A warm camp in a small town for the last cold blast of spring

Friday, May 12 (continued)

Traveling toward Wells, Nevada, the presence of the Ruby Mountains (above) triggers fond memories of the time the crew and I camped at Ruby Lake National Wildlife Refuge.   It was cold then and, even though that was in April, it is colder now in May.  I resist the temptation to return this spring.

Reggie and I reach the town of Wells.

I park the Perfect Tow Vehicle and Best Little Trailer behind a travel center.  Reggie has a walk-around on the grass — Man, is it windy! — and then I make a turkey sandwich for lunch.  We share the sandwich inside the PTV.

Well, it’s obvious that Angel Creek Campground (about 7 miles southwest of Wells) would be too cold for tonight’s camp.  I have a feeling that we could drive out of this awful wind if we keep going. 

About seventy more miles on Route 93 . . . 

We roll through Jackpot without stopping.

Shortly thereafter we enter Idaho!

Let’s climb into the time machine for a moment, shall we?  Going back to last winter when Reggie and I walked through desert lilies around our camp at the LTVA near Blythe, California, I wondered about the year ahead of us.

What route should we take to go north in the spring?  

These are the choices (allowing for variations) for migrating north from the southwestern Arizona/southeastern California area, as I see it.

One can lean westward and go up 395, the California coast, or through Death Valley.  Or head east and then north through Page or Bluff, or even loop around through New Mexico.  Another choice is to go north through Las Vegas and veer eastward through St. George and Utah.  Or go north through Vegas and follow 93 all the way into Idaho.

I chose the latter.

And for some reason that escaped me, the tiny settlement of Rogerson, Idaho, kept coming to mind.  Not as an insignificant mile marker along Route 93 . . .

But as a destination.

Why go to Rogerson?  It’s nice.  Salmon Falls Creek Reservoir is nearby, but we’ve been there and done that.  Of all the places we could go, why return to Rogerson?

~ ~ ~

Okay, back to our journey north on this day in May . . . .

By the time we reach Rogerson I’ve decided we will camp at the RV park. Cold weather with rain, possibly snow, is in the forecast for the coming week. (Remember my 12 volt outlets don’t work and the propane heater still has a leak.  More about that in another post.)

The RV park is beyond a multi-service area of gas station, convenience store, and cafe with bar.  Rogerson is so small and rural that this is its center and, as I later learn, the heartbeat of the town.

When we enter the park, the only RVers are long-term residents.  

A man helps us choose a spot and the Best Little Trailer nestles into it.  Soon she’s munching contentedly on 30 amp power.  Camping fee is $100 for seven days + $6 tax, electric included.

This is great!  We’re pushing the envelope being this far north so early, but it doesn’t matter.  We will be warm and happy here and I can blog without having to fuss around charging the laptop in the PTV.

Reggie likes the grass. 

Beyond our back “yard” is a field, too!

Later, while walking with Reggie around the park, I have the feeling we are being watched.

Far across the grassy lawn I spot a small, white dog! 

Reggie doesn’t know he’s there.  I zoom in and catch a photo of the curious canine before he runs behind a shed to hide.

Coming up:  Reggie meets Homeless Dog!  



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81 Responses to A warm camp in a small town for the last cold blast of spring

  1. Ilse in Sequim says:

    Near first?

    • rvsueandcrew says:


      Blogorinos: I turn comments over to you. Thank you for making my blog an interesting and fun place to visit!

    • Barb from Hoquiam! says:

      Hey Ilse! I am just South of you!!!

  2. Cat Lady says:

    Looks like you are first.

  3. bess in oregon says:

    hi sue! great place to stay warm and cozy. xoxo

  4. Marilu in Northern California says:

    Good morning, Sue and Reggie!

  5. Bud (N E Washington) says:


    The weather here in northeast Washington has been cold and rainy this year but is finally going to be in the high 70’s at least next week. The weather should get better for you. Have a good trip as you head north.

    • Barb from Hoquiam! says:

      Hey Bud! It this THE Bud that I KNOW??? 🙂 The Bud of Bud and Cher????

  6. Shelley in California says:

    Oh boy…homeless guy might be next crew member?

  7. Dawn in MI says:

    Good morning! LOVE that mountain shot at the beginning…they’re just so BIG…hard to imagine way over here in Michigan. Hope to hear good things about the homeless dog.

  8. Barbara (Nashville) says:

    Hope you stay warm. If memory serves, you have a heat strip? Doesn’t the Wave 3 only operate on propane? Maybe someone there can check that leak for you.

  9. weather says:

    Okay, so I immediately thought “Homeless ? !! 🙂 ! You mentioned Reggie having a playmate on Mother’s Day, and that being the first time you could relax inside knowing he was happily occupied without you. Even if you only played mom to that little white cutie on that day, how sweet and special, for all three of you.

    By including “of all the places we could go, why return to Rogerson?” you set the scene to make me wonder …does the white doggie have a home yet? perhaps one on wheels…

    If such speculation is ruining a surprise you want to keep for a future post, or for any other reason, feel free to delete or edit my comment.

    • Shelley in California says:

      I think were all thinking the same thing!

      • weather says:

        Yep 🙂 ! If I have this right Sue paid for a week’s stay there on May 12th so they (2 or 3?!) might be moving. Gosh, I hope she manages to post again soon, anyway.

        Of course,perhaps the homeless dog is being cared for by the long term residents of that park and will remain there. Yet, events and circumstances have been in play since her stay at the LTVA near Blythe last winter that seem to have led Sue… to be at Rogerson’s RV park at that specific time…

        • eliza in illinois says:

          that doggie may be skittish, but he does not look under-nourished!
          and just like Sue to keep us in suspense….

  10. Pat from Mich. says:

    Hmmm. A homeless dog? A cute one too. Did Reggie get to meet him?

  11. AZ Jim says:

    Will the ever alert RV SUE investigate the small white little guy thus far only referred to as “homeless” guy and is “homeless” guy in fact actually “homeless”? Will such an investigation reveal that the small white dog to be truly “homeless”? If the locals identify him to be a stray, will our RV SUE make him a member of the crew? So many mysteries to unravel. Stay tuned for the next exciting chapter where all will be revealed…………….or will it?

    • weather says:

      Hi, Jim, it’s so good to see you on here 🙂 ! On the last post Sue wrote “For reasons of which I am unaware, I’m compelled to keep going.” Finding a stray fortunate enough to become a new crew member might be a great reason, right?

      • AZ Jim says:

        I always enjoy your comments, Weather and look forward to reading them. The little white dude looks pretty well fed to be a stray.

        • weather says:

          You’re right, he does look well fed. All this excitement is fun, though we could all be way off in what we’re guessing.

  12. Suzette (TN) says:

    Gnawing my fingernails…waiting for the next post!

  13. Marcia says:

    I remember reading that Reggie had been a stray in Santa Fe and then rescued. Hoping this new little guy has now been rescued, too!

  14. Stephanie Albany OR says:

    I’m with the crowd. Better suspense than many movies. Will she or won’t she? Will “homeless” be homeless for long? What does Reg think of homeless. 2 males – can be hard to predict. But I believe in fate and inner tuition so can hardly wait for next post.

    • Marcia says:

      We have two rescue males right now who are so bonded. They came from the same rescue organization but were not together. One had to be by himself because he has fear aggression with other dogs, but we took our older male with us to get them, tossed them all in the car together, and came home…a three hour trip, and the bonding was immediate. We also had two other males brought home separately who bonded quickly. When we added a 10 lb. female to that pair, she quickly let the males know their place in the food chain! I remember being concerned about placing a male with another, but so far, we have had good luck.

      • Shelley in California says:

        Actually I think two males are a lot better than two females and Reggie has proven to be good with other males in the past. By the way I am happy not to have to solve math problems to post now.

  15. Cinandjules (🌵) says:

    Cliffhanger……….uh oh!

    Sometimes things are just meant to be or happen for a reason!
    I know you’re reading this….how long are you gonna make us wait?

    • Cynthia from San Clemente says:

      She is going to make us wait forever!!! I think it should be Sadistic Sue, not RV Sue!! (You now I’m just kidding Sue, right?) I don’t think I’ve ever checked my in box so often for an email!!

  16. Sherri D says:

    Homeless Hobo dog eh? What suspense we are all in. lol Would two boy dogs get along ok? Just curious.
    Love the grassy campgrounds! Can’t wait till the next installment of Sue’s adventure.

  17. Cinandjules (🌵) says:

    Ok….an hour later I’ve come up with…

    RVSue and Reg befriended hobo, fed him rotisserie chicken, found his owner and/or decided she just couldn’t “take” him. Remember that town, forgot where, the dogs just roamed the sidewalks?

    Besides……she wants a female!

    • Karen in Pacific NW says:

      She might prefer a female but the much higher criteria than the gender would be a dog that was well adjusted and got along with both her and Reggie.

  18. Geri in the FL panhandle! says:

    Wow! I got a bit behind in reading your posts and so sorry about that! You really have taken a northern track! Lovin’ it! So hot here, wish we could breathe some of your cool air!
    Homeless dog looks sweet, sturdy and well fed! Are you sure he ius homeless? Could this be the destiny waiting for you in Roberson? Time will tell! Give you sweet Reggieman a hug from all of us! Take care Sue and know we love you!

  19. EmilyO in NM says:

    Maybe, it is in the title of this posting too. This past week has been kind of Spring weather nasty.

  20. Kristi & Daisie (currently in Nampa, ID) says:

    My home state! Salmon Falls has been in the news lately. Because of all the unprecedented snow and rain this past several months, we have record water in all our lakes, etc. Salmon Falls Res. is full and went over the spillway for only the second time in the last hundred years. I’ve never made it down that way, but perhaps next year. I have Oregon on my mind this year for my camper vacations. I will throw out once again that if you EVER run into any trouble while in Idaho (mechanical or otherwise), please do not hesitate to reach out to me. I have family and friends throughout the state that would help a person in need. Safe travels and I can’t wait to see what you post about my backyard state. <3

  21. Renee from Idaho says:

    Welcome to Idaho (again), Sue and Reggie! Yes, we know that route well, either going and coming back from Vegas or to and from the SW states as you’ve done. Beautiful country with the fields and mountains beyond. Stay warm.

  22. Stan Watkins says:

    I haven’t commented in a long while , but just wanted you to know , I never miss a post and appreciate your blog very much . Happy Trails !

  23. kathy garcia says:

    I remember the last time you were camped at Salmon Creek Reservoir. We were nearby and were going to stop by for a visit. Instead we had to rush Gil to ER in Twin Falls. We still haven’t seen the reservoir! Maybe if we get to go south this fall.

  24. Ruthie in Fontana says:

    Hi Sue and Crew, Oh the suspense… the drama, I love it. I’m getting ready to to mail my sister a new phone. She lives in the mountains six miles from St. Maries, ID. Loves it there. But for the past thirty years she has live a very, very austere life. I worry sometimes but everyone is different and that is what she likes. So I send her a way to connect in an emergency and to talk to her Dad.

  25. rhodium in RI says:

    That looks so nice, we can’t wait to head west and south. We came back to RI to visit relatives and are in the most un-RVSue camp imaginable. Although it is rustic and great for families with kids, we would welcome bears outside compared to current reality. Plus, RI does not let dogs onto its beaches from April through September, and Bella has learned to love the beach. To keep the RI Tourist council from seeking me out and breaking my kneecaps, I must admit there are many beautiful hiking trails in southern RI. Actually, we are so blessed to live the vagabond life, but one needs something to complain about from time to time. Hope your utility issues get fixed soon.

  26. Barbara from Camano says:

    Sue, I appreciate seeing you stay in a ” not so glamorous place” compared to so many of your boondocking sites. Kind of gives me permission to not always think I had to find that special, special place all the time. And look, it might even turn out to be your special special place! Thanks for the adventure and suspense.

  27. Marilu in Northern California says:

    I know there are lots of dog lovers in Blogorinos land. Maybe someone has experience with my problem. Our puppy, Fonzy, is now 4 1/2 months old. He has ridden everywhere with us and showed no sign of car sickness until the last week. He threw up three times on roads not as winding as he’s been on before. Is he likely to grow out of this? We generally RV several months each year. Meclazine helped but he still wasn’t very happy. Any suggestions?

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Has Fonzy been vaccinated recently, given any medications, wearing a flea collar, etc.? Is there air freshener in the vehicle? Just throwing out ideas, Marilu. I hope you can figure out the cause or that the vomiting stops on its own.

      • Marilu in Northern California says:

        He’s had heartworm and flea preventative! Maybe that’s what’s upsetting him while riding. I’ll keep that in mind. Thanks!

        • Shelley in California says:

          When I started taking my little guy camping with us I asked for something for carsickness, I paid 11 dollars for two doses, when I got home I looked up what he prescribed, it was Benadryl. You can give him over the counter human Benadryl you just need to google the amount.

          • Marilu in Northern California says:


          • Cinandjules (🌵) says:

            We had problems with AO driving “off the hill” in NY. We didn’t know how the drive across to AZ was going to play out.
            Our vet prescribed Cerenia (+$100) but I didn’t like the side effect..diarrhea! (Much rather her puke). Instead we used Benadryl (generic Walmart is cheaper) depending on Fonzy size ya might need to cut a pill in half! Call your vets and they will advise on the correct dosage.
            Try not to give him food or water before the ride.

            As for AO, she puked as we drove off the hill. I gave her a Benadryl an hour prior to departure. No problems once we were off the hill!

    • Cynthia from San Clemente says:

      In addition to the Benydryl, our vet suggested crating our little girl (she used to want to be held in my lap and she would shake from nervousness). Now we crate her in a soft crate and I put blankets under the crate to minimize the road vibration. She seems to do much better this way.

  28. Wow Sue, your in Idaho already and Reggie is gonna meet with a friend,,,,, well something told me to move this morning and we didn’t get far but just south of Dove Creek and the back of the truck was smoking, we slowed down and just as we were hitting town, the left wheel and axcel came off the truck and we stopped moving, first the road department came with cones to let traffic know we are 6 ft in from the slow lane, then a fellow driving a back ho stopped and we talked bout the problem, then a deputy came and said not to worry, but the fellow who drove the back ho came back and lifted the back up in the air with a forklift and pushed us to his trucking company parking yard and said not to worry about money, he and all who helped said my money is no good in this town and soon we will be back on the road doing fine with a good differential, he said that there are many old fords out in about the town, so here we camp at Thompson Trucking next door to General Dollar across the street is Conoco, a laundry and store,,,, have a great week and stay safe and give Reggieman a huge hug from us,,,, Rusty n Piper

    • Stephanie Albany OR says:

      A blessing Rusty. I’m so glad you are ok and being cared about and for.

    • weather says:

      Gosh,Rusty, having the wheel and axle come off must have shocked you. I’m glad folks are being so nice to you. Will you be able stay warm and comfortable until everything is repaired?

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Good heavens, Rusty! Your story could’ve had a terrible ending. Thank God for the good folks of Dove Creek. It sounds like you don’t have to worry so I hope you aren’t, now that there are people who want to make sure you’re okay and able to get back on the road again. And isn’t it good that you have stores nearby for anything you might need.

      I know Dove Creek! I drove through there with Bridget and Reggie on the way to Bradfield Campground. In fact there’s a photo of the grain silos next to the store at this post.

      I hope you and Lady Piper sleep well tonight. Tomorrow is a new day! Thanks for keeping in touch.

      • Thanks for your carring hearts all, I went over to the Conoco Station and had my propane tank filled and we have just about everything we need to be here, it’s like camping out but we’re in town among Peterbuilts and Kenworths and crude oil Tankers away from traffic noise, but can see highway 491 and was told we are 6 miles from the Utah Boarder,,,,, ya it was very scary at the time the truck did its trick qnd I thought our lives was coming to a end and al kinds of bad thoughts of being lost so far from home, I’m not worried now, I thanked our lord for his loveing help, cause I’m broke and don’t get paid till the first of June, oh, I have a C note , but to do the repair, I’d be hear till god came to take us home and felt releaved that carring people of Dove Creek is passing the love,,,,,

      • weather says:

        It’s nice that you have internet signal there, so can stay in touch with us, Rusty. I know how scary having a wheel come off is, because it happened to a 1957 Pontiac while I was driving once-the parts involved just rusted through. In both of our cases, were it not for grace, that could just as easily have happened when we were on a crowded highway or descending a mountain road with no shoulder to safely pull on to. My jeep wrangler was dangerously rusted, so a few months ago I traded it in for a larger and newer jeep liberty. The guy that has the wrangler now owns a service garage with lifts and welding equipment so he can restore and safely drive it. Hopefully, your truck camper will soon, easily and affordably be made roadworthy again, too. May provision and peace surround and remain with you, through this episode and the future. hugs to you and Piper, and wishes for you to enjoy what you’re blessed with on this good day 🙂

    • Cynthia from San Clemente says:

      So glad you are safe Rusty and that there are good, kind people out there to help you.

  29. Tammie Villanueva says:

    Looks like Reg might get a new friend
    and stay warm guy’s.looks like a nice quite little town with lots of grassy trails to walk.

  30. Carolyn in AZ says:

    The little white homeless dog looks a lot like My Rupie. He’s great little lap dog. Very friendly, too.

  31. AlanOutandAbout - in Hurricane/Zion. says:

    Hi sweet lady, It’s been a while since I posted but I have been reading of your journeys. You have been getting about a lot. Got to love Reggie, his has a great personality and character. If he does get a new friend I think he will be ecstatic.
    Idaho! Way to early for there but you’ll do fine, you always do .
    Anyway, I moved today from Pahrump to Hurricane UT. Nice little town with a very nice campground, with grass and trees with shade. Scamper doesn’t know what to do, All he has known is cement, asphalt and rocks. I will be here a month and then on to Grand Junction for the summer to visit my cousin. I hope to see a lot of ZION while I am here.
    Currently Route 9 is closed on the other side of the tunnel in Zion due to rock fall, a big rock rock fall.
    I got me a new bike, it is electric, with big fat tires so I can cruise the desert and places like Zion. It is a radmini and even folds up for travel.

    Well keep on truckin and as always Enjoy.


    PS Hello Cinandjules hows the desert rtreating you.

    • Cinandjules (🌵) says:

      We are all doing great! Thx

      Think about you often….keep in touch!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Alan,

      Great hearing from you again! I can’t type as much as I’d like. I’m into overage charges with 18 days left in the billing cycle. Ouch! Enjoy Zion!

    • Geri in the FL panhandle! says:

      Alan, if you like BBQ, there is an amazing place in Hurricane on the main road, a mobile BBQ that has the best we found in the whole 5 years we were travelling the SW!

  32. ValGal (westernWA) says:

    I’m turning blue holding my breath to hear about Homeless Dog. Such a cliffhanger!

  33. Nora now in Nevada says:

    Hi Sue,
    Read your options north with interest since that is also what I’m trying to figure out. Have you taken 395 north thru Susanville? I’m just a little worried about how the road is: how steep and twisty. It’s been suggested to me but, as I say, I’m a little concerned about it. I’m now outside of Death Valley on 95.
    Any suggestions? I have a Class C towing a car so it’s a little different than your situation.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Nora, it’s been so long since we drove that road through Susanville. We were descending the mountain to the town. What I thought was scary back then, I wouldn’t now.

      Blogorinos…. PLEASE… If you can share some info with Nora about driving 395 in the Susanville area, I hope you will! Thank you!

      • Michael says:

        395 is subject to weather in that part of N. Ca. and S. Or. It is high desert to the east of mountains and can have snow and ice until it warms into the 70’s. That is true clear to Spokane. It goes through some beautiful country and is less heavily traveled than the freeways. Plan on going over any passes in the middle of the day to take advantage of warmer temps. Have a safe and enjoyable trip Nora. Let us know how it goes.

        • Nora now in Nevada says:

          Thanks for the info. I may find an easier way to go. Just not sure how my RV will do with high passes.

    • Cynthia from San Clemente says:

      Nora, we have driven 395 in that area in our RV and on our Harleys. My recollection is that there are virtually no “twisties” from Death Valley up to Susanville; there is on large, gentle hairpin turn between Mono Lake and Bridgeport, but we handled it easily in our 32 foot Class A and I did fine on my motorcycle. There are a few summits – I think the highest one is Conway Summit at about 8100 feet. The approaches to the summits are pretty gradual – we had no problem in the RV. We have a gasser, not a diesel, so when going up grades we get in the far right lane, turn off the A/C and just go slowly. It is spectacularly beautiful country and I imagine it will be especially so this year after all the snow California has had. If you haven’t used it before, Google Earth (free) is very helpful in evaluating elevations and the “curviness” or “twistiness” of roads. I don’t go anywhere without checking it first!! Have a safe and wonderful journey north.

      • Nora now in Nevada says:

        Thanks so much, Cynthia. You’re very encouraging. Do you know how it is north of Susanville into Oregon? I will try the Google Earth. Nice to know there are right lanes. It looked like it was only a two lane road. I don’t mind climbing hills if others can pass me.

  34. Karen LeMoine says:

    Now I’m worried about the little chi:(. Please Sue don’t leave him behind! It will work out! He needs a caring loving family! On pins and needles!

  35. Barb from Hoquiam! says:

    Hey there Sue and Crew!
    Gee, I hope your power saga gets fixed soon! No fun. Ya got us all wondering, that is for sure! 🙂

    Hugs as always!

  36. rvsueandcrew says:


    Sorry to keep you in suspense. Well, a little bit sorry. 🙂

    Today has been a very busy day. We moved our camp, for one thing. More about that when I get this blog caught up to real time.

    The new post is almost ready!

    I need to conserve data so I’ll stay behind the scenes.


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