An early morning gift and found money!

Monday, January 9

The cloak of silence around our home in the desert near Blythe, California allows Reggie and me to sleep undisturbed for as long as we please.   This morning I’m all “slept out” by six a.m.  Reggie doesn’t stir other than to stretch a leg and sigh.  He’s a bundle of sleepy warmth in my arms.

I try not to wake him and lie very still, daydreaming.  The time comes when I can’t be still any longer.  I lift my head slightly and peer through the curtains.

Oh, my, look at that lovely pink sunrise . . . . Wait a minute!  That’s where the sun SETS. 

I sit up, look the opposite way, through a slight opening of the curtains on the side window.

“Oh, dear God!  What a sunrise!”

I reach across the aisle, pick up the camera, and fly out the door in my nightclothes.

I’d better hurry.  It won’t last long . . . .

I dash around the Best Little Trailer.  I want to include it in a shot.

The color splash is in all directions.  Even the Big Maria Mountains to the north are under a halo of pink, violet, and blue.

In only a few minutes, the color fades. 

I go inside to find Reggie’s bewildered face barely out from under the comforter.

“Wow!  You wouldn’t believe what I just saw, Reg!  What a way to start the day!  I’m going to fix myself some coffee.  You go back to sleep, sweetie.  It’s too early for your breakfast.”

Reggie’s head recedes into the comforter like a turtle withdrawing into its shell.  Happily I fuss in my tiny kitchen.

Boy, this is the way to live . . . .

~ ~ ~

I’m not going to complain about the cold.

Not when I can run around outside at seven a.m. in my night clothes while the rest of the country, for the most part, is freezing in a world of ice and snow.  No, I have nothing to complain about.

Later, around noon, as Reg and I board the PTV to go to town, it begins to rain.  The heater in the Perfect Tow Vehicle warms us through and through as we rumble out of Midland LTVA.

Well, the windshield wipers work.  Amazing, since I never use them.  It’s a wonder they haven’t dried up and fallen off. 

There’s hardly enough rain to make wipers necessary.  Their rhythmic squeaking across the glass, along with the heat blasting out of the vents, carries Reggie into canine dreamland.

We go to the library for more books.

I return the two Jeannette Walls books, “Half Broke Horses – A True Life Novel” and “The Silver Star – A Novel.”  Enjoyed them both very much.  I also return the Paula McLain book, “Circling the Sun,” about Beryl Markham.  That one was okay except for the times I wanted to give the main character a good slap upside the head.

In my pocket I have a list of book suggestions from blogorinos.

I find Jeffrey Archer books and pick up the first two of the Clifton series.  Also one each by Sara Gruen, Janet Evanovich, and Mary Lawson.

This should hold me for a while . . . .

The rain stops and, yes, Reg gets to run and sniff in the grassy area beside the library.

~ ~ ~

Hmm . . . I probably have quite a few points earned on my Chase Amazon Visa credit card.  When we get home, I’m gonna’ check . . . .

You see, not only do I put all my regular purchases on that card, like groceries and gas, lately I’ve used it for big things like the PTV’s brakes and the BLT’s phantom refrigerator, which, by the way, is presently touring Europe or . . . someplace.

I go online and find I have $134 in Amazon points!

Yay!  I shift into shopping mode and click around Amazon, gleefully popping items into my “cart.” Soon I’ve accumulated orders that total $135.26.  I tell you, it takes a special skill to find $134 and within a half-hour without leaving one’s home have it all spent!

One of the advantages of camping at Midland LTVA is mail service.

Camp Host Netta gave me the street address.

“Sure, go ahead and use it!” she said.  “Your stuff will be dropped off at our place.  No problem.”

“We interrupt this blog to show another sunrise photo because that’s all I got, folks.”

Okay, here’s what I ordered: 

Not exactly need-to-know information, I realize.

Anyway . . . .

A new lounger because the one I have is falling apart.  I could fix it but I’d rather donate it to the thrift shop.  Someone will get a lounger in good shape other than it needs new webbing and one bolt to hold part of the frame together.

I also order a new handbag.  Not a cheapo purse like I’ve carried ALL OF MY LIFE.  Well, I didn’t go for one of the $300 purses (I’d die first), but at least this one is gen-u-wine leather.  I’m sick of the bag I bought at a thrift store for seven bucks a couple years ago.

Reggie gets a new jacket! 

More about that when it arrives.

Oh, and one more thing.  I order six feet of oilcloth for my folding table.  I love everything about that table, except that the surface collects stains very easily.  A table “cloth” will prevent that and also will be pretty in our outdoor room.

That’s it. 

Now I need more repairs so I can get more points.

Just kidding, just kidding!



When you follow any of the links or ads you see on my blog to go shopping at Amazon, anything you purchase sends a commission to “RVSue and her canine crew.”

Every order, large or small, is appreciated!  Here are a few of the items readers recently ordered from Amazon:

Kreg Tool K5 Master System
Colored Birds Print Full Skirt
Canine Joint Support Soft Chews
Fortified Sparkling Juice, Blackberry
Woodburning Pen, Patterns, Color Pencils, Instructions


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95 Responses to An early morning gift and found money!

  1. Brenda says:


  2. Linda May says:

    Beautiful pictures.

  3. Prairie Dawn says:


  4. Prairie Dawn says:


  5. Linda May says:

    Beautiful pictures. I’m enjoying the same sunsets in Q.

  6. Prairie Dawn says:


  7. Sharon in MO says:

    What gorgeous sunrise photos! I have been sleeping too late to see the sunrise lately. Winter is a great time for sleeping late, and my hubby is still trying to get over his cough/cold/virus/whatever that is hanging on. Good to see you and Reggie enjoying yourselves in sunny CA.

    • beach boomer says:

      Oh, yes Sharon, cough/cold/virus or whatever it is. I’ve had the whatever it is for 15 days now. Queen Elizabeth went 16 days without coming outside. The c/c/v has no fear of entering the palace. I coughed hard enough and long enough to have 6-pack abs. No energy, either.

  8. Renee Galligher from Idaho says:

    Whoa, top 5?

  9. Dawn from Camano Island says:

    Your photos are gorgeous, Sue! What an amazing sunrise! It’s sure fun to shop from the comfort of home, isn’t it? Looking forward to seeing Reg in his new jacket!

    Although I haven’t checked in much lately (there are new concerns & needs for my Mom), you & Reg are in my thoughts. Enjoy your days–wait, what am I saying? You could teach the Master Class in being present, grateful & satisfied.

    Bye for now, Sue.

  10. Dawn in MI says:

    Wow! Beautiful skies AND found money!! Pretty cool!

  11. Renee Galligher from Idaho says:

    What a great post! Reggie sounds just like my little Mica. She loves sleeping in and often stays in bed while we get up and go downstairs to fix breakfast. Pretty soon, the aroma of toast and the clanking of dishes summons her to the kitchen!

    In closing, love the sunrise! Red sky at morning.

    Take care.

  12. The sunrise pictures awed me. I’m not even feeling envy, just the beauty of that sunrise. (So many people never bother to see those. You not only saw it, you got great pictures.)

  13. Ilse says:

    Hi Sue,
    I’m looking sooo forward to the desert sunrises and sunsets. So far I can say “I’m on the road,yay! Pulled over for the night in one of the very few rest areas along Hwy. 101 in Trinidad on the Northern California coast. I’m going to visit friends along the way, but hope to make it to AZ before the rain can soak through my Ladybug Home.

  14. Barb from Hoquiam! says:

    YAY! What fun to find sunrises and greenbacks! 🙂

    My daughter got some gifts at Christmas that she sent ‘slow mail’ and for that she got pantry bucks (or whatever… on Amazon–we share a prime account). Well the prime pantry bucks went into MY account (she gifted me) and whooo hoooo I got to shop too! Of course I spent more than I had, but not by much… 🙂
    Can’t wait to see Reggie in his new jacket!
    We may have snow tonight… it is actually warmer this week than the last two. My friends in OR and GA are still dealing with snow and ice… brrrr….

    Hugs from Hoquiam!

  15. weather says:

    What a glorious sunrise! Ours over the lake in recent mornings have made me exclaim dear God, too. They’ve been stunningly beautiful in a different way than yours, of course. As quickly as the colors in one fade, it’s always so special to have been up soon enough to not miss it. The temps with wind chill have hovered close to zero throughout those days and nights.Having heat inside and warm kitties to snuggle with is such a gift. Your ride with the PTV’s heater on must have felt wonderful.

    The salt hasn’t been able to melt the ice on our roads since this severely cold snap came to visit.So I’ve been grateful that I was able to stock up ahead of time on all we’ve needed to stay comfy and happy. The trees are wearing beautiful snowy tiered coats that the constant wind blows off in light layers. Looking through my window it appears that we’re always having a lovely snowfall.

    The books you’ve been reading are ones you actually hold and turn paper pages in , aren’t they? I know you love your lighted electronic one, to me a real book is just nice to hold and touch. Because of that, texture and feel element, I think you’ll really like the leather purse you ordered. Besides, real leather lasts a long time and just gets better looking as it wears.

    With the extended wait for your refrigerator I guess Reggie and you will be having regular trips to town for take out and walks in the park, nice! It’s nice, too, of Netta to let you have your new lounger and the other things delivered there while you’re waiting. You’re right, “Boy, this is the way to live.” 🙂

  16. Ken Canada says:

    As usual great pictures. Would you have another tow vehicle like your van?
    Have you looked at 17 B Escape Trailers……..any thoughts compared to Casita?

  17. Cynthia from San Clemente says:

    The sunrise photos are just spectacular! Both sunrises and sunsets have been gorgeous here lately; I think storms coming in and heading out make the clouds beautiful and the colors moodier. There are truly not many things better than snuggling in bed with a pet on a chilly morning. The only thing I can think of that would be better would be to have someone hand me a hot cup of coffee so I could continue to snuggle without getting up to make it!! I know you hate clingers and uninvited visitors, but I would have paid big bucks to someone to get a photo of you running around the BLT in your nightie snapping pictures in the wee hours. Now THAT would make a good new banner!!!

    • Hi, Cynthia,
      LoL!!! Do you want me to do that? I want big bucks! 🙂
      But, Trillions bucks are not enough to do for RVSue, and me. 🙂
      New banner with reinbow is the best of the best I ever saw!

  18. Jill says:

    I saw Jeanette Walls speak several years ago before I read her books. What an interested story, she was very interesting!

  19. ValGal (westernWA) says:

    Gorgeous sunrise!

    Getting $134 in free money is pretty cool. I was wondering where your lounger was in a recent pic of your outdoor room. I’ll be eager to see Reggie’s jacket!

  20. Gail on the Olympic Peninsula says:

    Wow ! Who would have thought Amazon had oilcloth in so many pretty colors and designs . Now I know where to go to buy it. Our table was always covered with oilcloth when I was a child, so it is nostalgic to me, and very practical. 🙂

  21. Barbara (Nashville) says:

    Sunrise & Sunset photos are so beautiful especially in the desert. I too am reading the Clifton series by Jeffery Archer. Now that I have given up some of my work load, I may get some free time to finish it, but I am working on a home project first. It is called “Unloading the House” & includes removing all non-used items, clothing, furniture, shredding, moving my sewing room downstairs and re-organizing. Much more extensive than just de-cluttering.

  22. Rocky Mtn Bob says:

    Hey Sue Have you checked out BookBub on Amazon? A list of books every day, free,.99,1.99,2.99
    Review,buy or decline. I have more than I’ll probably ever read on my devices, computer and tablet (can access from either device). I prefer paperbacks, but tablet is handy when waiting on a service dept., Dr office, etc.

    Rocky MTN Bob

    • Barb from Hoquiam! says:

      Rocky Mtn Bob,
      I LOVE BookBub! I get mainly free books (and some are overpriced at that cost 😛 –most are GREAT!) I can also pick out books for my grandkids who are learning or enjoying reading, but haven’t found their favorites yet… LOVE THEM!!!
      I keep a kindle in my trailer and my tablet I have pre-purchased kids books (it can do color, I have an older kindle). My grands think I am PRETTY COOL cuz they always have something new to enjoy!

      Barb in Hoquiam!

  23. Beautiful Sun rises, Sue, had one this morning and a lot of rain/snow mix and found out my new phone is broken, it’s going to cost to fix it and I thought the insurance payments wre to take care of it, not, so I’m going to buy a cheap flip phone and continue on paying for the Droid Turbo 2 and not use it, take it off the plan and stop the so-called insurance on it, take the sim card out and put it in the cheappy , hopefully Verizon will help or pay the balance of $415.85 and get a Iphone or something , it’s a toss up of what to do,,, still no word on a home and must move tomorrow to get out of the real Snow that’s heading this way,,,, have a pleasant week and give Reggieman a huge hug from us,,,,,, 👣🐾

  24. Sharon mueller says:

    I love sunrises and makes my days pretty to watch.have a great day.

  25. Ginger says:

    I love the beautiful pictures. Thanks for sharing.

  26. Ginger says:

    Sorry, I forgot to say Ginger in Las Vegas

  27. Cinandjules (da zone) says:

    Beautiful sunrise. Haven’t seen one as of yet! The colors are amazing!
    The fridge touring Europe was funny….as long as it doesn’t end up in China.

    Fun to shop on reward points! Oilcloth…I’ll have to look that one up!

    Weellllll…Ms Annie Oakley came upon her first scorpion..mind you it was a mac daddy!
    It was on the cool deck surface near the pool. She sniffed at it…and it must have raised its tail…because she jumped straight up in the air. LEAVE IT!! I initially thought it was a leaf! Holy good grief….it was HUGE! It’s staring at me..what an ugly creature! I ran inside to get something to chop it in half. Jules follows me back out..and we start laughing because I can’t do it! You have to….what if it gets into the house..and stings the cats? Then it started scurrying and we, as in Jules and I, almost ended up in the pool! That was the end of him. As soon as the rain stops I’ll spray for the crickets and Mac daddy’s relatives can hunt for food in the neighbors yard.

    • BadgerRickInWis says:

      Poor guy never had a chance with you two after him. Glad Ms Annie Oakley came away from the experience with her nose and self esteem intact.

  28. Teri Live Oak Fl says:

    Beautiful sunrise. 28 one day here but will be 80 Thursday, doesn’t stay cold long thank goodness.

  29. Deb D says:

    Beautiful sunrise pictures. Always nice to have found money. Enjoy 😊

  30. Rochelle in IN says:

    This whole blog post just radiates contentment – for both of you. Your joy in what many would consider simple things is inspirational. I giggled at the idea of your fridge taking the grand European tour – maybe it will send you a post card or two. LOL

    I haven’t heard of oilcloth in years! I’m looking forward to pics of your outdoor room all fancied up with your new purchases. 🙂 …heading off to Amazon to check out oilcloth……

  31. Pam and Maya, Still in NY says:

    Hello all! I always heard; red sky in morning, sailors take warning. Red sky at night, sailors delight. I was wondering if this holds true for the desert? Sure does in the East, there was a brilliant red sky this morning on the way to work and of course I hear on the radio a snow storm is predicted for this afternoon.

  32. Lori says:

    What an absolutely gorgeous sunrise!! How can you not start out the day smiling and happy with such a sunrise?

    It is achingly cold here in Maryland. Last night I flipped the switch on the fireplace, put the “Vertigo” DVD (library rental) into the player, crawled into my big chair, put my feet up on the ottoman, covered myself with a quilt…and promptly fell asleep. I’ve never seen “Vertigo.” I still haven’t. Guess I’ll need to try again.

    Is that lounge chair the same brand you had before? That’s a really good price for a zero gravity chair. Do you recommend it? I may have to go ahead and use some of my Amazon gift cards from Christmas to get one now.

    I never heard of the Chase Amazon card. Something else I should consider. I don’t really like having credit cards but I keep one (aside from my Visa debit card) in case a debit card won’t do. But getting the credits for Amazon purchases is such a boon!

    I just finished reading “The Last One” by Alexandra Oliva and highly recommend it. And now I’m reading “The Last Girl” by Joe Hart. I guess I’m heavy into sci-fi, armageddon and dystopian societies right now. I have always enjoyed seeing the hero or heroine triumph against odds, I guess.

    I wanted to mention to you that I saw a video by Bex Cat Herder where her Casita frame basically broke in half!! Apparently that’s a problem with them over time. She was lucky enough to have a knowledgeable welder come and fix it on the road (like literally laying down on the tarmac and crawling under the trailer). He welded it back together and welded some additional metal to the frame for extra support. She was also very lucky that it happened when she wasn’t going down the highway at 55 mph! Hope you’re keeping a good eye on your frame. We want to keep you and the Reg-man safe and healthy!

    • Karen in Pacific NW says:

      Bex has a mucholder Casita with a tubular steel frame and that older model was known for frame problems. The Casita company quit making the frames with that material.

      The Casita Sue has was made with an entirely different type of metal framing material so she is not in any danger of her frame break the way Bex’s frame did.

    • weather says:

      Finding that video on you-tube I noticed her Casita was a 1985 model that had rust on the bottom and frame. So I guess before 2042 comes around the BLT may need to be checked for problems. Maybe any thing with metal parts that’s kept outside for three decades could have rusting issues. I have noticed that they’re worse and quicker to develop close to oceans and where it rains or snows a lot, though. I imagine a travel trailer that primarily is used in the western states inland dry areas would hold up longer than most others.

    • ApplegirlNY says:

      If I recall, she has a 13′ Casita. So glad she got it worked out. I have to say that she was at a fiberglass rally a while back and did a video tour of several of the other campers. It was great. Check it out, if you haven’t. I really enjoy her videos. She’s had some real bumps in the past, but she keeps on going. Great spirit.

      • Lori S says:

        Yep, I really enjoy her videos, too. She shares some great historical perspectives on her travels.

  33. Dawn in Asheville says:

    I sure hope to be adding to your RV budget one day RVSue – right now it’s all going to mechanical, and mechanics and tow trucks! The last two days have not been fun for Rick (nor for me as ground control, but more so for him). I sure appreciated this post and the sunrise pics this morning to remind me why we are doing this -LOL.

    Well. Yesterday saw him get an hour outside of Memphis, to Jackson, TN and he suddenly had an overheat and had to pull over to the side of the interstate – that was nerve wracking while he waited a couple hours for a tow and semis blew past a few feet from him. Belts had fallen off. We thought overall we got lucky as the wrecker service had a mechanic that normally worked on the big trucks agree to work on ours – discovered that belts for our truck are not common and a half hour job took four while they located them. It was late and cold so Rick just spent the night there in a hotel.

    Next morning we thought okay, almost home free, six hours to Asheville. This time he pulled over for gas another hour out, in Hurricane Mills and then it wouldn’t start. Popped the hood and the belts had all fallen off. This time I opted for a mobile mechanic. Another 6-7 hours (although they did end up reducing the hourly rate for us somewhat – at $100 an hour that was appreciated) as they went and found again, the right belts and a bearing for the pulley that they believe was the problem all along.

    So, five hours from home, still haven’t addressed the acceleration issue from an idle which stalls on him sometimes (and then takes five minutes to get it back up – it floods) and an interstate fraught with stop and go road construction and notorious for traffic backups. Going to be another nail-biting hair pulling day! I will say Good Old RVs forum have been a great place of support, reminding me this is a shake down cruise, and once we get her purring she’ll be dependable and this won’t be par of the course (but always bring your own belts!).

    • Dawn in Asheville says:

      Juno is the west side of Nashville…just saying…first lesson learned today, don’t ever trust drive-thrus when you have a 9 foot tall vehicle.

    • Dawn in Asheville says:

      30 minutes from home…whadda countdown!

    • Dawn in Asheville says:

      And the eagle landed safely…or rather, mallard. She’s even prettier in person than her pictures. Oh yeah, and the BF is good, too 🙂

      Just kidding…he got dinner cooked for him, a glass of wine and foot rubs. Exploring Juno will wait til tomorrow. My reluctant hero.

    • Elizabeth says:

      Mercy…some days are just too exciting aren’t they??

      • Dawn in Asheville says:

        Oh yes, Elizabeth – it was a week worth of too exciting that’s going to take me months to recover from!!!! Thanks all for following – I can breathe again now. Felt like the day was never going to get here. Now…all the hard work begins. But, also the fun!

  34. Good job on pink photos! I did same, out in pj’s trying to capture that incredible sunrise with my cell. Dogs still buried under covers. My cell just struggles with pink light. Love yours.
    Envy your closeness to a library! Our life is marvelous dispite loose screws (cabinets not brains lol) . Lucky us to have chosen a dry, warm area of the country. I hope all you in these harsh storms are holding out and staying comfy. Winter storms are beautiful if you can manage to stay comfortable and safe.

  35. Jean in Southaven, MS says:

    I love the pictures. My favorite is the third one down. It has a tree almost in the middle. So pretty. We haven’t seen a sunrise in awhile. It has been cloudy here in Southaven, MS for awhile. We got 4 inches of snow Friday morning that stuck around until Monday it was so cold. I have decided I hate snow. Maybe I will like it again when I retire and do not have to get out in it to go to work. But I think I will do like you did with the ants and move away from it. Hope your prodigal frig turns up soon.

  36. Hi! RVSue, Reggie and blogorinos!
    Beautiful sky at dawn! My favorite moment is a new day dawn while staying at the desert in the US.
    I take hundreds pictures of the sky wandering around in all directions if I were there.

    BTW, I’ve just done a post on my blog. Dump Stations in the US #5
    Describing Rest Areas with Free Dump Stations in the US, written in both English and Japanese.
    Please read it when you have time.

    Have a good day!

    • ApplegirlNY says:

      Hi fuji-maru. I just checked out your link. Very interesting and useful. You spent a lot of time on that. I’ll remember it for future travels. By the way, when I say your name, it makes me smile. I hope that’s not rude to say, but I find it cheerful. Safe travels ahead. So glad you’re enjoying travelling around.

      • Hi, Applegirl,
        Thank you for checking!!! Yes, I took a lot of time on it for research on them, making maps and describing my experiences in my own words. Slightly difficult but enjoyed it.

        I’ve been kicking it up a notch in my English. So I’ve tried to write bilingual posts about areas of interest since last summer.

        Glad to know that you read my name with a smile. 🙂

        Safe travels ahead, you too!

      • Barbara from Camano says:

        Yes, a very interesting site.

    • Thank you, RVSue, for correcting my mistakes in HTML. 🙂

  37. Pauline in Mississippi says:

    Beautiful pictures!!!!!!
    When I buy something with my Amazon reward money, I feel like I am getting it for free!! It is like Christmas.
    Love to you and Reggie

  38. AZ Jim says:

    Your sky shots are very pretty Missy. We’re under the same sky but the clouds are more local. Last night the sunset here was one of the prettiest I’ve ever seen. What a neat way for a day to wish us a good night, huh?

  39. Rattlesnake Joe says:

    We live in a world of duality. Like up and down, back and forth, black and white, hot and cold etc. Blue must be for boys hooray and Pink for girls yippy.

  40. Marilyn in Dania Beach says:

    I am waiting to hear about Reggie’s jacket.

    Someone dumped a daschund-jack russell by our condominium dumpster Thursday before Christmas. My daughter was visiting and captured her after a lengthy pursuit, fearing she would be hit by a car in this South Florida traffic.

    Long story, no chip and not spayed, collar on her neck so tight it had to be cut off and staph skin infection. We are getting her vaccinations and they will spay when we know she is not going to have pups. She will eventually be an Ohio dog.

    Back to jackets. It was cold here Saturday and I wrapped an ace bandage around her body for warmth. She did fine but I need to get her a jacket. She will need it in OH and possible here again. What do you recommend?

    Sorry for the long post.

    • ApplegirlNY says:

      I’m so glad you guys were there to rescue her. Amazing that some “people” could be so heartless. Bless you guys!

    • Karen LeMoine says:

      Are you going to try and find her owners? She could have been stolen and escaped. Doesnt mean her owners dumped her. Have you gone door to door asking if anyone knows her? Please try and find her family begore claiming she’s yours. Thank you for helping this baby.

  41. rvsueandcrew says:


    I sincerely hope this is a good morning for you. Thank you for your kind messages and also for the compliments on my photos. It’s a pleasure to share this part of our wonderful world with you.

    A few notes, afterthoughts, and replies to questions:

    About ants: I haven’t mentioned this tip in a long time because I rarely hook up to electric. To keep ants from entering your RV, be sure to spray the cord going from the electric pole into your RV. This is a common ant highway. (So sorry, Martha, that you encountered ants. Congrats on the Casita!)

    About using a credit card for as many purchases as possible: Many of us shy away from credit cards to avoid temptation. If that’s necessary for you, don’t change. However, if you look at the credit card purchases as a bill due at the end of the card cycle, never carrying a balance, then using a card is harmless and may earn you shopping points.

    About my choice of a Chevy Express van for a tow vehicle:
    Yes! I would make the same decision and, if I should need to replace the PTV (horrors!) and if my use of the vehicle had not changed, I’d choose a Chevy Express van again.

    About the new Escape 17 B travel trailers: I don’t have an opinion about them because I’ve never seen one. No doubt there are improvements over my 2011 Casita, as there usually are with newer products. I’m not interested in looking at newer trailer models online. I love my home. To look at new and improved models would be “sowing discontent.” I’m not going to browse more handbags either, for the same reason. 🙂

    Some of the blogorinos are Escape fans. I invite them to share their opinions.

    About veterinarian care while on the road: Make sure you receive a thorough print-out of vet visits and keep a hard-copy file. Bring that file with you whenever you visit a new vet.

    About dog jackets and sweaters:
    This is Reggie’s: Gooby Every Day Fleece Vest for Small Dogs. I haven’t purchased this next one. It received high marks from customers on Amazon and is probably better for colder weather than what Reg and I experience: Gooby Quilted Bomber Dog Vest with Stretchable Chest

    Dog-owners: What sweaters or jackets do you recommend for dogs?

    Several of you mention personal achievements, concerns, blessings, and ongoing situations. I’d love to respond to you individually. If I reply to one, I feel I must reply to all and that would take a lot of time, time I should spend with Reggie and doing other things. Know that I, along with your fellow blogorinos, care.

    Thanks to those who reply to others.
    My dream is for this place to become one big, loving, helping, fun conversation between blogorinos rather than interaction limited to me receiving and replying to comments. Don’t get me wrong — I love your questions. It’s nice when others reply; I feel less like the Wizard of Oz behind a cyber-curtain! Haha!

    Hope your day is unfolding like a grand, red carpet. If not, hang on for the day when it will.


    • Good Mornig, RVSue,
      Loving your blogging style with responding to each comment. Blogorinoland is a wondeful place for me.

      You had been spending much time with all of us blogorinos. I’m greatful for all your efforts and time. I can imagine that almost blogorinos must have felt like being with you and been very happy. To tell you the truth, I’m so happy for your reply even if it’s a 🙂 icon only.

      You should spend your time for youself! but I want to hear from you individually sometimes. Sorry for venting my honest feelings to you.

      Respectfully yours,

      • rvsueandcrew says:

        Hi, fuji-maru! I’ll be writing individual replies. I’m trying to encourage blogorinos to talk with each other. Thanks for the nice note! 🙂

  42. DesertGinger says:

    So you might want to get some table cloth weights you hook to the corners to stop your oilcloth from blowing around.

    Pack of 4 Tablecloth Weights

    I think I’m going to have to quit pulmonary rehab. I can’t make it fit with work. I’ve been doing more exercise at home, and walking more. And I’m thinking I’ll join the gym again. I want to work on my health but also make money.

    Right now I’m going to nap. Didn’t get enough sleep last night!

  43. chas anderson says:

    Carrying hard copy of vet visits and inoculations is a good idea.Some municipalities require proof of pet inoculations for rv parks in their jurisdiction.Ran into it in several states and was lucky the wife keeps records.

  44. Rover Ronda (WA) says:


  45. MnDreamer says:

    Thank you for the beautiful sunrise photos and the sweet descriptions of snuggly Reggie.

  46. Jean Kobey says:

    Just a comment on the Jeffrey Archer Clifton series…Get the whole series because the first two, actually all of them, are such cliff hangers you’ll drive yourself nuts if you don’t immediately have the next one. Amazon has them. Been reading your blog since your blogger friend found Rusty’s first dog and the Arizona Republic carried the story, read all your past blogs…Never commented before…Go past Darby well road all the time on my way to Rocky Point. You make me see Ajo in a different light. God bless!

    • Dawn in NC says:

      Welcome Jean, you are now officially a blogorino!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Jean! Welcome, blogorino! Thank you for reading my blog from the beginning. That means a lot to me.

      I have the first two books of the Clifton series. I’m saving them until I finish the other books I checked out. That way, when I hit the cliffhanger at the end of the second one, I’ll go to the library and get the next ones. 🙂

  47. Terri From Texas says:

    Hi Fuji Maru
    I took a look at your link for dump stations. I am sure it will help many foreign travelers. One thing you may want to include and that is ALWAYS be prepared for a rest area to be closed. We were traveling across Louisiana on the interstate and both rest areas were closed. We had counted on at least one of them being open but no- both closed. We were starving by the time we got to eat lunch. They had electric signs on the highway telling us not to drink and drive but nothing about closed rest areas. My point is Be Prepared!

    • Hi, Terri,
      Thank you for your checking! I’m going to include your tip to my article soon.
      I was vaguely aware of this kind of situation while searching on each DOT website amd on the road in the US.
      Some of them announce the closure of their rest area for renovation/reconstruction, but others don’t or there is not even the info. on their rest areas. And there is little information on closure on the Hwys in advance as you say.

      “Be Prepared! Don’t counte on, but take care of dump stations within the rest areas.”

  48. Marilyn in Dania Beach says:

    She was in sad shape. They put her in a baby wipes cardboard box and left her at our 4 story condominium’s dumpster doors. She had a rope collar cutting into her neck so tightly we had to cut it off. She now has a permanent dented ring around her neck. She had no tags or chip, not spayed and a staph skin infection.

    I wouldn’t want to return her to someone who treated her they way she has been treated. She is totally fearful of anything which resembles a stick, including an umbrella, swiffer wand mop, etc.

    She has become a nice dog and will have the best of care and treatment to be offered.

    I hope that eases your mind. I wish I could post a photo of her but don’t know how. Presently she is in her house (crate) about 3 feet from me with the door open peacefully sleeping. She has had 4 half mile walks by 3 pm with more to follow before day’s end.

    Now, to get a jacket recommendation.

    • Karen LeMoine says:

      Thank you! I’m feeling better! I was afraid she was grieving for her family. Happy she will be loved and taken care of:) Hug her for me.

  49. Glenda in OZ! says:

    Checking in Sue…………I’m still around and reading your blog entries. Sometimes its daily then sometimes its a weeks worth. Love your sunrise photos………stunning. I too would be out there with my camera despite the cool morning. Have read both the Jeanette Walls books you mentioned………… “Half Broke Horses”, the other one not so much. I have “The Clifton Chronicles Book one and two………not read them yet……look forward to them though and the books to follow. Good for you with the retail therapy as I would call it………… that you bought a new bag…………here in Australia we call it a handbag, whereas all my US friends call it their purse. Here a purse is what we put our coins in and we carry that in our handbag……..a quirk that has always amused me, the difference. Love to Reggie xx

  50. Terri From Texas says:

    Hi Glenda in Oz,

    Right now my husband and I are enjoying watching videos on the railways in Austrailia and Tasmania. We followed a story about a woman finally getting her engineers license after she had worked for the railroad in various capacities for 10 years! Would love to visit your country someday!
    Also, love your header and post RV Sue! We had skies that color a couple of days ago.
    Absolutely gorgeous! 🙂

  51. Terri From Texas says:

    P.S. Glenda,
    Sorry I spelled AUSTRALIA wrong! 🙂

  52. Marilyn in Dania Beach says:

    Grieving is not in her nature. She is so loving and in such a better place, which I truly believe she realizes. She is so smart.

    I am dreading containing her after the spaying. She is a jumper.

    I will keep you posted.

    Check to be notified.


  53. JazzLoverWMa says:

    You will probably not see this as I have fallen behind yet again but I loved your comment about Reggie in your first paragraph, “He is a bundle of sleepy warmth in my arms.” The love you have for him comes through so much in those words and is so you. Thanks for the sunrise pictures, they brought me back to some beautiful mornings long ago.

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