A playmate for Reggie: Should we or shouldn’t we?

Thursday, March 16

The March heat wave continues!

Our shady campsite at Las Vegas Bay Campground, photo taken in the afternoon

~ ~ ~

I’m grateful for morning coolness. 

This is when Reggie and I take our longest walk of the day.  We stroll along the paved, campground road that is lined with oleander and creosote bushes.

The creosote is covered with tiny blossoms of bright yellow.

As we walk in the morning sunshine, I reflect upon our life.

I’m content.  I think Reg is, too.

Sometimes I wonder if I should find another dog.  I wonder if it’s the best thing for Reggie. I wonder if I’m subconsciously wanting to duplicate the unique relationship of Spike and Bridget.  That’s not possible, of course.

I want to do what’s right for Reggie.

I give him enough exercise and I do play with him.  There’s no doubt though that he’s happiest when playing with another dog . . .

Although he does love our tender, cuddle times, just the two of us.

We go out to the point.

The pavement ends and a gravel path leads us out onto the spit of land that extends beyond the campground.  Below us the river flows gently through its sandy banks toward the lake that has receded further south.

What used to be Las Vegas Bay has become a lazy river flowing through a wide wash of rock, sand, and desert plants.

Last night, I looked at rescue dogs online.

I went to the website for Adopt-a-Rescue-Pet of Las Vegas.

ARP is the organization that fostered Reggie until I found him at an adoption event that was held at PetSmart in Las Vegas two years ago.  You can see how young he looked then by following this link:

“WE FOUND HIM!  The new member of the canine crew comes home!” — March 2015

Should we go to PetSmart again?  ARP is having an adoption event there on Saturday and Sunday. 

Do I want to drive over there?  Not one of the dogs on the website jumped out as being “right” for us.

 But then Reggie wasn’t even shown on the website and he’s perfect from the tips of his ears to his toenails that always need clipping!

Gee, it wouldn’t hurt to go and see the dogs . . . .

Friday, March 17

“Let’s go, Reg!  I want to be at the bank when it opens at nine.”

With temperatures climbing to the 90s by afternoon, we need to get there in the cool of morning.  I want to shop at Wal-Mart after the bank visit and before the day is too hot to leave Reg in the PTV.

We motor out of Las Vegas Bay Campground and take Lakeshore to Northshore Drive to Lake Mead Boulevard.

I love this route to North Las Vegas! 

At the bank I take care of a few things, including withdrawing cash. 

If we should find a brother or sister for Reggie tomorrow at the adoption event, I’ll need cash because checks and credit cards are not accepted.


NOTE:  You may want to check the latest comments you missed reading under the previous post. — Sue


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74 Responses to A playmate for Reggie: Should we or shouldn’t we?

  1. Dawn in Asheville says:

    Close to top?

  2. Linda from Oregon says:

    Good morning. second?

    • rvsueandcrew says:


    • Linda from Oregon says:

      I love that photo of your campsite. It looks so cool and comfortable. I wish you could send some of the warmth up north to us in Oregon. I am so tired of rain this winter. A blue sky goes a long ways to improving spirits.

  3. Jan NH says:

    How exciting making a the decision on getting Reggie a playmate. You’ll know if it’s right when presented the opportunities…also I think Reggie will let you know :).
    Good luck!

  4. Pat Hall, Heading to New Mexico says:

    Great pics!!!!

    I hope you and Reggie find the perfect new addition to your family.

    As always…..safe travels.

  5. milliehubbard says:

    Oh Sue!! Another cliff hanger!! Will they or won’t they???

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Millie… It was a cliffhanger for me in real life, too. Will I find the right one or will I not? 🙂

  6. Barb from Hoquiam! says:

    Oh will she or won’t she? Will Reggie find another buddy or gal pal? OH SUE! YOU ARE SUCH A TEASE!

    What ever you do… I know it will be GREAT!

    OH! The Dogumentary that I was telling you all about, about Sunshine the dog with no back feet? It is being premiered on April 2nd here in WA! Very excited!

    Hugs from Hoquiam, where… guess what???
    It is RAINING!


  7. Dawn in Asheville says:

    Boy, I know that’s a hard decision for you RVSue! If you do get another I’m sure that Reg will want what you want, and I feel the tug of your heart in your words. My only thought was sooner is better than later. I know in my heart now that Freyja is older that she is set in her ways and adding a pooch to the mix would upset her. Also, she’s so food aggressive, I have to put her at the bottom of the totem pole to curb that (the cat is higher in the pack order in order to ensure her safety). And, I just couldn’t do that to her! Course for me, a cat and a dog make a nice balance of energy 🙂 Okay, maybe I’d like to add a ferret…LOL. I know, I’m crazy!!

    So. Not much news to report. It’s still been too cold and rainy on weekends to get much done on Juno, although today our handyman is putting in her “special” gate (so I don’t have to make a difficult u-turn in the yard). The Juno Portal I’m calling it. I’m also going to get him to make a gravel pad and a carport if I don’t run out of money first. All my big items (fridge, awning, interior, vent fans, the carb adjustments I need, maybe an a/c, solar…well the list just goes on doesn’t it?!!!) have yet to be done. I’ve decided to go residential with the fridge. Rather put the money into solar that will hopefully run a small one when the day comes. Fingers crossed the a/c actually works.

    I did take out the wooden range cover last weekend, reassembled it and sanded it down and oiled it with butcher block oil so it looks very pretty now and is food safe. Since it’s raining again this weekend going to work on my step brace (needs a wooden block on the top to fit into a metal fitting under the step so it doesn’t rock when underneath) and stair carpets.

    That’s about all that is fit to print – going to go look back and see if there have been any posts from Linda in NC. Hoping to hear how her adventure is going!

    Take care and best wishes. Stay cool (although that top pic is way inviting – not hot looking at all!).

    • Dawn in NC says:

      Thanks for the update Dawn! I was wondering how things were going with Juno.

      • Linda-NC says:

        Hey Dawn!!! I am in Georgia right now. I am headed back toward Asheville by April 1. I have to have cataract surgery done so will be around the area for a month. If would love to meet you and see Juno if you are so inclined. If not, that is fine too:)) I am going to Tallulah Gorge next to see the nesting Peregrine Falcons. The only place in Georgia where they have nested. I am hoping to get some pics. So far I have been enjoyed my meanderings. I had some repairs to do and more when I get home but everything is good. Like you, I like to do what I can myself. It seems like you are making good progress on your project. You should be proud of yourself!

        • Dawn in Asheville says:

          Ooops – first comment was meant to be below Dawn in NC 🙂 I was just thinking Linda, if you wanted to meet I’d love to! Just google siteducky web design asheville and I should come up – send me an email through the contact form. I’d love to see your rig as well and have a coffee. And wow, your next trip out sounds fabulous! Ugh, I am so impatient to get out myself. But, one step at a time 🙂

      • Dawn in Asheville says:

        Isn’t it nice that spring is finally getting here? Hopefully I can start moving a little faster.

        Today I did a couple of small projects – made step carpets (like Camco sells but bought doormats from Dollar Tree, punched in grommets and used bungee cords – they look fantastic) and modified the step brace I bought to make them more secure (gotta make sure it’s easy for Freyja to get up and down!!).

        Hope it’s going well for you?!

        • Linda-NC says:

          Now why didn’t I think of that for the steps! Excellent idea and money saving. While I am home I am going to figure out a better dinette table design, fix my door-that should be interesting- and either fix a bigger sewer hose older or just get a smaller one and use the one that is there. Projects, projects! I love a challenge though. Heck, we could start our own business! HA! Inexpensive Innovation! That sounds good for a name. I am such a dreamer! Anyway- will send you an email.

    • Krystina says:

      Wow Dawn….you are really moving forward. Happy for you 🙂

      • Dawn in Asheville says:

        Thanks 🙂 It feels slow to me but then I’m impatient. Wish I had a bazillion dollars and could just forget about work and school and work on her full-time!

  8. Kristi & Daisie (Nampa, ID) says:

    I loved that Lakeshore Road when I was there a year ago. I wish all roads were like that! Your new camp site looks homey and comfy. Loving your scenery on your walks too. Best wishes on your adventure to potentially add a new member to the crew. You’ll know that new crew member when you see them. <3

  9. Deena in Phoenix, AZ says:

    I love how you think things out in a story for us…I know that you will do what is best for both of you…It is a lovely day here in North Phoenix, just turned 65*, blue skies and the Palo Verde Trees are turning that wonderful shade of yellow green with their flowers appearing…wonderful view out my arcadia screen and patio…I love cliffs and cliff hangers…lol

    Deena and Miss Mollie

  10. Pam and Maya, still in NY says:

    Hi Sue, your post brings back memories of the Petsmart adoption clinic where we found Maya. It was too soon after our wonderful golden retriever had died, but my son insisted we go. All of the dogs were great but none of them felt “right”. With relief I started to walk to the front of the store when I heard, “Mom, mom look at this little one.” My son came running up with a perky little black puppy in his arms. “She just came in from a shelter in North Carolina, isn’t she perfect Mom?” And she was!

    • Dawn in Asheville says:

      I volunteer for a shelter here and we send a lot of dogs up north (sadly the culture here is one of pets being disposable – I don’t get it – but that’s what I’ve seen). It’s so heartwarming to hear of rescue stories. I actually found Freyja in Denver – she’d been rescued from a mill in Florida. Already had a litter that had been adopted out, and don’t think they had much hope for her – teats hanging the ground, scrawny, hair all fallen out – but her eyes looked into mine and there was that connection…and all she wrote. I suspect her time was up. They didn’t say that but I felt this urgency. We braved an ice storm to get her the next day (my BF had to meet her). To me it was just Valentines and I wasn’t going to have her spend another day on a concrete floor, but the shelter didn’t even have me sign papers – they just shoo’d me out the door and said I could come back later when we knew all was working out and pay the fee, etc. Course it could have been the deteriorating weather. I’ll never know. They did say the puppies were being bred for shark bait. I thought no, that has to be an urban legend but I did some digging and it does look like happens – I still get sick to think about it. Ugh, probably shouldn’t share something so negative, but maybe it will help people know what awful things go one and to rescue is doing an AMAZING thing.

      Okay – off my soap box now!

  11. Claudia says:

    When it feels right you and Reggie will know it.
    Wishing you luck in your search!

  12. Patti from So Cal says:

    The new blog posted just in time for my tea break., nice.

    How exciting for you and Reg! Exciting for us, too!
    I’ll be waiting for the next post, with bated breath. 🙂

  13. Dawn in NC says:

    Can’t wait to find out what you decided to do. Only you know what is right for you.

  14. Diane J says:

    I vote definitely go to Petsmart!….You will know instinctively if the right match is there.

  15. Judy in East Texas says:

    Sue and Reggie…..I absolutely love your new camp site. It just makes me go ahhhh. I’m glad you are thinking about a pal for Reggie, he does seem like he has so much fun playing with other dogs. But like you say it will take a very special someone to enjoy what yall do. Good luck and I know the next friend of Sue and Reggie will be fabulous.

    Stay safe out there my friend, judy

  16. Tracie says:

    Hi Sue and Reggie I was just watching some Vet Ranch rescues on YouTube and kept thinking “oh, that one would be perfect for RV Sue and Reg”, so spiritually I have been also looking for your next pal 🙂 Of course you will do what is right for the both of you.

  17. Pat in Rochester says:

    It’s always a good day to look at dogs, in my humble opinion!

  18. Ken Canada says:

    Hi Sue…
    Are the flowers …spring…flowers ?
    Great pictures
    Ken Canada

  19. weather says:

    This is tricky because you are currently posting about places a week later than where you currently are.Assuming the adoption event was held on the 18th & 19th, last weekend, you may already have adopted someone. If so, I hope I don’t say anything I might regret afterwards. Oh well, I’ll just go ahead and hope for the best.

    It seems your primary consideration is Reggie’s happiness, his having a playmate and canine to bond with. Loving him as much as you do , that makes perfect sense. Some thought might be given to what life for another member of your family will be like. If you were to immediately feel a real connection to a dog, and saw the potential for a deep love and bond between you and her, great!

    A concern without that might be her being a secondary citizen of sorts within your home and family. I know something along those lines might have been Edith’s situation, had you not been wise and kind enough to return her, when you realized you didn’t feel the right way about her.

    If you could somehow manage to view a dog without Reggie’s needs in mind, just when you meet her imagine a picture with you and her as two beings together on this journey. What would that be like for you? What would that be like for her? I would think an answer that meant a lot could be found that way.

    After, if the picture was all you hoped for both of you, then picturing the same with and for Reggie , with another dog, with you, with the three of you as a family, ah-h, wonderful to think about. And even more wonderful to actually have.

    Great photos of Reggie near the flowers! You’re right, he is perfect, from the tops of his adorable ears to his toes, and the flowers are beautiful. That’s a great really pretty campground , perfect for when afternoons spent outside on hot days are best enjoyed with some shade. Other than Utah , I couldn’t tell which other Benchmark map books were on your table. Ha! I’m still searching for a clue about this years travels for you.

  20. Sonia says:

    I asked you that question a few weeks back, “Will you get a brother or sister for Reggie?” I am pondering the same thing since I lost Simba in 2015 and Feisty last January. I adopted Foxy to be with Feisty when I lost Simba, now who is with Foxy? I exercise her good too, but I wonder the same whether or not to another fur-child. When I think about it, one is enough right now. I take her to the dog-park to meet up with friends. I plan to start traveling more and even though places are dog-friendly, they charge for each. That is 3 airfares (but only 1 dog per person, so I’d need a traveling buddy), 3 hotel charges, 2 vet bills, another Sleepy Pod etc. I just switched Foxy from kibble to freeze-dried, so I’d need 2x as much food. I will ponder again a little later.
    I love that campground, I try to camp there as much as I can. Sadly, I won’t be there this weekend. I know exactly where you are because I usually occupy the space straight across from you, #36. I love the back area so I can bird watch and be close to bathrooms and water spigot. The birds must know me because when I turn on some smooth jazz they come out of the woodworks and start walking around. I was just at PetSmart getting Foxy’s nails clipped. LOL.
    Getting ready for Willow Beach tomorrow. Enjoy your time at Las Vegas Bay!

  21. Sherri D says:

    Looking forward to seeing what happens! You’re such a good mom to your Reggie and all your past dogs too. I am sure you will know if and when another dog is the right fit for you two. 🙂

  22. Sherri D says:

    I am sure you will know when the right pup does or doesn’t come along. The search can almost be as fun! Good luck. You’re such a good Mom to Reggie and the past dogs, that I know the right thing will happen.

    • Sherri D says:

      sorry about the double comments! The computer hiccuped and I didn’t see the first one show up!

  23. Linda-NC says:

    Oh the suspense! You left us all wondering…will she or won’t she? Will she find THE ONE?? If you let Reggie pick, he would probably say ALL! Hugs and rubs for the Reg and I can’t wait to see what happens……………..

  24. Gee, Reggie, you might have a Sister to play with and to be a permanent friend like RVSue,, we went for our late morning walk and I got to meet a older lady Dog who just moved to camp with her humans and boy o boy they have a big,, uh, 5th wheel with children, girls who just love meeting me, thier momy and dady like to pet me too,,, have a great day looking at possible new friends and give RVSue a kiss from me, ok? ,, oh and Rusty says hi and have a safe, great weekend to RvSue too,,,,, love you ,,,, miss Piper

  25. ValGal (westernWA) says:

    Love the pics of the camping area, Reggie and the wonderful spring flowers.

    I am sure you will know what to do as you check out dogs and such. I hope Reggie gets to check her out beforehand.

    Eagerly awaiting the next installment of the story!

  26. Pam from Wisconsin says:

    Such decisions are difficult! You’ll know when it’s right. If you can just visit pet fairs without actually “shopping” you’ll be in the right place if it’s meant to be. And if not, still a great way to spend a few hours, petting pups:)

  27. Barbara (Nashville) says:

    I haven’t been to Vegas for about 12 years now, but loved that drive along Lake Mead Blvd. The lake was so full and beautiful then. I found the surrounding landscape pretty unique, as well.
    I also think going to PetsMart is the way to go since you can see the dogs and Reggie can also check them out to see if he has a favorite. That’s how I found Angel. She was the only one out of about 50 dogs that wasn’t barking her fool head off. Nice quiet, calm Jack Russell. Loved her as soon as we went outside, down the sidewalk and into the grassy area. She chased a bird, sniffed everything, took care of all her business and the I fostered her for a week before deciding. That was mostly because I had not had a dog in my life for about 45 years. Good luck.

  28. Pat from Mich. says:

    Your camp site looks so peaceful and inviting. Sometimes I wish I could just pack up and take off. Long ago, I took my neighbor to the pound to look at a dog. While I was there, my eyes caught a scruffy little black dog. Then a grey cat caught my eye. I went home alone, animal wise at least, but all weekend, all I could think of was that cat and dog. Monday was a holiday and the pound was closed, but Tuesday I was back there and took them both home. I think it was something in their eyes.

  29. Retiredcajunlady N Louisiana says:

    Oh my gosh, such wonderful pictures!! And the afternoon shot of your “home”–just gorgeous! Love the yellow flowers!!

    Sue, you are a smart cookie–you will know the right pup when you and Reggie meet him or her. Maybe it is the right time; maybe not. Going to look is a good idea even if the right pup isn’t available that day. When I went to meet and greet T’boy (the little Shih Tzu I was interested in adopting), he wanted nothing to do with me and nearly jumped out of my arms. And there was Will, the little black Shih Tzu mix who just seemed so forlorn. He looked so pitifully at me, so I picked him up and he put his head on my shoulder. He had chosen me. And I am so grateful he did. Will became Willee (my dad’s name was Lee thus the spelling) and the rest has been a wonderful history for us!! If I had had the space and money, I would have adopted all three of the rescued dogs that day. Rescued animals can tug at the heart! You will know when all things align and the right pup adopts you and Reggie!! And what a blessing it will be to all three of you!!

    Have a wonderful weekend! Belly rubs and hugs for Reggie, prayers for you both.

  30. Pookie and Chuck in Todd Mission Tx says:

    i think most dogs love having a playmate…..I believe that is the reason I lost
    my first Chihuahua by him going next door to play with the neighbors pit bulls….
    at the time he was our only dog…….
    I had the feeling you were on your way to las vegas to look for another pup…..
    🙂 after following you from your trip to get Reggieman I just felt it….
    I hope you find him and you a good pardner…………
    keep up the good work young lady……
    chuck and pookie

  31. suzicruzi from Van, WA. says:

    Dear Sue and Reggie,
    In your post, “should we, or shouldn’t we?”, I feel you already know the answer. It is not a bridge we can cross until we get to it.

    Sending love to your day!

  32. Chuck Hajek says:

    Hi Sue ! You will know Regs’ brother or sister when you see the right one! I don’t how it happens but it does. ‘Tater was a thrice returned, three shelter, older dog…..as soon as I saw him, that was it. He and Radar play now, get into mischief and keep us on our toes. You’ll know, Sue!

  33. Linda Rose, Muffin, Molly & Midgy says:

    How exciting! I’m glad you’re going to the adoption event. You can’t always tell by pictures. When I got little Midgy I had picked out another dog entirely from the pictures. Midgy was the one with the personality that I was hoping for and the other little guy was way too shy and retiring for my crew and travels in my Roadtrek. I remember suggesting chihuahuas when you were looking for Reggie. If I wasn’t so lazy I’d try to go back and look at your fairly negative response to that…lol. My trio are snuggled in here with rain, rain, rain. Can’t win here in my area. 4 years of killing drought followed by the wettest year in decades. 90° sounds pretty nice…but I wouldn’t like it for long. Always love seeing you post!!

  34. Paula in Indiana says:

    Sue, your pretty rug and tablecloth makes your camp so homey and inviting. Such lovely flower photos too. I read that the desert flowers this year are extra nice because there was more rain than usual.

    I’m glad you mentioned about the interesting comments in yesterday’s post. The bit about the goats and their tree house made me laugh! Did you know that there are goats in Morocco that climb trees? Seriously, google Moroccan tree goats and you will find some hilarious pictures 🙂

  35. Cinandjules (🌵) says:

    Only you and Reg will know what’s truly best for the both of you!

    I understand your Spike and Bridget comment totally! We often, too often, compare AO to SA. The past is just that! We didn’t get AO to replace SA, we got her because SA wouldn’t have wanted us to be so sad!

    So whatever you choose to do….will be wonderful! Best wishes with your decision!

  36. Jan Johnson says:

    YES!! I would never have less than two because, well, you never know what will happen and I can’t be totally without my furry babies. But that is a bit morbid! I think Reggie would be so happy since he loves other dogs, but I love that you are thoughtful about it. So many people just jump in and aren’t prepared and regret it, and then it is the poor dog or cat that suffers.

    A family member got a new tiny Chihuahua puppy last year and was complaining in the first few days the dog would not go potty outside. Sheesh! Can you say “BABY?” Can you say “they aren’t automatically trained to go outside?!” UGH! Animals are so much work. To me they are worth it but not to everyone. I think people need to borrow a puppy before buying one to see how much work it is to properly take care of one.

    Okay, rant over! Of course none of that was directed at you because you are a dog person and you get it. I do hope, though, that you get Reggie a brother or sister because that will leave an opening at the foster family for another doggie from the pound.

  37. Rover Ronda (WA) says:

    Can’t wait to hear how Saturday went 🤔 Dogs sort of pick us as much as we pick them, don’t they.

    • Linda-NC says:

      Ha! You are right! That is what happened with my car-Oreo. She put on such a show of love and playfulness that I couldn’t walk away! She is a wonderful cat! Even Maggie gives her a kiss now and then.

  38. LeeJ in Northern California says:

    I went back and read all the comments in the last post…I usually do keep up..but I was cracking up about the ‘helpful’ folks who assume genitals equal proficiency in backing a trailer! My truck has a canopy so I have similar visual issues to the rear as your van would have…but despite my ‘handicap’ I manage, lol. Last camp trip my friend insisted I would not be able to park, let her do it…so I told her go ahead! And I walked down to see the lake! She acknowledged later she was presumptuous and said she wouldn’t do it again….said she had a brain fart…so I reminded her I had been pulling big horse trailers for 40 years…it wasn’t,worth fighting with my friend, but I was glad she backed off on her own…
    Ah! Life is interesting isn’t it?
    I am off Sunday evening for a train trip north to see my son and his family, kids are on spring break. I will be waiting to read your next post!

  39. Elizabeth says:

    Are you of the mind that it would need to be a female? Seemed not much choice listed on your link, except for males. Harder choice when you already have one dog…however, all of our dogs got along ok. Heh, someone just has to establish who is the boss and all is well…whatever happens, I wish you the best Sue!!

    • Suzi says:

      Hi Elizabeth! I think Sue has to be the boss, right? We have to be our dogs’ pack leader to establish order in the pack, of which we play a key role. They look to us for guidance, don’t they? The tension is building while we wait for further news…. Sue is being a rascal! 😇

    • Cinandjules (🌵) says:

      The male vs female choice decision was in a previous post!
      The head of the herd was also mentioned! Hah!

      As much as we are animal lovers, we choose to only have females whether it be dog or cat. We did had a male cat, Adirondack, who thankfully didn’t spray.

  40. Karen LeMoine says:

    Regarding another dog you answered your own question.” Reggie is happiest when playing with another dog”. Now go and find one:)

  41. AZ Jim says:

    Mixed feelings here Missy. In a way I think you know best about reading Reggie and feeling he wants a doggie buddy but then I think how he is used to getting all the attention and wonder how it will affect him. I guess even if there was a little early resentment, it would not last long. In the end you’ll do the right thing I know. Clearly there are many wonderful little doggies out there who need the kind of home you will provide. If you find what you are looking for I am happy for you, Reg and most of all the lucky little guy selected. Your instincts are good, go with it… Be well Missy, Hug…

  42. Cheryl Tucker in The Lower Thumb of MI [Vassar] says:

    Here’s another one of your night-owls! (Check the time-stamp…). Oh well, I’ve had a long day, and am trying to come down by reading my favorite blog!!♡

    Getting another dog is your personal prerogative, IF you feel Reggie’s lonely, by all means, find him a brother or sister. Just know that Jack Russell/Chihuahua mixes get set in their ways quickly, and can get territorial. If our dog, Joe, is any comparison. He has all of the same temperament and looks that Reggie has, except he’s all black with distinguished gray on his muzzle that he’s earned from the Pit Bull, Dexter, next door, breaking loose of his tether and comes “visiting” in our yard. He’s already took a chunk out of Joe’s ear…granted he was just playing, but, geez…didn’t they feed him? LOL

    Anyhow, Reggie can be quite mellow (until he gets hold of “Duck L’Orange” or his other stuffed pals. We can’t let Joe have stuffed things, he’d destroy them in one or two minutes!!

    You do what’s best for you and your crew! We are all behind you 100%!

    Love, Hugs, and prayers are being sent to you by “Doggie Express” XXOOXX!!♡♡;^)


    “Have a God-filled Day”

  43. MB from VA says:

    Hi Sue! By now you may have found a friend for Reggie. And I don’t know what your plans are for this summer. But if you are still looking, may I suggest National Mill Dog Rescue? They are based in Peyton, CO. I follow them on FB. If I ever decide to adopt another dog….they usually find me instead…..I will go the NMDR first. Just a thought when I read your post.

    Have a great day!
    Love from VA. MB, Wyndy (Tossed out with sibblings at the top of our farm road) and Bella (Met her at the Ford place with her foster mom)

  44. ApplegirlNY says:

    Can’t wait to hear about your doggie decision. At the end of the day, as you know, it depends on if there’s a match, because you’re not looking for “a dog,” you’re looking for “the dog.” Enjoy the process. Very exciting.

    Same with people. We meet many people in our day to day lives. Although we may enjoy many of them, only a few become close because there is that undefined connection. Amazing how quickly a friendship can form if it’s the right match.

  45. Krystina says:

    🙂 Yeah….Reggie might have a brother or sister!!! I agree with the Bloggorinos that you will know when (and if) you find your next family member. I feel excitement for you and Reggie. Can’t wait to hear the outcome. On another note, Hope, the thrift store in Lyndonville, VT where I volunteer was robbed twice this week. Altogether about $4,000. Our fearless leader Jodie, and the rest of us, are just devastated. It seems unbelievable…considering the police station is across the street two houses down from where we are. The good news is they did not trash the store 🙂 The other good news is that many, many of our customers have made donations to us, local restaurants are donating a % of their sales on a “Help Hope” night. A local real estate agent has also put up a go fund me page!!! Customers have brought in baked goods, pizza and lots of flowers. We do love our customers! We will be ok in time but we are all very sad right now. Anyway….good luck RVSue on your search for you new “puppy”. xxoo

  46. Denise - Richmond VA says:

    Good morning, Sue,

    This post made me smile! It was in the back of my mind that you may be looking for a little sister for Reggie, as LV was where you hit the jackpot in finding him. Sending you wishes for patience and luck in finding the next crew member.

    Filling the bird feeders, putting out fresh water in the bird baths, and repairing a bird house to ready it for its next family are at the top priorities today for me. It is a beautiful, sunny day here. 🙂

    Sending you and Reggie love and hugs from me and Gracie pup! 🙂

  47. Gal and a cat in Fl says:

    Looking at pictures is so hard! Little Bri looked adorable. The thing is, so many people pick from the first reaction, like coming to you cuddling etc. But that is just luck. In reality these little pets are frightened silly at shelters and events. They may retreat, look scared (really??) and may not react to people. They have been taken from a home most likely, a family that loved them or rescued from a bad situation,who knows. The thing I am saying is that not all start off as the very perfect dog or cat. They take a little time to adapt to you, their new life and love. Some of my most loving were frightened as kittens,hid and huddled away at first and became the most loving friendly cats ever! Dogs are the same way. I was vet tech 30 yrs and have seen all kinds of pets turn around and become loved treasured lifelong companions. It is such a reward to watch a frightened little animal give it’s love back to you in thanks for saving it. Patience is everything. Sorry to be so wordy, I hope you understand. Wishing you and Reggie best of luck. I know he will be thrilled with a brother or sister. You do too.

  48. Pam Ridgely says:

    Reggie looks very small, would he fit in a “doggie purse”? This way when it is hot out, you could take him inside with you, that is unless he likes to bark. Then it’s a give away what you are carrying.

    As far as getting another dog, he looks like he enjoys being an only child. But when you go to the adoption event, you just might find “the” other one. Good luck with your decision.

  49. rvsueandcrew says:


    I hope you’re having a great weekend according to what you consider great. 🙂

    As always, your presence here adds interest and enjoyment to my blog. Thank you for participating! Please continue commenting as you wish.

    I’ll be working on a new post this morning, attempting to have it ready by this afternoon. Hang on — I don’t want anyone falling off the cliff!


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