When what you’re looking for is what you have!

Monday, June 26

The crew and I leave Spring Hill Campground and follow Route 1 as it goes west to Georgetown Lake, curves northward and descends sharply to Philipsburg Valley.

This is part of the “Pintler Scenic Loop” and scenic it is with green, rolling hills and widely spaced ranch houses. Flint River, silvery and shining in the morning light, flows alongside us for a few miles as we make our way to Interstate 90.

Traffic is easy on I-90 to Missoula and beyond.  

Now the wide and dark Clark Fork River is our mysterious-looking companion for several miles, often slipping under the interstate to the other side and then winding back again, as if teasing interstate drivers with her silent, powerful presence and calm demeanor.

I’ve set for our destination Quartz Flat which is a pair of campgrounds behind rest stops on the east and west side of the interstate.

The original crew and I stopped at Quartz Flat a few years ago and I remember it being a pleasant forest of Ponderosa pines and also it being convenient.


The east side has two loops.  I choose a campsite  in Loop A and we settle in.  As is my practice, I don’t unhitch.

We may stay only one night.  Depends on how ambitious I am in the morning . . . . 

The camping fee at Quartz Flat is $10 regular/$5 senior pass.  It has the usual picnic table and fire ring, plus a camp host.  The campground road and parking pads are paved.  There are water spigots scattered about, vault toilets, trash bins, and a dump station.

Clark Fork River is behind our site.

It’s down a steep cliff and not accessible from our camp.  I’m okay with that.  It’s a powerful river and we’re on the cut-bank side of it.  I’d worry about a canine escapee running into it and being swept away.

Reggie and Roger are happy to be on the ground again!  

We enjoy the shade until early afternoon when it is replaced by full sun.

The crew and I take a long nap inside the Best Little Trailer with the Fantastic Fan in the ceiling doing its best to keep us comfortable.

It turns out to be a hot day.

Gee, I misjudged this campsite.  Full sun in the afternoon is no good.  Well, we will leave in the morning.  Fourth of July weekend is creeping up on us fast and I need to find a good place to camp away from the fun and madness.

Tuesday, June 27

Before leaving Quartz Flat, I drive us over to the other side of the interstate to see the other campground, known as Loop G.

Hey, I like this better!  It seems like it would be shady throughout the day with all these trees.  There’s a camp host.  Only one other RVer here.  Hmm. . . I do like this.  Oh, and there’s a train!

(Funny thing:  Later I’m online and read reviews of Quartz Flat.  Someone wrote that Loop G is to be avoided due to the train. I love having a train go by and I also love it when people are told to go elsewhere!)

Looking over the sites, I see the preferred sites would be the ones at the back, next to a vacant forest of pines.

Therefore, I pick a site on the interstate side.

Reg and Rog are hopping around because they only had a short walk this morning.

“Okay, c’mon.  We need to go pay.”

By the time we reach the pay station on the other side of the campground, I’m convinced this is a good camp for us.

I write a check for $15 for three nights, slide it into a pay envelope, and insert it into the iron ranger.

After three days here I may decide to stay here through the holiday weekend.  

Why not?  This isn’t the kind of campground people choose to celebrate Fourth of July.  People stay for overnight and leave early in the morning. There’s a camp host.  We can walk in the forest or go through the tunnel to the other side and walk the interpretive trail.  We aren’t far from groceries in Superior, ten miles away.  This will work!

Roger is attracted to the flowers in front of the camp host’s site.

“Roger!  Get out of there!”

This is the piney-est camp we’ve every made!  Reg and Rog are happy here.

After taking the next photo, I set up the quilt for the crew.

No need for me to explain what happens next.  (Notice that only three out of eight paws are actually touching ground.)

As for me, I push back in the lounger, of course!


A MESSAGE IN REAL TIME:  Today is July 4th.  Happy Independence Day everyone! May God continue to bless America! — Sue


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Uh-oh.  I wonder what these two are planning.


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108 Responses to When what you’re looking for is what you have!

  1. Norman in San Diego says:

    First today?

    • rvsueandcrew says:


      • Norman in San Diego says:

        Hi Sue,

        Happy Fourth of July from San Diego. A wonderful warm lazy day here in Paradise.


        • rvsueandcrew says:

          I bet it’s beautiful there. Thanks, Norman… Happy Fourth from the piney woods.

  2. Sherri D says:

    I wasn’t quite as fast this time! lol

  3. Velda in Roseville CA says:

    Pretty quiet here today both in Blogerinos land and at home here. We will have hot dogs ( sorry Rog and Reg) and fixings and enjoy our little cup de sac safe and sane fireworks tonight. Hope all of you have a safe fun day of celebrating our independence.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Velda! You reminded me of the holiday! I’ll go back and add a Happy Independence Day!

      Thanks. Enjoy your day!

  4. Sherri D says:

    Ok, after going back and reading. How wonderful to have found the second site, just across the road! Looks like Roger is none the worse for wear after his operation. Do you ever fight ticks much? Just curious.
    Can’t wait to go camping next weekend! New National park for us to check out. We stayed home for this holiday weekend. Not much into crowds.
    Happy 4th Sue and Crew! 😀

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      What’s the new national park? Sorry to be so dense…

      No ticks. I haven’t seen a tick since we left Georgia. We’re still walking through grass, too. Happy 4th for you, too!

      • Sherri D says:

        Sorry, I miss-spoke. The national park is new to US, not new to the USA. Buffalo Point on the Buffalo River in Arkansas is where we’re headed.

  5. Lee J in Northern California says:

    Lovely campground. You always bloom,where you’re planted. 😄

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Lee J.,

      Well, it’s not difficult to do when one is planted in gardens. 🙂 Wishing you a lovely, northern California day!

  6. Cynthia (& Scout) says:

    Happy 4th Sue and crew!

  7. Renee Galligher from Idaho says:

    Happy July 4th to you Sue, Reg, and Rog!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Happy Independence Day, Renee!

      • Renee from Idaho says:

        Thank you! We returned Monday from boondocking in the Salmon Challis National Forest. We had a nice site away from everyone. It was a popular site as many pulled up only to see us in the place, then leave. We were all alone with only the birds, deer, and howling of wolves to entertain us. It was wonderful. We saw Cassin’s Finch and Idaho’s state bird – the Mountain Bluebird.

  8. Deena in Phoenix, AZ says:

    Happy 4th Sue and Crew…so happy to see you found a piney forest site…

    Miss Mollie has left for the Rainbow Bridge a week ago…She had some neurological problem arise early Tuesday morning (1 am she wanted outside) and went down, I wasn’t able to lift her up so I sat with her…sprinklers came on and I tried to protect her…the complex security guard found us at 4am and assisted getting her into the apt…by the time the vet’s opened, Miss M was bouncing around and having a wonderful time…an x-ray showed a brain mass and she had nystagmus in her eyes…We discussed many things but I had already made up my mind to let her go, she did not like being on the wet ground…I miss her…at this time she will be my last furbaby…but I will be open to whatever life brings along.

    Attended a family reunion this past weekend, some from TX, ID, Yuma and Phoenix…Reggie and Roger were discussed quite a bit…the ID folks drive past Rogerson, ID all the time…plan on stopping on their return trip Thursday (some off the younger generation want to search for another dog like Roger, LOL).

    Hope your camping today is peaceful.


    • Pat from Mich. says:

      So sorry aout Miss Mollie. They are with us too short a time. Keep open to what the Universe has for you. Look at Roger!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Dear Deena, how sad for you, sad and painful. I know your Miss Mollie meant a lot to you. You have my deepest sympathy.

      Thank you for writing. I wish you peace, too.

    • Elizabeth in WA says:

      So sorry to hear about your loss…I hope you will be comforted. We just finished 8 days dog sitting…2 hunting dogs who also were inside (bouncing off walls and us) and a big old Great Pyrannees….I told my hubby…I see we are just plain too old anymore for dogs…though I love them. I am worn to a frazzle…of course, non of the 3 were as well trained as I would have anyway. Hubby says, Well, maybe later on we will find a small dog we can manage with. We shall see…
      Our last dog was beyond wonderful…and when you have one of those…well, it might take awhile to find another that will do…I wish you the best in this hard time of parting and hope the future will work out for your best!!

    • Sue CleanerGreenerVegas in Hutchinson, Kansas says:

      Thots and Prayers for you Deena, Partner, and blessings in memory of Miss Mollie. Love to all

    • Kristi and Daisie (Nampa) says:

      I’m very sorry to hear this. My own pup, eight years old, has just been diagnosed with lymphoma. Vet says we have two to four months with her. Not looking forward to making the decision of when it’s “time”. Tonight we are just trying to drown out the dang fireworks that stress her so badly. Hugs to you.

      • rvsueandcrew says:

        Hi, Kristi,

        It’s hard to say which is more difficult… a sudden parting or a long goodbye. Both bring their own kind of pain. I know you will cherish every remaining moment with Daisie and do what you can to keep her comfortable. I hope the fireworks are over now and she can relax. I’m sorry, Kristi. Hugs to you, too.

      • MB from VA says:

        Thinking of you in VA, Kristi. As Sue says….no matter what the circumstances…..it’s so difficult to loose a friend. Take care. MB, Wyndy (hound/Golden) and Bella (Chihuahua).

    • MB from VA says:

      Deena, I am so very sorry for your loss.

      • Jean in Southaven, MS says:

        So sorry Deena. Our fur babies just do not stay with us long enough.

    • Renee from Idaho says:

      I’m so sorry about Miss Mollie, Deena. The next few months will be difficult. I pray that memories of the wonderful life you gave her will comfort you.

    • ApplegirlNY says:

      So sorry, Deena. Thinking of you.

    • eliza in illinois says:

      Deena – I’m so sorry for the loss of your Mollie. You took such good care of her. My last dog was almost ten years ago, and am just waiting to fully retire before getting another one. It’s so hard when it is time.

  9. Robin B (Oregon & Arizona) says:

    I’m thoroughly enjoying your Montana adventures as we’ve never been there and would love to get up that way.

    If you (or anyone else is interested), we jettisoned–well, sold anyway, our 21′ McKenzie Ion and were trailer-less for a while. Then… my spouse found a rare 16′ 1984 Fiber Stream trailer which is all fiberglass with a very similar floor plan to the Casita Liberty. We *thought* it was in good shape until we started investigating and we have been working nonstop for a month to get it ready for our Lake Tahoe trip next week. We haven’t done anything fancy, just lots or repairs, exterior painting, upgrades (mostly mechanical), and lots and lots of cleaning (did the previous owners ever clean anything?). Anyway, instead of twin beds with a dinette, we installed a platform and two twin mattresses for a huge king-sized bed area. Plans are to do most of our eating and cooking outside. I think we’re going to get lots of questions about it but thought maybe we should have a sign on it saying, “NOT a Casita!” 🙂

    Happy 4th everyone!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      What a fantastic find, Robin! Now you have a unique home-on-wheels of which you can be very proud. “Eating and cooking outside” is the way to go! 🙂

      I’m going to see if I can find a photo of a 1984 Fiber Stream online.

      Happy 4th to you, too! Enjoyed your comment very much!

    • Pat (Ky) says:

      There is a young couple with a YouTube channel that fulltime in a 1985 Fiberstream…Drivin’ and Vibin’.

      • Robin B (Oregon & Arizona) says:

        I’ve seen them and their rig. They’ve changed quite a bit of their trailer, and while we’ve done a few upgrades, we haven’t done much in the way of changing out the original stuff. It’s all in good shape and I figure the years of grime protected it and held it all together. 🙂

  10. Great camp and photos of the boys, especially the 3 paws touching the ground,,, we moved again and now we are much closer to the intersection of 273, 274, but we’re still on 272,, the truck is pointing to the road and plenty of shade for us with a fire ring back bout 20 ft behind and for this special day our 4×6 American Flag is hanging from a tree branch with a rock anchor off the ground and so far 8 passers-by has stopped to say that’s a neat way to hang Ol’Glory,,, and she catches the wind real fine,,,, To all your Blogerooos a safe great Forth Of July,,,,, have a great 4th of July and give Reggieman and Roger rocket a huge hug from us too,,,,,, Rusty n Piper 👣🐾

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Rusty,

      After your previous comment, I looked up where you were camped near the Arkansas River (Brown’s). I remember seeing that place when we drove from Salida to Clear Creek dispersed camping areas.

      I’m glad you have plenty of shade and a breeze to show off Old Glory on this special day. Happy Freedom Day to you and Lady Piper!

      BTW, you mentioned one time about following our travels in Colorado. I don’t recommend going up to Vail and Silverthorne — too built up, traffic, condos, etc.

      Someone will probably disagree. If so, I hope folks will share suggestions for good, peaceful, free or inexpensive camps in Colorado.

      Take care and safe travels!

      • Thanks Sue,, we went up and saw the region and ended back near Delores, then Friday left Cortez and went up 145 to 62 to 550 to 92 to 133 to 82 to I 70 to Gypsum, Saturday we went from Gypsum on hwy 6 to 24 and wont take 24 from 70 to Leadville again, the road is falling towards the clifr side, we came down from LeadLeadville through B.V., to 270 and going to see The Rocky Mountain National Park sometime this month, then back to all the nice camps in Colorado till it gets cold,,, Rusty

  11. Diann in MT says:

    Hi, Sue! Happy 4th to you, too!
    I have driven by that campground many times, but didn’t think much of it. But now, I know… The intrepid Sue has explored it and approved it! Jeeze. I need to make a trip west.
    I have been boondocking in an unimproved campground south of here in the Beartooth Absaroka Mountains. The view is fantastic, the East Rosebud River runs through it, and you just can’t ask for more than that.
    Camping, I have discovered, is not like it used to be. People in very expensive rigs, powered by expensive generators, and the ever present ATV’s running up and down the dusty road. I have a place fairly well isolated from the rest, so I just catch glimpses of the traffic coming and going. But still, it ain’t like it used to be.
    I came down from the mountains today to take a shower and catch up on what you’ve been up to in Montana. I am so happy for you Sue that you have found a safe place to stay for the busy weekend. I am on my way back up the mountain so I can avoid another year of fireworks chaos right in my backyard. Have watered down a great deal of my yard and won’t worry about it. It will all be here when I return tomorrow.
    Safe travels, Sue and Crew!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      You’re a smart lady, Diann. For many reasons…

      Good for you to get away from the craziness and cacaphony of noise-makers. You’re right — “It ain’t what it used to be.” I can see a difference in the short time of six years camping and that is discouraging. Oh well… I’m hoping the economy becomes strong enough that there is money to repair the damage being done.

      Your camp sounds delightful. I’m going to look up the East Rosebud River. Gosh, what a great name! 🙂

      Thank you for being happy for me. I’m happy for you. Enjoy the mountains!

    • eliza in illinois says:

      Diann – I used to work on a ranch fairly near you, southeast of Livingston, off of Swingley road. So beautiful there. You are a lucky lady.

  12. Pat in Rochester says:

    Hi Sue and Happy Fourth to you too! Beautiful day in Rochester, and we just had a cook-out at home. The younger set is heading to town hall soon to get a good spot for the fireworks. I’m going to stay home and keep the (scaredy cat) dogs company. And get an early bed since it’s back to work tomorrow. I’m all goofed up with a Tuesday holiday – keep thinking it’s already the weekend, or would that be “still”? Or Friday. Or anything but Tuesday! It sure is nice to have off and have wonderful weather. And it should make for a short week.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Pat,

      Sounds like you had a very nice, traditional Fourth of July. Good of you to keep the dogs company tonight. I hope they don’t notice the fireworks sounds.

      Yeah, a Tuesday holiday is confusing for people who work. I heard people talking about that down at the grocery store. One woman (30-ish) said she wasn’t going to stay up late partying because she has to go to work tomorrow.

      I’m glad you’re having “wonderful weather” in Rochester!

  13. Virginia620 (AL) says:

    Happy 4th of July to all, and happy 19th Anny to hubby and me. Still learning the ins-and-outs of hospice. So supportive.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Congratulations to you and your husband on the 14-year anniversary!

      Thank God for hospice and thanks to those who make it work. I’m glad you have some support, Virginia.

      Also thanks for the holiday wish for the readers of this blog and for me.

  14. Rover Ronda (WA) says:

    Happy 4th of July!
    A sincere thank you to our veterans and their family members who fought for our independence.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Thanks for reminding us, Ronda. Those in the services, veterans and presently serving, are the underpinning of every holiday we enjoy. A special thanks to those who secured our independence those many years ago.

      Happy 4th to you, too!

  15. Dawn in Asheville says:

    Love the update – as always!!!!
    I don’t know why, maybe because I’ve felt like a misfit all my life, but I love hearing about Roger and how he’s getting socialized, and has found his family. Definite soft spot for the latest member of the crew. Hope the guys get thru the 4th safe and sound. Poor Freyja has been so upset the last evenings (fireworks started Friday already) – she even disses treats in favor of curling up next to the bed. Well, tonight and tomorrow, and hopefully all the nasty bang bangs will be gone by the weekend!
    Safe journeys to all –

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Poor Freyja. It’s tough seeing a loved one suffer in fear and not be able to explain it away. I’m glad she has you to curl up next to whenever she’s upset.

      You brought up something about Roger… and I looked down at the crew on the floor of the BLT. Reg and Rog have been competitive about food. I have to put my legs between them when they eat kibble out of their dishes. Well, when I read your comment about Roger, I noticed that Reggie is eating the kibble out of Roger’s dish (I forgot to put it up!) and Roger was watching without attacking. Wow! I quickly hugged him and gave him a bowl of kibble. Progress!

      Yeah, Roger has a lot of “rough edges” in order to become a smooth operating co-pilot of the canine crew. Well, heck, we’re all misfits really. It takes a lifetime to smooth out our rough edges and, even then, we need our own bowl of kibble. Ha!

      Thanks for the feedback on loving Roger becoming socialized — very helpful.

      Happy 4th to you and Freyja!

    • Elizabeth in WA says:

      Ah Dawn…well dear…you are not the only one feeling like a misfit all your life!! Just wanted you to know you are not alone…wishing you the best and with hugs,
      Elizabeth in WA

  16. Cinandjules 🌵 says:

    Very nice spot…love the trees! Zoom zoom time…is Rog always tethered?
    Hope …and by the look of things you will have a quiet 4th.

    Very quiet here! Yay! Dinner is curry chicken with carrots/potato over rice! Was going to BBQ but decided against it.

    Note to DeGin….I’ve located a free campsite with showers toilets grass etc..8 miles from Clifton Park. See previous post. Perhaps you can alternate between Wally and there…until your friends driveway is available.

    • Desert Ginger in Clifton Park, N.Y says:

      Where Cindy?

    • Desert Ginger in Clifton Park, N.Y says:

      Ok, saw your earlier post. Thank you! I will try it in the next couple days. Much nicer for Chloe to be in a campsite where I can put her dog pen out.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Cinandjules,

      I wrote you a lengthy reply yesterday and poof! Gone.

      Yes, Rog is always tethered. He’s a roamer. I would give him a chance to run if we were in a place where that is allowed and where it is safe. I rig up a line from tree to tree using the tether after feeding the tether through the loops of their leashes. Then I put down their pallet in the shade. That set-up works well until they get all tangled up.

      Haven’t had curry in a long, long time — I bet it was delicious!

  17. Elizabeth in WA says:

    Happy and QUIET 4th to you, Sue…hope your spot turns out to be a good one!!
    We just got home last night…so still trying to recover some.

  18. Susan in south central WA says:

    We’ve driven that section of freeway more times than I can count! I think the boys are trying to figure out how to have pizza delivered while you nap. 😉

  19. Sherri from California says:

    Happy Independence Day everyone!! And hugs and a big thank you to our military past and present 💥💥

  20. ValGal (westernWA) says:

    Hope everyone is having a quiet and happy 4th. Glad to see Rog and Reg having a blast together, even though they are sometimes a handful. 🙂.

    Looks like a nice camp. That area around Philipsburg has some good rockhounding. I believe there are places to find sapphires including a mine where you can search through tailings buckets ($). I went there once and did indeed find sapphires. None of them were of any value or even blue, but it was a blast. There’s some place to find quartz crystals somewhere near that loop, too, I think. The loop or somewhere near-ish to it or in that region has a cool ghost town, too, if I recall correctly. Great memories.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, ValGal,

      I hope you had a great holiday weekend! Interesting details about the Philipsburg area. It’s a lovely drive through there…

  21. MARCIA UMLAND says:

    Lovely campground with all the beautiful pines! It seems so peaceful and relaxing! Roger likes to stop and smell the flowers…sounds like he has the right idea! The boys seem to be having so much fun! Thanks for taking us along on your adventures….I look forward to your posts with delight!

  22. MB from VA says:

    Good morning Sue! I haven’t written in a while but have been following along….I’ve been having a difficult time for the past couple of months. I’ve had to deal with a part of myself that rarely comes out but when she does….wow! 😉 Though I was a much loved and wanted only child, I have never been selfish….as is the stereotype. I have never been a brat….as a child or an adult. Plenty of other faults too numerous to mention, but not a brat. But, boy have I been bratty lately….in my thoughts mostly.

    I want a lifestyle similar to yours more than I can express. I have no parents to care for, since I have already done that and now they are on the other side waiting for me. I have no brothers, sisters, nieces, nephews, husband, children, grandkids. Nothing that would normally keep a person from a full-time traveling lifestyle. I have a house and six acres that I could sell and buy what I want with lots left over to put in the bank for later. I even have someone who wants to buy it! I stepped way out of my comfort zone and got a computer job doing something I’ve never had experience with…peer review…..and have learned it and am making enough money to live on. So, why am I not gone? Because I have a 75 year old uncle living in my (childhood home, left to me by my parents) house rent free who does not have the money to take care of it or pay insurance/taxes if I leave. He has a sister in town and 4 other nieces out of town…..but as in lots of families…..that doesn’t result in assistance. So, I’m trying to figure out how to get him a trailer and put it in a park in AZ that is not blazing in the summer….or freezing in the winter….and pay his rent. He needs things that I don’t need….like regular doctors and the stability/security of knowing where the stores and pharmacies are. He does love it out there and would like to go. And at least I could still do my thing and check on him too. So, what are you doing right now MB, you might ask………..

    My last day at the farm was 6/30. I am now living in a detached office (my dad’s) behind my house….learning what it will like living with way less and no running water….Seriously, a good experience to prepare for later. But have to admit….it would be way easier if the trade off was a view of the WY mnts or AZ canyon country…..

    I am using the energy that I used to put into the farm….taking care of my own place instead. He doesn’t do anything but cut the grass in the small front yard….but as I said, there are six acres. It feels good to be giving it some TLC. But BOY, have I had a hard time with all this. I suppose one reason I am writing such a long post (sorry) is as a warning to others in my situation. Be very careful what you give up in the short run…..even to help someone……because you may be sorry in the long run. I am NOT saying I wouldn’t have taken care of my mother’s brother. I am saying that I should have found him a rental and gotten help from my cousins 6 years ago. But now…all I get from them is sympathetic looks and “I’m sorry you’re having to do that.”.

    Sooooo……I am living here, getting rid of more things…..trying to have a good attitude……and figuring out how to make it all work.

    *****If anyone has a suggestion about a park in AZ or any of the 4 corner states that has decent weather year round and has just the basics….safe, laundry, accepts pets (He has a small dog), near a town with a doc, grocery store…..please let me know.****

    I am sorry for this long post Sue. In a perfect world, I should be pulling out at the end of the month. And it is so very difficult knowing that I ordered my life so that I could…and still have to figure it out for someone else. But……. I am also trying to learn this lesson for later. I have to do a much better job at preparing than he did…..cause I won’t have “me”. LOL!

    Take care and know that I am still following along and doing everything I can to get out there too. You give me hope.

    Love from VA! MB, Wyndy and Bella

    • MB from VA says:

      PS…..”Want a little cheese with that whine, MB?” LOL!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Good morning, MB,

      I’m checking replies with the bit of charge I have on my laptop and air card. I read your comment very carefully and thoughtfully. I would like to give it some more thought before replying completely, and also, after I’ve driven the PTV for a while to charge up my electronics.

      In the meantime, I encourage… even urge…. blogorinos and lurkers to offer constructive ideas.

      Unfortunately this post has been up for a while and already read by most of my readers, so I don’t know if your comment will be viewed by many. Feel free to cut and paste your comment under the next post, if I ever get the thing written! (Busy day today and tomorrow)

      You have made progress and there’s a way to work out the rest so that you can live YOUR life. God bless you. I promise to respond at a later time.

      • MB from VA says:

        Thank you for the blessings Sue. They mean a lot.

      • MB from VA says:

        OH! And I do not get notifications on my phone…as I still have a flip phone because I just want it to be a phone. 😉 So, I generally do not see your posts till the next morning. Please feel free to copy/paste any part of this to your next post. I would appreciate input from your readers. You have the best group of caring people of any blog I know! Thanks!

    • Susan Berry says:

      Check out Prescott Valley and Chino Valley, AZ and the surrounding areas. It’s not as hot as Phoenix and not as cold as Flagstaff. You can find trailers/mobile homes for sale in parks that charge monthly lot rent. Prescott is good also, but a little more expensive.

      • MB from VA says:

        Thank you Susan! I will do that.

      • rvsueandcrew says:

        Chino Valley is a great idea! Not far from Prescott where there is a hospital. CV is a small, rural town with a good grocery and other handy stores.

    • weather says:

      When I hear “trailer” , two types, and thoughts about each one, come to mind. A travel trailer, though smaller, offers the option to more easily change locations in case one finds a chosen park disappointing.That option becomes more difficult to use if one has a trailer that’s often called a manufactured home/mobile home .

      One place in Chino Valley w/ lots to rent for both types is Mountain View Mobile Home& RV Community. Their website ( http://www.mountainviewmh.com) may be worth looking at. It offers a lot of helpful information, prices for lot rents, has their phone number and email address .

      • MB from VA says:

        Thank you Weather! I have been looking on line and will certainly look at this one. I am thinking more of a travel trailer. As you said, it can be moved easily. But he would still have all the conveniences of full hook-ups. And when my uncle doesn’t need it anymore, I can tow it or sell it. Thanks again for the suggestion. Have a great day! MB

  23. Dawn in NC says:

    Hey MB! I think that you are great for caring for your uncle the way that you do. I am sorry that things haven’t quite worked out the way that you want them to. Hang in there! You will figure out a plan for both yourself and your uncle.

  24. Terri MELTING in Texas! says:

    Sorry to hear about your troubles. Have you ever sat down with his sister and had a heart to heart talk? Sometimes people are clueless! I hope things work out for you!

    • MB from VA says:

      Thanks! And yes, I drove a couple hours to talk with two of my cousins. And spoke with my aunt too. They are great folks and I love them but they like being “clueless”…..even after I clued them in. 😉

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Sometimes people won’t take responsibility if they figure someone else will. Not to be crass, but sister could be given a deadline (confidentially) as in “I’m leaving in two months and I’ll do what I can to help you take over from there.” I have a feeling MB wouldn’t do that though.

      • MB from VA says:

        LOL! No…probably not but I have fantasized about it! 😀 Just throwing a camper shell on the back of my pick-up….loading up some supplies and my girls…..writing my family a letter saying that Lisa has bought the house and will be moving in come Oct……and…. Good luck! Buuuut, I remind myself that I might be 75 and needing help one day. I am hoping that what goes around comes round! 😉

  25. weather says:

    Gee, I’ve never seen campgrounds behind rest stops on a highway, how convenient! It’s surprising, too, to know while there you had the scent of pine surrounding you. I’d be more likely to associate rest stops with exhaust fumes. Your talent for discovering unexpectedly lovely campsites continually amazes me.In real time, the holiday ‘s past, so hopefully you can more easily find nice camps with cooler temperatures, too.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, weather,

      It’s a fantastic idea to put campgrounds behind rest stops when those rest stops are in lovely places such as this. We don’t have any exhaust fumes because of the way the campground is situated (smartly). A frontage type road curves around behind the rest stop and then away from the rest stop. The road goes back to the campground in a forest of Ponderosa pines with clear understory. There’s traffic noise, to which I’ve become accustomed. I can see the interstate traffic from our site since we didn’t camp on the forest side. I enjoy relaxing and watching the variety of vehicles go by. It’s quite a parade of RVs, semi-trucks, moving vans, cars, etc.Makes one wonder about the people and where they are going….

      No fireworks at all! It’s hot due to low elevation, yet the shade of the pines moderates that. Yes, the piney scent is a big plus!

      • weather says:

        People around here love to congregate along the shoreline and watch boaters send up fireworks over the lake. We had five nights, Friday through Tuesday, with all the noise and parties to hear. I thought of you , guessing your campsite was as wonderful ,and peaceful, as you described in your reply. This morning I saw that a 5.8 magnitude earthquake had occurred near Quartz Flat. Were you still there, and aware of it? I guess with the trains passing by one might think that’s what caused the rumbling.

        • rvsueandcrew says:

          I had no idea there was an earthquake! I bet you’re right about the trains. The crew and I are used to them roaring through our dreams. 🙂

        • weather says:

          Hi, Sue, in your reply below I saw that it’s 99 and rising there, Yikes! Sometimes, it helps me endure the heat if I keep my hair and clothes wet. During the last really hot summer here(2015? maybe) I put a pan of water down and soaked my dogs feet in it. They weren’t fond of the process so I had to hold them there for a couple of minutes. It really made a visible difference in their comfort level, though, they rested better and didn’t pant after being out playing around. Anyway, I’m sure you have your own methods of coping with the heat, I hope it doesn’t last much longer.

          • rvsueandcrew says:

            Hi, weather!

            That’s what I did yesterday afternoon! I filled up a bucket of water at the spigot. That water is nice and cold. After a quick wash of my hair in a large basin (I pour water over my head and I rinse so the soap suds stay out of the basin), I put Reg and Rog in, separately. The water was only a few inches deep. Roger wanted out immediately. Reggie sat down in it when I pressed his backside. I haven’t done it again yet today because they are resting comfortably.

            When the sun comes around to the back window, I cover it with a piece of Reflectix. That helps. I also sit with my feet in cold water. Also sponge off throughout the day.

  26. Adrienne in Carlsbad, CA says:

    Hi Sue,
    I’m wondering if whoever bought that small Yakatori grill is happy with it?
    The reviews are mixed but it looks really convenient for one person. Maybe they will see this and respond. I just got back from Costa Rica. The saying there is Pura Vida. So, Pura Vida, Sue!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Adrienne,

      I guess the person who bought that grill isn’t going to reply. Oh, well….

    • Yes, used the Yakatori grill last night for the 1st time for a steak. Perfect for 1 or 2 people, used 8 self light briquettes and was okay to cook to medium in about 12 minutes. Going to try using 12 briquettes next time. Just have to watch the price, it’s a $1.17 less today that what I paid for it. 1st time for me to reply. Sue, I really enjoy your site, did Apache Creek campground last year thanks to you.

      • rvsueandcrew says:

        Welcome to my blog, TD, and welcome to comments! You have joined the prestigious society of blogorinos! 🙂

        Ah, Apache Creek Campground in New Mexico… a lovely place and free. I’m glad my blog led you there.

        Thank you for purchasing the grill from Amazon through my blog. I appreciate you thinking of me and my crew.

  27. Well Sue we are just few miles of the Rocky Mountain National Park and we are camped at Gand lake in Sunset point campground, 24.00 a night, but with my pass it’s 12.00,, we’ll go through the Park in the morn, 48 miles to Estates Park on the other side,, we have 4 – 5 bars at 4G at camp site #8,,, from what I hear, it takes all day to go to the other side and to watch out for Moose, no Buffalo here, but just about everything else, LOL,,,, Rusty n Piper

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      You’re having quite a summer, Rusty! I look forward to hearing about your experience of Rocky Mtn NP.

  28. Diann in MT says:

    Hi, Sue.
    Did you feel that earthquake?
    It was not a bear rocking the BLT! LOL
    May your day be wonderful!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Thanks, Diann. Nope, I didn’t know there was an earthquake until you blogorinos told me about it. 🙂

  29. Geri in the FL panhandle! says:

    We love that you found a nice campground in the tall pines and a quiet place to spend the fourth! Chuck and I spent a quiet day at home. The fireworks show from Apalachicola were far enough away that the sound never reached here across the river.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Geri,

      I’m glad you, Chuck, and your crew had an uneventful holiday. Peace at home… 🙂

  30. Kitt NW WA says:

    Wow, Sue, an earthquake! Like Diann said, it was not a bear this time making the BLT rock and roll. Were you near enough to feel it?
    I went through the Nisqually quake with a classroom full of seventh graders. They were under their desks and holding on before I could even get under mine! Quite the ride, it felt like it went on forever. A bit nerve rattling but no damage to our old school. It held up better than the newer ones in the district.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Kitt,

      Nothing ramps up a catastrophic event like a roomful of middle schoolers! One time a snake was loose in my classroom. You would’ve thought there was an earthquake!

      I didn’t feel this earthquake at all.

  31. Sue, mom to tinydog Rizzo says:

    Wherever you are, we hope you are safe tonight.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Thank you, Sue, for that short and sweet message. Wishing you and Rizzo a great day!

  32. Elizabeth in WA says:

    Hope you are safe too, Sue! That was a fairly big one for those parts!!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Thank you, Elizabeth. I hope you are safe, too.

      Sweltering here. The temperature at 1;50 p.m. is 99 degrees and rising. No a/c, of course. I started to put a post together until the heat made it impossible to continue. I try to get chores done in the cool of morning.

      Reg and Rog are stretched out on the vinyl floor, dozing. I should join them. Ha!

  33. Debbie from So. Cal. says:

    Hi Sue, so sorry to hear you have the oppressive heat also. The picture of Roger
    and the flowers is fantastic, his little white face next to all the colors of the flowers is so precious .

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Debbie . . . It’s funny how Roger is attracted to flowers. I’m learning to get ready with my camera whenever we come across some flowers.

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