We go north for warmer weather!

Thursday, September 22

The weather forecast is the coaxing I need in order to pack up, hitch up, grab the Reggieman, and leave peaceful Luna Lake, Alpine, Arizona.

Tomorrow (Friday) Reggie and I could wake up to temperatures in the twenties!  We need to leave this elevation (around 8,000 feet) and drive to where it is warm.  Wind is strong today, not the kind of weather I choose for a driving day.  However, we must get away before the cold arrives.

So off we go!

Our itinerary is north to Springerville, west to Show Low, north to Snowflake, followed by Holbrook, west on the interstate to Winslow . . . . .  I don’t know how far we will go today or where we will stop for the night.  We might have to stay at an RV park in order to run the heat feature of our ceiling A/C unit.

Crosswinds batter us all morning.

Which I find unfair!  How does one experience crosswinds the entire trip when one drives north, then west, then, north?  The grass and cedar trees bend to our right all morning.

By the time we reach Show Low around noon, I’m starving.  I skipped breakfast because our cupboards are almost bare, although there was some chicken for Reggie.

Gassing up at the Maverick Station, I go inside and score a freshly made, turkey-and-cheese hoagie which Reggie and I devour together.  Thus fortified, we continue northward with the wind our constant and annoying companion.

At Taylor, a small town south of Snowflake, a Wal-Mart appears!

I pull into the parking lot with the intention of loading up the Best Little Trailer with groceries, buying a new bed for Reggie, and then returning to the road.

“Ya’ know, Reg?  Maybe we should stay here for tonight.  This wind is pretty bad.”

I ask the Wal-Mart greeter if it’s okay and he tells me where to park. 


After we’re settled in our spot for the night, Reggie begs for a walk.  I take him over by the garden center.


The wind is still strong.  It isn’t long before Reggie has had enough.  Notice the ears — As accurate as any windsock!


We hurry to the comfort of the BLT.

Later, during a lull in the wind, Reggie and I try again for a walk, this time around the parking lot.  Reggie follows the curb with a sense of purpose that I don’t notice at first.


My gaze is downward as I check for possible hazards he could get into.  My mind is elsewhere and I don’t pay attention to where we are going.

Suddenly Reggie sprints across a break in the curb, pulling on his tether.



“Oh, I see where you’re going!  You’re after a Big Whopper! You think we can walk up to the window and a hand will stick out holding a burger patty for you.  Sorry, Reg . . . . ”

Surprisingly, the Wal-Mart parking lot is quiet and we sleep well.  Taylor’s elevation is 5,761 feet, much lower than Alpine, and the temperature doesn’t drop real low overnight.

Reggie and I wake up and I immediately rise to make coffee.

I glance at the clock.  “One o’clock?  It’s only one o’clock?”

The security lights at Wal-Mart are so bright that Reggie and I are fooled into thinking it’s dawn.

“C’mon, Reg.  We’re going back to sleep.”

Friday, September 23

More wind.  We board I-40 at Holbrook.  Signs warn of possible low visibility due to dust.  The sky is tinged with tan as we roll across Winslow, Arizona, a much larger town than I had imagined.

At Flagstaff we take Route 89 north.

That’s right.  We’re going north to get warm!  Whereas Alpine is around 8,000 feet, Page in northern Arizona is only 4,118 feet.

In the next post  . . .

Our new camp at Lone Rock!


NOTE:  Because of the wind and dust, I don’t have many photos for this post.  More pics next time!


P1140259Clear, blue skies ahead!



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91 Responses to We go north for warmer weather!

  1. Well one must get to the warmth of the Zone to camp plesently, have a great week and give Reggieman a huge hug from us,,,,,,

  2. LeeJ in Northern California says:

    Lovely! Your photos are delightful as usual….

  3. Diane J says:

    Reggie is the cutest windsock I’ve ever seen!

  4. Jenny Johnson says:

    if i hadnt taken time to read post i could have been first!!!!!

  5. Sharon in MO says:

    North to get warm? Glad to hear that worked for you. Elevation does indeed make a big difference. We were camped at Bryce Canyon (about 9000 elevation) a couple weeks ago, and mornings were in low 40s. As we headed east and down, it got much warmer and was in the 90s in the day. Hope you have great warm camping near Page AZ. We were there a few years ago.

  6. Teri Live Oak Fl says:

    Looking forward to the next post on Lone Rock. We were going to go this past June but it was way too hot. We are shooting for April next year. You give me the best ideas. Thanks

  7. Marcia GB in MA says:

    Reggie makes a great windsock! And how funny that he pulled you toward Burger King. He knows what he wants all right ?

  8. Precious ” wind sock ears!” 🙂
    Stay warm out there!

  9. Virginia620 (Mobile AL) says:

    Wow, you really did some traveling. Glad you found warmth, too. Hope to make Page one day. May be alone as not sure how elevations will treat hubby. Hugs to you both.

  10. Dawn in MI says:

    Head for the heat! 🙂 It’s been amazingly warm in MI…I was even way up north this past 4 days, and got to swim in Lake Michigan on the last day of summer! Can’t say it was really WARM…but I didn’t die either, so that’s something!

  11. Geri says:

    Page is one of my favorite old haunts! I tried to take Chuck where I used to dry camp right in the red rock lagoon area of Lake Powell. Darn, it was all fenced off and you now have to pay to get in there! No camping allowed even!
    You really took the scenic route to warm air LOL! I probably would have headed straight down to Verde Valley or Tucson, however, you chose beautiful red rock landscapes and fewer people! Good choice! I can’t wait to see the photos of where you are now! Did the winds ever calm down?

  12. MnDreamer says:

    Glad to see, by the last line of the post, that you and Reggie are safely tucked into a new camp. Take care, you two!

  13. Linda-NC says:

    Another day, another adventure. Reggie! Burger King? You are a bugger! Glad that you are getting to where it is warmer. Warm thoughts and rubs for Reggie who would have the cutest face on the front of Burger King:) Who wouldn’t stop? Have a good day!

  14. Pauline in Mississippi says:

    Reggie is a cute windsock and his nose for a burger is right on!!! You can get anything at Wal-Mart ….even place to spend the night!

    Safe travels…sending love to you and Reggie

  15. Barbara (Nashville) says:

    Wow, almost made the top 10!! Cute photos of Reggie. Heading to Burger King was really funny. I hate bucking strong winds when driving anything almost as much as driving rains.
    My brother had a better day today, doing what he was told, eating and finally falling asleep. His doctor says these things are all normal for someone who has been in a coma. We are all still worried about him. They have asked Marilyn to take a break from visiting for a few days as he sees her as his way out of the hospital instead of focusing on getting well.
    Any and all prayers are appreciated.

    • Cari in Plano TX says:

      Glad to hear your brother is doing better. I am sure these things just take time.

    • Alice (So. Fla) says:

      prayers for your brother and family 🙂

      • Barbara (Nashville) says:

        Thanks, all. Finally got to talk to him today for the first time in 2 1/2 weeks. He was really doing well today. My other brother and his wife visited today and they called after they left to give me the run down. He was actually coherent, joking around, apologized to the nurses for being an A** the last couple of days, doing what he was told, eating and sleeping. So I decided to give him a call and we talked for about 20 minutes. It was so good to hear his voice.

  16. Deena in Phoenix, AZ says:

    Cute little ears and I’m glad you’ve found warmth. Enjoy your location.

    Deena and Miss Mollie

  17. Cynthia from San Clemente says:

    It’s a good thing you didn’t make the coffee and drink it before checking the time … you might have been up at 1 a.m. whether you wanted to be or not! I’m betting Reggie smelled that Big Whopper and was just following his nose! I do think you should have scooped him up and walked through the drive-up window … who could resist giving the Reginator a hamburger patty?

  18. Glinda says:

    Reggie is so cute! I just want to know if he ever got his Big Whopper? :))
    Safe travels for you two.

  19. Mick'nTN says:

    You could take the PTV air filter out and gently tap it,while holding it over paper, just to see how much dust accumulated in your windy drive. Lots I bet.

  20. Pookie in Todd Mission, tx says:

    I have many pictures of me and my family standing on a corner in Winslow….thanks for the memories….

    • Nancy from South Georgia says:

      Hey….you beat me to it. I Googled the lyrics and was going to paste them in. “Take It Easy” came right to my mind when I read “Winslow”

  21. Retiredcajunlady says:

    LOL That picture of Reggie with the Windsock Ears was just the laugh I needed! And who can resist (other than a Vegan) the luscious smell of BK burgers cooking? My nose tends to lead me there on occasion.
    Winslow, Arizona…such a fine site to see! I would like to think it was my little song a few posts ago that led you to that route. 🙂 Now a picture of Reggie standing by the statute would have just been perfect! Well, perfect for me to see.
    I am so happy you guys zigzagged your way to a warmer spot. Can’t wait to see the Lone Rock pictures. Belly rubs and hugs for Reggie and prayers for you both.

  22. Millie Hubbard says:

    Glad you made the decision to boondock at Wally’s – much better than wearing out your nerves battling the wind…and Reggie almost got a burger out of the deal!! He’s so darn cute!

  23. Cinandjules (In da zone) says:

    Wind sock Reg man! Seriously I thought it was windy in Wyoming! Our entire drive out West was totally windy! Nerve racking indeed!

    Hah….there goes that Eagles song in my head again!

  24. Phil says:

    If you are still in Winslow, check out the La Posada, an old Harvey House Hotel that has been refurbished. Neat to walk through it and see what it was like in the 30’s. And dogs are welcome. Take a walk out the other side towards the railroad tracks. I spent a night there with a friend and his dog, about 7 years ago.

  25. Terri says:

    OMG, Sue, you are camping about 2-3 miles away from where I live – right in Greenehaven! I work at the Wahweap Campground – if you want to come over there, I will get you a really wonderful site at a very very VERY steep discount. 🙂

    I am SO sorry to hear about Bridget passing. I’ve lost two cats over the past year and it never gets any easier. She was such a beautiful dog, and a true princess. I just loved seeing the photos of her being pushed along in her carriage. Such a sweetie.

    I know you are not one for crowds, so I will understand if you don’t take me up on the offer to stay at Wahweap Campground (right at the Lake Powell Resort and Marina), but if you do want to – please send me an email to the one you see when I leave this comment, and then I can give you my cell number, etc. I would love to meet you and Reggie! (I have three cats of my own, and little blind chihuahua who is 15, named Osito.)

    Lone Rock is beautiful, but be careful when the wind picks up – it can really shift the sand around, and well, it’s expensive to get towed out of there. You’re welcome to come over and use the showers at the Wahweap Campground ($2 for 15 minutes, in quarters) or at my apartment.

  26. Nancy from South Georgia says:

    Wal-Mart is my go-to place when I’m on the road. I’ve never stayed overnight at a campground when en route to a destination. That and Cracker Barrel Restaurant. Safe, well-lit, quiet, and the Cracker Barrel managers have even let me run a drop cord to their outside receptacle before. I always patronize them for dinner that night, breakfast in the AM, and sometimes get a little something from the gift shop. I just showed my receipts that I am a good customer and they’ve been happy to help me.

  27. Cari in Plano TX says:

    What a cute story about Reggie leading you to Burger King! I am glad you survived the wind and found a safe haven for the night. I spent the night in Winslow about 7 years ago before taking a train ride to the Grand Canyon. U was hot that impressed 🙂

  28. BoxinTheCompass -daytona beach fl says:

    I think everyone is due a burger now and then. Of course I am pro-burger and on Reggies side! LOL

  29. Annette says:

    The Eagles sang about Winslow AZ in their song, Take It Easy. “Well, I’m standin’ on the corner in Winslow AZ, such a fine sight to see… It’s a girl my lord, in a flatbed Ford, slowin’ down to take a look at me.” The Eagles… miss those days. 🙂

  30. ValGal (westernWA) says:

    You’ve certainly put in some miles. I was rooting for Reggie’s burger!

    I seem to recollect some pretty scenery around Page. The last time I was there was before the drought and lowered lake levels.

    I’m wishing you less wind and comfy warmth levels.

  31. MB from VA says:

    OK……the picture of the BK made me LOL! 😀 TOO funny! My Bella loves drive throughs too. She learned about them when we drove out to AZ and Utah the year after she became part of my family. She is always disappointed when we pull into a bank! Dry dogie treats just don’t compete with chicken! And you are in a part of AZ that I would seriously think of settling one day. I love it! As you said…..elevation is important. I think of you often. Love from VA. MB, Wyndy and Bella

  32. Alice (So. Fla) says:

    Love it when they stick their nose in the wind. Smart dog, smelling out a Burger King. Always wanted to see Winslow. Stay safe.

  33. Cheryl Kline says:

    Safe travels! Love your blog.

  34. Chris G. No Longer In MN says:

    Reggie is just too cute. BK, indeed. My two dogs are convinced that every time we go through a drive thru, it means food for them. Doesn’t matter if it’s a bank, not Dairy Queen or McD. My German Shorthair, Samantha, is ready to climb out the truck window to get into the drive thru window and find her treat. My English Springer, Maggie, is much more lady-likel She waits patiently but hopeful! Safe travels, Sue!

  35. chas anderson says:

    Lone Rock is a great campsite.Beautiful.Watch the people leaving though since there are 4 or 5 track roads out and some are harder packed than others.Going in is downhill so any track is ok.Getting out is easy as long as you are observant.

    • Terri says:

      Much agree with you on that! Plus when the wind shifts, the sand shifts… the good thing is that there are usually some nice folks who will help you if you get stuck (happened to me once) but yes, if you need to get towed, it can be expensive to the tune of like 125-150 since there’s only one “game” in town. So he gets to charge what he likes, because he is always busy.

  36. Pam and Maya, Still in NY says:

    Sometimes, when Maya is very good she gets a plain cheeseburger from MickyD’s. That being said she has never pulled me over to one when we are taking a potty break in a mall lot. Reggie is just too much! The little man knows what he wants.

  37. Karen LeMoine says:

    I knew I saw you on 77 heading for Holbrook!

  38. Velda in Roseville CA says:

    Reggie certainly taken his new job as head fur kid seriously! Such a funny boy.

  39. Rosie in West TX says:

    Good to know y’all are back on the road again seeking new sights and new adventures. Life is just too wonderful to stay in spot too long …. so much to see and experience. Reggie, I see a big, juicy BK whopper for you in the near future! 🙂
    Happy trails to you!!!

  40. A gal in Maple Valley, WA says:

    Just sitting outside in my chair in the warm autumn breezes watching a tiny squirrel trying to wrestle a large apple that has finally fallen.

    • Paula in Indiana says:

      What a lovely serene description all in one sentence. Thank you for sharing 🙂

      • A gal in Maple Valley, WA says:


        What’s goin’ on in your outdoors?

        • Paula in Indiana says:

          Today was the first cooler day we’ve had. There are still hummingbirds chasing each other off of our feeders. They expend more energy chasing each other than if they each would just choose a side and share, lol!

          A couple of days ago I came home from work to find one of my flower pots tipped over. The top of the pot is bigger than the bottom, and I believe a squirrel was trying to bury a walnut in it and knocked it over. I bet he was surprised!

  41. Hi Sue..I hope this message finds you and Reggie well. We have been busy..sold house this weekend..on. market 9 days..got full price…decided not to wait for any more offers because we need to get on the road soon..Texas by Nov 1….Hi to all our Blogerinos…hope to see some of you on the road someday…

  42. weather says:

    Clear, blue skies ahead! What a great photo, and outlook after a difficult trip. Reggie is always adorable, I loved his following the burger trail part of this post’s story. How like you to be alright with skipping your own breakfast as long as he had his chicken. This is my third try at writing a comment before back spacing to start over again. I want to follow your lead, Sue, keep things light and stay positive, so will just mention quickly that I hope you are doing really well in every way.

  43. I remember Reggie as a tot when you use to drive the crew through Carl’s Jr…he’d be ready for a burger and knew where you pulled over to eat the burgers LOL. Funny we just drove through Lone Rock on way back from Brigham City, Utah. We went to the peach festival and my sister rode on a float that won the Manager’s Award. Mid October we will be flying out to Denver, CO then drive to Pike’s Peak to ride the cog train…so excited. No camping this time. We camped when we went to Utah. Safe travels RVSue and Reggie.

  44. Renee Galligher says:

    That Reggieman is one smart boy and lover of burgers!

  45. The worst wind we’ve experienced was in Holbrook, although the Painted Desert there is one of our favorite stops. Glad you got through the brown skies that always seem to stir up in that area. So funny that Reggie was detoured by the grilled burgers 🙂 Love that you’re going to Page, such an incredible area. There is a lovely dry campground at Lees Ferry.

    • Geri says:

      You are right Jodee, Chuck and I have stayed at that campground at Lee’s Ferry. Once during the summer when it was HOT . HOT, HOT and packed in like sardines! Last time it was just when the cooler air of autumn blew through the area and all the kiddo’s were back in school. ahhhhhh then it was a good place to camp!

  46. Lisa, Tommie and Buddy in NJ says:

    Yeah for warmer weather, with the forecast you need to get to warmer locales. I just love the windsock ears, follow your nose Reg; with those winds he probably smells those burgers for a mile! Ah Burger King, the only place a vegetarian can get a grain Burger. I am sure Reggie wanted meat.
    We are still in NJ with falling leaves and falling temperatures. It may not be cold to some, but 58 is winter to this Florida girl. So out came the ceramic heater and the electric mattress pad. A toasty warm bed for all. Tomorrow I install the last things needed to get my solar power safe to use. A few days to monitor charging and discharging, then I will be in Walmarts, Cracker Barrels and National Parks. Hookup free, yipeeee.!!

    • Lisa, Tommie and Buddy in NJ says:

      P.S. I hope you got credit for a few things I bought on Amazon. If I could, I would leave a care package at your door, only when you are not home of course. It’s what we do to help those who have lost someone. Wishing you peace.

  47. Edie (OK) says:

    Sue, just caught back up and learned about Bridget. Very sorry for your loss. I don’t check in as often as I used to but still am religious about going to Amazon only from here. Bridget was a cutie and will be missed.

  48. Pat in Bulverde, Tx says:

    Sue, thinking of you and wishing you safe travels. God bless. Pat K

  49. DesertGinger says:

    So I’ve been reading about the Prius, which many people are using as an rv. Apparently, because it runs on a battery, you can safely leave it on and run your air conditioning or heating all night. And the back seat folds down giving a 10 foot long cargo area. And there is even a tent you can get for ninety dollars so you can keep your hatch open. I’m thinking this might be perfect for me and Chloe to go to NY in the summers; if I can run the air conditioner I’m sure I can also run my cpap machine. And I would have an economical, reliable car. Hmmmmm. Not a bad idea if I could find one I can afford.

    Sue I’m jealous. So many parts of AZ I haven’t even seen. Maybe I’ll get to do some exploring this winter if I can stay out of the hospital.

    Walked a 1/2 mile, which is a lot for me. And did some resistance exercises. My nutritionist said the only way I will lose weight is to build more muscle. So I’m working on it.

    Well I’m off to bed. Hope everyone is fantastic!

    • Dawn in NC says:

      Glad to see you are feeling better DG! Always good to hear updates from you.

    • A gal in Maple Valley, WA says:

      Hey Ginger!

      That seems like it could work well for your needs. Seems that running the a/c or your cpap all night would eat a lot of juice. I hope your research will give you the answers you want/need.

      Have you considered adding a small tow trailer? Like maybe the U-Haul/cargo type? (6′ x 6′ x ‘6) Or motorcycle kind? You could put some solar on it, add more batteries, and store your goods in it for more room in the car?

      Oh well, it’s fun thinking up ways to make things fit the needs. Thanks for the challenge/puzzle.

      Good job with the walking! I’ve known so many people with health issues and when they started walking, their health improved quite a bit. You GO Girl!

  50. Dawn in MI says:

    I’ve been thinking about you and about Bridget a lot these past few days. I think it must have been so hard to drive away from Bridget’s final resting place. I would have wanted to sit beside her place and cry for days. Even though you knew you had to go because it was getting cold it must have been so hard. I’m sending you hugs…for the days ahead.

  51. Dawn in NC says:

    Hi Sue, Thanks for the blog when I know you heart probably isn’t in it. I had some heartache myself this weekend. Thank you for being such a great example of carrying on and loving the ones that are still with you.

  52. rvsueandcrew says:


    It’s so good to see you here. I enjoy your comments very much.

    A few responses…

    Barbara… I’m very happy that your brother is recovering. You’ve had a tough time!

    chas and Terri…. This is my second time camping at Lone Rock. As before, I chose to camp above the beach for two reasons: too many people (noisy and crowded) on the beach and the potential for getting stuck in the sand. Thanks for your concern and advice.

    Beach or bluff: Choosing where to camp at Lone Rock” — October 2014 (Scroll down for photo of someone stuck in the sand.)

    Terri, thank you for the invitation. I have to decline. I don’t meet up with readers because once I do that, it “snowballs” and I lose control over my life. Very sweet of you to offer.

    Jodee… We camped at Lees Ferry in May 2012. I posted a slide show of the campground (scroll to bottom)… “Breathtaking trip to Lee’s Ferry.

    Shirlene… Congratulations on the sale of your house!

    Reggie will get a burger one of these days… 🙂

    To all who wrote words of understanding and comfort, a big hug and a thank you! I couldn’t ask for better, kinder, more sensitive readers than you…

    Bye for now,

    • Virginia620 (Mobile AL) says:

      Great to hear from you, and thanks for the trips down memory lane (above links). Hugs to you both.

    • weather says:

      It’s always a pleasure to see you on here, with an update, note or just a hello. Then at least I know you aren’t stuck in the beach’s sand or somewhere with no internet. I hope today you’re enjoying gorgeous scenery, Reggie, reading something you enjoy or anything that makes your time pleasant and this part of your journey as easy as possible for you .

  53. NovScotiaSue says:

    From all of the comments from dog owners and BK drive thrus, I wonder if BK and other FF restaurants have thought to create aspecial doggie menu for what appears to be many canine fast food fans. lol

  54. AlanOutandAbout - Silver City NM. says:

    When You said before you stayed the night at a Walmart I knew you were in Taylor. I have been to ti and no one in their right mind would spend a night at the Show low Walmart, it is packed 24-7.
    You are only 24 miles on 89 west from the Paria Wilderness, they have a campground or you an go a little further and stay at the Stateline campground, if you want.
    It was great to hear you got to Alpine.

    Anyway Enjoy.


  55. weather says:

    Before sunrise it was above seventy degrees on September 22nd here, I remember clearly because autumn was set to officially arrive late morning just a few hours later. I took the jeep along eighty miles of country roads to be with summer for another just one more. The fresh green tall grass fields were decorated with golden rod and purple thistle. One perfect apple tree with it’s red fruit nestled in most branches stood just begging to be painted but I memorized it instead.

    Stopping several times made the ride take longer so the season was over for this year before I came home. Cornflowers still line the edges of most roads, they are among my favorite plants on earth so the cooler temps now don’t make me feel we’ve lost the best of anything.Today I took my antique store friend’s dog for a long walk. You may remember my mentioning that I’d found him on a local rescues website, yet decided that she needed him more than I did then.

    On our walk the first plant he walked to was a cornflower, then a morning glory. I thought again how much he seemed like a perfect match with me until I saw my friend’s face light up and soften at the same time as I handed him back to her. Later as I held my golden eyed girl close listening to her purr it occurred to me that a canine as small as the one I found to heal my friend’s heart would struggle living with felines .

    Before and between what I’ve mentioned each life involved had it’s share of wonderful times and those that took effort to see as wonderful, too. Somehow the weaving together of paths and hearts made sure that right now everyone has the ones they belong with after all. I think I’ll walk along the shore saying thanks before the rain starts. I’ll include you ,Sue, and everyone on here in that prayer as I so often do.

  56. Marilyn in Dania Beach says:

    Weather, you are truly a gifted poet. I always look for your posts in my RSS feed notifications. Have you entertained the thought to write your own blog? It would surely be welcomed by many, especially me.

  57. weather says:

    Thank you for your very kind, and surprising, note, Marilyn.When I found Sue here on her blog, wanting to give her something ,I tried to give her part of my world. Until then I didn’t know I could “write”. Looking back it was the same with most things that I’ve done or do-whether it was a paint brush, microphone, chair beside someone…for the sake of one friend I’d use whatever would help to express my thoughts and feelings and have it described as a gift, not knowing if that had been there unused or given to me then for that person, time, or need. There are many skills needed to blog that I don’t have. Learning them and blogging isn’t what I believe should be a focus of my time and energy at this point in my life and so, no, that’s not a thought that I entertain.

    • Lisa, Tommie and Buddy in NJ says:

      You might consider writing your reflections in a book, something like those daily meditation book? You could call it “All kinds of Weather” I would look for it…. It’s a shame to waste a talent.

    • weather says:

      Thank you, both, for your encouraging me to use ways to be read other than on here. Again, I came and remain here to befriend and show appreciation for our hostess in Blogorinoland and writing was just the available tool to do that. Of course, I’ve always been aware that a broader audience was able to read our conversations and came to love the rest of her followers while here.

      About the topic of my putting my reflections together somewhere else, were one to know what to listen for at any given time the echo of my voice and it’s underlying message can be heard or read already on the air or in print. By sharing quietly with others, one on one or more publicly, I’ve told parts of what I call morningsong’s story for decades. Folks have carried and spread that grace , not mentioning weather or my real name when they do, that’s how I want it to be for now.

      When I said I didn’t know I could write I meant using the words,rhythm and cadence that I at times employ here. I’ve known for most of my life that a large part of my purpose is to(when the time is right)share my understanding about why Love made things be as they were ,are and will be in a book. I keep notes as life goes along so I’ll have parts to refer to when I do that. All of this is more than I expected to mention here, and hope is enough of an answer to let us focus on this blog, Sue’s stories and other subjects.

    • Elizabeth in WA says:

      Lovely idea Weather…I too enjoy what you write as you know…

      • weather says:

        quick note and hugs dear, thank you, I’d love to stay and catch up with you, yet need to go take care of a few things at the moment.

  58. casitagirl says:

    Hi Sue,

    We just completed a 2-day ride from Colorado to Michigan and got nailed by cross-winds too. Yucko! We also stopped at a Walmart for the night–they are such great quick stops when you just want to get somewhere and don’t want to fuss with a campground.

    I’m running our heater as I check out the web this morning–It’s in the low 40’s here, with an expected high in the low 60’s. Brrr–I’ve been spoiled by 80-90 degree temps and sunshine all summer.

  59. Kathy (NC) says:

    Hi Sue

    I’ve been out of touch for a few weeks now, got home last night after family visits and our first long trip with the new trailer – no reliable internet at all. So very sorry to read about Bridget passing – hugs to you and Reggie. A very special lady indeed.

    I want to thank you for sharing so much useful information about travelling, we and our two furry friends have had a very enjoyable time and look forward to many more trips. Special thanks to the blogorino(s) who recommended the Next Exit and Mountain Directory books – they have been a real boon as we travelled through VA, PA, NY, OH, WV and home to NC.

    Wishing you and Reggie happy and warm trails (and burgers, of course!)


  60. Denise - Richmond VA says:

    Hi, Sue,

    I hope you and Reggie are enjoying some nice temperatures, and that you found a quiet camp. Stopped in at Kroger on the way home from work tonight….passed the deli where they had rotisserie chickens tempting folks to take them home. They smelled heavenly! You know, I can no longer see a rotisserie chicken without thinking of you! 🙂

    Gracie pup broke off a piece of her upper molar (you could see the nerve), and fractured the same tooth – straight up, into the root. The cause? Nylabone dental chew toys. She (and my previous Westie) love Nylabones. Well, after surgery this past Friday to remove the tooth, no more Nylabones for little Miss! The vet said we cannot chance her breaking any more of her chewing teeth. I am grinding up her kibble in my small electric chopper, and adding water and canned pumpkin. Mushy food for 2 weeks to ensure that her wound heals properly. Gracie is well on the road to recovery. 🙂

    Have a good evening, Sue! You and Reggie are in my thoughts and prayers. Sending you both love and hugs from me and Gracie pup!! xxxooo 🙂

  61. Jo in OR says:

    Hi Sue, I haven’t been able to access your blog for a couple of weeks. Hope you and Reggie are okay, I so miss your blog.

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