The Second Law of Thermodynamics; The First Law of Patience

Reggie Tip of the Day:  Do the unexpected!  Zoom!

Reg and I are out for a walk on the road to the mountain when suddenly he has an attack of happiness, changes course, and zooms!

Refrigerator update!

Reg and I stop at Valley Palms RV Service to see about the refrigerator on order.  I’m not surprised when I’m told it hasn’t arrived.  My experience tells me that one little snag in a process has a way of expanding into a big snag, like Lucy and the chocolates on a conveyor belt.

Reminds me of The Second Law of Thermodynamics.  Remember that one?  The short version states that “All natural systems degenerate when left to themselves.” I think purchase orders follow a similar law.

Even when NOT left to themselves. 

The woman at the Valley Palms office is doing her best to expedite the situation but there’s only so much she can be expected to accomplish.  I’m not going to get into the details because they are convoluted and tedious, plus it’s pointless to do so.

This photo reminds me to clip Reggie’s nails.  At first he struggles, then settles down to soak up my praise:  “You’re such a good boy, Reggie!”

Please understand that there is absolutely NO basis for criticizing either Dometic or Valley Palms.  The chain that brings my new fridge from manufacture to delivery consists of several links.  We all know what happens when one link is weak or broken.

I have the luxury of being in a situation where I can be patient.  I don’t have to worry about a 14-day camping limit or mounting camp fees.  With the Sept. 15 – April 15 permit I bought to camp at Midland LTVA ($180), we’re good for a long time!

In other words, The First Law of Patience applies:  “It’ll all work out in the end.”

Looking further on the bright side . . . .

Reg and I are doing great without a refrigerator!  We have a pleasant routine that works well.  For Reggie’s chicken breakfast, I buy cooked chicken breast in small cans.  On alternate days I cook my meals at home.  The other days I obtain the main meal from take-out or Albertson’s deli (which I’ve discovered makes excellent chicken tenders).

I’ve also found that outside temperatures are low enough that certain foods, such as fresh vegetables, store well in containers set on the table outside (shaded).

At the P.O. I pick up my new hat!

As expected, my sister Pauline wouldn’t let me buy myself one of her hand-crocheted hats.  In an email she insists it be a gift.

I reply, “No, I want to buy it.”

She says, “No, it’s a gift.”

We have a stand-off.

“Okay,” I email her, “but only if you let me buy a hat for a friend.”

Pauline fires an email back . . .


The two hats arrive, one gray and one oatmeal with flecks in it.  I love them!  I’ve decided to keep the oatmeal hat (matches my hair) and give the gray one as a gift.

At home I put the oatmeal hat on a bowl and hold it up to take a photo.

Great hat, blah photo.

“Reggie, honey.  I need a model for this hat.  Come here, baby.”

“Much better!  Now put some energy into it!”



NOTE:  You can see more of Pauline’s hand-crocheted items at her Facebook page:  “Nana’s Off The Hook.”  Thanks for the hat, Pauline! Also thanks to readers who placed orders! — Sue


When you follow any of the links or ads you see on my blog to go shopping at Amazon, anything you purchase sends a commission to “RVSue and her canine crew.”

Every order, large or small, is appreciated!  Here are a few of the items readers recently ordered from Amazon:

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EUKANUBA Senior Small Breed Dog Food
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Sunset at Blythe, California


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145 Responses to The Second Law of Thermodynamics; The First Law of Patience

  1. Claudia says:

    Good morning Sue and Reggie!

  2. Sherri D says:

    I might be first, and then I went back to read the posting. lol LOVE LOVE LOVE the photos of Reggie the model! Maybe you could hire him out for extra cash, as a product model? hahaha

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      You wouldn’t believe what it took to get those two photos! Reggie wouldn’t hold his head up. Finally I thought to give him a treat and that worked. (You can see the treat in his mouth in the second pic.)

      Glad you enjoyed them!

      • I can imagine that! and almost feel as if I were there!
        Reggie the model! ,but Unruly!

        • Don in Okla. says:

          Just a GREAT photo of Reggie the model!!! What a keeper!!! You both are lucky to have each other!!

          • rvsueandcrew says:

            Thanks, Don!

            Funny thing about Reg… His ears add to his cuteness. No doubt about that.

            Put a hat on him that covers his ears and he’s even cuter! How can that be? It’s one of The World’s Great Contradictions!

  3. Renee Galligher - Idaho says:

    4th! Yay!

  4. Lori says:

    Maybe 4th?

    So was the second hat for Reggie? He sure wears it with aplomb.

    I do so love your attitude about things. Stuff happens and often pointing a finger accomplishes nothing but to make us frustrated. And as my mom always loved to say (after she pointed out that if my head wasn’t screwed on I would lose it): where there’s a will there’s a way. You’ve figured out how to manage without a refrigerator. I am not surprised.

    Things are starting to get real for me. I’m looking at a short bus this weekend and if it’s a sound buy, I’ll have my vehicle to convert! I’m nervous but excited at the possibilities.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Lori! THIRD PLACE TODAY!

      No, the second hat is mine! I really like the color, how it matches my hair. Reggie will get his new jacket soon. I think it’s coming today. I’ll check the tracking info.

      Wow! A short bus conversion! I LIKE IT! No wonder you’re “nervous but excited.” You know what? Making a decision to hit the road is exciting in itself and then when the decision starts to “get real,” the excitement and the fun grows.

      I hope this vehicle is The One. If not, you’ll find her! Just remember The First Law of Patience. 🙂

    • Geri, Florida panhandle! says:

      A small bus sounds exciting!!! Good luck on this being “the one”!

    • Hi!, Lori!
      That sounds great! Converting a shot bus to a bus camper!!!

      Do you do it by yourself?
      I’m, Blogorinos may be also, looking forward to your status reports of producing RV from now on!

      Only thing I can do is converting English to Japanese! LOL

    • Are you going to convert it by yourself?
      (“Do you do it by yourself?” was a misconversion of my English!)

      BTW, I never knew that “sound” means “in good condition; not damaged, injured, or diseased.”

      Thank you

  5. Renee Galligher - Idaho says:

    O h m y g o o d n e s s ! ! ! I love love love your new model. He is by far the happiest hat model I have ever seen.

    Also glad to hear you have worked out a method of food prep and preservation while waiting for the new fridge.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Thank you for your support of Reggie’s modeling debut! Ha! This little guy brings cheer and happiness with whatever he does.

  6. Pamelab says:

    Go, Sue! Love your attitude and inventive spirit. You are a pioneer woman. Like the hat your sister made. I do enjoy knitting. Going to a Casita rally next week and looking forward to meeting some fellow Casita owners and learning more about boondocking in mine. Take care and Happy Trails.
    Pamelab in Missouri City for now.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Pamelab,

      Have a safe trip and enjoy the Casita rally! I hope you will let us know more….

      Also ….Thanks for the kind words.

  7. Marilu in Northern California says:

    I love the hat on Reggie! Maybe you should gift the second one to him to keep him warm on frosty days😁

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Marilu,

      You’re right. That yarn and weave would make a really warm sweater.

      Reggie isn’t going to have my hat. 🙂 He would get his nails caught in it and wreck it in no time at all.

  8. Dave in Glendale, Az. For now says:

    Like Reggie s new collar.

  9. Marilu in Northern California says:

    I love the hat on Reggie! Maybe you should gift the second one to him to keep him warm on frosty days😁
    For some reason when I post a comment I always get a notice that I’ve already said that. Does this happen to anyone else?

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      It happens to me, too, Marilu, when I comment on other WordPress sites. I think it’s because the first comment is in process and taking a long time when we try to reply the second time. I have patience for my fridge but not for my comments to appear. Ha!

  10. Reggie gives Naomi Campbell a run for her money, modeling-wise. 🙂

    May I ask if anyone has experience with Valley Fever, the disease that affects the lungs and is from a fungus that lives in the SW soil? Spouse may be tested next week if the bit of pneumonia he has doesn’t clear up.


    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Robin B…. Sorry to hear your spouse isn’t well.

      Blogorinos: Do you have experience with or knowledge about Valley Fever? Please share it with us.

      • Chris(MN once but now AZ for the winter) says:

        A friend of mine got it several years ago. She almost died from it. She now refuses to ever come back to Arizona.

      • rvsueandcrew says:

        Robin… Scroll down to read AZ Jim’s comment about Valley Fever.

    • DesertGinger says:

      University of Arizona has a special clinic, the Valley Fever Center for Excellence. Almost all the latest research and testing is done there. I was tested there not long after I moved here. It’s a good place and the website has a lot of good info.

      Good luck with that. Beyond that here is what I know.

      Don’t dig in the dirt. Most people who get it are farmworkers or gardeners, because it lives in the soil.

      If you can, avoid going out just after it rains, when it is more likely to be in the air.

      Some people get it, have very mild symptoms like a cold, then it goes dormant and they have no flare ups. For other people it is a big deal, requiring months or years of treatments. No way to really predict how it will go for any one person.

      It is much worse in Phoenix than Tucson, and also exists in parts of Nevada and California.

      Wearing a mask or bandanna won’t help. The particles are too small to be blocked by anything other than a full on face mask.

      Dogs are more susceptible than humans. Don’t let your dog dig.

      That’s about all I’ve got.

  11. Lol Sue,, Reggie looks so cute in the hat,,mmmm,,, dads out side, but he doesn’t know I’m online, so tell Reggieman hi and give him a hug from me,, us,,,, Piper 🐾

  12. Pam and Maya still in NY says:

    OMG!!!! Reggie modeling the hat is priceless!

  13. Harrison Phillips says:

    When we installed a new refrigerator, we chose a Norcold model that has the same specs as the Domestic with only cosmetic differences that we like. But we looked at it because it was more available. Sounds like that might still be the case.


    • rvsueandcrew says:

      You’re right, Harrison. That is the case.

      If I had known about the difficulty in obtaining a Dometic, I would’ve done as you did. Also, I have since learned from a friend and fellow blogorino that the 3-way model is scarce. The 2-way (no DC) is easier to find.

      Oh well… Good for you!

  14. Kathy Nagy says:

    Just want to let you know that I have enjoyed your posts since subscribing last fall. It’s been a pleasure to follow your adventures. I just retired last October and bought myself a small pop-up camper. Am from Grand Rapids, MI and anxious to escape this cold weather. Not quite ready to conquer the west but hope to this coming fall. For now, I’m settling on the Florida panhandle and leave in a few weeks. I have mainly followed your and the Bayfield Bunch blogs since your two styles of traveling seem closest to what I like. I have been starring all of the locations that you travel, on G-maps. Somehow, the west isn’t so daunting when viewed through your blogger eyes. Thank you very much for your well written blogging!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      You’re welcome, Kathy! It’s great to hear from you! Thanks for following my blog and for the compliment on my writing.

      Congratulations on your new camper and plans to travel to Florida. It’s a pleasure for me to know my blog is helpful. As for being intimidated by the West, aww, no need for that. It was all new to me when I set out from the Casita factory in 2011. Just go on down the highway and the West will embrace you and your pop-up. 🙂

  15. Dawn in NC says:

    LOVE the sentence”…when suddenly he has an attack of happiness, changes course, and zooms!” That’s what I need today! An attack of happiness. What a great phrase. It’s almost Friday and my area survived the snow. We have gone from a projected low of zero degrees earlier in the week to a projected high of 70 tomorrow! Go North Carolina winters.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Dawn! You’ve been on an emotional roller coaster lately and the weather isn’t helping. Tomorrow will come and, wow! 70 degrees! Get ready for a happiness attack!

  16. Kathy (NC) says:

    Thanks to you and Reggie for the best laugh I’ve had this week!! Love the hat!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      You’re welcome, Kathy! Glad you got a good laugh. I tell you, without a canine crew, I’d laugh a lot less. Reggie shares his happiness attacks with me. 🙂

  17. Cindy in OR says:

    Am I first? Love that photo of Reggie with your hat!

  18. rvsueandcrew says:

    It might start raining soon. I need to give Reggie another walk in case we’re BLT-bound for a while. See y’all later! Continue without me!

  19. Dawn in Asheville says:

    Ah, you had me laughing – I only wish you’d had this post up before our RV roadside disasters. I would have done to remember all those laws! Most especially “My experience tells me that one little snag in a process has a way of expanding into a big snag, like Lucy putting cherries on cakes in an assembly line.” And Reggie, bravo, you look handsomely stunning in the hat!!!!!!!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Dawn! Good to have you laughing after the adventures of the past few weeks. Thank you for the compliment for my handsome boy!

  20. Kat and Cookie Dog in NYState says:

    CookieDog is very impressed that Reggie is such a good model. Cookie hates having his picture taken and thus thinks Reggie is amazing for being willing to model your sister’s lovely hat.
    We love seeing Reggie doing his ZOOMING!
    Don’t worry about the refrigerator, it will come when it comes, life is much too short to bother stressing over those types of things.
    Love your pictures and posts as always. Thanks.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      You’re welcome, Kat and Cookie Dog! Funny how some dogs hate the camera and others don’t. Reggie doesn’t mind the camera but he will get mad, bark and kick up dust at the sight of a sign on a post. ??? Thank you for loving my posts and photos. Be good, CookieDog!

  21. Love the pictures of Reggie modeling your new hat. Pauline does nice work! I also really enjoy reading about the refrierator problems without angst thrown in. You have such a great attitude with life that makes me want to read your posts as soon as I see them posted. Thank you so much for that.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      You’re welcome, Lisa. I didn’t always have “such a great attitude.” I think I used up all my angst in my younger years! I hope I did. 🙂

  22. Susan in Dallas says:

    Pauline’s hats are so pretty! If she used that photo of Reggie in a website ad it would break the internet. He looks so stinkin’ cute in that lovely cap. OK, he looks cute doing most everything. 🙂

  23. Jeff and Deb says:

    Hi northern neighbor- We are camped at the American Girl Mine BLM and heard a little desert bird, or maybe it was a lizard, say, ” your new Dometic fridge will be delivered by Monday (maybe earlier)”. We will be rolling to Q next week. If you’re around for the big RV show please stop by the Big Tent booth #424… Sam would enjoy exchanging business cards with Reggie 😉 Happy Camping

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Jeff and Deb!

      Love the optimism of your desert bird friend (or lizard)! Thanks for the invitation to your booth. I don’t plan on crossing the river for the Big Q gathering, although maybe you’ll have visits from some of my readers. (Booth #424 is the Dometic booth, folks.)

      Happy Camping to you, too! I imagine you are hiking the Cargo Muchachos with Sam….

  24. cc and canine ( now in Clackamas, Oregon) says:

    Your patience awaiting your fridge is to be admired! Now that you’ve found a good
    RV service shop , are you going to have them look into the source of your gas leak too?

    Thanks for sharing your adventures traveling during the last 5 years….as a result we have the confidence to head down to the California desert later this spring! We’re very excited about the trip, as we like the more out of the way places…

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      You’re welcome, cc and canine!

      Yes, during the fridge installation appointment I’ll have the propane heater inspected and the leak found, also some other small issues.

      You’re coming to the California desert! That’s wonderful! I hope you enjoy the desert as much as I always do.

  25. You have far more patience with the refrigerator situation than I ever would. However, I know how to do without a refrigerator altogether, so that works out.

  26. Rochelle in IN says:

    That Reggie! He is just a little dynamo of happiness!

    I didn’t see anyone else mention this, but who ordered the moonshine kit? Fess up now – ROFLOL!!!!

  27. Sandy Riley Lancaster, PA says:

    awww…the pictures of Reggie in the hat are just so darn cute!

  28. Judith camper says:

    Thanks for the adorable pictures of Reggie. I needed a good laugh today. Enjoy your new hat…..if you can get it away from Reggie.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      You’re welcome, Judith. I put my hat on later and Reggie gave me this look that said, “Hey, what’re you doing? That’s MINE!”

  29. Chris(MN once but now AZ for the winter) says:

    Your sister should make a sweater for Reggie similar to the hat. He looks so ADORABLE! Thanks for the heads up about the chicken tenders. I will have to stop by Albertson’s next week.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Chris! Looks like rain here all day but none so far. Maybe it’s raining on you…

      May the chicken tenders be tender… 🙂

  30. VictoriaEP says:

    Reggie in the hat really made me laugh 😂. And don’t tell my Cecil that Reggie gets real chicken for breakfast. I’d never get Cecil to eat anything else if I did that. Though come to think of it, it’s probably not any more expensive than the dog food he gets. Hmmmmm……

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Victoria! You’re right about dog food. The high quality stuff isn’t cheap. Cecil is worth it, I’m sure you agree. Like that name Cecil!

      I shouldn’t have started the chicken breakfasts with Reggie. I was giving chicken to Bridget because she LOVED having it each morning. She’d bark at me to hurry up and put the dish down and then her eyes would get huge while scarfing … so Reggie had to have some, too.

      • Dawn in NC says:

        Yes Sue, I have the same problem. Meals for kitties with illness and health issues turned into must have treats for the others. What we do for our fur babies!

  31. rhodium says:

    Thanks RVSue, I said the only thing your blog was lacking was just a bit of organic chemistry. The second law is close enough. I hope there is no cold spell coming up so you investigate the third law.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Ha! I think some of my blog readers would say they’ve reached “absolute zero” this winter! Hi, rhodium…. I’ll have to figure out a way to insert some organic chemistry in a blog post soon. 🙂

  32. AZ Jim says:

    Valley Fever is in all desert areas. It is in a spore in the ground. It is only out and dangerous when we have those desert winds and the dirt flies and the spore becomes airborne. If it get in the victims respiratory system it causes the disease. When the haboob come, go inside or wear nose/mouth protection. Methinks Reggie is not fond of Paulines hats on him. BTW I don’t know what if anything that spore would do to a dog but it probably is best to keep them in when the wind blows too. Nice post Missy.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Thanks, Jim. I have masks on hand for those windy days in the desert when the dust flies. I don’t have one for Reg so it’s potty breaks only on those days.

      Thanks for the info about Valley Fever that Robin requested.

    • DesertGinger says:

      Well according to the Valley Fever Center for Excellence here in Tucson, masks don’t help because the spores are so small they slide right through, unless it is a full on gas mask.

      • rvsueandcrew says:

        The mask does work against breathing in the dust and coughing so I’ll continue to wear one when dust is blowing around.

        • DesertGinger says:

          Oh yeah sure. I just didn’t want people to think it protects against VF. The best thing to do when it’s windy is stay inside, as far as VF goes.

  33. Jean in Southaven, MS says:

    I saw where Dawn in NC commented about their weather the last week. We have had the same here. We had several days where it did not reach 30 degrees and my house got 4 inches of snow. Here in the county where I live they do not treat the streets. So were are on our own trying to get where we need to go. I had a wreck on way to work and $4,000.00 worth of repairs on my car. I am just glad it was not totaled. She only has two more payments. I love the hats, they would have felt good this time last week. But it is mid 70’s today. Love Reggieman, brightens my day. Thanks for sharing.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      You’re welcome, Jean. I’m sorry you had a wreck with expensive repairs, yet grateful you weren’t hurt. And only two more car payments! YAY for you!

      I imagine the weather you describe — cold and snow — is not what you usually encounter in Mississippi. Those temps in the mid-70s are more like it!

  34. Linda-NC says:

    Hi Sue – I enjoyed your post and pics. Reggie is such a ham! Pure entertainment that boy! I am glad that you are enjoying stay there and when we have to we do just fine without every little convenience. It is a challenge and educating. Our society is so spoiled and lazy for the most part that they just freak out about the littlest thing. IMHO.
    a new hat (which is beautiful by the way) and new jacket for the little boy. Life is good!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Linda!

      I’m glad you enjoyed this post and photos. You’re right about conveniences of the modern day. We become accustomed and, in some case, dependent upon them. I was thinking about that this morning as I made coffee. There are so many ways, so many gadgets, for making coffee. Cowboys simply boiled the grounds over a fire and drank! No electric coffemaker required.

      • Linda-NC says:

        I am looking forward to learning new tips and tricks in my travels. You have already taught me some! I like the KISS(Keep It Simple Smart) theory. Life can get complicated if we let it. Have a good evening!

  35. Paula in Indiana says:

    Sue, those pictures of Reggie in your hat are a tea spitter! 🙂

  36. weather says:

    When circumstances, like your refrigerator not being there yet, make me stay where I am, instead of going elsewhere, I believe Providence is doing me a favor. It may be not letting me encounter a problem that I would have down the road. Or it may be there’s a gift coming for me here, or something I need to consider, that being busier wouldn’t have allowed me the time to. In any case, patience, making the most of the situation, and enjoying what one is near is easier with trust, and enormously better than getting upset or worrying. All that to say I’m very pleased with how you’re handling it all.

    Usually we see Reggie with his ears and body so notice that as a whole he’s a handsome and adorable little boy. Just seeing him with your hat on shows what a gorgeous face he has, wow! I’m glad leaving veggies outside helps you keep those you enjoy fresh and handy. Because you mentioned cooking I feel better about how cold some nights have been there for you. I imagine your little trailer, like mine, warms quickly from any small source of heat and stays that way for quite a while. With that and snuggling your sweet bundle of fur at night I smile picturing your sleeping happily and well.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      I agree with you, weather. We don’t know why forces come together to influence our behavior and the events that follow. In hindsight, some see the work of “guardian angels,” while others call it luck.

      I don’t have a clearly defined understanding of why things happen the way they do — few people do. I do understand though that those things which appear as obstacles (or problems) may really be the work of a steadying hand, holding us back for our own good.

      As for Reg and me being warm enough… The weather widget reports in the sidebar make it sound like we’re in really cold temperatures. Those lows must occur before we crawl out from under the covers because it’s not that cold for us when we get up. Like you say, making oatmeal and coffee is enough and then the sun takes over.

      Except today is heavily overcast. As long as there isn’t biting wind, Reg and I can still take our walks. Are you able to get out much? I know you take advantage of the times roads can be driven, but are you housebound otherwise?

      • weather says:

        “…a steadying hand, holding us back for our own good.” very nicely put and a great picture. This morning it occurs to me that it’s as often for someone else’s good, too…

        Unless there’s sheer ice on the ground I can get out every day, Sue. Thanks for caring enough to think about that. No, the cold and conditions outside don’t keep me housebound. I have the right wardrobe and footwear for severe winters which makes being outside doable, though it’s not always as pleasant as when it’s warm out. For instance, I will walk to see the lake more closely. I just don’t linger there for very long when the wind and air feel especially harsh .

  37. Rover Ronda (WA) says:

    🐾Great modeling job Reggie! Did RVSue pay you in treats?🍗

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Ronda!

      Reggie would not hold still for the camera without a treat. You can see it at the back of his mouth in the second photo.

      He demanded his pay up front. Quite the little businessman.

  38. Chuck Hajek says:

    Rocketman looks his cool self in that hat !!! Glad he got his treats up front!!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hey, Chuck! Well, I think I missed your birthday again! I hope you enjoyed your special day. Have a great year!

  39. Geri, Florida panhandle! says:


    Reggie has the most outrageous, hilarious and amazingly beautiful look on his face as he models Pauline’s hat! I LOVE LOVE LOVE Reggie Rocketman! His inner grin goes all the way from his heart to his eyes!

    hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! haahahahahahahahahahahahaha!

  40. Maryanne Davis-Baldwin-CT says:

    When my dog starts running like a fool all over the house, we’ve always called that “The Zoomies” as in “Jack has the zoomies”. For no reason at all too. I am trying to get out of Connecticut to head for Florida, but first the weather was so cold as in 10-15 degrees that it was very difficult to pack up the truck & the camper, then the last two days it really warmed up; into the high 50’s today so most everything is put where it goes (more or less). Now it’s the weather in Pennsylvania which we will have go through-don’t want to meet snow or ice on the road. I must go to the weather widget on the computer 10 times a day hoping the outlook has improved. I too love Reggie’s happy face seen through your sister-made hat. Treats alone wouldn’t produce that look; it’s love in his heart. But treats are always nice, Jack says.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      You must be “chomping at the bit” by now, Maryanne! As blogorino weather wrote above, maybe there’s a reason for the delay that is to your benefit. You’re wise to watch for good driving conditions. It will happen!

      Reggie is a cheerful guy and, yes, he has lots of love in his heart.

    • Geri, Florida panhandle! says:

      Maryanne, the weather in the Florida panhandle has been glorious! One one freeze so far, last Sunday. Averaging about 3 cold day per month. Flip flops and tank top kinda weather the rest of the time! 72 high today, 58 expected low tonight! You are going to love it!

  41. Glinda says:

    Lol …. Reggie is too cute in the hat.

  42. Wendy N. says:

    Your hat model just made my day. Laughed Aloud!

  43. Jo in OR says:

    My husband couldn’t wait for me to read your post today. Reggie’ s pictures are so adorable. This brightened our day.

  44. Hi! RVSue, Reggie and Blogorinos!
    Welcome back! your individual replies!!! You are the life and soul of the Blogorinoland!!!

    Head line is unique as always, and just looking at photos is fun! Stories related to your fridge are suggestive. Furthermore I’ve learned many words in English as you know my way of reading your posts.

    sound(another meaning of “in good condition”), by far, daunting, angst, the more out of the way places, scarf(another meaning of “eat/drink voraciously”), spell, spore, haboob, Methinks, boil the grounds(not means “boil the surface of the earth” LoL), still(distill) etc.

    I’m happy to be getting better at my English! What is the current level of my ability in writing like? I wrote a new bilingual post “Dump Stations in the US #6” related to Quartzsite, AZ.

    Have a good day!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, fuji-maru!

      Your progress with English is superb! Good job! Thank you for your words about my participation in my blog.

  45. Cheryl Kline says:

    Enjoyed reading your blog. Reggie is so cute!

  46. Nancy S. Indiana 5 says:

    Absolutely love the pics of Reggie, the epitome of cuteness. We’re in the process of applying the first order of patience ourselves, or more specifically hubby is. He ordered an important piece to repair the levelers on the RV. When it didn’t arrive we checked the tracking number which showed it delivered. Long story short they delivered it to the wrong RV park here in Galveston. We thought ok, we’ll drive there & pick it up ourselves. Glad I suggested we call first because the lady at the desk there wouldn’t accept the package. I think it ran away with your refrigerator.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      I commiserate with you, Nancy. Of all the details involved in living in an RV full-time and traveling, receiving deliveries of mail and packages is the peskiest! (or should that be “most pesky?”) Whatever.

      Was it the fork that ran away with the spoon? 🙂

      • Cat Lady, Central City, La. says:

        Dish…the dish ran away with the spoon. Hi all. It’s warmed back up to the low 80s, thank you, God. The cold only lasted a couple or three days but that was 3 days too long for me, lol. Reggie is a cutie. I’ll be glad when you get your new frig. I’d go nuts without one but I live to eat and have the body to prove it.

        • rvsueandcrew says:

          Funny comment, Cat Lady! Your first line cracks me up. I imagine you bopping me on the head with a spoon while saying, “DISH! The DISH ran away with the spoon!”

          Ooh, temps in the low 80s. Perfect!

  47. Cinandjules (da zone) says:

    Lovely hat and modeling job…Reg man not the bowl! What a goof boy!

    As for the fridge….it gets fixed when it gets fixed! Whaddaya gonna do…right?

  48. Doug Laning says:

    Reggie looks very handsome in that hat. Maybe you should give it to him to wear. Beautiful sunset!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Doug! Nice to hear from you again!

      That sunset was seen on the return to our camp from town. I pulled over to park on the shoulder and took the photo. I’ve learned how quickly sunsets fade away!

  49. Awe!!! Reggie is the best model ever!!!😊😊☺☺☺☺

  50. Hilarious photos of Reggie in the hat!

  51. Terri From Texas says:

    Hi all,
    Actually Lucy and Ethel were on a chocolates assembly line. Remember when they got out of control and she started stuffing them in her mouth? Still the funniest show ever made. Love your pictures of Reggie-of course I laughed out loud and then had to tell hubby to go read! I love your lesson on patience-it is one we all need to remember!! Hope you get the fridge soon. Have you been tempted to get a cooler?

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Terri,

      No, I don’t need or want a cooler. I’ve bought frozen items, put them in a sealed container in the shade outdoors, and cooked them the next day (not meat, of course).

      Oh, boy… As if forgetting a nursery rhyme weren’t enough (who ran away with the spoon?), I messed up Lucy’s conveyor belt fiasco! I’ll edit the post. 🙂

  52. Lauri says:

    I’m sure with your years’ of experience you’ve got your system down when hooking up PTV to BLT… But here’s a neat trick to simplifying one part of the process…

    Enjoy your week!!!

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