverty Flats is familiar and it’s not a place that draws those who like wild parties. We’re a pretty sedate bunch on this here mesa! 🙂

      Quite a change for you, comparing Arizona and Indiana. The sunrises and sunsets of Arizona tend to stick in one’s memory. 🙂

      I appreciate your nice note, Karen. Have a great weekend.

  23. Pookie and Chuck in Todd Mission Tx says:

    decisions, decisions………sometimes I just hate to make them
    scared I will make the wrong decision……….but thats me…
    you handled it just fine……
    thanks for the post
    chuck and pookie

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      You’re welcome, chuck and pookie!

      When I get like that, unable to make a decision, I tell myself that NOT making a decision IS a decision. 🙂

      Have a great weekend!

  24. Mush says:

    Oh my you aren’t kidding. Yesterday was a scorcher in Vegas. I arrived Tuesday and spent the entire day on Wednesday resupplying from my 6 weeks away from the coach. The sweat was dripping from every pore as I hauled the groceries in. Then I had to convince myself to go back out and return the rental car. Let’s just say that was a painful bill to swallow. 38 days in a rental and away from my home was no fun, but I a happy to report that I am back in my home while the remaining repairs are being done. Blowouts are NO fun😩

    I too am happy for you! My next stop is Government Wash, which is one of my very favorite places to be. No telling when that might happen, but it gives me something to look forward to.

    Hope you are enjoying a nice breeze up on the mesa today (like we have in Vegas). Much nicer than yesterday 😎

    • Mush says:

      Totally right about not making a decision being a valid decision. I had to tell my repair shop this week that I chose not to make a choice at this time. They removed a piece of ceramic tile and cannot find a replacement. Now the whole floor has to be replaced and I just don’t have the energy to chose a tile AND be out of my home for two more weeks.

      • rvsueandcrew says:

        Cynical me…. I’m wondering if they can’t find a replacement tile because they want to replace the entire floor. (Bad RVSue! Bad!)

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Mush,

      I must be missing something… “38 days in a rental and away from my home”… because of a blow-out? You must have other work done as well. Sorry about the painful bill.

      Yes, it is windy on the mesa today! Doesn’t matter to us because Reggie is taking naps and I’m online, catching up on things.

      • Mush says:

        Big difference between the flat tire I had last year and the catastrophic tire failure = blowout in February.

        I could see the pavement under the coach from inside in two places! It completely ripped out my solar wiring and destroyed some of the plumbing. Plus a bunch of other lovely challenges. All in less than 15 seconds, oh my!

        Today is day #41 at the shop, but I am just glad to have my home back! Even if it is stuck in a parking lot 😉 next to the very loud speedway. Gratitude certainly is strange.

        As for the tile replacement, I really like this shop and they did wonders with the damage I did to my fiberglass endcap last year. I drove 300 miles back to Vegas from the Indio area to have BRC do the work, because I trust them. As for the cynicism, I was in the same boat until I started looking for a match to the 21-year-old tile. Forgettaboutit – not happening.

        I am an optimist and hope they had the best intentions when they ripped out the tile. Regardless, they will not be doing the work, because I have a guy up in Utah that will do it and still let me stay in the motorhome. I’m not up to 2 more weeks away from the coach.

        Like Reggie, Teena Kitty and I enjoyed the much cooler day and napped off and on throughout. Did I mention how happy I am to be home and in my own bed?

  25. Kathy N in Michigan says:

    Happy to hear that you found a place before the holiday. After April, would you re-consider the Amazon link at the top of the page. I know I am lazy about scrolling down to the pictures and I often open the blog just to get to the link. Relax over the weekend and thank you for taking us along on your journey.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      You’re welcome, Kathy. Yes, I plan to put that link back up there. 🙂 Have a pleasant weekend!

      I should add my appreciation for you shopping Amazon from my blog….. THANK YOU!

  26. Linda-NC says:

    That one showed up! I have been trying and my post never showed up. I know that you have been having problems with the blog, but is the math supposed to be gone? This is the third time-worked like a charm. Anyway, I have been enjoying your posts.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Yes, the math problem is supposed to be gone. I deactivated CAPTCHA. I think the last time you tried, underneath a previous post, you thought it didn’t go through, but it did. Comments are opening and loading very slowly for some readers. I don’t know why. Wait to see if a comment appears. I’m sorry for the annoyance, Linda, and I appreciate you not giving up. 🙂

  27. Glad you and the Reggometer didn’t camp at the bad camp and glad your back at Poverty Flats, ,, yes we saw my Doc for the year yesterday and now we are camped nere Walnut Canyon National Monument 9 miles East of Flagstaff and thinking which way to go this year, love the way we went last time, but my Brother, Friend and his Wife want to meet up with me somewhere in Colorado or New Mexico at the end of Summer, September realy,, must read of your Travels of last year to find out where Walmart is and water, dump and fuel and good camps of course,,, have a great weekend and stay safe and give Reggieman a huge hug from us, okay,,,, Rusty n Piper 🐾👣👣

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Piper n’ Rusty,

      If you do a search online for Walmart, you’ll find a site where you can write the name of a town and you’ll be given the location of the nearest Walmarts. If you have any questions while on your travels, like where we stayed last year, just let me know.

      Hugs and a big wish for a wonderful weekend from me and Reggie!

    • Well, I decided to follow your trip of last year by heading towards Bluff, Utah, I have it booked mark’d an am excited to see the trail you took, but first I must bleed the Brakes and do minor maintenance on the Ol’ truck of a grand Gal she is and off we will go on the 1st of May,,,,,,, 👣👣🐾

  28. Deena in Phoenix, AZ says:

    Sue, I went through your ad at the bottom and ordered a camera…hope I did it correctly…glad you found a spot on the upper mesa…sounds like site with a marvelous view…hope you have a peaceful weekend Sue and Reggie…

    Deena and Miss Mollie

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Deena and Miss Mollie,

      If you ordered a camera just like mine — Panasonic LUMIX DMC-FZ70 — then I see it on the orders report. Thanks so much! I hope you get as much enjoyment out of it as I have. 🙂

      You have a peaceful weekend, too!

  29. Lee J in Northern California says:

    Contentment is priceless…doesn’t matter if you had to see that bad campground , other than the time used..but you needed to dump the tanks anyway, so.. all is good!
    Weather is interesting isn’t it….we had nasty weather north of us, even a funnel cloud and hail! For us, sunshine today but the forecast is for more rain..
    Hope you miss all that disruption and just have blue skies and breezes.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Thank you, Lee J. Our weather right now is wind, wind, wind. This afternoon, while looking out the back window, a tall dust devil crossed the mesa. It was big! When it got to the edge of the cliff, it fell apart.

      Enjoy your rainy day…. and the blue skies that follow. 🙂

  30. Susan in south central WA says:

    Still chuckling over We don’t camp in ugly.” Will there be more flower reports?

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      I do have more flower photos… pics of flowers I haven’t shown before. I’m spreading them out over several posts. Glad this post gave you a chuckle, Susan.

  31. We were at Valley of Fire SP yesterday as well! Paid $10 without anything to dump. It is the most beautiful place we’ve been and it was lovely to come back a second time. Sometimes it’s just best to go back to where you’re already comfortable :-))

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Jodee! Valley of Fire is stunning! I don’t know if people noticed in the photo of the big rock…. A tiny person walks near the base, showing how huge the rocks are.

  32. Hi! RVSue, Reggie and blogorinos!
    I learned quite a bit about Stewart’s Point where is like to be against all odds from photos at this timing. It is very tempting to jump to conclusions from the first appearance, but this could be further explored by investigating the individual sites.

    Last line ”share a few laughs in the cool, late-afternoon breeze” is beautiful! I wish I could join in. 🙂

  33. DesertGinger says:

    I’m on my way to your area this weekend, Sue. Meeting up with my son in Las Vegas; he has a week off. We will stay at my timeshare I have there. I’ll still have to work everyday but he is pretty independent. Then in the evenings we can do some sightseeing and maybe see a show or two. Chloe can’t go, as they don’t allow dogs.

    But Friday I have to get my car fixed. Turns out it had been in an accident and there was some front end damage. Wouldn’t you know? But I still love it.

    Maybe I’ll check out some camp grounds while I’m there. If I came by myself with Chloe I would totally camp. I need to do a practice run or two before I head up to NY for the summer.

    Hope all you blogorinos are fantastic!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Good morning, Ginger!

      How fortunate you are to have this week with your son ahead of you! I hope you have a wonderful time together.

      When the time is right for you and Chloe to go camping in your Prius, I hope you will share some details. Your experience may help others to realize they can “get out there,” too. 🙂

    • Barbara from Camano says:

      I have all my camping gear assembled in the basement. Now all I have to do is buy the Prius to go with it!! 😏 Hope I don’t run out of energy. Buying a car is a little overwhelming. Looked at a used one the other day at the Toyota dealership. It was such a ‘hard sell’ feeling that I never want to go back. Maybe I’ll be able to give it another try in a day or two. Will look forward to your experience in your Prius.

  34. Sarvi in OR says:

    I only wish the weather would be warmer here! This weekend is actually supposed to be reasonably dry and 60 degrees, so not too bad, I suppose. I’m camping this weekend, first trip of the year with the trailer! Looking forward to some peaceful and stress free days with my kids and a fishing pole.

  35. Hi Sue and Reggie!! I wanted to wish you and the pupster “Happy Easter!” Enjoy your wonderful camp! !
    Next season I want to visit there 💜

  36. ApplegirlNY says:

    Hi. I’m not seeing any activity on the blog for over 24 hours from either Sue or Blogorinos, which makes me think there’s a problem. I’ve come back and forth several times and refreshed. You’re probably already aware, but just in case…

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      What do you mean exactly, Applegirl? Obviously you made it into comments. What is the last comment you see (the one before yours)?

  37. Susie M. says:

    In 2013 I drove our 40 ft class A towing a Saturn Outlook all the way from Louisiana to Yellowstone and Glacier National Parks. I wanted to go but my husband was unable to leave his work for more than a week. I had driven before on trips with my husband, but had not taken a trip without him, so we went to a local campground where I learned how to park, connect water, sewer, and electric. I also learned how to attach the tow vehicle, and detach it, as well as the other procedures required for towing all 4 wheels down (remove fuse, place in neutral, turn ignition switch to a certain position, etc.).
    I wrote notes/instructions about EVERYTHING that I needed to do prior to departure and on arrival. My notebook was my personal “how to” guide for the trip.
    With a motorhome of this size, you just do not get in a hurry on the road. It requires a bit of planning for travel days, because you cannot just pull in to any gas station or parking lot due to size. I used the book called “The Next Exit” extensively so that I could confidently exit the interstates and find big rig friendly truck stops, and stores with large parking lots.
    My sister was my co pilot, and we had my youngest daughter and her two daughters with us. WE HAD A BLAST!
    I am so glad that we were brave enough to take that trip on our own because that trip is one that we will never forget.
    Here is the downside… We had one incident that wasn’t terrible, but was avoidable so I’ll share so others will learn what not to do from me, lol!
    Long story short, I do not remember why or how I chose the setting, but the sensitivity was set a little high on the brake buddy system for the tow vehicle which means that the brakes were applied while we were traveling from West Yellowstone to Gardiner Montana or possibly even before the West Yellowstone stop (we only overnighted there), and never let up, brake pads were completely worn down to nothing. When I unhooked my tow vehicle in Gardiner (northwest entrance to Yellowstone), and put my foot on the brake pedal to shift into reverse, the brake pedal went to the floor without resistance. NO BRAKES! I had to call a local repair shop to tow it in for new brakes. We managed without the car by taking the Yellowstone in a day tour, and river rafted on the 2nd day. By the 3rd day we were back in business with new brakes.
    I tell this story not to scare anyone, but to inspire others to be adventurous and take the trips that you want to take. Have someone teach you the ins and outs of driving a motorhome safely, or towing a trailer. Practice, practice, practice, and then go do it.
    I do want to downsize to a smallish class C, and tow a vehicle that can get off the beaten path. A 40 ft class A is just too big and limits where i can go.
    I love reading your blog Sue and the readers’ comments are fun to read and very informative.
    Happy travels to all!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Great comment, Susie! I enjoyed it very much and I’m sure many readers would benefit from reading it. Unfortunately it is tucked under this older post and won’t be seen by as many if it were under the most recent post.

      If you feel like cutting and pasting it into a new comment under the newest post, I’m sure it will be appreciated!

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