Things this full-timer considers when experiencing end-of-winter “hitch itch”

How many birds do you see in this photo?

Water birds along an irrigation canal, Midland Road, Blythe California

When Reggie and I roll into town we pass a number of irrigation canals.

Today I spot several Great Egrets and immediately step on the brakes, parking the Perfect Tow Vehicle in the lane.  I’ve learned that in order to grab bird pics, the brief time and movement it takes to park the PTV on the shoulder often will scatter the birds.

Midland Road is straight for a long distance and I see no vehicles coming in either direction.

I bring my window down and pick up my camera.

This scene is much farther away than the photo suggests.

The 60X zoom on my Panasonic Lumix brings the birds closer.  These pics are blurry but the birds are clear enough to identify and to enjoy.

How many birds do you see in this photo?

Egrets are fun to photograph because they hold a pose!

The bird in the middle is actually two birds!  Look again closely if you saw only three birds.  There are four.

And the photo at the top of this post has five birds in it.

~ ~ ~

Regular readers may be wondering . . .

Where we go for walks

How long are RVSue and Reggie going to stay at this camp? 

Isn’t it high time they got a move on?

Yes, the time to move is drawing near.

Roaming from camp to camp around the warm spots of southern Arizona and southeastern California as I have done in previous years is no longer an option for us.

(Those places expose us to gawkers.  Midland LTVA is the only warm-in-the-winter place I want to camp in where our privacy is not invaded.)

A river of sand

I have to calculate carefully when to leave this warm spot to begin the year’s explorations.

Things to consider . . .

I don’t want to move too soon and drive into unpleasant weather or even a spring snowstorm.

Possible boondocks and inexpensive campgrounds may be too high in elevation for early spring.

Other considerations are road closings for repairs or due to wash-outs. Dirt roads and boondocks during spring can be muddy.

“Oh my, Reggie!  You’re wearing a lily corsage on your back!”

For example, let’s take Mojave National Preserve.

Located northwest of us in the same Mojave Desert in which we are presently camped, some of the roads in the Preserve are closed during certain days in March. (See Alerts at for specifics.)  Also internet signal isn’t reliable throughout the Preserve.

This information tells me one needs to have current information and be extra careful if attempting to boondock in the Preserve in early spring.

I also note that Hole-In-The-Wall Campground in the Preserve is 4,400 feet above sea level while Midland LTVA is 540 feet.

Okay, so what does this all mean?

In short, it means that Reggie and I probably will move sometime in March — cautiously.

I give the example above for those who might wonder why we aren’t out finding fabulous boondocks, roaming all over the place, instead of staying here at Midland LTVA.

Besides, I have to wait for the desert lilies to be in full bloom!

More buds yet to open on the desert lilies!

As excited as I am about another year of travel, it’s hard to leave when the desert around us is bring forth a display of various flowers.

Reggie and I go on flower hunting expeditions in the area beyond the boundary of the LTVA, out where vehicles don’t go.  It’s fun!  Better than an Easter egg hunt!

Reggie hops over a flower

While out walking the other day it struck me that if it weren’t for the long delay waiting for our new refrigerator, we might have missed seeing the desert lilies!

In an upcoming post I’ll show you the other flowers we find.

Tomorrow, March 6th, will be out 80th day at Midland LTVA! 

As I mentioned somewhere previously, I bought a season permit for $180.  That works out to $2.50 a day and growing smaller with every additional day.

There’s nothing I’d rather being doing than walking among the lilies with my precious pal.



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134 Responses to Things this full-timer considers when experiencing end-of-winter “hitch itch”

  1. Tammie Villanueva says:

    Good morning

  2. Tim in Seattle says:

    Love Reggie’s sweater…he’s stylin’

  3. Linda & the 3M's Carmichael, Ca says:

    Top of the list again. I woohoo

  4. Chris B and Diego in Southern California says:

    We were going to take off today for some boondocking in Anza Borrego for the flower show but are going to wait a few more days for the “Big Bloom.”

    Nice photos of the egrets. They play “statue” quite well!

    Enjoy the flowers!

    Chris B

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Chris B and Diego,

      That’s another consideration…. timing to coincide with the high point of wildflower blooms. Oh gosh, remember the cactus blooms last spring at Roosevelt Lake? What a show that was . . . .

      Maybe you’ll see a carpet of verbena at Anza Borrego. I’ve heard that’s an amazing sight. Good luck!

      Thanks for the compliment on the egret pics. Hi to Clete!

  5. Gives the rest of us hope that we can boondock cheap still.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Sandra,

      There’s plenty of reason to be optimistic about inexpensive camping, still lots of free boondocking available. 🙂

  6. Dave Stewart (in missouri for now) says:

    great post all good things must come to an end. now time to explore!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Dave,

      Almost time…. Probably another week before we hit the road again. I’m pleased you liked the post. Thank you.

  7. Judy Johnson in upstate S.C. says:

    I can’t be #1… Can I?!

    • Judy Johnson in upstate S.C. says:

      Now I see others’ posts. Beautiful lily pics. Here in the south we are experiencing a very early spring… lovely.

      • rvsueandcrew says:

        Hi, Judy,

        “A very early spring”…. That’s good news! I hope the citrus and peach groves aren’t hit with a late frost. Thanks re: the lily photos. I’m glad you enjoyed them.

  8. Marilu in Northern California says:

    There must be something very tasty in that canal! Our puppy is home. We’re in heaven!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      That’s wonderful, Marilu! I hope you’ll tell us more … when you can pull yourself away from that pup!

  9. Stephanie Albany OR says:

    Good morning. Top 10?

  10. How about getting your truck painted and putting camouflage on your bear siren? Like turn it into a decorative cactus or something? Your setup is too easy to recognize, so some disguise might be in order.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Judy,

      I’d also have to stop blogging or seriously hurt my blog by not showing photos of my camouflaged rig. It would only be a matter of time before someone would identify the camouflaged rig and post photos on Facebook or their own blog.

      Anyway . . . I don’t want to disguise the PTV and BLT. I should be able to live in peace without changing what I like into something I don’t want. That’s why I keep bringing up instances of privacy invasion (although I don’t reveal them all.)

  11. Vicki & Kitty campin'...with hitch itch & packing for the next camp ... how cool is that! says:

    Good Morning Sue & the Reggie Man!
    The desert is in bloom & it’s so beautiful. Most people only see the boring desert but you help point out the beauty of the desert in it’s many ways.
    Love your walks & all your pictures.
    I’m getting itch-y to move on as well. With you showing all the blooms I didn’t want to miss out. Asked my co-hosts if I could leave early, so the 15th is moving on out day. I’m going to Quartzsite to test out some solar then move on to a cheap park as back-up.
    Thank you Sue for showing me & others how wonderful this full-time life is. It’s peaceful & a less stressful life style.
    I’m hoping to study my Benchmark maps further & do more boondocking & less working this year. Thank for that too Sue.
    Enjoy this camp & safe travels to your next. Big Hugs!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Good morning and almost Good afternoon, Vicki and Kitty campin’!

      How wonderful, your move-out day is closer! In response to those thank-yous you give me — You’re very welcome! It’s a thrill to share this lifestyle. . . .

      Good luck with your plans! Enjoy!

  12. Pat in Rochester says:

    We were in the high 60s here a few days ago. Single digits last night. Welcome to western NY! I’m ready for some desert warmth. Or a nice sandy beach. Your pics help me keep going lol!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Those are crazy temps, Pat!

      Right now our home is being slapped with gusting wind. When it started, right after I put up this post, I took Reggie out for a walk which turned into a run. The wind came up fast and blew us home! 🙂

  13. Judy in East Texas says:

    Hi Sue and Reggie….the desert is beautiful. Thanks for sharing!!

    Stay safe.out there friend, judy

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      You’re welcome, Judy, and thank you for wishing us safe. I wish the same for you.

  14. Toni says:

    The desert Lilies are lovely. I pick up my Casita in just two weeks! I am so eager to get out there. I am looking forward to doing some birdwatching and learning about the flora and fauna of the places I go. Do you have certain resources that you have found helpful to use to identify what you see along the trail?

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Toni,

      You must be so full of anticipation! I remember that countdown… 🙂

      By far the best resource I have for identifying birds and flowers is this blog. I have readers who are very knowledgeable and they never let me down.

      In addition, I like At the top of the home page are categories like “animals” “plants” “deserts” … very helpful in identification.

      For birds I love Cornell’s Ornithology Lab website, All About Birds. Easy to use and very thorough information, including bird calls.

      I also have several field guides.

  15. Barbara (Nashville) says:

    Great photos of the Egrets and the Heron. Such a statuesque bird. Reggie is so cute in his pumpkin sweater especially when lillies grow out of his back! MLTVA seems like a really nice place to stay put for awhile, so peaceful there.
    As I spring like temps are pretty much still here, I am really getting the urge to start full-timing, but still have the same issue, DH. Still trying to convince him.
    Need to get some things finished up. Have a good week.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Barbara,

      Thank you regarding the photos. It’s nice of you to mention them.

      It makes me sad when I read a comment from a reader who wants to go full-time RVing and the spouse refuses to go. Remembering how much I longed for this way of life, I would have been frustrated out of my mind by anyone being an obstacle in the way of my dream. Guess that makes me pretty selfish. I admire your patience, Barbara.

      You have a good week, too!

  16. Linda & the 3M's Carmichael, Ca says:

    Looks really wonderful there. I really need to plan to see the desert in bloom. Right now here in California we have many roads and highways that are impassable because of the saturated ground after 4 years of drought. You’re smart to stay in that great spot til you can be fairly sure about what you’ll find around the bend. Too bad you have to be wary of gawkers. How many followers does your blog have? That’s the price you pay for being such a good writer and photographer.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Numbers of followers used to mean something before Facebook. Now some bloggers include their FB followers with their blog followers. I don’t want to be competitive. Some blogs have long histories, others are just starting.

      Some blogs list the total number of page views while others list the total number of visits. Page views, by definition, are going to be much higher than number of visits.

      What I’m saying is the numbers don’t mean much.

      What means more to me than any numbers are the lives my blog touches in an inspiring and uplifting way, the friendly participation by readers, and the positive feedback such as you give me in your comment. Thank you, Linda.

  17. Linda-NC says:

    Egrets and Lilies-delightful! I am in Georgia right now. So far here I have only been able to capture a squirrel and some cardinals with my camera. Delightful too. I saw wildflowers up the road coming in, but will have to take a hike back and check them out as Maggie had a pee emergency:) I am a little worried about her. She is having a harder time getting up even with Mom’s help. She rather just lay down. We don’t walk too far, as she tires easily and sometimes she still has to lay down for 5 minutes or so to rest before we go back. And sometimes she just perks right up and wiggles with delight. We will just take it a day at a time.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Linda,

      I’m sorry to hear that about Maggie. Her behavior reminds me of Bridget during her last year or so. She’d have good days and then there’d be days when she didn’t want to move around much. Yes, one day at a time. I know you’ll cherish every one of them.

      Have fun with your camera…. I’m pleased you enjoyed seeing the egrets and lilies… a nice pairing, I think. 🙂

  18. Sunny says:

    Good afternoon! I am glad to be able to read your blog today. Presently in southwestern AZ on blm land, and have been trying to decide when to leave here as well. I need to be in Phoenix area mud next week but then may head south again depending on weather. The way it has been fluxuating, it’s hard to decide what direction to go. Beautiful bird and Lily photos!! Happy travels, Sue!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Good afternoon, Sunny,

      Spring, in my opinion, is the toughest time of year for those of us who try to keep ourselves in pleasant weather. You mention how “it’s hard to decide what direction to go.” Keep in mind that warmth is not only direction, but also low elevation. It can be counter-intuitive. I’ve found warmth by moving northward! But you know this already…… 🙂

      Thank you re the photos. Happy travels to you, too!

  19. Retiredcajunlady 'N Louisiana says:

    Sue, I am so glad you posted today! Those lilies are gorgeous, and the yellow flower adds so much color to its surroundings. And Reggie…just adorable…as usual. Love the egret pics! The brown birds remind me of teaching fourth grade science and “protective coloration” in nature.
    I am having a flare of ulcerative colitis today and feeling super blahhhhh!! Your post was a welcomed look and read while I am not up to snuff. You and Reggie do bring sunshine to those of us who follow your adventures.
    I want to believe that those who bother you at “home” are simply curious about the Casita and not readers of your blog. As all of us who read you regularly know your privacy is paramount and something you cherish. The realistic side of me knows the unwanted attention probably does come from those familiar with you and your blog…and that is indeed sad. I hope your last few days in your wonderful spot are quiet and peaceful and without rude intruders on your privacy.
    Belly rubs, hugs, ear scratches for Reggie and prayers for you both!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Retiredcajunlady,

      What a shame you have to deal with that condition. I hope this flare up passes quickly. I’m glad my blog gives you some distraction from it.

      Thank you for wishing us continued privacy. Midland LTVA, so far, has been great for us. It’s very peaceful and convenient. The camp host helps steer visitors away.

      Recently a cluster of RVs formed on this side of Midland Road. (I think they know each other.) They are no bother at all.

      For the last part of our stay here, if more move in around us, I’ll hitch up the BLT and put her down at the far reaches of the LTVA land, next to what you see in the 4th photo. I would’ve made that area our camp when we first arrived but someone was camped there. They’ve since left.

      As always I appreciate the kind words and prayers. Get better soon!

  20. Patti from So Cal says:

    Good afternoon, Sue
    Once again, nice photos! Funny, I looked at the photo before reading your note underneath it, and though you had actually put the lily on Reg’s back!

    I’m glad you don’t mind me commenting on older blogs as I catch up. And thanks for reading my long Chloe/Lilah story. ***Omg…get this; I just turned on an old Law & Order SVU… the victim’s name is ‘Lyla’ (ok, so they spell it wrong, what can I say:)
    and the woman’s name, whom had found her, was ‘Patti’!*** Freaky.

    I did notice you having to repeat your plea of no unexpected visitors or gawkers. Are the gawkers people who read your blog? Or, just folks that like to gawk at a woman camping alone. I had that happen more than once. Both? You’re pretty brave to post your location.
    I learned a lesson about that and here’s why.
    I had one of your followers show up at my camp! I will not mention a name, nor was I upset in the least (fortunately, because that could easily happen). I will call this visitor ‘Bloggo’.
    As I mention a few days ago, I posted a long story on your blog back around Nov 2014, about my trip up the 395. I had many issues with my truck’s engine and had to repair them all in my camp. I went on about how I came upon some awesome boondocking sites, unexpectedly, in the Eastern Sierra.
    It was a fantastic trip of 31 days! (sorry for repeating myself)
    But, I digress.
    After being there about 2 weeks, I step outside of my Pod and lo & behold, this person is addressing me by my 1st name! What the…
    Here I am in the middle of nowhere and this person comes out of nowhere.
    Then, she mentioned your site. Evidently I gave too much detail of my location.
    She said she was nearby and though it would be nice to meet another solo-woman camper. I invited her into my camp and really enjoyed the brief visit. However, like you, I would never want uninvited visitors. On this occasion I must’ve been in the right mood (and she was the right personality) and, it was good timing. However, I learned my lesson, I will not give a precise location again.

    It’s a shame you feel you need to leave, or avoid going back to, sites that you enjoy due to gawkers. On a similar note, I did read the comment from /////. He assumed you may have horned in on a local’s favorite spot. Evidently ///// felt that local had a right to horn right back! Instead of taking the considerate road and park elsewhere.
    I camped in Joshua Tree one fine, hot July. I’m usually one of only a few insane people to camp in 90-100 degree weather. So I thought.
    Ryan campground has 31 sites and I was completely alone (tent camping)…for a short time. Then, Chloe starts barking. Out of the remaining 30 sites, the couple chose the one right next to me. My only guess is, they liked the same view. Fortunately, they’re pretty roomy sites.
    I can certainly understand why you want to wait for more blooming flowers before you leave. I am looking forward to hitting the desert at their peak. Hopefully the sun won’t scorch the poppies and other wildflowers, before they bloom. That happened after the last year, I believe.
    I hope to get more rainfall and many more awesome cloud-covered days before it starts to cook!
    Another long one from me…..and in one day!
    Peace out!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi again, Patti!

      I do appreciate your posts. They’re fun to read and add much to my blog. Thank you.

      I think your anecdotes about camping are informative for those who haven’t camped much or not at all.

      No, the gawkers I mention are not intrigued simply by a woman camping alone. I can differentiate between those interested in a Casita, those interested in a woman alone, and those wanting a glimpse of RVSue or Reggie (Why, I’ll never understand!).

      As for horning in on someone’s favorite spot — That is impossible to do by anyone. Campsites are first come, first serve — whether by reservation or by arrival at the campsite.

      For instance, I have a favorite spot at Midland LTVA (our first one, the one by the ironwood tree with rocks around the edge). When we returned from Corvina Beach at the Salton Sea, someone was camped in “my” favorite spot. It’s occupied so I have no right to it and no reason to be grumpy about it.

      (I elaborate for anyone reading this, not particularly to you, Patti.)

      I don’t know what it’s like in southern CA today. The wind is crazy here!

      • Patti from So Cal says:

        It’s cool, cloudy and breezy here. Lovely weather! We get our share of strong winds but not today.
        Thanks for the redactions. I shudda known better.
        As far as my visitor, I used ‘Bloggo’ (blogorino) but I dont think she leaves comments. So don’t anybody go a wonderin’ who she is 🙂
        I can understand somebody wanting to meet you and chit-chat (by invitation only) but I don’t understand just wanting a ‘look-see’. I love Reggie pics. I can look at that cute little face all day long!

  21. It’s such a shame that people won’t respect your privacy, especially as there’s no way they don’t KNOW that you discourage visitors and looky-loos! Those lilies are amazing!! I’m near Cottonwood now, getting some work done on the camper and I don’t know where to go from here. It does seem to be an in-between time with the weather….already too hot in some areas, but still too cold in the higher elevations. I’m sure you’ll find the next Best Place and it’ll be beautiful.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, JanisP,

      You hit the challenge directly with your words, “too hot in some areas, but still too cold in the higher elevations.” The challenge can be daunting, but also fun. Also factor in that while you move across a large territory, you stop at camps, time goes by, and weather changes. This is one reason why I find snow outside our door at least one morning every spring.

      Thanks for your confidence in my ability to find that “next Best Place!”

  22. Linda a says:

    The desert getting it’s blooms…. It is beautiful to behold.
    Happy your happy and content…… That’s a lot!
    This might be good time to add a little sister for Reggie if the
    right ‘beauty’ came along. 😘

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      I was thinking the same thing, Linda. We haven’t found each other yet. 🙂

      So many Lindas!

      Please help me keep the Lindas straight by including your state’s initials after your name when you sign in. Thanks. And thank you for being happy for us!

  23. Joyce F in Kansas says:

    Lovely pictures today. Makes me wish for a Reggie.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Aww, Joyce.. . . There are lots of “Reggies” in this world, although I do consider my man as one of a kind. 🙂 Thanks regarding the photos.

  24. Rover Ronda (WA) says:

    Hi Sue,
    I’m very glad you’re waiting for the desert lilies full bloom. I’m looking forward to seeing your pictures. These early blooms are so pretty. Flower hunting like Easter egg hunting is a great description. I see you n Reggie scurrying from flower to flower your camera like a basket digitally picking them up.

    I passed my school bus driver test yesterday! I think my class took longer than normal due to my instructors also being drivers so training only occurred a couple hours each day between their routes. Also they were both sick once and I was sick twice. I’m glad I’m finally done. Now the real challenge begins- driving a real route with 50+ kids. I’ll probably hate my first couple weeks, but once I find my groove I’m sure I’ll love it.

  25. EmilyO in NM says:

    My desert lilies are just starting to come up here; but then I am close to 5,000 ft high. Early spring for us this year. Got two teeth getting pulled this week. Starting to research ways I can retr-fit the trailer to accommodate Jim’s health and physical needs so we will be able to take short trips here and there.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, EmilyO!

      What a treat to see you here again! I’m glad to hear you have plans toward the goal of taking the trailer on trips. Good for you!

      You have desert lilies, too. I didn’t know they grow at your altitude, but then why not? I hope yours come up as abundantly as they are around here. What a delight!

      Warm wishes to you, Emily, and to Jim, and good luck with your retro-fitting project…

      • Rover Ronda (WA) says:

        Maybe after the desert lilies are done in Midland you can head to higher elevation and find more😃

    • Rover Ronda (WA) says:

      Ouch! I hope your teeth removal goes smoothly and gums heal quickly after.

      Re-fitting your trailer can be fun. I’m sorry your reasons are for your husbands health. Hopefully you find it a fun challenge anyway. I’m sure you’ll figure it out. Got questions? Need suggestions? I’m sure many of us would be happy to help. There are far more knowledgeable people here than myself but what I know I’m glad to share. As I said I’m sure you can do it.
      😃Happy travels

  26. Hi Sue,
    Glad you and Reggie are enjoying the desert blooms and hopefully peace and quiet. I think you are right to stay a little longer and not have to worry about the end of winter weather.
    We are in Casa Grande having our solar installed. Can’t wait for next winter when this beast of an RV and its owners will be enjoying the Southwest desert as it should be – out by ourselves and not stuck in an RV park most of the time.
    Hey, that is our toaster oven in the buy list (at least it looks just like the one we had delivered on Friday when I click on the link).
    Have a great evening.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Thank you, Lisa. You have a great evening, too.

      Oh, I understand you must be anxious to take off with your new solar, off to see what’s down the road and out in the desert. 🙂

      Yeah, that’s your toaster oven because it’s the only one purchased recently. Thanks so much for thinking of me and Reg when you went shopping at Amazon. It looks like a very nice oven.

      I appreciate you affirming my decision to linger a little longer. This is a very unpredictable time of year weather-wise. Safe travels!

  27. ValGal (westernWA) says:

    Love the desert lillies and egret pics.

    It makes me sad that you can’t wander around AZ and CA as you might wish in the winter. I’m sorry that people are so intrusive. That said, you and the Reg seem to enjoy Midland, so that’s a plus.

    Love to hear your excitement about your upcoming adventures. And thanks for bringing us along by sharing them on your blog!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      You’re welcome, ValGal. I am excited about the new year of travel starting soon. I’m also grateful for being led to this place of peace and quiet for the winter. As for the places where I no longer feel comfortable… My blog will fade in popularity the way all things do eventually and then, perhaps, those places will be mine to visit again. Part of the “problem” is me. Others wouldn’t mind at all. Oh well, I am who I am and I’m glad to be me.

      Ah, western Washington… another beautiful part of our country. Have a good evening, ValGal.

  28. rvsueandcrew says:


    I”ve read your comment carefully twice. A few things “stick out” which I will address.

    First off, your premise that I’m using a derogatory descriptive word (gawkers) about casual passers-by who happen to recognize me, my dog, or my rig is false. I know the difference between people such as you describe yourself and those people who PURSUE me to gawk.

    Second thing that struck me was the way you described the upper area at Lone Rock as “the saddest place ever, not pretty at all and I would not have enjoyed staying there.” Several of my readers know that place and have seen the photos I’ve posted from there and I’m sure they would be as stunned as I am to read your negative description. This reveals something about you that is confirmed in the third thing I’d like to address.

    Third . . . It is odd that you felt compelled to write this long dissertation which is primarily a justification for your actions and a reprimand for my perspective. You “do not enjoy being called a gawker.” Huh?

    You can come up with reasons why I am wrong to want my privacy respected, but that doesn’t change the fact that I have a right to live my life in my own particular way, I have the right to defend my privacy, and I have the right to produce a blog that expresses my point of view. Almost everyone who reads what I write understands and respects that.

    Forget the sarcastic “Have a wonderful day.” It’s childish. By the way, I’m pretty sure I remember you.

  29. Lee Ann says:

    Hi Sue,
    I recently found your blog and have enjoyed learning from your ventures. I will be retiring by next fall as a single women and plan to head to AZ BLM for the Fall/Winter. Ten years ago I took a sabbatical from work and RV’d for a year, and as a single women with two tiny poodles I recall being gawked at many times by people who thought it odd to see a woman alone with two small dogs. It was as if being a single women alone with a rig presented an option for some to be openly disrespectful.

    Certainly not most people, but the few whose gazes uncomfortably lingered did cast a shadow upon my pleasant days… Also, may I say to previous blogger that please don’t worry – one can easily tell the difference between an innocent pier vs. a lingering gaze of curious gawk. Well, I had no choice of course so in the end none of that should matter. So I tell myself.

    Back then I wintered over in Coachella Valley but am now looking forward to it every year from hear on out:-) Then it was Sands RV Resort but this time it will be BLM $180 for 6 months, oh ya!!!

    In these recent posts I have read there is mention of a privacy policy you maintain yet I have read that you do socialize with people that cross your path. I am pretty certain that by next Fall/Winter I will be crossing your path so can you please clarify your privacy policy once again for us new subscribers? I am pretty friendly typically but don’t want to infringe…

    PS: This time out I will have my farm dog with me, an Anatolian Shepard Kangal Dog along with my toy poodles:-) Farm truck will be pulling a fifth wheel….

    Thanks again for your informative yet poetic blogging! Lee Ann

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      You’re welcome, Lee Ann. It’s a pleasure to have you with us!

      Your experience being watched as a solo camper has given you insight into my situation. Ratchet up that feeling several notches and you will have a good idea what I feel. 🙂

      You want me to explain my privacy policy. Okay…

      I don’t want to be pursued. I don’t like drop-in visitors, especially by strangers. (People with whom I communicate on my blog are cyber-friends. In real life they are strangers in the sense that I’ve never met them in real life.) Therefore the policy in its simplest form is: Please respect my privacy. No visitors, no drop-ins, no slow, drive-by rubbernecking, no staring, no pointing and giggling at me, no photos. I’ve also had to make it policy not to accept any invitations or gestures toward socializing.

      However, if I’m out and about and it is natural to start a conversation — let’s say while I’m walking Reggie and I meet someone going the other way, or I’m standing in the check-out line, that sort of thing — then I welcome a good chat. “Paths crossing” does not mean seeing my rig way over there and driving to it.

      What people have done is “stage” situations, pretending to bump into me or positioning themselves in an effort to initiate contact. As if I can’t tell! The hair stands up on the back of my neck. Ha!

      I really don’t like going on and on about this, but your sincere request deserved a full reply.

      I smiled at your evolution from the RV resort to the BLM land. I’m happy for you, retiring this fall with plans for the winter. I am unfamiliar with the breed of your dog and will look it up. Thanks for writing, Lee Ann!

  30. Sharon in MO says:

    Beautiful photos! Thanks for sharing. I think if I were there, I would linger also. Spring is such an exciting season!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Yes, it is, Sharon. Thank you for complimenting me on my photos. I’ve never experienced spring in Missouri… I imagine it has its own springtime beauty.

  31. Pookie and Chuck in Todd Mission Tx says:

    good evening….I am finally at the campground at the national seashore
    with my #2 son. we spent the day fishing and catching up on our love for each
    other but I had to get online to check on you….
    thanks for your post to let us know how youre doing
    chuck and pookie

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Good evening, chuck and pookie!

      I’ve been thinking about you, wondering how your trip is going. What a wonderful statement — “we spent the day fishing and catching up on our love for each other.” Precious days.

      And even now, you take the time to check in here. Thank you and keep on enjoying your son in that beautiful place. I’m happy for you both!

  32. Denise - Richmond VA says:

    Hi, Sue,

    Pretty birds and lilies, and a handsome little Reggie! I really cannot pick just one picture as my favorite. I am glad you pointed out the “extra” bird in picture #2 & 3. At first, I thought it was an odd shadow, causing four long legs to appear! Taking another look at the first picture, the 4 white egrets, and 1 blue heron (?) are spread out and easy to see.

    The desert lilies appear to be petite. What has been the tallest plant that you have seen so far? I am looking forward to seeing the other flowers that you and Reggie have discovered on your hikes. Enjoy the peace and privacy of LTVA as long as you want/need to. It seems that you and Reggie are enjoying this camp immensely! 🙂

    Have a good night, Sue! Sending you and Reggie love and hugs from me and Gracie pup! 🙂

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Denise,

      Most of the desert lilies are short. The tallest I’ve found are about 18 inches and haven’t opened all their buds yet. The short ones look like someone scattered nosegays over the desert!

      I was beginning to think I was the only one who didn’t notice those “extra” birds in the photos. 🙂 Probably the device you see them on influences whether your eye is tricked. In that 3rd pic I studied the middle bird and couldn’t identify it… A white egret with a grey back? Then I realized I was looking at two birds, not one.

      Thank you, Denise, for the love and hugs… The same to you and Gracie pup!

  33. Hi Sue, long time reader of your blog. Just so you know, the night time temps in Mojave Preserve at Hole-in-the Wall campground were 29 deg a few days ago according to my neighbor. Cold drove them out to Death Valley. Still to early in the year for that altitude I would say. Midland LTV sounds better, and besides you have those lilies to watch. Aren’t they spectacular! I remember crawling around on hands and knees many years ago with my boys trying to find the perfect lily. Good memories.


    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Edward! Always great to hear from a “long time reader.” Thank you for riding with us.

      Aha! Just as I thought about the temperatures at Hole-in-the-Wall. I’m not about to drive into temperatures in the high 20s. It’s windy here today and tonight but at least it’s a warm wind.

      Yes, I must watch the lilies. How funny… You and your boys crawling on hands and knees trying to find the perfect lily. I thought I was the only one who did that!

      What a fun comment, Edward. Please do stop in here again.

  34. Thank you for taking time to explain:-) Definately understand. WOW, that does sound pretty grieving!

    I look forward to hearing about this years explorations!!

    Time for bed here in Michigan… Nighty Night 🙂

    Lee Ann

  35. Denise - Richmond VA says:

    Just caught up with reading the blogorino’s comments…

    Your conversation with Janis (LittleBittyLivingJanisP) had me giggling! You both are like Goldilocks…looking for the next camp that is not too hot, not too cold, but just right!!! 🙂

  36. Beth says:

    Darn it, I missed the lilies by a week! Now I’m enjoying them vicariously through your pictures! Thanks for sharing them.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      You’re welcome and good morning, Beth,

      You missed the lilies but maybe there’s something better, more important, or simply perfect for you wherever your path goes. 🙂

  37. Eileen Dykeman says:

    Those desert lilies sure are pretty, and so are the egrets (we’ve got lots of the latter here in the Sunshine state – I always enjoy the white pelicans that grace us with their presence throughout the winter also). Thanks again for sharing your photos – I just love that little Reggie man!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      You’re welcome, Eileen. Good morning!

      I remember the many cattle egrets of Florida… smaller than the Great Egrets in these photos. As for pelicans, they may look clunky with their big pouches, but you know what grace they display in the sky! I think I saw pelicans flying over our camp the other day, heading northwest.

  38. Bob McQuade says:

    Hi Sue !

    With temps heading into the 90’s by the end of the week, my stay at Ogilby Road ends today and I am heading north to Joshua Tree.

    After reading about your fascination with the desert lilies, quite nice I agree, thought you might like this reference site ( of course, you may be aware of it already )

    It looks like the wildflowers in the southern portion of the park are about ready to peak, plus the temps are going to be a little better than down here. With the flowers in bloom, probably not much of a chance of snow either.

    Possibly heading back to Alaska this summer, but hoping I run into you and Reggie at some point in the future. Got some more decent Hummingbird shots at Ogilby Road this time, plus a lot of dental work in Algodones ( thank you for the dentist info you shared on your blog).


    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Bob,

      Ah yes . . . Time to leave Yuma behind for another year. The hot weather is on its way. I’m glad you were able to get your dental work done while there. It’s so easy to go to the dentist in Los Algodones. The hardest part is passing all the vendors without stopping when on the way to the appointment! “Hmm… Let’s see…. A bargain on a colorful blanket or a tooth extraction?”

      I hope you find many wonderful photo opportunities at Joshua Tree. Thanks for the link — very helpful for travelers in the Southeast looking for the springtime show of wildflowers. Enjoy your travels this year, Bob, wherever you may go . . . .

  39. suzicruzi from Van, WA. says:

    G’morning Reggie and Sue!! Love your post and pics to wake up to this morning!! Each day I get a bit more excited about our journey into full-timing. (insert here; also nerve-wracking!) I wanted to let you know we visited a couple of absolutely delightful people yesterday about an hour and 15 minutes from us, with a Liberty Deluxe they just bought at the end of 2015. DOG PEOPLE!! 😉 Omg… I almost forgot we were there to look at the Casita! Loved it!! Now we look forward to seeing an ID, and a SD this coming Sunday. Hopefully after that, we can settle on a model and make our order. Yippee!

    I relate well to being somewhat of a loner myself. I’ve lived in my condo for 24 years now (albeit 2nd unit in here – I scaled down about 14 years ago), but we don’t “do dinners” with our neighbors. Happy to chat at the mailbox, or lend a hand in the case of a dead battery, or even a shopping trip for the elderly in poor weather, but we don’t socialize per say. I wouldn’t want that at my campsite either! YIKES!

    I know you’ll figure it out, and hopefully not by ditching the blog. I know for me, your blog has become my life’s blood, and I look forward to pouring over the pages of pictures and stories, not to mention the wealth of information you so kindly provide your readers! Personally I want to say “thank you” for all you do! I mean that. You are a good steward to the land, a wonderful doggy Mom, and very, very helpful to your blogerinos who ask questions endlessly! (Me, lol!) You have been very fun to “know”, and although I would love a cuppa sometime with you, sharing stories, I’m not pining away for that to happen in real life. I just have my coffee while reading your posts, and looking at pictures of the dogsters, so I feel like we are already having coffee and sharing stories. It’s a cool virtual bond, and I’m happy with that!

    Have a lovely day Sue, and of course, smooches on Reg’s beak from me!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Thank you, suzicruzi… I hope your day is off to a great start!

      You had your tour — What was your first impression of the Liberty model? Had you ever been inside a fiberglass egg trailer before?

      Wow! That’s a bunch of nice compliments you gave me! Thank you. I also appreciate your understanding of my situation and point of view. Since early in the writing of this blog I hoped to create an atmosphere as you describe, “we are…having coffee and sharing stories..”

      Keep dreaming and moving toward your goals!

      • suzicruzi from Van, WA. says:

        Hi Sue! My first impression was; “Wow! There’s more kitchen storage than I thought!” But the other cubbies over and under the bed seemed smaller than I thought… and the trailer itself looked smaller (on the outside) than I’d imagined. (But “oh! so cute!”) However, sitting inside it felt roomy and “open”! I liked it a lot, and surprisingly my man liked it a bunch too. (I was pretty worried he’d find it small, as he’s not a small man.) He said, “it’s bigger than our tent.” lol.. uh, yes, thankfully!! Ha Ha! Yes, this was my very first time in an “Egg”. It seems sturdy and well made… as I couldn’t help but envision you bumping along all those dirt washboard roads in yours! It does seem it will tolerate that kind of camping well, which is important to us. I’ll just need to be reminded not to bounce along those roads too briskly with large heavy containers of things going “bump” and breaking my fridge door compartments, as um, (heh heh..) someone else I know. 😉

        • rvsueandcrew says:

          Thanks for the report! I admit while reading that I stopped at “he’s not a small man.” Whoa. I don’t want to be a Debby Downer but I feel I should say this: Be very, very sure you’ll both be comfortable in the tiny space. I know a few couples who have full-timed successfully in a fiberglass egg trailer. They seemed very satisfied with their space. However, none of the men are large. Personally I can’t imagine sharing this space with anyone, but that’s me.

          I do know a man of average build who had a Casita and liked it (I’m not sure if he was married at the time). I’ll see if I can contact him to give you some insight in a reply to your comment here.

          As for storage, you can provide yourself with plenty via your choice of a tow vehicle. Okay, I’m going to email that guy…

          • suzicruzi from Van, WA. says:

            Lol Sue, it’s all good. My man, I’ll give him a name here finally ;-), Larry, is just a tall, well built guy. I’m small, so pretty much he looks “big” to me! He however was very comfortable in the Casita. If not, trust me, he would have said as much. He’s not shy that way – nor just trying to please me, or fit in a certain mold of my (expectation). We did say later, with a chuckle, that after a few years, we could always get “his and hers” trailers and caravan around together. We really dig each other’s company, and I can’t imagine (really) his and hers. But it was a funny moment, and a pretty funny visual – these two Casita’s following each other around, bumpity bumpity down our forest roads.

            On another note – something I pondered on my walk this morning; has anyone seen a “Life is Good” Spare tire cover, with a travel trailer on it? I was thinking I’d send LIG a note and ask them to make me one! I would love it!! I love anything LIG, because they are so simple, so real, and they just make me smile. Life IS Good!! 🙂

            • Geri, Florida panhandle! says:

              Funny you should mention that spare tire cover Suzi, Chuck and I saw one just a few days ago and we both liked it! So some body somewhere is making one and be darned if the trailer on the logo didn’t look just like a Casita!

            • rvsueandcrew says:

              Okay, I’m reassured by your description of your man. 🙂

              If you go to Amazon and search “travel trailer spare tire covers” or something like that, you will find many styles relating to camping. Scroll down to the strip of photos with arrows at the margins where it says “Customers also viewed” and browse. I didn’t find the one you mention though.

  40. weather says:

    First I admire, enjoy and study each photo, slowly and one at a time. The second time I do that looking for something deeper than beauty. What do they have in common, and what those characteristics have in common-with each other, and perhaps with the author of the picture story. Finally I read the text, eventually connecting it’s story with the other one.

    This isn’t done in one sitting, instead I watch the sunrise, sipping coffee and glancing at the screen of my laptop. I wander off toward the cooing of a small kitty that’s beginning to stir , still asleep she speaks that way throughout awakening. After having been back to the screen for a while I meander back to a window to see how the colors in the sky, landscape and lake have changed. Not being in a hurry to leave a comment gives me time to let the story tell itself to me, and really express what it means.

    All of the photos have something white more pronounced in them, making what else is in the picture a secondary subject. As though for now the rest is only important as it pertains to a lily, egret, Reggie, the PTV and BLT. I liken the primary subjects to a ballet dancer. At first glance noticing that their beauty, grace and seeming ease while in motion or growth might give one the mistaken notion that they’re delicate. In reality they have a strength and endurance far beyond what one would expect.

    Outside I focus on a few white clouds, then at the ones seen in this post. When clouds encounter a mountain they skirt around it’s edges, touch it lingering just long enough to alter so they can move on. Not really disappearing ,their moisture just re-gathers elsewhere, changed but intact. Reading the text I see you anticipating obstacles as you travel and grow-in experience, knowledge, understanding and wisdom. I smile at seeing you appreciate the gift one hindrance gave you, how being held there was to add beauty and depth to your journey.

    Wonderfully told and combined story, Sue, thank you for all that it’s giving me.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Good morning, weather! It’s a new day and how blessed we are!

      Very slowly and thoughtfully, I read and reread your comment. I’m in awe of the time and care with which you absorb and reflect upon my photos, followed by the connections you make with the text and with the world around you.

      You had me returning to my photos to view the white in each one, in a new and fresh way. I love how you see beyond the surface to layers beneath that speak to you. You explore depths with which I have no conscious awareness… which is very intriguing, as if messages, even lessons, can be deciphered, which begs the question…. from whom? 🙂

      You are a delight and a wonder to me, weather! I thank God for who you are, and for bringing us together, along with all the other good people who gather here!

      • weather says:

        What wonderful things you say to me, Sue, thank you. I feel the same ways and am equally grateful about you, who you are and His having brought us together. We are, indeed, richly blessed!

  41. Pat (Ky) says:

    Greetings all,
    It’s been a long time since I posted, but I’ve faithfully read every post and comment. I had lots of thinking to do this winter. I finally decided to retire and am starting my second week of retirement. I had to decide on what to do for health insurance. Now I’m waiting around the house to make sure the autopay for the bills is working.

    I debated about going full time right away. I even had a couple of real estate investors look at the house. In the end, I’ve decided to keep the house for now and go for a long spring trip hopefully starting in late March.

    One of the things that had me thinking about delaying retirement was the vet bill for my old (14 yr old) dog Rudy. He had to go to the ER because he was struggling to breath. He ended up having surgery to tie back one of his vocal cords..laryngeal paralysis. Apparently it is common in larger old dogs. I was very worried about the surgery but I also couldn’t see him spending the rest of his life on a leash, struggling to walk. Anyway, the surgery went great. The vet was surprised when he saw him on his 2 week visit. Rudy is like a new dog. He is so happy and lively, running in the park. Even if he only lives another year, it will have been worth it to see him like this.

    I’ve been doing a few odds and ends in the Casita and the van. I cut a mattress with memory foam to the shape of the back of the Casita so I have a more comfortable bed. I built a platform in the back corner of the van so I can put odd shaped items under it and then stack storage bins on top. I want to be a bit more organized than I was on my 2 week maiden voyage.

    So that’s it from here in Kentucky where it looks like it’s April. Daffodils are blooming everywhere. The magnolias have already bloomed and now the Bradford pears are blooming…everything way early. It’s been a very mild winter here.

    Looking forward to seeing where your travels take us this year.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Pat…. Great report! I’ll have to get back here later to reply properly.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Pat,

      I apologize for the delay. I read about Rudy with great interest. How wonderful that the surgery turned out better than the vet expected and your Rudy “is like a new dog!” You must be thrilled to watch him running, playing, and enjoying life.

      The details in your comment — decision on the house, memory foam mattress, storage/organization project, a Kentucky April in March, etc. — are fun to read.

      You woke up a memory of mine, something I haven’t thought of in at least six years — Bradford pear trees in bloom! Georgia has lots of them and they are a lovely sight in spring.

      Thanks for writing, Pat. Have a wonderful time on your spring trip coming up soon!

  42. Retiredcajunlady 'N Louisiana says:


    Sue is a lot kinder than I am. Lots of things struck me as I read your post. Funny how you state that “derogatory” comments are made in Sue’s writings. I have never found anything she has written to be mean-spirited or demeaning to anyone in any way. Not even someone who perhaps may have deserved one.

    As far as being “entitled” to her opinion, I find your post the one filled with a sense of “entitlement” as you seem to have the need to judge and be critical of this blog. It is indeed her blog. It belongs to her and is meant only to share knowledge, beauty, thoughts, humor, life, and the information she wished to share with those who enjoy her photography and writings. If anyone finds they don’t gain pure enjoyment from her blog, I would think they would simply not continue reading it.

    The most glaringly telling comment you wrote about your “encounter” with Sue was that you and your husband were only “scouting sites” for future camping. If this were truly the case, why the need to scream at your husband and turn around? I am quite sure in her years of travel that Sue has often seen other campers looking for sites and exploring areas to see if they fit their needs. In fact, in this blog post she did write about others in her general area. And she has often mentioned her meetings with other campers that were pleasant and nonintrusive.

    There is an enormous difference between those who wish only to ask a question or compliment her trailer and those who somehow get satisfaction from intruding on someone they deem as “celebrity” and want to get close to for that reason only. I am sure it boils down to maturity and self esteem of those who visit.

    Perhaps you didn’t mean your words to be haughty and entitled. Perhaps you did. And perhaps you find my words to be….well, I won’t even make a guess. I have enjoyed this blog for many years now, and my words speak only for myself.

    PS Sue, please forgive my post, but I simply couldn’t read and move on.

    • Rochelle in IN says:

      I must say I agree with Cajunlady. The thing that stuck out to me was that if you thought that area was “the saddest place ever” and you “would not have enjoyed staying here”, why in the world would you want to “scout out campsites” there?

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Your post is fine, retiredcajunlady. You wrote because you care. Thank you.

    • Geri, Florida panhandle! says:

      Thank you Retiredcajunlady for saying every thing I wanted to say…. IN CAPS! Grin…. some people just ain’t happy unless they can make somebody else unhappy ! Patricia I hope you find peace and happiness soon!
      Love ya Sue!

  43. rvsueandcrew says:

    Your first paragraph is absurd. Good heavens, why is it so difficult for some people to understand the difference between normal behavior and invading someone’s life, no matter who they are, and in public?

    I’ve addressed everything you’ve written several times in the past and I don’t have the energy to go over it again.

    Look in the sidebar for my privacy policy which I repeat periodically in other places.

    You want me to change my blog from what brings you back here again and again? That’s stupid.

    Oh, please… You think I don’t know about dangers? What, am I supposed to be…. shocked?

    You say “reading the never ending comments expressing outrage at ‘rude people’ just wears on me.” Well, having rude remarks thrown at me by people like you is wearing on me.

    So here’s some “tough talk” for you: Do us all a favor and go away and don’t come back.

  44. rvsueandcrew says:


    Thank you, Cinandjules. 🙂

    • Cinandjules (🌵) says:

      I really really REALLY try to keep my thoughts to myself…but this is ridiculous.

      Don’t let this affect you..although sometimes I think that is their intentions.

      Some folks just need to get a life! The mojo of this blog is great..once in awhile someone slips in!

      • rvsueandcrew says:

        You’re right. Reg and I are going into town which will help me get my mind off this.

        You’re a treasure, Cindy.

        • Cinandjules (🌵) says:

          Sounds like the perfect reason for some rotisserie chicken!

          • suzicruzi from Van, WA. says:

            Cinandjules, I second your motion! I can’t wait to get on the road so I have no excuse not to eat rotisserie chicken every dang day if I wanna! 😉

          • Mick'nTN says:

            2nd “You’re a treasure, Cindy.”

  45. Dawn in NC says:

    Blade11, if you think so little of Sue, why are you here? Please just stop reading and commenting. Everyone is entitled to live life on their own terms. Sue has provided a wonderful service to us, letting us peak into her life and her doings. There is no need to insult her. We are all adults. I mightly endorse what Cin and Jules said, “Bless your heart!”

  46. rvsueandcrew says:

    Hi, Helen,

    I can understand you becoming upset, being that you look forward to my posts. I’m sorry you were upset. In the morning I’ll put up a new post which will give us a fresh start. I’d do that now but I, too, need to get away for a bit.

    Thank you for pledging to continue your Amazon shopping from my blog. I appreciate your past orders very much. If ever you want me to check whether I received credit from an order, tell me an item or two you ordered along with the date of the order. I’ll be happy to check.

    Thanks also for commenting, Helen.

  47. Diann in MT says:

    Thanks for the photos that promise spring, Sue. You lift my heart. We in Montana are indeed experiencing the fact that “March is the cruelest month”. I went over yesterday and cleaned out the winter debris from our little church garden. It was encouraging to see the daffodils on their way up from the soil. Hope springs eternal.
    In my sense, you are experiencing the hope and promise of spring: Hitch Itch. Very similar to Cabin Fever, I am thinking. Each make you feel like you are jumping out of your skin, and you can’t do a thing about it except hope for the future.
    Love your photos, you enjoyment of the lilies and life altogether. Stay safe, Sue. You are important to many people. Take care.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      You’re a gentle and thoughtful person, Diann. I appreciate your caring.

      Thank you for painting the scene of you in the church garden. Daffodils are such cheery flowers, messengers of the good days ahead…. much like you!

      I hope your Montana spring is glorious. I expect it will be! 🙂

  48. Geri, Florida panhandle! says:

    Wow at all the drama….
    I’d much rather wow at the beautiful lilies! The graceful leaves hugging the sand just add to the beauty of the lilies! I am glad you are waiting to see a full tower of lilies, hope you get to share them with us!
    That bird double had me confused too, I was hoping you would identify it and you did “it” turned out to be “them”! I had to go back and look and sure enough 2 birds, not 1 !
    Good post, great photos! Don’t let the drama queens get ya!
    Belly rubs to Reggie, love and patience to you! Sweet dreams!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Geri,

      The bird photos tricked me, too. It wasn’t until I worked on placing photos that I noticed Reggie had lilies growing out of his back! Thanks for writing, Geri, and for the goodness in your words. Belly rubs for Radar and Tater! Love y’all!

  49. Kathy (NC) says:

    Love your blog – love the way you share your life with us, in your writing and photos. I don’t comment very often but I’m here and enjoying every post – and I agree with everything Cinandjules said!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Kathy! Notes like yours flutter into my world like butterflies and lighten my mood. Thank you! Best wishes to you and yours…

  50. Lisa willis says:

    I am one of those lurkers who has never posted before but I think I should tell you how much your blog impacts people.

    A little back history. A heart attack and 5 stints later I have come to realize that in 7 years when I will be retirement age I realistically won’t be able to travel as I had hoped. I could never travel as you do, too many kids and grands for that, and I have always been OK with that. So I live vicariously through you.

    Me, my husband and Yorkie mix Stevie Nix live simply, full time in a 5th wheel, by choice, on the banks of a famous trout river. I see beautiful scenery every day. But it is not the scenery out west. Just northern Arkansas. And in my internet meanderings I came across your blog.

    I came to know Spike and Bridget, laughed, loved and grieved with you (I just lost my 19 year old poodle mix in Dec.) I see scenery that I may never get to see. I read your adventures that I also may never get to do. But through you the west has come alive. The dream of living simply and uncluttered of much of today’s baggage has been accomplished by you. And I am blessed to go along for the ride through your blog.

    Don’t let a**holes ruin your day. They are only a few of whom read your blog. The rest of us can soar on the winds with you. Without your blog the west would not have come alive for me. That is your gift to the rest of us. Enriching our world while you live yours. God bless you and Reggie. Lisa

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Good morning, Lisa!

      Welcome to Blogorinoland! I’m pleased to meet you and happy you decided to appear here.

      You have my sympathy on the loss of your canine friend. May memories bring more smiles than sadness.

      Thank you for sharing the love and loss of Bridget and Spike.

      I enjoyed the glimpse into your life and your thoughts. I suspect several readers would love to live next to that trout stream in Arkansas! Even though your home is in a lovely location, we understand the yearning to travel and see new places. I’m sorry your health holds you from traveling, but, at the same time, I suspect you’re the kind of person who is open to happiness whatever your circumstances. You have discovered that living simply and with gratitude is the key.

      “Without your blog the west would not have come alive for me.” I’m thrilled by that! 🙂 Thank you for all your kind words toward me.

      Best wishes to you, your husband, and Stevie Nix for good health and happiness. I hope we hear from you again!

  51. Wendy / Bribie Island Aus. says:

    Hi all, nice to see you and Reggie are doing ok. I don’t get on the internet much at the moment, but love it when I get a chance to see what is happening with you guys.
    Take care and always best wishes.
    Oh and of course a G’day !!! To all the blogarinos waves~~~~~~~~~

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Wendy,

      Nice to see you here! Good to know you’re still on board and in touch with the blogorinos. G’day to you, too!

  52. Peter says:

    First time reader. I enjoyed your blog so much that I back tracked and read quite a few postings from the past. I find that I have a few things in common with you. Of course, I love dogs and have three Chihuahuas: Harley, Coco Rose, and Jada. I also have a Casita and use it for long vacations to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan from Florida where I live. I travel alone with my three dogs, and I love it! I’ve always wanted to be more of a full-timer, but that awful thing called “work” has kept me from it. Maybe someday!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Good morning and welcome, Peter! Thank you for taking the time to introduce yourself and your canine crew and for reading my posts.

      May your “someday,” when it arrives, be what makes you happy. I hope we hear from you again.

  53. Dawn in NC says:

    Good Morning Sue! I hope that you have had a great cup of coffee, and a good morning walk with Reggieman. I keep waiting for the other shoe to drop, for for it to freeze, but it looks like spring is here! The pear trees are blooming along with the forsythia (sp?) bushes. Even the creeping phlox (a horrid name for a beautiful plant) is blooming purple all around my house. The daffodils are blooming. What a beautiful start to a lovely season.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Ha! I have to laugh at you noting the “horrid name” of creeping phlox. That strikes me as so funny! Help! The phlox is creeping again!

      Good morning, Dawn . . . . Enjoy your beautiful world and thanks for the laugh. The coffee was good and Reggie is begging for the morning walk he has yet to experience. Off we go!

  54. Virginia620 (AL) says:

    Gosh I’ve missed you. Catching up. Love the posts and pics…again.😎

  55. AZ Jim says:

    Gambler DAVIS TUTT KILLED IN STREET SHOOTOUT killed by “Wild Bill” Hickock. Headline screamed the news in the Territorial News July 21, 1865. If you enjoy reading news of the days when the west was wild. There is a way you can do it and it’s free.
    Go to scroll down to free download now. It will let you read this issue free. It’s easy to navigate and they have new issues often. It can be downloaded via PDF. It’s really a fun read and worth the time to learn to use the site.

  56. Stephanie says:

    Can I give a piece of advice here? Don’t give these people who are bothering any recognition……..Not only are they stalking, they are getting a kick out of being caught for it. Kind of like a UFO sighting……
    I’ll stop now so I don’t sound like one of the stalker/gawkers! LOL

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Thank you, Stephanie. I appreciate your concern. Perhaps I’ll take photos and post them. That might deter others from nosing around our camp.

      The reason I protest so much on my blog is to drive the point into thick-headed people that I mean what I say about NO VISITORS, etc.

      In the early days when I didn’t mention it, I ended up with nine visitors in one week.

      • Stephanie says:

        Sue, I appreciate you being so nice.
        I think it sounds like not only are you having to deal with in person stalkers, but they go online when you don’t give them recognition they feel they deserve.
        I don’t think you protest enough. Please post their pictures so the rest of us can avoid them.
        I’m angry for you. You made it very clear from the beginning your wishes. Not sure what part of that message got missed.
        Don’t get depressed and withdrawn, get mad at them for messing with your life and go on with it. It says way more about them then it does about you. The rest of us want to see what is happening and where you go.

  57. Stephanie says:

    Bet you sit up on the hill with a pair of binoculars. Right?
    I just read back on the comments and found you. As a regular reader, I felt you should know what a casual reader thinks when they read your comments….You are a nut case. Why would you feel the need to scare another solo traveler and tell her how to write her own blog? Write your own blog and let us weigh in. Pretty sure RVSue doesn’t camp next to tents in the middle of the Arizona desert….. ICE? you’ve been watching too much CNN.
    As a middle age woman with some education, your advise is completely out of bounds. I’d be more scared of you then I would be from any poor illegals coming across the border. I always question when a comment is longer then the original post.
    Get a better focus on your binoculars. It’s the middle dial in between the eye holes. By the way, it’s not ‘gawking’, it’s called stalking.
    Sorry Sue, just couldn’t stop myself.


  58. Lisa, Tommie in NJ Buddy back in SoFlo says:

    Hi all. I just wanted you to know that my Mom is better. The Doctors and nurses are incredible here. She is feeling much better, enough to complain a bit, Yeah! There’s one more step pending, then we can focus on rehab. Thanks for the flowery post Sue. The beauty raised my spirits.

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