Stewart’s Point on Lake Mead, projects at our camp, and playtime at the park

Monday, November 7

The Perfect Tow Vehicle carries Reggie and me out of our camp at Poverty Flats, south of Overton, Nevada.


Valley of Fire State Park is only six miles south on Route 168.

“We won’t do the park today,”  I explain to Reggie. “It’s too hot for hiking around red rocks.”

Instead we turn left.

The paved road takes us toward Stewart’s Point at the the upper reach of Lake Mead.  The road becomes dirt and dust.  We pass modest houses, several of them vacant and boarded up.

When we reach the dispersed camping area (free, 15-day limit, vault toilet), I park the PTV.

“C’mon, little guy.  We’ll walk to the water and back.”

p1140956Not many campers here . . . only a few.  Maybe there were more over the weekend . . . .

The ground surface is gravel in some places and white, hard-packed clay (?) in others.

p1140958At the edge of the higher level I look down and see that someone is camped below.  Right by the water’s edge . . . . nice.


It’s very pretty here but, dang!  It is hot!  No breeze at all. 

Reggie’s tongue is hanging out and he’s panting.  We return to the PTV, refresh ourselves with a long drink of water, and return to our camp on the mesa where the air is cooler and there’s a touch of breeze.


I check the water in the jugs I set in the sun this morning. 

Good.  Warm enough.

I gather up my bathing supplies and fill a basin with water at the wash station table.  Changing into a loose, cotton nightie, I take a sponge bath.

(The PTV is parked to block the view of our neighbor!).

It may seem silly, but bathing outside in the desert air is one of the many, simple things I love about my life!

Later, when the sun is low in the sky, Reg and I motor into town.

I stop at NAPA Auto Parts and buy two bulbs.  One of the front directional lights is about to burn out (as evidenced by the rapid click-click-click when I turn it on) and needs to be replaced.

I buy two turn-signal bulbs because the other one will probably fail soon, too.

After supper is the time to sit in the lounger with Reg on my lap.

We watch the light change the rocks.  The badlands below the mesa, which are a dull tan during the day, begin to glow.


The mesa beyond Muddy River (who names things around here?  Sometimes the river is brilliant blue) darkens while the distant mountains turn from grey to violet.


An invisible hand pulls a ribbon of Canada geese up from the river.  I watch it float across the sky . . . .

Reggie jumps off my lap, turns around, and gives me his “okay-show’s over-I-want-to-go-to-bed-now” look.

Tuesday, November 8

p1140909After breakfast and morning walk, I remove the orange cover of the front turn-signal,  pull out the old bulb, and insert the new bulb.

Unsuccessfully.  It doesn’t fit.

Why am I not surprised?  This always happens when I try to do anything related to auto mechanics . . . .

I wait until late afternoon for us to go to town.

I show the NAPA guy the old bulb and also the new bulbs that aren’t the same.  He looks at the computer, goes in the back, and returns with two different bulbs.

“I know why that happened,” he reports.  “The wrong bag of bulbs was put in the drawer.”

“I should’ve checked the bulbs before I left the store,” I add.  “Oh well, these look right.  Thank you!”

Next stop:  ACE Hardware.

p1140987-001I buy stain/varnish, a throw-away brush, and sandpaper.  My little wooden side table needs some attention!

“Okay, Reg!  We’re off to McDonald’s!”

Armed with a #5 meal and an all-beef patty, we toodle over to the green grass of Overton Park.

I find a bench in the shade for our picnic.


Speaking of bench, are you on the edge of your seat?  Hang on!  There’s more excitement coming up . . . . .

After our picnic a young man with a chihuahua appears across the park!

I immediately call out, boldly, “Hello!  May my dog play with your dog?”

The man is a bit hesitant.  “She’s not always very nice around other dogs.”

“That’s okay.  Reggie will turn on the charm.”

Here’s Reggie responding to a snarl from Francesca.


Francesca tries to nip Reggie, but he’s too fast for her!  The ever-cheerful Reggie figures this is a game and runs with glee with Francesca in pursuit.


Francesca gives up while the Reginator keeps on running!  That boy loves to run!


Playtime’s over . . . 

I thank the young man for coming over so our dogs can play.

At the PTV I pour Reggie a drink and speak my thoughts out loud, as I often do.

“I’m glad we brought our picnic to the park.  Now you’ll sleep well tonight.”


It’s almost dark by the time we return to Poverty Flats.

The PTV climbs to the top of the mesa and our little house comes into view.

“Oh, we’re just in time for the violet mountains!”




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148 Responses to Stewart’s Point on Lake Mead, projects at our camp, and playtime at the park

  1. Kat and Cookie Dog in NYState says:


    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Kat and Cookie Dog! FIRST PLACE! YAY!

      • Kat and Cookie Dog in NYState says:

        Wow, can’t believe I came in first!! Feel like I won an award. And it’s all because I came down with shingles a few days ago and was on computer because I didn’t feel good enough to do anything else..LOL Thanks RVSue and Reggie, your post perked my day right up.

        • rvsueandcrew says:

          Oh noooooo…. Shingles! I’m so sorry for you!

          Let this be a reminder to everyone… Go to WalMart Pharmacy and get yourself a shingles shot. It may not prevent an occurrence, but it will make it less severe.

          I hope you feel better soon, Kat.

          • Kat and Cookie Dog in NYState says:

            Thanks RVSue. Actually I did get the shingles vaccine 1 1/2 years ago. However they warned me it would only prevent about 60% of the people getting it from getting shingles. However hopefully if I ever did get shingles it would be milder than if I hadn’t gotten the vaccine. Also to very honest I have a very week autoimmune system so was warned in my case it would probably be less effective. However thanks to the vaccine plus getting into doctor’s the very next day and onto medication my case appears mild. But I highly recommend everyone get a shingles vaccine if you can.

            • Marilyn in Dania Beach says:

              I put it off for years until my friend came down with the shingles. She cannot remember two weeks of her life due to the excruciating pain.

              As soon as I could get to Walgreens I had my shingles vaccination and haven’t looked back. DO NOT WAIT. I have heard horror stories but it took this story to make me get the injection.

  2. Kristi & Daisie (Nampa, ID) says:

    Thank you for sharing your moments, Sue. Always appreciated. 🙂

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      You’re welcome, Kristi & Daisie! THIRD PLACE!

      • DJ says:

        Hi Sue

        A couple of sites at Stewart’s Point are the rock garden and the Air Force training. The rock garden is about a mile from the toilet. Take the second right past the toilet. The Air Force trains a sea plane, jumpers, and helicopters on the water. You will know when the jumpers are training because they jump out of a very large and very loud plane with a big tail gate. The plane circles Stewart’s Point several times before they jump and the plane turns at the Mesa. I am about a mile from the toilet in a Scamp. Take the first right past the toilet, then the first left, then the first right, then follow my tracks. There is a dumpster at the first spring past the Stewart’s Point turnoff. There is free dump, water and a dumpster at the first Echo Bay campground. You probably already found the water spigot at the Overland park. Check out the old Mormon town at St. Thomas Point, across from the entrance gate.

        • rvsueandcrew says:

          Thanks, DJ, for taking the time to share all that interesting and good info! I didn’t know about the Air Force training that goes on at Lake Mead. Sounds like something fun to see…

          I didn’t go down the road toward your camp (if I’m thinking of the same road) because a sign said 4 wheel drive recommended… plus it was in the heat of the day and the PTV doesn’t have A/C. I could see the top of a camper down that way…. Maybe that was you!

          I had heard about the facilities at Echo Bay and I may stop there to dump if we camp another week here at Poverty Flats.

          • DJ says:

            The road is fine. I have two wheel drive. I think that the Park Service puts those signs on every dirt road. The USAF training is very entertaining and FREE!

  3. gail liming says:

    Top 5?

  4. I usually have to return two or three times to the store whenever I do a project. Beautiful pictures. Glad Reggie was able to play with another dog.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Thanks, Lisa, regarding the photos. Yes, Reggie isn’t meant to be a loner like me. I can see he will become lonely if I don’t provide people and/or other dogs for him on a regular basis.

  5. Kat and Cookie Dog in NYState says:

    RVSue I always love your pictures! Thank you so much for sharing them with us. Love to hear that Reggie sits in your lap in your recliner. And isn’t it funny how they tell us it’s now time for bed. They sure do control their humans…laughing. It’s been great to see Reggie playing with other dogs, thanks for sharing that so we know he isn’t too lonely for doggie friends. Have a great week.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      You’re welcome, Kat, and you have a great week, too.

      I’m going to get another dog. I’m perfectly happy with Reggie, but he really does crave canine companionship.

      • Kat and Cookie Dog in NYState says:

        I thought you would get another dog, but do it whenever the time is right for you. Just surprise us and we will all be thrilled for you and the Reginator! Love from Cookie Dog and me

  6. Tara in PNW says:

    Sue, thank you for your peaceful and beautiful post today.

  7. Michelle, Salt Lake, UT says:

    As always just love the pictures!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      I’m happy you do, Michelle. Done much camping lately?

      • Michelle, Salt Lake, UT says:

        we were able to get out several times this fall. Just stayed close to home. Hubby did manage to catch several fish, which made his day. Thank you for asking!

  8. Lee J in northern California says:

    That is sure a beautiful area. I am so glad you share it with us!

  9. Brenda says:

    I love your blog. I love how you find such joy in simple things like a purple sunset and a happy dog!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Brenda,

      Thank you for letting me know you love my blog and my simple joys. I’m blessed that I can be happy with this lifestyle…. and that I found it!

  10. Marilyn Moore says:

    Hello Sue N Reggie
    After a late night of election watching I am so happy and relieved with the results. The 45th POTUS has a ‘Yuge’ task to get our nation back on the right track.
    Happy to see your post too. Reggie such a little charming dynamo. A hamburger patty well deserved.
    Spectacular photos of our purple mountains majesty. How fitting.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Marilyn,

      I, too, often think of the phrase “purple mountains majesty.” I remember singing that in grade school and thinking, hey, that’s not right. Mountains are green! 🙂

      It didn’t take Reggie long to convert that hamburger patty into energy! Amazing, really, when you think about it . . . .

  11. Cat Lady says:

    This is for Retiredcajunlady that I posted to the previous post. I didn’t realize Sue had posted this new entry. Here you go:

    RetiredCajunLady, if you’re out-of-state when your sticker comes due, have your vehicle inspected shortly after you return to the State. You can have your car or trailer inspected prior to leaving the State but most other states will not stop and issue you a ticket for an expired inspection sticker from another state. They’ll usually advise you to get a new sticker when you get home. BTW, I was out of Louisiana with an inspection sticker that had expired for 6 months with no problems.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Thanks, Cat Lady, for replying to Retiredcajunlady’s question. I appreciate that. Anyone asking a question on my blog deserves an answer! 🙂

    • Retiredcajunlady 'N Louisiana says:

      Bless your heart, Catlady, for responding to me! I truly appreciate your kindness. That was the only thing that puzzled me. I would probably make TX as my two sister live there and I would want to visit them. It is good to know that other states would probably understand. I thought all states had inspection stickers! Thank you so much again.

  12. Dave Stewart (in missouri for now) says:

    Will have to put this on a must go to list in my benchmark. thanks for the post. Hope you enjoy your stay there. Reggie is sure the runner. P.S. enjoy the view, great pics as always.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Thank you, Dave. Yes, put Poverty Flats and Stewart’s Point on your list! The flats are good for days that are warm (like now it can go into the 80s) and Stewart’s Point is better when it’s a bit cooler.

      I’m not sure how cold it gets in January at Poverty Flats. There are people who camp here for months at a time….

  13. So glad I am not the only one who talks to their fur-baby crew. But hey, they’re family, so it’s okay. 🙂

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      That’s right, Shawna. I think our dogs (and cats) appreciate our conversations with them. Plus it helps me remember how to talk when I stay away from people for long periods. Haha!

    • Elizabeth in WA says:

      Doesn’t EVERYONE talk to their dog?? I even cried at times with mine…good grief, I got far more comfort and kisses from her than any humans!! Heh…yea, talking to them helps I think Sue!!

      • BadgerRickInWis says:

        I remember when I was little and my Mom telling me that the dog didn’t understand English. I asked her why she talked to him then and she said “Because he listens better than you do.”

        • Cinandjules (da zone) says:

          ^^^. Hah hah

          Sue you were right….AO is learning how to spell. Damnit she knew Frannie was coming about an hour before he arrived.

          • BadgerRickInWis says:

            Yea, they are just too damn smart. You should see Dexter’s ears pop up when we say T-R-E-A-T

  14. Elizabeth in WA says:

    Heh…always good for a laugh that Reggie…reminds me of the first dog I remember our family having…named Speedy…my dad saw that dog actually run down a jack rabbit in my Grandpa’s field one day…over all the mounds of the field as that is how crops were grown then…and I imagine given a chance, Reggie could do likewise!! I am glad to hear he will sit nicely on your lap awhile at night…I like it when a doggie snuggles up that way!! Enjoy for me too!!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Elizabeth,

      I enjoyed reading your conversation with weather at the end of the previous post. Very interesting and, gee, it’s fun to “listen in” without worrying about being caught eavesdropping. 🙂

      I can imagine Speedy skimming over the field and mounds, gaining on the jack rabbit. I once fostered a pointer which I called Speed. Man, that dog could run!

      From my photos (and the fact that he’s part Jack Russell) one gets the impression that all Reggie does is run around all day when he’s not tearing into one of his toys. He spends a lot of time on my lap, being lovey.

      • Elizabeth in WA says:

        Thank you Sue…for not minding a bit of “chimming in” as it used to be put about the sort of joining into a conversation!! Love hearing that Reggie is often lovey too… It is funny that there are some dogs who are oh so happy to be a couch potato…and others live to run!! Our last dog was like that until she was quite old…though she was content to be with us, doing whatever we were. We used to take her to a school ground nearby after hours and my husband would run a distance off and I would turn her loose and he ran as fast as he could, with a good head start…and she still caught him and very shortly…She loved that game…then they made it against the rules to run a dog off leash anyplace…sigh!! Tis always the bad dogs and bad people who make it where all of us loose our rights I guess…but our dog adjusted to only being on leash…and no way to really run her!! She was unusual in that she was totally obedient too…and a lot of dogs are not…so could be trusted off leash…would not attack anyone and never let us get far from her!! We were very spoiled by her!!

        • rvsueandcrew says:

          Your love for that dog runs very deeply and eternally, Elizabeth, It comes through to me whenever you write about her.

          About “chiming in”…. I LOVE THAT! I wish everyone would. Imagine what a fun and lively place this would be if I could disappear and the blogorinos would chat with each other…. whether on happy topics or sad, sharing information or just enjoying each other’s company and making sure everyone received a reply and felt welcome. Instead it’s ME, ME, ME all the time…. Yuck.

          I haven’t figured out how to make that sort of “party place” atmosphere occur here. Sure would be wonderful… When I leave the comments, they tend to die out after a while.

          When I taught middle school, if I left the classroom for too long, the students would start playing and having a grand ol’ time. Wish it would happen here!

  15. Dawn from Camano Island says:

    What a relaxing post, Sue. Just the ticket for a busy morning here. Reg is a fireball–glad he had some playtime. The violet mountains…I want to go to there. Happy trails.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Dawn,

      Remember the “golden hour” mountain photos from our camps in southern Arizona? And here at Poverty Flats the mountains turn violet. I guess because the former are brown and the latter are grey…. What a lovely world of variety we have to enjoy!

  16. ApplegirlNY says:

    “Violet mountains” sounds so much nicer than Poverty Flats or Muddy River. I wonder too, about the names places have. You never know what was the inspiration, or lack thereof. Those mountains are truly beautiful in their early evening splendor.

    Glad your little ambassador met yet another friend along the way. A tired dog is a happy dog.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Applegirl,

      The origin of place names is interesting. I’ve developed the habit of looking that up when we arrive at a new camp or area. Some are obvious, others misleading, like Snow Canyon, named after a person, not after snow!

  17. Retiredcajunlady 'N Louisiana says:

    Great photos again, Sue! That Reggie is such a social lil fella! And he sure does love to get exercise. I wish I could get my Willee to walk. His vet visit last week was all excellent except his vet suggested he lose a pound! He is an adult Shih Tzu and a rescue pup who sure is happy in his new home. He will walk to do business, but to walk just to walk…he puts that lil butt down and won’t come. I have tried EVERY suggestion given to me. He is just lazy…something common to his breed. So…no more treats (except his Greenie), no more baked chicken, just steamed carrots (which he loves) before I salt them. I sure wish Reggie could give Willee some “let’s run and have fun” lessons!!!
    Thank you for another beautiful and entertaining post! Belly rubs and hugs….and prayers for you both.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Retiredcajunlady,

      Thanks regarding the photos…. and for the compliment on this post.

      Your Willee reminds me of Bridget. I’m quite certain her refusal to walk wasn’t always because of her leg injury. She would hesitate to walk with us, often lagging behind, and then when we turned around to head back to camp, she would trot along, stepping lively….

      I imagine Willie is too heavy to carry far. I was going to suggest carrying him on a walk and then leaving it up to him to make his way home under his own power. Devious, eh? hee-hee…. We gotta’ outsmart ’em!

      • Retiredcajunlady 'N Louisiana says:

        On a good arthritis day, that just might work! He will walk into the Vet’s office and the Grooming Salon, but in my neighborhood…nope. When he was found on the streets, his claws had grown up and into the paw pads and he wouldn’t walk. Maybe he remembers the pain. I will try carrying him on a low pain day and see how he does. Thanks!!!

        • rvsueandcrew says:

          I hope it works…. Let us know!

          How sad for Willee and painful, the condition in which you found him. Bless you for giving him a good life!

  18. Deena in Phoenix, AZ says:

    I love the positive nature of your blog, the love and understanding you have for your Reggie and I appreciate the knowledge that you have for self awareness…thank you…needed the peacefulness and joy of your life today…

    Deena and Miss Mollie

  19. Virginia620 (AL) says:

    Absolutely beautiful. So inspiring. Fun to read about and see Reggie’s antics. 🤗

  20. Lori says:

    Loving the stories and the pictures, as always. Can any dog resist Reggie’s charm? It’s the same way with people, I believe. If your cheerfulness comes from a deep satisfaction with life, people react to it.

    I think I have that same side table which I just pulled in from my patio as I begin selling off my belongings. I decided to keep it, sand it and give it a new coat of varnish. I hope I will have room for it because I think it can serve many purposes.

    Had a long talk with family today about the future of social security. One is saying “hold off on your plans” but I take that opinion with a grain of salt because this person is not totally accepting of my plans. The others are shrugging their shoulders and saying we’ve been talking about social security for dozens of years and it’s still there. I like the latter thought. So I will continue with my plans because I need this dream of mine.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Lori,

      Oh my, “hold off on your plans” because of fear that social security will be gone? That’s like sitting inside your house waiting for the roof to fall in. Good heavens! I’m so glad you’re going ahead with your plans, Lori, rather than letting others dissuade you from the life you seek. Someday they may say, “I wish I had done what you did.”

      I appreciate you sharing this. I suspect others contemplating and planning for the vagabond life hear similar arguments from family and friends who cannot yet see the possibilities….

      • Lori says:

        I agree, Sue. I consider this to be another of those situations where people wait for the “perfect time.” Like when to get married, have a baby or make any major life decisions. There’s never a “perfect time” and in this case, if there is a perfect time, it’s now when I’m able to enjoy this. Nothing is promised.

        This is only for me and no one’s situation may be like mine, but I feel my joy for life dwindling the longer I stay where I am. I’ll never get that back. I’ve never been Scarlett-like character, waiting to worry about things tomorrow. I’m a planner. But not everything is in my control and sometimes you just have to leap.

        Family and friends may never see the possibilities and may always think I’m a little “tetched.” I can live with that. 🙂

        • rvsueandcrew says:

          You are very wise, Lori. I have a feeling there are readers who will gain much from reading your comment a few times.

          BTW, I too have felt “my joy for life dwindling the longer I stay.” Boy, did that turn around in a hurry!

          • Marilyn in Dania Beach says:

            Prior to this statement of yours, Sue, I was mulling over where you might be at this time if you hadn’t set off on this wonderful 5 years of living in your RV? It is amazing how our paths lead us as we grow.

            What a terrific plan you had before you ventured into the unknown. We are so grateful for the risk you took and your writing about your adventures.

            Thank you.

  21. Toni CT-NH says:

    It’s so wonderful that Reggie turned out to be such a sweet and fun companion.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Isn’t it though? I was thinking the same thing this morning, Toni, as Reggie led us to meet a fellow camper and his dogs (upcoming post!). He does enrich my life and make it fun…. and he does the same for this blog.

  22. weather says:

    Gosh, the photo beneath “…for the violet mountains.” is spectacular! Such grandeur, yet simple beauty, what an incredible yard for your perfect little home. Loving simple things, like bathing outside in the desert air isn’t silly, it’s a great asset that can make living feel sweeter. It’s noticing and enjoying each such pleasure that reminds us how really rich we are…Lovely wording and imagery of the ribbon of Canadian geese.

    How neat that Reggie figures Francesca’s nip is part of a game. I guess he thinks all dogs are as nice as he is. His charm does make most of them act like they are. I am curious about what type/size/gender you’re interested in as a companion for him. If you think mentioning it will start a thread of unwanted suggestions, feel free to edit that out of my comment. Are you planning to paint your table yellow or is that just the can’s color? Were it not for the breezeless heat would you camp by the beach or do you think folks might crowd you there? And is a number 5 chicken sandwich, fries and soft drink?

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Love all your important questions, weather, especially the last one! Haha! You’re right about number 5 at McD’s!

      That can is a Minwax wood finish called Puritan Pine which “penetrates, stains & seals.” Paint color is fun but it would surely chip while being loaded and unloaded in the PTV’s landfill.

      I don’t know whether I’d camp next to the water at Stewart’s Point of not, if it were cooler. I think I’d take the road down there and look for a solitary point sticking out to the water, away from others, where no one could camp nearby. Otherwise I’d be leery of noise on the weekends.

      That reminds me why I chose this spot on the mesa. A deep ravine is on one side so no one can camp there. In front is the edge of the mesa, so that’s good. There’s a guy on the other side but he’s not close and he uses solar power, not a generator. And behind us is the lane that runs the length of the mesa…. We’re safe!

      Thank you for the positives in your first paragraph. Made me smile…

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Oops, I forgot to answer your most interesting question. What type dog would I pick as a companion for Reggie?

      A small dog, because of our limited living (and bed) space. Also ease of lifting if incapacitated or during old age. I do prefer dogs with some white on them, easy to see in the dark and light-colored faces are easier to photograph well. Short, self-cleaning fur like Reggie’s and my original crew’s…. Playfulness is important in order to keep up with Reggie. Another chihuahua mix would work, although I’m open to other breeds. Nothing too delicate… A dog tough enough for boondocking! Oh yeah, and female, only because two dogs lifting a leg on every bush would be too much!

      • Lori says:

        **SNORT!** “PTV’s landfill” “…because two dogs lifting a leg on every bush would be too much!”

        I haven’t laughed at all today so thanks for that.

      • weather says:

        The last detail made me laugh 🙂 I seem to recall Reggie marking a fellow camper’s site, HaHa. The just right female is out there somewhere waiting for you and Reggie to be her just right family, may your search for her, the connection and it’s timing be full of hope and joy.

        • rvsueandcrew says:

          Oh, the time Reggie peed all over that guy’s stuff. Talk about embarrassing!

          • Geri says:

            The first time I met Chuck, his dog peed all over my foot! Not sure if that was a sign of acceptance or what! But we all got along fine! Chuck and I will be looking for a new friend for Radar.He really misses DoogieBowser too. So off we go to the animal shelter maybe this week.

            • rvsueandcrew says:

              Hi, Geri,

              I’m sorry for the loss you, Chuck, and Radar are feeling. I hope you don’t mind me putting up this link to a post I wrote in May 2013. That was when we camped together in Bluff, Utah, and I introduced DoogieBowser and Radar. Actually Bridget made the introductions in Canine Corner. There’s a cute pic of Doogie in that post. Of Radar, too!

              {{{Group hug with the three of you!}}}

            • rvsueandcrew says:

              I hope you find a perfect pal for Radar and for snuggles for you and Chuck, one who will help heal your broken hearts.

            • Geri says:

              Thank you so much for the memory! DoogieBowser was just such a cool dude! He and Spike got along good together! Maybe they will get a chance to meet over the rainbow bridge.

            • Chuck Hajek says:

              Hi Sue & Rocketman!
              Thanks for the Cadillac Ranch post. Brings back very good memories.

            • rvsueandcrew says:

              You’re welcome, Chuck…

  23. Renee Galligher - Idaho says:

    Hi Sue and Reggie, I had to chuckle at Reggie’s game with Francesca. I just about cringed when her owner forewarned you that she sometimes doesn’t get along with other dogs. Poor thing, if she played more with others, I bet she would! That Reggie sure did show her how to have fun. Had she stayed around for awhile, she would learn about enjoying life!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      So true, Renee. Francesca didn’t belong to the young man. She’s belongs to his parents who live a block over from the park and he was helping them by walking her. The dog probably stays isolated too much.

      I left out a lot of Reggie’s canine encounters that occurred while we camped at Cedar Pocket. Mainly because they were negative and I didn’t take photos. There was a pair of miniature American Eskimo dogs (pure white) — beautiful, a breeding pair — that barked frantically whenever Reggie and I came around. Of course, the owner was yanking them back away from us which encouraged the behavior.

      I did convince her to let up a bit and one of the pair did calm down and sniff Reggie. The dogs were on such short leashes that they couldn’t do much other than defend their master from this strange little dog with spots!

      Another dog — a small, Manchester terrier, sweet as can be — was not allowed to associate with Reggie. The owner had a fear of dogs in general and would take her dog inside whenever she saw us coming around the campground loop to pass by her site. One time she gave the excuse that “he can be a bad dog.”

      One evening we caught the owner unawares and I made a big fuss over her dog (who was off-leash and well-behaved) before she could intervene. The dog trotted over to me and soaked up lots of loving (“Ooh! What nice spots you have! I LOVE spots!”) He and Reggie marked the same bush and began to play. They only had about 2 minutes of fun when the woman called her dog and took him inside.

      Near our present camp is a couple with a dog. Whenever Reggie and I walk that way they run their dog inside. Reggie insists on stopping in the lane to look at the dog peering at us through the door screen. The dog doesn’t bark, just looks. It makes me sad.

      Oh well, on the bright side… These dogs are well cared for otherwise and aren’t sitting in a cage at a shelter somewhere…

  24. Sue,
    I so love the way you paint with words! Love your location, with the opportunity to get Reggie on green grass, I was so happy for the times we could find some for our pups. We are home for a while, things need to be done here before we head out again. Someday I hope to be on the road full time, but for now it’s baby steps. Thanks for sharing your adventures!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      You’re welcome, Edie! Did you see the reply I wrote to you about possibly camping at Ajo and Why this winter?

  25. judy in east texas says:

    Good afternoon Sue and the Reg. I’m loving this desert camp you have found. The pictures take me to a peaceful place.
    That little Reg does love to run, just wears me out thinking about it! ha ha

    Stay safe out there and rock on my friend, judy

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Good afternoon, Judy…. What a privilege it is for me to be able to take you and other readers, too, to “a peaceful place.” I’m glad you enjoy this camp.

  26. Thanks so much for this post! And what a sweet encounter for Reggie. You inspire me in so many ways!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      You’re welcome, Sandi, and thank you for being such a loyal reader of my blog. You’ve been a faithful blogorino dating back a couple of years. 🙂

  27. Nancy S. Indiana 5 says:

    I appreciated your comment regarding having a sponge bath in the desert air. I never understand why other RVers don’t enjoy being outside. The first thing we do is set up our outside area. The rug, grill, tablecloth and chairs, come out and we prepare dinner & greatly enjoy eating outside. Do we have a fully functional kitchen, dining and relaxing area inside? Of course we do, but if I wanted to stay cooped up inside instead of enjoying the beauty of nature, I would continue to live in a stick & brick. Anyway that’s just my thought on the matter after noticing we’re usually the only one in the RV park, campground or even state park who seem to do it. Hugs to Reggie.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      I know what you mean, Nancy. It seems strange to me, too. I guess the RV is like a moveable apartment for them, a place to live while watching television or going out to restaurants, museums, and such, and the nature part of camping holds little or no appeal. They miss a lot.

      I can tell you like setting up an outdoor room, too. It’s fun!

  28. Maryanne Davis-Baldwin-CT says:

    Taking Reggie to visit green grass; makes me remember visiting friends in Green Valley, AZ with my previous Border Collie Tye. We walked & walked & walked him but the rocks, dirt & sand were not right to him, so he would not relieve himself . So it was over 24 hours later when we happened across another dog walker whose dog happily peed on a dried up small bush. You could practically see the wheels turn in Tye’s head; “oh that’s how it’s done out here!” and he & his people were happy campers. I had even thought of sneaking onto the local golf green!
    Right now I’m visiting near Boise, Idaho & spent the flight with my nose to the window trying to see the dry country as I’m still thinking of a trip west in the spring. You keep my hopes up (with your gorgeous pictures) of actually getting out here with my camper.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      What a cute story, Maryanne! I never heard anything like that. Border Collies are smart and happy to please. I guess he didn’t want to pee in the wrong place.

      Your description of a “flight with my nose to the window” is endearing…. Everyone knows that feeling of looking through a window at what could be, what one yearns for, what is out of reach now but maybe one day . . . .

      I look forward to reading your descriptions of a trip west next spring. 🙂

  29. AZ Jim says:

    Missy, maybe the lady who called her dog back thought he was bothering you. That is one possibility, the other, less generous, is she gets jealous of sharing him. I’m glad you let the Reg socialize, he enjoys the dog company as evidenced by his play when he visits with them. You seem well situated there in poverty Flats (that name makes me think John Steinbeck). Still a little warm down here. Nice post as usual.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Thanks, Jim. I can’t know for sure what the dog owners were thinking. I did pick up a “vibe” of nervousness and both owners made a comment that put the blame on the dog. 🙁

      Ha! Poverty Flats does sound like the setting for a story….

      Keep cool… I’m trying to move slowly as we go southward …

      • AZ Jim says:

        Yeah, Steinbeck. I was thinking along the line of Cannery Row or Grapes of Wrath. Yes, by all means take your time about coming down here in the lower desert. Think mountains…*Hug

  30. Marilyn Moore says:

    I understand that there are well run shelters and animal rescue groups in Las Vegas. My daughter is searching there for a miniature, male, white poodle to love. Pocket lived 14 years and everyone still misses him. It’s poodle-time for her now.
    Funny how the right dog chooses us, eh?
    Best wishes Sue N Reggie.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Yes, Reggie came from ARP of Las Vegas (Adopt a Rescue Pup). They hold weekend adoption events at PetSmart and operate their rescue organization with efficiency and high standards for the dogs in their care. Good luck to your daughter finding the right pup (which may turn out to be one other than a poodle. I looked for a rat terrier and ended up with a chi-Jack Russell! 🙂 )

      • Chuck Hajek says:

        Hi again,
        I hope we will luck out with a dog as sweet as Rocketman though maybe NOT quite as energenic! Hoping for a small, older dog. Will go over to our local Humane Society and let our friend know what we’re looking for. This is where Radar came from and Geri used to take pictures of the ‘Pet of the Week’ for them.

  31. Marilyn Moore says:


  32. Denise - Richmond VA says:

    Hi, Sue,

    I am loving your time at the mesa. So beautiful! Drab? No way! The violet light show on the mountains is very soothing – thank you so much for sharing your yard with us!

    Don’t you just love how nature speaks to us? Last weekend, the blue jays and chickadees made sure that I heard their frantic demands to fill the feeders. Now the birds flit between trees and shrubs, making sure that I see them, as they sing sweet thanks for their dinner. Yesterday morning temps were just below freezing. I have to make sure my wild birds and animals have plenty of food, water, and shelter to weather through winter. 🙂

    Thank you, Sue, for providing a calm, comforting place for us to visit, escape reality, and destress. So glad the election is over…. Ahhhhh….. 🙂

    Happy, happy Reggie – I love your enthusiasm and unbridled joy! Have a great evening. Sue! Sending you and Reggie love and hugs from me and Gracie pup! 🙂

    Mmm-mmmm…leftover homemade red beans and rice with anduiie sausage is calling to me… 🙂

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Denise,

      You are good to provide for the wild birds and animals around your home. Winters in Virginia can be difficult for the little critters. Gee, already you’ve had temperatures below freezing! No wonder you’re receiving “sweet thanks” from your friends.

      There you go, cooking up another delicious recipe! A very appealing dish for warding off the cold…. and I bet it’s even better the second day.

      You have a great evening, Denise. I feel the love and hugs…. I hope you and Gracie pup do, too!

      • Denise - Richmond VA says:

        Good morning, Sue!

        Love and hugs received! Thank you! ❤️ 🐾 🙂

        If I was in the neighborhood I would leave you a delicious care package!

        Have a glorious day! 🙂

  33. Geri says:

    “An invisible hand pulls a ribbon of Canada geese up from the river. I watch it float across the sky . . . .”
    Beautiful imagery in those few words! Thank you foe allowing me to see this ribbon in flight! Beautiful photos. loved the purple mountains as the sun sets. We don’t get that here. Oh, we get beautiful sunsets and sunrises over the Gulf of Mexico…. but the mesas are missing! That texture…. rhat rare beauty that is different with each night. Thank you for sharing!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      You’re welcome, Geri. Thanks for the compliments on my photos and writing…Wish you were here!

  34. Alane in Durango Colorado says:

    I can relate to needing 2 tries to get the right size turn signal bulb. I just winterized my new-to-me Casita for the first time. It took 2 tries to get a socket for my socket wrench the right size to open the drain plug in my hot water heater. (It is not the 1 1/16″ the manual says-mine has an inner plug that’s 7/8″.) Plus 2 other tries to find a place that wasn’t sold out of RV water system antifreeze. Here in Colorado it just started getting below freezing at night, and all the antifreeze got bought up! The directions for winterizing in my owner’s guide were unclear, but I figured it all out–eventually. I feel more confident about managing my rig now–winterizing taught me more about where everything is in the waste & water systems.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      You have a lot more perseverance than I have, Alane. I would’ve given up when the socket was the wrong size. Sounds like you have gained an excellent education regarding your rig and you got it through your own initiative. Well done…. Congratulations!

  35. ronald harrison says:

    Great site. I’m just getting on after asking a lady here at Cedar Pocket, AZ about her antenna hookup with a Verizon Jetpack. She pointed me to your site to get info. I will be a steady visitor.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Welcome, ronald! Pleased to have you join us! You are now officially a blogorino…. I hope we will hear from you again.

      I don’t have my antenna up at Poverty Flats because it isn’t needed. Verizon signal is strong here… 4G and 4 bars. In more remote places it does a good job of boosting signal. If you have any questions that aren’t answered on the internet antenna page, feel free to ask.

  36. Phiesty says:

    Just an update on my antenna pole. I used 2 inch PVC and it just fits over my trailer ball on my receiver. I do use a really strong bungee wrapped several times around the bottom pole and hooked to the safety chain openings to stabilize the pole in the wind. I had them cut the PVC into two 5 foot sections and then got a connector for them so I can put the antenna in my small pull behind enclosed trailer. The adaptor I ordered works fine and it increases my signal at least 2 bars.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Good to see you here again, Pheisty. Interesting, creative, and easy set-up for your antenna pole! I’m glad your adapter works well …. That increase of two bars makes a world of difference!

  37. Pamelab in Houston says:

    Hi, Sue and crew –
    I so enjoy your blog. I know it takes a lot of time writing, taking photos and then editing and then combining the two for posting. Thank you.
    Good news about my insurance scare – I found some Medicare Supplement policies that will be a little more that what I had per month, and the coverage is better with no limited choices of physicians. I was in a funk for a couple of days, til I found this.
    I think what I have been doing is the “destination” travel – be here by such a date and then be there by another date. Exhausting.
    After the first of the year, I hope to do some meandering.
    Happy Trails.
    Pamelab back in Missouri City TX for a while.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Pamelab,

      I’m glad you found a solution to your insurance situation.

      Reading your comment about destination travel I realized why I detest making reservations. Some folks like the security of having a site reserved and waiting, and they make reservations along their intended route. Ugh! To me that’s like having a series of appointments…. and it sets you up for destination travel, causing you to move camp even when you don’t feel like it because you have a reservation.

      Yes, try meandering next year. No telling what wonderful discoveries you’ll come upon!

      Thanks for acknowledging the effort I put into this blog. Very thoughtful of you. 🙂

      • Denise - Richmond VA says:

        I work with a person who schedules his vacation down to the Nth degree. No joke – has an hour by hour itinerary drawn up. I think he and his wife miss out on seeing things and enjoying experiences that fall outside of their rigid schedule. Just the thought of making up that type of itinerary is exhausting! 🙄

  38. Ohhh, I wish we were in your area. We loved both Poverty Flats and Stewarts Point. Much nicer than buggy, humid Florida Key’s where we were spending this winter,

  39. Cinandjules (da zone) says:

    Reg man is such a character….and I love the photos when he’s zooming around. Francesca looks like a sweetie pie! Remember when Reg man was shy? He’s come around nicely! Good job!

    Do you think he misses Bridgee?

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Gosh, I had forgotten about Reggie being shy. Those were his first days in our home. I won’t take credit for his sociability and friendliness… That’s his nature…

      No, I don’t think he misses Bridget. They weren’t closely bonded like some dogs become. The difference in personality and age was too great and Bridget was at a point in her life journey where she was her own woman, not really needing or wanting the companionship of a youngster. She liked him well enough and they had some good times together, mostly Bridget watching over him like a babysitter would. Reggie would play, run, and fool around, not really interacting that much with Bridge.

  40. Pat (Ky) says:

    Greetings all,
    Home from my first evening back to work after returning from the maiden voyage with the Casita. So much to say, but I’ll try to be brief.

    The dogs and I and everything else came back in one piece.We did not make it to Big Bend. At the end of the first day, I thought, this is crazy…I’m going to spend half my vacation with nothing but long days on the road. So by the second day we were just meandering around going south and west. Surprisingly we did cover over 2100 miles but except for the first day, we were in camp by 2 or 3 pm each day. A number of days we stayed in the same place.

    I feel comfortable towing now. I still struggle backing up when the trailer has to go to my right. I loose sight of it and have to keep getting out to look where it is. Learned a few lessons that’s for sure.

    We stayed most days by a lake or river; did lots of walking and took some hikes. It took a few days to relax from work; but once I got over that, we had a great time. The first night with the dogs took a little sorting out. Bree, my shepherd mix who always sleeps with me, just stood and stared at me when she realized she was going to be sleeping on the floor. After a couple of nights all 3 dogs had picked their spots where they were going to sleep.

    The only time we were in the Casita was after dark. The dogs did not like being outside after the sun set. I actually cooked every night. I cooked outside with a Coleman stove. I loved being outside all day.

    The one thing that I didn’t like about the Casita was the miniblinds. During the night I kept hitting them. They also seemed to be in the way when I was reading.

    The one thing I need is a comfortable outside chair to sit in. My back got so sore from sitting and reading. I definitely need something better.

    I need to get it winterized quickly…another learning experience I’m sure. I’m hoping that we can do some camping in the area over the next few months whenever I have a few days off. I had a great time and can’t wait to go again.

    • Denise - Richmond VA says:

      Thanks for the update, Pat! Sounds like your maiden voyage was successful! I am sure the backing up will get better with practice. Thank you for sharing with us wannabes! 🙂

    • Joyce Sutton says:

      Congrats on backing successfully. I just don’t seem to get it. On the other hand I think I could do the winterizing I’ve always paid to hVe it done at the local rv dealers and when I open in spring if there is leaks they repair free. Saved me a couple times but alas that was the dealer that wasn’t sealing my roof properly so I went further afield to have it repaired and had the different dealer winterize as well. Even better that dealer has my rear tires replaced for much cheaper than I could I have done them my self. They are a little farther but the money I have saved almost paid for the extra gas.

    • BadgerRickInWis says:

      Great update Pat, thanks for that.

      Regarding the mini blinds perhaps you can look at light filtering pleated shades like the ones that come on Escape and Bigfoot trailers. They are made of cloth and fasten at both the top and bottom so they don’t sway around as much as aluminum blinds. Not super cheap at around $50.00/window but I guess it depends on how much they bother you.

      You might also be able to find them cheaper online. I’ll bet if you search the Casita forums you might find lots of solutions. I’m interested so please let us know how it works out.

      • Pat (Ky) says:

        Thanks for the suggestion; I will have to look into those shades. I keep thinking I read somewhere about material one can buy that is basically one way…difficult to see in, but a person can actually see out through the material. It may be too coarse; as the primary use I believe was on patios.

        • BadgerRickInWis says:

          I think I know what you mean I used to have fabric like that on the sliding patio door that opened on to the deck off the master bedroom. Be aware however that it’s not as opaque as one might think if you have the lights on in the room. Don’t ask how I know. 😉

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Pat,

      Great report! I enjoyed reading it very much. Good to read that you’re “comfortable with towing now.”

      Backing the trailer to the right can be difficult. I assume you have good mirrors. Try moving the angle of the right side mirror to better see what is going on back there. Also putting out bright markers can help. And going slowly, of course. But, hey, sometimes you DO have to get out and look several times. Nothing wrong with that.

      About the Casita blinds… Forgive me if I’m stating the obvious… Make sure both ends of the bottom bar of the blinds are in the loops and then try to raise the blinds in order to increase the tension. That keeps the blinds from swaying. As for hitting the blinds at night, why not raise them? When I had blinds I always raised the ones over my bed in order to look at the stars.

      Love your last line…. I’m glad you had a great time, Pat!

  41. Wonderful to see the play of light on the desert hills, something I love most about that area. Good thing you didn’t procrastinate on replacing the bulb ’til after you’d moved on! One of my greatest failings, and it never ends well 🙂 The Reggie Man knows no strangers, he’s such a charmer.

  42. Krystina McMorrow says:

    Good Morning! Happy Veterans Day to all our wonderful Veterans!! Thank you for serving. Great post RVSue. I love the pictures of Reggie zooming and making friends wherever he goes. Such a little charmer. The violet mountains pictures are fabulous. Have a great day.

  43. Carole says:

    RVSue, I absolutely love your pictures. I love that tight little bundle, Reggie, a fitness expert. Your blog is tops!

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