Canine fun at Lake Mead!

Saturday, November 4

Before leaving Lake Mead Recreation Area to move to our next camp, Reggie, Roger and I take a short hike to view the lake close-up.

I park the Perfect Tow Vehicle and Best Little Trailer at one of the overlooks on Lakeshore Drive.  I go around and open the passenger side door.

“You’re gonna’ love this,” I tell the crew as they stand side-by-side on the seat, eagerly awaiting the click of tether to harness and the lift to the pavement.

The sidewalk reaches out to the end of a finger of land providing wheelchair access to the view.

The sun hasn’t been up for long.  

We left the campground early after stopping at a spigot in the campground so I could fill up water jugs.  Before finishing this task, Sonia, a camper who reads this blog, recognizes the PTV and BLT and comes over to say hello.  She keeps it brief as she can see I’m ready to hit the road.

This little hike will have Reg and Rog napping on the way to our next camp!

The clouds block the sun at times making photos dim.

The trail goes down over a series of terraces of rock and gritty soil and sand.  We gain a better view of the lake, pale in comparison to the sky.

A lone boater has this end of the lake for himself.   No doubt, this being a Saturday, more will join him as the hours go by.

“These rock ledges are fun, aren’t they!”

Off the rock and onto the reddish, sandy soil . . . . 

(See the white dots where Reg and Rog are standing.)

Shells!  Way up here!  These aren’t prehistoric shells from when ocean covered the continent.  These are NEW shells . . . .

I look down at the lake..

“The lake used to be way up here,” I say out loud to myself.  “Hard to believe but I guess it was.  Wow, the lake is LOW.”

We come to a steep drop-off.

Well, we could go over there and make our way down to the water.  Gee, I don’t need to be slipping and sliding on those loose rocks . . . .  

“Okay, let’s go back.  We need to get on the road anyway.”

We take our time on the return.  

Let the boys have some fun on the rock.  

This rock is like playground equipment to them!

The best buddies play-fight and scamper up and down the rock until they seem to be ready to move along.

We retrace our steps.

When the path goes up, we slow down for photos and more canine fun.

Here’s a challenge — photographing two pups as they climb while keeping the tether from tangling and me from falling off the hill!

“Hold it for a second, guys!”

Roger finds fun wherever he goes . . .  and Reggie loves to follow him.

Reminds me of the time Roger showed Reggie the fun of walking on a picnic bench, back in Rogerson, Idaho, when they first met.

The crew pauses at the overlook area.

“Stupid people have to make their mark.  Never mind . . . . ”

“That was a great walk, wasn’t it, boys. I’m glad we didn’t rush off.  Come on.  Let’s go.  You can have a drink and take a nap . . .

. . . and before you know it, our home will have a new yard for you to explore.”



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42 Responses to Canine fun at Lake Mead!

  1. Diann in MT says:

    Cute memory photo at the end, Sue! Happy Thanksgiving. Hope you and the crew can share some good campin’ food.

  2. Pam bohanek says:


  3. Renee still in Idaho says:

    Top Ten again! I’ve got to get better at this! Back to read it.

    • Renee still in Idaho says:

      Very nice posting, Sue. Ughh – graffiti! I HATE it. I guess punk goes with destructive.

  4. Deb D says:

    Great photos. Have a nice Thanksgiving!

  5. Glenda from Arkansas says:

    Enjoying your travels and antics of your sweet dogs. Have a nice Thanksgiving.

  6. Virginia620 AL says:

    LOVE the post and pics. Getting ready to take the RV out for the first time since DH passed. Lots of “firsts” coming up.
    Hope everyone has a blessed Holiday.

    • LeeJ in Northern California says:

      Good for you! My husband no longer wants to camp with I go alone! It is empowering to know I can….have fun! I am leaving Tuesday for a few days…where are you going?
      Recently my friend and I were in an rv store for some repair items, the young clerk was astounded we, two 70 plus women, actually drove trucks and pulled trailers!

      • Chris B and Diego from Southern California says:

        LeeJ – It is funny how people make such a big deal about women being able to drive a truck AND pull a trailer. Where are you going? I’m in Southern California and I was planning to head up Highway 395 this week. I see that the weather is nice in Lone Pine and was hoping to sneak on last visit in before winter sets in. My plans changed due to a death in the family, so I’m staying home to attend services. Oh, well…..spring will be here before you know it!
        Have a good trip!

        • LeeJ in Northern California says:

          Woodward reservoir near Oakdale. Lovely in the fall/winter, lots of birds, plus no boats on the waterhis time of the year.
          Sorry about your loss….

      • Virginia620 (AL) says:

        Heading up to my daughter’s area. 7-yr-old granddaughter will come spend a couple nights with me. Fun fun making memories.

    • Chris B and Diego from Southern California says:

      Good for you, Virginia! I occasionally travel alone just to get away from it all. It’s so peaceful and relaxing!

      Hope that you have a wonderful trip.

    • Teri Live Oak Fl says:

      Love your positive attitude Virginia620. Good for you. Enjoy

  7. Elizabeth in WA says:

    Love seeing what the boys are up to!! Especially nice for those of us who may not be able to have pups again!!

  8. Shawna says:

    The boys look like they are having fun!

  9. Cinandjules 🌵 says:

    King of the rock! Fun times!

    PS the photo of Spike is perfect!

    Have a great evening!

  10. Gloria says:

    Roger was so lucky to have found you and Reg. I think this every time I read your blog.

  11. LeeJ in Northern California says:

    I think tagging is like boys constantly spitting, marking….yuk…at least spitting didn’t last until someone had to clean it off…..when my son was about 12 he started that spitting thing..on my driveway..I made him clean the whole driveway… brat…
    Sweet photos, they made my day, I laughed out loud!

  12. JewDee says:

    Am I first?.

  13. Becky in NJ says:

    I still find it amazing the way you found Roger, that Reggie actually chose him for a companion, and the way things worked out just right for you to adopt him! Some higher power seemed definitely involved there- think how long it took you to find Reggie!

  14. Sue, these are stops to treasure. Early morning walks with the crew on the shore of Lake Meade…can’t beat that. Happy Thanksgiving!

  15. Rover Ronda (WA) says:

    Lol 😂 I had to go look at the floating bookshelf. Before I opened it my mind was visualizing some device that floats in a pool. Doesn’t everyone want to paddle their floating chair over to their floating library to get another book to read. 😂

    The real thing looks very cool. Like magic. Who ever got them I’m sure they’ll look great on your wall.

  16. Paula says:

    Awesome yes I am in Laughlin near Lake Mead right now and I heard it was low I just arrived plan on going there as the city is not my thing however I’m staying at one of the casino lotss for free. A little chilly here I don’t know if it was that chili when you were here. Take care of thanks for sharing Paula

  17. Judith camper says:

    Love this post and pictures. Happy thanksgiving.

  18. Geri in the FL panhandle! says:

    Nice morning walk! Long shadows bouncing on the sidewalk! Seems all the western lakes are low! Sad to see!
    The boys really enjoy life, playing, mock battles, long morning walks then snoozing on the way to a new playground!
    YAY! My new roaster oven made your list! My friend Jewel told me about them, they can roast a turkey or bake a cake. The MotherShip didn’t come with an oven, so hopefully this will work!
    Happy Thanksgiving !!!

  19. LeeJ in Northern California says:

    Is the low water from the many years of drought here in the west?

  20. chas anderson says:

    The last picture is heart warming.Our last 3 dogs have been homeless pickups off the street and all of them have been perfect pets.Eddie our current guy wandered out of the forrest into our garage at 9 weeks old(per the vet) full of fleas.Juice (now passed) immediately took him under her wing and we knew we had to keep him.Later when Juice got sicker Eddie used to groom her face by licking her as she slept.

    • Rover Ronda (WA) says:

      Awww that’s sweet 🐾❤️

      • chas anderson says:

        I think Eddie kept old Juice alive an extra 2 years.She was sick with cancer and had part of her lower jaw removed but had a very happy couple of years after Eddie arrived.Best buds.

  21. Terri in Tx says:

    Howdy RvSue and Crew!
    After I finished reading your post I went back to re-read the post about Roget. An hour later…😁 Anyway, I enjoyed reading about how Roger joined you and also about the 7,000 sheep. Ya’ll have a quiet, happy Thanksgiving.

  22. Cynthia from San Clemente says:

    I absolutely love all the photos of R&R playing together and hauling you up the hill! The three of you really have become a family, and I hope you have a very blessed Thanksgiving this week.

  23. Dawn in NC says:

    Hi Sue, LOVE the picture of the boys with their mouths open towards each other as they are playing! I wish with all my heart that my cats were the same. I took Cin’s advice with the multicat Feliaway. So, now I have to patient and let the phermones do their work. I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  24. weather says:

    Gosh, the lake is remarkably low. It’s great that the crew didn’t care about that and just treated the overlook like a playground 🙂 . Yikes, the hill you climbed while trying to take photos of the boys and hold the tether is steep! Thanks for doing it anyways, those three pictures are terrific. I enjoyed reading about the day Reggie and Roger met again, too.

    Oh, my phone just dinged to let me know an email arrived with news of your new post, see you there.

  25. JazzLover says:

    OK, I was not going to write about this but it just rankles me no end. At the beginning of this blog you mentioned stopping at the water spigot to fill up. A follower of your blog, sonia who reads your blog, but doesn’t bother to read or disregards your privacy request recognizes you & your rig and just has to stop and say hello. How insensitive, or ignorant can people be. You have made it perfectly clear you wish to be left alone. If someone respects you, they respect your wishes. People like this woman should take a really good look in the mirror.
    Of course you can delete this but I have kept quiet many times before, as I’m sure other of your followers have as well, Just one inconsiderate person too many. Oh the price of fame RVSue. If you had a really awful blog nobody would be trying to catch a glimpse of you!

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