Time out

The purpose of this brief post is to give readers a new page under which to make comments while I take a break from this blog.

Yellow blooms surrounded by gray concrete and gravel, found in downtown Blythe, CA

I turn the blog over to you!

I encourage you to ask questions, tell your own story, share helpful tips, state your personal dreams, goals, achievements or setbacks, update ongoing “adventures,” initiate topics for conversation . . . whatever contributes to the positive atmosphere that we’ve come to expect in Blogorinoland.  Have fun!

Reggie and I will return soon.


P.S.  What is the flowering plant?  Anybody know?



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  1. Brenda says:


  2. Dan -MI says:

    Hey everyone – even Sue 🙂

  3. Brenda says:

    Looks like an esperanza, by the way.

  4. AlanOutandAbout - Anthony (EL Paso) NM. says:

    Yay, the cats away the mice can play

    • Laura - Illinois says:

      Ok, I accept this challenge about playing! Lets play a game! I will start… Lets make words that describe what we “feel” when we read rvsue and crews blog or a word that describes what brought us to follow her blog… I choose the word Enlightenment.

      Now the next person needs to take the last letter of that word to describe why they follow or found Rvsue and or what they feel when reading her blog! So the next persons letter will be “T”

      Laura Ours

      • Tammie Villanueva says:

        The letter T really??
        Their are lots of words I can think of
        like peacefull, beautiful, calm extraordinary , inspirational breathtakingly…….just nothing with a T 😕


    • Tammie Villanueva says:


  5. Rosalyn says:

    Hope all is well.

  6. Pat from Mich. says:

    Top ten!

  7. Dawn in MI says:

    Have no idea what yhe plant is. But someone will. Have a great break!

  8. Cynthia from San Clemente says:

    I don’t know what the plant is – nicotania maybe? I hate it when Sue takes a break (although it’s well-deserved.) It makes me feel like a kid whose mom leaves you at home and tells you, “Now be good while I’m gone …” You just know something’s gonna happen and all hell is going to break loose!!!

  9. Ken Canada says:

    Almost looks like Canola
    Ken Canada

  10. Dawn in NC says:

    Hi Sue, I hope that you have a relaxing break! My dream is to buy a camper and go off grid for awhile. Of course, my animals would come with me. How long? Who knows. I have given serious thought to only a van, but think that I would like more room. I like the idea of a truck camper, but don’t like the lack of storage space. I know, less space than a van, but the truck campers seem homier and a bit more functional (well, more functional than I could make the van anyway). I would like to have a tiny house as a home base and to age into. All this is a long, long way off. However, I love to dream and read about other peoples dreams coming true. So, thanks for sharing your life and to help keeping my dreams alive.

    • Linda-NC says:

      Dawn, I feel the same way you do. I am still working on my RV. So far I have done a three step process on the outside- anti-oxidizing, Gel coat restore and caranuba wax. She looks good. While I am here with access to all the water I want, a ladder and my tools, I want to get it as good as possible and organized before I take off. I found organizing to be tricky. I think that I won’t really know what is a necessity and what is not until I get out there in some respects. I have to come back here and have cataracts taken off in April. Has to be done. So my trial run will tell. I am hoping to leave here by Feb 10. If you live in Asheville, you are more than welcome to come visit and look at mine. There are things that I am changing inside for more room.
      I don’t know how long I will do this until I get out there. I am keeping my options open, and my routes. Take your time looking. In my opinion, none are going to be perfect and part of the fun is making it your own and as functional as possible.

      • Dawn in NC says:

        Hi Linda, thanks for the invite, but I live in the Triad. However, sounds like you and Dawn in Asheville should get together to compare rigs, now that hers is in town as well.

      • Linda -MN says:

        Linda, what RV do you have? I have a Scamp, 16 ft. Headed out this fall. Was supposed to be last year, but got delayed. 🙁 I will head from MN to FL to visit family first. Enjoy your trial run!

        • Linda-NC says:

          Hi Linda – I have a 23 ft Coach House Platinum. I am planning on heading out by Feb 10 for my trial run. Can’t wait! I sure hope that I meet some of you nice people on the road. It is time for fun! Have a great trip to FL.

  11. Susan in Phoenix says:

    Orange jubilee?

  12. Lori S says:

    Hi Sue. Enjoy your break. We got this.

    I’m making my plans for this life right now. Downsizing big time and almost ready to buy my tow vehicle. I just hate car shopping when it’s cold out but I would probably get a better deal than waiting until it’s sunny out.

    I have gone back-and-forth many times on what my home on wheels will be. For me, it makes most sense to get a tow vehicle and a small travel trailer. I’m not sure how long I will want to travel and since funds will be limited, I don’t want to have to sell everything and then get an everyday vehicle. This way, if I decide that I want to stop being a nomad I can just sell the travel trailer and still have wheels. IF I stop being a nomad, I will likely settle in the Carson Valley area. I have family there and my son lives eight hours away in San Diego. I can park my RV and live in it or look for land to put it on or stay in it until I find a sticks and bricks. Anyway, this set up gives me the most flexibility in my price range AND it allows me to stand full height in my little home.

    I’m researching tow vehicles and TTs. The tow vehicle will be purchased in the next 6 weeks and I will probably wait on the TT until I’m on the road in August since inventory here is scarce.

    I’d love to communicate with other single women who are living as nomads or who plan to.

    • Nora now in Wimberley TX says:

      Hi Lori,
      I too am a single woman (widowed) of a certain age and have been on the road for almost two years now. It’s had its ups and downs but I love it and plan at least one more year altho the closer I get to the end of that, the more I think about continuing on as long as I can. I’m not as brave as Sue to go boondocking so stay in RV parks. Instead of a truck and trailer I have a Class C with lots of storage and I tow the car that I had. I sold house and home before I started and almost everything I own is in the RV.

      • Lori S says:

        Hi Nora. I am hoping I will be happy with boondocking because I really enjoy my privacy. I’ve shared walls for so long that I really long for peace. But you never really know until you try.

    • Linda-NC says:

      Lori- I went through that whole process, of trying to decide which vehicle was the best option. There are advantages and disadvantage to both. Vehicle and tow or drive-able. For financial reasons and to keep it simple I got what I did-a 23 ft class B. Everyone has to decide what will work best for them, but I don’t think that there is a perfect answer. For me, I want to see what I haven’t, spend time in different places and being alone now will pick a different place to settle-or not:-)

      • Lori S says:

        Dawn – I’m wanting very much to hopefully make the right decision from the getgo but I guess I won’t know until I’m out there. Let’s hope I chose wisely. 🙂

        • Lisa, Tommie and Buddy back in SoFlo says:

          Do you have any friends with rv’s? What do you consider essential, meaning can you be happy in a small space, or do you need more room like for a hot tub and fireplace. ..kinda kidding there. Do you want to boondock or stay in RV parks. Another option is to rent an RV for the weekend to try out the life. Lastly, think of the RV life in bad weather, cold, rain, wind…. would you be happy in whatever you picture?
          I have a small travel trailer and love it. It tows easily and after just a few months, I am pretty good at backing up. Whatever you decide, enjoy the adventure.2

    • Dawn in MI says:

      Lori, Maybe you’d consider starting a blog when you hit the road? Those of us women out there still considering it would love to have an additional source of information. Plus you might enjoy letting us know how it goes!

      I dream of going full time RVing too…but my husband wants nothing to do with it. So at the moment I’m camping (tent) with my dog as often as I can in the summer and dreaming the winters away.

    • Geri, Florida panhandle! says:

      Sharon in MO commented below that she is having to sell their Casita due to husbands health. Maybe this will help you both!

  13. Pam N says:

    Kisses to Reggie. Hope all is well with you. Enjoy your well-earned break, Sue.

  14. If any of you have read the blog Winnie Views and haven’t lately, suggest you go read latest post. Sadly her cancer has returned and the prognosis is very bad. I have loved her posts ESP because I too have a Sprinter based RV. Hers is not the interactive this home on the net is, but has many interesting articles, which might be removed in months to come.
    We have clearing skies and are watching as our huge eucalyptus tree is dismantled and taken away after a freaky terrible wind last week combined with over saturated soils from more than 10 inches of rain in about 23 days, took down our tree and hundreds of others in the valley. Luckily no one injured and only fences damaged. The drought may or may not be over, but we are at 195% of our normal rain for this season which starts in fall.
    Hope all of you are safe in weather and those on he road including Sue and Reggie, are relaxed and enjoying life. Have a great week,

    • Kathryn says:

      Yes, that was a sad post to read.

    • Barbara (Nashville) says:

      I shed tears for Lynn and the return of her cancer. I want to print off a lot of her blog, where she talks of her faves, gadgets and how-to’s before it probably goes away.
      She seems like such a wonderful person, wish I could have known her.

    • Cynthia from San Clemente says:

      Wow, I had never heard of or read her blog. What an amazing, wise, uplifting, but sad post. I hope I can have such strength of spirit if I’m ever faced with such bad news. I will pray for Lynne.

    • Lori S says:

      That’s terribly sad.

  15. Rob says:

    Enjoy the vacation Sue!

  16. Mel from Frisco TX says:

    Hi there..1st time in the top 15 to respond…whoo hoo!
    Plant looks a lot like the trumpet vine that took over my front yard in Carson city..very invasive..broke thru the plastic sprinkler system box under my front window and weaved itself under the wooden Eve’s on the front of my house….have a great mini vacation RVSue…

  17. Sherri D says:

    Take care Sue!

  18. edlfrey says:

    I’m guessing ‘Yellow Bells’ or one of the other Tecoma stan verities; yellow trumpetbush or yellow elder maybe.

  19. AZ Jim says:

    I don’t know about you guys but I am already lost. This blog without Sue is like an engine without a spark plug. I know she is exhausted and needs some time off but I’ll miss her while she’s gone. Some of you folks need to help pick up the slack here. We don’t want to let Sue and Reggie down. I am having some medical issues and I might have to disappear for a few days or so myself. I have heart disease and it’s creating a problem right now. I’m sure it will work out.

    • Teri Live Oak Fl says:

      I am reading Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease by Caldwell Esselstyn M.D.. Seems simple so far. Take Care AZ Jim

      • AZ Jim says:

        My problem is immediate no time for a Preventative program. It is also my experience that nothing is simple once you are over 80 as I am. Thanks

        • Pamelab says:

          We’ll be thinking of you, Jim, and wish you the best.
          On the way back from Bid Bend.

        • Barbara (Nashville) says:

          Sorry to hear of your heart issues, Jim. Please update us, periodically, & let us know how you are doing. Take care, we will be praying for you.

        • Pookie and Chuck in Todd Mission Tx says:

          my hat is off to you Jim to reach the age of 80…
          Im at 72 and struggling to get to 73……I feel
          like 92…..

    • weather says:

      Oh Jim, I’m sorry that’s happening. I hope and pray the medical issues are soon resolved,-both so that you feel better and so that you can come on here often. I miss you every day that you don’t comment.

    • Marilu in Northern California says:

      We’ll be thinking about you AZ Jim and sending healing thoughts your way. Let us know how you’re doing if you can.

    • cc and canine ( now in Clackamas, Oregon) says:

      Oh Jim….I am so saddened to hear that your heart is causing you problems now… I will be praying for you to have the strength that you need to deal with these issues. Yours is such a gentle voice, and is always a welcome one to hear on this blog….Please keep us updated, when you are up to it.

    • Lori S says:

      Healing thoughts for you AZ Jim.

      • Jo in OR says:

        AZ Jim, sending prayers for you and your bride. You will be missed, love your stories and comments. Take care 🙂

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Thank you for your kind message, Jim. As I said in the email, I hope you are better soon!

    • Krystina McMorrow says:

      Sending up lots of prayers for you AZ Jim.

    • ApplegirlNY says:

      Take care of yourself, Jim. As with everyone else, you are in my thoughts and prayers. Hoping your medical specialists get you through this bump.

    • Kathy (NC) says:

      So sorry to hear you are having heart problems – sending prayers for your quick recovery and continued good health.

    • Mick'nTN says:

      Prayers for you, Jim from your V friend.

    • Cynthia from San Clemente says:

      Sorry to hear about your medical issues Jim. I would never have guessed you are over 80 – you always seem so witty and alert!! Take care of yourself and we will all be waiting to hear back from you.

      • Jean in Southaven, MS says:

        So sorry to hear of your heart issues, Jim. There are lots of treatments out there these days to help with a lot of different issues. Praying for you today.

    • Hi, Jim,
      It is good to help pick up the slack. Enough rope for Sue and Reggie.

      Take care of yourself, Jim.

    • Denise - Richmond VA says:

      You and Detta are in my prayers, Jim. Sending you both a **hug**.

    • BadgerRickInWis says:

      Jim, I just wanted you to know that I am holding you and Detta in my prayers. Heal well and we will see you soon my friend.

  20. Nancy Smith says:

    I have read your blog from day one and have enjoyed it so much. Please enjoy your break, and come back and blog again.

  21. Susan vlastelica says:

    Az Jim – take care of yourself!
    Plant looks like Yellow Bells to me.

  22. Joyce sutton says:

    I have dreamed for some time of driving the alcan and this summer am going to try fulfill that dream. I looking at knee surgery in the future and want to do this while I still can. Preparing and hoping it works out

    • Mary in CO says:

      You will find the Alcan amazing. Vast spaces beyond imagining. It makes you feel very small.

    • Linda Sand (Minnesota) says:

      I don’t know what knee surgery you are having but I could do more after my knee replacements and rehab than I could before them. Here’s hoping that turns out to be true for you, too.

  23. Mary in CO says:

    Right now our truck camper is on its jack stands, lonely and snow covered. As soon as the taxes are filed, we plan to head to Baja to look out at the sea we sailed upon in past seasons. We are trying to keep tabs on the situation in Mexico regarding gasoline prices and feelings towards Americans. Thinking of borrowing Canadian license plates, JK!
    We are keeping our departure date unknown as we know the day we try to load the camper onto the truck, will be the day of the ” big dump” here in CO.

  24. I’m making plans to visit Cancun, Mexico in March with friends who say this will be their last trip to Mexico….reason unknown. Maybe it’s the recent shooting in Cancun. I never was much into visiting Mexico although I’ve been several times. I think this trip will be my last also only because I do not desire to travel to Mexico alone…I’ve always traveled with friends to Mexico. I see lots of people go to border town Mexico to get medical attention for dental and vision. I have never done this too. I have excellent coverage for both. I had debated on whether I should go or not but finally decided to take the leap. I have never been Cancun but I hear it’s beautiful. I guess I’ll find out for myself 🙂

    • Be sure to go to Isla Mujeres when you’re in Cancun….it’s a quick ferry ride to another world. Isla is still more like a little fishing village. Rent a golf cart and go all over the 5 mile island! When I used to go to Mexico, I loved going & staying on Isla Mujeres way more than commercial, busy Cancun itself. Cheap beachfront mom & pop type hotels, great food!

  25. My comment never posted…oh well….

  26. Dawn in NC says:

    Hi Rita, Cancun sounds wonderful. I understand about not wanting to travel alone. However, you may enjoy it! I have never been to Mexico, but would like to go. I am glad to see you have excellent health care coverage. That is quite a blessing these days in this country. Although I have health and dental insurance, out of pocket payments can be quite high. I hope that you will still travel after your next visit to Cancun! You’ll have to let us know what it is like.

  27. Barbara (Nashville) says:

    I have never had any desire to go to Mexico. Would much prefer Canada for a foreign country to visit, but I have so many thing I want to see and do here in this country, I may never make it there. Will be lucky to take in our country.
    I have pretty much decided on one of 4 rv’s. They are a Casita 17′, the Escape 17B, the Escape 5.0 fifth wheel, or go in the other direction with a Class B+ like a View/Navion or the Leisure Travel Van (Unity.) Since I still have no cooperation from DH, I am only dreaming and planning for if/when the day comes.
    In the meantime, I would love to get a smaller place, but this one is almost paid for and very convenient to anything one might want to do.

    • I agree there so much to see and do here in our country USA however there are areas in this country I don’t have a desire to travel to.

    • Linda Sand (Minnesota) says:

      The View/Navion is a class C. We lived in one for a year and a half and did a lot of traveling in it. You do have to get along well with your husband to live in that small a space, though.

  28. Pookie and Chuck in Todd Mission Tx says:

    here in this area we call those Yellow Bells but there is a scientific name
    for them which escapes me……
    I have a bunch at my place for my hummingbirds and they die off
    every year and always come back………

  29. Rover Ronda (WA) says:

    I don’t know the name of the yellow plant, but it’s a beautiful example of strength and fortitude to grow out of gravel.

  30. Pat Janensch says:

    Yellow bell. I have several in back yd. Also orange bell & Sparkle bell (orange & yellow)

  31. Sharon in MO says:

    Sue, missing you on the blog. Hope you are getting some needed rest on your break. I really like following your travels.
    We have enjoyed camping in our Casita Spirit Deluxe so much, traveling from coast to coast with it and into Canada. Sadly, my husband’s health problems mean that it is now time for us to sell it. I am going to miss it when it is gone. For those just starting out on the camping life, I hope you enjoy every day and make many great memories.

  32. Lee J in northern California says:

    One year ago the eleventh of this month my sister’s son died in his sleep. I posted here about it briefly. Yesterday her youngest son, 39, same age her first son was when he passed, is critically ill with a transacted aorta. He is considered to be on heroic care, he is inoperable at this point. Paralyzed, no kidney function. He is/was tall good looking young man with no prior health problems. Same as her first son that died when his heart stopped while he slept.

    So folks, hug your loved ones, count your blessings and think of my dear sister who has the weight of an unimaginable burden on her heart right now.

    • Tammie Villanueva says:

      Im so sorry

    • Lisa, Tommie and Buddy back in SoFlo says:

      I am sorry to hear of your nephews death and another ill. Life does indeed turn us in unexpected ways. All the more reason to hold all we have today close to our hearts, seek love, pursue peace, be grateful for our blessings.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      I’m sorry for the pain and loss experienced by you and your family, Lee J.

    • ApplegirlNY says:

      Lee J. So sorry for you and your sister and your families. I cannot imagine the grief. Praying for you, and your sister. I hope that faith with help you through, and yes, I will hug my sons today when I see them.

    • Krystina McMorrow says:

      So sorry to hear about your nephews Lee. I cannot imagine the pain you and your sister are going through.

    • Linda in western Ky. says:

      Oh Lee J…I am so sorry to hear this. My heart goes out to your sister, and to you and all involved. I have lost two sons in the last 5 years; one in 2012, and another just last year. Both of them were 47. Way too young to die and leave their momma heartbroken. So, I understand. Love and Hugs and Prayers sent. Linda

    • Deena in Phoenix, AZ says:

      I’m sorry for your loss.

      Deena and Miss Mollie

    • Kathy (NC) says:

      So very sorry to hear your news – sending prayers to you, your sister and family.

    • Retiredcajunlady 'n Louisiana says:

      Lee, my heart broke for you and your family as I read your post. Please know that you all will be in my heart, my thoughts, and my prayers. I cannot even imagine the overwhelming grief your sister feels right now. God Bless you all in this time of such sadness.

    • Cynthia from San Clemente says:

      Lee and Linda – I can’t imagine the heartbreak of losing two children. It seems some people have to carry the burden of so much sorrow and pain – maybe the Lord knows they are the strong ones. Prayers to both of you.

  33. Tammie Villanueva says:

    What a beautiful flower.

  34. Karen the Empty Nester says:

    I’m taking this slow and easing into the lifestyle. First comes a move from a 3 bedroom overly fully furnished house to a simple 1 bedroom or studio apartment. Currently in the weeding-out and keeping only needed/joy items stage in preparation for that. Hoping for that move this summer sometime.
    Next will come trading my car in for a cargo van and fitting it out for travel and living.
    Still have a full-time job as I’m nowhere near retirement age and plan to keep working for many years yet. Plan on just using the van as my daily vehicle/travel home when on vacay and weekends.
    If/when I do make the leap to full-timing it will be mostly stealth-urban/boondocking as a single woman, at least until I can find a way to make a living on the road. Also, since I live in the midwest, perhaps finding snow-bird house-sitting situations for the coldest months of the year?
    Anyone been down a similar path or have advice for me?

    • Lisa, Tommie and Buddy back in SoFlo says:

      So question, on your plans to stealth camp, do you like to stay in populated areas?, Or sleep in parking lots? I prefer trees myself.

      • Karen the Empty Nester says:

        Been reading up on how to stealth van-life for a long time now. Safety and staying un-noticed are highest on my priority list, followed by sheltered from elements (trees sound great, if possible), distance from my workplace, and having permission to be there. I’ve heard parking every night at the same place is best, if you can manage it. That would be great, since I have a fixed workplace. Been keeping my eye on some local businesses and church parking lots with that in mind. Maybe someone will be open to having an on-site night watchman/woman?

  35. ApplegirlNY says:

    Hello everyone, while we are all missing Sue, it is nice to have this community to share our hopes, dreams and burdens.

    It’s been slushy and icy here in upstate NY. Two weeks from tomorrow we will be hitching up our Casita and heading to the Florida beaches. When our toes are in the sand, we don’t care what the weather is doing up here! LOL

    Here’s a topic, wondering if anyone has ever sold things at a flea market. We have some stuff to get rid of and we’ll be doing it for several weeks this summer 2- we found a nice local flea market with reasonable rates. It may turn into a part time biz for us, since I love selling things and love flea markets. Anyone done it????? Tips??????

    • Sue at The Sparrows Nest says:

      Hi ApplegirlNY, I also live in upstate NY and envy your pending trip to Fl. Although this has been a very mild winter I am still sick of the snow. Anyway, I am a partner in a business that sells antiques, gifts and furniture in a dedicated space that we rent. However, in the summer many vendors sell excess inventory at a local flea market. It is cheap and we can decide spur of the moment if we want to load up and spend the day there. If you choose a large, well known flea market you have a guaranteed large clientele. On a beautiful summer day it can’t be beat! If you are in the Rochester area you might want to try the East Avon Flea Market. They have a webpage that explains the process. Good luck!

    • Geri, Florida panhandle! says:

      Chuck and I sell our Mermaid Tears at the local Farmers Market and we have always done very well there. Our cost to set up is only $10 and it is worth every penny! The fun part of Flea Markets and Farmers Markets is meeting a variety of wonderful people! We really enjoy his!

      • ApplegirlNY says:

        Hi Geri, Where in the panhandle are you? We’re going to be on St Joseph Penninsula end of Feb beginning of March. Anywhere near you?

    • Hi, Applegirl,
      Have a safe and great trip!

  36. Carol R. says:

    Good Morning!
    Number 1?

  37. Coming all the way to here the Blogorinoland from Japan,
    I just want to say Gooood Morning and Have a Gooood Day!

    BTW, I read that “triple towing” refers to 1 tow vehicle pulling 2 trailers in the RV world. May I ask if anyone know about towing?

    • Cynthia from San Clemente says:

      Hello Fuji-Maru: I believe triple towing is illegal in some U.S. states. I’m sure there are others here that know more about it than I do.

      • Hello, Cynthia,
        Thank you for the info.
        I learned a little bit about state code and wrote an article about “Double-towing” in my blog.

        A Truck-Tractor pulling 3 trailers is called “Triples” and pulling 2 trailers is called “Doubles” among truckers in the US.

        I just wanted to know why pulling 2 trailers is called “Triple towing” instead of “Double towing” among RVers.

    • Wow…..it’s hard enough backing one trailer; I wonder how you do it with two!

  38. I have been part-way down this road. First of all, I’m living in a small one-bedroom apartment, as I have most of my adult life. It’s too big and cluttered.

    I have done trial trips with a minivan. At the time, I was married and we eventually had a “misfire” going full-time with a travel trailer. The misfire is not relevant here; it was a mental mistake on both our parts. The minivan taught me that I can travel very small if I consider only my true needs and how to meet them. I used a tent attached to the minivan (called an SUV tent nowadays) for headroom, porta-pottie placement, and room to spread out in camp. There are many ways to rig showers inside those if I should need one, too. I like that setup and will do it again when I can.

    After the misfire, I went back to work in the illusion I would work until retirement and then go full-time with my wife. My marriage ended in a couple more years and I became disabled after another year and a half. It took me three more years to begin receiving disability checks. I am again on track to go full-time when I can, but it will take much longer and I will have an extreme budget. My point? I no longer encourage any needless waiting. Live well while you can. Remember that your living expenses drop dramatically over owning a house if you live anything like RV Sue or many other nomads. Also, there are many resources dealing with work on the road. Cheaprvliving.com (Bob Wells’ site) has a great deal of information about nomadic work, and sites like coolworks.com, snagajob.com and many others give results that fit if you use search terms like “seasonal” or “temporary” and your current or chosen location. If you’re willing to be near/in cities, as I am, temporary services base their existence on people with temporary needs. Much of my work history is in temporary office work, so if I return to being able, that’s exactly what I will do on the road.

  39. PS: I have lived in cars a few times in towns. It’s not half as scary as it seems. If you search YouTube for “vandwelling,” you will find more video than you will ever have time to watch, much of it specifically about urban vandwelling.

  40. I would not park in the same place nightly unless I had an agreement with the property owner. I would rotate several places, which is easier than it sounds. Also, it seems to me that most churches are fearful about their property and do not allow overnight stays. If I were the same or a similar denomination of Christian, I might talk to a church official about staying there as a security measure for their property, but that doesn’t occur with me.

    • beach boomer says:

      The only RV on my church lot was to house families of patients of the UCLA Medical Center across the street. I thought that was the best use of a parking space that ever could be.

  41. Retiredcajunlady 'n Louisiana says:

    Hello Sue and Reggie! I don’t know the name of the flower, but gosh, it is lovely! Just one more blessing you have as you live among nature. I have been on a time out myself lately. They work. I wish you much beauty, peace of mind and heart, and lots of love from Reggie as you take your break and enjoy what your readers have to say. Thank you for sharing the beauty of your life with us all. Belly rubs and hugs for sweet Reggie, prayers for you both.

  42. Ginny says:

    Hi! The flower is a Yellow Bell. I have two of the Orange Bell in my backyard!
    Draws the hummingbirds!

  43. rhodium says:

    You are the very best Sue! Thanks for a great blog and enjoy your rest. For those easterners, or at least urbanites, on the road, I would suggest you try going on a trail ride. Seeing the desert here in the Big Bend area up close was amazing. And having a drop off just a few hooves away was more thrilling than any roller coaster. I am beginning to see why my wife likes horses so much.
    Another thing my wife supports is a plant based diet. If anyone has health problems you may want to look up information on it. It seems clear that studies on populations that avoid meat find they live longer and often healthier lives than a control population. What effect a sudden switch late in life has is less clear to me, but its hard to see how it could hurt. Anyone who is doing poorly please know we keep you in our hearts and prayers.

  44. Donna n Girls says:

    Hi Sue and Reggie,

    The flowers look like yellow bells, one of my favorites.

    Enjoy your break, I hope you’re getting your refrigerator installed and heater repaired while away from us.

    Donna and Girls

  45. Geri, Florida panhandle! says:

    Just a quick note to let you know we are finally back online! WiFi has been out since Friday! We had a horrific storm pass through during that time with tornados dropping down around us, but no real damage here, but south Georgia really got hit, 12 people dead all in the same trailer park! YIKES!
    Have a good few days off Sue and we will see you when you return!

    • Deena in Phoenix, AZ says:

      Glad to see you here Geri, been thinking about you.

      Deena and Miss Mollie

      • Geri, Florida panhandle! says:

        Thank you Deena and Miss Mollie! Tornados are a lot more scary than hurricanes believe me! With a hurricane you have several days to leave and you know what direction you want to go. With a tornado, unless you have a shelter nearby, no sense trying to outrun one, you may just run into it!
        We were holding our breath for several hours and the Weather Channel and our local channel 13 did a great job of forecasting and following that tornado! We are grateful!

    • MelindaK(TX) says:

      I have been thinking about you all and hoping you were okay. Glad to hear you all are safe and sound.

  46. Shawna says:

    You deserve a break; enjoy it! News from here — the boys and I are finally on the road. Not permanently–yet, but for the winter! Even with some frost out here in the desert this morning, it’s still waaaaay nicer than at home where there’s still a foot and half of snow in places. The previous storm left ice dams and my granddaughter said the ceiling in my sunroom came down. With hope and a prayer I will not be there next winter either! The ceiling will be fixed and the house sold. I am ready to do the full-time thing.
    Hugs to you and the Reginator. Enjoy your respite and will see you back here when you’re ready!

  47. Larry says:

    Greetings from a first time poster.
    Sue, I recently signed up for your blog on the advice of Bob Wells of cheaprvliving.com fame. Just finished attending his (RTR) Rubber Tramp Rendezvous in Quartzsite Arizona. When he spoke on the topic of boondocking/dry camping, he recommended that we follow RV Sue as she posts where she camps and info, such as to whether it’s BLM, Natl. Forest etc. Curious as to how many new subscribers recently signed up because of Bob’s suggestion? I checked out your 2116 campground listings and noticed the number of listings for Midland (LTVA), Long-term Visiting Area located in Blythe CA, where I was headed next to take care of some business. Midland is the third location I’ve camped since hitting the road fulltime a month ago, and definitely the best I’ve experienced so far, without a doubt. I have a 360 degree from my site, and the sunsets here in AZ are the most spectacular I’ve experienced in years. I love to explore, so I’ve spent some time out in the surrounding hills. Heading back to Arizona this Friday, so I will definitely enjoy it all while I’m here.
    Hope you’re refreshed and recharged soon.

  48. FloridaScott says:

    Awww Shucks Sue, I enjoy all the Blogorinos, but it’s just not the same without “You!”
    Enjoy your break and then hurry on up an get back here right quick! Will Ya!

  49. Dawn in NC says:

    Larry, welcome! You are now officially a blogorino!

  50. MelindaK(TX) says:

    Since Sue is taking a much needed break I thought I would throw out a question. Are any of you full-timers who started before retirement, and did not sell a home first? If so, what are you doing for income? I know there are the workamper jobs out there, but does one make enough.

    This is my scenario, I have the truck and the trailer, but they are not paid off yet. I am at least 10 years from being able to collect my SS, and my home is owned free and clear. However, the home sits on land that has been in my family since the 1800s and I have always said I would never sell. If I did sell it would not be enough to live on for 10 years even if I was frugal. I am self-employed and a workaholic I am told :). I have had the desire to travel the U.S. with a travel trailer since I was 36. I feel I really need to have a nest egg set aside to join you all, but I am not sure I can wait that long. Life is short I see it everyday and wondering if I am going to regret not getting out there on the road sooner.

    • Linda-NC says:

      Hi Melinda-Maybe just try some weekend trips, then maybe a week. See how you like it and decide about the house later. Just thinking. It can be a hard decision to make to sell everything. I wish you all the luck and good fortune to go forward

      • I’ll say, Linda,
        Good luck, MelindaK!

        • MelindaK (TX) says:

          Linda and Fuji-maru,

          Thank you! I have owned a travel trailer since 2007. I am on my third one as Lynne from Winnie View mentioned on her blog that seems to be the norm. I try to take at least a three week trip every August to get out of the Texas heat. Last August I did not want to come home. That has me trying to figure out how to be out there sooner than later.

  51. Melinda K, We retired early and did not sell a family farm though we owned it so it’s only costs were insurance and taxes. We had been very frugal to the point of downsizing in order to put 1/2 of our income in savings to live on. But, I know of a number of single women who work in national parks for a small salary and free site. I think it all depends on how much money you need to feel comfortable each month. That’s the fist thing to figure out. Everything else will fall from there. You must have at least a little emergency fund IMO just in case there are some medical problems or rig mechanical problems.

    • MelindaK (TX) says:

      Sherry, I have been working on a budget including utilities for my home. Thank you for reminding me about the national parks. I have also contemplated renting my house out. I agree there needs to be an emergency fund. Thank you for the encouragement.

  52. Maryanne Davis-Baldwin-CT says:

    Interesting remarks on getting started, with what, & how to live on very little. Years ago I traveled with a friend but rented my house, & a friend in town was in charge of that (I paid her 10% of the rent). Then I bought a boat & fixed it up over several years, also worked when I could at odd jobs-it’s amazing how many employers can’t find reliable trustworthy help. I cooked, worked in a boatyard, sewed canvas etc. My mother was horrified. Skipping over quite a few years, I now have a 19′ trailer & my red Tundra & travel from time to time. It’ll never be full time for me; but do love the ability to get away. Especially getting away from CT & down to Florida for months. I still hope to get out west somehow as traveling with my late husband meant driving as far as possible then getting up & doing it all over the next day. The trailer is great for being able to park & explore around the area. Neither the truck nor the trailer are new so they need regular loving care-read money! My mantra is Use it or lose it.

  53. Janid says:

    Daffodils? Praying for Jim.

  54. Michael Sipes says:

    I believe the flower you posted a picture of is Trumpetbush or Tecoma sp? Look up Tecoma Stans for an internet picture.

    Regards, Mike

  55. Pat Hall (North of Quartzite) says:

    Sue, I’m going thru Blythe in a few days and I was wondering where you fill your fresh water tank and water containers? Also where to get the best rotisserie chicken…..Smart and Final or Albertsons?

    Thanks for the help.


    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Pat,

      Rotisserie chicken — Go to Smart and Final. 3 lbs = $6.49

      For water I use the vending machine on Hobsonway (at the car wash one block west of Smart and Final, same side of street). At camp I use a funnel to pour water from one gallon jugs into the fresh water tank. 5 gal = $1

      Water from a spigot is available in Ehrenberg. I’ve never gone there. Maybe a reader will give directions for you.

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