The engine goes “chirp, chirp, chirp”

Wednesday, June 28

Uh-oh.  This is bad.

The crew and I are in the Perfect Tow Vehicle going up the ramp to board Interstate 90 to Superior, Montana.

Lately, when we ride in the PTV, a chorus of birdsong emanates from the engine area. Since there aren’t any birds under the hood — I checked — I’m pretty sure the PTV has a loose belt.

Reggie, Roger, and I are camping at Quartz Flat Campground.

The Best Little Trailer waits for us back at camp.

It’s ten miles to Superior.  My phone is still kaput.  Being a risk-taker (or a fool, if you want to get right down to it), the crew and I set out this morning in hopes of making it to an auto service place in Superior before a belt comes off or breaks.

Once we’re on the interstate and there’s no turning back, I realize we aren’t going to make it.  The birds have flown, so to speak.

Nervously I coax the PTV to keep going.  The tick-tick-tick of her flashers adds to my anxiety.  Vehicles pass us like we’re standing still.

Time for prayer.

Dear God in Heaven, do NOT let us break down on the interstate!  No, no, no, not on the interstate!

Normally, I don’t tell God what He shouldn’t do, but in situations like this one, my prayer protocol tends to fly out the window.  I get kinda’ bossy.

God, HELP us!  

To my surprise, we come to a sign that says there’s an exit coming up in a half-mile.   It’s the exit for Lozeau, a tiny village which I’d forgotten existed.

Oh, we just have to make it to that exit . . . .  

I cheer the PTV forward.

“Come on!  You can do it!”  .

Like a horse run to its limit, the PTV staggers down the exit ramp and halts at the stop sign, engine heaving.

 If I can just get us off this ramp . . . .

Diagonally across the road is the entrance to a bar and grill/steak house that looks out of business.

That’ll do.

The PTV is on her last leg . . .  or tire.  Whatever.  She groans and clunks her way across the road, while I muscle the steering wheel.  Power steering is totally gone.

Whew!  We made it!  Thank you, God!  Thank you!

I pop the hood.

Peering inside I see the serpentine belt being very serpentine in places where it shouldn’t be serpentine at all.   I remove it.

What we have here, ladies and gentlemen, is not a serpentine belt.  What we have is a jump rope.

Reg and Rog peer anxiously through the window of the PTV.

Behind us, vehicles fly by on the interstate overpass.  In front of us, a  paved road goes down a slight hill.  Pine trees on both sides.

Lots of pine trees.

Hoo-boy, now what do I do?

To be continued . . . .

~ ~ ~

Let’s take a little break, shall we?

You deserve some photos!  Canine crew photos, of course!

Photo 1:  Reggie and Roger play tug-of-war with a stick.  (Notice the leashes on the tether which runs between two trees.)

Photo 2:  Close-up of the action!  I declare a tie and proceed to untangle the leashes.

Photo 3:  Roger works on his prized elk antler while Reggie picks apart a pine cone.  This is good stuff, folks.  Hang on, there’s MORE!

Photo 4:  A camper walks toward our campsite (and somehow the quilt moves closer to the tree.  Oh well . . . another blog blooper.)  Roger and Reggie spring to their paws!

Photo 5:  The crew fires a fusillade of barks.   (Translation: “This is an outrage! People are not allowed to walk past our campsite!  Go away!”)

Photo 6:  Who ya’ gonna’ call?  Camper-busters!

In the next post . . . 

Reggie, Roger, and RVSue leave the PTV and trudge down the hill.

Will they find the help they need?  Will the Perfect Tow Vehicle be made perfect again?  

Don’t miss the next episode! 




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116 Responses to The engine goes “chirp, chirp, chirp”

  1. Susan in Dallas says:


  2. Kat and Cookie Dog in NYState says:


    • Kat and Cookie Dog in NYState says:

      The suspense is killing me, can’t wait for the next episode.

  3. Susan in Dallas says:

    Oh, no! Part two can’t come soon enough! I didn’t realize Reggie was so close in size to Reggie. They sure make a cute pair.

  4. Jan NH says:

    Reggie must have learned to like pine cones from Miss Bridget :)!

    I hope the PTV adventure wasn’t too stressful!

  5. Barb from Hoquiam! says:

    Oh Dear!
    Hope all sorts itself out!
    Hugs from Hoquiam,

  6. Cat Lady back home in Baton Rouge says:

    Good morning, Sue and Crew

  7. Hi Sue…you can’t leave us like This! Yes it is me..been following but not commenting…Lost my beloved Cooper dog in March..went down hill from grief..spent time in a new dog a week ago today (Parker). On the mend and now praying for you…whew! What a ride..we all know that somehow you always land on your feet…will be holding my breath and Parker puppy til then…😁

    Hi Weather! 😁

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Shirlene! I am so happy to see you here again! So happy in fact that I’m using my precious charge on the air card to write this comment!

      I am terribly sorry your precious Cooper has passed. Your grief is a testimony to what a great pal he was. You have my sympathy.

      All this time I hoped you were too busy having fun in order to post. Well, it sounds like you’re coming out of the valley and you have Parker puppy to help you along.

      Thanks for writing, Shirlene. I’m glad you are “on the mend.” Take care and be well.

    • Gail from Buckeye AZ says:

      Shirlene I am so sorry for your loss. I lost my Dear Wee Willy the end of Jan. and still not over it! Glad you have Parker now!

    • weather says:

      Hi, Shirlene 🙂 , sending hugs to share your sadness and your joy.

    • Elizabeth in WA says:

      Glad you are getting back on your feet and found another pal! We were at daughter’s today when her little dog died…who was one of “ours” too. Hard…so hard to loose them but thankfully he went quick and seemed not to be in much pain!!!

  8. suzicruzi from Van, WA. says:

    ‘ Morning Sue and Crew. Funny how life goes… and goes, and goes. Gratitude plays a huge roll in our days, and I feel you felt this when you were successfully able to exit the Interstate and find shade to rest in off the main drag. I have no doubt good things happened in the end. Been missing you…

    Suzicruzi xo

  9. Deena in Phoenix, AZ says:

    Hi Shirlene, glad to see ya…so sorry about Cooper but happy that you have Parker to hold and that you are on the mend…


  10. Barbara (Nashville) says:

    Oh Gosh Sue, I hate vehicle trouble. Hope all works out well and you find the help you need with things being too serious.
    Rog & Reg just make a situation look funny, when it’s not. Those two are just so cute and rambunctious.
    Looking forward to a good outcome in episode 2. Take care and be safe.

  11. Speed Gray says:

    Sue: great pics of the guys in “chirp, chirp, chirp”. By now your belt problems have been solved, but I will be concerned for you until your next posting. Best of good fortune in solving your problem!

    Ellen & Speed Gray
    Grand Rapids, MI

  12. LeeJ in Northern California says:

    The drum rolls…softly screeching violins. Screen fades…..what will the next episode bring?
    Ya did it again, kid….making an enchanting story out of a broken serpentine belt, you rock!
    Oh my, it is so good to see missing blogorinos…Shirleen. So very sorry to her you lost your dear companion Cooper, made me tear up. I lost my Maggie last month. She finally succumbed to the injuries she got from the neighbor’s mastiff/ridgeback dog pack attack last year..I loved that little stink, even my dear husband has been weepy when we talk of her. What better tribute can we give our lost friends than cry when they are Gone? I still have my two silky terriers, Arlo and Zoe. They seem to cuddle more now…sweet doggies, I’m glad you have Parker.

  13. Josephine from SLC,UT says:

    Hi Sue,

    I am not sure if this has been discussed, but I want to make sure you are aware of the upcoming full eclipse of the sun on August 21st. If you are anywhere in the area the week before the eclipse, hold onto your sanity. Everyone and their brother will be trying to get to the eclipse area, and then trying to leave. Past experience with a lesser eclipse indicates that roads will be bumper to bumper for a few days ahead of time, and the day after. Camping or boondocking sites will be non-existent. If you have a spot on the 19th, and you are near the eclipse area, just stay put! And the eclipse will be well worth seeing, if only you can hold onto your sanity when it is so crowded

  14. Ruthie in Fontana says:

    Oh my, another cliff hanger. Sue you have a way with words! Even though it seems hard to get through the PTV blues you keep it rosy and maintain the adventure for us all! I will be waiting patiently for the next update…

  15. Pat in Rochester says:

    Sue! How could you! I “binge-watch” Netflix anymore so I can speed over the cliffs! lol! But since your event is dated June 28 and you just responded real-time, I’m going to assume that things are working out.

    Birds lol! A recent morning as I headed to work, a neighbor’s car sounded like a giant cricket. I don’t mean the squeaking belt was cricket-ish. No. It sounded like there was a giant cricket where in fact a car was parked. Call a mechanic? Or call an exterminator?

    I’m really hoping your PTV is fixed, easily and inexpensively, and that the boondock life is on track.

  16. Lisa, Tommie and Buddy in NJ says:

    Hmmm, a little unplanned for adventure walk in the pines holding the shreds of a belt. I can just imagine the conversations that will bring to you. You are definitely capable to handle this bump…er roll down the hill. I love the captions on the boys pictures of outrage. “How dare anyone come near our camp. Don’t they know our policy of no visitors, no pictures, NO EXCEPTIONS ! HMPH!!” They are bristling in true Chiwawa fashion. OK, I know I spelled that wrong, maybe it’s Chiuahwa? It’s not in my dictionary so I am as stuck as Sue and the boys, a little help someone?

    • MB from VA says:

      Chihuahua…..and I only know because I had to look it up when I got mine. 😉
      Have a great day in NJ!

      MB from Va, Wyndy (Golden/hound) and Bella (Chihuahua)

  17. Jan Johnson says:

    So cruel, leaving us in suspense LOL! I feel for you in that situation, having very old cars that strand us in the worst places.

    Those boys are so cute. Finding Roger was one of those God things, I think – no coincidence!

  18. Claudia Meyers says:

    Your Crew is Amazing! Love those lil guys!♡♡♡. YOU stay safe….God is always with you. Keep us posted….we all care and say a prayer for You and Crew!

  19. Shelley in California says:

    Sue…I have a smart phone I carry for my job but for my personnel phone I have a cheap flip phone that I replace at Walmart every few years for 15 dollars…something to think about. You can just put your sim card in it, just buy the correct one for your provider for instance I have at and t so I have to buy the 15 dollar flip phone meant for the at and t provider. Not trying to tell you what to do but in an emergency its good to have a working phone.

  20. Lou Schneider says:

    Hi Sue!

    A swivel eye bolt snap will let the doggie’s leashes untangle themselves.

    Thread the rope through the eyelet and use the snap end to hold the leashes.

    When the dogs tug on their leashes the snap will rotate and untangle them.

    • Is this bolt in amazon?

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Lou,

      Great idea! I happen to have a swivel eye bolt type thingy with two short straps. It’s designed for putting two dogs on one leash. It’s buried somewhere in the PTV and it’s too darn hot for me to look for it. 98.4 degrees as I type this at 2 p.m. 🙂

      • Renee from Idaho says:

        Hot! We too have that type of a double tether. In fact I have two of the different lengths and mainly use them to tie the dogs up to a small tree or picnic table to keep them out of the way while we setup camp.

  21. Kathe says:

    We live about two hours from where you broke down. If you’re still dealing with it and need assistance, we are available. Kathe and Bonnie .

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Thank you, Kathe and Bonnie. I removed your phone number to prevent you being hit with spam. The PTV’s situation is resolved.

    • MB from VA says:

      Replies like this are why I love this blog. 🙂

  22. Hahahaha….loved this post from your PTV’s legs to tires & bird chirping in hood, to prayer protocol, to serpentine where it shouldn’t serpentine and looking like spaghetti rope…had me in stitches. We just replaced all belts including serpentine and battery cables on my truck…don’t like being stuck anywhere in the heat so I have my mechanic do an overall check and repair before the heat hits in June. Also replaced the battery because it wouldn’t hold a charge (probably a cell or two gone). I try not to drive unless to go to grocery store and run a few errands. I’m sure everything is okay now based on your lively blog….love it 🙂

  23. chas anderson says:

    Good Luck! I know what it feels like. Good Sam (useless) refused to send anyone on 2 out of my 3 lifetime breakdowns.,,,but we survived.However, if you are off the highway a trailer is not a bad thing to break down with,You can last a long time without help.

  24. Oh no! Don’t you sometimes wonder if you should rename the blog to “It’s Always Something”?! I am often tempted to do that with mine. Hope that belt doesn’t cost any arms and legs.

  25. Renee from Idaho says:

    Oh no, Sue! I’m so sorry. I’m praying for you!

  26. Ilse in Sequim says:

    So the positive of a time delay is that we always know you stayed alive and are back with your computer and Internet. You will keep me alive for sure, because I always want to read the next episode.

  27. Sandy from Lancaster, PA says:

    Camp busters; priceless!

  28. Cynthia from San Clemente says:

    Great post – loved the Camp-buster photos. Those two have really settled in together, haven’t they? I’d lecture you on not having a working phone at the same time you’re having PTV troubles but you’d bite my head off and clearly, it all worked out but still Sue, you do give those of us who are more risk-averse heart palpitations sometimes!

  29. Dawn in Asheville says:

    Hmmm…I’m thinking another great story of the ‘good people and synchronicity’ variety is to come 🙂 Sorry, about the breakdown though. A little too reminiscent of the BF’s trip to bring Juno over and the belts falling off…twice. Still get the shudders thinking about that and I wasn’t even there. Hope at this writing everything is back together and you are back on the road!

  30. Geri in the FL panhandle! says:

    I had the “chirping birds” syndrome about 2 months ago! I was just making a sharp turn to the left and nearly ended up in the deep ditch when the power steering went out! Then I had to drive another mile to get home with a stiff steering wheel that did not want to turn! So I can sympathise with you! At least I wasn’t on the interstate like you were! YIKES! But don’t leave us hanging to long, we wanna know the rest of the story!
    Those two rascally pups are a hoot! So glad to see them having fun! ( and giving you a break!) Radar and Tater are getting along great together!
    I hope everything worked out well and the PTV is now healed and chirpless!
    Take cxare and we love y’all!

  31. Cinandjules 🌵 says:

    Oh dear! Another cliffhanger…
    Breaking down in the middle of nowhere is rough on the nerves. I should back it up a little more….knowing of an imminent problem and trying to get from point a to b…is rough on the nerves!
    Can’t wait to see how it played out! Who came to the rescue and so forth.

    Protector crew! You tell em boys!

  32. Elizabeth in WA says:

    Mercy, Sue..sure hope you found some good folks to help you there!! You need to give those guardian angels a bit of a rest…

  33. Just yesterday I read about someone else replacing a serpentine belt and it made me check mine. Everyone, go and check your serpentine belt. There are YouTube videos on how to replace them. Also, the chirping might be the belt tensioner pulley going bad, which might wear the belt prematurely.

  34. ValGal (westernWA) says:

    Sorry you had a breakdown. Such a stress. And with the two boys to tend to, too. I’m eager to hear the resolution details.

    I hope you are relaxing with Reg and Roger this weekend and all is peaceful with no distressing occurrences, although they do make for riveting blog reading. 🙂

    The Reg and Rog photos are lots of fun. It’s nice they entertain each other and get so much enjoyment.

  35. Diann in MT says:

    God bless you, Sue.
    All I could think: She’s in Montana. People here are terrific about “coming to the rescue and going above and beyond solving the problem (particularly, a mechanical problem)”. God speed, dear friend.

  36. Oh no – bird busted vehicle!! Hanging on the end of my leash!!

    The crew is so cute. I’m sure you feel so safe from wandering campers 🙂

    • LeeJ in Northern California says:

      Oh Jodie. You are in one of my favorite places Astoria! I visit there every year, my sister lives on a farm there! We love to go out on the old Star Kist pier and have lunch and drink beer at the Rogue Ales Public House. It is a prime place to watch the US Custom boats go out to check ships cargo.

  37. David Reed says:

    You didn’t say anything about it overheating but since that belt runs everything including the water pump I think you got off easy. Wow.
    I’ve changed the belt and tensioner precautionary at around 70k. Also since I had original hoses I had them change the hoses. Heater and radiator. I don’t much like surprises, ha.
    But one nice thing about breaking down, we have our house with all our stuff with us! Neat!

  38. Debbie says:

    Servicing one’s vehicles on a regular basis is imperative unless one depends on begging for help $$$ when they have no problems feeding their dogs or eating out. You are too old to be told to grow up and take responsibility for yourself.

    • Cinandjules 🌵 says:

      You’re kidding right?

      What part of “I heard the noise, checked it, appears to be a loose belt and drove off to get it fixed” did you apparently not read?
      It’s not like one can click their heels three times and poof…it fixes itself!

      It’s been soooooooo and tooooooo long since I’ve had the opportunity to “bless someone’s heart”. Consider yourself blessed!

      • Cinandjules 🌵 says:

        Apparently I totally missed the begging part…WHY?? because it doesn’t exist. Not once…not ever!
        You seriously have got some damn nerve! Debbie

    • Lisa in San Diego says:

      Debbie, what a nasty comment.

      RV Sue has never begged for $, not even implicitly. In fact, one time I suggested adding a Paypal-type link in case anyone wanted to donate to buy “coffee” as some bloggers do, as I for one rarely buy on Amazon. RV Sue did not want to add even that small request to the site.

      Maybe you had a bad day. Hope you reconsider your comment.

    • ApplegirlNY says:


    • Jan NH says:

      Wait! What? I won’t post what I’m truly thinking but you are very rude and totally clueless, Debbie. There is no cause for such ignorance or mean comment in this blog so I hope Sue deletes you!

    • Got some chiggers in your undies today, Debbie?

    • weather says:

      Slither away to spew your venom somewhere else, Debbie.

    • Geri in the FL panhandle! says:

      Wow! What hole did you crawl out of Debbie?

    • I think maybe Debbie’s ‘beggar’ means amazon buying? I don’t know. I hope you feel better Debbie for whatever triggered your lashing out. I’m sorry for whatever is bothering you.

      • rvsueandcrew says:

        Good morning, Rita!

        Funny thing about that beggar remark. I’m an Amazon Affiliate earning commission. I have explained how the commission system works. I have encouraged my readers to buy certain products like Benchmark atlases. I provide links and sometimes ads. However, I have NEVER begged or even asked anyone to shop Amazon from my blog, and I never will. I simply thank those who do. 🙂

        • Cinandjules 🌵 says:

          Amazon affiliate are almost synonymous with every blog so why deb has chosen to attack you is mind blowing.

        • Debbie from So. Cal. says:

          Sue, I saw this jealous comment as soon as it was posted and wished I had the power to delete it. Trolls do not understand what a kind and caring person you are and how much your blog followers appreciate you

        • Yes, other bloggers also are amazon affiliates and they do make us aware of sale items or tools they’ve used that were helpful. I like this. I am now considering purchasing a hand cranked emergency radio, hand cranked flashlight, water filters, binoculars…from amazon that bloggers mentioned. From your site, I ordered a Dutch oven and cook books for Dutch oven for camping. Oh, and I also purchased the outdoor mat from your site.

    • Donna n Girls Chandler, AZ. says:

      What a hateful statement. I hope you find peace, Debbie.

    • Cynthia in San Clemente says:

      Beggar? Are you kidding me? Who the hell are you to talk to Sue like that and what rock did you just slither out from under? Please go away and don’t come back. We don’t talk like that here.

    • Retiredcajunlady N Louisiana says:

      Shame on you, Debbie!! Sue neither begs nor neglects herself or her her pets. Try reading the blog before you form opinion. As my mom said to pests….SHOOO!!! Go someplace else!!!

    • JazzLover says:

      Debbie you must have dropped into the wrong blog with what you wrote. You obviously do not know RVSue and how she operates. Totally uncalled for comments. A beggar, really? Take your negativity else where, this is not the place for it. Hope your life improves for you cause you certainly are not a happy person.

  39. Dy says:

    Just a comment, full time reader 3rd post in many years.

    My mechanic several years ago told me (I have 35′ class A, 1997) he wanted to make me an “in case box”. I asked him what an In case box was.. He said upper/lower radiator hose, belts and serpentine, air/fuel filter and good brass tire air fillers… My stuff was fairly new but in the constantweather changes, and traveling here and there in the boonies… he asked me if $100=$125 would make me confortable.
    He said it would last abut 4=5 years.Saved me many dollars over those 3 years.

    I had a Chevy and also helped out 2 fellow RV’ers with parts. Acctually just looked
    it up was $119.45 and $27.80… so a bit more than $125.

    One place I had trouble, he would have to order a belt and it would have been 2 days
    and it was 118 outside and no shade. No RV park, he only had 110 and I’d have to
    run the gen 24/7 but was running at about 1/4 tank. So wouldn’t have lasted. He got me on the road in 30 minutes. Totally worth the $150 investment.

    Each to their own.

    Thanks for your great Blog… Dy in Northern California

  40. Laurie in NC says:

    Sorry to hear about the PTV issues, but love the way you tell a story!
    I love the crew pictures and especially the captions! I read some where recently that you can tell when dogs are happy and content…their eyes get squinty. Those two are definitely happy and content in the “chewing” picture!

  41. ApplegirlNY says:

    I hate that feeling when you know you’re going to have to pull over and hoping you can just get a bit further (sorry to say, I’ve been there, too). So glad you got off the highway. Can’t wait for the saga to continue. Take care and stay cool. Hugs to your brave little guard dogs. They crack me up.

    • Cinandjules 🌵 says:

      Isn’t that the truth!
      Before we drove from NY to AZ our mechanic changed everything under the hood (1999 Blazer) including the AC compressor. 100 miles east of DeMoines IA..I noticed something was not right….the dashboard gauge (battery icon) was fluxuating..and when it would get low..the icon would illuminate “red”. What happens next? Does the car die along with the power steering?

      Mind you the SUV was PACKED 5 cats (3 of them ferals), Annie Oakley, guns, coins, dog/cat food, water etc. The area we were driving thru had no services whatsoever and I didn’t want to pullover fearing we would be stranded.

      I decided NOT to alert Jules, good grief I didn’t need her freaking along with me. So I drove in the right lane…and must have asked Jules what mile marker we were at…the entire way. Always know where you are…interstate 80 between DesMoines and I don’t know…isn’t going to help!

      We made it to DesMoines, I backed the car into the parking space (so it could be towed) and Jules says uh oh what’s wrong? Thankfully we passed a Chevy dealership two exits prior (didn’t even see it). Called my mechanic back in NY and he said sounds like the alternator don’t drive it…have it towed!

      Wasn’t sure if we were going to have to buy a new car but it ended up being the alternator. Two days later we were back on the road…I watched that gauge all the way to AZ.

      • ApplegirlNY says:

        Holy cow, that’s quite an adventure. Talk about stress. And with a car full of critters to boot. OK, so what did you do for the two days waiting for the alternator?

        • Cinandjules 🌵 says:

          Laundry and a down day!

          We stayed at the LaQuinta DesMoines..actually Clive. The deskman, Larry was so we were unloading the kids into our room..he gave me the number to Chevy and called for a tow. Mind you the dealership was closing in 1/2 hour. He also rearranged incoming guest to another we didn’t know how long we were staying so we wouldn’t have to move. He also notified the LaQuintas on our route that we would be delayed a couple of days to rebook us!

          We ended up buying him dinner (KFC) remember I had no car…and it was within walking distance. We ate in their little breakfast area.

          Sent a letter to corporate headquarters on his behalf.

          We still are in contact with Larry.

  42. NovaScotiaSue says:

    My goodness but some people are rude!! Debbie, or whatever your real name is – get a real life. Oh well, I guess RVSue will just keep on smiling and ignoring the idiots in blogorinoland.
    Sue, the break from your suspense-filled saga was welcome. It is just soooo relaxing to see the cutie-boys having fun, away from the realities of our human existence. I am sure you would have found someone to help you fix the errant serpentine belt and life is good again (I hope).

    • Rover Ronda (WA) says:

      That person hasn’t earned the title Blogorino!
      Remember…”Blogorinos are kind and friendly and fun to know!”

  43. Shirley Altenes says:

    Hoping all will be well with your vehicle!

  44. Pat from Mich. says:

    Mysterious Church Staircase

    Loretto’s Chapel Miracle Staircase, Santa Fe NM

    A mysterious wooden spiral staircase was built in a church without nails, screws or glue. The identity of the man who built it remains unknown. Architects, engineers and scientists can not explain how it defies the laws of physics.

  45. Suzette in TN says:

    Had to check in this morning to see if there’s an update. I was pleased to see one of your “comments on the comments” that all is well. But, can’t wait to hear the story! Car trouble, no matter where it happens, just undoes me. Your ability to handle whatever comes your way is impressive. You’re an inspiration!

  46. Deb from South Carolina says:

    So sorry to hear of the PTV troubles and I hope it was resolved w/o straining the budget too badly. It is a little scary to be out in the “boonies” with no wheels and the welfare of two little canine friends added to the concern of things. I am looking forward to hearing how this experience played out. As the others have already stated, the earlier comment from the rude individual was uncalled for and completely ignorant. We love you Sue and we’ve got your back 😉 Prayers for you and the crew

  47. Terri in the Great State of Texas says:

    Loved reading about your well written adventures and of course seeing the cute pics of R & R! I am glad things worked out in the end. I drove my little BMW for years to work back and forth across Houston for years. The car was about 15 years old when I broke down one afternoon in the middle of a busy 3 lane road.
    Almost immediately 5 guys ran out put it in neutral and rolled it into a parkinglot. I went into a gas station and called for help. (.No cell phone) People are generally helpful no matter where you are! (Had the car another 7 years!) Pay no attention to mean people, RvSue! Life happens and sometimes you need help. I think that a person who has faith is going to receive help! You take care and know we all care!

  48. weather says:

    Having been in similar situations I can imagine how long that half-mile seemed. I’ve heard that “Help!” is a complete prayer. I’m glad yours was answered that day, phew!

    Reggie and Roger are so cute together, they act the way young siblings that love each other do. They have an occasional squabble, yet when a threat appears they bark in unison, to defend their family and it’s turf.

    A reader had said that Jerry Minchey mentioned you in one of his books. You asked which one, and may have missed their reply because it posted days later. The title is “Secrets of RVing on Social Security” . I hope you can stay cool enough for a nice, comfortable and fun day.

  49. rvsueandcrew says:


    Good to hear from each of you! Thank you for commenting today. I appreciate your messages.

    And, wow! We got a troll! Ha! What fun! 🙂

    I have a post half-written. Reg and Rog are staring at me. I know they are sick and tired of sitting in the PTV.

    I’ll try to finish the post later today.

    Happy Sunday!
    Bye for now,

  50. I own a 2002 Dodge Dakota Sport manual shift truck with 160,000 miles on it. I think my mechanic has replaced almost all parts. After 70,000 miles, things starting going out on the truck. At 100,000 miles, I started preventative maintenance by asking my mechanic to do a check when I have work done and he tells me areas of concern and I decide then whether to do the repair then or wait a bit. The mechanic usually estimates how long I can drive without getting into trouble.

    I was about 30 miles from home one day near a shopping mall when I notice my truck overheating (this in spring of this year). I thought it just needed coolant so I added a gallon that I had in back of truck. It leaked out….oh oh, called mechanic & he said do not drive…tow the car home so we did.

    Our mechanic arrived (he has mobile shop) at my home the following day and pulled the radiator to replace and at that time we changed the serpentine, hoses, battery cables for negative/positive…all showed signs of wear or ready to fall apart…the serpentine had cracks. I replaced the battery a couple of days later…battery wouldn’t hold a charge.

    Last year we had the front end repaired and new tires and alignment. Still I’m nervous when I drive my truck that something else is going to go out in 115 heat. I do carry emergency stuff, a folding chair, umbrella, cargo blankets, a chest with water, extra coolant, tools, etc.,etc. They have come in handy at one time or another. And, I never, every go out the door without my cell phone…omg I’d be totally helpless if I were to get stuck unable to call for help i.e. tow, home, friends.

    I always leave plenty of water and dry food out for my dogs/cats when I know I’ll be out for a while….I never take them with me in the heat. In winter they get to ride with me where they are allowed.

  51. Songbird says:

    First post here.

    Sweet Sue,
    I have just spent the last 2 weeks reading your blog from start to this page. I have enjoyed your humor, your pain, your laughter. Well written, very witty and educated writing, imho.
    That said, please don’t allow some posts to offend. You have found a way through to the other side, and done so bravely. To offer up such entertaining writings, bringing smiles and riotous behavior to all your readers, in itself is worth overlooking some who sour-mouth.
    You are not begging anything, you are simply asking for a click to an already well established Seller who would charge the same price with entry from any other site, the Sellers included.
    Do not allow this to disparage you from your mission of keeping us on the edge of our seats, waiting for the next installment in a life (I) for one cannot live at this moment, but surely endear reading from your perspective.
    And if that includes asking for a click to Amazon, I for one, am quite freely willing to do so; as many other of your adoring readers.
    Smile then, Sweet Sue, and tell us of your adventures 🙂

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Welcome to my blog, Songbird! Thank you for reading my blog from its beginning. I appreciate it when new people take the time to get to know me and my crew.

      As I wrote to rita, I’ll never ask anyone (or beg anyone) to buy Amazon products from my blog. At the bottom of my posts I place a link “Click link to shop Amazon now!” Perhaps I should re-word that because it sounds like I’m asking readers when I don’t mean it that way. My intent is to explain how to go immediately to Amazon. 🙂

      Thanks also for the compliments on my blog. I hope we will hear from you again now that you are a blogorino!

      • Cinandjules 🌵 says:

        No need to change anything.
        Rock On desert woman

        • Songbird says:

          Agreed. There are absolutely millions of sites on this big planet who are Amazon Affiliates. Bugaboo to any who would frown. Carry on Sue! I for one, am dying to hear what happens next 🙂

      • Chuck says:

        No need to change ANYTHING ! Dippy Debbie got what she deserved from the Blogorinos and then some !

  52. Eddie says:

    Nothing will strand you faster than a fan belt or radiator hose. I change them every 4 years regardless and carry a spare belt and filters in my RV.

    Will save you one day.

  53. Jeannie says:

    Hello Sue. Thank you so much for your blog. I made my mind up a few months ago to purchase a 17 foot Casita Deluxe with a pick-up in September 2018. I’m still debating which model. I came across your blog about a month or so ago when you pulled into the RV park in Rogerson ID and met Roger. I was then wondering how you prepared for the big day of departure and that’s when I went to the beginning of your blog in August 2011. Anyway, I’ve been taking copious notes and pouring over my maps. It’s this mental preparation that helps keep me calm while living in congested, noisy, and crazy Washington DC. I don’t ever expect nor intend on returning to the east coast when I leave. I’m looking forward to turning 62 next year, retire, and hit the road! I hope you keep doing what you’re doing with your blog because you have definitely touched me. Cheers!

    • ApplegirlNY says:

      You go, Jeannie! How exciting. Sue sure is an inspirations. We have a 17′ Freedom Deluxe. Love it. We don’t live in it, but maybe someday…..

      • Jeannie says:

        ApplegirlNY–Yes Sue is an inspiration! I’m looking forward to joining the community of retired (no longer working but finally living!) women.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Cheers to you, too, Jeannie! You have an exciting life awaiting you! Of course, I agree with your choice of a Casita. 🙂

      Thank you for reading my blog from the beginning. I hope you read some of the comments, too, under the posts that touch your interest. Blogorinos are very knowledgeable and helpful. I’ve learned a lot from them and I continue to learn.

      Keep in mind that some of the information from our camps of years ago may no longer be accurate. Stuff like camp fees, conditions of camps, and so forth.

      I hope you will keep in touch. When readers contribute their thoughts, plans, adventures, ups and downs we all can benefit and help each other.

      I’m going to finish up a post now. It must be 100 degrees in the PTV right now where I’m typing this. The weather forecasters say 105 degrees next Sunday. The heat wave is over a widespread area so we haven’t moved, except to sit in a mountain creek!

      Have fun dreaming . . .

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