A new camp along the Clackamas River in Mt. Hood National Forest

Monday, June 29

Well, here’s our new camp!

P1050933Just kidding!

More about Les Schwab later in this post . . . .

Yesterday the crew and I left Humbug Campground near Detroit, Oregon, and motored to Stayton where we turned northward.  Beyond Sublimity and Silverton, we stopped at a Safeway in Molalla.

With the Best Little Trailer stocked with provisions and the Perfect Tow Vehicle filled with gas, we continued to Estacada.   The last leg of the day’s journey was along the Clackamas River into Mt. Hood National Forest.

Campgrounds along the Clackamas are near full!

We were fortunate to find a site at Lazy Bend Campground.  (Please no visitors or drive-bys, thank you.)  This site was the last one available.  The camp host tells me the campgrounds in this area are full or reserved, except for tent sites.

P1050926I have to finish this post soon, so quick subject change . . .

I’m typing in the air conditioning of Les Schwab in Estacada.   Somewhere during our travel from Humbug Campground to our new camp near Estacada, the PTV picked up a nail in her rear tire, passenger side.  The tire went from 50 psi to 23 psi.  Yikes!

This morning I use fix-a-flat to enable us to drive into town.

P1050932While the tire is tended to, the crew and I set up an “office” in Les Schwab.

P1050931Bridget, of course, is perfectly well-behaved, sitting quietly next to my chair.  Reggie, however, thinks sitting around doing nothing is WRONG!  He’s whining as I type this.

“C’mon, RVSue!  Let’s go!  This is boring!”

Once I check emails, we will return to camp.

 I don’t know when I’ll be able to post again. 

I’d move to a camp with internet if I could.  State parks are booked for 4th of July weekend, and the national forest campgrounds are chock full of campers.  We need to hang on to what we have.

P1050930When I do write the next post, I’ll give you the details on our campground.

P1050927I’m relieved that Les Schwab says we’re good to go.  The tire has been repaired at no charge.  I’m told the tires are still in good shape.

Bye for now!  I hope to be back here soon.


NOTE:  Blogorinos, please welcome any new folks and answer any questions that arise.  Thanks!  Another favor please . . . . Ignore any errors in this post.  No time to proofread.  Plus there’s a little guy begging me to get off this dang computer!


P1050925Early holiday celebrants arrived at our campground after dark last night, shot off these firecrackers, and left before down.  Happy Birthday, America!


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188 Responses to A new camp along the Clackamas River in Mt. Hood National Forest

  1. Dawn from NC says:


  2. R. now in WY says:


  3. Richard Skelton says:

    If you’re still around Mollalam I,m in Colton and we have 3 1/2 acres you can camp on, dump station and all. No one will bother you.

  4. Sondra-SC says:

    Well I don’t even try and look at me…2nd maybe..
    I hope you survive the upcoming weekend..Its gonna be a blast literally!
    May as well drag your chair out and watch and oh and ah with everyone else.

  5. Barb from Hoquiam! says:

    LOVE Les Schwab! They are wonderful to work with!

    Glad you found a home for the week. Looking like VERY warm out here. UGH.

    Stay as cool as you can.
    Hugs from a cloudy Hoquiam today!

  6. weather says:

    Glad you made it it there in time to get a site,that plus their covering the tire damage says things are working in your favor.I hope that trend continues,thanks for managing to post.You three enjoy all that you can while you’re gone from here,especially each other

  7. Sherri D says:

    I do not envy you being at any campground over the 4th. Here, in town, all weekend there are fireworks shooting off. NEXT weekend is the 4th. Isn’t that soon enough?

    I hope Reggie and Bridget are not afraid of fireworks. Here there is an influx of dogs that run away from home over the 4th because they are so afraid.

    I don’t mind them, but just not in the hands of amateurs please!

    You won’t see this for a while I see. I hope your crowded campground is tolerable until you find the next quiet one! Happy Trails to Sue! 🙂

    • Monica-CA says:

      My dog is so afraid of fireworks. I close up the windows in the house, play music, and sit beside her keeping her company until the last firework in early morning- sometimes 1 or 2 am.

  8. R. now in WY says:

    The last photo says so much. How sad.

    I spent a few days and nights at the fantastic campground in Bighorn National Forest. Actually it is BLM campground and it is only $7.00/$3.50 per night. Anyone interested in it? Nobody goes there but it is a great place at the end of the very steep road but with lots of privacy, fantastic setting, mountain stream and waterfalls. Only one night there was another tent camper. I spent two days in Yellowstone NP but left because of crowds.
    Sue, I too got nails in my Subaru’s tires. Three times but Subaru fixed them for free since I bought tires from Subaru in CO.

    • Chris says:

      Would you share the specific name of the BLM campground?

      TIA, Chris

      • R. now in WY says:

        Thanks for asking Chris. Five Springs Falls just off route 14 A. It is a steep 2 mile drive but the road is paved and views are fantastic. There are moose, deer and bears too. There is not town, no Walmart, no gas station, no grocery store so one needs to be prepared. There is water and trash pick up. Every site has its own bearprooff trash container and fire pit. You’re allowed to collect firewood in Bighorn NF.

  9. Karen LeMoine says:

    I dread the 4th due to fireworks! My little chi’s are terrified of the noise:( There are to many lost and missing dogs who run in fear! Please everyone take caution and keep your dogs safe inside!

  10. Pookieboy in SE Texas says:

    yep I keep several of them fix-a-flat around just in case…sometimes find them
    for good price so I”ll buy 4 or 5 but always eventually use them…..
    have fun this weekend….Im gonna smoke a brisket all nite on the 3rd so
    me and the wifey will be pigging out all weekend….

  11. Cathy T. says:

    My first post although I’ve been reading the blog since I found out about it last October. My husband and I just got back to Fresno Saturday after picking up our 17′ LD in Rice two weeks ago. We’re taking it out again next week–somewhere not too far away up in the Sierra.
    The picture of the fireworks debris is really sad. It looks like they managed to burn the table too. Those of us in California are keeping our fingers crossed that the fireworks don’t start any new fires.

    • Marilu from Northern California. says:

      Hi, Cathy T.,
      Welcome to the blog! We like to have new people post here in the comment section. We’d love to hear more about your experiences in your new rig. I’m also in Northern California and I’m always nervous about fires started by fireworks. Hopefully people will use some common sense this year.
      Congratulations on being an official blogorino!

    • Denise - Richmond VA says:

      Welcome, Cathy! Congratulations on your new trailer! 🙂

      • A gal in Maple Valley, WA says:

        Hi Cathy,

        Were you inspired to get your Casita because of RV Sue & Crew?
        Or did you find this blog through your Casita research?

        • Barbara (Nashville) says:

          Congrats on your new Casita, Cathy. Hope you enjoy all this beautiful country has to offer, if the idiots don’t burn it down first. Welcome to Sue’s RV Nation.

        • Cathy T. says:

          Thanks for all of the welcomes! My husband and I had actually been looking at Casitas for years after seeing them on the road and in campgrounds. They seemed perfect for us–small and yet fully-equipped. After two trips (one to the Northwest and one to the Southwest) in our tent we finally decided that since we are in our sixties and early seventies we wanted a little more comfort and ordered a Casita Liberty Deluxe last October. We went to the Rally at Lake Casitas last October just to see the trailers in person and were told about RV Sue’s blog by someone there. I’ve been enjoying reading it ever since.

    • Chaunte in West Tennessee says:

      Welcome, Cathy T.! We are so happy you joined us blogorinos!

    • Krystina - In Warrenton, Oregon says:

      Welcome to RVSue’s Bloggerino land!! Happy to see you here.

    • Velda in Roseville Ca says:

      Welcome Cathy T! I’m in Roseville so 150 miles or so from you. We too are praying for no fires. The officials say they are allowing safe and sane fireworks in hopes it will cut down on the illegal fireworks. Not sure why they think that will work since there are idiots who get the illegal ones anyhow, but we can hope. Gonna be 108 Tuesday and 110 Wednesday and 101 Thursday leading up to the weekend. Have a safe weekend all.

    • Applegirl NY says:

      Congrats on your new Casita! We love our little house -2007 FD.
      Welcome to the blog, too. We’re all one big happy RV Sue Groupie family.

    • Lolalo in CO says:

      Welcome, Cathy! And congrats on your new Casita! You will have many years of fun and adventure, as you can see from RVSue.

  12. Liz from WA says:

    Further north in Washington, the governor has put the state on alert and is requesting that folks forego fireworks because of the high fire danger. I’m a native and this is the driest and hottest it’s ever been for this time of year. We used to joke that summer didn’t start until the 4th of July. But that last couple of years have been atypical. And we got almost no snow so the water supplies are low. We’re expecting the worst forest fire season we’ve ever seen. Please encourage your fellow campers to refrain.

    • A gal in Maple Valley, WA says:

      Yup. The big wildfire in Wennatche has already taken out some fruit packing warehouses and caused area evacuations.

      On top of that, the extended and higher heat has created a much larger toxic algae bloom off the coast, so much of the fishing and shellfish industry is coming to a halt. Some of the beach areas may be closed off.

      However, one of the best 4th of July things to do up here is to pack some snacks, then get a ride to the Seattle ferry dock early a.m. and walk on and stay on the ferry all day. Just ride back and forth or get off at the island for a quick walk in the town and grab an ice cream somthin’. Then re-board and make your way to the top deck so when the ship comes back into Elliot bay, you can watch the fireworks right above you. The ferry usually slows down for that leg and it is quite a show!

    • Chey says:

      I saw a guy watering the leaves on his trees yesterday in Aberdeen….imagine!
      8th & Broadway. Had to refrain from saying something, like ” do you know you’re killing the fish!”

      • A gal in Maple Valley, WA says:

        Hi Chey,

        This heat is making my brain slow. Would you please explain more what you mean? I don’t quite get it.

        • Chey says:

          The salmon are having a terrible time due to low rivers. And he was spraying up into the tree.

          • A gal in Maple Valley, WA says:

            Aren’t the rivers low because of lack or rain and snow? More fish are harmed by water too warm because the trees that provided shade are dying. Trees do take in moisture from their leaves and if there is a lot of dust on them, it blocks the photosynthesis. Perhaps he was keeping the tree from aspirating. Or protecting them from errant firecrackers. I agree, the better use would be targeting the root system. Upward watering looses it’s potential to evaporation.

            At least he wasn’t power washing his engine and driveway and sidewalks. 🙂

          • Pamela K. in GA says:

            I guess it does make some sense since the tree leaves turn upward to catch the rain waters, well then, if the water source is from the ground level up then the leaves would still benefit from his watering them. Almost the same anyway. I have seen salmon struggle to swim up stream when the water levels are very low, really sad to watch them try so hard. They literally leap out of the water to make the slightest headway forward. Many do not survive 🙁

  13. Velda in Roseville Ca says:

    Ginger- I posted a reply to you on the previous Sue post about a hour before she posted this re why have a Berkey. Hope I answered your question.

    • DesertGinger says:

      I finally found your post. I think your time estimate is off because there were a TON of posts after you. In fact your post was near the top. And yes, I realized the Berkey will take any kind of water. I don’t get out in the boonies that much but it might be nice at home. After I start earning money from The Knife! Thanks for info.

  14. I’m relieved you found a campsite Sue, I was worried. I spent Labor Day Weekend last year in a parking lot in The Dalles, Oregon because there was nothing else available. Maya and I are at a great BLM campsite on Palisades Resevoir in Idaho. We are beating the heat by swimming and kayaking since we are both water rats. I’m worried about fireworks too – I’m not sure how Maya will react.

    • Kristi & Daisie says:

      Hi, Pamela…I live in Idaho Falls. There should be no fireworks on state or BLM land. If you see anyone, please don’t hesitate to call it in! We had a wet spring, so there is too much fuel for fires right now–especially with these temps.

      Otherwise, I hope you enjoy Palisades. 🙂 I plan to be up near the Indian Creek campgrounds around the 10th. If you want done good places to eat in Idaho Falls, just let me know. Have fun!

  15. Patricia in Colorado says:

    I agree about keeping animals safe from all the noise of fireworks. One 4th of July I found a little Pomm dog with an eye blown out. Another time I was with kids at a roadside park to watch firework displays and a family came in and shot off illegal fireworks and set the long grass on fire near the park. The parents loaded up the kids real fast and took off leaving the rest of us to beat out the flames from their fireworks. You just never know what kind of people are out there with no respect to little animals or property.

    • Applegirl NY says:

      Wow, that those are a couple of incredible stories. My poor pups get so nervous during fire works. They pace and pace. It’s amazing how far those sounds travel.

      I must say I do enjoy a really good public fireworks display.

      • A gal in Maple Valley, WA says:

        My vet is understanding enough to write a ‘kitty-downer’ script that I administer and keep him locked in the cool, back room with water and snacks where he will then go under the bed and snooze through the commotion. It usually wears off by the time most of the people run out of fireworks.

        Perhaps your pups (and yourself) could find relief that way, too.
        (I wasn’t implying that YOU take the pills also, but……..? Ha Ha Ha :D)

  16. Betty Shea says:

    Have a fun 4th. Of July!!-
    Hugs to you and the Crew!!!
    Stay safe and happy!!

  17. A gal in Maple Valley, WA says:

    Hi Sue,

    Did you get any of that 3am thunderstorm? Has Reggie experienced any thunder while with you? If so, how has he handled it?

    Question regarding Fix-A-Flat (and similar products). Did anyone at Les Schwab or any other tire shop ever say anything about using it? I’ve heard so many conflicting comments about that type of product. I’ve heard that some shops won’t repair a tire if it was used. I’ve heard that the tire didn’t need repair after use. I’ve heard to put a small amount in each tire for a preventative coating. I used it in the tires of my garden cart and the results were disappointing. Would like to get feedback from folks that have used stuff like that with what their experiences were.

    Well, it’s time to go put more ice cubes in the pockets of my shorts. And hose the cat down. He looked so funny yesterday. Like a punk cat. Hair spikes all over his body.

    • Cinandjules (NY) says:

      My SUV has a spare under the back end…Living on the boonies…I have a can of fix a flat just in case. Who knows if I’ll be able to get the lug nuts off. In a pinch it will get me from point A to B.

      My question is will the can work in freezing temperatures?

      • Timber n' me /at Bennet CG, ID. says:

        Some folks use SLIME, no joke, You can get it at O’riely’s, AutoZone, and at most parts shops, one puts in all tires by removing the stem inner fitting then put the fitting back in and fill each tire up to it’s psi, like on my tires, 35 psi, one can find the psi rating on the side of the tire wall, usually next to the rim.. Sometimes when one looks for “SLIME”, it comes with a 12 volt air pump with a gage and L.E.D. light, check it out online,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, me

        • A gal in Maple Valley, WA says:

          Hi Rusty,

          Lots of people use Slime in their bike tires for protection against thorns, too.

          OOOwwwwoooo….. to Timber the wolf. (He’ll know what I said about the full moon. 🙂 )

          • Timber n' me /at Bennet CG, ID. says:

            Hi a Gal in MV, Timber has a smidge of Wolf in him and once in a while he howls kinda like one ,,, the howl is beautiful,,,,, I even know how to howl like a wolf,,, I’m unable to whistle, so I howl and sometimes even bark at a gal from a distance,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,

      • Cinandjules (NY) says:

        I got new tires before we came to NY and they are filled with nitrogen. Guess what? No tire shops up here HAVE nitrogen. In 5 years, the tire pressure hasn’t decreased at all.

        When the time comes…I’ll have to top it off with regular air. No biggie.

        I have heard of Slime…..

        • A gal in Maple Valley, WA says:

          Sounds kinda flammable. I also heard that the foam stuff plugs up the valve stems and can block air from being added. I know the can has compressed air to inflate the tire as well as dispense the foam. Perhaps the added air is more of a fix than the goop is.

        • A gal in Maple Valley, WA says:


          Warren Tire Service in Plattsburg sells nitrogen for tires.

          • Cinandjules (NY) says:

            Thanks…uh 172 miles one way…it’s really no biggie to mix reg air with nitrogen. If I need to top it off but so far so good!

    • BadgerRickInWis says:

      Lots of misinformation out there about fix-a-flat and similar products. Some of which is no longer true. Here is a good link about how it works.

      For what it’s worth I would never travel in a remote area without a can of it. Even if you have a spare there are circumstances where it is not safe to change a tire and if nothing else fix-a-flat can get you some place safe.

      • A gal in Maple Valley, WA says:

        Thanks, Badger Rick, for the link. My inter-weby connection out here in this ‘dead zone’ is hit and miss. If the wind blows to the left or if the 2nd dove on the branch doesn’t hold her wing just right, I get nuthin’. While waiting for that page to load, I noticed from another site that part or most of its propellant is BUTANE! Talk about flammable!

        It’s all fun and games ’till someone gets their eye poked out. Then it’s a game of chasing the rolling eyeball. 😀

        Will re-try that page when the big cloud moves or the laundry on the line won’t block the signal.

  18. I was camped in a National Forest near Sisters, OR last July 4th. A ranger came by in the afternoon to remind folks that fireworks weren’t allowed. When I said I had none, he gave me an odd look, like I was either lying or un-American. Maybe both.

    This year I’m in the camping area at the Salmon Harbor Marina near Reedsport, OR through the holiday. It’s not crowded yet, but it’s only Monday. There are “No Fireworks” signs all over the place.

    • Pamela K. in GA says:

      Visited your web blog. Do you full-time in the White Cargo Van seen in the parking lot shot at the marina? Asking because I recently bought a conversion van for solo road-trips and i’m finding I really love it! I also found I pack way too much for my solo trips, lol. I know, it’s a girl thing, right? Well, I’m pretty good at not doing that normally but when at the beach I want all my toys and comfy stuff. I think I need to practice down-sizing alittle more 🙂 You’d think I’d have it down better since I do live in an Airstream, lol. But I guess the cabinets really assist me in the Airstream and the van is short on those…that’s my story and I’m stickin’ to it. 🙂 Anyway, love the stealthy White Cargo Vans, any tips or tricks you would offer up about limiting packing and still staying comfy?

    • Al,

      My hubby and I stayed in the RV park across the way from you this past December. That place gave us our best story of our 2wk trip to WA!

      We didn’t plan to stay there, but Hwy 101 closed down right after Winchester Bay due to some crazy guy with his car loaded with explosives being killed, and a massive investigation was taking place, closing the Hwy for like 8 hours (no joke, this is true!), so we pulled off and couldn’t believe our luck that there was the RV park. Being December, all the restaurants, etc were closed, and we were one of 3 other RV’s there that day (including the host). We got the best spot of the place, right at the end basically on the water. The weather had been kind that day, we took the bikes off the RV and went for a ride to try to get to the lighthouse. Beautiful sunset, then had an amazing dinner. We go to bed, loving our little “find” on the road that we didn’t expect….and wake up at 3am or so in THE CRAZIEST STORM I’ve ever experienced! Our rig was rocking like we were a ship at sea, we opened the blinds and it looked like someone was throwing buckets of water sideways toward us! Scary!!!! We contemplated moving to get some shelter, because we were so exposed, but we just hunkered down instead. It finally did pass, but wow, it was crazy! So, we have the greatest memory of that little bay! Would love to go back there someday!!! Enjoy your weekend there!

  19. cate walsh says:

    Good evening Sue, crew, and Blogorinos,

    Isn’t it a shame that some people use our Independence Day celebration as an excuse for inconsiderate, irresponsible behavior? Hope all of you will be in a safe, sane location for the 4th this year. In Portland some nitwits think its funny to set up fireworks in the trashbins behind our apartment bldg. late at night.

    My little cockerpoo Jay (now gone to doggie heaven) was terrified of fireworks and thunderstorms…he actually had panic attacks and would hide under the bed until the noise stopped. One of us would usually get under there with him and snuggle. Poor little guy panted, trembled, and cried.

    I’m researching my future rig and just got the base price (no options) for the Oliver Legacy Elite 18.5 ft TT and OMG I’m passed out on the floor from sticker shock!! New at $45,500.00??? And the 2008 used sold in 2014 for $37,000.00 IF you can find one. They are great looking and seem to hold value very well, but in less than two years from today when I want to go full-time…how could I possibly swing that! And I will need a tow vehicle too if I go with the TT.

    So the search goes on. If anyone has recommendations on TT’s or RV’s they have enjoyed, including used ones, please offer your thoughts. Financing? I’d rather pay for a rig on time & camp in a friend’s backyard than continue shelling out rent money.

    Thanks, and happy 4th,
    Cate W.

    • Denise - Richmond VA says:

      Hi, Cate,

      Check our Escape Trailer Induatries. Also, escapeforum.org. Many folks get two-foot-it is, wanted to trade up for a couple more feet. There have been many trailers listed for sale the past couple weeks. You need to register in order to see the attachments/pictures. It is fun looking at what is out there, and how folks have optioned out and modified their trailers. I like the 17b…a close second is the 19. Have fun researching! 🙂

      • Denise - Richmond VA says:

        Escape Trailer Industries…sorry for the typo!

      • A gal in Maple Valley, WA says:

        Or there’s good ‘ole Casitas!!!!

        Anyone know what is involved in purchasing a new Escape and bringing it back across the border? Taxes? Duties? How does one handle insurance and registration? The exchange rate fluctuates, so the exact price is only know on date of purchase.

        Cinandjules???? You’ve done you due dilengence. What have you found out?

        • Cinandjules (NY) says:

          Easy peasy….all information is at the Escape site.

          • Cinandjules (NY) says:

            Under “paper escape”

          • A gal in Maple Valley, WA says:

            Thanks. Musta been too busy looking (lusting) at all the photos and add on extras and missed that section. Will go look again and hope I don’t get bummed out while I’m $aving up.

            • Denise - Richmond VA says:

              Hi, Maple Valley gal,

              See my reponse to Cate below. I keep looking at the Escape site and forum to help keep me from becoming bummed out! Hope, dream, save, and hope some more. Rinse and repeat. 🙂

        • cate walsh says:

          Hi there,

          Yes…Casitas are on the list, and I requested their brochures last week. Prices do seem much more doable. I’m iffy on the “furniture” but I suppose I could redecorate, right?

          I haven’t looked at Escapes yet…what’s the question about bringing them “back across the border”? Are they mfg outside the USA?

          Thanks again,
          Cate W.

      • cate walsh says:

        Thanks Denise…I’ll take a look at Escape Trailer site.
        Appreciate the response.
        🙂 Cate

        • Denise - Richmond VA says:

          Escape trailers are made in Chilliwack, BC. Just over the U.S. border of Washington state. There is a $500 non-refundable deposit, with the balance due when the trailer is ready for delivery. You can go to Chilliwack for one-on-one orientation, then they bring the trailer over the U.S. line in Sumas, WA. That is where you actually take possesion of the trailer. There is a $200 (+/-) export fee added to the total invoice. Most folks pay as the trailer is being built, sending checks or wire transfers. Escape is a small, family run business. They go out of their way give great customer service, and seem to be able to get a good rate for the US dollar when it is converted to the Canadian dollar. Right now, the conversion rate equals close to a 20% discount. If you cannot pick up your trailer, they will deliver it to you…for a fee. Of course, that depends on how far you are from the factory…not sure if they discount if the trailer is shared. I have read that this runs between $3-4K. 🙂

          • cate walsh says:

            Sooo very helpful. Thanks for details on mfg. and delivery, taxes, etc.. Boy, for several K delivery costs..it would be cheaper to drive across country to Washington St., pick it up, and start enjoying it.
            Just looked at the site (sorry I didn’t save you the trouble of answering ques. above) and both the 17ft and the 19 ft look good. It will be just me or just me and a new dog companion so I would be asking company about a permanent bed in one end (full instead of queen),and a two person dining area at the other. Would prefer more storage space. These prices are MUCH better and the dream might actually be possible.
            You made my day!
            🙂 Cate W.

        • eliza says:

          Cate – I watched a nice youtube video by the Escape folks. Looks great. In addition to being expensive, the Oliver is much heavier than other fiberglass trailers, so you need more of a tow vehicle. My husband is insisting on a Nissan Titan. So I am scheming how to get the money for it. I really want it for the insulation….
          I tried to find and can’t locate it, but it was published on May 28, 2012. Tammy was the person doing the training….

          • cate walsh says:

            Oh Eliza,
            Good point about the weight of the Oliver, and how it determines tow vehicle type. I don’t want/need a truck so a lighter weight TT would be preferable so I could have a smaller, less gas hungry tow. How do the lighter weight TT’s do when parked if it gets windy? And this would be my year around home…I would plan to follow the warmth but there are always cool nights or unseasonable weather so insulation would be good.Like Sue, I hope to do some boondocking as I love natural setting, fewer people, cheaper or free camping fees.
            Thanks for the important feedback.
            Cate W.
            This is another reason why I love Sue’s blog and the blogerinos…so much good information, advice, and support from the “experts”!

            • Sidewinder Pen says:

              It’s fun to read of your enthusiasm.

              I don’t mean to rain on your parade, but I’ll just say be a little bit careful about getting a small, gas-efficient tow because you are getting a small, “lightweight” trailer. Let me explain:

              First of all, I’m not the type who thinks everyone needs a Mack truck to tow. In fact, I used to own a 13′ Scamp type trailer and tow it with a station wagon. A couple of things to know:

              1) Manufacturer’s listed weights can be a bit, shall we say, optimistic. My old trailer claimed something like 1,000# and sure, maybe if it was stripped and empty. But it’s easy peasy to get up to 1500# even with being very weight conscious.

              2) And then there is the corollary, that the smaller the trailer, the more stuff you tend to put into the tow vehicle. So you’d have to be REALLY diligent to have both a small, light trailer and a small (efficient) tow vehicle. I did it but that was just vacationing, and even then my car was rated to tow 3,000#.

              3) Too, the more efficient/small the tow vehicle, the more mpg you tend to lose when towing (of course when you are out gallivanting sans trailer you do get the higher mileage). But what I mean is that my car would get an easy 25 mpg when not towing, but more like 16 mpg when towing the trailer at 1,500#. OTOH, when I was later towing a ~4500# trailer with a full-sized van, I got 16+ when not towing, and 12-13 when towing. That was with a much heavier trailer, and yet the spread was less (and I could carry a LOT more).

              Anyway, in summary:

              1) Be skeptical of any weights you are given prior to buying, and head to a scale after buying and loading up – numbers are good!

              2) Don’t just go by tow rating for your tow vehicle, but look at overall weight (what you have in the tow vehicle plus the trailer), and hitch weight, rear axle weight, etc.

              I think a combo like Sue’s is hard to beat, but you could go lighter if you had a smaller trailer (a 13-foot Scamp or the like) and you were also parsimonious with what you loaded into the car. More like how I used to tow on getaway trips.

              I spent a summer in Casco Bay a few years ago – lovely spot!

            • cate walsh says:

              Hey Sidewinder Pen,

              I don’t feel you rained on my parade at all. Experienced, thoughtful advice is what I need and truely appreciate. If I can benefit from folks like yourself showing me the way, why would I make big mistakes to regret at leisure?!
              Thanks for chiming in.
              🙂 Cate W.

            • Sidewinder Pen says:

              Thanks, Cate 🙂

          • Denise - Richmond VA says:

            On the Escape trailer website, they have a new, updated orientation video. It is under the “Trailers” header. The man in the video is easy on the eyes, too! 😉

            • A gal in Maple Valley, WA says:

              Speaking of…….isn’t it about time Sue finds us some more boot wearin’, well fittin’ jeans kinds of folks? (guy and gals to appeal to all here) 😉

            • Denise - Richmond VA says:

              I second that request! 🙂

            • Pamela K. in GA says:

              Yahoo-oooo yes!
              with boots and always with that cowboy hat! 🙂 Does it for me everytime, Heartthrob material!

              ~checking pulse. Nope, not dead yet. Bring’em On!~

            • Denise - Richmond VA says:

              Ditto!! 🙂

            • Cinandjules (NY) says:

              Ok ….so we DON’T have the same taste! Hah! 😉

            • Denise - Richmond VA says:

              Hehe…we have the same taste trailer-wise! 🙂

            • A gal in Maple Valley, WA says:

              I ‘daknow? What DO you kids taste like? HeeHee.

            • cate walsh says:

              Ok..good to know. I’ll take a look, Denise.
              Best to you.
              Cate W.

    • Barbara (Nashville) says:

      Wow! Cate, these have really gone up since I was there in March. At that time the 18.5 was $38,000 base and the 22ft was $41,000 base. The options I wanted came to about $6,000. I was thinking I could just about buy a Casita Independence and tow vehicle fot that price. That’s why I changed my mind. I am nearly 68 yrs young, so I thought I didn’t to spend that much. For the total rig, I could buy a Winnebago View or a nice used Free Spirit Van or Roadtrek for that price. If I need a toad, i could just use my current car.
      Let us know what you decide.

      • Barbara (Nashville) says:

        I too like the Escapes. I think, I would prefer the 19Ft, but the 17B is nice too. Since my target date is indefinite, I will just keep looking, but have pretty much decided on the Casita Independence. It seems like it has a little more storage room, but I do like the Freedom Deluxe as you can have several configurations.

        • cate walsh says:

          Hey Barbara,

          I’m a young 68 too, and may not hit the road until I’m 69 or 70…is that crazy? Unless I meet a man or woman who wants to be my RV buddy, I will be doing all the driving, maintaining, planning, etc..on my own.

          I’m in good health so hope I can still be a gypsy for a few years.

          Cate W.

      • cate walsh says:

        Hi Barbara,

        Yes…aren’t the new prices for the Oliver a shocker! IF I go with a TT it looks like either the Casitas or the Escapes and around 17′. I was also thinking about an RV with a small Fiat behind, however, folks have reminded me that means maintaining two engines! I love the interior of some of the Winnie’s but since I don’t have a Rock Star income…sigh.

        Good to chat with you Barbara. Lots to consider with our future home on wheels, huh?

        Cate W.

        • Barbara (Nashville) says:

          You certainly have that right. We could meet up and at least follow each other? Have someone nearby, but too close? Personal, I think Sue has the best setup. I think when looking at both weights, vehicle and trailer you need the Payload weight of the tow vehicle and be sure to get one with the tow package, it will be easier & safer for the engine. At least, that is my understanding.

        • Chris B - Southern California says:

          Cate – Here’s some comparisons that I ran across on a blog. Great information even if it’s a couple of years old. https://sites.google.com/site/ourescape15trailer/research/escape-casita

          Chris B

    • Monica-CA says:

      Last year, my husband and I purchased a Lance 1575 TT that we love. The price was right (under 25,000, end-of-year sale), it’s lightweight, and we love the slide with dinette-super comfy.

    • Applegirl NY says:

      After a long, long time of looking, dreaming, planning and shopping, we finally decided on a Casita and found a like-new 2007 FD. We absolutely love it. It isn’t fancy, but it is so easy and wonderful and gets us on the road in no time. Super simple rig, affordable, and fun!

      We did put a full permanent bed in the back where the large dinette is and I am going to recover the chairs where the small dinette is, since I don’t care for the RV fabric that is there, but it’s OK for now, and like I said – we’re on the road in no time.

      Whatever you decide, enjoy it!

      • cate walsh says:


        Sounds like we think alike re making it our own and to our needs and taste. Since I want to make this happen asap, the dream combo will be adjusted to my budget.

        Appreciate your thoughts,
        Cate W.

  20. Denise - Richmond VA says:

    Hi, Sue,

    Glad that the tire was salvageable…how kind of them to comp the repair! I am happy that you found a campsite…I was more than a little concerned that you might get caught up in the holiday rush.

    Sending you wishes for a safe, happy 4th of July, and hugs for you and the Crew from me and Gracie pup! 🙂 Happy Independence Day, America!!

  21. Timber n' me /at Bennet CG, ID. says:

    Happy FOURTH of JULY to ALL,,,,,,,,,, and as far as fireworks,,,, no worries from us,, I have fireworks on my laptop with sound , just plug in the speakers and turn up the volume and watch,,,,,,,,,,,,,, AHH,,,,,,. OOOH,,,,,,, YAA,,,HOOO,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, HAPPY BIRTHDAY U.S.A. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, me

  22. Cinandjules (NY) says:

    Glad you had the can of FAF handy!

    Also glad you were able to secure a site.

    Trash left behind and damage to the table…..inconsiderate folks….at least they are gone!

    It’s been raining up here….lake is quite quiet! It was free fishing weekend in NY. Got some worms. Fishing is relaxing. The final score Cin -1 Fish-11 Noseeums-5. We use barbless hooks so if you don’t keep the tension just right…the fish gets away with the worm.

    Enjoy your evening.

    • Timber n' me /at Bennet CG, ID. says:

      Hi Cin and Jules,,, The thunder clouds just rolled over us, a lot of bowlin’ for dollars are going on up in the sky,,, had to bring down the Wilson antenna ,, sure did cool down real quick,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, me

    • A gal in Maple Valley, WA says:

      You’ve been in my thoughts as of late. I imagined you assisting the local LE looking for the escaped convicts in your ‘hood. Glad that’s over with. Was worried that LE might start locking down areas up there. Or would that be good…. keeping the townies and in-laws away for awhile? 🙂

      • Cinandjules (NY) says:

        Retired is retired…let someone else chase! 😉

        The Adirondacks 6 million acres…Malone is probably 150 + miles northeast toward Vermont and Canada.

        Glad it ended without anyone getting hurt or killed.

        • A gal in Maple Valley, WA says:

          Ha Ha. Someone did get hurt and someone did get killed. Just not anyone on the right side of the law.

        • Mick'nTN says:

          I bet you had a Glock under your pillow. LOL

          • Cinandjules (NY) says:

            We are Sig chicks. 🙂

            Jules was a firearms instructor…and I was a defensive tactics (wax on wax off) instructor.

            Wanna play?

            • Mick'nTN says:

              Yes, but I gotta tell you, I don’t like those little short pop guns. My defensive tool of choice is a Barrett 50. Reach out and touch you a mile away! And made in TN.

            • Pamela K. in GA says:

              Mine best defense is a small but powerful flare gun. Yep, that’s right, a flare gun. Legal in all fifty states without a special carry permit AND most anyone will back away rather nicely rather than to get fried to a crisp. Up close short range and it wins hands down. And an attacking bear…yep would use it in a heartbeat if need be.

    • Denise - Richmond VA says:

      What kind of fish were you almost catching? Perch or sunfish?

      BTW….I loved the picture of chicks packing heat that you posted last week on the forum. Too cute!! 🙂

      • Cinandjules (NY) says:

        Just got back in from fishing. They stock this lake with trout. There are bass, sunfish, bullheads and others..not sure.

        Chicks with guns…like that eh?

  23. Denise - Richmond VA says:

    Welcome to Sue’s blogorino family, Paul, Helen, and Dixie! Congratulations on the sale of your house and the purchase of your motor home!! 🙂

  24. A gal in Maple Valley, WA says:

    Hi P.H.D.,

    Did you get set up with solar yet?

  25. Chey says:

    I just had to share this http://vancouver.W..http://vancouver.craigslist.ca/van/cto/5091010936.html
    I just love RVSues blog and the blogerinos.
    When I hang it up and go full time in September I will have all of you to thank. I’m so itching to get on with my life of wander/wonder that this van looked good. Hilarious! Comes with a ukelele and a flute!

  26. Dawn from Camano Island says:

    Hi Sue! Glad you were able to get your tire fixed free! Good ole’ Les Schwab–we’ve done business with them for years & never had a problem. I sure wish fireworks would be banned this year–it’s so hot & dry here. Even here on the island we’re having unseasonably warm & dry conditions. The fire danger is SO high right now that adding fireworks to the mix seems like a recipe for disaster.

    Our dear neighbor is having surgery tomorrow & I’m worried about him. He’s 85, in frail health & it seems to me that his doctor is not having a frank discussion with him about the risks & benefits involved. Dave is Jim’s ex father-in-law & they have remained friends. Jim’s Dad passed many years ago & Dave has been like a father to him. My thanks to those of you who would like to keep Dave in your prayers & hearts tomorrow. Thank you so much.

    Ear skritches to the crew, Sue. Do you have ear plugs for the weekend? Take good care.

  27. Bridget Law says:

    Happy 4th of July Sue, Bridget and Reggie! Thanks for always thinking of us and sharing your life with us!

  28. Barbara (Nashville) says:

    Hope everyone has a safe and Happy Independence Day

  29. Ron says:

    Dawn, thank you for your concern for Dave. So many of the elderly go ignored or neglected, I will pray for Dave today and tomorrow.

  30. Sue I lived in Estacada from 1993 til I married Joe in 2004. I also managed the funeral home there on the corner of 1st and Broadway. Hope you enjoyed your stay where you are. Happy and safe travels

  31. Jodee Gravel on the road in Trinidad, CA says:

    Glad you were able to get tucked in for the 4th. None of the state parks in Oregon have any openings for RVs for any weekend through August. I’m happy that so many families and folks are getting outdoors at least on the weekends, but it means making reservations as soon as you can to ensure a spot. We managed to find a place about a month ago along the Chetco River, just east of Brookings, but it’s a private park. Always great when a fix is quick, even better when covered! Be safe 🙂

  32. BadgerRickInWis says:

    Happy holidays to the woman who has embraced Independence Day is everyday better than anyone I know. Hope you have a safe and peaceful weekend. May your holiday be full of joy, nature and love and short on yahoo’s with explosives.

  33. cate walsh says:

    Hi Folks,

    INVU! What great news about your rig and getting launched on your travelin’ lifestyle. This blog and the folks on it are a super nice and helpful bunch so stay in touch. I’m hoping they will still be out there when I finally hit the road.

    Welcome and Happy Trails,
    🙂 Cate W.

  34. Bret from Texas says:

    Sue could answer each pop of fireworks going off with a blast from her bear horn. When the camp host visits her site, she calmly states, “Just celebrating, like everyone else!”

  35. Pamela K. says:

    Dawn, thank you for sharing this family news with all of us. Yes, will be glad to keep Dave in my prayers. No boubt Jim’s heart is heavy as he awaits Dave’s recovery. Sending up prayers for all of you. Try to sleep well and let god’s wisdom take control.

  36. Dawn from Camano Island says:

    Warm heartfelt thanks to all of you for your concern & prayers for our neighbor Dave. His son told us that he did well during surgery & is tired. He will probably be home tomorrow. Such good news–thanks again.

  37. Lee J in Northern California says:

    Miss Sue, I hope you have a cool spot to be in, it is hot here in the California Central Valley , our little town was 104 according to our porch thermometer. But…we have a swamp cooler, cranked up and it is actually pretty comfortable inside….more people need to use swamp coolers if they live in a dry climate like I do!

    I love it the way things carry on while you are out of reach, a nice bunch of people for sure.

    Sitting here listening to golden oldies, American Pie is playing…drinking iced tea, watching my dogs lay about like beached seals…ahh, summer in the Central Valley !

    Hope your weekend is wonderful….personally, I will be on watch..our neighbors persist in using fireworks despite the ban on them and I always worry they will set something on fire in their celebratory zeal!

    • Pamela K. says:

      OMG, still have my 33 album of American Pie! I plum wore out the thing in my freshman year of college, lol. Thank goodness I had suite-mates (four single suites to a suite unit and a common living room area) no room-mates or they would have surely broken it because I played it so often. That album saw many hours of burning the midnight-oil.
      Still love hearing it whenever it is played on the oldies stations 🙂
      Do you remember the Harvest album…Summer Breeze? Another prime-time oil burner…

  38. A gal in Maple Valley, WA says:

    Have you checked out her money sections at the top header area? That should give you some idea.

    If that’s where your heart leads you, you can make it work.

  39. R. now in WY says:

    Any blogorinos camping now in WY? I’m tent camping in Bighorn National Forest not too far west of Sheridan and Buffalo. Sue, crew and all blogorinos have a quiet and safe holiday.

    • Pamela K. in GA says:

      Not there myself, but take extra care for bears. There are bear alerts for WY and the surrounding states. Just read the active reports a few days ago. I look at the reports often as I, too, love to tent camp and scooter moto-camp.
      Enjoy and stay safe in your travels.

      • R. now in WY says:

        I do lots of hiking and walking on and off trails. So far did not see any bears but I carry bear spray and know how to use it. I see plenty of moose and they can be very challenging as well. Thank you Pamela K. in GA.

  40. Pamela K. in GA says:

    Hi John,
    I have read Sue’s comments about what others may be able to do at certain budget levels. I would think you could do that on $1200.00 a month IF you travel alittle less and stay longer in one place, getting plenty of provisions before going to your next destination. Sue does not travel far distances at a time but she does move often instead of staying the full amount of time one could stay in that same location. That said, I do believe you could do it as long as you take added measures to carry extra food/water supplies, have solar backup power, have a goodly supply of any meds you might need to take, and wisely budget a savings account surplus for any needed medical emergencies or rig repairs. BLM lands would be your best friend on that kind of budget and Forest Service lands. If you are a Veteran then there are added benefits offered to you at a savings. Maybe Rusty could give some good advice to you. If I remember correctly, he has similar budget allotment and also tends to stay located longer in one place before moving on. However, climate can, and often does, dictate when it is best to leave a location instead of staying the max time allowed. I would also suggest that you try to keep your rig as small as possible and still have it work for you and your comfort. That would provide the max savings in repairs, less to break, etc. and also better miles per gallon. An added bonus with a small rig is having more options regarding locations and sites within those locations too.
    I’m sure others people here can offer their opinions to you too. This is just a short list. RVing full-time is The Brass Ring, if you want it reach for it and make it yours! I personally would NEVER go back to a traditional house unless life threatening illness or extreme old age drove me to do so. For me and my husband it has been 18 years and counting, and we STILL love it. 🙂

    • Pamela K. in GA says:

      Oh, and your State Of Residency plays a huge part in the costs too, come income tax time. So keep the states of Texas, Florida and Sue’s home state in mind as you will need to take up a home state for you primary domicile state, driver lic and rig insurance, etc.

      • Dawn from NC says:

        Hi John,
        If you’re living out of a van and trying to do so on a budget, check out Bob Wells’ website http://www.cheaprvliving.com/
        He has lived out of his van for years and has lots of practical advice on his website. He is also available to email with questions. Good Luck!

    • Chey says:

      I hope to do it on disability of 733 a month. I smoke & roll my own, $34 a month for a can of Natural American Spirit, and cook frugally & healthy. I’m looking at a 1985 Flair the hasn’t been moved in 20 years. Visibly the seals are dry and unattached around the front drivers window. I imagine all the tires need replacing because of age, as well as belts, fluid flushes, system checks. Also the tires are locked up, and was told by Les Schwab probably calipers and rusted;perhaps need to be replaced or cleaned….bed in the back…All advice wanted!
      What should I offer? consider the work it needs?

      • Chey says:

        I should have added it has 15,000 miles on it’

        • Chey says:

          not a typo

          • Cinandjules (NY) says:

            I would be REALLY cautious.

            Our 2001 class c began to have problems even though I took great care of it.

            Unless you know the person…I would tend to believe the “problems” that you can see might just be the tip of the iceberg.

            When we sold our MH in 2010, it had 5K miles on it.

            Just my two cents.

            • A gal in Maple Valley, WA says:


              What were the issues you found with your ‘C’? Did you start to address any of them and then became overwhelmed before you bailed? Do you think the make/model/brand had inherent problems, or was it just a class c thing?

          • Donna 'N Girls says:


            I purchased a used Cruise America class c. I bought it in Dec. 2013 it’s a ’08. My thinking was that they have to maintain them to make money. I’ve had no problems and it came with a 12 month warranty. C A, usually sell them at 5 years. The mileage on mine was low 70k. The price was 28k and I added an awning that they installed. This might be an option for you. Mine is the 30 ft., the smaller ones cost less.
            Just sayin’

      • Pamela K. in GA says:

        Is it a manual or automatic tranny? Hopefully manual.
        Pretty old wiring throughout, check that out super well.
        Axle and frame rust? I mean a lot of rust, enough to cause pause for concern? How much are they asking? If the price is super low they might be able to donate it to you since you are disabled. They could ~maybe~ get the tax write-off instead of the cash for it. I don’t know for sure, ask DesertGinger, she works for H. R. Block… Might be worth a try.

      • BadgerRickInWis says:

        Chey, do you mean a Fleetwood Flair RV? If so I would be VERY concerned about anything that has sat for 20 years. I am far from an RV expert but I have been researching used RV’s for the past year. Everything I have found indicates that it all comes down to condition and how well it has been maintained.

        Yes, of course it will need new tires, hoses, brakes, axle bearings, etc, just like a car that has sat would need. But for an RV that’s just the start.

        In an old RV you need to consider so much more. Are the appliances operational? The propane lines even if they pass a pressure test now might not after 6 months of use. A leaky propane line can kill you!

        The electrical wiring might have been chewed on by critters or gotten old and cracked. There might not be a short circuit now but bounce it down the road a bit and suddenly you lose a ground which can be a major PITA to track down.

        All of the seams will need to be checked for cracked calking. You mention that the seals are dry. There is a very good chance that the window seals might need replacing. Not a hard job but it all just adds up.

        Now perhaps you are mechanically inclined and capable of doing almost all of this on your own. But taking it to a shop for work will add up quick. Buying a used RV is a great idea. But I think you will be much better off to look for one that has been used and on the road. I would prefer an RV with 5 times that mileage that had been taken care of and maintained than one that had been sitting in a field somewhere.

        Having said all that I would also encourage you to NEVER stop dreaming. There are great values in used RV’s out there and limitless possibilities for what might work for you. It’s just a matter of teaching yourself about the market and being realistic about your needs. Good luck.

        • Barbara (Nashville) says:

          Fleetwood, any model, does not have the best reputation for longevity, or anything else, for that matter. I would not even consider one.

  41. Velda in Roseville Ca says:

    Another HOT day in Sacramento region on California with temps predicted 108 again. Trying to mostly stay in with AC and drinking plenty of water. Hoping all Blogerinos have a safe and fun 4th !

  42. A gal in Maple Valley, WA says:

    weather, can you come out and play? I know you miss Sue. We all do, too. We chatterboxes haven’t offered you anything that grabs your attention yet. But you are missed.

    Would you please tell us about sharing your home with finches? How are they different than the parakeets many of us have had. Is their maintenance more involved? What is their attitude towards other beings; human, canine and feline?
    Do they get ‘twiterpated’ when they hear your outside avian friends? What stirs them to sing? Can either/both sex be housed together?

    Red rover, Red rover. Send weather right over. TAG! You’re it. 😛

    • weather says:

      You’re funny Valley gal,I’m not holding back because I miss Sue too much to play,or because the conversations here bore me.I’ve just been busy driving several counties taking care of things and the usual meandering in between.On recent topics-let’s see…The sky is bound to leak water in varying degrees,same with heat and fireworks-guess we ought to find a way to love life anyway.On tire fixes-whatever makes one feel safely prepared will likely be enough,if not ask for help and have a picnic while waiting for it.RV’s -if you’re married to one type expect the ups ,downs,costs etc.that goes with marriage.If you’re more open-go cheap in case you change your mind-always a nice option to keep in life.I hope and pray that all of us and those we care about heal and all else needed to enjoy the journey.Congratulations to all happy about recent changes,condolences to any with less good news.If I missed anything,let me know.

      Parakeets can gladly learn to be touched and interact as many pets do with each other,critters and humans Finches are wilder-need to be appreciated and left alone more.They show interest in all creatures,inside and outside, yet are tiny,easily frightened or annoyed, so ,if loose,will fly away from interactions.They sing to any and all to get and share attention,to communicate and enjoy themselves.If they don’t conditions and company should be altered.My two at the moment are dancing on their perches and little branches merrily singing in separate cages hung a few inched apart.I put them together for a day and a half, they were gentle and friendly but quiet.They aren’t ready to share much yet,kinda like new shy buddies.I’ll put one perch branch to connect the cages,hang a long millet spray the same way.In a few days we’ll see if when they sleep together they awaken in song instead of in alert! mode.I don’t like anyone here not to be able to chillax.

      Passing the baton back to one and all 🙂

      • A gal in Maple Valley, WA says:


        Thank-you for taking the time to reply. I hope your fine feathered friends become best buddies. I wish for you safe but exciting outdoor conditions. May you be fruitful in your errands and your driving bring you joy.

        You have said so many caring, uplifting things here. I’m sure the energy that you send with these thoughts will circle around to you. I am inspired by you to see things differently. Thank-you for that.

        Sandwich in the woods, anyone? 🙂

        • weather says:

          What a lovely sweet reply 🙂 better use an ice pack in your sandwich bag,some trails tend to wander…

      • He he he he Weather …someone else missed you too! 🙂 🙂 🙂

        I have no baton, but I am here to listen!

        Hi Marla, how was your trip up to Idylwild?

        • It was super fun! Just waaaaaaay too short! A crazy thunder and lightning storm passed through a few hours before we left on Sunday, dumped a bunch of rain, but then cleared up real fast. Our friend was leaving when this came through, he was backing up his 30ft Class A right when the thunder struck, we watched him slam on his breaks so fast, he though he plowed into something! Even made his wife go out and check the back, as we sat there laughing! hahaha!

          How was your festival weekend?

          • We had rain on our festival on Saturday, nice though, kept it cool. It was really hot on Sunday, but no rain. I had my picture taken with a BIG WHITE WOLF! He was standing with his front two feet on my shoulders. Quite a sight! It was so fun. Wish you could have seen it! Becareful on the 4th..hope for no crazy people making crazy fires around you. I only hope Huntington keeps a lid on, they get really crazy down there on the 4th…made the news a couple of times. We hear people and bikes passing by our house on their way down to the beach…crazy day for us.

            • Wow, a wolf! That must have been amazing!

              Yes, HB does get a bit wild on this holiday for sure. I want nothing to do with that! Plan on staying home & relaxing with family, crossing my fingers that people use their brains a bit (not likely) and keep fireworks to a minimum….we don’t need any more fires!

              Stay safe!!

        • weather says:

          🙂 the troupe,tasks and errands kinda ran us ragged around here,catch up with you for morning coffee

  43. DesertGinger says:

    Well, this ismy last week of class and we are working hard. For the first time ever, they have said they might publish some of our work, so that was exciting! We are doing a story on the debt crisis in Puerto Rico. Boring! But exciting because we may be published. I have a ton of homework tonight and I have to clean kitchen and bathroom as my roommate coming back Friday. Just wNted to check in and say Hi! And no, you cannot write off donations unless they are legit charities. Like, if I had a disabled neighbor I couldn’t give them my car and use it as a write off, unless they were a legit charity. And I got a receipt. Of course, they would only check if you were audited.

    • Hi D.G. My son-in-law has some distant family in Puerto Rico. He says they are fleeing there like rats deserting a sinking ship. Evidently they are now completely broke. Good luck on being published.

    • Pamela K. in GA says:

      Thanks for helping to answer that for him. I knew you would be up on that sort of thing 🙂
      Mainly I was trying to think outside the box and still trying to keep it legal.

  44. weather says:

    Light of morning reveals the world’s details ,it takes sunlight’s warmth for the plants to unfurl their leaves and flowers,to stir the insects into flight and motion.The wildlife waits for that before they move and use voice, so things were still here well past dawn.Cool cloudy day’s activities begin late some days,like this one.Watching creation respond to what gives it sustenance, I realize we’re waiting for the same thing after all.What sustains me is discovering and getting to know beauty.Good morning,Sue,I think that’s so true of you

    -why you hear each bird,would rather take a photo of small blossoms and twigs than of dramatic landscapes thousands are drawn to at times.Why you search for the hidden gems as campsites,it’s more than wanting privacy and a place that doesn’t cost much money.It’s discovering what’s wonderful beneath the surface,behind the everyday veil most never look beyond…Most bloggers,writers and people trot out the same stuff day after day,albeit with their own spin.The tried and true great stories show the heart within ,the eyes with real vision,motives,detail and courage needed to get from here to there,to reach the next triumph,one to love,prize or goal on a journey.

    If what humanity needed were facts learned by skimming the surface and taking things at face value,history books and documentaries would sell like hotcakes.They never have or will,what people retell and reread are the tales filling them with hope-that there’s good in this world and their future yet to be found.Again,a lot of words to say a few simple things.Your success was inevitable because of who you are.You are missed when you aren’t here ,yes because you’re loved,yet as much for what you give by just describing your life.I hope it’s recent days have been as refreshing as you are to those coming to the rvsueandcrew fountain.

    • Well isn’t that just great, after those words, I have none. One of your best posts to Sue and in a special way to all of the Blogorinos. Good Morning Weather…enjoyed this with my coffee with you this morning.

      • weather says:

        Hi friend,glad you made it here for coffee time together.I’d hoped the note would be felt to all of us ,as well as to Sue,there’s a possibility she still can’t access the internet for quite some time.She always seems to access something delightful,I look forward to hearing what that’s been lately,knowing it will be worth the wait.Speaking of wait-about fourteen work hours from your weekend,aren’t you?Woo-hoo!Baby blue tbird top down time 🙂 ?

        • Good Morning Weather, yes, coffee was great! I am working tomorrow, but it is holiday pay, so makes it better. I do have July 4th off, and then Sunday. The weather here is odd, monsoon type…so top off for a minute, then top up because of rain, then top down because it is also hot…glad my motor on my top is still working good. I know that Sue is tucked in somewhere and has to remain there until after the Holiday weekend because most places will be full, so she probably will not move. We will just wait here patiently, keeping each other entertained…waiting for a new post and new pictures of where we are now…makes life fun to look forward to, huh? Have a good day Weather. Keep the troupe safe this weekend while the skies blow up around you…we are on fire watch out here of course.

  45. Marilyn Dennison, Dania Beach, Fl says:


    What an amazing post.


  46. az jim says:

    Hi Missy, Just checkin in…..Have a nice encampment!!

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