Crocheted messy bun/ponytail hats!

Happy New Year, Everyone!

Who is the lovely girl, you ask?

That’s Elly, my grandniece!  She’s pretty as a picture wearing the “messy ponytail hat” crocheted by her grandma, my sister Pauline.

Those of you who have followed my blog for a long time and who read comments have met my vivacious, dear sister, Pauline.

Pauline lives with her husband Jerold in northeastern Mississippi.  An adult daughter and an adult son, their spouses, and three grandchildren, all live nearby.

Good people, all of them.

Okay, about the hats . . . .

Hand-crocheted, messy bun/ponytail hats!

The hats are a sensation and Pauline is a crocheting phenomenon these days!

She started making the hats a few weeks before Christmas.  Once people saw these flattering hats keep your head warm while your hair is in a ponytail or bun, well, they wanted them!

I imagine the hats do a good job of concealing “bad hair” and “bed hair,” too.

Want to order a hat for yourself or for a gift?

Pauline says you can order any color you wish and if you want your hat striped, she can do that for you, too!

The solid color hats are $18 each.  That includes the cost of shipping the hat to you.

The striped hats are $20, shipping included.

Pauline has received orders for striped hats in the colors of sports teams.

As for me, I’m placing an order for a medium gray.  The hat will keep my hair from blowing in my eyes when walking with Reggie on breezy, chilly winter days.


TO ORDER HATS:  Contact Pauline at  Let her know how many you want and what your color choices are.  One size fits all.  Her usual turn-around time, from receiving payment to shipping the hat, is 42-78 hours (although that may change if she receives a lot of orders.  The woman has to sleep sometime!  Haha!).

If a ponytail hat isn’t for you but you like handmade crocheted items, visit Pauline’s Facebook page, “Nana’s Off The Hook.”  The selection and variety of colors are astounding!  Her products support the trip to New York City (from Mississippi) she promised to Elly for a high school graduation gift.

On behalf of Pauline, thank you in advance for your order! — Sue


Dang, we’re starting the new year off with commercials!  We’ll return to our regular programming in the next post!  Promise!


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120 Responses to Crocheted messy bun/ponytail hats!

  1. Geri, Florida panhandle! says:

    first? maybe?

    • Geri, Florida panhandle! says:

      The pony tail hats look wonderful! I just bought a crocheted ear warmer at the last Farmers Market! I love it! It would be easy to make also, just a wide band that fits around the head and covers the ears!
      Good for Pauline! I hope she gets more orders than she knows what to do with!
      Hugs to you and Reggie!

    • rvsueandcrew says:


  2. Janis harrison says:

    I am ordering one !!!Huggs grandjan

  3. Lori S says:

    What a great idea! May want one for me and one for my daughter in law. I’ll check with her. Thanks, Sue!

  4. Pat from Mich. says:

    Second??? And getting home so late too! Love the hats.


  5. Pat from Mich. says:

    Ah well, 4th. I was second when I started, lol. Forgot the time difference!

  6. Renee from Idaho says:

    Slow responses today! I’m 5th . . . still in the top 10! Yay! Nice idea Sue on the hats! They look very warm too! Happy New Year everyone!

  7. jenny Johnson says:

    top ten!!!!

  8. Sandy Riley Lancaster, PA says:

    Happy New Year Wishes to you & Reggie. Your blog brings much joy and your pictures are amazing. I totally enjoy them all. Blessings, Sandy

  9. jenny Johnson says:

    Happy New Year to you and Reggie and all the Blogorinos

  10. weather says:

    Love for, pride in and support of your sister and family is a terrific and delightful way to start the new year, Sue! I think it was a great idea to post this rather than just a Happy New Year card to us. Happy New Year’s Eve to you, Reggie and all the blogorino’s.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Thank you, weather…

      I’m pleased with your response to this hat post on New Year’s. It gives me pleasure to support my sister’s business. . . and it’s fun!

      Happy New Year’s Eve to you and your feathered and furred friends!

      • weather says:

        Happy New Year’s Day, Sue! There are two reasons that I find it so touching and fitting that you made this post about Pauline, your sister by birth, and her hats. The first one is that it adds depth and another dimension to how Blogorinoland has let so many of us here feel like extended family by choice.

        The second one is that my parents were married on January 1st in 1941, so for years I thought their wedding anniversary was what made the date significant. Though in time I became aware of why everyone else celebrated the day, it’s remained, to me, primarily a special occasion to warmly express love to ones we care for.

        It still makes me smile that when I’m contacting folks to say Happy New Year my first thought is to call my old home’s phone number to say Happy Anniversary. My mother outlived my father by more than two decades and never remarried. I knew she missed hearing him say that, so I’d continued to make that same phone call with it’s greeting until she joined him in heaven.

        Love and blessings to you, Reggie and all the blogorino’s- May this be a year of peace and plenty, with all that brings you smiles.

        • Pauline in Mississippi says:

          My sister Susan is awesome!!!!

        • rvsueandcrew says:

          A sweet story, remembering your parents and their love for each other. And how very characteristic of you, weather, to see January 1st from your mother’s point of view, to perceive what/whom she was missing, and to phone her a “Happy Anniversary!” to help her through the day that meant so much to her.

          Happy New Year’s Day to you. Thank you for the lovely — and loving — message to the blogorinos, Reggie, and me.

          • weather says:

            🙂 Thanks for such a nice reply, Sue. I’m off to take advantage of our drivable roads by running a couple of quick errands. Catch up with you later .

  11. Jill says:

    Happy New Year Sue!

  12. Linda Sand (Minnesota) says:

    I wish I’d seen these before I cut off my ponytail to get ready for winter.

  13. Alice Windle says:

    Happy New Year to you, Reg and the blogorinos!! Love the hats, great idea but my hair is short.

  14. Barb from Hoquiam! says:

    Very cute!

  15. Linda-NC says:

    Happy New Year Sue, Reggie and all blogorinos! Those hats are cute! Maybe Reggie needs one too with those cute ears sticking out. HA! Now there is a challenge for Pauline. We have to see those ears in the window shots:))
    I will be on the road too for the New Year. YAY!
    I have to have cataracts taken off in the Spring so will have to cool it for a month, but that’s OK too. By then everything will be blooming and warm again. Travel, click, eat, click. My camera will be busy too. I plan on going where it is warm in the meantime. That will be soon.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Happy New Year, Linda! Your surgery will have you seeing spring’s blooms clearly, and you’ll have fun with your camera, I’m sure.

      Wishing you safe travel for New Year’s and beyond!

    • Pauline in Mississippi says:

      I made a reindeer hat for a Great Dane…. my one and only canine hat….Unless Susan asked me to….LOL

  16. Marilyn Moore says:

    Great post. Always fun to see unique handmade items. Congatulations to Pauline.
    Have you felt today’s earthquake swarms centered in Brawley? My dogs are very sensitive to quakes. Not many in northern AZ, thank you.

    Be safe and Happy New Year!5

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Marilyn,

      No, I haven’t felt the earth quaking. I didn’t feel the recent tremors from the Nevada/California line either. Interesting that your dogs sense them. I didn’t notice any change in Reggie. You be safe, too, and have a great year!

  17. Hi! RVSue, Reggie and blogorinos!
    Nice woolen hat! but my wife and me have no ponytails.
    Hats do a good job of concealing “bad hair” and “bed hair,” Good merchant!
    I want to hide thiner hair of my parietal. LoL

    Have a nice last day of this year 2016!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, fuji-maru…. Thanks for the wish for the last day of 2016. I wish you and your wife the same. Goodbye, 2016! The years go by very quickly!

    • DesertGinger says:

      Happy New Year Fuji-Maru! Your English just gets better and better!

      • Happy New Year! DesertGinger!
        Thank you for your compliment to my getting better English. 🙂
        I think that many beautiful lines written by RVSue and blogorinos has improved my English. Of course, Spike, Bridget and Reggie as well. 🙂

  18. Carolyn H says:

    Happy New Year, Sue & Reggie! May it be healthy, happy and safe.

  19. Virginia620 (AL) says:

    Great post. Yeah, cute hats, but I’ve kept really short hair since moving to hot humid south AL in ’72, so don’t need.

    Happy safe, healthy, prosperous New Year to ALL!!!

  20. Pauline in Mississippi says:

    WOW!!!! I feel like a star!!!!! My sister is so nice to advertise for me!!! Thank you all for you nice comments.

    Hope all of you have a Safe, Happy and Healthy New Year

    Love you Susan!!!!!
    Hugs to Reggie

    • Geri, Florida panhandle! says:

      you do beautiful work!

    • Linda-NC says:

      I love homemade and you do a wonderful job! I am going where it is warmer, so don’t need one, but if I did would order. I crochet too and appreciate the making and satisfaction of others. I am sure that you will get some more orders.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      You ARE a star, Pauline.

      Love you, too!

    • Denise - Richmond VA says:

      Hi, Sue,

      Sending you, Reggie, and the hlogorino family warm wishes for a very Happy New Year! May 2017 bring you more adventures! 🙂

      I am snuggled in bed…the new year will be here in about half an hour….I hope to be sleeping by then!

      Sending you and Reggie love and hugs from me and Gracie pup! Thank you for letting us tag along! 🙂

      • rvsueandcrew says:

        Good morning, Denise and Gracie pup! Thank you and warm wishes to you, too, for the new year!

        It’s fun having you “tag along” with us. I enjoy your comments very much. I hope you slept well last night. I’d rather sleep through the midnight celebrations and let the new year sneak in quietly, like Santa does. 🙂

    • Denise - Richmond VA says:

      You are so talented, Pauline. 🙂

    • Elizabeth says:

      Loving to crochet too, I find your hats simply excellent, Pauline…what a great idea!! I hope you sell many …heh, the hole in your hats is the part of my head with the least hair at my age…and the part I try to cover!! So I have worked and continue to work on hats that cover that part…I do not like my ears covered really…but young women with long hair, esp. those who like to ski, etc ought to find your hat wonderful!! Best wishes!!

  21. Paula in Indiana says:

    Sue, Happy New Year to you and Reggie and all the Blogorinos! Cute and useful hats!

  22. Denise - Richmond VA says:

    Hi, Sue,

    Oops! Not sure why my message posted under Pauline’s note. Happy New Year to all!!

  23. AZ Jim says:


  24. Colleen on the road from Tehachapi says:

    A Happy New Year to All! Thanks for your blog RV Sue, we always enjoy it. Those messy bun hats are all the rage! Good luck Pauline! My daughter has an Etsy shop where she sells crocheted hats as well. Hats for everyone!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Those hats look so warm and pretty, it’s easy to see why they are popular.

      I’m pleased you enjoy my blog, Colleen, and that you are a blogorino, too. 🙂 Wishing you a wonderful year!

  25. Shelley in CA says:

    Pauline, you could grow a very large business by increasing to baby blankets etc. Just an idea for the future, when I was expecting he homemade crocheted baby blankets were my favorite gift, of course they would take longer and more $$ just a thought. Cool that your helping your sister out Sue and showing us a cute handmade product in this cookie cutter world of ours!

    • Pauline in Mississippi says:

      Thanks Shelley. I do have a little online business. Facebook Page…Nana’s Off The Hook. I do make baby blankets but don’t advertise them much. I will try just about anything and have had requests for some strange stuff. LOL

  26. beach boomer says:

    Happy New Year RVSue, Reggie, and fellow ‘rinos!

  27. Cynthia from San Clemente says:

    Adorable hats! Wish I could get one but I have medium length curly hair and it looks HORRIBLE pulled off my face (gotta hide those wrinkles, you know) so I’m not a candidate.

    Happy New Year to everyone. It’s 9 minutes before midnight here in Cali and the first time I’ve stayed up till midnight in years. Doing dishes so I don’t have to face them in the morning. I want to drink my coffee and watch the Rose Parade!!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Good morning, Cynthia!

      Well, your dishes are done and you can relax and enjoy the first day of 2017, I hope. Looking in your direction I see lots of blue sky. I hope your day is lovely and bright, and that each one that follows is full of blessings for you!

    • Cynthia, Pauline has some really cute headbands that look great with short hair on her Facebook page which I just spent time looking through.

  28. Rose Parade is Monday this year.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Happy New Year, Velda!

      • Happy New Year Sue! I need to resolve to get going on crochet again, Pauline inspires me! Hoping you and Reggie have a wonderful year. Do you think you will ever plan a year where you travel back to see your sister and her family? I often wonder if I can ever get back to MN to, see my son and grandchildren again. It’s easy for others to judge and say just go, when they don’t know all the circumstances involved.

        • rvsueandcrew says:

          So true, Velda. It may seem silly of me, but the thought of traveling and camping through and into the humidity of the South, after more than 5 years in the dry West, well, it’s very unappealing to me because I LOVE being outside. I hope you see your son and grandchildren when the time and circumstances are right.

  29. Toni CT-NH says:

    Happy New Year Sue and everyone!!

    I just started to crochet again for something to do since I moved and live alone now. Everyone got something hand crafted by me.

    The messy bun hats are a big thing and people love them. I haven’t made one yet but I might try.

  30. Carol in MT says:

    Just a note to say I was thinking of you yesterday as I lounged in my anti-gravity chair reading in the late afternoon desert light. I first saw the chair on your blog. Although heavy, has been a great addition to my camping life-style. Sooo comfortable. And nothing like a good book on a lazy afternoon in sunny December.
    The chair is just one of the many things I have gathered from following your adventures. We kind of paralleled you as we traveled south this season; staying at Turtle Mt Camp & Valley of Fire among others. I thought I’d take a moment to thank you for sharing your experiences and making things a little easier along the road for us and others that follow.

  31. Well I must of slept in or something like that, its a war zone and I’m in the middle of it,, Piper jumped in my bed during the day and night, shackin like a leaf, we just woke and alls well,,,, we’ll move tomorrow, might come back to midland, or just head east,,,,,
    That is Great that Pauline makes them hats,, almost looks like homespon , I’ll order some after we get the new home,,,

    To all the Blogerooos,, Have a great New Start of 2017 and be safe and blest ,,,,, ,,,,,, , ,, ,,, , , ,,, , ☢ ♞ 🐾👣

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Rusty,

      You don’t say why you feel “its a war zone.” Is it fireworks? Shooting? OHV engines? The storm? Earthquake? School will be starting up again soon and that may help.

      We had lots of wind and rain last night. That’s gone, just partly cloudy, blue sky with some wind. I’m hoping it will warm up and become calm as the day goes along.

      • It’s all of the above except a Earth Qwake,,, all the campers around us was shooting in the air and setting off large explosive device’s, I felt like a war was going on and didn’t get any sleep and Piper is still upset, she won’t go out unless I’m with her,, definitely coming down to camp near you or where we were camped, but need to get some things ,,, they are still doing thier stupid crap, they started up right after my last comment, these people are crazy and drunk, someone is going to get hurt if they don’t cool it down,,,, wish i never came up here,,,,

        • Here comes the cops,, guess the host called them,,

          • rvsueandcrew says:

            You have a camp host there? Maybe after the cops give them a stern talking-to, they’ll settle down or go home. They sound like weekend maniacs.

            I know you like that area… The convenience of Lake Havasu City, your friends, your P.O. Box, the Wal-Mart in Parker.

            You missed that while here at Midland. I hope you don’t have to move, but, of course, you’re welcome here, Rusty. Another possibility is Ehrenberg (Tom Wells Road), free, although I think the OHVers are around there sometimes.

            Whatever you do, wishing you and Piper safety and peace.

            • Thank you Sue,, the Rebellion is has calmed down to total silence of the bunch and 2 police cars took some folks to the Grey Bar Hotel, tow trucks are taking some RVs out too, we might just move to our winter camp 2 miles south of here till it’s time to head to Prescott,,, Have a great day and give Reggieman a huge hug from us, now to get some sleep and rest,,,,,👣🐾

            • rvsueandcrew says:

              I appreciate the update, Rusty. Thank God for law enforcement personnel!

              You and Piper rest well…

            • AZ Jim says:

              Heard and exchange about police a few years ago. One guy was complaining about how the police responded to a burglary call. The other told him “next time you need help, call a burglar !”

            • rvsueandcrew says:


  32. Dawn in Asheville says:

    Lovely hats! I wish her great success! I will want one eventually but growing my hair out now, so will be awhile. I have always worn my hair short but it takes too much work (and time in a salon) for it to look good. That’s not conducive for traveling about in an RV. Also, in order for short to work on me I have to blowdry it. So have been investigating dry shampoos to add volume and watching youtube videos on how to layer and trim your own hair and bangs. Should be interesting experiment….HAHAH.

    Happy NY RV Sue and Reggie Man and all the blogorinos! Looking forward to all the new adventures 🙂

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Dawn,

      What to do with the hair….. Sometimes I envy men who can shave it all off and no one thinks that’s odd at all. Stopping for haircuts while long-term living on the road becomes a nuisance. At least it has for me! Good luck coming up with a system that works for your hair and makes you happy with it!

      Best wishes for you in 2017! Thank you, Dawn, for your regular presence on my blog. 🙂

  33. Judy in East Texas says:

    Good new years day morning to you RVSUE AND THE REG MAN. I hope your new year brings many blessings for the 2 of you and lots of post for us who lives vicariously through you.
    Pauline, your hats are the bomb.

    Stay safe out there and rock on my friend.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      You, too, Judy! I’ll try to keep the posts appearing regularly! Haven’t decided which direction we will go when spring arrives.

      I’d love to explore more of Montana and Idaho, and go over to northeastern Washington. Forest fires are a determining factor on the success of that plan…. Would be fun to camp on the coast of the Olympic Peninsula again, but not in summer! Late September maybe, rock in the BLT through another storm. 🙂 And then there’s northern Wyoming up into the Dakotas… and good ol’ Route 395 through California (when the tourist traffic lessens)… So many choices!

      Wherever we go, I hope Judy in East Texas will be rocking along with us!

  34. Kathy (NC) says:

    Hi Sue and Reggie – wishing you a very peaceful and happy New Year and many beautiful places to ‘live’ this coming year. Thanks for all the spectacular photos and the inspiration in your blog. Sorry to hear that Rusty and Lady Piper have had a rough start to the year – best wishes to them and I hope things are quieter now.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Kathy,

      Holidays can be challenging (and upsetting!) for full-time RVers who find themselves surrounded by people with their versions of partying. It’s tough on dogs, too. Surely it will improve around Rusty and Piper’s camp now that the police have been called. I hope so! New Year’s celebrating won’t go on forever….

      You’re welcome, regarding my photos and blog. 🙂 Thank you and have a great year, Kathy!

  35. Happy..Happy New Year 😊!!!
    Love those hats!!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Great way to start the new year, with a happy little message from Betty-Shea!

      Wishing you health, happiness, and blessings beyond your dreams ….

  36. Darling! Both the niece and the hats :-))) Happy New Year to you and Reggie. Peace and grand adventure for 2017.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Thanks, Jodee! I agree… Elly is a doll!

      May you travel safely this year and enjoy every mile!

  37. Pam and Maya, Still in NY says:

    Happy New Year Sue and Reggie! I had to laugh – a long time ago you told the Blogarinos that you were taking up a new hobby but you never told us what it was. When I saw today’s title I thought for sure you were making hats! Well the hats and your grandniece are gorgeous, thanks for sharing even though you didn’t crochet them!

  38. DesertGinger says:

    Well it has been a quiet New Year’s Day. Yesterday I made some treats from Trader Joe’s. A corn pudding, Brussels sprouts and leeks in balsamic and mashed potatoes. I ate that twice yesterday and once today (so far). Other than that I’ve been reading, napping and doing laundry. Just lounging. Back to work tomorrow. Working more now, which is good as I want more money. Trying to save for a van, or Prius in the spring. So all is well in my world. I hope everyone finds joy, adventure and contentment in the New Year. Love to all.

  39. Rhodium says:

    Happy New Year’s Day. I may have finally gotten my fill of football, at least until the Super Bowl. My wife tells me it is time for a haircut, but I say if I just wait two more months there will be enough for a man bun. Your sister’s hats would be just the accessory. I hope someone in Brooklyn is reading this, she may have to hire help.

  40. AZ Jim says:

    ‘Bout time Reggie wrote a post in this new year!!! Happy Happy Missy!!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Jim,

      Not quite time… 🙂 I’m writing a recap of 2016 campgrounds that readers have requested. It is taking a long time. Hope to have it done today.

      • AZ Jim says:

        But Reggie could work on HIS post meanwhile, No? *lol* I know I am a devil….

        • rvsueandcrew says:

          Sure! As soon as I learn to type on two keyboards simultaneously!

          Okay, back to work… Next post is almost complete and ready to publish!

  41. Karen from Ft. Wayne says:

    Happy New Year to everyone. I hope 2017 is good to us all.

  42. Ken Canada says:

    Hi Sue…..
    Thought you might be nterested in a washing machine.
    No electricity and little snow water.
    Wash 2-3 min, rinse 2 min., spin 1 min.
    Look up….” Yirego “

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