The pattern of our days

RVSue and her canine crew camp at Horseshoe Bend Campground in the Bighorn Canyon National Recreation Area near Lovell, Wyoming for eight days, September 5-12.

~ ~ ~

More play station fun!

Off they go!

A reader asks “Who’s the fastest, Reggie or Roger?”

Reggie is the fastest! That little boy can MOVE!

Know why Reggie isn’t in the next photo?

Because he’s already zoomed past the camera and is behind me!

Whereas Reggie is a sprinter, I think Roger probably is more a long-distance runner.

Meanwhile. . .

The hills beyond the day use and boat dock area turn pink at sunset.  The pink is reflected in the water.

The pattern of our days . . .

When Reg and Rog have had their fun at the play station, we return to the Perfect Tow Vehicle.

After a few visits, I don’t have to hook them onto tether or leash.  They walk with me, worn out and happy, to the passenger side door.  I give them a drink (although Roger usually has had his fill out of the bay) and then I pop them into the PTV.

Except one time Roger refuses to leave.

He’s like a little kid!  Okay, Rog, if that’s the way you wanna’ play it . . . .  

“Good bye, Roger!”

I drive away.  Reggie and I roll down the dirt road in the PTV until we go over a crest and are out of Roger’s sight.  Then we sit and wait.

Here he comes, the little devil . . . .  Ha!  I’ve never seen him run so fast!

Roger doesn’t pull that stunt again.

We take the road to higher ground for internet signal.

I have my laptop and Verizon air card hooked up to the inverter that is plugged into the cigarette lighter thingy.

At the entrance to Bighorn Canyon National Recreation Area, I park the PTV in the pull-out.

This is where I blog for a couple hours, mostly in the morning.

If the morning becomes too hot and uncomfortable, we leave the blog-writing spot and return to air conditioning in the Best Little Trailer.  The crew naps and I read my Paperwhite . . . or I nap, too!

Then, after or before another visit to the play station at sunset, we return so I can check the blog comments, read emails and news, and/or finish the post I began in the morning.

Because of this routine, the crew and I don’t do much exploring of Bighorn Canyon.  We don’t see any wild horses, just their tracks.  Good grazing in September is further from the road and lures them out of view.

This next photo was taken the day the forest fire smoke moved in.

We do walk the Mouth of the Canyon Trail (1.75 miles) that leads away from Horseshoe Bend Campground.  We wait for the coolness that comes late in the day.  That’s why there’s a shadow across part of the next photo.

“Time for you two hikers to go to bed!”

 That’s all for now, folks!

This post could use some serious editing but I have to go offline.

Thank you for boosting my blog (as well as my morale) by contributing comments.  I appreciate you sharing here.




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112 Responses to The pattern of our days

  1. Cat Lady back home in Baton Rouge, La. says:

    Hi Sue and boys

  2. Calvin Rittenhouse says:

    Reggie and Roger are good company for each other and for you! I’m glad they have the chance to have so much fun.

    I have a classmate in Spokane who has posted about the fires near there and very near her rental house in Montana. This is affecting my travel plans because it’s a multi-year phenomenon.

  3. Joy Loner says:

    what a beautiful area

  4. Deena in Phoenix says:

    Hi Sue, lovely to see you here today…just finished adding the “Running Boys on the Red Beach” from your last posting to my screen saver…such joy makes for many smiles while I work on my next crochet project as I watch the golfing today. Thinking about looking through the RVSue Amazon link today as I might try my hand at painting…mnce to try something new.

    Please know that I appreciate you, R & R and the blogorinos to adding joy, smiles and warmth to my heart and to my day.

    Have a wonderful day.

  5. Dave Stewart (in missouri for now) says:


  6. Gal and a cat in Fl says:

    I just have to put this place on my next trip west. I think I have missed the window for this year due to snow and such in Montana Idaho and soon to be Wy I suspect. But it sure looks great there now. Love seeing the boys run free. You give them such a great life.
    Love this blog!

  7. Pamela bohanek says:

    You have given these two dogs heaven. We should all be so lucky.

  8. Diann in MT says:

    Awesome, Sue! I need to get down there next year, since it is so close. Thanks again for leading us to amazing places.
    I love the boys running around. That was a good lesson you taught that Rog.

  9. Jolene/Iowa says:

    Hi Sue,
    This is another beautiful area! I just love all the neat places you show us. I was just thinking with these last posts but actually for a long time how great R & R are for each other and you! I bet you have seen a whole new personality in Reggie and probably Roger both now that they have each other as well as you. They are lucky pups!

  10. Debra & Misty in SD says:

    Love the lighting in these photos! Your campsite looks very nice also. I hit the road on June 28th and have been going full speed since. I need to slow down though and find places I can stay a couple weeks like you do. I have had some very nice boondock sites but when I don’t have cell signal I get antsy to move. But so far loving this life!

  11. Marcia GB in MA says:

    Looks like a wonderful place to run and play!

  12. Dianna Marable says:

    Hi RVSue! I am reading your blog, from the beginning… Have enjoyed it very much and find myself entertained and laughing out loud often. You have a talent for writing and I’ve learned a lot from you. Will begin this lifestyle by next month. I have just started my retirement and, like you, can’t think of a better way to live this next chapter! Love to travel and change my scenery and become so bored with the same ole. Hope to see you out there, don’t worry, I will only wave. I don’t like to socialize very often and totally understand where you are coming from. You remind me of me as I read your blog! God bless you and your two little cuties.

    • Sue CleanerGreenerVegas (Hutchinson, KS) says:

      Welcome, Dianna! It’s always fun to see someone experiencing this blog anew:). Blessings on your wide open road!

    • Denise - Richmond VA says:

      Welcome, Dianna! Congratulations on your retirement! Have fun planning your great adventure! 🙂

  13. Renee from Idaho says:

    Wow. You blogorinos are fast!

    • Renee still in Idaho says:

      I’m back. I sure do appreciate all the time you spend for us, Sue. I loved this post of the boys zooming in and out. They both have grown in trust and have learned a lot. What I noticed is that Roger is not yet listed under your heading “About RV Sue and the Crew”.
      Wow. I bet Roger’s past life flashed in front of him when you rode off. That little stinker.

    • You’er fast, too! 🙂

  14. Jool says:

    In the 4th photo Roger is a hover-dog!
    Jool from North Texas

    • Geri in the FL panhandle! says:

      Welcome back Jool! I haven’t seen you in ages! Maybe I just missed your comments, but whatever….good to see you!

      • Julie Green says:

        Thanks Geri!! I’ve been here all along, but I sit at the back of the classroom and never raise my hand. But enjoying ‘class’ immensely! 😀

  15. Elaine in Florida says:

    What a beautiful place. I just love seeing Reggie and Roger run with so much joy.

  16. Joe Bruner says:

    You’ve landed in an incredibly scenic spot. I’ve always known that our country is blessed with staggering beauty and your blog is just confirming that for all of us blogorinos. Many thanks and stay safe out there.

  17. Becky in NJ says:

    Maybe Roger had a little flashback to his days of living on his own, with all the running free at this camp. He has made it clear now he prefers being part of your crew!

  18. Rover Ronda (WA) says:

    Sorry you had such a “routine” to get service for your blog. I’m glad you went to the bother. It sure looks like the campsite and “play station” were worth it! Fun to see the boys getting so much “zoomies” time🐾🐾❗️Enjoy some zoomies for me boys, 😕oh you’ve moved on now. We’ll surely the new camp is fun too😃

  19. What a nice and peaceful area. Good that R&R are getting some good exercise and allowed to roam free for a while.

  20. LeeJ in Northern California says:

    Reading your new post is like hearing from an old friend..sigh….nice visit!
    People often aske me what I’m reading… it is..for whatever reason I have become entranced by people that thru hike. Starting with Grandma Gatewood thru hiking the Appalachian trail…my latest obsession is watching a vlog by a young man with an infectious laugh with the trail name of Chocolate Balls…resulting from him calling a little bag of chocolate truffles little chocolate balls…he thru hiked the California Crest Trail this summer, from Mexico to Canada. Can you imagine? I’m also reading The Last Englishman about a man from England, that also thru hiked the PCT… so I watch Chocolate Balls on YouTube and read Fossie’s story as he covers the same trail. Fossie’s trail-name from his last name Fosset. Between you three I have had adventures this summer! My cup is full!
    I guess your trail name is RVSue!

  21. Bob says:

    So happy Reggie found you!

  22. Linda a says:

    Gorgeous area your parked at.
    One of my favorite pictures of Reggie and Roger is the very last picture
    on this post…… The surrounding so visually colorful.
    Thank you for this tour of America’s countryside !

  23. Cinandjules🌵 says:

    This one made me laugh! They both look like flying squirrels!

  24. Anna from NC says:

    And another great blog! It’s always as if I’m there with you. You describe your routine so clearly and even if things feel routine or mundane, it’s still enjoyable to read! I take a vacation through your doings!
    Always love the pics of the pups! I love my two little ones so much (14 year old maltese rescue and 8 year old mini-schnauzer rescue) and I really love reading about other well-loved dogs.
    So thank you for another wonderful post.
    Stay well!

  25. mostlylost says:

    Lol. It looks like Roger and Reggie have the power of flight in some of these pictures!

  26. Paula says:

    Verizon air card…I will need to check it out.Thanks again for the tip. Paula

    • AlanOutandAbout - in Grand Junction. says:

      Paula, they are called JetPacks on the verizon website. Sue is showing her years, they haven’t been called air cards for years. 🙂

      • rvsueandcrew says:

        “About the Verizon Air Card”

        I use the terms “air card” and “MiFi” and “JetPack” for the device I use for internet. I don’t use the term “JetPack” exclusively as it can be confused with the WordPress plug-in that I and other bloggers use. See “About Jetpack”

      • Paula says:

        Oh yes I have heard of those and I don’t have one but it may be time and by the way I’m in Bear Country all by myself I’m a little nervous about this as there is a lot of dung around. Yikes

        • Rover Ronda (WA) says:

          Do you know that Sue has an air horn (tooter) she mounts outside and is wired to a panic switch inside? I realize that doesn’t provide you any comfort now but something to think about for future. She has a link to the blog about how she set it up in the toolbar across the top of the blog.

  27. Susan in south central WA says:

    Yikes! Being a Mini Husky, I’ll never be able to have Tala off leash let alone drive away. She’d be 6 miles in the opposite direction in no time. It’s probably how she ended up in the high kill shelter, before we saw her (online) at a rescue organization. Looking at the Roger photo of him standing there made my heart race! I think the last photo of the boys is extra precious today.

  28. Hi, RVSue and Blogorinos!
    How was your weekend? My weekend was really good. Uh on Saturday I went to Yokohama with my wife and we had lunch at the Chinatowns and it was amazing!
    Speaking of which, We happened to see an amphibious bus there, like a Cami Terra Wind motorhome made in the US.

    BTW, your boys seem so happy. I want to join you, to be a ”Boondog” and run with them! Sleep tight boys, Reggie and Roger!

    Thank you for the efforts you have put in writing this blog in the WiFi thin/spotty area.

    • JazzLoverWMa says:

      Hi Fuji-maru in Japan, have not heard from you in a while and wondered if everything was alright. How have you been? I did not know they have amphibious buses. I took a look at the Cami Terra Wind video…Wow the best of both worlds. Boondog, that’s pretty good. Take care and let us hear from you more often.

      • Hi, JazzLover,
        Sorry for my long absence. I’m alive and well.
        I’ve been wandering through cyberspace of the German-speaking part over several month after I found many reports of RV-journeys across Eurasia, RV tour from Dusseldorf to Beijing.
        Adventure on CIS, Mongolia, China, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Iran, Caucasus, Turkey and Eastern Europe by their own RVs, is awesome!
        I send some E-mails to the auther asking for premission of reprinting on my blog. Since then, I’ve been struggling to translate German into Japanese. 🙂

        The Terra Wind is approx. $1.2 million. Skyrocketing RV price is there!

        Take care of you as well and have a nice time in this coming week.

    • Denise - Richmond VA says:

      Hi, Fuji-maru! I had a good weekend, too. Nothing terribly exciting, but weekends are always a wonderful break from work! 🙂

      You have piqued my curiosity. I looked up the Cami Terra Wind. Cool vehicle for the rich….”only” $1.2 million and up, depending on options!

  29. Elizabeth in WA says:

    We had a dog that I had to intentionally leave outside a few times, because she would not come and wanted to go run…I finally decided whenever she did that I would place a bowl of water outside but not let her in for the whole day…eventually she became more obedient and trustworthy in that regard…it is so upsetting when they run away from us…glad Roger saw you were leaving and ran after you!! Haha…

  30. Lee says:

    What lovely solitude. Looks like you all are enjoying your time. It’s incredibly hot here in Illinois, waiting, waiting, waiting for fall.

  31. Barbara (Nashville) says:

    The photos in this post really make me want to hit the road. I love the red of the mountains and I really like the photo with the shadows. I figured Reggie was the fastest. I agree, though, that Roger might be better at distance, since he was on his own for awhile before you came along.
    Rog has a look of disbelief on his face as you drive off. Surprised Reggie didn’t make a fuss leaving his friend, or did he?

  32. Helen says:

    My little Boston Terrier would still be standing there saying she’ll come back. You have gotten the dogs so in tune to you. That is awesome. I was just wonder how you decide when to head for winter weather.

  33. Those are some fast little guys! So fun to see their smiling faces. After being left behind once before, I’d think Roger would be the last one to let you leave without him. Hopefully it won’t take another reminder :-))

    When a routine is comfortable and works for everyone there’s no need to look for more to do. Your pink sunset is so pretty. We’re looking forward to seeing lots of red rock in Moab this week!

  34. Vernon Hauser says:

    Well another great post and wonderful pictures . I hope that young man learned his lesson about not coming in for the night . Wyoming surely is getting cold at night by now. We have been as low as 34 degrees here in Id for an over night temp.

  35. Julie, Molly & gizmo (Idaho) says:

    Looking forward to where you head next. I will head to Oregon coast in next few days.

  36. Ruthie in Fontana says:

    Another great post. I love the puppies running and the lesson’s you teach them. I have decided since you go to the effort to post us beautiful pictures and wonderful stories, I can at least acknowledge that effort. So from now on I will at least comment or give you a thumbs up. I was a very bad/good girl! I shopped and got myself something I have been “wanting”, but not “needing”. That’s the bad…The good is I used your link! Thanks again for this blog.

  37. Archae says:

    Really held my breath til Roger rejoined you and Reggie. What a relief that was.

    Have been camped on the Missouri River for three days while it rained and the cold snap went through. Temps were in the 50s (daytime) and 40s (nighttime). They climb back into the 60s on Tuesday. Am thinking about heading west and south in a couple of days, though I am happy with the views of the Missouri. I think I may actually be on Lake Francis Case, which is formed by a dam downstream on the Missouri River, still beautiful views! And free. I’ve learned that towns in South Dakota frequently offer free camping in their city parks; some offer power and rv dumps.

    Enjoy your next camp. Thank you for your postings. I also look forward to them.

  38. Denise - Richmond VA says:

    Hi, Sue,

    Thank you for going through all of the rigmarole that entails posting your blog. Between the lack of wi-if signal, and power issues, it truly is a labor of love.

    You did a great job capturing the light show on the red rocks – so pretty! It is always fun to see the zoom-zoom brothers doing their thing! Roger…you are a stinker. Don’t ever give Sue and Reggie (and all of your blogorino family) a scare like that again. If something happened to you, it would break many hearts.

    In photo #7, it appeared that Reggie had told Roger pretty much the same thing. Roger was replying, “Ok already! I said I am sorry! It will never happen again! I am so sorry I scared you. Can we please drop it now so we can play?!”

    Sending you, Reggie, and Roger love and hugs from me and Gracie pup! Kisses on the head for the boys. Sending you wishes and prayers for a peaceful, restorative evening. 🙂

  39. Cactipete says:

    Hi Sue

    Love these pictures and adventures of you and your traveling duo. Such energy they have! They really keep you on your toes

    I’ve been on the road in my little Class C for the last few months and I am really enjoying the experience. I am considering buying a small trailer since I can’t tow a car with my rv. I would love to know if you are still happy with your experiences with the BLT. I visited the factory last week and really liked what I saw.

    I would love to have any insight you might offer since you have been on the road now for a few years

    Happy Trails and puppy dog tails!

    • Geri in the FL panhandle! says:

      Cactipete, if you do decide to buy a Casita, please mention that she recommended it to you! Casita gives he a small check for recommending them! I loved my Casita, towed like a Dream! It was so easy to tow you wouldn’t even know it was back there! 13

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Cactipete… If I had it all to do over again (in the year 2011) I would buy the BLT. I can’t say what I would do in 2017 because I don’t know very much about what is on the market today. The BLT has served me well and continues to do so, in spite of the abuse!

      I should note that I’m not a big person, only 5’5″.

  40. Don in Alaska says:

    Such a lovely location and electric power to boot!

    I miss the classic ‘Western’ sunsets, so I really appreciate the ones you post.

    Lazy summer-like days at the start of fall. All that is missing is the smell of burning leaves…oh, wait. All that is missing is a Harvest moon…that’s better.

    Thanks again for the photos and sharing all of the locations w/detailed information. Your blog is *far better* than any of the so-called Travel Guides. Not just details, but first hand detail with photos – it doesn’t get any better than that.

    I’m trying to get Amazon to post my book royalties directly to an Amazon account. Then I can do more to support you (and a few other bloggers) that do so much for the RV community.

    Stay safe, enjoy the boys.

  41. Jan NH says:

    I just love seeing Reggie and Roger able to run free of tether and minding you (well except for Roger’s little stubborn stance). Those two are sure meant to run! It is also great that they do so well on their tethers when they need to be. I sure do miss having my own crew but since I lost my Max in May and had not yet adopted a 2nd since losing my sweet Aaron a year and half before, I made the decision to wait until I finish this training program I’m in through the end of the year.

  42. chas anderson says:

    I occasionally let Eddie run like R & R but he is a terrier mix and they are like a pinball machine.My old gal Juice always ran free and followed me everywhere.We summer at our place in PA where we have a lot of hayfield acreage and no traffic so Eddie can run with moderate supervision.

    The trouble is last month he took a detour and ran into a porcupine and got 15 quills in his face.I pulled all but 3 out.He wouldn’t let me pull the 3 in his nostril.

  43. Geri in the FL panhandle! says:

    😁. 💝. Loved this post Sue, the boys have really got this flying thing down pat! Ha! They really had a good time here! Sure glad Roger didn’t let you leave without him! Silly boy! See you down the road Sue! Happy Trails!

  44. Kathryn Nagy says:

    I’d like to recommend a book for you unless you’ve already read it. It’s called The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt. My daughter loaned me her copy when she was home briefly this summer but after reading about a hundred pages of this big thick book I checked my library and they had the ebook copy so I downloaded it on my Paperwhite. Pulitzer Prize winning books can sometimes be a bugger to read and are two outside my box but this one is superb and a great story.

  45. suzicruzi from Van, WA. says:

    Heh, Sue and the boys.. I’ve been slacking off a lot lately. But I’m still around checking in on your blog and seeing what the boys and you are up to; where you are, and how you are doing. Glad to see life is still treating you well on the road! It’s so encouraging. 😉

    I see all your bloggerinos are alive and well too! Also great!! 😉


  46. Jean in Southaven says:

    Yep, I’m here. I really like this area you are in in these posts. We have red sand around here, it is a mess, it gets into everything. So glad you are beginning to feel better. We are going to be buying a cover for our RV soon thru Amazon and your blog. Don’t know just when. But before Christmas and the winter. give the boys a scratch of the ears for me.

  47. Terri from Tx says:

    I love that area! And, of course, your photos of the flying dogs. You sure know your dogs-I would bet Roger doesn’t try that again! Still humid and in the nineties in Tx. Bleh! We had a quiet 24th anniversary yesterday, but it was nice. Cruise on, RV Sue and Crew and take care!

  48. Dawn in NC says:

    Hi Sue! It looks like your dogs are flying! All four feet in the air! I love it. I am so happy for you that Roger and Reggie get along so well. I recently adopted another cat. At the shelter, it claimed that she got along well with other cats. That was a lie. So, now I have two cats that don’t really get along. I love them both, however, and I am determined to make this work. I keep my expectations low. I just want them to be able to tolerate each other. They don’t have to be friends. I hope that you are enjoying wherever you currently are located!

  49. weather says:

    “Because of this routine, the crew and I don’t do much exploring…” Sweet Lord, Sue, I read that and felt, again, the weight of what you’ve been going through. To sacrifice your own comfort, many days for hours, and miss seeing places you want to see, in order to keep this blog going would be hard for a week. You’ve been doing all of that for 5 months!-since April 30th when the outlets in the BLT stopped working.

    The 4th and 12th photos in your prior post(Fun and Frolic) show the crest you went over to be out of Roger’s sight.(?) I looked pretty closely at those and guessed, it looks like you parked about the length of 3 football fields from him . So he only ran for a few seconds before seeing you waiting for him. Kudos for giving him such an easy lesson that will keep him safely with you going forward.

    • weather says:

      We’ve had unusually high temperatures here in central NY state during the last couple of weeks . This afternoon will be 90 degrees. The cold front expected to come through tonight will allow more autumn like conditions to begin. I hope it’s nice out where you are, Sue, and that you are looking forward to pleasant changes, too.

      • rvsueandcrew says:

        Good morning, weather!

        I’m glad you are experiencing one of the best times of the New York year… the last hoorah of summerlike weather. I remember it well. I know you will savor this day as you often do throughout the year. 🙂

        I thought this would be a travel day for us. Not so sure now. The boys and I are feeling lazy. Reg and Rog are two bumps under the covers next to me. Ha!

  50. Paula says:

    I love your sharing and your dogs are just the most beautiful even when they’re onry. I have an honorary one also. She’s the same way. She’ll stare at me, “are you serious, I have to do this”. Such a silly willy. Anyway I am on the road full time now with my two pups and I’m wondering how to switch my residency and seriously why do I even need a residency because I will never be anywhere at a certain given time. I’m from Colorado and do not want that as my residency anymore. How did you make your transition and any tips you might give me thank you Paula Lucas

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Paula… A legal residency is required in order to vote, register your vehicle(s), for a driver’s license, passport… among other reasons. I use Americas Mailbox for a legal address and mail forwarding (Do a search for their website.)

      As a fulltimer one can be met with suspicion when one’s vehicles, tags, driver license, and other documents do not match.

      My early posts reveal how I went through the transition (April 2011 onward).

      • Paula says:

        Thank you this is been frustrating I understand the driver’s license and Licensing with vehicles voting excetera I will check that out I appreciate this is my first time full time on the road and I don’t intend to turn back Paula

        • Your residency/domicile also determines what rate you pay for vehicle and medical insurance, as well as state and local taxes, if any. The federal government requires a residency for paying income taxes, as well, so it is really important to determine a residency. I use my son’s home as a residency, which means he gets my mail, but my insurance rates all dropped from my previous residency. Others use a mailbox company, as Sue does. Do an internet search and also investigate residency on That forum has a lot of full-timers and a lot of information on residency.

          • Paula says:

            Thank you for your response I do need all the help I can get I’m not sure as there are so many confusing things to me at this point. I’m definitely enjoying it except for the fact that my license plate was stolen from my trailer and so now I need to figure it out it just upped the ante for me thanks Paula

            • rvsueandcrew says:

              Signing up with a mail-forwarding service lightened the load of all the vehicle registration/tags/title/license details. Most was handled by mail (explained at Americas Mailbox) and then sent to my address at AM. Then I directed AM to forward the items/documents to me at a General Delivery address I chose that was convenient at the time.

              It’s more confusing and complicated than it really is in process when using a mail forwarding outfit.

  51. Kathy (NC) says:

    Just love the ‘pattern of your days’ and the fun that R&R are having. Thank you so much for sharing. We had a good time on our travels, Norway is beautiful and awe-inspiring, England is way more crowded and frantic than we remembered (no fun driving around anymore!). Glad to be home and hoping our next big trip will lead us to somewhere you would enjoy – peaceful with few people!

  52. Karen LeMoine says:

    I got a little nervous about Rog being left behind. My heart broke for him thinking he was left again. I knew you would never leave him. So glad he has a loving Mom and a brother! Love this blog! Pics are beautiful!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Sometimes we have to go through some “pain” in order to learn an important lesson. He didn’t have any place else to go except down the road to Reggie and me.

  53. Earlier I asked about Verizon service. Good to know you only have to go to the park entrance to get a signal. That certainly makes it doable for me. There is a place in Florida called Midway that has the same limitations. Just go out once a day to upload and download! Thanks for info.

  54. AZ Jim says:

    What a wonderful issue of RV Sue and company. I just love those little dogs and I am fond of their lady owner as well. You make my day.

  55. Helen says:

    Just ordered some mens Crocs

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      I see the Crocs. :)Thank you, Helen!

      • Helen says:

        Did you see the Winnie the Pooh Items.

        • rvsueandcrew says:

          I opened up the past 9 orders reports going back to Sept. 18. I don’t see the items. Either they haven’t been shipped yet or you ordered them prior to the 18th or they were on a wish list or in the shopping cart for an extended period. I appreciate you wanting me to get the credit, Helen.

          If you ordered before the 18th, let me know what date and I’ll look again.

  56. Paula in Indiana says:

    Hi Sue and Crew! Those two speed demons are just too cute for words. Sure enjoyed their antics in the last two posts! They both look airborne at times.
    What a pretty area- your red rock photos are beautiful. I especially like the one with the road to higher ground. The hills in the background look gray, and really make the red ones stand out. Mom and I appreciate the time you put into your blog. Thank you!

  57. Donna n Girls Chandler, AZ. says:

    Hi Sue,
    I ordered a rhino sewer hose.
    There’s just no end to the excitement in my life.

  58. MelindaK (back in Central TX) says:

    I ordered some Teva sandals today. You should get credit for them.

  59. Li says:

    The boys are very comical. Roger just isn’t used to living the good life, so likely is unsure whether such fun will come again. (Although yeah, you’ve been taking him there everyday.) He looks pleading in the, ‘I won’t go’ photo. Man, that smoke just won’t quit!
    Stay safe.

  60. Those pups are just so sweet together. Brings a smile to my dial every time I see the photos. I notice the temps are getting lower from the location you are reporting on. I hope you are in a warmer environment now. Take care RVSue and the rest of the blogorino crew.

  61. Dave Stewart (in missouri for now) says:

    I Know that you are getting ready to make a new post but thought you may like this link for future reference. not too far from why says 180+widely dispersed sites.
    Buenos Aires National Wildlife Refuge.
    You may already know about it but looks interesting

  62. Sue, let me know if you see a order for 3 bottles of Country Life Calcium. Thanks

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      I checked yesterday’s and today’s orders and I don’t see the calcium. If you ordered today, it might not show up until tomorrow as items are listed once they’re shipped.

      Thank you for the order, Velda. I’m glad you checked in here. You give me the opportunity to remind my readers who pray that you and your husband are to be lifted up… for your husband’s health and for your well-being, too.

  63. ValGal (westernWA) says:

    I just love that red rock/dirt country. It’s so pretty and photographs well. Nice spot.

    I think Reggie and Roger have had the best summer/fall ever. They’re having a blast.

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