Great progress!

Wednesday, January 18

United Parcel Service delivers!

After the “man in brown” hands me the box and turns to leave, I run inside, grab the camera, and catch these shots (shooting into the sun) of the truck rolling away from our desert home.

Did you know that UPS trucks run on propane? 

Says it on the side of the truck.  Anyway . . . .

Excitedly I tear open the long box and find the red gingham oil cloth neatly wrapped around a cardboard cylinder.  Immediately I put the oil cloth on my folding table.

Beautiful!  Just what I hoped it would be!

Thursday, January 19

Rain is expected for today.  The weather forecast is written in the sky.

View to the southwest at Midland LTVA, near Blythe in southeastern California

As is our daily morning habit, Reg and I take off for a walk.  We make our way between the creosote plants all the way to the other side of Midland Road.  On the return, when the Best Little Trailer is not far ahead of us, I call Reggie to me.

“You’ve been a good little boy, Reg.”  I pat him on his polka-dot back.  Calmly he looks up at me.  He knows what’s coming.

“I’m going to unhook you and I expect you to be a good boy, okay?”

I am very impressed with Reggie these days!

Already near the conclusion of three walks, I’ve let Reggie off the tether and he behaved very well.  My plan is to let him off-leash after we’ve walked enough to take the wildness out of him.  I start with a calming talk including “good boy” said a few times while patting him.  Then I unhook him, adding “Now be a good boy, Reg.”

I unhook the tether and Reggie walks ahead of me toward home.

Sometimes he runs to our campsite at zoom speed, turns, and runs back to me. 

I cheer him as he returns to me.  After these successful episodes I stay outside in my lounger or putter near the BLT while he gets a drink and wanders around the campsite, pretty much worn out and not interested in running anywhere.  I also give him a treat. It’s obvious he’s very proud of himself.

Again this morning he behaves very well!

Time for the photo shoot!

I move the folding table next to the lounger, straighten the new oil cloth, and set up a still life arrangement.  I hurry because the breeze is becoming stronger and rain will fall soon.

“Come here, Reg.”  I hook him on the tether and toss Duck L’Orange to keep him from walking out of the photo.

The oil cloth is thicker than most picnic table cloths and it tends to stay smooth.  I’m very pleased with my purchase!

My Verizon bill is going to be outrageous this month!

I’ve been live-streaming video on my laptop of the events leading up to tomorrow’s inauguration and there’s no doubt I’ll do so throughout the weekend.

For those of you who pray, I invite you to join me in prayer, regardless of your politics, for the safety of our new president, vice president, their families, anyone attending the ceremonies and inaugural balls, and all those visiting our nation’s capitol.  I also invite you to pray for the men and women working to maintain peace in Washington, D.C. during this historic event.

These are exciting times!


NOTE:  If interested in the oil cloth shown in this post, follow this link:

Gingham Oilcloth Fabric – by the Yard


Here are a few of the items readers recently ordered from Amazon:

Rockabilly Dress
Waterproof bike cover
South Dakota Atlas & Gazetteer
Motion Sensing Security Spotlight
Hawthorn Extract for Blood Pressure Control
S-ZONE Vintage Leather Single Shoulder Top-handle Handbag


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181 Responses to Great progress!

  1. Renee Galligher - Idaho says:

    Hi Sue. How serendipitous!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      The serendipity of being first? CONGRATULATIONS, RENEE!

    • Renee Galligher - Idaho says:

      Ok. Now that my shock at being first is over, I’m back to give you a glowing review of your article (once again!). It’s fabulous. Love your new tablecloth and Reggie’s learned behavior Reggie Pavlov. You are such a good, kind, loving pet owner. He knows his good behavior is rewarded in turn and of course that’s how he learns. Yes, Sue, I will pray for you for our new president, his family, the new administration, and our nation during this trying time. God Bless America!

  2. Pauline in Mississippi says:

    Hey there!! Did I get in the top 10

    • Pauline in Mississippi says:

      WOW…I am second!!!!!

      • rvsueandcrew says:

        Talk about exciting… PAULINE IS SECOND! YAY, SISTER!

        • Pauline in Mississippi says:

          BTW…I loved your post about Reggie sans tether. He is such a good boy and such a cutie!!!! Glad to see UPS came through and delivered the oil cloth which looks mighty spiffy along with your new chair.

          I wholeheartedly accept your invitation to pray for the incoming administration. Our Dad always said that the office of the Presidency needs to be respected. I pray for the success of President Trump and et al . After all, we are in this together.

          • rvsueandcrew says:

            I didn’t know Dad said that, although it sounds like something he would say. You have a 3-year advantage. 🙂 Now I know where I got the same attitude.

          • Elizabeth says:

            Well, sisters, we were taught the same…that the office was to be respected regardless of who held it. Sometimes that was easier than others. Naturally. Hubby listens to online programs all the time…so he keeps me up to date on what is going on. Our friends in Israel say there is much prayers being said there too…in a way, humanly, this man is their nearly last hope. Though we all ultimately know WHO holds our futures.

            • Pauline in Mississippi says:

              Dad was not fond of the LBJ but one day LBJ landed at Stewart AirForce Base on his way to who knows where but he went down the highway past the road to our house. Dad walked out to see him pass…I was at work and I believe you were married by then. I asked him why he bothered because he didn’t like the man. That is when he told me….You have to respect the office he holds. He is the President of the United States of America.

  3. Lori says:

    Reggie is becoming quite the well-behaved young man! I’m so proud of you, Reggie.

    Ha – love the pic of the UPS truck. Because if you didn’t take a picture, I’d never believe it drove out to you. 🙂 Of course I’d believe it but it’s just strange seeing that truck out in the middle of nowhere.

    I do like that oil cloth. I have put it on my wish list…along with many other “wants.” I’m getting ready to start purchasing some “needs.” I think I have my apartment –>SUV –> TT transition all figured out and what I’ll need to set myself up in the SUV for the couple of months while I am stealth and waiting out my last days until retirement. I almost feel like I have to do a little something everyday to get ready so that the time passes. Right now it’s lists and downsizing. I hope to get rid of some big stuff this weekend.

    I live in the DC metro area so the whole area is gearing up (or down depending on your politics) for the inauguration. Traffic will either be horrendous or non-existent. Either way, I have to work tomorrow.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Lori,

      “I have to do a little something everyday to get ready . . . . .” So true! I remember that and it does help. Every little step forward keeps your focus on the vision you have for your life on the road.

      I’m sorry you have to work tomorrow. You’re not alone.

    • Sue CleanerGreenerVegas says:

      Oh Lori, how exciting!! Good luck stealth camping…a dream of mine…but my husband needs campsite spaces filled with people to be in his comfort zone. As Americans….all that downsizing brings an added benefit…we will inevitably buy new in the future, and u can do it without regret…bcuz u will have space to fill and be ready to reward yourself for the downsizing you’ve done. Kudos!

  4. Pat Hall (North of Quartzite) says:

    Nice pics and love the table cloth. Gives your porch a country feel. The rain, wind and cold has hit Quartzsite, but the people keep coming. If they keep getting closer to me, I’m going to say goodbye to Quartzite. Stay warm and dry.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Pat,

      The people will keep coming through next week. I hope you are in a place where you won’t become part of a pack of RVs.

      Strange thing…. I was driving into town the other day and looking at the mountains to the east. Quartzsite is on the other side of those mountains, although I wasn’t thinking of Quartzsite at all. I became aware of a faint buzzing feeling (hard to explain), similar to the physical awareness of anxiety. What’s this? I’m asking myself. It passed quickly and I wondered if I was picking up the cluster of activity and excitement centered in Big Q beyond the mountains.

      Sounds nutty, I know. I think it’s my Loner’s Antenna picking up vibes. Hahaha!

      Yep, storm is rolling in. I welcome the rain. I can do that because I don’t have a vendor’s booth to worry about! Stay dry!

      • Karen in Pacific NW says:

        interestingly enough I just saw a show on TV the other day that explained a fairly common source for that kind of buzzing feeling where one senses something is there or a change is happening but can’t you can’t explain why you feel that way. It is caused by sounds! Sounds that are in a very low frequency, so low we can’t hear them but we do feel them in exactly the way you are describing.

        Sometimes people will go into certain places where everyone senses it but does not know why so they will describe the place as being haunted. It can be caused by various things, the military doing aircraft flyovers at high altitudes, trains you can’t see, road traffic, earth moving machinery that is out of sight, etc.

      • Elizabeth says:

        Glad you managed to get away from that Sue…some of us are very aware of vibrations…and it does not mean it can be heard either. I almost went nuts in the last house in NC…the nearby base began doing something is my thinking…probably underground…and not only was it in my ears, but I could actually feel it by laying my hand on the bed or wall, etc. It was about 24 hours a day…THAT is why I was so bothered. Every body needs some rest. On main holidays, we did not hear/sense/feel it!! Hmmmm, imagine that. Rarely did my daughter with extremely good hearing hear it…nor my husband whose hearing is worse than mine…though it got so bad sometimes even he was bothered.

  5. Virginia620 (AL) says:


  6. Lauri says:

    Since you are in Blythe, you’re very close to the RTR. … No interest?

    Love to hear the antics of Reggie and his progress!

    Thanks for sharing!!!!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      You’re welcome, Lauri.

      I won’t be visiting the Rubber Tramp Rendezvous, but I hope you all have a successful and enjoyable time together, even when it’s raining and/or windy. Best wishes to you, to Bob, and to all the rubbertrampers. I’ve met a few. Good people.

  7. I’m glad Reggie’s training is coming along. That will be good for both of you.

    I enjoyed the pictures, especially the weather forecast and the one with Reggie, the recliner, and the folding table.

    I am simply praying for the will of a Greater Power. My head is spinning too much to guess what would be good for the nation.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Calvin,

      I’m glad you enjoyed the photos. Good idea about prayers — When it doubt, turn it over to the One who knows what’s best.

  8. Ken Canada says:

    As usual like your pictures.
    Ordered 3 hats from Pauline …..were mailed to me Jan 13
    I can’t wait
    Ken Canada

    • Pauline in Mississippi says:

      Thanks for your order Ken. I hope you and yours wear the hats in good health. Thanks also for the “hints” you have sent me.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Thanks, Ken. I’m happy you like the photos. You’ll like Pauline’s hats…. really warm.

  9. Sherry Waldrop says:

    Bright beautiful chair and table cloth complement each other.
    Any additional update on the refrigerator?
    Prayers the weather doesn’t get bad for you.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Thanks, Sherry, re the outside decor and for the prayers. To be truthful, I kind of like storms. It’s a nice change from perfect all the time. Ha! Still waiting on the fridge.

  10. Dawn in MI says:

    Glad Reg is being a good boy. You can work on his distracted recall too…handy to have in an emergency.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Dawn,

      Reggie has calmed down a lot since I first brought him home. He’s more teachable now. I don’t know how far I can bring him along, but every bit of improvement helps make life better for both of us. I can see that he’s learning vocabulary at a fast rate.

      I have to be super careful, as you can see from the vastness of our environment. We will stick with Lesson “Going home off-leash” for a while before attempting anything more.

      • Michelle Wilson says:

        I’ve always wondered about the tether – what is it? Did you make it or buy it? What does the human end look like? Other question, when ordering something you want delivered to where you are now, what do you put for an address? I mean, there are no numbered campsites, so how do you state where you are? Thanks for enlightening this tenderfoot.

        • rvsueandcrew says:

          Hi, Michelle,

          I used the street address for Midland LTVA which works for UPS and for Fed Ex, but not regular postal delivery because mail isn’t delivered in this sparsely populated area. The trucks stop at the camp host’s site and she points out my campsite for them.

          The tether is available at Wal-Mart, hardware stores, and feed stores, and comes in different weights according to the weight of the dog. There are identical clasps on each end. That way I can hook one end to Reg and the other end to the handle by the door…. or hold that end for walks.

          Always happy to explain how things work for us full-timers and desert dwellers. 🙂 Thanks for asking, Michelle.

  11. Lee J in northern Ca!ifornia says:

    Good dog Reggie!
    Love the oilcloth. I bought some to cover my camp table from your link last year but I got blue and white. Then used part to make myself of waterproof aprons to keep dry when I wash dogs!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Lee J.,

      Waterproof aprons… Great idea! The blue check is very pretty. I almost chose it.

      Oil cloth is easy to work with. I like how it seems to cling to the table with no wrinkles or puffed up spots.

  12. I’m Canadian, but I have prayed, and will continue to pray; I love USA and lived there as a child. Blessings, Lynn (a fellow blogger of Life with Lynnie)

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Thanks, Lynn, for the blessings and prayers. As close neighbors, the health of one nation affects the other. I’m optimistic about the future for both our countries.

  13. Rosie in IN says:

    What a lovely and homey outdoor area. I love all the colors. Reggie is such a good boy and should be very proud of himself. I am enjoying the pictures of the desert as it is where I want to be. Circumstances have that way of interfering and for now I am in cold, drab Indiana. My spouse is in hospice currently, I’m sure also dreaming of our favorites desert areas. Thank you for sharing!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Rosie,

      Always happy to bring springtime color to readers in wintry areas. I’m sorry your spouse is in hospice and wish him well. Your phrase “for now” tells me you can see travel in your future. Keep dreaming; dreams do come true.

    • Jean in Southaven, MS says:

      I am sorry that your spouse is sick and in hospice. I will pray for both of you as you move thru this faze of your life.

    • Rochelle in IN says:

      I, too, am sorry to hear your spouse is in hospice. 🙁 Prayers being sent up for you from Lafayette, IN.

    • Krystina McMorrow says:

      Sending up prayers for your husband Lynn.

    • Very nice decor setting for you and the boy. Amen to the prayer, I too am hopeful. Melania has a way with him that I like. Anyway, it’s all in God’s hands.

    • Rosie, sending you love, light and peace. Prayers to godspeed for your husband. I am there too, it’s hard.

    • ApplegirlNY says:

      Hi Rosie, I’m a couple of days late, but I will pray for you and your loved one in hospice. Take care of yourself.

  14. Virginia620 (AL) says:

    Love the post. Great livingroom, too. Interesting link to a Rockabilly dress. Been about 50+ years since I’d fit in anything like that. It’s beautiful, tho. Also, love the last Amazon link for the purse. Very nice. Still dreamin’😎

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Virginia,

      That’s my purse! Well, not yet. It will be a while before I receive it since it was sent back to the seller as undeliverable. Apparently another reader (two actually) liked that purse, too, and ordered it. It tickled me to see their orders.

      Keep dreamin’!

  15. Jim in Alabama says:

    Has something changed regarding viewing the comments? I seldom post but frequently read the comments except recently I don’t see them at the bottom of the blog entry.

    Anyway I always read your posts and have enjoyed following you since the beginning.


    • Jim in Alabama says:

      Never mind. Figured it out! Duh!

      • rvsueandcrew says:

        I’m not sure, Jim, what you and Calvin are referring to…. At the bottom of a post, when it is first brought up on your device, there is the word “comments.” If someone has already commented there will be a number in front of it, the number of comments.

        Use that link to open comments page…. which you apparently already have done, so I’m not sure what the question is.

        BTW, Jim, great to have you join us! Thank you for reading my blog from the beginning and for being a loyal follower.

        • Cat Lady, Central City, La. says:

          Sue, many times when I get your new post, it looks like no Comments have been made and that I’ll be first…wrong! Don’t know what the problem is but what the heck…I’m just glad to hear from you two and that you’re still enjoying yourselves.

  16. Great job on Reggie’s training. You are a good dog-mommy. This is really great for him.

    I’d love to have your source for the oil cloth.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Charlene… I added a link at the bottom of the post where it says NOTE. The oil cloth comes in many choices of colors and designs.

  17. Lizw says:

    So glad the oilcloth finally arrived. We have a piece that has been our Outdoor tablecloth for 20 years and it is still going strong. We do use clips to hold it on the table in case of more breeze than can be handled just by the weight of the cloth.
    Reggie is certainly impressive in learning to stay close by! Good job training him!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, LizW….

      Wow! “20 years and it is still going strong.” Not many products one can say that about. I don’t know if the clips will work on this table but I’m going to get some for use with campground picnic tables. I don’t care for the weights so much. Right now (it’s windy) I have a gallon jug full of water on each end of the table. Not pretty but it’s holding!

      Thanks for the encouragement regarding Reggie’s training. He’s a smart dog and a pleasure to have with me.

  18. I don’t see comments on the site until I post a comment. However, I think they come via email.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Oh, I see what you’re saying. I didn’t know that. I wonder why that happens.

    • Jim in Alabama says:

      I now see the comment link at the bottom of each post. I wasn’t seeing that until I either posted or clicked on the post title as your side comment indicates. Not sure which action fixed my problem. 🙂

      BTY I am running Firefox 50.1.0.


  19. rvsueandcrew says:

    Hi, Rusty,

    I know you feel strongly about this, Rusty, which is your right. I’ll let your comment stay here. Future comments of this type from anyone will be deleted.

    I ask others not to add to the subjects Rusty has brought up in his comment. Too easy for arguments to begin and I (and most readers, I do believe) don’t want that to happen here. Thank you!

  20. Jean in Southaven, MS says:

    Thank you for brightening my day with your new post. Does you oilcloth have a flannel-like backing on it? I have made raincoats and all kinds of things over the years out of oilcloth . It always seems to come in bright pretty colors and designs. I love the color of your new recliner. I love bright colors. Reggie is coming along isn’t he? I would not call that dress a “Rockabilly” dress. something made out of checked gingham with ruffles is what comes to mind when I hear the work rockabilly. I am afraid I would never have fit in that dress. I am shaped entirely different from that dress. It is pretty though, especially in black. It is the classic little black dress in my book. I hope whoever bought it wears it and enjoys it because it is Pretty. Enjoy the rain, we are getting rain too.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Jean,

      No, my oil cloth doesn’t have flannel backing. Instead the back is imprinted to make a coarse texture. That’s what keeps the oil cloth from sliding around, I guess.

      Yeah, I wouldn’t call that a rockabilly dress either. That’s what Amazon calls it and their words attach to the link. You’re right… In black it would be the classic little black dress, perfect for many occasions.

      Thanks for brightening MY day, Jean, by visiting here. You enjoy the rain, too…. Ours stopped but more is on the way.

  21. Chris(MN once but now AZ for the winter) says:

    Hi Sue! Was in Blythe this morning doing my weekly grocery shopping. I stopped at Albertson’s and picked up some chicken tenders at the deli. Had some for lunch. You didn’t steer me wrong. YUM!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hahaha! I’m laughing out loud, Chris. It’s funny how this blog influences people.

      If you catch the tenders while they’re fresh, they’re very good. Apparently you did! I buy packets of honey mustard for dipping.

  22. Linda-NC says:

    You have a cozy little setup there. You are your own spot of sunshine in the desert, storm or no storm! I like that oil cloth. I haven’t figured out my table situation yet but will keep that in mind. Hugs to that Good Dog Reggie- He did so well! Enjoy your evening .

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Linda,

      If you follow the link at the end of the post, you can scroll down to see the many designs available. Thank you… You enjoy your evening, too.

  23. Nancy S. Indiana 5 says:

    Your new table cloth is very pretty. I especially like it with the blue. Very festive indeed!

  24. Barb from Hoquiam says:

    Oh gosh I love oilcloth! Reggie is being so good!
    In the pickup line to gather grandaughter, age 9 after school. We will sew the weekend away!
    Hugs from Orting, temporarily. 😉


  25. Reggie is such a good boy!!!😊
    Joining you in prayer……and I love your new tablecloth …!!

  26. Gal and a cat in Fl says:

    My hats off to you Rusty. 🙂 I too hope and pray for tomorrow to go well. Admittedly I am on edge as many of us are. I can’t wait to see the motorcycle guys lined up! lol
    Sue it’s wonderful your boy is learning. He is so devoted to you as you are him I have no doubt someday he will be off lead like your other two babies were. RIP sweeties. Reg is very smart and has adapted and learned well.
    Love the pics and this blog!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Gal and a cat in FL,

      I’ve been thinking about another dog to make a two-dog crew. This made me realize that I need to be able to trust Reggie more because handling two dogs means an increased chance of him going outside without his tether hooked. What he doesn’t know is the better he behaves the closer we come to adopting a new pup (and a new friend for him) into our family. 🙂

      Thank you for loving my photos and blog…

  27. What a good boy Reggie!! Your living area is delightful with its bright colors. Glad you finally had a successful delivery. Didn’t know their trucks ran on propane….very cool. Hope your rainfall is light and steady – I know it will smell wonderful!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Jodee,

      The clouds all around us say “Rain!” yet we only received a little bit during the night and earlier today.

      You sure do get around!

  28. Retiredcajunlady 'n Louisiana says:

    Hello Sue and Reggie! Love your last few posts. Reggie is really getting the idea of being off leash and obeying you…good for you, Reggie!! He is such a precious pup.
    Seeing your oilcloth tablecloth makes me think of my childhood. Not only did we have one for seafood boils, but most local restaurants used them. I rarely see them anymore, but do love them.
    I have been and will continue to pray for our new administration and all those in power have the guidance, wisdom, purity of motives, and peace of mind as they govern our great nation. I also pray they remember that they remember that being a public servant means just that…they serve the public and reflect our Constitution.
    Sue, you are so very patient waiting for your new fridge! I sure would miss not having one, especially for my medication that needs to be refrigerated. I sure hope you have it soon.
    Be well! Belly rubs and hugs for Reggie, and prayers for you both.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Retiredcajunlady,

      Thank you for telling me you “love your last few posts.” I admit that sometimes I look at other blogs and wonder why anyone comes to mine. I go ahead and post and you all show up! Amazing!

      Maybe oil cloth will make a comeback. It’s pretty and practical and not expensive…. what more could anyone want? 🙂

      Yes, our new administration has its work cut out for them. We may have some rough times fixing decades of bad practice and clearing out the corruption, but already good things are happening. I’m very hopeful.

      As for the fridge, I’m hanging on, hopeful that it will eventually arrive and I’ll have refrigeration again. Then I’ll be running around shouting Hallelujah!

      Have a great weekend, rcl!

      • Retiredcajunlady 'n Louisiana says:

        Oh, Sue…when I said the last few post I simply meant that I haven’t posted in awhile. I just wanted you to know I read each and every one of your blog entries and ALWAYS enjoy them. And the responses, too. I just don’t always type anything. I wouldn’t miss your blog for a gazillion Oreos!

  29. I have used oil cloth before. It is really good and easy to clean up. Also a little heavier than most picnic table clothes. I am really glad to hear that Reggie is doing well. He is becoming quite the good guy. Hopefully he will keep it up and only improve.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      I appreciate you sharing my gladness over Reggie’s progress. He’s being a good boy in many ways. When I want to put on his suit, he jumps on the bed and sits down and stays still why I put it on. Before he used to jump onto the bed and wiggle and roll around and dig into the covers and be generally silly and I’d have to wait for him to settle down. Of course he made me want to laugh all the while.

      Hope your weekend is what you want it to be, Lisa!

  30. Rover Ronda (WA) says:

    Hi RVSue n Reggie,
    Good Boy Reggie ❗
    Propane UPS, hm? Wish I had time to read comments surely one of your many knowledgeable blogorinos knows what’s up with that.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Ronda,

      No one has commented on the propane yet, not as I type this anyway. I wanted to talk to the UPS guy about it…. Can’t do that though, he has to be on his way to the next delivery…

    • Rover Ronda (WA) says:

      I’ll ask my new director (I’m training for a new job) he used to be at UPS.
      I’m trying to become a school bus driver. Passed all the written tests last week 1st try. Whew! 1st drive today went well dusting off my fire truck driving skills. I’m not worried about the driving it’s the 50-70 kids that scare me. A big difference from 750 gallons of water n a few power tools

      • rvsueandcrew says:

        You do face quite a challenge. Years ago I drove a school bus, a little one, for mentally handicapped kids, who in certain ways were smarter than some of the ones you’ll be transporting. They stayed in their seats, didn’t make trouble, didn’t bully, and didn’t sass me.

        Congratulations on passing the tests. I’m sure you’ve got the job. Best wishes to you, Ronda!

  31. Pookie and Chuck in Todd Mission Tx says:

    glad to see Reggie off his tether….I have been working with my 1 yr old
    Boots as well and she is finally minding me…all 5 of my chi’s want to go
    down to the gate about 50 yds down the lane to check out the other dogs
    that have come by and left their mark but I dont let them……
    I like that tablecloth……I may have to get me one…..
    thanks for your report…

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      You’re welcome, Pookie and Chuck!

      I can’t imagine trying to make 5 chi’s behave! Hooray for Boots! She’s a lot younger than Reggie and knows to mind. Good job.

  32. Gumo says:

    I thank you for the invitation of your prayer request and join you in prayer for all you mentioned. Thank you for such a positive stand for our country.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      You’re welcome, Gumo. Glad to have you link arms with me and fellow Americans who love God and country.

  33. Susan in south central WA says:

    WooHoo I’m number 90!!! It was nice that the table cloth was packaged on a roll rather than folded. Sometimes I am baffled by how a shipment is packaged! Tell Reggie that he is a very good boy off leash!!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Susan,

      I anticipated having to place the oil cloth in the sun for hours to have the creases come out. This came packaged very nicely.

      I did tell Reggie he was a good boy several times and he knows it. After he ate his kibble tonight, he drank some water (usual routine), jumped on the bed and gave me several kisses. We had a great love fest with his tail going like crazy.

      Then I fluffed up the comforter in his bed and he curled up to go to sleep, a very happy pup. I do believe he knows….

  34. Joyce sutton says:

    Had to giggle. I just ordered that South Dakota map last nite. Surprised you saw it already. I was going to ask why isn’t there a benchmark one. I search and searched. I got a Montana one beachmark but had to buy a complete atlas for Canada. Wanted a larger format for the Alcan.
    Rusty could I share your post?

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Thank you, Joyce, for shopping Amazon through my blog for your maps. Benchmark doesn’t have an atlas for the Dakotas.

      I notice someone ordered a Benchmark map for Texas… It isn’t a full-sized atlas. It’s a new recreation map. Two are available for Texas… one for West Texas and one for East Texas. Here’s a link for anyone interested…

      Western Texas Recreation Map

      This makes me hopeful that someday there will be a full-size Benchmark atlas for Texas and the Dakotas.

      • weather says:

        Until Benchmark does make a full size atlas for Texas, both the one you gave us a link for, their corresponding recreation map for eastern Texas and ” The Roads of Texas” by A&M university(an atlas detailing the backroads of the state among other good features, that Amazon carries, a link might help readers find it) are what I’ll buy before traveling in and through Texas again. You might want to check it, and the reviews of it, out for yourself, Sue, should you become interested in going there in the future.

        • rvsueandcrew says:

          Thanks, weather. I’ll do that. Right now I need to give Reg some attention after ignoring him for most of the morning.

  35. Joyce, 928 846 5622, it’s on,,,,,,👣👣🐾

  36. Sunny says:

    I am most assuredly adding my prayers as you mentioned. I am very hopeful for our nation as a whole and will be watching the inauguration tomorrow. Reggie sounds like he is a perfect gentleman, willing to please his owner. I came back to your site tonight hoping to find what you might have recommended for a heater
    , as this next week is going to be lower temps and my little 6″ box heater does not keep up. Long as I need to be in a campground right now, I’d rather use their electric than my propane. Thought I’d read someone recommending a “heater buddy” before? Thx for any recommendations.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Sunny,

      I’m not sure what kind of heater you’re interested in buying or if you plan to remain where you have electric hook-up. Do you mean a propane heater? If so, search for info about Mr. Buddy or Olympian Wave heaters (I have the latter).

      If you’re not set up with a propane line and want an quicker solution for the coming week, then maybe you could get yourself another, bigger electric heater to supplement the one you already have. I can’t give you a recommendation for an electric heater. You could browse Amazon and see how customers have rated products. I find that very helpful. To tell the truth, for an electric heater, I’d just go ahead an buy a big one that fits my budget, whatever is available where you are.

    • Karen in Pacific NW says:

      The thing to realize about electric heaters is that all the portable ones that run off of 110 volt outlets are all restricted in power for safety reasons so that they don’t overload the wiring and cause a fire. Because of this they don’t put out enough BTUs to combat really cold temperatures especially in a space that does not have a lot of insulation such as an RV. Propane heaters can have much higher BTU output than a portable electric heater. So when you go shopping for a heater pay attention to the BTU output. The greater the BTUs the more heat it puts out.

      As to portable electric heaters. The ones that have IR heating (infrared) can be effective at keeping you feeling warm. They heat objects rather than the air. So if you point the heat source so it is aimed at you then you will be warmer than air in the room is.

      Don’t be fooled by the physical size of some of the portable IR heaters, some of them have big heavy cabinets that make them seem as if they are really big and powerful. The size of the cabinet is simply nonsense and you are paying a lot of extra dollars for heavy hunks of particle board. They put out no more heat than a little cube heater with the same BTU rating.

      Advertising is a funny thing, one large sized IR heater I was looking at selling that was selling for $200.00 stated it was the only heater proven to heat a 1,500 square foot room. But when I went and looked at the data on that testing it stated it was only capable of raising the temperature of the room out at the perimeter edges by 8.5 degrees above the ambient temperature in a 12 hour period. That big heater had identical BTU output as the small sized IR heater on the shelf that was selling for $45.00. So pay attention to those BTUs and don’t get fooled by the size of the housing or misleading advertising on the front of a box.

  37. Cinandjules (da zone) says:

    Whoooeeeee…what can brown do for you? Propane…hmmm we had vehicles use CNG.

    Oil cloth looks festive! Oh my word Reg man is a big boy now! Yay! Go Reg man,

  38. Denise - Richmond VA says:

    Hi, Sue,

    I love the new lounger and oilcloth table cloth. Such cheery additions! Makes it all the more sweeter to come home to!

    You really do have it made! Finding waterfront campsites and even having UPS deliver to you out in the wild! “Miss Sue’s site is located just past the clump of blooming ocotillo….you cannot miss her!” 🙂

    Reggie: Be a good boy and always come when called!!

    Sending you and Reggie love and hugs from me and Gracie pup! Have a good evening, Sue! 🙂

  39. Have you thought of using a loud whistle of some sort and associating it with special treats? That way, you could use a whistle to call Reggie if he runs off a long way and might not hear your voice. The treats would have to be very special to make it worth it to him to stop running away and to run towards you. Could start at 5 feet with his tether on and increase distance with and without tether.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Judy,

      A loud whistle with treats might be effective if intense training were conducted by someone better at it than I am.

      The thing with Reggie… If he thinks I want him to come back, he runs the other way. And he doesn’t care much about treats, probably because he eats so well anyway.

    • Virginia620 (AL) says:

      Enjoyed your blog about the lifhthouse and lens. 🤗

  40. Linda a says:

    Yes, we will be praying as you said in your post!
    Our nation’s leaders always need our prayers.
    Good idea for the suggestion. Let’s all pull together, we have a great nation.

  41. Glinda says:

    I love your campsite. The new tablecloth sets it off.
    I have a little Benji that reminds me of Reggie. I keep him on a leash or teather all of the time. I probably wouldn’t ever see him again if I took him off. He likes to play catch me if you can.
    Thank you for asking us to pray with you for our country. This is such an important time for all of us.
    God bless you.
    Glinda from east Texas

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Glinda,

      Your Benji sounds a lot like Reggie. He also likes to play “catch me if you can.”

      I hope you have a great weekend in east Texas!

  42. Elizabeth says:

    Such good news, Sue, that Reggie is coming along learning…he is not that old after all…heh, and even old dogs SOMETIMES can learn a thing or two!! I hope he continues to cooperate. I think too, it can be easier to train a dog when they are the only one you have…though I must admit our other dogs were largely responsible for potty training our smart last dog…she just followed them outside via the pet door whenever they went out…and obviously did what they did!! At first she could hardly reach to go through it…but she persevered. I was grateful the older dogs helped in that task!!

  43. I pray Sue and I have already been praying that tomorrow’s transition will be a safe and respectful one. Thank you for encouraging your readers to pray also. I enjoy reading your blog.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Thanks, Betty! I figured I’d stretch my “no religion” rule for such an important event.

  44. Rob, still in northern Georgia says:

    Great shot of the camp with the new tablecloth Sue!

  45. rvsueandcrew says:


    Having slept late this morning (and I’m in the Pacific time zone), I did not see the comments that came in late last night and early this morning until a few minutes ago.

    I have deleted several comments. I don’t like deleting comments because it’s like slapping someone in the face, and that would never be my intent and it is not my intent now. I’m trying to stop the negativity and maintain the community that has come together here over the past near six years.

    I asked for prayer for the new President of the United States and for others. This is not rabid nationalism (ooh, Nazi! Nazi!) or a political statement, as some of my readers so interpret it. Praying for the safety of our country’s new leader is not political. It is patriotic. I’m not going to be ashamed for loving my God and for loving my country.

    If you read the closing paragraph of this post carefully, you see I invited prayer for the safety of EVERYONE in Washington, D.C. That includes people throwing eggs, hurling bottles, and shouting profanity at people celebrating the inauguration, and even those who have written or spoken remarks suggesting assassination. God help us.

    If you find it disturbing or offensive for a citizen such as myself to ask for prayer on her own blog for the safety of fellow human beings, perhaps it would be better if you spent your time elsewhere.

    May God bless America and all its people,

    • Retiredcajunlady 'n Louisiana says:

      Beautifully said, Sue. God bless you and your kind, open heart.

    • Elizabeth says:

      Well said, Sue!!

    • Kay Coop says:

      I have only commented a couple times. But I do read your blog often, and enjoy it. Thanks for requesting prayer for the new President and all participating in the inauguration, and for removing any negative comments. I hope and pray we see positive changes. And only time will reveal whether things get better for the nation. I also hope Reggie will learn to follow the rules…my dog runs off too, so she is always on a leash when outside, because I don’t want to lose her. On another topic, I just want to say how proud I am of your ability to be successful traveling alone, and having a peaceful life. If I was more selective in my environment, I would have less stress. Maybe someday I will make it happen. Safe travels to you and carry on.

    • Sunny says:

      Amen! Good for you for standing up for your rights. I am in same boat!! 🙂

  46. Sue, I read your original post as a great effort to comment on this important event without any spin. Unfortunately, many feel intense passion about our current situation, and passion leads people to perceive things that don’t actually exist. I am sorry that you ran into that, whatever your own positions may be.

    I am working on a conscious decision whether to mention this on my blog, where many of my readers know my politics. If I do, I expect to be very direct (I am not able to do otherwise) and to get much unhappy feedback.

    Because this still addresses the controversy, feel free to delete if you choose.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Thank you for writing again, Calvin.

      Thank you also for your mature, reasoned response to my Good Morning message. You’re right about the “intense passion.” I had hoped my post’s last paragraph would help us to come together, remembering what binds us as Americans. I mean, don’t we all love America and want her to be a safe and prosperous nation? I think my effort turned out to be what is known as “an epic fail,” although I do appreciate those who responded in a positive manner. 🙂

      Best wishes to you and your blog, Calvin.

      • Rochelle in IN says:

        No, no, no! Your effort was NOT “an epic fail”! It was a thoughtful, well meant invitation to unite in our common love/respect for our country – regardless of who the current crop of leaders are. There is so much hateful speech online these days that it can drown out the positive voices. Thank you for being a positive voice! As you mentioned, this is YOUR blog and judging by the family feel of Blogorinoland, you are doing a marvelous job!

  47. Barb from Illinois says:

    Yeah for Reggie and his training; looks like he is doing a great job! I will pray that our incoming president has wisdom & understanding the same as I have prayed for all previous presidents since I could vote.

  48. weather says:

    The UPS truck finds it’s way to you through the desert, an untethered polka dot puppy finds his own way to go straight home, our nation finds it’s way through yet another peaceful transition from one president to the next- great progress – I see why you chose that title for this post.

    Earlier this morning I listened to LeAnn Rimes singing “I believe” on youtube. One of it’s lyrics that comes to mind is …for everyone that loses their way someone will come to show the way…That’s such a hope filled song that always adds to whatever brightness is already in my day. Your blog does that, too 🙂 Thank you, Sue, for that and showing the way to so much- how to make a dream come true, beautiful places to see and stay in, how to enjoy life more and live on less- just to name a few.

    P.S. Among those I’ve prayed for recently were all that struggle with being upset about what they see. That may be their wishes not fulfilled about something in our country or on this page. May they be given peace inside and around them going forward. You write about your journey and what affects that as you travel and live in the United States. That may entail road conditions, parks open or closed for the season, the rates charged to stay there, use of your senior pass or if laws allow boondocking for free at a campsite. Some readers enjoy being freely given that information(that is all a result of government involvement on some level) within the story of your life on the road, then object to a direct reference to our government being in the news,and on our minds . I wish them all the best on their own journeys. The gratitude I have for all you give us is profound.

    Feel free, as always, to delete any or all of my comment. This P.S., in particular, may not be something you want left on here, or to start a thread that may cause problems.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      You always know the right words, weather. Thank you for helping me make my way over bumpy road . . . again.

      • weather says:

        You and Reggie may have been just too busy enjoying yourselves to check back in here recently, I hope that’s true 🙂 We’re having a couple of rare January days with temps just above fifty! What a treat it’s been to ride around the lake in the jeep enjoying the scenery and warmth. It’s fun to wear just jeans, shoes, a shirt and warm vest for a change, too. During the rainy days do you and Reggie track more mud and wet dirt into your home and van? The jeeps a mess but it’s useless to clean it until the seasons allow anything to remain clean and dry here.

    • Elizabeth says:

      Also, well said, Weather!! In all of life, it helps to have hope!!

      • weather says:

        One of my hopes at the moment is that you’re doing well 🙂 !

        • Elizabeth says:

          We are recovering thanks, Weather…old bodies get sick sometimes and with all the horrid stress of Nov/Dec I am grateful it was no worse…or sooner. We have made a couple trips to our next spot…and we think located where we will live for awhile…and it is only 3 miles via back country roads to daughter’s…so THAT will help me…maybe I will start driving a bit again. So it LOOKS good today…but all the paperwork is not in yet…so we shall see…

          Hope you are staying well and warm!! And having nice times too when you are able to be out and about!!

          • weather says:

            Gee, I hope everything falls into place the way you want it to for the move,and new home, Elizabeth. Thanks, I’m staying warm and all’s well here. hugs and blessings-see you on the new post 🙂

  49. Bob McQuade says:

    Hi Sue

    Great to see you getting Reggie trained to stick around when off leash. He just tickled me when I first met him, loved the happy look in his eyes, but felt bad he had to be hooked up when he wanted to run around in circles and show off with Sam. Hope you get his training completed when I next run into you, Sam could use some exercise.

    I managed to find a nice isolated, very “green” campsite ( check it out on the blog) at the Imperial Dam LTVA and have now been here a month, getting a lot of small tasks done on vehicles in Yuma while here. My month’s stay here has allowed all the birds in the area to find me, but don’t have the number of hummingbirds that I attracted a couple years back at Ogilby Road, so will be heading back out there in a few weeks before starting the slow trek back north.

    Hope to run into you and Reggie somewhere along the way. Nice looking outside living room, by the way.


    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Bob (whom I sometimes call “Hummingbird Bob”),

      How nice to hear from you again! I’m glad you’ve enjoyed your stay at Imperial Dam. I’ve never camped there, only drove through one time. Very nice to camp near water. I hope you and Samantha find a good spot at Ogilby Road. The hummers will rejoice to see you arrive! Ha!

      Wishing you safe travel always . . . .

  50. Cynthia from San Clemente says:

    Sue: You are a very good dog trainer. There is a lot of wisdom in that axiom that a “tired dog is a good dog” and Reggie is proving it true.

    Thank you for your invitation to pray for the new first family and for all in Washington D.C. for the inauguration. We also need to pray for each other – that the “winners” are gracious and that the “losers” do not feel left out of the process going forward. I pray we remain “one nation under God indivisible with liberty and justice for all.”

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Cynthia,

      That axiom is new to me. I see now the wisdom of letting Reggie walk off most of his energy before turning him lose. I wish I’d thought of it sooner.

      Thank you for your response to my invitation. Enjoy the day!

  51. Pat Hall (North of Quartzite) says:

    Hi Sue, I hope you and Reggie are staying warm. It’s windy, cold and rainy at Quartzsite. Did you get your heater fixed? I hope you did, because you might need it the next few days.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      No, the heater/propane leak situation is not resolved. Thank you for thinking of us. Reg and I will do fine. I hope the same for you!

  52. Luvmyhorse - Ohio says:

    Dear Sue,

    You have permitted us a glimpse into your life during the past five years, freely sharing your travels and your experiences. You have also allowed us to know some of your hurts, your hopes, your disappointments, and your joys. And you have done so with dignity and class. Each posting allows us readers glimpses and insight into the life of this intelligent woman known as RVSue.

    I hope that this online community remembers that you owe us nothing: you are not required to share *our* values, opinions, or beliefs. This, after all, is YOUR blog. We blogorinos do, however, have the responsibility to civilly respond (or not at all) to your postings.

    How I blessed I feel to live in a country where I have so many rights including freedom of religion. I join you in prayers for our country and its people.

    If anyone is interested, genuine oilcloth still has at least one modern-day use. I really appreciate oilskin coats, hats, etc. when I ride (horseback) in wet weather. The items are made from cotton canvas and oiled or waxed for water repellency. Though heavy, the clothing “breathes”, and is also very resistant to tearing from brambles. Every few years, I reapply wax, especially to the seams.

    Enjoy the day, Sue!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Luvmyhorse,

      What a beautifully written, supportive message! Thank you! You enjoy the day, too….

      • MelindaK (TX) says:

        Well said Luvmyhorse. I do not comment very often as there are those that can write my thoughts so beautifully.

        At times I wish you had a like button or ditto button that I could hit for some of the comments.

        I pray your loved ones are safe and I pray for everyone to be at peace.

  53. Very nice decor setting for you and the boy. Amen to the prayer, I too am hopeful. Melania has a way with him that I like. Anyway, it’s all in God’s hands.

  54. AZ Jim says:

    The oil cloth reminds me of my favorite Grandma who always had one on the table. Reggie is a sweet boy and he will be fine and there will be many times you probably can “give him his head”off his tether, other times it’s for his safety.

  55. Dave H says:

    Been praying the same prayer! Thanks for sharing.

  56. Hi! RVSue, Reggie and Blogorinos!
    As for the Moonshine kit.
    I suspect that the guy who bought the distiller is not a boozer but a boondocker like a survivor. He/she might take water from any source and turn it into clean and safe drinking water. So, rain, lake, pond or stream are water sources. Maybe gray water as well.

  57. Gloria in Prescott, Az. says:

    Wow there has been a lot of editing on this Blog Post. I always try to read all the comments but since I have not subscribed it’s often after many comments. I don’t know if the “unable to read comments” mentioned has been addressed but if not, I have found that clicking on rvsueandcrew under the blog title and then on “Continue Reading” will give me all the comments without commenting. This might want to be posted at the beginning of the next post as I doubt few will see it here or delete as you desire. I also wanted to thank you for pointing out “The Last Refuge” web site. It has been great to get all the full videos etc. I too have to be careful of using too much data even though we usually don’t have that problem.
    Hope you get your fridge soon. Gloria

  58. Nancy from South Georgia says:

    One of the things I always enjoyed about your blog is that you were able to give us valuable information as well as share parts of your life with such a diverse group of us Blogorinos. You have done this without creating drama and turmoil among all of us who post our comments. Thank you for that, Sue.

    I, too, am hoping for the best during this time of continuation of government while our nation is so divided. Yes, of course I do have an opinion and a very definite one at that but I will keep it to myself.

    I will say that it was balm to my soul to hear prayers being said and to watch the address given by someone who appears to be very genuine (I worked for many years analyzing body language). We will all see how this unfolds. No matter what, however, a peaceful transfer of power is what all rational people wish to see.

    My comments are posted a couple of days later than most and by now we have all witnessed on television what is happening in DC.

  59. rvsueandcrew says:


    I’m taking a break. There are times when I have to get away from the blog, clear my head, and regain perspective. Thank you for your kind messages.

    Tornadoes in Florida and Georgia are a concern right now. May there be no more tragedies or destruction of property.

    Bye for now,

  60. Sharon mueller says:

    Hi sue,just wanted to share this with you.when I was about six years old my mom bought a new table cloth with seven eating at table it wore out being washed so much,to my moms dismay I cut the table cloth so everyone would know where to sit.i know she had a good talk with me and we cut a big circle to the edge of table.thanks for the memorie.sharon from Minnesota

  61. ApplegirlNY says:

    Hi Sue, Glad you’re taking a well deserved break.

    I appreciated your prayer request. Here we are on the other side of the inauguration, and all seemed to go well. A peaceful transfer of power. We must all continue to pray for all of our leaders, those in service and for each other. A nation divided against itself cannot stand.

    We are a great nation. God Bless America.

    Even Reggie is leaning how great freedom can be!

  62. Deena in Phoenix, AZ says:

    Thinking of your and Reggie…praying you are able to observe the flash floods and not be involved with one…a neighbor made Miss Mollie an oilcloth rain jacket with booties…our complex’s grassy area has been flooded with the rain and a clogged drain…Miss M is funny to watch in the house with the boots but once outside she settled down in a few minutes…cold/wet sidewalk and puddles everywhere proved to her the booties were a welcome change…Life is good…easy listening music on the tube, sleeping puppy next to me and lots of yarn in their containers…NOW what do I crochet next…hmmmmmmmm, Love these moments…Life is good.

    Take Care RVSue and Reggie! Deena and Miss Mollie

  63. rhodium says:

    Boondocks are hard to find in Texas, but it seems Big Bend NP has some if you want to compare the Chihuahuan desert to your present site. We are in an RV park, but the area is spectacular. I’ve been told you can overnight in Texas roadside picnic areas during travels.

  64. Terri From Texas says:

    Hi Rhodium and RV Sue!

    I have been to Big Bend NP many, many times. There are no boondocks there-only the several campgrounds. Rio Grande Campground is the one near the showers!! There is a small RV park (private) right next to the showers. Don’t know if it has water or electric, but think it does. Now, Big Bend State Park may be different-in fact I think it is.
    And yes, I am praying for our country-boy, am I!! 🙂
    Love your still life with table, dog, and fruit!

  65. Terri From Texas says:

    Correction, the still life is table, book, and fruit!!

  66. Terri From Texas says:

    Well, I shouldn’t shoot my mouth off. There are actually some boondocking places in Big Bend! I should have checked first! Sorry….:)


  67. rhodium says:

    Yes, you are right. Sorry. Sorry. Sorry. Please have a relaxing few days.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      rhodium… Please don’t feel badly. I made a general statement, not directed at you. You don’t see all the comments that come in. Some are caught by my filter.

      I’ll delete your comments and mine, too, and then we’ll both have a fresh start. Ah, the wonders of technology!

      We’re good. 🙂

  68. JazzLoverWMa says:

    Sue, I don’t know if you will see this but if so, Luvmyhorse-Ohio has stated what I and many more feel about being fortunate to be a part of your blogorino family and share your life and travels, good and not so good, like the MIA fridge! There will always be those filled with anger who want to spread it around. This blog is not the place for it. Thanks for taking us along.


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