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Monday, March 9

The crew and I are camped at Las Vegas Bay Campground in Lake Mead National Recreation Area east of Las Vegas, Nevada. 

1-P1030144One of the campers at Las Vegas Bay Campground

Bridget and Reggie have had breakfast, a quick walk around the campground loop, and a short nap on the bed next to me while I’m online this morning.  I do a search for “Smith’s Grocery in Las Vegas, NV” and find one of their stores is located on the east side of town.  Great!

Joe, the foster dad for Reggie, told me that Smith’s sells marrow bones sawed into discs for dogs.  Reggie likes eating the marrow and chewing the bones.  I want to buy him and Bridget some of those, and also I want to purchase dog toys.

This little boy needs to be occupied!

I don’t stop for photos because I want to complete our shopping before the day becomes hot.  We’re delayed anyway be construction, about twenty minutes.  During that time Reggie starts to chew on his brand new, red leash.

“No, Reggie.  No, you don’t do that.”

He looks up at me and doesn’t chew it anymore. 

“Good boy.”

I love driving into Las Vegas from the east.

1-P1030163Hills along Lake Mead Boulevard

I plan to post more (and better) photos of the drive before we leave this area.  One travels on a winding road through rocky, “painted” hills with no buildings to suddenly emerge to a view of the city, spread out below.  The “skyline” is beautiful against the Spring Mountains with their snow-covered peaks.

At Smith’s I slide the PTV into a parking place shaded by the front of the store building.

Bridget starts to bark for a walk-around.  Oh no, I hope she doesn’t teach Reggie to bark.  I grab my camera and keys, and set the pups on the pavement.  Reggie doesn’t make a sound and Bridget stops barking.  I lead them straight to a place where they can do their business.

1-P1030168The culture of the city is a striking contrast to what I’m accustomed.

A car goes by, thumping and vibrating to the bass of “music.”  A twenty-something man jogs across the parking lot, darting around vehicles.  He’s wearing neon orange shoes (untied, of course) and baggy pants hanging low to display his underwear.  A couple approaches us on the sidewalk along the storefronts.  The man talks loudly as they pass and uses the f-word twice within the span of one sentence fragment.

1-P1030171“That’s a bad word, Reggie.  Close up your ears and don’t ever say it, okay?”

I secure the crew in the PTV in order to shop.

Nice store.  Prices are okay.  Good produce.  I pick up navel oranges, pinata apples (something new to try), bananas, red peppers, an onion, broccoli, green beans, and celery.

The butcher shows me where to find the marrow bones. 

They’re frozen and cost $2.19 a pound.  I buy two packs.

1-P1030214-001This will make the crew very happy.  Smiling, I push the cart over to the pet aisle.  I pick out three balls of varied sizes and a long, lime-green, stuffed dog that is temptingly squeezable and lets out a little squeak when pressure is applied.  Reggie will like this!  I’ll get him more toys at a place where they aren’t as expensive.

On the way to check-out, I grab a rotisserie chicken.

Reggie is excited when I show him the lime dog.  I tear off the tag and set it on the passenger seat, along with one of the balls.  I put the groceries on the floor in front of the passenger seat.  The rotisserie chicken, it’s aroma coming out of the bag and filling the air around us, goes safely on my lap for the ride home.

1-P1030181“Let’s go home and have some fun!  I got bones, Bridge.”

The Lake Mead Boulevard construction gives us another twenty-minute wait. 

But this time we have rotisserie chicken to share!

“Might as well have a picnic, right, guys?”

I don’t give them much because I don’t want to upset Reggie’s stomach.  I close up the bag of chicken and soon we’re at our camp, disembarking the PTV with our goodies.

1-P1030180Puppy cam time!

Kind of.

I set up the pen between the PTV and the BLT where it’s shady.  I put my camp chair right next to it, under the awning.  Bridget sniffs the marrow bones and walks away.  I step inside to finish putting away the groceries.  When I go out again, Reggie is standing with both bones at his feet.  The marrow is gone.

1-P1030210“Well, look what you have!”

Bridget moves in, takes one of the bones away from Reggie, settles down and begins gnawing happily.   Reggie doesn’t mind.

1-P1030184He chews on the other bone for a minute and then remembers . . .

There’s that lime-green dog that needs to be shown who’s boss!

He grabs it with his jaws and shakes it ferociously.

1-P1030195Chews mercilessly on its ear!                                                      Bites it until it squeaks!






Flips the dog right out of the bed and quickly grabs it before it can get away!

1-P1030196The action is a blur as Reggie fastens his powerful jaws in a death-grip on his victim and finishes him off!

1-P1030194Oh, there goes a car . . . .

1-P1030199Bridget and Reggie gnaw and play contentedly for about a half-hour and then, just as quickly as the fun began, it stops.

Nap time!



1-P1030200Warning to lime-green, squeaky dogs everywhere:  Do not mess with The Reggie Man!


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123 Responses to The crew shows how to enjoy life more

  1. Patricia from Florida says:

    Congratulations on finding another soulmate!

  2. Katy in NH says:

    Reggie is quite a character! Fun ahead for all of you!

  3. Willow (AZ) says:

    Great story I love Reggie and Bridge looks happy too. I love happy ever after.

  4. Bette in okc says:

    I’m so glad you and your crew are so
    happy. Congrats!

  5. wildflower in prescott says:

    Oh Sue I am so happy for you and your crew.

  6. Val R. Lakefield On. says:

    I love how well they are getting along. Those bones would create a war at this house. 🙂
    Such a sweet dog. So happy it is working out so well.

  7. Betty Shea says:

    That was a fun post!! Bridget and Reggie look so sweet together!!☺!!!

  8. Gail in Buckeye AZ says:

    What a terrific story tonight! Loved the pictures!

  9. Lisa W says:

    What a great day. A little shopping, a little car ride, chicken, marrow bones, a toy to play with that squeaks. Reggie probably thinks he has died and gone to heaven. Thank you for sharing your day with us, Sue.

  10. Lynn Brooks says:

    So Sweet!!!
    I’m so happy Reggie is fitting in so nicely. How wonderful for all of you!

    • Dawn says:

      Isn’t he a cutie! One day we’re going to be on the road again, too. I sure do miss those adventures.

  11. weather says:

    It’s terrific to see how well those two are getting along,Sue,wow!Love their sitting beside each other in the PTV and willingly sharing bones.You must be beside yourself with happiness,and I am for you.Whoever thought you’d love any cities drive,I’m glad as you said you intend to stay put until Reggie is more used to life with you in the BLT.Toys-another thing I didn’t expect you to love,this is getting more interesting by the minute,have fun,n’nite.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      The drive into the city is very pleasant because it’s the national rec area, left natural and undeveloped. Once in the city, the wide boulevards make traffic flow easily. 🙂

  12. DeAnne in TN says:

    Sue–you sound so happy! We are all so happy for you!

    • Gayle - SO CAL Beach Boomer says:

      Amen, DeAnne! Can’t remember the last time I hear RVSue so happy! One person’s happiness benefits us all!

  13. Elizabeth in S.E. NM says:

    What a great choice you and Bridgette made with Reggie! What a cutey! May all of
    your travels be very Happy Trails!
    It looks and feels like winter is finally over here in S. E. New Mexico….. We are all very
    pleased to see the sun return and bring some lovely weather……

    Hugs to you and your adorable crew!!!

  14. Fred Wishnie says:

    All coming together nicely, isn’t it?

  15. Dancer says:

    it is so good to see him fitting in so perfectly with you, and he likes toys .. watch out green monsters you are in trouble. what I liked it that how non aggressive he is with Bridget with bones/food, that is a true test of a dogs nature.. we are so happy for you all. God bless ..

  16. AlanOutandAbout says:

    It is always fun discovering a new pets personality. They are are all different. I swear in one of the pictures Bridget looks like she is actually happy and having fun. I think she really likes having a friend.

    • I noticed the same thing Alan! Those 2 photos in the PTV, with Bridget and Reggie side by side, I would swear that HRH is smiling for the camera !!! I think she is really happy with Reggie as a new friend!

      • Chris B says:

        How funny, Alan. We said the same thing at the same time. I picked up on the look on Bridget’s face at exactly the same time as you. We posted our comment together! LOL!

        Chris B

  17. Susan in Dallas says:

    I love Bridget’s smile in those pictures! I’m sure not telling Reggie where my lime green squeaky toys are! I see some more fun adventures ahead for you and the crew.

  18. Chris B says:

    It looks like Bridget is enjoying her new brother. Look at her smile!

    Chris B

  19. K & B in CO says:

    Does it take 2 to make a crew, then yes, it’s a crew again, welcome Reggie to the crew. I know I will enjoy seeing him settle in and become part of the stories and your life. On another note, it is amazing that you can find a quiet place that close to one of the noisiest cities in the west. Enjoy!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      The receding shoreline works in our favor, I think. I’m happy with this campground. Only noise so far was one person on Saturday who thought we’d all enjoy his music.

  20. Sheila says:

    Your stories of your new family is heart-warming and I can sense your happiness. How wonderful!

  21. Ha ha, good day today for sure……so much fun…..dogs rule !!
    Bridget’s being such a sweetheart and accepting to the new guy in the pen !

  22. Carol, Auburn says:

    Love, love the photos of the crew. What fun!

  23. He was so worth the wait! I love Reggie and Bridgett and can almost hear your smile as you write for us…thank you for sharing your adventures

  24. Jan Johnson says:

    I need to get my dogs some of those marrow bones! But our beagle, who is very timid and good normally, turns into a demon when she gets a goodie – like a rawhide chew – or even sometimes a paper plate the cats were fed on! She will take the goodie into a corner and lash out at dogs, cats and people alike like she is going to tear them/us from limb to limb. It makes me said our poms can’t enjoy a goodie like this without the beagle being locked up and not getting one, but we can’t figure out how to help her with this.

    Those two are so cute and such a pleasure to see together! Our two older dogs took a bit longer to accept our new dog – Bridget is awesome!

  25. DesertGinger says:

    You know, Bridget does look happy. I think she likes having a new pal. And Reggie seems quite delighted with his new family. I think you three are going to have a fabulous time together!

    I’m beginning to have less nausea…almost feeling human. I think that means I need to start exercising. Wish I was more excited about that. But I think I can start moving forward, planning. 4 more weeks of work. By then I should be feeling well. What’s next? Need to start figuring things out. I would like to travel this summer if possible and get out of the heat. Time to put my thinking cap on!

    • Dawn from Camano Island says:

      Ginger, I noticed a change in Bridget too! She looks happier, more lively! It’s nice to see that in her, isn’t it?

  26. Barb from Hoquiam! says:

    Omgosh almighty alrighty! What fun! Puppy Heaven!!!

    YEP, I think Bridget is amazing to warm up to him like that and that they share bones? WOW! They are both so cute! (don’t want any green eyed monsters!)

    I love Red Rock Canyon just outside the city… Just love that. Never enjoyed the city… too much plastic and junk… but that area is wonderful.

    Bet you sleep well!
    Hugs from Hoquiam

    • Denise - Richmond VA says:

      I agree with Barb…Red Rock Canyon is beautiful! A nice loop drive through the park with lots of turn offs to park, get out and enjoy the view…also to hike. Two Thumbs Up!! Highly recommended! 🙂

  27. Linda Rose, Muffin, Murphy, Molly & Midgy says:

    How great that he’s settled in so perfectly. Maybe you can hope that he might teach Bridget not to bark? Wouldn’t that be lovely? I just checked the weather for Las Vegas and it sounds just about perfect. about the same here. Mid 70s during the day and mid 50s at night. I’m feeling very envious of you. It will be another month before I hit the road again. Not to the desert for me though but thou have certainly opened my eyes to some of the beauty of the desert with your pictures and descriptions. Thanks again for taking us along.

  28. Barbara (from Nashville) says:

    What a great post! I love how cute they are together, smiling, sharing bones and a bed with you. They seem to get along well already. I definitely think Reggie is a keeper, and all is going to be great for you and Bridget. I was impressed that he immediately stopped chewing on the leash when you told him no. Seems he is well behaved and mannered.

  29. Sharon in MO says:

    What great doggie fun! Bridget is being a good big sister to Reggie. So happy they get along.

  30. Kelley in SoCal says:

    Another great post! I love Bridge and Reggie!

  31. Janet says:

    I told my husband I wanted to get home right away after grocery shopping so I could see how RVSue’s new puppy is doing 🙂

  32. JanisP in Ecuador says:

    I agree with everyone else, Bridget looks so bright and HAPPY to have a new brother! And every time I see your ex-pen setup I always think that quilt is way too nice to belong to the dogs! Is there a story behind that? Thanks again for letting us all share your adventures!!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      The quilt with matching shams used to be on our bed until it became worn-looking. (It looks better in the photos.) It’s a cheap, “fake” quilt from Wal-Mart. It has a quilt pattern and the stitching is coming out. I was ready for a change. Now it’s the all-purpose quilt — a pallet on the ground, a covering for the bench seat, a picnic blanket . …

  33. Dedra says:

    Boy, I thought my marrow bones from a Asian store here in Oklahoma City
    was expensive. They when from $.59 to $.79 lb.
    My 5 1/2 pound boy loves them. I have to be careful because they
    can give him diarrhea. I love your pictures and tales of the crew.
    You are blessed.

  34. Linda a. says:

    Bridget is a perfect sister and you didn’t even have any night time drama.
    How sweet it is ! Just all good.
    Sue, you know how to pick your family. Happy, happy for you all.

  35. Denise - Richmond VA says:

    Hi. Sue,

    Looks like you all are settling into your new routine nicely. It makes me very happy that you are so happy! I can feel your immense joy and relief in your posts. 🙂 Reggie seems to have had some basic training, good on the leash, and so far minding you…such an easier transition, rather than a puppy who has to learn everything. I love all the pictures of this post!

    Gracie loves to tear off the ears, nose or tail of her stuffed animals. When she starts pulling out stuffing, I take them away from her. I have a medium sized box of stuffed animals in the “hospital” waiting for me to mend them. I hope Reggie’s green monster fairs better!

    Have another great night! **Hugs!**

  36. Renee (Datil/North Ranch) says:

    That little boy is absolutely adorable — of course, so is Bridget. Nice that they’re sharing (space, bones, Mom) so well; it looks like you’ve chosen well. It seems as if Reggie has quickly settled into having a new mom & sister. Sweet!

  37. Timber n' me says:

    All right, toys for the crew,,,, Reggie I see you are listening to you new big sister, ,,,,,, Timber

  38. How exciting, I’m so happy for you Sue!!! He’s a little sweetheart! Your patience paid off and you found the perfect crew member. Reggie and Bridget look so cute together too. Congratulations!

  39. phxkayaker says:

    It will be fun to see how long it takes Reggie to get the squeaker out. Turk goes for ears, tail, eyes, and the the squeaker on any stuffed toy.

  40. Captain K (Utah) says:

    Pure bliss! New toys and bones. Wonder if Reggie likes to play fetch? Bridget looks so happy. Happy trails, Sue!

  41. debsjourney says:

    Hi Sue,
    all I can say is that Bridget sure looks very happy and more than usual a sparkle in her eye that I haven’t seen for a while. Reggie is so cute and playful. I make marrow bones for my dog but I either boil them or roast them in a baking pan. I’m not sure about raw bones and marrow but it looks like they like them. I am so happy for you all your pictures make me happy and smile. looking forward to more hugs Deb

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Raw bones are safer than cooked bones…. The marrow bones don’t seem prone to splinter so you’re okay… Marrow is high in protein, but also in fat… Moderation is the key!

  42. AZ Jim says:

    I can see you smiling from here. Good for you Missy. You did good, lot’s of lookin but you got your boy. 🙂

  43. Alison PNW says:

    Bridget looks so happy!! I can tell you are too. And Spike is smiling down from the Rainbow Bridge.

  44. Doug Laning says:

    Haven’t seen Bridget look so happy in a long time. She looks perky in the photos. I think she is happy because of Reggie.

  45. Robert says:

    Swear to God Sue, Bridget has never looked happier, ears forward, upright and a smile!
    I think the pup was a good choice!

  46. Donna P says:

    Your post tonight was a great and much needed emotional boost! I’ve frankly never seen Bridget look so pretty, and Reggie is adorable. Good job capturing his youthful spirit with your narration!

  47. Elizabeth in WA says:

    Cute, cute, cute!! Suppose next time Bridget will try some of the bone marrow too?

  48. Fl Cat lady says:

    It’s wonderful to see them both getting along so well so soon! Lucky you. Older females can be, well, well never mind. LOL
    The bones are expensive and frozen because they are safe and not cooked. Dogs should never have cooked bones. They get brittle that way and can be sharp and lodge in the intestine. Glad they are eating natural uncooked. Can’t wait to hear and see more. Happy trails.

  49. Mick'nTN says:

    A happy RvSue&Crew, look at that Bridget smile!

  50. Teresa from NC says:

    Awfully cute! It’s so nice to see how well Reggie and Bridget get along, and dare I say how happy it seems to make RVMamaSue, too:-)

  51. Susan in south central WA says:

    I don’t know if I have ever seen Bridget looking so happy!

  52. DesertGinger says:

    As I think about it, Bridget spent most of her life with a brother. She wasn’t accustomed to being alone. She may be very happy to have a new brother. Maybe she thinks you got Reggie for her! She certainly does look happier.

  53. kris says:

    Sue & Crew…..If I might offer a caution on the marrow bones. Yes, dogs LOVE them, but they can, and have made quite a few dogs quite I’ll with pancreatitis. The “marrow” part is extremely rich and fatty…….some dogs can tolerate this but many will get, at the minimum, an upset stomach and diarrhea….others go on to develop pancreatitis which could be life threatening…or at minimum, a few days at the vet hospital for supportive care.
    I’ve been giving my dogs marrow bones for years, but what I do is remove the majority of the marrow (by microwaving on the very lowest setting for between 10-20 minutes…depending on the size of the marrow chamber) and then scooping 98% of the softened marrow out. The dogs still get “some” marrow, but more importantly, working on the bone, and the clinging sinu and meat, cleans their teeth naturally. My dogs have never had “doggy breath” and have never needed any veterinary dental intervention to clean any tarter from their teeth, thanks to their frequent “work” on cleaned out marrow bones.
    Hope you don’t mind my speaking up on this matter. I would hate to think of one of your adorable pups getting deathly Ill with pancreatitis!
    Happy trails…

  54. Janis Harrison says:

    what a delightful post Sue.It is always good to get to share someone’s joy.So happy for you and your new crew.

  55. Pamela K. says:

    I am loving these posts about Reggie and Bridge! I must say Bridget is looking so happy and maybe even playful too. She really seems to enjoy she role as steward to the new Crew member. Reggie is such a darling except where Green Doggie Toys are involved, lol. Love when he gives that squint-eye look ~says he sports a doggie black-belt 😉 Well, all those pictures are priceless, love them all!
    Sue, chicken, doggie bones, toys…Oh My!!! You are beside yourself Girl! Happiness becomes you 🙂

  56. Pauline In Mississippi says:

    What a great way to start my day!!! I love this story. Bridget looks so happy…really…she looks so good!!! Our Sassy has a yellow thingy like Reggie’s lime green one and she does the same thing. It is so much fun to watch. I love the picture just above the words Puppy Cam. The 2 of them look so good. I am so happy for you and the crew.
    Sending lots of love and big hugs.

  57. MJ says:

    Congratulations on finding your new traveling companion! It looks like fun and joy for everyone.

  58. Dawn from Camano Island says:

    Good morning! Sue, your post is so vibrant & sweet! Bridget is so gently showing Reggie the ropes & letting him know she’s the alpha. Reggie fits right in & holy cow–could he & Bridge be any more adorable together? It’s so much fun to see these new relationships unfold.

  59. Dawn says:

    Bridget does look happier! Reggie was certainly worth the wait 🙂 You can also watch for ox tails – they’re a little smaller but have more meat generally as people use them for stews. I don’t think they would be too small for your crew, but you be the judge. On the east coast when they show up in the meat case they generally aren’t too expensive. I have to stick with the big marrow bones for Freyja. And if the Pinata apples are the same as we get from Washington state they are a TREAT. My favorite apples. Just the right amount of sweet and tart and flavor. Sorry you had to deal with city crowds to score those bones, though! LOL!

  60. Ron Sears says:

    It may just be me, but I looks at Bridget in the new pictures you have posted and she has a much happier look on her face. That may sound silly to some people, but if you look at some of her past pictures and the new ones there is definitely a change… and that’s nice…. be safe..

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Bridget is a serious girl, and she’s had to adjust to life without her lifelong companion.

  61. Kathy Tyson says:

    I have never seen a better picture of Bridget! She seems happier. What a crew. So enjoy reading your blog.

    Kathy in Kansas

  62. PookieBoy in houston says:

    hi Sue….looks like the pups are getting along fine…….great to hear!
    I think in all the times Ive driven to las vegas coming into vegas on Henderson
    hwy there as always been some kind of contruction going on… I made
    the mistake of shopping at Albertsons there and I remember bread being
    $4 a loaf and pkg of ham was $8 so I stopped that….ha!

  63. I guess I should have waited to read all the blogerino’s posts before responding to Alan. Everyone of us see the happy face on Bridget! No more stink eye! She is positively glowing with happiness! I think the fast acceptance may be in part because Reggie is a bit smaller than she is, she feels no threat from him. I love seeing her happy and seeing the friendship between the two! Happiness sings out through your words! I can see your smiling face as the fingers dance with joy over the keyboard! The three of you are, indeed, a family!

  64. Lacy says:

    He’s so adorable and Bridget looks like a happy big sister!

  65. Cinandjules (NY) says:

    What a wonderful day!

    It appears that Reggie is acclimating well to his new life…..AND Bridgee Babeee has the biggest smile on her face! Priceless!

    Sounds like you’re smiling also! Life is good!

  66. Jodee Gravel says:

    I was thinking how happy Bridget looks with her new pal, and I’m sure she is, but then I remembered you had chicken in your lap when you took the pic… maybe it isn’t all Reggie 🙂 Still, they are clearly doing great together and that is most important. Tessa is the first dog I’ve had that plays with toys. She doesn’t “get” the ball which is all my other dogs would play with. Watching her shake and toss and bite the duck, squirrel, flamingo and raccoon just cracks me up!!! Better than TV 🙂 Thanks for sharing the fun pen pics – so happy for you three.

  67. Rita from Phoenix says:

    We all notice the sparkle in Bridge’s eyes…she certainly does look happier. Soon she’ll be playing tag of war with Reggie. Our dogs use to get annoyed with Ralphie’s playfulness but soon they would join in and it’s hilarious to watch them race around the back yard in a game of chase, tackle and wrestling around. Even our cats join in sometimes.

  68. Toni says:

    Well, Reggie – you hit the jackpot in Vegas!

  69. Ray Fleming says:

    It would appear that you two girls are falling in love!

  70. They seem to be doing very well together. You seem much more “complete” too.

  71. Cynthia from San Clemente, CA says:

    Loved today’s post and all the photos. Loved the way Bridge waited for Reggie to “remove” the marrow before she started on the bone. I wonder if he’ll eventually teach her that the marrow is the best part! I’m so glad they are getting along well!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Bridget used to wait for Spike to “break in” the bones, too.

      • Dancer says:

        I remember that, I thought it was so cute when she went and got the bone after he did his thing, just like she used to do with Spike.. what joys, we see the change in Bridget eyes, and smile, but I am sure if we could see you, you would have a smile from ear to ear and your eyes would be light up to.. we can’t wait to see more pictures of the crew and more stories of how its going. 🙂

  72. Bridget says:

    Congratulations on becoming a new Mother! There’s nothing better in life than giving “birth” to a new little puppy. Reggie is adorable! I know how happy your heart is and how lucky a little boy he is. Bridget is lucky, too! She now has a little brother she can boss around – very much like the way Spikey did her!

  73. rvsueandcrew says:

    Hello everyone!

    Enjoying your responses to the crew’s photos in this post. I, too, am very pleased with Bridget’s acceptance of Reggie. She seems happy he is here, although there are times when Reggie’s exuberance for fun and play gets on her nerves. She lets him know with a short bark or growl and he backs off.

    Pretty amazing that they get along at all, considering Bridget has never been the playful type and Reggie loves to play. Also Bridget is a mature lady and Reggie is a very young 3-year-old. I’m wondering if he’s younger than that. His antics had me laughing at 3 a.m. after he woke me up for more play time by pouncing on my head!

    Thank you for your comments. I hope you don’t mind me not replying to each one. Very busy these days . . . I feel like we have a toddler in the house!

    Warm wishes to y’all. It’s especially nice to see “new” people joining us here. Welcome!


    • weather says:

      Showing how this turn in the road is unfolding is enough!The pleasure found in watching you three and your happiness does not depend on your replies to comments,I’d rather envision you enjoying these first few special days and nights together.

    • DesertGinger says:

      My Chloe is 8 and still plays like that. Might just be ‘him’.

    • Dancer says:

      lol the best way to lose sleep if you are going to lose sleep 🙂 we are patient, to watch as this unfolds, your happiness and Bridget’s is all that matters..

  74. Steve from Vegas says:

    The east side of Las Vegas is the rough side and sorry you experienced that. Please don’t think the whole city is like that. Had you camped at the Red Rock campground as others mentioned, used the west side PetsMart and Smith’s I am sure your experience would have been much different. However you would not have found Reggie, so that makes it worth it. Be well.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      I considered the west side’s 13-mile campground. We didn’t go there because there are fewer RV sites and more tourists. I wanted a quiet place. Also, it was a long drive (for me) from Lake Havasu City and it was a Friday… too much risk of not finding a site at the end of the drive.

      I didn’t find the east side experience bad… just typical city.

      • PookieBoy in houston says:

        my experience is that the locals frequent the east side and the tourists visit the west side….just saying…

        • rvsueandcrew says:

          Right… And the tourists, meaning those wanting to hike the canyon and do the visitor center, etc are drawn to the canyon….

          Nothing to draw the young or a crowd over here. Maybe the closing of the boat ramps and no shoreline has changed from what you experienced, Chuck. Or maybe you’re thinking of crowded Boulder Beach Campground. We have quiet, retired folks mostly, from various places…

          I may go over to the canyon campground, but not on a weekend….

  75. Jenny Waters says:

    Cute pictures, Sue. I’m glad to see that Bridget and Reggie are getting along. It sounds like he is very chill, that will be nice.

  76. caroline seattle/las vegas says:

    Haven’t been to your blog in a few weeks so it was wonderful to see your new companion. Looks like you found the perfect addition for your crew. He looks very happy as does Bridget. And I bet you’re beaming too.
    As a former foster parent to 100+ pooches, I encourage you to drop Joe a line and let him know how well Reggie is doing. It always warmed my heart to get those messages for the new families. Knowing you … you probably gave him a link to your blog so Joe can see for himself how well Reggie is doing.
    Oddly enough I’m currently living about 5 miles from Lake Mead Bvd. Funny that you should be so closeby. And I shop at Smiths. BTW, they’re part of Kroger so use your loyalty card in order to get a price break at their gas pump.
    How is the beach access for dogs at your camp? I’ve wanted to take my old boy there but heard the beach access points are littered with broken bottles.
    If you’re in town for a few days, you might enjoy a visit to Valley of Fire.
    Congrats on the new family member! Cheers.

  77. BadgerRickInWis says:

    Remember the bumper sticker about how smiles are contagious?

    Well here we are. Bridget smiling at the camera. (or at least smiling at the bag o’ chicken which is just as good) You’re writing about being stuck in traffic in a big city and I could swear I can hear you giggle as you write that. And Reggie, what can we say about Reggie other than I think he is beginning to realize that as nice as Joe was he has truly hit the jackpot. And than there’s Badger Rick and the legion of blogorinos who just can’t get these smiles off of our faces as we read the love in your words.

    It’s seems as if a burden that you didn’t even realize you were carrying has been lifted from your shoulders and you can just let yourself be open to letting all the love in the world come flowing in. I’m also glad to see that you seem to be taking a bit of time off from the daily task of responding to each and very comment. Not that you need anyone’s permission but please let yourself feel free to focus on your family and let yourself feel loved. No one deserves it more.

    BTW: Remember my story about how Dexter is so rough with her toys? Well it’s just like how Reg does battle with the dreaded green dog. Me thinks our boy might have some Rattie in him. 🙂

  78. Karen LeMoine says:

    This is such a heart warming feel good post! So happy for you all! Both kids look happy and content with life. Good weather, companions,toys and a chicken doesn’t get better than that! Travel well Sue and Crew!

  79. Jolene/Iowa says:

    Hi Sue, Bridget and Reggie!!

    So heartwarming. I love how well Reggie just seems to fit in your family. Almost like a match made in heaven. Bridget accepting him so easily has been amazing. So happy for all of you. Let the adventures begin!! 🙂

  80. I don’t have words for the joy I get from this post. There seems to be very little adjustment for any of you. Reggie just fits in so well. I wish some of my friends of older dogs would realize that many times a new, younger pal will spark some life into their dog. Instead they usually remark that he/she probably wants to be the “only”. We’ve found the opposite most times.

    My daughter and son have labs, one of which is 4 months old It’s so comical to see him get 2, 3, and sometimes more toys in his mouth, while still batting one around with his foot. We laugh for hours….

    Enjoy this time, my friend….

  81. Shelley says:

    I keep coming back to look at Reggie and HRH they are just so cute together, I am so happy for all of you. When we adopted Bubba it was so good for Casey it made her come out of her shell.

    • Susan in Dallas says:

      Me, too! And how funny is the photo of Bridget telling Reggie not to say bad words? I just know this is what she is saying! LOL

  82. Sandy says:

    Reggie and Bridget seem to be adjusting well to each other. That’s great! By the way, my spoiled rotten dogs LOVE marrow bones. They get one everyday for desert after dinner.

  83. Diann in MT says:

    Hi Sue and crew,
    Thanks for sharing your life with us.Reggie is a pistol right now, but given a bit more time with Big Sister Brig, he will mellow out in a little while.
    I see that you are taking it easy on yourself with answering the comments. We all understand. Take care of yourself. We can manage. Best wishes, Sue and crew.

  84. Susan says:

    Sue – I bought that same brand of marrow bones and they made my dogs really sick. I think they were old and had been relabeled but thought I would mention it. They recovered without a trip to the doc, but they were very sick for about three days.l

    • Dancer says:

      My mom’s poodles were really sick on these to, I felt so bad.. I thought it would be a nice treat for them when they came visiting… but Sue also said in the blog that the foster dad said he was giving them to him, so I am sure if there was an issue would have showed up before he told Sue that he liked them. He is a busy boy…

  85. Glenda in OZ! says:

    Oh Joy!! I open up your page after being away for a few days and my eyes beeline to the title “WE FOUND HIM”…………with tears flowing I read all about Reggie. So happy for you Sue and Bridget. Reggie is a darling and so worth waiting for. I love him and isn’t it wonderful how accepting Bridget has been in welcoming the new crew member without a question……good girl Bridget. I wish you many happy years with your new boy……………

  86. KLO says:

    Awww, such a cutie, glad to see you have found a new crew member! Hope Bridget doesn’t get jealous of him!

  87. Applegirl NY says:

    I’ll repeat what others have said. Heartwarming and Happy. Sue, thanks so much for taking us along with you and the crew, and we certainly don’t expect you to respond to each post all the time. Frankly, I don’t know how you do what you do.

    Hugs and kisses to that crew!!!!

  88. Sondra-SC says:

    Aww what fun, Bridget looks very pleased to have a buddy AGAIN!!

  89. Cari in Plano Texas says:

    Such an upbeat, fun, entertaining post this was! I can sense the smile on your face and in your heart while I am reading, and I’m still so thankful that Reggie, you, and Miss Bridget are together as a family! I love the photo where Bridge is playing big sister and teaching Reggie how to behave. They seem to be getting along well together!

    and the pictures of them together in the PTV are priceless! Bridget has been so camera-shy for so long that to see her smiling up at you almost brings tears to my eyes. Maybe it’s the chicken she’s after, but still…

    I can only speak for myself, but I certainly don’t expect you to comment/answer each person that posts here. Seems like that would take up your whole day at the rate we are posting 🙂 It’s nice when you do, but please don’t feel guilty when you don’t. You have a new family member, and that takes priority.

  90. Edie, OK says:


    I think everyone will understand your not replying to each comment. You do have a toddler in the house! I agree he seems younger than 3 but I don’t know much 🙂

    We all noticed Bridget’s obvious smile. I think it was a combination of 3 things.
    1) chicken (but only one pic)
    2) she now thinks the camera is pointed only at Reggie and therefore the stink eye is not warranted
    3) she really does like having a canine companion and loves her little brother

    One thing for sure, we all love HRH, Sir Reginald, and Missy. 🙂

  91. weather says:

    Amazing how somethings can be so precious when they are our only one for a while.Our one friend there through thick and thin .Then when we both awaken one day and find the joy of multiple,we’re as happy for each other as we are for ourselves.I had that with a cardinal that’s come with sunrise most mornings when the hard freeze kept our time away from from others company.

    Today I followed his moves as he would keep singing near me to get my attention ,fly where he could see our new companions,sing a different song and come happily flying back,repeatedly.The new warmth that’s brought songs from seagulls,crows,geese and a few more cardinals came suddenly.The warmth he and I shared was the heart kind as we finally both sat content and still.

    Bridget must be so enjoying the lightness in your heart,Sue.I know seeing her now be occupied by Reggie during their pleasant moments together does the same for you.The effect of it all on all three of you is multiplying and threading you together like a wind chime I can hear from here.I don’t need those notes as your voice to be here as a reply or new post to love the sound,just stopped by to say hello and wish you a wonderful day.

  92. Denise - Richmond VA says:

    Good morning, Sue and Crew!!!

    Hope you are having a wonderful day! 🙂

    I stopped at Kroger on the way home from work yesterday to pick up a couple items. They had boxed (bare root) roses fruit trees for sale in front of the store. The roses looked healthy and leafy, with lots of new growth, and most of the trees were in bloom…obviously forced in a greenhouse in a warmer part of the country. What amazed me was that I saw three honey bees gathering nectar from the fruit tree blossoms. This is such a good sign in more ways than one. First…The honey bees in my area have been few and far between, dying out from something that has not been identified. So, seeing three made my heart happy with hope that there are more honey bees thriving nearby. Secondly…I believe that seeing them was a sign that Spring IS just around the corner!

    Sending you, HRH Bridget, and Sir Reginald warm thoughts and hugs! Hope you and all your blogorinos enjoy the day! 🙂

  93. Sue says:


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