Reggie and friends

A short post . . .

P1140217-001Reggie loves his new bed! 

He rode in it in the Perfect Tow Vehicle and then, when we arrived at our new camp, I moved the bed into the Best Little Trailer.  Here’s Reg with three of his pals — Blue Monkey, Your Baby, and Chimpy.

Today was a long driving day, a second day of travel through wind on our way to a warm camp.  This camp is windy, too, but it has the warmth we want, plus it’s beautiful!

I hope to bring the blog up to real time, starting tomorrow.

I can’t thank you enough for all the messages you sent our way in memory of Bridget.  What a wonderful tribute to the Divine Miss B!




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82 Responses to Reggie and friends

  1. Virginia620 (Mobile AL) says:

    Hi Reggie

  2. Elaine says:

    Love to you and Sweet Reggie.

  3. Sandy in TX says:

    What a fun pic of Reggie! I believe he’s in Nirvana. I can just hear Bridget snickering at him!

  4. Millie Hubbard says:

    Sweet, sweet Reggie–surrounded by his pals!! Good to hear you’re finding warmer weather. Stay warm, safe travels.

  5. Martha in PA says:

    I just love his smile!

  6. MollyLuvsRoadtrippin (WA) says:

    What a cutie!! So many toys to chomp on – that’s a happy boy.

  7. Jolene/Iowa says:

    Warmer weather! I have a feeling we will be looking for that soon ourselves here in Iowa. Come Dec., Jan. Feb. here in Iowa, we will be wishing for warmer weather.

    Aww Reggie, my Harley would have those destroyed in no time! I am glad Reggie likes his new bed and pals!

    Take care Sue! Hugs and love!

  8. VictoriaEP says:

    What a sweet picture! From the weather information on the side of the blog, it sure looks like you’d better head south!

  9. Stephanie from Albany OR says:

    That boy has a cute face! I’m glad you are coping and I’m continuing to send warm thoughts!

  10. Jan NH says:

    what a great closeup of Reggie and friends. I think I see contentment in those beautiful eyes!

  11. Cheryl Kline says:

    He is adorable Sue! Thank God you have him to help ease the loss.
    Safe travels, stay warm.
    Cheryl, Tennessee

  12. weather says:

    What an adorable picture! Thanks for sharing a bit of what you get to see, and your news. I’m smiling and chuckling about Reggie being cuter than his pals-and they’re pretty darn cute. Have a nice evening, this post made mine 🙂 n’nite

  13. Rattlesnake Joe says:

    Hi Sue, So sorry Miss B is gone. Each doggy has a different way of touching our hearts. She was special and I’m gonna miss her too. Especially the way she kind of looked over her shoulder at you with those mystical eyes of hers. I was once told that the best way to ease your pain is to get another puppy and you’ll be laughing so hard at the antics he or she does that it will make you forget the pain you now have. Time heals all wounds it seems, but a puppy makes time go by so fast the hurt heals.

  14. BadgerRickInWis says:

    Who’s a good boy?

  15. Love that Reggie’s toys all have names!!

  16. Linda Rose, Muffin, Murphy, Molly & Midgy in Carmichael, CA says:

    Look at those ears. They look like velvet. Glad you have each other!

  17. Renee from Idaho says:

    Awww, sweet sweet Reggie boy, he warms my heart so much. Of course, us dog lovers only know why! Thank you for the update Sue. Thinking of you every day and sweet angelic Bridget.

  18. Rachel Smith says:

    Hey Gal,

    Thinking of you often, and praying each time I do. Sometimes I think these little rascals get into our hearts more deeply than some of the people we know. Rascal meaning my meaning Macha of course, the Divine Miss B was never a cut up, I’m certain! Lol

  19. Hi Reggie the Ops Man,, I like the photo of you and your friends,, my human, Rusty says hi to you and Sue and asked if you,Reggie, can give Sue a huge hug from him… he said that we will be camping after Monday the 26th up just below Drake till the 30th and he says have a pleasant weekend and stay safe,,,,,,, Piper ?

    • Retiredcajunlady says:

      Hiya Piper! How is your human, Rusty, doing? Is he taking good care of himself and feeling great? I hope you are keeping an eye on him and making sure he is. Have fun at the new camping site next week!

    • Pauline in Mississippi says:

      So glad to hear from you Piper! Have had your human in my prayers. Thankful Rusty is doing better.

      • Hi all,, well my dad, Rusty is heading to town today to get live pro byotics to start healing his body and get rid of the VA pharmaceutical junk that is making him break out in rashes and making his body itching, he just contacted Suzy Cohen and Dr. Oz to start on the healing process of getting his body back to the way it should be, so we can enjoy life better and I can get some sleep at night,,,,, isn’t that Reggie a sweetheart in that photo with his toys,,,,,, Piper ?

        • Linda-NC says:

          Piper-after personal experience with theVA with my husband, I am glad that you are trying something else. God Speed and prayers for you both.

  20. Barb from Hoquiam! says:

    Hi Sue and the Reg-o-meter!
    I am so thankful for your sharing of this time… sharing your strength and spirit. Miss B will always be part of the crew, just like Spike… they help to shape us just like a kiddo.
    Both my crew are over 13. They are slowing down and one has lost her hearing… I have had dogs cross the rainbow bridge before, and it is always hard. These two adapted to being ‘townies’ from being farm mutts… for that they should be applauded.

    Glad your chase of the sun is working. Storms here today have me stuck with killer headaches and zero energy. Such is brain trauma… blah. 🙁

    Hugs from Hoquiam,

  21. Geri says:

    Grin! I see you Sue, reflected in one of Reggie’s eyes! LOL ! Looks like Reggie is not gonna be camera shy! Sweet boy! Give him a tummy rub from us, OK?

  22. Karen LeMoine says:

    Sue I think we passed you on Highway 77 this morning about 7:30. You were traveling north towards Holbrook. I screamed to George it’d Sue its Sue! I was so excited! Was that you?

  23. Linda-NC says:

    Hi Sue-Now who couldn’t love that face! What a cutie. He is actually sitting still -for the moment anyway:) Are you happy or what Mr. Reggie?

  24. Kat & Cookie Dog in NY says:

    Ah Reggie, you look so very comphy in your new bed, and with your wonderful toys right by you!!! What a lucky dog you are. Hope you enjoy your new campsite.

    Kat and CookieDog

  25. Dawn in MI says:

    Glad to see Mr. Reggie has such nice friends. Glad you’re having a good move. Looking forward to hearing about the new place.

  26. Deena in Phoenix, AZ says:

    Reggie, you are so cute.

    Sue, thank you for the gift of Reggie’s grin and the view of his friends.

    Deena and Miss Mollie

  27. Val R. Lakefield On. says:

    Glad to see you here Sue. Bayfield Al had a wonderful photo of Bridget & Spike on his page the other night. It was so good that I saved it. They were sitting together. It was taken when you all got together
    . Safe travels.

  28. The Regster is giving his best face forward.

    What a cutie you are Reggie. Wishing you many happy trails ahead with Sue.

  29. Barbara in Phoenix says:

    Glad you are at lower elevations that are warmer. Phoenix today was humid and warm with lots of traffic and road construction.

    Reggie is so photogenic I love his ears that spill over at their tip and his adorable little button nose. I think hè will love to have you showcase his many adventures as hè explores each new campsite . Sue I’m praying for safe travels for you and Reggie. Take care and have a good night.

  30. Kay Dattilio says:

    The Divine Miss B was certainly classy and a very knowledgeable writer. She will be missed! Reggie has turned into quite the Studmuffin!

    Take care,

    Kay from KC, MO!

  31. Linda Hughes- North Carolina says:

    Reggie is so adorable! That little man has it made! Be safe!

  32. Cari in Plano, TX says:

    What a cute picture! Some dogs love play toys, some don’t, and Reggie certainly seems to love his! I know y’all are glad to be off the road and settled in to a new camp. I’m looking forward to seeing where you ended up. Peace and love to you both.

  33. Barbara (Nashville) says:

    Hurry and take the picture, Sue, I have playing to do!! Love that mischievous grin.
    I needed a smile today.
    My brother has taken a major step back. For some unknown reason, he has become belligerent, fighting with everyone, pushed a nurse, totally out of control. They even had to call security to restrain him. Now he wants out of the hospital. Says he doesn’t to live like this, talking about killing himself. I am so sad and hurting for him, as he is always so happy-go-lucky and enjoying life to the fullest.
    Sorry for being a downer today.

    • This is such a tough time for him, and certainly for you. My prayers go with you, even though we don’t know one another. And may your brother find some kind of peace to help him on his way. ~hugs~

    • ApplegirlNY says:

      So sorry about his set back. They may find a medical reason. Sometimes a UTI or something else can cause out of character behavior, or it could be a med he’s on. Whatever it is, I hope it gets resolved soon. Take care, and hang in there.

    • weather says:

      It’s good that your brother is in a staffed facility, someone there likely is familiar with the combative attitude expressed when a patient becomes able to fully react after having been in a coma. That attitude is helpful when turned to fight towards a fully successful recovery, a professional will help him through that transition. My prayers now are that Lightened and hope filled thoughts will replace the dark ones as he resumes being his normally happy -go-lucky healthy self.

  34. Retiredcajunlady says:

    LOL Reggie looks like there should be a cartoon bubble above his head that says, “Yeah, I’m the Man. Tell me something I don’t know!!”

    I am so glad you found another place of beauty to camp in warmth. Can’t wait until you post some pictures for us. Take care and enjoy the weekend!

    Belly rubs and hugs for Reggie and prayers for you both.

  35. vickie carter says:

    Too cute for words.

  36. cc and canine ( now in Clackamas, Oregon) says:

    Best photo of Reggie ever!! I can’t believe he laid still long enough for you to capture the moment. Looking forward to hearing about your new camp…

  37. Jan Johnson says:

    Such an adorable photo of Reggie and his little buddies!

  38. ValGal (westernWA) says:

    What an adorable photo of Reggie! So many toys for a very loved boy! I haven’t seen Your Baby for awhile. Thought maybe it had been shredded in some distant camp. Lol.

    Have a night of good rest. Glad you are warm.

  39. I don’t know how Reggie stays so white when he’s pretty much an outdoor boy. He’s clearly a dapper little gent. Such a sweetie.

    I hope things are going well for you, Sue. May your memories comfort you.

  40. Irene in N. Illinois says:

    It looks like Reggie is pointing to his new pack member, and I must say, from the look on Chimpy’s face he’s happy to be there!

  41. MelindaK (TX) says:

    Love the photo of Reggie! You captured his essence well. You need to have a “like” button for comments. You have so many followers that are so eloquent that they say what I would like to say, but usually better.

    The other week I ordered a couple of fly fishing guide books and a Colorado Benmark. I hope you received credit as I went through your link. I was below Pagosa Springs around Labor Day weekend when you were at Kenney Flats. I had wanted to check that area out, but ran out of time. I was thinking it might be a good place for me to try dry camping. When I was up above Dolores Colorado about 28 miles north on the left was a nice place to dry camp along the Dolores River that made me think of you ( just a few miles South of Rico). Your blog has given me so many ideas. Thank you for sharing! You are truly living life to the fullest.

  42. AZ Jim says:

    Really nice to see you back Missy. What a sweet picture of the Reggie man. Taking a look at his new bed and toys no one can tell his Momma spoils that boy………………………………………………MUCH!! Good for you!!! Looking forward to more adventure with you guys. Take care of one another…Jim

  43. Chris B and Diego says:

    Just one look at that photo and I’m cracking up. Reggie looks guilty. Why? I don’t know! Great photo, Sue!

  44. Lee J in northern California says:

    Reggie is giving you a look of total adoration. What a guy….

  45. Nora now in Chattanooga says:

    Hi Sue, Haven’t had wi-fi for a few days so am just finding out about Bridget. I am so very, very sorry for your loss. I am also glad you found Reggie when you did as I’m sure he will be a big help while you are adjusting to the loss of Bridget. These things are never easy and her absence will be felt for a long, long time. I still miss each and every dog I have ever lost in the last 25 years. I am crying just writing this note!

  46. Denise - Richmond VA says:

    Good morning, Sue,

    Reggie is sure enjoying his comfy, cozy bed! More friends to torture, I mean play with! 🙂

    I hope you find warmth and healing this beautiful, sunny morning. In case you have rainy weather, I requested that a handful of the glorious sunny beams are sent your way. Sending you and Reggie love and hugs from me and Gracie pup. xxxooo 🙂

  47. ApplegirlNY says:

    Bless his little doggie heart. What a cutie.

  48. Marie Tate says:

    Sue, my deepest sympathy, thoughts and prayers are with you now, at this particularly difficult time. Bridget is playing at the Rainbow Bridge with Spike and sweet Reggie is keeping you company, so happy you have him and he has you.

  49. Pauline in Mississippi says:

    Awwww….he is so cute!!! Master Reggie looks like he is enjoying his new bed and new friends. I am sure he will take the “shine” off them in a hurry. So grateful that you found him.

    Love to you and Reggie

  50. Chris G. says:

    You must have adopted Reggie because he is so photogenic. His personality shows in every photo of him. What a scamp!

  51. Rosie in West TX says:

    Dear Sue & Reggie,

    Yes, life goes on, and for the most part, life is good and to be enjoyed as much as possible each and every day. Reggie, your joy for life and your love for Mama Sue is good medicine for her …. keep it going!!!

  52. Michelle from Salt Lake,UT says:

    Loving the photo of Reggie, he is so lovable and funny. Thank you for keeping us up to date and you guys take care of each other.

  53. Bob McQuade says:

    Great shot of Reggie, he is a character!

    I was a little surprised how quickly Sam got used to being top ( only) dog after Jenny left us, hope the same is true for Reggie.

  54. Cinandjules (in da zone) says:

    The boy and his toys!

  55. Susan in Dallas says:

    Reggie, you are too adorable for words!

  56. Lisa, Tommie and Buddy in NJ says:

    Reggie says “rub my belly, you know that you want to!” What a good boy he is. I am glad you are in warmer weather exploring your new campsite. Be happy and hug Reggie for me.

  57. You’ve got a mighty cute traveling companion there. But, of course, you knew that already.

    I have to tell you I am really enjoying reading your old blog (again) from scratch. I now have a better frame of reference for your world, and the pieces are fitting together so nicely. Maybe it’s because I’m not reading at a frantic pace this time. I don’t feel under pressure to get caught up so I can read in real time, like I was when I first started. 🙂

    It was good to see Reggie’s adorable little face this morning. Glad y’all are OK.

  58. Alane in Durango Colorado says:

    I have been thinking of you each day since you posted the loss of Miss B. I suspect that behind each simple line in the past few posts dwells an intense emotional story too complex to capture in words. I join everyone here in offering support.
    These pictures of Reggie lightened my heart as I suspect he lightens yours.
    Safe journeys.

  59. DesertGinger says:

    Love the Reggie man. He looks so content. Glad you are moving to warmer weather. It is cooling down quickly here in Tucson. Yesterday I wore a sweater to walk Chloe!

    Today my big project is to box up all my returns. And I have a work project to do also. Some of the projects I do are pretty clerical and don’t require much thought, the way writing does. So I’m considering getting a tv to have on in the background so I can watch hgtv or the food network while I work.

    I bought salmon last night and will make that today, with asparagus and new potatoes. I never cook that much but I will have to start in order to follow this new eating plan. Did I mention I saw the nutritionist? She said my potassium and phosphorous levels were fine so I need to focus on not eating a lot of protein or salt. For kidneys, those are the things…potassium. Phosphorous, protein and salt….to minimize. She said I should have no more than50 grams of protein and no more than 2000mg of salt. So I started checking. Labels on my food. Gahhhhh! Re fried beans have 540 mg per half cup. My bread has 230 mg per serving of 2 slices. So I went shopping and found some things. I got low sodium triscuits and they are better than the regular ones! I found a few frozen dinners that are under 500 mg, which is awesome. My next challenge is how to keep track of what I eat. I will work on creating a spread sheet I guess.

    So, that’s all I have for now. Ta-ta!

    • Mick'nTN says:

      Hi DeGin,
      Welcome to the “Label Readers Clan”. Food processors hate us.:)

    • A gal in Maple Valley, WA says:


      Salmon! Asparagus! Grilled?? Steamed?? Broiled?? Baked??

      * sigh *

      • DesertGinger says:

        Salmon baked with olive oil, lemon and garlic. Asparagus steamed. Wound up having corn on the cob instead of new potato. Made a ‘mock hollandise’ sauce with mayo, lemon and butter that went great on everything. Good eating! And I have leftover salmon I will have tomorrow night with the new potato and more of the asparagus.

    • Cynthia from San Clemente says:

      Ginger: There are a number of on-line, free applications to track your food intake with all the nutritional components (i.e., protein, carbs, fat, salt, etc.) I really like My Fitness Pal. It has a huge database of food, including name brand grocery items as well as restaurant items. Although it takes a little time to learn how to use it, it’s not difficult at all and it’s much easier than a spreadsheet. Good luck!!

  60. Mick'nTN says:

    Everyone complains about the “smart” phones spell checkers … so can’t you turn them off?
    No reception here so I don’t have that problem. 🙂

  61. Look at that sweet face!!!
    Reggie -man really loves his new bed..that look says”love you!”

  62. Diann in MT says:

    Hi, Sue,
    Respect in your mourning, girl.
    I don’t know, but I am haunted by the idea that you are making a major transition now. God speed, Sue. We are looking forward to your return.

  63. Kids and their toys – always adorable :-))))))))

  64. Cynthia from San Clemente says:

    Somehow I missed this post … and I know you are on your way… I know these days are difficult and you are doing your best to maintain some since of normalacy (whatever that is)! Just know there are so many of us that are praying for you and know the difficult feelings – the desire to make it ok for Reggie and the aching for the Divine Miss B. We never leave them entirely behind, the Spikes, the Bridgets. We just go on as best we can, loving the ones we’re with. I think there’s a song about that, but I’m too damn old to remember it!! God bless you Sue, and keep you safe and healthy.

  65. Theresa says:

    What a great picture of Reggie! I love how they love their toys! My dogs each have their favorites and they love to find them and take them into their beds to sleep with them. Precious!

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