Return to a splendid boondock above a wonderfully ordinary town

Saturday, October 14

Normally the crew and I don’t move camp on a Saturday.  Since we’re not going to a campground or an RV park, but rather to open desert boondocking, the fact that it’s a Saturday doesn’t matter.  We won’t encounter competition for a good site.

We leave Cedar Pocket Campground, boarding Interstate 15 south.

In a glorious swoop curving downward between high canyon walls, the Perfect Tow Vehicle shoots out of Virgin River Gorge.  The straight line highway crosses the northwest corner of Arizona and into Nevada.

We pass the condos, casinos and commerce of busy Mesquite and 29 miles further exit the interstate at Route 169.  We go southeast into Moapa Valley, zig-zagging through Logandale to Overton.

I love the ordinariness of Overton.

Nothing pretentious about this town!

Oh, there’s the turn for the city park.  

“You guys are gonna’ love picnics and playing in the grass.  You loved it, Reg, the last time we were here.”

On the other side of town we roll by the wildlife management area. 

The roofs of a few RVs stick up from the tangle of dusty tamarisk.  I chuckle recalling the time we camped there.  All night long we were bombarded with the clanking-beeping-crashing noises of the silica plant across the road.

I have a post about it, of course:  “I sure can pick ’em — Our camp at a wildlife management area” — November 2016

No thank you.  I’d much rather be on the mesa!

Beyond the cluster of RVs at Poverty Flats, we turn onto Sand Mine Road. The PTV rumbles over the rocky road.  I drive slowly in deference to the Best Little Trailer tagging behind.

At last we come to the place of silence and solitude I’ve been wanting!

Wow!  We have the mesa all to ourselves!

This next photo looks across the great divide between “our” mesa and popular Poverty Flats.  Those tiny white marks near the top of the photo are RVs!

Oh, this is sweet!  I don’t think we could find a better camp than the one we had the last time we were here.

I find the fire ring that marks that nice campsite.  I position the Best Little Trailer with the door/refrigerator side facing north which will provide shade to that side throughout the day.  The narrow blue mat goes here.

At the rear of the BLT I put down the large blue mat.  The boys will like playing on the mat in the sunshine . . . .  

Sunday, October 15 and in the days that follow . . .

We fall into a pleasant, comfortable routine.

I set to work removing oxidation from the Best Little Trailer.  (Shame on me for not giving her a wax last winter.  The BLT deserves better!)  I follow up the oxidation removal with a coat of Mequiar’s Marine Wax.

I only do a small area each day, enough to give me a feeling of productivity followed by the reward of pushing back in the lounger with a book.

We take twice-daily walks on Sand Mine Road and out to the end of our mesa . . .

Each day we toodle into Overton.

It’s only a few miles to town.

Some days we go to the library where I have a library card.  (My Paperwhite works fine but it’s fun to browse the library and bring home regular books for a change.)

Occasionally we stop at McDonald’s drive-thru to pick up a picnic lunch of “artisan grilled chicken sandwich” (480 cal.) to share . . . Or I go into Linn’s Grocery to procure a picnic lunch from the deli (57,843 cal., give or take.).

After our picnic, it’s fun in the grass for Reggie and Roger!

~ ~ ~

~ ~ ~

~ ~ ~

It’s great to be back!



The links below take you to the products I mention in this post.  You can also use the links to go shopping at Amazon.

Meguiar’s M4916 Marine/RV Heavy Duty Oxidation Remover – 16 oz.

Meguiar’s M6332 Flagship Premium Marine Wax – 32 oz.

Both the oxidation remover and the wax are easy to apply and both do an excellent job!

Meguiar’s also has a one-step oxidation remover/wax product which you can find by scrolling the Amazon pages linked above. I’ve never tried it because I like the two product method. — Sue

“Time to go home!  We’ll come here again tomorrow.  Promise!”

~ ~ ~

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119 Responses to Return to a splendid boondock above a wonderfully ordinary town

  1. Joy says:

    Love the wide open spaces.

  2. Kristi (currently in Nampa, ID) says:

    I stayed at Poverty Flats a few years back. Nice place in an unexpected area. Glad you returned to enjoy it.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Kristi,

      One reason I like camping at Overton is the distance from Cedar Pocket is just right. I can enjoy the drive knowing a good home awaits. 🙂

      I like Poverty Flats, too. Not as much as the mesa to ourselves. I avoid Poverty Flats mostly because I don’t want to be recognized.

  3. Barb from Hoquiam! says:

    Hi Sue and Crew!

    What fun to get this post just before heading out for a serious day of training. Thank you for always being a grounding source of JOY.

    Hugs from Hoquiam!

  4. Dawn in Mi says:

    Love this boondock! So glad you got to go back!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Dawn!

      You have me wondering if readers enjoy these posts where the crew and I return to a previous camp. On the north-south and south-north migrations every year, I naturally revisit places.

      • Dawn in Asheville...err, Denver says:

        Completely love “the returns” – it evokes nostalgia even if I wasn’t there! I hope I get out there one day as Poverty Flats in particular piques my interest.

        Still in Denver – extended my stay -ugh-since I caught the flu. Should be on the road again Monday headed south! Right now just in my pjs and feeling sorry for myself – LOL.

        Can’t wait for some sunny warm places like you are in!

        • rvsueandcrew says:

          Flu? Noooooo!!! Get better soon!

          Do I remember correctly that you’re going to Texas? Any particular reason Texas?

      • bess in oregon says:

        i loved seeing you re-visit Maple Grove Campground in Utah. we were there one spring on our way to Moab and i still remember the peace, beauty and wonderful magic.

      • Rover Ronda (WA) says:

        I like “returns” too. It’s nice to experience fun things again and often some experiences are new and different in familiar places.
        It is also interesting to see what has changed and what has remained the same.

  5. Lisa in San Diego says:

    those boys look so fit, it’s good to see little dogs like that — so many people overfeed and underexercise their dogs, especially the little ones

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Lisa,

      Thank you for noting the condition of Reg and Rog. They do have good muscle.

      I don’t control their eating… In other words they have quality kibble in their bowls all the time, ready for any time they want it. I guess they don’t get fat because of the regular exercise. Which begs the question… Why aren’t I as slim as they are?!!!!

      • Marilyn Dennison says:

        Because you are not eating kibbles.

        • rvsueandcrew says:

          Ha! Hi, Marilyn! I knew someone would write that!

          • Marilyn Dennison says:

            I wish our rescue, CoCo, could play with them.She loves to run and play. We just traveled from Akron to the Ft. Lauderdale area in a car with her and she fared well. I believe she would be an excellent RV dog.

  6. Dawn in NC says:

    Hi Sue! It’s so great to see the little ones enjoying themselves so much in the grass. I’m glad you returned to such a nice spot. It’s really nice to kick back and not have neighbors around.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Ain’t that the truth! Hi, Dawn!

      Reggie and Roger love those excursions to the green grass park. Roger is so excited that he wants to leap over my shoulder when I stand in the open door to hook him on the tether. Then when I set him down he races to the grass. I have to guard my hand against tether burn! 🙂

  7. Great post and photos Sue, have a pleasant Veterans Weekend and give them Boys a huge hug from us, okay,,, 👣👣🐾

  8. A familiar and fun camp. Reggie loved the grass in the park last time, and it looks like he made sure Roger got a great introduction. The Mesa looks fantastic.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Lisa,

      The mesa IS fantastic. Great place for photos, especially when the sky puts on a show like it did or when there’s a full moon like there was.

  9. Cinandjules 🌵 says:

    Silica mine or the Mesa? Love it! The photo of sand mine road is awesome!
    57000 calories give or take was hilarious.
    Does the crew like grass for a change or does zoom time occur with or without preference?
    Maguiars is a great product. Be careful with that step ladder…
    Enjoy your weekend!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Thanks, Cinandjules. I hope you’re enjoying your weekend, too.

      More zooming takes place on the grass. If I had to come up with a negative about the Sand Mine Road Mesa boondock, it would be the rocky surface. Poverty Flats is the same.

      Roger doesn’t seem to notice. At times Reggie looks like he’s tip-toeing. When we come upon a smooth, sandy place on the mesa, that’s when the zooms, chases, and play-fights begin.

  10. Carolyn H in AZ says:

    Totally off the subject of your new boondock. Have you had the boys microchipped in case they ever get lost? It’s a quick procedure & I interrogated the vet’s office about how it’s done before I had my little Chihuahua microchipped..

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Carolyn,

      Yes, both boys are microchipped. Reggie came from a rescue in Las Vegas and they don’t adopt out without a chip being implanted. Roger got his chip at the time he got his “snip” — and I’m not talking haircut!

      I’m glad you mentioned it. Good reminder for any pet owners…

  11. Joe Bruner says:

    Sue, as a fairly recent follower I love it that you revisit campsites and give links to posts of previous visits. That way us newbies get two visits. Looks like you have a good routine going. How long will you be at this stop?

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Joe,

      Thank you for the feedback. I value it.

      The crew and I have moved on from the Sand Mine Mesa boondock after a stay of 20 days. We would’ve stayed longer if it weren’t for the waste tank needing to be dumped. Once I hitch-up and move to a dump station I’m in the mood to move camp.

      I hope someday you find the time and inclination to read my posts from the beginning. I’d love for you to know my original, precious crew. 🙂

      • bess in oregon says:

        hi, i read the entire history of Sue’s blog and even though it took quite a while reading her posts and all the comments, i learned so much about boondocking, equipment, and the whole process of long camping trips. even if you don’t do it full time, you will enjoy the conversations and the Blogerinos.

      • Joe Bruner says:

        I promise that I will catch up from the beginning. I have my own BLT, a 22’ Sportsmen (named Betty) which I purchased after taking a cross-country trip in a motor home. We love the RV lifestyle and have followed your travels with great relish. I also am a blogger of two years ( and have listed on my blogs to follow list since we discovered your site last summer. Keep up the great work. P.S. one of these days I will install a cell booster like the one you have shared.

    • Nivrapa in AZ says:

      Hi Joe!

      Since you’re a relative newbie I wanted to point out that Sue lists all her camps by month and gives the cost, managing agency, and length of time she used a particular camp. You can find this beneath her header photo in the category “Camps”. Such fun to go back and review where she has made her home. Lots of good info there and you can get an idea of the route she has traveled in the past year. Careful! Time flies when you’re reading this. If you’re like me an hour (or more) is gone before you know it. If you’ve already made this discovery, then you know all about this category.

      Glad you are along for the ride. Stick with it and you’ll learn lots and have a good time doing it. And yes, do go back to the beginning. It’s a great read.—Audrey

      • Barbara (Nashville) says:

        Checked out your blog Joe. Very nice. Betty looks like a nice upgrade from Bertha. I believe you made a good choice for you and Helen and the grandkids. Too big for me though.

    • Rover Ronda (WA) says:

      I like the links to previous visits too. Even though I’ve read most of them I like to go back and reread.

  12. Linda Rose, Muffin, Molly & Midgy Carmichael, Ca says:

    I think letting Roger join your family was one of the best things you could have done for both of them, and you too! They look so happy playing and wrestling together. Hugs and tail wags from me and the 3 M’s. P.s. My Muffin is still hanging in there thankfully.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Linda Rose and crew,

      You’re right about Roger joining us! I can’t imagine us without him. That’s the way it is with dogs (and, I suppose, with cats). They become family.

      I know you treasure every day with your three Ms. Give a skritch behind an ear for Muffin from me and the boys.

      • Jan says:

        I am a relatively new follower also, mid-atlantic resident and new owner of a 2017 Casita 17’SD. I statyed at a few ACOE campgrounds between Rice and home in July. I was wondering if you prefer the West for the solitude? I don’t know where I would find such wide open areas east of the Mississippi.

        • rvsueandcrew says:

          Hi, Jan! Welcome to my blog and congratulations on your new Casita!

          To answer your question: I prefer the West for several reasons: magnificent scenery, glorious rivers, rocks, mountains (and mesas!), LOW HUMIDITY, lots of public land providing free or inexpensive camping, lots of elbow room . . . and, yes, several options for finding solitude. Do plan to come West if you ever can do so. Get yourself a Benchmark atlas and go, go, go! 🙂

          I hope you will appear here often. When you do, please include your state with your name so I can keep you distinct in my mind from the other Jans who comment. Thanks!

          • Jan says:

            Thanks for your reply! I am Maryland Jan. I bought a Ford 150 to go along with the trailer. I can already see the advantages of the PTV you use! The high tailgate is a little awkward, but I wanted to feel comfortable climbing the mountains in the West since that is in the future plans. My daughter and I volunteered for a week at Best Friends in Kanab a few years ago and loved the experience and the area. I am looking forward to returning.

  13. Norman in San Diego says:

    Hi Sue,

    Welcome back to the Southwest for the winter. Glad to see all is still going well with you.
    Don’t forget to try some Gardenburgers when you go to Smart and Final. They are so good.
    Have a wonderful weekend.


    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Thank you for the welcome and wish for the weekend, Norman. I hope all is going well with you, too!

      Gardenburgers… Hmm… I’ll look for them. I have some turkey burgers in the freezer which are pretty good when grilled.

  14. AZ Jim says:

    Happy Veterans Day to my fellow vets. Thank you for serving!!!

  15. bess in oregon says:

    hi Sue, thanks for the reading recommendations! i am glad you are back near Overton. i will get the oxidation remover and wax that you use. happy resting!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      You’re welcome, bess. You will be happy with the results using Meguier’s. I think the directions say “wait a few minutes” before wiping off the dried wax. I found I got the best results if I waited several minutes — 20-30 minutes — and in this dry heat.

  16. Rochelle in IN says:

    That must be some picnic lunch – ROFLOL! I, too, enjoy the blogs of your repeat visits. For one thing, the fact that you return to a specific camp moves it higher on my list. Hope you saw a leaf vacuum and bag on your sales. I ordered it either Thursday or Friday and hubby, Joe, is out “playing” with it now. As for me, I’m babysitting the chili simmering away. We made a double batch and will freeze the leftovers. It makes a wonderful supper on a cold winters night. Not many of those nights for you, huh? 🙂

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      No, our nights are warm enough for the windows to be open until about 3 a.m.

      Yes, I saw the leaf vacuum and bag! Thank you, Rochelle, and your husband. 🙂

      Thanks also for the feedback on returning to previous camps.

  17. DJ says:

    You are welcome to stop by. I am the Scamp with the dog that sits outside in the camp chair.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Thank you for the welcome, DJ. We no longer are camped at Overton. I see from the weather widget in the sidebar that you are experiencing very pleasant temperatures. Enjoy!

  18. Terry says:

    Hey Sue,
    This may sound redundant by now. But I felt as if I were returning to this camp site with you. There was something very comforting about that. I know you have moved on at this point. I look forward to every post. As I said before. I live vicariously through your adventures. But now that I have my “orange cargo van” I take great joy in the thought that I will have my own adventures.

    Any thoughts from anyone are welcome. Me being 67, my adult sons think I’ve lost my mind if I mention my plans to them. My grandchildren have been hearing made-up adventure stories from me for years. Tyler my oldest grandson is getting ready to go off to college soon. He loved the stories and Nick, the youngest 8 asks for the stories about “Grandma’s Adventures” regularly.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Terry,

      Thank you for sharing your perspective on posts about previous camps. I hadn’t thought about them being “very comforting” to a reader. They are for me! 🙂

      Sounds like you have a story-telling talent…. Need to write those stories for a bigger audience to enjoy.

    • Geri in the FL panhandle! says:

      Maybe its time for you to go on a few new adventures! Maybe not far at first, but explore a few corners near you!
      I had much rather say I am glad I did that than to end up saying I wish I had done that! I wish you joy in your explorations!

      • Terry says:

        Thank you Geri, I so agree. Guess I appreciate the affirmation I’m not out of my mind to have such ideas!

  19. mostlylost says:

    Had some internetz issues, so catching up. Have you thought about getting Roger a sonic collar, if you don’t want to use a shock collar? You can also get a sonic birdhouse, if you don’t want to use a collar for him

    And yay,you and the boys back to Overton! Its funny – it’ll probably be a few years before we get out west to Overton, but I feel like I already know the area thanks to your posts!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, mostlylost,

      I will look into the sonic collars. I think the one I linked emits a sound at a pitch for dogs but not people. A “sonic birdhouse?”

      • Rover Ronda (WA) says:

        We have a “birdhouse”. Bought it through your link so amazon at least used to have them. It worked great at first, but in a week or two his desire to scare away the mailman was greater than the annoying sound. I understand you need to change the battery monthly. Maybe ours lost power sooner. I didn’t like it anyway because the frequency set my sound processor buzzing. I have a BAHA Implant because I’m totally deaf in my left ear. Maybe it would have worked better if we had reinforced training with treats instead of just praise. Maybe 2 weeks would have been enough. Anyway that’s my experience.

  20. Nivrapa in AZ says:

    Hi Sue!

    How on earth do you keep your days straight? I rarely know if it’s a weekend or midweek and have shown up for appointments a day early or two days late.

    Today was a good example. I have been itching to go to Lake Roosevelt (AZ) for a day outing. November is one of the best months to visit. Pleasant day and night temps and usually minimal rain. Not packed with an influx of snowbirds, yet. I even considered an overnighter, minimalist style with my tent and backpack. I avoid the lake on weekends since that’s when the working folks visit. Midweek is much less crowded and more enjoyable for me , so I planned for a trip on a Thursday.

    Today was the day! WRONG! I had thrown my trekking poles, pack, and cooler into the truck and was out side ready to leave before 8AM. Something just didn’t seem right as I stood in the driveway. Very minimal traffic for one thing. No kids hoofin’ it to the school bus stop. The horses on the ranch across the road weren’t out in their corral per usual. Definitely different today.

    Fearing something on the order of a national emergency of some sort, I returned to inside the house and turned the TV on to my one and only OTA channel to get “the news”. Huh? No Good Morning America today? Then it hit me–the cartoons gave it away. Today was not a Thursday! It was Saturday. I missed my own outing by two days. I really need to get a grip on the standard of time that the rest of the world uses.

    So, what is your secret, Sue?

    On topic—I’m glad you’ve made it back to the southwest for another winter visit. When your Casita is all spiffy and shiny, I know the location of a Scamp that could use similar attention. My garage! I’ll be much too busy trying to keep track of the days to assign myself to such a labor intensive task . I admire your industrious efforts AND your intuitive sense of time (or whatever it is).—Audrey

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Whoa, Audrey! Confusing Thursday with Saturday… I get confused but I think you beat me this time! Haha! Funny story! I also enjoyed reading your previous comment explaining the many reasons why one shouldn’t and wouldn’t want to camp next to water tanks in the desert. Thank you for writing that. I’m sure you enlightened many readers.

      How do I keep track of the days and time? My trusty laptop tells me in the lower righthand corner. I also keep a conventional, paper calendar on which I mark the arrival and departure of camps, plus the camp fee.

      • Cinandjules 🌵 says:

        We never know what day it is!

        • rvsueandcrew says:

          That’s funny. There are those rare times when I have a brief conversation with a person who is living life “by the clock” and I have to adjust my brain to connect with them.

  21. Tammie Villanueva says:

    Poverty flats is beautiful……
    glad to see you guys made it back.

  22. Lisa, Tommie and Buddy in NJ says:

    Hi Sue,
    I love the joy of living that your blog exudes; it’s also evident in the romping antics of the boys. Thanks for sharing repeat camps, you always find something new to share about the location, like new campsites, experiences, adventures in town. I enjoy the most how you share living out your blog heading of enjoying more with less.
    I especially appreciate your zest for life right now. Our time in NJ will soon be ending. My Mom passed away on Sept 16. My Dad and I will move to parts yet undetermined once the house is sold. I’m thankful that we have my trailer to travel with, first to inter Mom’s ashes, now to spend Thanksgiving in Florida. My Dad has been a great traveler, dry camping at Pilot truck stops. The lessons I have learned from your life on the road have been invaluable. Thanks

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Lisa,

      It’s tough moving on after one’s mother passes. I’m glad you and your father have each other and are showing signs of that “zest for life” you mention. I wish both of you safe travel to Florida and much relaxation and renewal there.

      Thank you for your words of appreciation.

  23. Elizabeth in WA says:

    So nice to see the boys are so matched in energy and loving to do the same things!! Sometimes it is hard to find a good match when choosing a 2nd dog…or 3rd etc.

  24. Barbara (Nashville) says:

    Love post and return to Overton. The view of the mese is fantastic. Rog & Reg sure know how to have a good time. All that rough housing and then the “I love you buddy” at the end is just super sweet. This Mesa is a great site.

  25. Geri in the FL panhandle! says:

    Yay! Poverty Flats and you are already gone!!! Always good to see the dogs tussle in the grass!
    Cooler weather here, in the 40’s tonight, 70’s tomorrow with abundant sunshine! YAY! Loving it! Hope you are happy and warm wherever you have landed! Cuddle the boys from us!
    Thank you to all the veterans for your call to arms and protecting those who could not protect themselves! We appreciate you! 💗💗💗💗 👍

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Geri!

      Just for you . . .

      “Ode to Florida”

      There once was a state with weather that was great
      with sunshine on manatees adorable. .
      When it was great, it was very, very great
      But when it was bad, it was horrible!

      • Geri in the FL panhandle! says:

        Yep! That is true, but in truth we just have 4 bad months. July, August, January and February! The other months are usually pleasant enough to be outside!
        Ear scritches and belly rubs to R & R!
        Hugs to you too!

  26. Rover Ronda (WA) says:

    57,843 cal😂

    Great to see the boys enjoying Overton Park! I like that park too.

  27. Ruthie in Fontana says:

    Hi Sue, Another great post, full of memories and fun with R & R. I love to read it and I also enjoy the many blogerinos comments. They are very witty and informative.

  28. ApplegirlNY says:

    I love your return camps. It’s like “going home” with Sue and Crew! Hope everyone is having a nice Veteran’s Day Weekend. Thank you to all who have served. God Bless you, and God Bless America.

    Cold has come to the northeast. Sitting by the wood stove, enjoying the warmth and looking out at the November woods – just those oak leaves left. The bare trees allow me a nice view of the Helderberg mountains in the distance.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Applegirl! I hope your Veterans Day Weekend is as near perfect as perfect can be.

      From the loss (leaves) comes the gain (a view of the mountains). So very YOU! 🙂

    • Terry says:

      Yes, That’s what I was saying too! Something very comforting about returning. I feel as if I know the place through RV Sue.

  29. weather says:

    What a nice situation for you to be in! You had a nearby town you enjoy going to, then privacy, solitude and warm desert views when you went home. And, with Roger being part of the crew now, you didn’t feel pressured to keep finding someone else’s dog for Reggie to play with, the way you did when you camped there before. I’d guess that made it even easier for you to “Have a good one!” every day 😉

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      That’s right, weather! Roger is the playmate Reggie needs. From the moment they wake to when they fall asleep, they’re partners and playmates in all they do. It’s a pleasure to have that in my life and to share it with you and all my readers.

      I hope you and Kayla are snug and warm in your home as autumn gives way to the first signs of winter. November is often marked as the dreariest month. I think it’s the month that brings us inside to be warm with those we love, whether bodily or in spirit.

      • weather says:

        Thanks, Sue, we are snug and warm in our home. I love the way you think about November… I really don’t find it dreary, either. Maybe it’s like much in life, what we choose to make of it, taking advantage of the gift you mentioned and the first signs of winter or not.

        If you can find it by doing a web search, a you tube video titled “Beautiful Autumn Music-November” by Brandon Fiechter may be one you’d enjoy. It shows two scenes as the music plays. The first scene looks very much like what I saw outside my door this week when it was about 60 degrees out. The second scene is closer to what it’s like now.

        What changed it so suddenly was one cold night’s 50 mph wind gusts blowing through. I took my granddaughter to a park on this lake the next morning. That wind had made the waves so high there they’d splashed over the rock wall, onto the shrubs, and become ice that was covering it all. In the sunlight to me the shoreline looked like one long sparkling beautiful ice sculpture. I wondered if she’d see that or just find it too cold out to enjoy our walk. She rushed around taking pictures, exclaiming “Look, oh, wow, look, I’ve never seen anything like this, it’s amazing, it’s incredible!”.

        • rvsueandcrew says:

          What a joy your granddaughter must be for you. She sounds delightful!

          I will look up that you tube video in the morning. I’m standing outside in the dark… in the open door of the PTV with the motor running. My jetpack lost all charge just as I received a notification that you had replied. I had to read it so I left the boys who are in bed for the night and came out here to read what you had to say. I’m never disappointed with your comments! 🙂

          Coincidentally (or not) I watched and listened to a You Tube video today…Great Is Thy Faithfulness sung by a boys choir and with photos of beautiful landscapes. Wish I had the URL to share with you. Now the song is on a loop in my brain!

          You have a good night. 🙂

        • weather says:

          Hi, Sue, I was waiting until you were up and around before replying. I didn’t want you standing outside in the dark to read this, though I admit I liked that you went through that last evening just to see my comment and answer me 🙂 .

          These might come through as links to the videos we meant

          that’s the autumn one

          that’s one of how great thou art,with what sounds like a boys choir, and has nature with animals scenes, some where ice is forming. Another version had the same music just different scenes but I can’t find it now, that may be what you saw.

          Typing those and sending them in email does produce a link, though it might not on here, it should at least bring up the videos to see if used in a web search. I’m glad you told me about the one you’d watched so I found that video version of How Great – it’s beautiful! Thank you! That type of thing/e.s.p. connection happens too often with us for me to believe it’s mere coincidence… Anyway, Good Morning, I wish you a glorious day

          • rvsueandcrew says:

            Good afternoon!

            I hate to keep putting this off…. I do plan on viewing the video you mentioned. Rationing the charge, as you know. Right now monitoring the comments on the new post.

            Yes, it’s more than coincidence with us! 🙂

  30. NovaScotiaSue says:

    Hi Sue
    I love it when you go back to sites previously visited, especially locations I’ve enjoyed myself.
    My feet are veeerrryyy itchy right now and instead of getting ready to take a much too long trip overseas, I wish we could be right where you are, staying for as long as possible in one spot.
    Oh well, hopefully this time next year will arrive soon enough.
    Enjoy the view

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Sue,

      Love to travel, but, like you say, there are times when one wants to stay “for as long as possible in one spot.”

      Enjoy your long trip!

  31. Jim in Columbus Ohio says:

    Sue and crew
    I’ve enjoyed your blog for years, not from the beginning but a good while. I thought I better make my presence known. The pups are so lucky to enjoy the life with you and I’m sure you enjoy it with them. I had planned on doing some travelling with my special son but life brought us two great grandkids to enjoy instead. We did get in a couple of trips before the addition. Now I live that fantastic life through your blog while the motorhome waits. I do enjoy the western country but live in Ohio where the weather is turning chilly. Thank you for sharing your travels with us.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      You’re welcome, Jim!

      Thank you for reading my blog “for years.” I’m happy you decided to come into blogorinoland to tell us a little about yourself. It’s nice meeting you. I’m glad my blog is a source of enjoyment for you.

      Enjoy those two great-grands while you can. As you know, they grow up fast. Meanwhile, the motorhome and the West waits for the right time for you. 🙂

  32. Karen LeMoine says:

    Hey there Sue! I also love reading about your revisiting the old sites. Question. Remember awhile back when you hinted about a new hobby you were considering? Anymore thoughts on it? Curious is all.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Karen,

      I’ve done a little… I shouldn’t have mentioned it. Once I feel like I have to come up with results, my creativity closes down. It is something better done when I have a home base so I’ve put it aside.

  33. Paula says:

    Thank you once again Sue for being such an inspiration. I smile when I see your triumphs and especially smile when I see your pups wrestling. They are gorgeous. You are helping to encourage me I’m being braver in the boondocking endeavors but I do have far to go. Also still I must make a living and I do so as a vendor at different event venues. My challenge has been finding places in between and at the venues that are beautiful and affordable or free preferably free. Once again thanks I look forward to your next blog.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      You’re welcome. 🙂

      I remember, Paula. You’re the person looking for good, inexpensive camps as you crossed WY and into MT. How did that work out?

      What you’re trying to do — find camps while moving to a schedule with deadlines — isn’t easy. If you’ve had any success at all, my hat is off to you.

      • Paula says:

        Yes the moving the wrong part is difficult with specific deadlines. Sometimes I’m able to stay at the event venue such as now I am in the fairgrounds where my event was held and I leave tomorrow. I think I will Master this one day hopefully soon but it has been hit and miss.

  34. Cinandjules 🌵 says:

    Okay so I’m hooked on Blizzards….Dairy Queen Oreo Blizzard to be exact. Never lived near a DQ. We wanted to get AO a small cone or something..and apparently they have an item called “pup cup” which is a soft ice cream in a cup. And ya know what’s great??? They are free!

    Putting it out there……cuz I know we all spoil our furkids!
    Come to find out (google is your friend) some establishments have a “secret dog” menu!
    In n out has a “Flying Dutchman” two burger patties with cheese…minus the salt! Reg man …start looking for in n out burger joints!

  35. Something about some soft green grass in the middle of the desert that is such a treat for the furkids. Love to see them having such a great time!

    Your mesa looks like a very special spot.

  36. Jo in OR says:

    So funny…we love DQ too. My dog Lucy (passed on) enjoyed pup cups. Starbucks will give dogs a lid filled with whipped cream.

  37. Jean in Southaven says:

    I love going back to former camps. You have hit three in the last few weeks, with this one being # 3. I love the camp in Utah by the creek and close to the cabin. Then I LOVE the campground that has the three sided shelters around the picnic table on a concret slab. The only other camp that I have really loved was in Arizona with the little blue house with the flowers. I think it is in a town close to Ajo. But who am I kidding. I love them all. Thank you so much for sharing.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Jean,

      I enjoyed learning which three camps are your favorites! Ivie Creek (Maple Grove cg) near Salina, UT, Minersville cg near Beaver, UT, and the Alabama Hills near Lone Pine, CA where Chuy lives in his “little blue house with the flowers.”

      You can revisit the latter at this post.

      “Why I’m glad my home has wheels – the Chuy story”

      BTW…. If you scroll down, there’s a Canine Corner at the bottom, written by Bridget. It’s one of MY favorites. 🙂

  38. Helen says:

    Good Morning Sue, I think when I read your blog it is not always where you are at but what you write about that is intriguing. Enjoy yourself and your writing. And a side note I just placed an amazon order for Mason Jar Lights.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Good morning, Helen,

      Thank you for giving me insight into what you like about my blog. And thank you for the order! I’ll look for the Mason jar lights. 🙂

  39. Steve says:

    It looks like all of that green grass energized Reggie and Roger even more than they normally are. It looks like a great place to boondock to me. I like places where it looks like you are on the moon.

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