Fun and frolic at the canine play station!

Tuesday, September 5 – Tuesday, September 12

For eight days RVSue and the canine crew make their home at Horseshoe Bend Campground, Bighorn Canyon National Recreation Area, near Lovell, Wyoming.

Twice each day Reggie and Roger kick up their paws on the red beach.

These are two very happy pups!  Off-leash and free to run!

This is our daily routine:

After breakfast we motor over to the crew’s “play station” across the bay from the campground and day use area.  We return for more play right before sunset.

I park the Perfect Tow Vehicle in the area near the red rocks.

I set Reggie and Roger on the ground and we walk toward the beach.  Then I unhook them from the tether and away they go in a mad race for fun!

The color of the beach differs from one photo to the next.

There are a couple reasons for this.  The redness varies in different places.  Some areas are very red and others not so much. Also some of the photos were taken in morning light and others in the glow of sunset.

(The photos are all jumbled together in one big collection and I’m not going to attempt to sort them out.)

One would expect the red sand to make a mess of the fur on two white dogs.  It doesn’t!  It falls right off without staining.  Whew!

I let Reg and Rog go far away and then call them.  

We practice this a couple times during each visit to the beach.

Here they come!

“Good boys!”

More fun . . . 

Around the time the sun drops behind the red cliff, the water near the shore starts to shimmer.

The shimmer is caused by large schools of minnows trying to escape being a larger fish’s dinner.  Several of them jump straight up out of the water, making a popping sound.  Then a splash as a predator fish emerges in a flying leap and slaps the water as it descends.

Of course, Reggie and Roger pay no attention to this.

Roger is more water dog than Reggie.  

Frequently he wades and takes a drink.  The photos make the water look muddy.  What you see is not red water, but rather the red silt on the bottom appearing through clear or nearly clear water.

When there’s a lot of boat activity, the red silt is stirred up more by the small waves coming to the beach.

This is as deep as I’ve seen Roger go.

Coming up in the next post:

More photos of the crew at their play station!




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150 Responses to Fun and frolic at the canine play station!

  1. Barb from Hoquiam! says:

    YAY! Was starting to worry!!!
    Great photos!

  2. Helen says:

    Wow, The red is so beautiful and the Dogs look like they are having so much fun being un-tethered. I am sure the enjoy that one in awhile.

  3. Gal and a cat in Fl says:

    Finally! Was wondering about you not hearing for so long. Figured it was internet service. Lovely place and so good the doggies can run off leash. Great they are learning to come back when called. They are the perfect pair for you.
    Have fun, safe travels and can’t wait to see where next.

  4. Airstreaming Pagey says:

    Thank goodness the red doesn’t stain. Not like East Tennessee red clay.

  5. Reine in Plano (when not camping) says:

    How fun and relaxing.

  6. Judy Johnson in upstate S.C. says:

    Such fun to see the Double R.s at play! Red sand is apparently very different than S.C. red clay… Ugh! Headed from the Mt. Hood area to coastal Oregon. Still fires and smoke. Please pray for first responders and all affected. They have to be so exhausted!

  7. milliehubbard says:

    Love to see those little “nut jobs” run and play. They have such happy expressions on their faces!! Lovely spot for you and the Crew!!

  8. What a lovely place to stay. The pups look so happy. We here in northern CA are having a break from warm weather before rising to low 90’s again next week. Though busy caregiving husband with stage 4 cancer ( first chemo failed moving on next week to new one), I do read every post and check back to read most comments. So even if I don’t have time or energy to compose comments, know I am paying attention. It’s my vicarious travel vehicle! Have a good weekend all.

  9. R. says:

    Hi Sue,
    Did you see wildhorses yet? Many great boondocking places in Bighorn National Forest but this is already hunting season so could be very busy

  10. Renee from Idaho says:

    Ok. I have to be in the top ten!

    • Renee from Idaho and a loyal follower says:

      Shoot! Top Eleven! Oh well. This is the first time I’ve seen Reg and Rog off leash. What a relief they come back! I guess they know what side their popcorn is buttered on! Ha!

  11. Karen LeMoine says:

    I love the shots of the boys in action! The red reminds me so much of Sedona. Happy Fall to all! Enjoy the weekend and safe travels!

  12. BJ says:

    Nice to see them have fun off leash—–and come back 👍

  13. Hi, RVSue
    I know it’s tough to keep writing posts, but I’m sure you’ll be fine!

  14. Tamra says:

    Hi Sue!
    Just found you via your blog and am so inspired. Thank you for all you share! I am only up the January of 2014 in your blog, and refuse to skip ahead, but wanted to shout out to you anyway! WooHoo! Keep living the life!
    tamra tav-2020

  15. Geri in the FL panhandle! says:

    So glad to see R&R able to run free off leash! Even better to know they have learned to come back to you when called! YAY!
    Our park doesn’t allow dogs off leash, so its always a leash for them!
    Chuck is beginning to feel better (finally) and recovering from his bout with pneumonia! Its been 2 weeks since he got released from hospital, and it took until yesterday for him to say he finally feels better and stronger!
    YAY! Hugs to you and the Crew!

  16. mrdsee in Riverside says:

    Now that’s the life!
    Oh to have that kind of boundless energy again!

  17. Dawn in NC says:

    Thanks so much for the wonderful post Sue. It makes my heart sing to see those two little buggers running around off leash being wild and crazy. It’s also wonderful to hear from you. I miss you when you are gone. Hope you are feeling better. Please take care of yourself!

  18. Jan NH says:

    Decided I needed a small break from my course pre-work and low and behold a new post from RVSue! Yea! Perfect for a little break…I always love the posts of the your ‘boys’ but I especially love the one under the caption “More Fun….” where Reggie looks like he’s looking at you as if to say….”are you catching this on camera, mom?” Anyhow, thanks for the post….back to work for me.

  19. Dave Stewart (in missouri for now) says:

    Glad you are back!
    Looks like the boys like the beach play. Have a great time where you are now.

  20. Lee says:

    I am still new to posting here. I must say that as usual when reading your posts there are deep sighs of envy . I can only imagine how much my Cooper dog would love to be there, and of course me by his side. Glad to see another post, thanks, this will get me thru a very long Friday afternoon.

  21. Becky in NJ says:

    Hi RV Sue, I have been reading your blog for awhile now. It is very interesting and with great photos, and I would really miss it if you stopped!😢
    Once a week would be better than nothing at all, if you must slow down. I am a disabled person, and I know I will never get to see the beautiful places you go to. Also I would miss the adventures of those 2 little rascals you travel with. I was sooo happy when you adopted Roger, I knew he was meant for you! So please, never think that you are wasting your time with your blog. It is much appreciated!

  22. Kitt, NW WA says:

    Hi, Sue,
    We are hanging out at Hell’s Gate S P. in Lewiston, ID. We were headed for Yellowstone until we saw the extended forecast which called for snow. Now we are off to check out Bruneau Dunes S P south of Mountain Home. Our kids were there a few years ago and said it was a neat place to go. The weather is supposed to be nice with warmer days and nippy nights. Thank goodness for heaters!
    Absolutely love the photos of where you are and the rocketing dogs. They do love to run when given a chance. Riley loves to tear around, especially at the beach. Maybe it is just the wide open sandy surface they enjoy. His recall is a bit selective at times so we too have to be careful where we let him run.
    I hope you hang in there with your blog as it is much loved by many! Is it possible to create a blog page, add to it daily, comment some, and finally publish once a week? That way you could get the satisfaction of a current post yet the privacy a once a week blog. There is still the difficult issue of your electrical problems, those aren’t making your life easier, as weather said.
    Keep enjoying!

    • Jean in Southaven says:

      My brother lived in Orofino for many years. It sure is pretty up there. Beautiful part of the country.

    • Julie, Molly & gizmo (Idaho) says:

      Hi Kitt. I had the same ynp plan. Hoped to camp @ slough or pebble before they closed but like you, saw the weather, need for winterizing etc & decided against. You will enjoy bruneau sand dunes. Might suggest taking a drive to the snake river. Lots of great birding there. Julie

      • Kitt, NW WA says:

        Thanks Julie!
        We will have to do some birding. We do love to see all the different birds that an area has. Kitt

  23. Mona from West Texas says:

    Thanks for sharing these photos of your energized dogs. I am amazed on the colors of the soil located in Wyoming. I have seen this type of soil in the area of Tularosa, New Mexico. I know that the soil in Tularosa does stain, it takes a few washing to get the stains off.
    My thoughts for Velda in Roseville CA: Caring for a love one is very stressful. Take time for yourself. Illness is very stressful for the patient as well as for the caregiver. Blogs like this one brings us laughter and joy. Thank-You for sharing

  24. Pam in Wisconsin says:

    Those boys look like they’re having a blast! Off-leash is a real treat; you’re so fortunate they can be trusted. I can only ever let mine off-leash at our fenced dog park, because they are not well trained.

  25. Jolene/Iowa says:

    Hi Sue,

    Great to see you again with the crew. I bet the boys did love this area. Getting to run free is awesome!

    I wanted to tell you a little bit why I have been so absent. My long time boyfriend had a heart attack on July 9th. He had to be life flighted from our small rural hospital to a major hospital in the city. 4 days in the hosptial, lucky he is alive after an emergency stent and blood clot removal the day of the heart attack with 100% blockage. 3 more stents 2 days later with 75, 80 and 90% blockages. He had low enough heart function when he left the hospital he is now wearing a Zoll life vest until we can find out if he is going to gain anything back before something more permanent is implanted.

    A total lifestyle and diet change. We have 1 vehicle. My life has become driving 40 miles round trip 3 days a week for cardiac rehab and an hour one way for Drs. appts. As for why I am not shopping right now, we have had no income since the end of June and my time online is spent looking for a job. Not an easy task when you have not done a whole lot outside the home your adult life and you are now 59 years old. So that is my reason. Living on credit right now and praying things turn around soon so I can get caught up again. I also have a disease called Interstitial Cystitis that is making this tougher for me because I just can’t do any job. I have had it since high school.

    I love your blog and look forward to it all the time. You have kept me going in some of the darkest days I have dealt with in a long time. I will try to do better to at least comment. Sorry I have not commented like I should.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Jolene…. I’m sorry you and your longtime partner are in a deep, dark valley. Thank God he made it to the hospital and received the repairs needed! I pray for healing and that you find a job perfect for you. Also for extra strength for you.

      Your situation reminds me I have much for which to be thankful.

    • Rochelle in IN says:

      Oh my, Jolene! I am so sorry for this difficult time in your life! You certainly have a lot on your plate right now (major understatement!). Hang in there and know that other blogorinos are praying for you!

    • Sally in MI says:

      Jolene, you are in a really tough spot right now. I hope things start to look up for you both soon!

    • Jean in Southaven says:

      My brother in law has a pacemaker/defilbulator after several major heart attachs/ He feels great with it. don’t worry your partner will be fine.

      • Jolene/Iowa says:

        Thanks everyone. As I am Christian, I am trusting in God to see us through this and things will be better than they are now no matter what happens.

        Yes Jean, that is what we are waiting to hear on. He had another echo of his heart yesterday to check ejection fraction. He was at 34% when he left the hospital and I half way expect he will need that implant and it will be a good thing. Right now just taking this a day at a time and trying to survive.

        • Geri in the FL panhandle! says:

          Health is always such a precious part of our lives. Most of us take good health for granted until one day it is gone! I read your posts in Facebook and include you both in my prayers. I pray that your partner gets stronger soon and that a good income will come your way soon!

    • Barb from Hoquiam! says:

      Oh Jolene, I am so sorry for the situation that is happening right now for you and your boyfriend! I will keep you in my thoughts. Have you ever thought of talking with DVR? They help folks re-entering the workforce. Just a thought… there may be one in your location…
      Take good care of yourself! Hugs to you.

      • Barbara (Nashville) says:

        Sorry to here this sad news Jolene. My DH got a pacemaker/defibrillator unit in April. He has 100% blockage in one artery and the other 2 major arteries are so severely blocked, the doctors won’t even give me a %. Due to his other issues, he is not even a candidate for open heart surgery much less anything else. Due to all of this, I feel he may not be with me more that a couple of years. I just try to take care of him the best I can and go on with my life.

        • Jolene/Iowa says:

          Barbara, I will sure keep you all in my prayers. We are both pretty young at 59, not even retirement age. Several good things have come out of this already in that he quit smoking cold turkey the day of his heart attack and although I ate somewhat healthier than he did, I was still overweight and this diet he had to go on, I went on with him and as of a couple of days ago, I have lost 23 pounds since July 9th. This was the kick start I needed to really get my diet and exercise going. I have not missed more than a day of walking and I have not cheated once on this diet or what I am now calling, lifestyle change. Hugs to you!

      • Jolene/Iowa says:

        Barb, I am checking into lots of things. Self employment all these years for him and me just a few part time jobs decades ago are not helping me much. I have a nursing license but have not used it in decades either due to my bladder illness. It is on inactive with the state of Iowa and can be activated again but not cheap nor do I feel like I would have the skills yet to do bedside nursing. I have the knowledge that it could be used for more of a receptionist or desk job but not actual nursing.

        The other thing is that I am trying to be careful what I take for a job to keep my exposure to illnesses to a minimum so I don’t bring a lot of crud home to him from work because he doesn’t need that as well as what he is dealing with. So for instance a med/surg floor or a pediatrics floor would be a no. A family practice or pediatrics office are a no. Trying to avoid day care centers as well, those kids are sick all the time. So just trying to make wise choices while I am looking as well as distance to drive. Our winters can be brutal here in Iowa and to get to a major city with plenty of jobs is about an hour out for me.

    • Denise - Richmond VA says:

      Jolene, I hope your boyfriend’s heart function improves. I am so sorry that you both are having to deal with so much all at the same time. Please know that you both will be in my prayers. **hugs**

    • Cynthia from San Clemente says:

      Jolene: I am glad to hear you are a Christian – it means you know that prayer works. There are many blogorinos praying for you as you travel through this difficult valley. I will pray for healing and for a job that is just perfect for you. He will provide.

      • Jolene/Iowa says:

        Thanks so much Cynthia! Yes prayer works wonders! If you or any other bogorinos want to find me on FB. If you follow the link from my name here that takes you to a RV group I admin, whether you join the group or not you can find the members and look for admins and I am an admin of that group which can lead you to find me.

        As far as the job goes, there are other things I am dealing with in this job search besides what I have mentioned. It is hard to know just how far it pays me to travel for what will essentially be an entry level job and how to balance and juggle everything I need to. It will all work out but at times now I feel overwhelmed just trying to sort through all of this. LOL

        • Barbara(Nashville) says:

          Have you looked into maybe a work from home job? Since you have medical knowledge, possible medical billing or coding? Ask one of your doctors how you go about finding these jobs, I’m sure they would know.

  26. Elizabeth in WA says:

    Always nice to see the boys at play…and off leash where it is safe for them!! FUN!! Happy for you Sue!!

  27. Rosalyn says:

    So very happy that you took in Roger.
    Such a difference you have made in his life. Now he can play with his buddy and experience the love of an owner who cares.
    What a blessing for him to have both you and Reggie.

  28. Cinandjules 🌵 says:

    Wow your backyard is stunning! Glad the red dirt doesn’t stick to the crew!
    Zoominator x 2! Oh what fun they are having off tether…and being good about coming back!

  29. Jean in Southaven, MS says:

    So glad to hear about your adventures. Sorry I haven’t always comments, I usually read your blog while at work and do not always get a chance to write something right then and I get distracted and forget until I get home and I have no computer at home. But thank you so much for sharing your feeling and up and downs. That is what friends are for. You can unload on them and they try their best to hold you up thru what ever it is. Sometimes we have to be reminded about our parts too.

  30. Suzette (TN) says:

    I’m absolutely loving all these happy pup pix…especially the ones where they are running toward you.

  31. Sherri from California says:

    What a beautiful place! I love watching Reg and Rog run and play so freely and happily. Glad to see you are making progress training them to come back when called.

    Sorry I haven’t posted for a while, was swamped with work and planning my son’s wedding. I am pleased to say he married his long-time sweetheart last Saturday in the redwoods with friends and family looking on. It was lovely- and I am so glad it’s over!!

  32. Michelle slc says:

    Such good boys

  33. Theressa says:

    Hi Sue & others, my name is Theressa, and am located in Southwest Washington, the Vancouver/Portland area. I’ve been following you and your blog from afar, for the past few months. Your pics of your surroundings in Lovell, Wyoming, are dynamic. I researched for what seems like months on different rigs, and I kept coming back to the Casita for many reasons, and you definitely played a part in helping me with my decision. From what I can tell, I think you and I are about the same age, except you have 6 years of RVing under your belt, and I have zero years. I’ve ordered my Casita, and will be picking it up in Texas, mid February, God willing. I still have time to make some changes to my Casita order and have been debating the heater situation. I had also been reading other RVer’s opinions regarding heaters that come with the rig vs catalytic heaters, and then I found out that you didn’t order a heater with your Casita. So, then I’m thinking I’m onto something, here. If you don’t mind, my question to you, Sue, is after 6 years, are you still happy with your decision not to have ordered the heater with your Casita? I saw your blog where you had the catalytic Wave 3 installed (very nice installation piece with pictures). . . . are you still happy with your Wave 3, and where you had it located in the Casita? BTW, you are quite the ‘wordsmither’ which is what attracted me to your blog along with your down-to-earthiness. I hope my introduction wasn’t too laborious to get through. God bless you, Sue & others, for being such an encouragement to others. . . . Theressa

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Welcome, Theressa! I’m delighted to see you here and to read about your plans.

      I have never for one minute regretted the decision to NOT have the furnace that one can have installed from the factory. I learned from a new Casita owner that he ran it one night and found he couldn’t sleep for the noise. A propane heater is noiseless which suits me fine.

      Also the furnace takes up precious space in the kitchen and you can’t run it on solar (need elec. hookup).

      I’m happy with the Wave 3 (although I have no experience with any other for comparison). Having it mounted on the fiberglass channel in the middle of the BLT has worked well. Even though I don’t have the BLT in the full-bed configuration, I didn’t want the heater to be too far back to prevent that option.

      Thank you (and everyone!) for the compliments on my blog and congratulations to you for choosing Casita!

      • Gloria in Prescott, Az. says:

        We just finished our S. Utah National Parks Trip and we never had hook-ups and used the Casita Furnace every morning before getting up. Just wanted your readers to know that the Furnace runs on 12 volt and if you don’t leave it on all night (who would?) it doesn’t use much power from the battery. It’s great for taking off the chill.

    • Lisa of San Diego says:

      if you give someone’s name as a referral to Casita when you order your trailer, they send that person a check

    • Denise - Richmond VA says:

      Welcome to Sue’s blogorino family, Theressa! 🙂

      If you mention that RVSue helped you decide on the Casita, I believe she will receive a referral fee from Casita.

      Congratulations on making your dream a reality! 🙂

  34. Rochelle in IN says:

    What fun pictures on this post! Those 2 boys are living a life most dogs only dream of! Thank you for sharing your little family with us. Based on several of the comments, what you have here is far more than a blog – it is truly a ministry! (I don’t say that to put any pressure on you, so please don’t take it that way. 🙂 )

    I do understand that comments are our way of thanking you for the effort required to keep up the blog. I have been remiss in that area and needed the reminder. I am ashamed to admit that many times I’ll read either a post or a comment and think, “I ought to respond to that”. I just gotta get my oughta to actually make my fingers hit the keypad! LOL!

  35. Theressa says:

    I forgot to mention your dogs, Sue. I have followed the history of your dogs, and Reggie and Roger are perfect together. I need to congratulate you that you didn’t just choose or pick up another dog when Bridget past, but rather waited for God’s perfect timing, which I feel is how you ended up with Roger. Nice!

  36. Love that Reggie and Roger get to play off leash, and what a place for it! Perfect!

  37. weather says:

    What a great opportunity for you to train Reggie and Roger to come to you when called! They were obviously exhilarated, and you must have been happy for them to feel so free. Just seeing their photos let me feel the joy you three had and shared. Thanks, Sue, I thoroughly enjoyed this post. It’s wonderful to see they’re as excited to return to you as they were while running far away. That speaks volumes about how much love and pleasure they have with you every day.

  38. Joe Bruner says:

    I was hoping that you would throw a line at that minnow-chasiing big fish and reel him in. That would give the crew a thrill. Great pictures.

  39. Theressa (Southwest WA) says:

    Sue, I thought of another question regarding the Casita . . . .being that you’re a full-time RV’er, how many days, approximately, before the black tank needs to be emptied? Thank you.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Two weeks or more. I find it doesn’t matter if the tank only “goes” for two weeks between dump station visits because that’s the usual time one moves camp anyway. One dumps on the way into a new camp or on the way out.

      I dumped before setting up camp at Palisades and then I dumped again when leaving Horseshoe Bend — total of 15 days (even though it wasn’t urgent I do so).

      • Linda from Oregon says:

        I was thinking, we only got about a week out of our tank when we had a Casita but then I remembered that there was two of us and that explains why.

  40. ValGal (westernWA) says:

    Great looking camping spot!

    I’ve been absent for awhile due to a move. I have moved into a fifth wheel in an RV park. I will not be moving it. I don’t have a tow vehicle, nor do I want to haul a fifth wheel around. Of course, the fun of an RV is in the travel. But, it was an economic decision for cheaper living. So far, it’s costing me a lot of money. Every day there is some new issue.

    I regret my decision. Alas, it is not a decision easily undone. I don’t really have a good alternative. I’m pretty down about it. I am going to try to stick it out as long as I can. I am afraid of the colder weather.

    I much prefer my armchair vicarious travels with RVSue.

  41. Anna from NC says:

    Well, I must start out by apologizing. I am so sorry for not commenting more. I faithfully read each and every post you make. I love your blog. I miss it when I haven’t gotten an update in awhile. I am so envious of your lifestyle with your sweet crew. My husband and I are about your age but both still working….as we have financial obligations for our elderly parents….I do wish we could retire and travel with our two pups. So, I live vicariously through your wonderful adventures. I do hope you are feeling better and I promise to do a better job of commenting. Thank you for all you share…your helpful advice for all who travel and are purchasing or making decisions on campers, rvs, etc. Also, thank you for the beautiful photographs you share….of places I would love to explore. I LOVE the stories of your little pups and their contribution to your lifestyle. Your followers love and appreciate you and I will do better at letting you know how much I care about your blog. Take care, stay well and THANK YOU!!

  42. rvsueandcrew says:

    Hello, Florida Scott! You’ve been on my mind lately. Hope you survived Irma with no damage. Let us know you’re okay.

    Also, chuck & pookie in Texas… I can’t remember if you appeared here after the hurricane or if I’m dreaming you did. I hope you’re fine. I’d love to hear from you!

    And AZ Jim…. Never forget that Missy loves you! 🙂

    • FloridaScott says:

      Hello, Sue!
      I have missed you! We survived Irma and got a good taste of boondocking with no power for six days, no cable for a week and no internet for twelve days. Mostly downed trees, fences and fairly minor damage. We are northeast of the keys so did not get hit nearly as bad. Wind gusts a little over 100mph. I finally just got caught up on the blog now, reading along and and there you are asking about Me! It’s funny I was thinking about You too. I have been faithfully following along all of your travels this summer. Getting closer to buying our travel trailer. I have allot of questions I’ll be asking you soon. Best Wishes, Be Safe & Have Fun!

  43. RV Sue
    I like so many others follow you faithfully and never comment . Which is not fair to you
    for all your hard work in keeping this blog going . I will tell you that sometimes your the
    bright spot of the day , you and the boys . So when you travel on and can write something
    just know your work is appreciated .

  44. Sue S in PNW says:

    Hi Sue. Since I read your story of you let Reggie off-leash on Oregon coast, I really wanted to let my dogs run on the beach. Last weekend we finally made it to the Oregon coast and let our dogs run off-leash. I was so afraid one of the dogs never come back. He never obeyed what we said. When I saw my 12 years old dog run , run, and run. I almost cried. I’ve never seen he is so happy. Thank you for sharing your story with us. Today’s story just made me so happy.

  45. Bob says:

    Looks like Fun!!!!!!

  46. Archae says:

    Great times captured perfectly on film!! : )

  47. mostlylost says:

    What a great adventure for your little guys! There’s a large tennis court around the corner from the park we are in and nobody uses it. We’ve snuck over a few times and let Crockett get his zooms out. Sometimes, you just gotta zoom! 😊

  48. Susan in south central WA says:

    Our local news was showing it snow in MT. Of course they didn’t mention exactly where. Thinking you’re farther south by now since 10 days ago you were in WY. The boys look like they had a fantastic time on the beaches!

  49. rvsueandcrew says:

    Wow! All this participation is fantastic!

    See what fun it is to read all these messages from different voices? I could hug each and every one of you for contributing something of yourself to my blog. I hope more will join in. There can never be too many comments!

    Gee, maybe I should hit y’all over the head with shame and guilt more often . . . .

    Seriously… thank you very much.


  50. Great job catching them at full run!! They sure look like they’re having a great time. It is weird that the red dirt doesn’t stick to the white fur. I find the same thing with Tessa’s white hair. I’m always surprised she isn’t solid red after time on the trail.

  51. JoanneG from San Rafael says:

    Glad to see you back, Sue! I don’t comment often but I always keep up with your blog and enjoy it very much. Take good care of yourself!

  52. Ruthie in Fontana says:

    Hi Sue and Crew, Loved the pics of the boys running away and then running back to you, made me smile. My son who lives in our house has a one year old pom. He is so full of energy and gets into some trouble. So for his birthday today he bought him a radio controlled truck. For about 10 min he chased that truck all over the yard. My Aust. shep. wanted in on the fun so he chased the pom. Great times. I love your blog, you keep me coming back every day to check on your adventures. Thank you.

  53. Barbara (Nashville) says:

    What fun days for R & R, they look like they are having a ton of fun. So glad they come back so readily. Just curious, which of them is the fastest? Some photos it looks like Reggie is faster and others it looks like Roger. We know Reg is a speed demon form the zoomie photos of the past. The pictures of the area are beautiful.
    So glad you are back, I missed you.

  54. Denise - Richmond VA says:

    Hi, Sue,

    First of all….here is BIG hug!! I am sorry that you were feeling down, but hope you will be feeling better soon. ❤️ 🙂

    Thank you for answering my question about the wet, red soil making a sticky mess. No dirty paws to clean – yippee! Reggie and Roger had a blast running off leash. The looks on their sweet faces is pure bliss! I know your heart just about burst wih joy when they both came running back to you when called. 🙂 Run, boys, run!! 🙂

    I like the map of your route that you included on the previous post. It adds a birds-eye perspective.

    Have a good weekend, Sue! Sending you, Reggie and Roger, aka the zoom-zoom brothers love and hugs from me and Gracie pup! Happy Fall!! 🙂

    • Hi, Denise,
      The map included on the previous post is helpful.
      Because I like to trace Sue’s travel routes by her posts.
      While watching the Google Street Views of her tracks, I feel like tarveling with her and crew.
      Have a good weekend!

  55. Annie/Oregon coast says:

    Those two little guys are having a ball and I imagine a super good night’s sleep followed. It’s very uplifting to see the pictures and read your post. Take care!!!

  56. Lauri says:

    It is such a beautiful sight to see those two with all fours off the ground! That is the best thing for those little hyper pups!!!

    I’m sure you don’t remember my previous posts, but I finally found my RV! It’s a 20’ toy hauler with plenty of room for all my art supples!!! It’s still at the previous owners being stored until I make room for it. But I’m getting ready – very excited!!!

    Thanks for all the great pix!,

  57. Jan Johnson says:

    Oh I love seeing them run free! Such joy! We are blessed to be renting on our landlord’s property of 46 acres of woods. We are way at the back 1/4 mile or so off the road, so our little poms and beagle can run free. I love watching them chase deer and bunny trails, root in the leaves, run like little race horses. We have to move soon, and I am working hard to find some land where they can still run free.

  58. Jeannie from WA says:

    Ok, this will be a test to see if this works. Two recent comments haven’t gone thru for some reason.

  59. Pauline in Mississippi says:

    Oh, what fun!!!!! I enjoyed seeing R&R running free for a while. They remind me of our 2 dogs chasing each other through the Mississippi red clay. Amazing how fast little dogs can go.
    I have been praying for the blogerinos who have been in the path of Harvey and Irma. Such terrible storms!!!!! Hope everyone is ok.
    This Mississippi heat and humidity just keeps on and on and on!!! I always look forward to fall….wish it would get here quickly.
    Sending lots of love and big hugs!!!

  60. Chaunte says:

    Hi Sue,
    It’s been a while since I commented, but have been along for the ride the entire time. I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate and enjoy this blog. I look forward to every single post! BTW, the pics of the boys running full speed towards their Mom are adorable. They have so much love for you and it shows! We should all be so lucky as to have a pet’s love! I hope each day finds you well and happy! Have safe travels and give the boys a scratch behind the ear from us.

    Chaunte and the Chihuahuas(Gigi and Spike)
    P.S. Our cat, Annabelle, says “Meowwwww”(hello I am guessing, lol)

  61. Diann in MT says:

    Yay! She’s back!

    Hey, Sue, the Montanans who love your blog have had a decent run of wintery weather lately. Nothing like snow to get the Christmas shopping fever going.

    My husband has bookmarked your site now, so he can access the Amazon link easily.

    Continued great days, Sue!

  62. Patricia says:

    I’ve been reading ur posts for most of ur 6 years of travels. Very much enjoy them. A new post is one of the highlights of my day.
    Have u ever thought of consulting with an electronics person for any new technology for getting internet signals?
    Take ur time to heal and refresh. The blogorinos will always be here.
    I try to use ur site for all my buys with Amazon.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      If a signal isn’t there, I don’t think there is any way to produce one. Thank you for your support, Patricia.

  63. Chuck says:

    Hi RV Sue !!! I get tired viewing the great pics of R & R zooming off leash !! If we could only bottle all that energy !!! Stay safe kiddo!!!👈😎

  64. kgdan WA says:

    Good morning, Sue,
    Chilly mornings here encourage us to keep cleaning and packing. We are getting SO excited. Everyday we chat about our feelings about being able to set out again. We are both giddy. Monday is the defining Dr. appt. with my wonderful oncologist. We are so hoping she releases us to hit the road! If so, our target date for departure is Oct. 1. We can hardly wait. We are so grateful.

    • Barbara(Nashville) says:

      Good news kgdan. Praying for a clean bill of health. I am trying to change insurance companies but need to be cancer free for 5 years, I have 1 1/4 years to go, so praying for myself too.

  65. Sheila Melcher says:

    Seeing how Reggie and Roger have bonded is heartwarming. I do enjoy seeing their adventures.

  66. Denise - Richmond VA says:

    Hi, Sue,

    Just placed an order for an Epson 78 Light Magenta ink cartridge, it should pop up on your report. I swear, the price of printer ink is a crime. The new printers that have attached ink tanks run in the $230 or so range, depending on features. Considering my 8-yr old Epson printer takes 7 ink cartridges costing $100….the price of the new printers is not so outrageous. Yeah…if you have $200+ in your budget to spend on a printer…. 🙂

    Have a great day!! The pictures of the boys zooming around really puts your camp and the beauty and largeness of the landscape in perspective. Enjoy some of that gorgeous red rock for me! 🙂

    Gracie pup is at the groomer. I plan to vacuum while she is getting pampered. I put her in her crate when I vacuum, but the way she carries on, you would think I was trying to poke her with a blunt fork!! She actually throws a little temper tantrum, growling, and whipping around her blankie. It is really quite funny….such drama! Ok – talk to you later – gotta get cracking on these chores! Sending love and hugs to you, Reggie and Roger from me and Gracie pup!! 🙂

  67. Cynthia from San Clemente says:

    Wow – I logged on this morning to check on Sue and the boyz and to report about our medical emergency yesterday, and then I read about Jolene and Velda and I realize how many of us are going through difficult medical issues. I am so thankful to have this place where we can share and care about each other – I love you all (well, except that ding dong who criticized Sue’s creative writing skills – but I’m guessing she checked out!!).

    So, my hubs went in for what we thought was a detached retina yesterday. Turns out he had an “eye stroke” which is technically a branch retinal artery occlusion (BRAO). The only treatment, which is not guaranteed to work, is time spent in a hyperbaric oxygen chamber, which is not covered by insurance. Thank God we are able to pay for it out of pocket. If it doesn’t work he will lose his eyesight in his affected eye. The condition also means you are significantly more likely to die of a brain stroke – so any of you out there who believe in the power of prayer – we would appreciate it.

    I absolutely loved all the photos of R&R running off leash. You can just see the joy in their eyes – I’m so glad they got the opportunity to play like that, and proud of them for returning when Sue called them!

    • Jolene/Iowa says:

      Cynthia, I am sorry to hear this. I will sure be praying for him!

      • Barbara(Nashville) says:

        Praying for your hubs, Cynthia. I would hate to lose my eyesight, that would really cramp my crafting hobbies, not that I am an expert as it is.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      You and your husband are prayed for, Cynthia.

    • Denise - Richmond VA says:

      You and your husband are in my prayers, Cynthia.

    • Rochelle in IN says:

      Oh my! So sorry to hear this! It kind of scares me as well, because my hubby had a sudden loss of vision in his right eye a few weeks ago. Of course he waited a couple of days to mention it to me – men! 🙂

      Anyway, he has a retinal occlusion but they didn’t say anything about it being “branch”. He got a shot in his eye and will need one every month for a year. While his vision isn’t back to normal yet, it has greatly improved. Thankfully he has no restrictions.

      I do worry about the increased risk of stroke, so I keep reminding myself that “He has not given us a spirit of fear…”. I will definitely pray for your hubs, too!

  68. Rover Ronda (WA) says:

    Great fun! We have a similar setup near us. A triangular beach on the Puget Sound has rock wall on one side, water on the other side.(more accurately Possession Sound which is part of Puget Sound) Our fur babies love it there!

  69. Patricia says:

    First off, I am not good with phones and coverages. I did talk with a friend who is much more knowledgeable than I regarding internet coverage.
    U may know all this but I will give it to u if maybe u r not.
    Walmart straight Talk has poor coverage.
    My friend recommends:
    MetroPCS, which is T-Mobile or
    Cricket, which is ATT.
    Both r pay as u go.
    She said go with a GSM network, not a CDMA network.
    Both MetroPCS and Criket r GSM network.
    So, hope that helps.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      I don’t care about having phone coverage. Thanks anyway.

      • Patricia says:

        If u get a smart phone then u can get internet thru ur phone.

        • rvsueandcrew says:

          Except I can’t create a blog on a smartphone (which I have).

          • MelindaK (back in Central TX) says:


            Depending on the area and service you could create what’s called a hotspot with a smart phone. You then could connect your laptop to your hotspot for internet service. For example, I have a Verizon PC Card for my laptop, but when traveling sometimes I am not able to pick up a signal with the Verizon Card. So I take my iPhone which is AT&T and create a hotspot (basically a click of a button) then connect the laptop again a couple of clicks and I have internet. Now, this will not guarantee you internet service all the time as we all know there are some places where you just can’t connect. That could be a good thing :).

            Of course all this would probably add a recurring fee to your monthly bills. Not sure that would be something you would want to incur just to be able to connect.

            We appreciate all the time you take out of your day to share your life with us and your beautiful photos. I can’t begin to tell you how much I have learned from your blog and readers comments. Your blog is the only blog I read. I have tried reading other blogs after finding yours, but no one can compare to your writing style, story telling, and authenticity. Keep up the awesome job!

  70. Laurie in NC says:

    Love the pictures of the boys! They look like they are having such a wonderful time!
    I am sure they both slept good after that work out. We are now living in an area that is not near the main road, so I feel comfortable letting my little Lucy dog out without a leash and she runs so fast around the yard! You can just see the pleasure in her eyes and the doggy smile on her face just like Reggie and Roger!

  71. Jo in OR says:

    These adorable pictures of the zoom zoom brothers helped ease my depression. Sue, your blog makes a huge difference in my life.
    Take care and just enjoy your life with the boys 🙂

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Good morning, Jo. Together we can stand against the terrible Big D!

      Thank you for writing and best wishes to you.

  72. weather says:

    A group of butterflies is called a kaleidoscope. When I saw one among the wildflowers growing on the lakeshore “Oh my God, how beautiful, thank you!” was my first thought. My second one was “Sue would love this as much as I do.”… As I often do, I sit looking at my laptop’s screen, thinking of what I hope your day will include. May something wonderful capture your thoughts, hold you in the moment, and keep you there for a while.

  73. Mr.LooRead says:

    Think about changing your blog to youtube and make some money! Just load your still photos with text transitions using VSDC free video editor. After a few uses, it will be easy and just as fast as word press.

    • Mr.LooRead says:

      You should start back at day one at the trailer factory and just work forward for most subscribers will be an entirely new audience. Put out a new video every day keep it short under 5 mins and bask in the cash.

      • Rover Ronda (WA) says:

        Wow, daily!? You gotta be kidding me. That’s a full time job. You know Sue is retired right? Sure once the work is done it continues to make money with views, and Sue is good at listing places and subjects in the tag line. With her and the crews diverse interest and travels a lot of people would probably find her videos. However, I think it takes a lot of views to make significant money and is it worth dealing with trolls? Is it possible to shut out trolls by just shutting off comments? Maybe, I’m not so sure I think they just put lies and crap up on their own channels. I don’t know,I’m not a YouTuber and I watch it on Apple TV so thankfully I don’t even see comments.
        I’d watch her videos. I wouldn’t recommend it instead of her blog though, maybe a few compilation videos with the outro advertising her blog. As I said her videos would pop up in people’s searches. I know there are some YouTubers who only upload monthly or so. Most of their time is spent working on their blog.
        On a somewhat related side note: there have been a couple times I’ve learned of a product from a YouTube video and since I watch on Apple TV I can’t see their affiliate link. I probably should search for their blog, but I don’t read their blog, so I’ve bought them from Sue’s link.
        Anyway I’m rambling- in a nut shell – good idea but easier said than done – in my opinion. Thanks for suggesting it 😃I enjoyed rambling about it.

        • Rover Ronda (WA) says:

          Too bad this is in the last post. I’d be curious to see what blogorinos opinions are on blogging vs. vlogging.

      • Rover Ronda (WA) says:

        Another side note, the trailer factory wasn’t day one. It seemed like it took forever to get to the factory. So much to settle first. No small task. Things often take longer than we think, eh?

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