How does the wind blow with the currency exchange?

The time has come for Reggie and me to head on down the road to a new camp.

Waste tanks need dumping.  That means hitching up and moving the Best Little Trailer to a dump station.  We could move into the RV park in Overton for an overnight and take care of the dumping at the station there.  That’s what some of the RVers on Poverty Flats do.  They dump at the park and return to the mesa.

That wouldn’t work for us.

Not after a month living in peaceful solitude.  I can’t bring myself to slide our home between other rigs that are lined up like dominoes.

p1150188The photo above shows our part of the mesa at its most “crowded.”

The “regulars” at Poverty Flats — those who camp here every winter — tell me that there are half as many RVs at the Flats as there usually are for this time of year.  November is a big month for snowbirds heading to southern Arizona and southern California.

They may only stay a night or two, but there usually are lots of them.

One day while Reggie and I are walking the mesa, we meet two women out walking also.  That have a big, friendly black lab named Willow.  In the conversation that follows I learn that Willow has been with them since she was a pup.  They rescued her from a neighbor who didn’t want her and was going to shoot her.

Yeah, I know.  Despicable.

Willow is 14-years-old now and is as friendly, mellow, and sweet as anyone could wish for in a canine companion.  She and Reggie hit it off immediately.  Willow’s tail wags as Reggie goes nuts around her.

p1150182 I learn they are Canadians on their way to the Baja.

“With the lousy exchange rate with the dollar, we figure it will be cheaper to spend the winter in Mexico.”

Technically, the women aren’t snowbirds.  They recently sold their house in Canada and are toying with the idea of living full-time in their RV.  Of course, this information has me gushing, on and on, about how much I love the life of a vagabond!


The mesa has one road — a rocky, straight road, running its full length.  I call it The Zombie Road.

“Why do you call it The Zombie Road?” you ask. 

One of the guys I met shortly after Reg and I arrived a month ago, told me I could get a library card at the library in town and check out DVDs from the large collection there.  (I did that and, let me tell you, a movie sure is nice to have when the nights are so long.)

This guy — I’ll call him Steve — shares with me that he spent years of his working life “staring at a computer screen all day, drinking cup after cup of coffee, writing code until my head felt like it would explode.”

Steve also reveals that he likes zombie movies.

“What is it with IT guys and zombies?” I ask, jokingly.  He laughs.

Ever since then, whenever we approach each other while out walking I greet him with something like “Great day for walking The Zombie Road, eh?” because we probably do resemble zombies walking back and forth on this straight stretch over desert rock.

When Steve returns from a stint at the RV park, I greet him with “Hey, my favorite zombie has returned!”

Ah yes, fun on the mesa.  And now it’s time to leave.


I want to show the photos of an approaching storm that I took a few days ago.

Part of the beauty and allure of the desert — a big part, in my opinion — are the dramas that frequently play across the sky.  These photos aren’t great.  I post them because I want you to imagine viewing one of those dramas (especially if you’ve never been to the desert).

Imagine standing under an enormous dark cloud moving quickly over you . . . .


Under this ceiling of dark cloud, you can see pale blue sky over the distant mountains.


Lightning.  Thunder. Wind.  Rain.


And after the storm . . . .

p1150200  rvsue

NOTE:  I’m curious to read comments about the money exchange rate and its effect on travel in the United States this winter.  Has it changed your plans?  Are you seeing fewer snowbirds?

I need to go offline to hitch up and pack up.  Bye for now! — Sue


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95 Responses to How does the wind blow with the currency exchange?

  1. Marilu in Northern California says:

    Good morning RV SUe!

  2. Geneva says:

    Hi Sue and Reggie.
    Good morning from Menifee,CA.
    Geneva S.

  3. Walt says:

    Love the pictures of the desert. Wish I could convince my better half the time is right, but she’s chasing that pension. (Haven’t read posts for a while. Think it’s time I catch up.)

    • Tara in PNW says:

      Walt, I saw a great video from Bob wells where he interviews a retired cop now living in a beautiful airstream, who was also chasing that pension. He does regret that he waited so long, maybe you could have your wife watch that video and be inspired. 🙂

      • Walt says:

        Knowing my wife, I suspect I’d only get her riled up. 🙂 Until she’s ready to hit the road, I’ll try to be content with our occasional opportunities to sing around town. If I didn’t have my music, I really would go insane! 🙂

        • Tara in PNW says:

          It sounds like you are a good husband for respecting your Wife and leaving her to her own timeline! Glad to hear you have your music.

  4. Laura - Illinois says:

    What lovely photo’s! I so look forward to your posts!

  5. We spend the winters in Tucson, in one of those RV parks you dislike. I think we’re seeing fewer Canadian license plates this year. The Canadian dollar will only buy 0.75 USD at present. However, I wonder if lower prices in the US will mitigate the terrible exchange rate. My assessment is totally unscientific, based on walking through the park looking at other peoples’ rigs.

  6. Pauline in Mississippi says:

    Am I in the TOP TEN!!!!!????

    • Pauline in Mississippi says:

      I had to hurry and post that or I probably wouldn’t make the Top 10!
      I love your cover picture. With the PTV/BLT in the picture you really can see the magnitude of those mountains. The pictures of the storm passing over were awesome.
      Of course I loved the pictures of Reggie playing with a friend.
      Happy trails, Dear Sister, travel safely
      Love You!!!!!

    • Renee Galligher - Idaho says:

      Looks like you are indeed in the top ten, Pauline!

  7. Mary in CO says:

    Headed east from Joshua Tree NMon. The wind is picking up. Have to head north home to CO. Stay safe, I think the weather is a’changing.

  8. Dawn in MI says:

    I’ll miss the mesa too. What a great spot. I hope you go back there someday! But now I’m looking forward to wherever you go next!

  9. Susan in Dallas says:

    That last photo is gorgeous! Reminds me of the heavens opening up.

  10. Millie Hubbard says:

    Gorgeous photos again Sue. Love the weather shots…I do love a good storm and the cloud breaks that follow. Safe travels – hugs to you and the Reggieman!

  11. Tara in PNW says:

    I really like Poverty Flats, especially for the beautiful scenery + the convenience of being so close to town and having a library. Definitely on my list once I have more flexibility in traveling!

  12. Henk says:

    I am a canadian full timing snowbird… I have come south now for 8yrs
    So right now for every US dollar I spend costs me up to $1.37 Canadian dollar… So yes I have to watch what I purchase… Hence I dont shop for items I dont need and dont go to restaurants much

  13. Rosalyn says:

    Sue, did you hear Netflix now lets you download to view when offline? Great way to save and view movies on long winter nights.

    • Thanks for that bit of intel. We are longtime Netflix subscribers — heard about that possibility and glad it’s finally true (Amazon has been offering this service for some time now.) Now to find some good and free WiFi (Starbucks is the best!) to download a movie!

    • Virginia620 (AL) says:

      I just downloaded two movies. Now i NEED to go camping so I can watch them. 😆

  14. Judy in East Texas says:

    Hi Sue and The Reg. The photos are absolutely beautiful and my imagination goes wild. I love the way the sky gives all the beauty for a day. Zombie road…that’s a good story.

    Stay safe out there and rock on my friend, judy

  15. chas anderson says:

    Mexico might be cheaper if you are paying for a spot but I wouldn’t try boondocking there.Also, not sure about others but my insurance on the RV and toad does not cover me in Mexico.So that is an extra cost.Also would be nervous about emergency car repairs, etc. but hey you only live once so I admire people trying the route less travelled.

  16. ValGal (westernWA) says:

    Love your pics! They really give a great sense of place and atmosphere.

    I also love the Reggie action shots. Does that little man ever slow down? Lol.

  17. Kevin in CO says:


    • Kevin in CO says:

      Oh, not even close. My browser was not loading comments.

      Anyway, poverty flats appears to have conveniences not found elsewhere. For me, I would be one of the stop and move on people. From what I see in you photos, it is rather bleak. Reminds me of camping west of Yuma along Olilbie.

  18. Kat and Cookie Dog in NYState says:

    RVSue, can you explain how you qualified for a library card? What is the name of the town, and library that lets you get one. What home address did you have to use? Most travelers can’t get library cards around the US. That’s a major concern for me as I use the library a lot.
    Glad Reggie is making friends everywhere he goes.

    • rvsueandcrew says:


      The wind is very cold and strong right now. I’m in and out, doing the outside tasks in small “doses.”

      Okay, your question . . . It’s the Moapa Valley library in Overton, part of the Las Vegas Regional Library System (which has several libraries… Do a search and you’ll see the list of libraries at the website). I gave my South Dakota legal address. I was asked if I had a local address, replied that I didn’t, and was told “that’s okay.”

      I do believe that as long as you have a library card from somewhere that you can check out books from that same library over the internet. This is when having an e-reader device is handy.

      Maybe you are more interested in actually going to a library and checking out books and DVDs. I don’t know which ones will give out a card and which ones won’t. I happened upon one that does at Moapa Valley (Overton, NV).

      Blogorinos: Are you aware of any other libraries that will issue a library card to a non-resident?

      • Dan in Oregon says:

        Might try a community college. Years ago I got a library card at the college for $2 and they didn’t blink at the out-of-area address. I thought it weird that they didn’t even want to see any ID like a drivers license. Just took my pic for the card and $2 and in 5 minutes I had a card that was good at all of the public colleges and universities in the state.

        • Kat and Cookie Dog in NYState says:

          Thanks Dan. Had no idea that was possible, always assumed you had to be a student or employee of the college to get their library card. Will look into that in states I spent a lot of time in.

      • Meg says:

        I don’t know if this is still true, but the Lincoln County District Library in far northwestern Montana (the main branch is in the town of Libby) used to issue library cards to non-residents.

      • Mike says:

        Having a card from another, the E reader….enlightening. Thanks Sue and Reg.

  19. Pat in Rochester says:

    Your comment about overnighting in an RV park after a month boondocking on the mesa dredged up a memory from long ago. When I was first married I lived in AZ. We were poor students/newlyweds so to travel we bought an inexpensive pup tent and gear. And one time we traveled to California to spend the New Year with family out there. On our way we visited Disneyland. There was actually a campground near the park. All I remember of it was a gravel and concrete surface, although we must have been able to hammer in stakes, and a chain link fence directly behind our tent. It was as far from boondocking as you could get in a tent lol! Also, because of the lack of boarding facilities in Flagstaff at that time, we were traveling with our cat. Disneyland had a day-boarding facility right at the park, so the cat had a safe spot while we rode the rides. I also remember crying as we entered the park – I’d been a little girl watching Disney on Sunday nights, dreaming forever of visiting this wonderful place, and here I was. lol lol lol! Many years later I have far better memories of the Grand Canyon, but I am realistic enough to know that my granddaughter would prefer Disney right now. Eventually I hope to share more of this country with her.

  20. PNW Alison says:

    Oh wow Sue, I love the storm photos! Nature at her finest. There is so much more to beauty than a sunny day.

  21. Bob b says:

    Hi Sue, Always enjoy your blog. A comment on Willow, I have never seen a pup that needed shooting but I have seen a few dog owners that are to stupid to have a pet. I’m happy that Willow found some great People. Happy travels. Bob

    • Don in Okla. says:

      I see examples daily while walking Boots of people who shouldn’t have pets. Dogs tied to posts to live out their lives on a chain in all kinds of weather or in pens without water or shelter or any kind of attention. So sad. I must get out of this town and soon!!

      • Bob b says:

        I hear you Don, some people have dogs just so they can take out their frustration on them. If your kind to a dog they will try to please you. Our dogs have always been great, they always seem to understand what you need. When the kids were little they would watch over them and would keep them away from the street. Also no stranger could approach the kids without them barking to let us know. We didn’t teach them to do this they did it on their own.
        As for leaving town, that won’t help there are bad dog owners every where. Give Boots a treat for me.

  22. Kat and Cookie Dog in NYState says:

    Thank you so much Sue. I know I can get books from my home library for my kindle. But I would love to be able to rent DVD’s to watch occasionally. My kindle is an old one and you can’t do anything but read books on it-newer ones can do much more.
    Again thanks for the info on the library!

  23. Cynthia from San Clemente says:

    How wonderful of those two women to rescue Willow from certain death. I can’t even imagine shooting a dog because you don’t want it. I’d just love to do target practice on that poor excuse for a human. OK, rant over.
    Love, love, love the photos of the approaching storm, overhead storm and after the storm – it was like time lapse photography – just lovely.

  24. Dawn in NC says:

    Happy Trails Sue!

  25. Janet says:

    I love your blog…….read every post and that Reg is a little doll!!!

  26. Good morning Sue, Reggie, and fellow Blogerinos! Safe travels Sue and Reggie! It’s a blustery day here in Sacramento region. Time to head to Curves.

  27. Per the exchange rate, in the past fuel was enough cheaper in the U.S. to offset the exchange rate but I don’t know if that is still true or not. In our first year of fulltiming, we rolled 20,000 miles and had to replace the brakes on *both* axles of our 13,000# fifth wheel — that was about $600 — and our BBT (Big Bad Truck) rarely gets more than 10 MPG when towing. We now realize we need to slow our roll a bit to live within our means 🙂 We’re hunkered down for now at The Slabs — dredging our way through the process to get our passcards so we can walk across to Algadones for some of that cheap dental/optical care we keep hearing about. And be able to venture north in the summer months to take advantage of that *good* exchange rate 🙂

  28. AZ Jim says:

    Missy! Wonderful sky pictures. You’ve become quite a photographer. I heard from a man who is living in Mexico full-time, he is American. He says when he first arrived in Mexico the dollar was worth 12 Pesos but is now up to 21. He said he has noticed a real upgrading of his personal wealth as a result. His information, if right, is current. I would not do any remote camping there now but way back in the 50’s I used to camp on the lonely beaches of Baja ( San Quintin, Santo Thomas, Ensenada) without any trouble, but things have changed. I’m glad you had such a nice stay at Poverty Flats.

    • We plan to travel to Baja — perhaps as soon as next winter. All our online research points to Baja as being quite safe; most actual visitors maintain you can even drink the water now! Local authorities realize how much money the folks from El Norte bring to their communities — and are not likely to kill their golden goose anytime soon. The risks are different in the mainland, of course, but I remain convinced that 99.9% of our fears reside only between our ears. So to hear the exchange rate favors Americanos visiting Mexico is good news indeed 🙂

  29. Tammie Villanueva says:

    Hi Sue and Reggie drove by Poverty Flats this morning I think I saw your camp my husband and I had some business in
    Overton we had lunch at Sugar’s.

  30. Hi Sue
    As my name indicates, we are Canadian and are really suffering with the bad exchange rate. We used to enjoy regular happy hours with our volunteer buddies, but now, we even limit ourselves on a discounted happy hour drink or meal. Tough life eh?
    Also, in Key Largo, which usually has campgrounds filled to overflowing with luxury RVs from Quebec or Ontario, I have noticed some luxury parks are almost empty right now.

  31. Carol in MT says:

    I live in Baja in the winter in a small casita. I have traveled in my camper down the peninsula and camped without any problems staying in established camps. I camped for 3.5 weeks last winter between San Felipe and Mulege. We, two women traveling together, always felt safe. There are many americans and Canadians doing the same thing. Exchange rate is at 20+ pesos/US dollar right now as a previous poster mentioned. Love the Poverty Flats photos and the blog in general.

  32. Virginia620 (AL) says:

    Oh wow. Love those photos, especially the last one. Glorious.

  33. Geri says:

    “on the road again…” We sure hope you find another pleasant place to camp! We loved your Magnificent Mesa camp! Great photos and I loved the story of the black lab. I don’t know why I am always drawn to them but I really REALLY love black lab dogs!
    We are working on more Mermaid Tears for the next Farmers Market. I am truly surprised at how well they are selling! YAY!

    • Virginia620 (AL) says:

      Geri: FYI, I posted another comment to your comment in Sue’s last blog before this one. Hope you find and read.
      Sorry, Sue, for hijacking your comment section. 😉

    • Rover Ronda (WA) says:

      Mermaid Tears?? ⁉️
      My second favorite earrings (Er 2nd most worn) are “Ocean Drops”. The shop keeper I bought them from lamented the surfer who made them for her couldn’t keep off the waves long enough to make them faster than she could sell them. They would be my 1st earrings if they locked. They’re hook dangle earrings and I have to keep making sure they’re all the way in. I worry about loosing them. They aren’t expensive but among my favorites.
      Are your Mermaid Tears jewelry? Can I find them online?

      • LeeJ in Northern California says:

        I used to lose my hook earrings too, till I found some little grippy plastic things,that slide on the back of the hook. I got a little bag of them at Michaels. They look all the world like salad macaroni pieces, clear, tiny, and they work? I too want to see mermaid tears earrings!

      • Geri says:

        Chuck and I recycle glass by tumbling in a rock tumbler with beach sand, Chuck drills them and I assemble them. Our Mermaid Tears are sun catchers NOT wind chimes even tho they look like they could be wind chimes. They are glass and they break easily, too easily to put out in the wind. But they really look nice in a kitchen window or any window that gets a lot of sunlight! So sorry, they are not jewelry. However, I have seen a lot of sea glass jewelry on and

        • Rover Ronda (WA) says:

          Your Mermaid Tears sound beautiful. Jewelry for windows! I love it. I’m into colored glass. I have 14 stained glass lamps n 2 animal lights. I’m sure I would love your art work.

  34. Renee Galligher - Idaho says:

    I just can’t decide which photo I like . . . I love them all! Take care and travel safe to the next spot. See you when you get there!

  35. Dawn from Camano Island says:

    Gosh, Sue, your photos are amazing! The clouds–and especially the sunset–are breathtaking! We travelled north through Nevada on our way home from AZ last year & found it to be gorgeous. Reg is a hoot–he’s such a social live wire!

    We saw very few Canadian folks in Q & Ajo last winter because of the exchange rate. The drop in Canadian visitors has hit Bellingham hard. Lots of folks used to come across the border & go to a big outlet mall near Quilceda. It seemed as if nearly 50% of the cars on Interstate 5 had Canadian plates. Now, we notice if we see a Canadian license plate–and we’re grateful!!

    Jim is cautious when we’re pulling the trailer–well, all the time, actually. Although my parents spent many winters in Baja CA RVing, we wouldn’t unless we were part of a caravan. Not so much because of safety concerns but because of breakdowns/problems with the RV.

    You’re probably in your new camp by near. Hope it’s warm & sunny where you are. Happy Trails!

  36. Bob says:

    OK Sue I am going to take a plunge. I read your blog frequently and enjoy your adventure, word choice, view of the world from your chair. I also see the teacher in you. I represented teachers for over 30 years and was a teacher in my younger years during my acting career that morphed into full time advocacy. Now I am doing private consulting representing police who are involved with deadly force incidents. I do know a thing or two about controversy. So here is my plunge. You seem to have changed. You are more sociable. You seem to seek it out an make repeat friends on the road more frequently. You watch Dvd’s. I feel you are very content. There ia glow I didn’t see often before. It is nice. I hope you feel content. It is a pleasure to read your reflections.

    • Krystina McMorrow says:

      Wow Bob!!! I have been thinking the same thing. Happy to see RVSue participating in meet and greets…WATCHING DVD…Yikees. Love you RVSue!!

      • rvsueandcrew says:

        Ha! You two gave me a smile. Sorry to disappoint but RVSue is still a hermit. None of these very brief encounters were set up by me, simply met people while out walking Reggie. I’ve watched DVDs since they were invented… Haha! Now it indicates I’m becoming human…. oh my.

  37. Cinandjules (da zone) says:

    Willow….what a sweetie! I don’t understand people who can rid themselves of an animal like it was a disposable glove! Glad she was rescued and living the life!

    The loonies…..very unfortunate situation! Our neighbor isn’t even snowbirding this year!

    Love the storm photos. Stay warm.

  38. Dennis says:

    That opening picture is awesome!

  39. Pookie and Chuck in Todd Mission, Tx says:

    Sue, I am flying out in the morning headed to Las Vegas for 7 days
    so I will wave at you as I fly over you…ha-ha……..
    cant get wifey to go so Im taking an old friend who knows someone
    that know someone so we dont have to pay for room or meals….
    Im not much of a gambler but I do like my football so I will sitting
    in a sports book room until late monday nite watching football….
    stay safe and give Reg a hug for me….

  40. Pookie and Chuck in Todd Mission, Tx says:

    I meant to include in my post that I can imagine me riding across
    that land in your first picture on a horse………….how wonderful it
    had to be a cowboy in the 1800’s seeing such scenery…..

  41. Cynthia from San Clemente says:

    Sue, I ordered some no-slip pet friendly stair treads thru your Amazon link, but I used a special credit Amazon gave me because my account got hacked. Id like to know if you get credit for the full price (@ $199). My big dog isn’t handling the new wood stairs very well since I had the carpet removed 🙁

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Cynthia…

      I saw the stair treads! Thank you! May they be just what your dog needs for stairs…

  42. Melissa says:

    We have been camped across the way from you on Sand Mine Road. Would have loved to have met with you but respect your privacy….another time. So love this spot. Safe travels!

  43. Diane, Blue Ridge Mts, VA says:

    I have really enjoyed Poverty Flats Sue. Your Photos are Awesome, they look like paintings! I love the place and hope you go back there. I know very little about the currency exchange so no comment from the peanut gallery. Reggie Man is such a friendly happy little fellow, always wants to play. Joy. Can’t wait to see your next camp. Take care Sue and Crew.

  44. Glenda in OZ! says:

    Hello Sue and Reggie,
    I’m in tears as I write this and all I can say how sorry I was to read today of your dear Bridget passing back on the 19th September. I had been away in September returning in late mid November, all the time thinking that I should check in with Sue and her canine crew to see what they were up to……………for some reason I kept putting it off, putting it off, thinking well I’ll do that tomorrow. I think at the back of mine after following along with you for so long that something had happened with dear Bridget. Today I did and I knew immediately without reading a post. May your heart take comfort to know she is now with her beloved Spike, playing wherever beautiful dogs go……………she was such a beautiful dog and my heart goes out to you and Reggie Hugs xx

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Dear Glenda,

      Your tears are a tribute to our Bridget. Thank you for sharing my loss and for your expressions of sympathy. You knew something was wrong because of the fragile thread that crosses oceans and connects two people who have never met. Hugs to you, too. It’s good to see you here again. 🙂

  45. Krystina McMorrow says:

    Your header photo is out of this world! Love all the photos of the storm as well. I do like watching incoming (and outgoing) weather. Stay safe. xxoo

  46. Rhonda Patrick says:

    Hi Sue, We bought US dollars last week. It cost us $ 1.38 Canadian to buy 1 US dollar. Not great but we still come south. Life is too short not to enjoy. Find the price of gas & groceries, wine, etc to be so much less down here. A lot of Canadians are still travelling South but for shorter periods. We say “travel while you are healthy and able”.

  47. weather says:

    Given the wind advisory in yesterday’s forecast for Overton your day must have been very interesting and perhaps even challenging at some points. In any case, I hope and trust that you chose the right window of time, route and camp to have an overall good day and evening. Thanks for taking the time to put together this post before you took care of all that you had to. My favorite photo in it is the one below Lightning. Thunder. Wind. Rain. To those that appreciate the beauty in storms having one directly overhead can feel like a personal gift has been sent to them.Including only your home in that picture gave that sense, and the sense of viewing the drama you’d asked us to imagine. “…the allure of the desert…”- a powerful thing, masterfully depicted, Sue!

    The two Canadian women couldn’t have encountered a better person to discuss the vagabond life with 🙂 In case your gushing on and on (I can just picture that, HaHa) didn’t make it sound inviting enough to try, I hope you mentioned your blog to them.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, weather,

      Yes, I did mention the blog to the two Canadian women. I don’t know that they will remember it until they have internet.

      We arrived safely at our new camp. The wind made the drive seem longer than it really was because I held our speed to 40-45 mph the entire way because of wind gusts. It’s less windy today and it’s sunny. Reg and I went hiking this morning. He was terribly excited about being in a new place after a month at Poverty Flats and had a lot of energy! He’s sleeping now.

      I hope to post before the day is over.

      • weather says:

        Thanks ever so much for checking in. It’s more fun to wait for a new post when I’m smiling the way that I am about the details in your update.

  48. A friend and I are in San Felipe right now and will be here for the rest of the winter. With the peso at about 20 to the dollar, food is very inexpensive—for those not paid in pesos. Tourist-oriented places like campgrounds still figure their prices in dollars, though, and some have raised their rates since last winter.

  49. Chey (WA coast) says:

    Hey Sue, just checking to see if you got credit for the windows 7 laptop?
    Love the intro photo!
    I keep getting infections on the end of my stump so rehab is suspended for now. But I’m loving the magnificent mesa, my dream is not dead, thank you for your blog!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      I’m sorry to hear about the infections. I hope that is cleared up, not to return! I’ll check reports about the windows 7 laptop. What day was the order placed? If I know that, it saves me opening and searching several pages. Thanks.

      • Chey (WA coast) says:

        I ordered it Thursday, through my kindle, so was wondering.

        • rvsueandcrew says:

          I still don’t see it. There’s an HP backlit monitor. I may have missed it because I don’t know the brand (Dell, ASUS, Lenovo, etc.), but I don’t think so. I looked very carefully for the dates 12/1, 12/2, 12/3. If you paid with a gift card, then it wouldn’t be on my orders report.

          Thank you, Chey, for trying. I don’t know what happened.

  50. Brenda says:

    Hi Sue,
    I have been following you for while now and enjoy it very much. I have decided to follow in your footsteps and hit the open road. I retire in July with not much more than my SS. I figure I will get by. You seem to be handy, I am not handy which is a little concerning. Have you ever felt that the Casita was too small?Have you ever wished for more space. I will buying a 29 foot R Pod that I can pull with the 4Runner. I can’t decide If I should sell everything or store it. So many decisions.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Brenda,

      Welcome! You don’t indicate where you are… If your budget is tight, I suggest living and traveling in the West for the free camping and many beautiful places to explore. No, I’ve never thought the BLT was too small. I wanted a home that had what I felt I needed and nothing more.

      I remember the question about keeping stuff in storage. It depends upon your location, if the storage shed will be convenient, and, of course, the money drain. I didn’t want ANYTHING to tether me to a place, so I got rid of it all. It’s a personal decision. You’ll know what’s right for you in time. Good luck and keep in touch!

  51. Nancy S. Indiana 5 says:

    Sorry, this comment isn’t about the exchange
    rate. I’m just struck how much Willow looks
    like our Chloe. Labs are such sweet gentle dogs and Chloe who’s 11 seems like a youngster compared to Willow. Glad Reggie
    got to play with her for awhile. 7

  52. Mary Batt says:

    RV Sue!
    I love your pix! Name why? Composition. I can feel the AIR! They are sharp; I can see the light shift in the long shadows. You show me things I have seen before- Lab❤️, twisted tree, blue Lake Mead, distance, energy (Reggie!), showers closed 😳, air, simple sites, changing skies… Nice. You show me new things-campgrounds, plants, new dogs, new roads…I love your ‘open road’. Not to mention your succinct phrasing of what you see and how you see it! Thanks. Your posts are tapestries. Nice.

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