Three years full-time on the road

Beyond my dreams . . .

Three years ago today — August 16th, 2011 — Bridget, Spike, and I arrive at the Casita factory in Rice, Texas.  For the first time I step inside the fiberglass travel trailer that is our new home.  After orientation, what was to be named the Best Little Trailer is hitched up to the Perfect Tow Vehicle and ready to go.   A photo is taken to record the special moment.

I toss the crew into the PTV and drive us into a new life!

Since that day, the crew and I have traveled the West on a journey that far exceeds anything I imagined.  I marvel at the number and diversity of beautiful camps we’ve made our home, most of them on public land and costing us very little or nothing at all.

1-DSC06334Oh, the places we go!  Grand Teton National Park, August 2014

Many of you have enjoyed the ride with us.  Some of you joined us later and went back to read the early posts in order to catch up.

I’m going to take a short break from blogging and from responding to comments.

I invite you to talk among yourselves in my absence.  Please do me a favor and answer any questions fellow readers may ask.  Ignore any spam that may appear.

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I’m curious . . . 

Of all the places the crew and I have camped, which one is your favorite?



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367 Responses to Three years full-time on the road

  1. Vicki says:

    Love the blog…come back soon.
    Take care & HUGS to the puppies.

    • Danita says:


      I knew Three Feathers when he travelled through BigBear Lake. If you hear from him again, Please tell him that Danita and her son, Frazier, said hello.
      I read that he lost his dog and that you helped him find Timber.

      And it’s good to know he’s got a home now.

      • weather says:

        *ATTENTION RUSTY*—-to Danita-He comments here as Timber ‘n Me-he’ll probably see this

      • Timber n' me says:

        Wow ! It’s been a long time, Danita?, Frazier? You’ll have to jog my memory, the last time I was in B Bear was back in 09′ to see my old friends the Donkey’s , Trooper n’ Baby Bell on the way to Holcomb Valley at the Hitchcock ranch for The Big Horn Mountain Man Ron D Voo, Labor day with Timber in my Camo truck,Haven’t Been back since, ,,,,Me

        • Timber n' me says:

          The Donkees are at 1420 Shay Road, Big Bear City, they live in the back, ask before seeing them, I miss em both. ,,,Timber n’ me

  2. John K - Mobile, AL says:

    We stopped at that same parkling lot last fall on our motorcycle trip. We had been in the rain since leaving Yellowstone and I stopped to put on my raingear. Not so much for wetness as cold. After all, it was the first week in Sept!

  3. DeAnne in TN says:

    My favorite camping spots are the ones with aspen trees and a higher elevation. I’ve been with you since Day 1, and can’t explain how your blog has helped. I’m glad you’re taking a break.

  4. AZJim says:

    Folks, Don’t click on this users name. It is potential trouble. Notice the Dll at the end. When Sue sees it she will make a decision about deleting, I am sure.

  5. Page says:

    Congratulations! I have enjoyed the ride along so far and we are getting closer and closer to joining you on the road. Our house is starting to echo. Yay!

    • Jonesgirl145 says:

      In relation to my comment, can you share some of your thoughts about being on the road.

    • Ed says:

      Page: I love your line…”our house is starting to echo. ” I’m afraid I might have to steal it. We can only dream of getting to that stage. We’re only just beginning the process, and not doing a very good job as yet. And we only have 2 1/2 years.

      Don’t get me wrong. If the 2 1/2 years is up, and we still have “stuff”, we’ll miss it as we get in the motor home and drive away. 🙂

  6. Caroline near Seattle says:

    Congrats on 3 yrs !
    I love the ocean so my favorite was the Washington coast …. driftwood, rock formations and the ocean waves.

    • Phyllis says:

      Caroline, that was one of my favorite visits RVSue had, Washington. I still recall her talking about the BLT rocking back and forth in a storm. This was just after she and the doggies got a prize ocean view spot. I was never a fan of Washington State until she brought it to life for me and I am sure many others.

      Phyllis in Oklahoma

    • Connie & Mugsy (MN/AZ) says:

      I agree. I think that was my favorite too.

    • I think I might have to agree on the Washington coast, especially after reading some other posts on the Wheeling It blog about the same area. Before reading this comment, I was going to simply reply “the next one.” 🙂

  7. Elizabeth in WA says:

    Congratulations on a fun blog these last 3 years….don’t remember when I began reading it, but I think it was just as you began with the journey…about when you picked up the Casita. It has been fun reading and getting to “know” you, Sue…as much as one can online.

    I don’t have a favorite place exactly…I just have loved all those places you were in a forest….beside streams etc. Those places I would choose to live if I could. I have found it interesting when you have traveled places I have been or lived, of course too. Happy years ahead…many blessings for good health to last for you and the pups!!

  8. cluelesscampers and canine (Eastern Missouri) says:

    Sue — It’s hard to pick a favorite, and I’ve only been following your blog since April this year, and have only read the archives up through May 2012. My, you have grown so much more confidant in these three years! I would have to say that I liked the Burro Creek Rec Area in AZ a lot, plus the beach camping spot north of Green River, UT. Responding to all the comments would be overwhelming for me, but it is greatly appreciated by us readers who are trying to follow in your footsteps. Take a well deserved break– you deserve it!

  9. AZJim says:

    Three years and much adventure ahead. Hoping you and the little ones get some rest.

  10. Idaho Gurl says:

    Happy 3rd Casita-versary! W♥W… Three years… What wonderful adventures you have had and taken us on… You have stayed so many wonderful places and met some wonderful people (Rusty and Timber in particular) and done some wonderful and some slightly scary things (getting lost on a hike and being a bear scratching post) it is hard to pick one! I wish for you and “the kids” many, many, many, many many happy and healthy more years and adventures and “soaks”. Me and my “crew” l♥ve RV Sue and her crew!

  11. Jonesgirl145 says:

    Has anyone reading Sue’s blog – adventures – taken to the road as well. I would be interested in knowing what you all have learned. Thanks.

  12. Susan in Dallas says:

    The site at the ocean – think it was Washington state. But LOVED the place where the herd of cattle showed up. It’s my favorite desktop picture as it never fails to make me laugh. Take care of you and the crew.

  13. Merle from WA says:

    Hi Sue… husband and I have followed your blog from the beginning. Odiously we love reading about your life on the road with your canine crew. Congratulations on your three year anniversary. I think over the years and varied place you have stayed my favorite location is Ajo. The stunning sun rises, sunsets and varied landscapes I personally just love.

    Wishing you and crew the very best during your time off.

    Merle (in the shadows)

  14. Karen from SC says:

    hi Sue, Spike and Bridget, Happy 3rd anniversary on the road. I’ve enjoyed all of your stops and photos. I especially liked those campsites adjoining rivers or lakes. I find it so soothing and comforting to be gazing on the water. My prayers are with you and the crew at this time. Take care and be back soon.

  15. Tina says:

    Grand Teton.
    Prince Edward Island.
    McDowell Regional Park.

    Hope all is well with you and the pups.

    • Ed says:

      Prince Edward Island? Sue and the crew went there? I must have missed that portion of their travels. 🙂

    • R. (Western Colorado) says:

      Am I missing something here? When RVSue camped at PEI?
      I don’t remember any post about camping at the McDowell Regional Park in AZ but that could be possible since she spent plenty of time in AZ.

  16. ZenOnWheels says:

    Congratulations Sue! I have so enjoyed reading along on your journey so far and look forward to the adventures that lie ahead.

    Enjoy your break!

    I’m getting ready for a big trip myself…prepping for about six weeks out on the road. I leave after Labor Day and am so very excited. I’m aiming for the northwest this time: Oregon, Washington and Montana.


  17. Alan Rabe says:

    Congrats girl for anniversary and having the best blog ever. I know you’ll laugh but the best was also probably your worst experience. Yeah, that’s right, the Washington coast where you road out the storm of the century. Beautiful spot and obviously a good campsite. It protected you from a true disaster. Yeah, I know, I’m a little weird but it should be no surprise to you by now.
    Wishing you and yours many more years of adventures, fun, excitement and good health.

    I can’t understand what is happening to Rusty. Maybe someone out there can get in touch with the reporters who did the story there in AZ. and let hi know what is happening so they can do a follow up and possibly embarrass the VA, yet again.



    • Dawn in MI says:

      Agree someone needs to contact the VA and get the roof fixed or whatever else leaks or find him a better place to rent! Unless, of course Rusty WANTS some more time on the road…it’s really up to him.

    • Timber n' Me says:

      Alan, It’s not the VA, The lady who owns all two homes + all the land, where we live doesn’t have the money to fix the things that needs fixen, and the tax here in Chino Valley is 11.5 and it’s going up to like 13. something. and I don’t know if she is not feeling well or what, but it isn’t hurting me to get back on the road, ok? please , I don’t need defending, Have a great day and Bless you, young man, ,,,,,,,,,,Timber n’ me

      • Kay says:

        They have storage units where Rusty can put his household belongings in, and take to the open road if and when, or should the time come.

        I think Rusty and Timber are likely missing that open road lifestyle.

        Rusty, should you go back out on the road, you and Timber are surely welcome to come on over. We will have a place for you.

  18. Pauline from Mississippi says:

    Happy Anniversary!! Wow, 3 years on the road and I have enjoyed every minute of it. Favorite spot? Hmmmm… I love the ones among the trees with water near by. Hard to pick just one.
    Enjoy some time off with Bridget and Spike. You know we will be here waiting for your return.
    Love you!!

  19. Sidewinder Pen says:

    Three years and you still sound thrilled. What a life 🙂 I’m so glad you are living it, and that you choose to share it with us (with breaks as appropriate!).

    I’m sitting here trying to think of my favorite of your camps, and the same thought keeps coming to mind. And that is that I can’t think of one, because there is another powerful thought that keeps coming to mind instead. And that is how you have shown me – through your words and your actions – how a strong woman can live a chosen life without giving undue credence to the things everyone “knows” about women alone (we are vulnerable, life is dangerous, there are things we should and should not do, etc.).

    I have lived this way too, to a certain extent, but not in the open, relatively fearless way that you have demonstrated. Specifically, although I had overnighted at countless rest areas, residential parking spots, etc. (more on road trips), I had never purposefully and openly boondocked in the “establishing a camp/home” way that you do. I envisioned lying there at night in a cold sweat just waiting for that scary-man hook to scrape the roof. But you showed me that although sure, it might (anything can happen), there was no reason not to do it anyway (and it probably wouldn’t) (and to give in to the scary hook is to curtail our lives, as many would have us do).

    So as I set out from San Diego last December, although I had already been on the road awhile (and traveled many times over the years), and although I rarely go to campgrounds — I had never boondocked in the way you do. And I wanted to! I love being out away from people. I spent one night in a casino parking lot on my way out of town, and then turned to your blog, figuring I’d find a place you had been to, and go there (to make it less scary/confusing to find a place). Sidewinder Road looked good (and like I could find it at night, since I had procrastinated long enough in leaving that it WOULD be at night). And it just so happened that not only was it a spot you had written about, but you were actually there at the time. (Not that I thought I would ever see you, as I wasn’t about to go looking, and the overall area is huge.)

    I pulled in and found a spot. Hoping it would not turn out to be too ridiculous in the morning (because you know, when you pull in at night sometimes you get a surprise in the morning). Woke up the next morning (no scary roof scraping in the night, btw), and although I was pretty much near the entrance (I had not wanted to disturb anyone when I came in – not that it was that late since it gets dark early in December, but still) my spot was fine. I peeked out all the various windows just to get my bearings, and what was in the distance out one of them but a certain white van and trailer. And after posting my location, I did end up with an invite and we had a short but memorable meet-up. Who could ask for a better intro to what I call “SW style boondocking” (which can apply to many western areas)?

    So I guess maybe Sidewinder Road is my favorite, although not because it is the most beautiful topographically. But then I also really like the places with woods and conifers. And of course water! Most of all I like what you have given me/us. An example of good living and a blogorino community.


    PS: Although I have wondered if the blog can start to seem like a burdensome “machine” at times. I imagine you love it, and our cozy community which you have created — but while the rest of us can duck in and out, as suits our activities and desire, you pretty much “have” to keep blogging or people start to worry/wonder. And too, I suppose all good things must evolve or even end eventually. But I have hoped that the “burden” wouldn’t make you feel you wanted to stop because there was no way to otherwise take a break or “cut back” in any way. So I am glad to see you are taking a break now (although I realize I am only guessing at your feelings and reasoning and may be completely wrong).

    Thank you again for all that you have given me/us.

  20. Penny says:

    May the peaceful, beautiful countenance of the glorious Tetons shine down on you and give you peace and strength! May our good Lord above hold you three in his loving hands! God bless, and take care. You will be in our prayers and hearts and we will look forward to your posts in your good time……..

  21. Jolene/Iowa says:

    Happy Anniversary on the road to Sue and the Crew!! I just found you a few months ago but have went back to the beginning. Love your blog. I know you need the break from the blog but I will really miss you and the crew!

    My favorite places…. I went back and tried to find it I don’t think I found the one I was looking for but another one was Brooks Lake in Shoshone National Forest. The other place I am thinking of might have been called Fishbine or something. I like the spots with the mountains, trees, grass and streams, rivers or lakes.

    I have learned to find beauty in all the places you go and that is one of the things I so appreciate about you sharing this adventure with us. I am finding beauty in places I didn’t know they existed. You are taking me places I would never be able to get to. You have no idea how much I treasure that.

    Enjoy your break and I hope you are back soon! Hugs!

  22. kgdan says:

    Dear Sue,
    I hope today you find at least one thing, one moment or more that gives you joy.

  23. Ed says:

    No question. My favorite so far is Ashley National Forest.

  24. Glenda from Glendale says:

    There are too many places to pick from! I guess the Pacific northwest where it’s so green is one of my favorites. My home state of Arizona, where you have always managed to show others how beautiful it really is. Thanks for sharing the last 3 years with us Sue. I hope you enjoy your break, hugs to you and your pups.

  25. Melanie Kramme says:

    Boulder Lake Wyoming, where you were recently, not many tree’s but I like the private beach. It looks perfect for a small kayak.
    Thanks for sharing your journeys with us that for now can only go part-time. Also I love that you are so adventurous on your own and love to be away from the mainstream campers.

  26. Debbie's Journey says:

    I have enjoyed all of your adventures and relate to you more than you know. May you find the perfect camps and when you get your much deserved break you come back and share all sorts of your latest experiences with all your blogger friends. Have fun with Spike and Bridget! love Deb

  27. Patricia from Florida says:

    Congratulations on your three year anniversary. What a trip it has been for you and for us too. Take the time to breathe deeply and enjoy those great canine friends of yours.

  28. Michelle, Salt Lake City,UT says:

    Happy Anniversary ! We will be getting our van from sportsmobile on Monday.
    (Yep! the one we ordered in February.) The guy who sold us the lift is bringing it from Fresno for us. He is also going to take the time to show us how everything works. We will be checking out all your sites in Utah, we have lived here all our lives it is about time we started living. We are going to start out at rockport with a handicap site, just to see how well the wheelchair and service dog handle everything. Hopefully by next year, we will venture out of state.
    Take care and a big thank you for allowing us to follow you in your adventures!

    • Captain K (UT) says:

      Hi Michelle, we were at Rockport last weekend. It’s a great state park for camping, hiking and boating. There are multiple campgrounds and they tend to fill up on the weekends; I recommend making reservations especially if you’re looking for one of the ADA sites. Dog friendly and welcoming staff. Enjoy!

      • Michelle says:

        That’s good to hear, we have reservations for a handicap site at juniper campground. We have two solar panels but not sure about charging the wheelchair with them. I like the idea that the handicap site is all paved. Not sure how I would handle the wheelchair getting stuck. But we are all ready to give it a shot.

  29. Cinandjules (NY) says:

    Live your dash Desert Woman!

    I’ve said it before….you are amazing! My favorite??? Too many to pick from…I prefer the woods….but I’m biased. But if I had to pick….Mt Hood!

    Take as much time as you need….we aren’t going anywhere!

    Congrats and here’s to many many miles, destinations and adventures ahead!

    Rock on!

  30. Cari in Plano Texas says:

    Happy anniversary, Sue and Crew! What an inspiration you have been to those who follow you (and yet, I follow even though I don’t always post). You’ve made us laugh, cry, smile, dig in our pockets to help out Rusty, and sigh over the gorgeous scenery you find constantly. I’ve been amazed that you’ve waited this long to take a break – everyone deserves a vacation, even those who are retired 🙂

    Thanks for letting us know that the break in blogging is intentional so we won’t worry. I remember last year (the year before?) when you didn’t post for awhile and commenters were about ready to call out the National Guard to look for you.

    Enjoy your time off – may God bless you and the crew and keep you safe.

  31. Angie2B says:

    I really liked the Washington state posts, such beauty!! My favorite blog post is a very, very early one where you were on a bridge and emotion overwhelmed you as you realized you were really living your dream. All the years of hard work had paid off and you were camping in an area just like you had dreamed about. This post inspires me everyday to never give up on your dreams.

  32. Bob's gotta bus! says:

    My favorite is the process you use to pick a place. The way I think of it is that your head has to be in a fearless, planning, dreaming place to pick the places you camp.

    No one masters that process better than Sue. Congratulations on your three years!

  33. Rick Morgan says:

    Congrats and happy anniversary. Enjoy your sabbatical and we will look forward to your return.

  34. Captain K (UT) says:

    Congratulations Sue – happy anniversary! Love the blog and the places you’ve been these past few months. Thanks for showing me parts of UT I hadn’t thought about visiting!

  35. Willow (AZ) says:

    Everyone needs a holiday now and then from the routine, enjoy yours. Come back refreshed. Love to you and the crew….

  36. Lana in Phoenix says:

    My favorite camp changes from day to day with every move RVSue makes! I do love the high mountains. Today here in hot and muggy Phoenix, my favorite camp is the one on Glass Creek Road, in the Inyo National Forest in California’s Sierra Nevada where RVSue and crew woke up to snow in October 2013!

    • Lana in Phoenix says:

      P.S. Congratulations on starting your fourth year on the road! Hope you have many, many more great adventures!

  37. Sue 3 years…that’s fantastic. Favorite place. I have no idea except the favorite place is where ever you are at the moment. There are so many kinds of beauty to experience. So many feelings that go along with each place. Every day is a miracle.
    Three years for you and I’ve just started out in my little Wandering Spirit with Joy and Shiloh. We left what used to be home on August 10 and now we are north of Klamath,CA in the big tall trees and I’m loving it. These trees and all their good and peaceful energy are making me mellow and I do need that.
    Enjoy your time away from blogging. Breathe. Do what needs to be done. Take care of you. Hugs, Micky

  38. Dawn in MI says:

    Enjoy your time with the crew. We’ll all be here when you come back. I’ve loved every place you’ve been, maybe the one near the stream with the man and his son and their little cabin up the road, that one was really nice and I hated to see you leave…but love Washington too. Hard to pick.

  39. Darlene in MN. says:

    I think every where you have been is a place I would like to be, don’t know how you find them all. Thanks so much for taking your time to do all the blogs and beautiful pictures that you post. You sure have a bunch of interesting blogorines .” Don’t think I spelled that right” So enjoy your time off, you deserve to just take your time as you want and have lots of snuggle time for you and the pups.

  40. Pam N. says:

    Hugs and lots of puppy kisses to Spike and Bridget! We’ll see how the “Notify of New Posts by email” feature works to begin following again when you resume posts. Checking “RVSue and Crew” has become a favorite winding-down-after-work ritual.

    Take care,
    Pam and furkids.

  41. Barbara (Nashville) says:

    Congrats on the 3 year anniversary. Since I have not traveled much in the west, I don’t think I can pick a favorite. I love the Utah mountains, the wildflowers in AZ & the Puget Sound area.
    I also want to thank you for sharing your travels and amusing stories you and the crew have together. You have been an inspiration to many of us who have the dream, but can’t make it happen right now, and who may have to go it alone. Love you and the crew and the perseverance in keeping this blog alive.
    Enjoy the break!

  42. GypsyPurl says:

    Hi Sue & Crew. Congratulations and Keep On Truck…er RVin’!!! Thanks for letting us hobo on the journeys. Happy Travels & Stay Safe!

  43. Joanne says:

    Congratulations on your three year anniversary! I have been a faithful though silent follower for quite a while now. Your blog is beautifully written with heartfelt emotion that reaches out to your readers. I am still working but hope to have the opportunity to explore some of the camps you’ve introduced us to in the next year or two. My favorite camp? Too many to name but I love just about everything in Utah, especially the camps you found in the Salina area. Thank you for sharing your journey! I am sending good thoughts for a good recovery for Spike.
    Joanne, San Rafael, CA

  44. Phyllis says:



    Your the reason I have my Casita today!

    Your not fooling anyone, you and the doggies are in a sports bar watching pre-season NFL football, St. Louis Rams, and Sam Bradford.

    Phyllis in Oklahoma

  45. Pat/Texas says:

    My favorite is the stretch of Hwy 395 between Mammoth Lakes, Bishop, Big Pine, Independence and Lone Pine. I grew up in Bishop so I love that part of California.
    Pat/Central Texas

    • Roger in SoCal says:

      Hi Sue,
      I’m going to have to agree with Pat, that is my favorite place too. In 2 to 3 weeks I am heading up to Hwy395 to boondock on my way to my next workamping job in Nevada. Of course I lived in Texas for 18 years and miss it very much, but I love being out on the road too.
      Been a while since I have commented here, but have not forgotten RV Sue and her crew.
      Stay safe out there, and i wish the best for Spike.


  46. Sue(Alabama) says:

    Congratulations on year 3! I can’t wait until we can say the same thing! I have to say I have loved every camp spot that has had a stream next to it with trees. The peace that those pictures brings is priceless. I can almost smell the pines and the fresh air just looking at those pictures. I have followed you for the past 2 years and have gone back to read all of the first year. I think I felt all your emotions, the highs and the lows.
    I Thank you sweet lady for allowing us to share in your adventures and your life.

    Enjoy your time away from blogging, breath the wonderful air, love on the crew, and especially take time for Sue! Know we love you, appreciate you and the crew and that we will be here on your return.

  47. Gary says:

    Congratulations Sue and Crew. You have done an awesome job. Keeping a blog updated is time consuming, but also rewarding. I know with photography I sometimes miss being in the moments because I am busy trying to get that perfect shot. I have neglected my blog a little while here at my Montana home-base camp for a few months, but in two weeks I hit the trail South again. I hope you enjoy your sabbatical and return soon. Enjoy the Tetons and all points forward. Most of all thanks for the hours of enjoyment you have given each of us in your writings.

  48. Jolene/Iowa says:

    Ok fellow Blogineros or whatever we are called! LOL I need help. Since I have read all 3 years in the past few months the years have kind of run together. I am trying to figure out 2 places that Sue went that I just loved.

    I swear one of them had fish in the name of the place. Another one was higher elevation and I remember a discussion about a little building or something nearby. All of my absolute favorites are higher elevation I think. With lots of trees and grass around.

    I love them all but I am really trying to remember these 2 places in particular. I have already figured out Brooks Lake was one of the ones I loved.

    • Jolene/Iowa says:

      Ok, I think I figured out the one was in the Manti-Lasal National Forest Area in Utah. The Bluebell and Aspen camp. I thought that area was beautiful. Still trying to go back and find the other one. The problem is I find more that I forgot about and love them too! llol

    • DesertGinger says:

      I wonder if one of the places you are thinking is near Salina, UT where there was an antique cabin nearby?

      • Jolene/Iowa says:

        That was a good one too but the one with the small buildings was Camp Bluebell. I think this is what I was thinking of.

      • Krystina in Yankton SD says:

        Hi Desert Ginger. I am just now replying to your newest medical situation as my Verizon MiFi and I are NOT getting along. When I finally got it back today I was overwhelmed by what you are going through now. I hope that by this time you have new information telling you that there will be a way to “fix you up”. I will be praying for you. Keep the upbeat attitude and just keep moving!!! Us Blogerino’s are all here for you.


        • DesertGinger says:

          Thank you Krystina. They used electrical paddles to reset my heart to sinus rhythm. Now I am home just trying to get stronger from my congestive heart disease. Spend a lot of time in my recliner. Appreciate your good wishes.

  49. TexasTom says:

    Three years, has it really been that long.? Your blog has changed my way of looking at the world and how I deal with it.

    You and the crew take some time off. We will entertain ourselves while you take a needed break. We will be here when you get back.

    Lets all continue to make this blog our Amazon portal so Sue and the crew get some paid vacation. I shopped through here today.


  50. Glenda in OZ! says:

    Gosh just love every where you have been…………truly and I couldn’t pick a favourite. For someone who will probably never get to these wonderful areas of the US your blog with the fantastic photos has been a revelation for me! I love your writing your photos and above all else your fur kids. Congratulations on your travels and your dedication to your blog and yey to all your followers who will all be awaiting your return…………we will miss you, but yes you do need a rest!!See you when you return!!

  51. Opal says:

    Have enjoyed “coming along for the ride” with you and the puppies. Hope nothing is wrong that you have “quit” for the time. Take care.

  52. Randall Small says:

    Congratulations, Sue! I want to thank You for the many hours of entertaining posts. There are two activities remaining in my Bucket and the one most important is traveling as you do. Have a nice break from this rigorous exercise of web logging. When You get back, I’ll be here! 🙂

  53. Mick'nTN says:

    A quick way to review RvSue & Crew travels is to go to the “Money” columns and read the synopsis for each month.

  54. Ilse says:

    Hi Sue,
    There are too many absolutely gorgeous places you camped in to choose from. My absolutely favorite one had nothing to do with beauty. It was Sidewinder Road, because Max and I got to meet you!

    • Sidewinder Pen says:

      I just missed meeting you there, Ilse. You were one road up at first, and then I think when you came over to the Sidewinder section off of Ogilby, I had moved on (at the time I had a tyrannical 12-volt refrigerator, so had to keep a move on). Maybe this winter?

  55. rhodium says:

    I guess the favorite campsite is the next one. C. P. Cavafy wrote a poem, Ithaca, that has some good images for travelers:
    as long as you keep your thoughts raised high,
    as long as a rare excitement stirs your spirit and your body.
    Laistrygonians and Cyclops, wild Poseidon—you won’t encounter them
    unless you bring them along inside your soul, unless your soul sets them up in front of you.

  56. John in NM says:

    What a happy trail you have left behind. Favorite places are only images left in my mind from your great photos, I don’t remember the names. Always a great spot with the dogs around.
    Happy Trails

  57. Teri in SoCal says:

    Wow! Three years has gone by in a flash. Thank you for taking us along. Hugs to you and the crew.

  58. Randy in Wyo says:

    My favorite…..Brooks Lake.
    Great location and scenic, with the added excitement of Grizz in the neighborhood!

  59. Rob Bryant says:

    I loved when u got to visit the cabin. So cool!

  60. Ron in TX says:

    Everyone needs a little vacation , but do the blogringos a favor ,every once in a while
    post something like (we are still kicking) just for us worry warts.

  61. Ron Sears says:

    Be Safe my friend…

  62. Bev says:

    Congratulations! I believe you have the most followers of any blogger… We are heading into our 14th year of full-timing. Hope I’m here to read about your 14th year :-). Stay safe and good luck on your continued journey. Our favorite place has been anywhere around Bryce Canyon in UT.

  63. Diann in MT says:

    I loved the campground site above the Pacific with the storms rockin’ and rollin’ the BLT. Next, the Utah boondock where the bear invaded.
    Amazing coincidence, Sue. Tuesday, I am taking a 5 day hiatus up the East Rosebud Canyon among bear, moose and deer. No phone, no internet. Just me and the dog.
    Enjoy your laid back life for now. I plan to.

  64. Sally Browning says:

    HAPPY ANNIVERSARY !!!! Hope you have a great time and some rest and relaxation …… It is a breath of fresh air to take a self imposed change of pace and schedule….. HAVE LOTS OF FUN !!!! Not able to pick a favorite spot but just know that I enjoy the fact that you and the crew sooooooo kindly share the journey …… That to me is special and uplifting !!!! All the best, Sally and The Duke sends the Crew a tail wag…..

  65. Happy anniversary to you & the crew Sue; enjoy your time off! Your best spot? For me, it’s a tie between the Washington Coast (loved those crashing waves!) & the Tieton River camp (that one seemed so peaceful & I have family members who once had apple orchards in Tieton). I truly appreciate the masterful decision-making process you have for finding camp sites, Sue. My goal is to be half as good at it as you are!

  66. EmilyO in NM says:

    Congrats kiddo and crew. Looking forward to this next year.

  67. Teresa from NC says:

    Happy Anniversary RVSue and Crew! From the first days with the unexpected snow to the desert camping and cow intrusions…from the ferry ride to the scenic pictures of all your backyards…from Spike’s soaks and excursions to Bridget’s stares and camera shyness…I have enjoyed it all! Thank you for sharing it with me and everyone!!

  68. Denise - Richmond VA says:

    Happy Anniversary, Sue! You have seen so many places and have shared your journey with us – thank you so much!

    It is very hard to pick a favorite place…but I really have enjoyed seeing the diversity that Utah offers.

    Sending you prayers for peace and rest. Sweet dreams, Sue, Spike and Bridget – hugs to all! 🙂

  69. Debra Larson says:

    Three years, does not seem that long. Have been reading your blog from very early on. Enjoyed taking the trip with you and the pups. Take a break you deserve it. Debra Knoxville TN

  70. Mark Watson, Denton, Tx says:

    Congrats on the 3 year mark. My favorite? Lee’s Ferry at Marble Canyon in northern Arizona.

  71. Kathy from Florida says:

    One of my favorite sites that you have stayed at is Falls Campground near Dubois Wy I stayed there several nights tast year

  72. Deborah says:

    Three years! Woohoo! Congratulations! So glad you are taking a well deserved break and I hope you come back well refreshed. Picasso says hi to your fur kids!

    • Deborah says:

      Oh, I forgot – my favorite spot was the northwest area last year. It looked so lush and beautiful. Definitely on my list of places to go once I get started full-timing!

  73. BadgerRickInWis says:

    Yes, as everyone else is saying congratulation on the anniversary. Good to take the time to commemorate the date, celebrate 3 amazing years and look back on all of your adventures. As I have said before this blog has been one of the great blessings in my life, kindling a dream and giving me a new perspective on how to look at the world.

    Some day I will write more on how finding this blog has changed my life in ways great and small. Perhaps in the same way that finding Tioga George changed yours. But for now take your time, love and hug those two nutcakes for all your worth and know that your efforts here are touching more lives than you know.

  74. Gayle says:

    Happy 3rd Anniversary! (Does that mean we are 3 years older, also?) I loved Washington, ferry boat ride, storm in Oregon, area around Florence, Alabama Hills off the 395 in CA. P.S. Am worried about Rusty. He sounds disoriented and like he wants to just run away more than he is concerned about the condition of his home. Can somebody check on his emotional well-being?

    • Timber n' Me says:

      Hi Gayle, I think I’m ok, read my comments above, please and at this time, it’s not about me, It’s about Sue, Spike and Bridget, 3 years and they all want to take a break, ,,,,,,,,,,,me too, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,us

    • Sidewinder Pen says:

      I thought I detected a bit of “travel fever.” I can totally relate to that, as can many of the blogorinos, I bet 🙂 Rusty, I think you may have the urge to do a bit of roaming again? I can certainly understand that. I’ve planned out campers/houses/trips, and enjoyed my scribblings (and subsequently making them real). Enthusiasm takes hold 🙂

      (Of course it’s nicer when you have the option vs. “having to,” but it sounds like you DO have options.)

  75. AZ Jim says:

    Here is something interesting. It’s the story of North American’s tallest flagpole. Watch the video and be shocked at the size of that thing. It’s in Wisconsin. The statistics and a video tell the whole story.

    • Krystina in Mitchell SD says:

      Wow AZ Jim! I just spent a month camping in Wisconsin where I could see that flag everyday!!! I saw it the first time driving along the interstate and it took my breath away. Of course, I cried my eyeballs out immediately at the meaning of it. A real site to see. God Bless America!


      • AZ Jim says:

        Hi Krystina, We lived in Wessington Springs, Pukwana and Chamberlain SD for many years. We still have kin there. Been in Mitchell many times. Now in the winter we bask in the 70’s here in Arizona. I always loved SD for it’s people.

        • Elizabeth in WA says:

          Wessington Springs…one of my dearest friends grew up there, AZ Jim…don’t suppose you know of the Tipton and Orr families do you??

      • Grace says:

        AZ Jim, Thanks for posting that. I sure hope I get to see it one day. What a great tribute to this country and our vets.
        Grace (in Tucson)

        • AZJim says:

          I’m too old, with bad knees but if I were younger and had permission I’d love to go inside and climb the ladder to the top for a sight that I bet is breathtaking. Oh well….*grumble, grumble* no one said old age was gonna be easy and I reckon we’re luck to attain it.

      • Illinois Jane says:

        How is fulltiming going? You’ve been out just a few months, now, right?

        • Krystina in Mitchell SD says:

          Good Morning Illinois Jane

          I have been on the road now for 4 months!!! The first 2 months I was visiting friends so not actually in my Buggy. This is the life!! The state campgrounds I have stayed in have been fabulous…along the MO River. I have met a zillion wonderful people…even at Camp Wally World 🙂 Still re-arranging the Buggy ALL the time! I have been following the Lewis & Clark trail for the last 2 weeks. Headed out to Americas Mailbox in SD to get my license and then I will be in the Badlands. Can’t wait for that. I am now forgetting (68…brain doesn’t remember ANYTHING anymore) are you on the road full time? I sure am hoping ALL Blogerinos will be at Kay’s “Blogerino Get Together” so we can meet each other face to face. Have a wonderful day Jane.

          • Illinois Jane says:

            Krystina, it good to hear you’re having such a great time. Following the L and C Trail is a fun idea.
            I’m behind you a ways…working to get the house sale ready. I hope to have it on the market soon then when it sells will determine in which direction I go.
            My Casita is on my parking, waiting. No TV yet–will buy after house sells.
            What did you end up getting?

            • Krystina in Mitchell SD says:

              Wow…you are almost there!!! I bought a Class C, 2011 27′ Thor Four Winds and it is perfect for me. When I put the slide out it is like a dancehall in here 🙂 I have a TV but I have not watched it since I have been on the road…trying to do other things instead. Are you selling all your stuff too? I started with selling all my stuff early by having 10 garage sales last summer. Took my time setting it up (cleaned everything with a toothbrush…don’t tell anyone). I also bought professional yard sale signs online as I knew I would be using them a lot. I had a lot of collectables so I sold some of them on Ebay as well. When I could no longer have yard sales and was inside, I set up an xcel spreadsheet and listed everything that was left room by room with the price I wanted for each item…really, what else did I have to do??? The house sold Dec 24, 2013 and I had to be out by January 31, 2014. I sold everything else at a two week long estate sale. Would you believe a got $22,000 for all my stuff???? Crazy. As an accountant, I am REALLY organized so I think that helped. Let me know if you have any questions. Keep the faith…you will be with us shortly.

            • Sidewinder Pen says:

              Wow, I’m impressed with your process and organization. I always think “hmm, I could sell stuff, yeah, this will be good!” but then the thought of dealing with people (mostly) and the organization/spreadsheets/etc. (partially) hits me and I end up just dropping it off somewhere (donation place) or etc. Bad me!

            • Crystal says:

              Jane, I’m in southern IL. Are you in the north part of the state?

  76. Marilu in Northern California says:

    Congratulations on three years of adventure. My favorite camps have been those in the high country of central Utah. But then there was camp near Capitol Reef, and the beautiful Triton river in Washington, and… too many amazing places to choose from. Probably your next one will be my favorite. We’re heading into the Sierras for a couple weeks. Maybe no signal where we’re going. Enjoy your break. Hugs to the crew.

  77. Chaunte in West TN says:

    Hi Sue and crew!
    Congratulations on your three year anniversary on the road!
    I started following your blog early this year and went back to
    the beginning and read everything. I just got caught up last
    week. I have two favorite camps so far. They are Ivy Creek &
    the beach at Flaming Gorge Reservoir. Oh the places you go!!!!
    I’m going to miss your posts while you’re away. Continue to take
    care and have safe and happy travels. Sending belly rubs to the
    nutbags and hugs to you! Your post on Spike’s aging was so touching
    and I am thrilled that there’s help to get him better!


  78. Monica says:

    Happy Anniversary! I’m still reading your blog from the beginning. So far I have enjoyed all the places you and the crew have visited. I’m learning lots about RV living from your experiences and travels. Thanks for sharing. Safe and happy travels!

  79. Donna P says:

    I’ve been with you from the beginning, Sue. Can’t believe it’s been three years! I can’t pick one spot you’ve written about, but it would have to be somewhere in the high country. I’m not much on deserts or semi-deserts as much as I understand how appealing Arizona must be in the winter.

    I’m not sure what it is about your blog that we all find so appealing. But as someone said, you’ve created a community among us readers. I read every post and feel as if I know you, even though you guard your “real” self and only present what you want us to know. I’m not saying what I mean, so I’ll just stop and say that I’m glad to be one of RV Sue’s “people.”

    I hope this break brings you all you need. I KNOW you’re not quitting the blog. I think you enjoy us as much as we enjoy you!!

  80. Chris B says:

    What??? A vacation from your vacation?

    Just kidding! Everybody needs a break from everything whether it’s fun, good, bad or indifferent. I was wondering how you are able to respond to just about everybody a few weeks ago when I saw 200 people responding on one day. Your blog has grown to so many readers and you spend lots of time answering. It’s allot of work!

    Enjoy your time off and we’ll talk to you soon!

    Give the crew a hug from Diego! You have to pretend that you have long, skinny front legs!

    Chris B

  81. Leslie from Australia says:

    WELL I will miss u – I am one of your followers that “Came on board late – went back to beginning” and enjoyed the journey – you gathered a massive mob following – always acknowledge everyone’s contribution which must have taken loads of time & patience – now time for just you & crew – be assured you have entertained – helped – encouraged – arbitrated – educated loads of folks in the USA and as I am from Australia I have now an in site into your roads, camp sites , animals, trees & all the other good stuff you wrote about – I thank u & your mob for furthering my education. All the best for (away from blogging time) now u can read everyone else’s escapades. ?…..Cheers Leslie

  82. Kay says:

    Congrats, hard to believe it’s been 3 years already!!!! Oh my…. where has the last 36 months gone??? Oh ya, finding the greatest camp spots and sharing them with all of us.

    Who needs THERAPY when we have RVSUE AND THE CANINE CREW?

    Personally, I am ever so thankful Sue, for your choice to give up teaching kids and hitting the road. The laughs you have provided each of us, has been awesome. Spike and Bridget, the little “nut cakes” are a joy.

    My favorite pic, I have so many of them. I loved the meadow one this past spring. My all time favorite of Bridget I do have to say is her sitting in the stroller waiting so patiently. Spike, oh it’s the one where he was “Investigator Spike” and was out on patrol of the camp spots.

    One photo that really cracked me up was the man at the bookstore!

    You take such great photos, and the Crew – they are TRUE entertainment not only to you, but to many of us as well.

    Enjoy your break, you have earned it. You have written and shared your life with all of us for 3 years, and believe, I truly have enjoyed it as I am sure many others has as well.

    I still think, a book written and photos of the Crew, would be a super children’s book. And, the sales alone would keep you on the road for a decade, because you are so good and the crew’s adventures would give way to young children to explore the US with the Crew.

    Happy 3’d year….. and here’s to many more!

    Kay and Hubby

  83. Kay says:

    Okay Readers…. Let’s bet that Sue and the Crew are hooking up Bear Horns!!!

    Who’s in the bet????

    • Cherie from OH says:

      I was just thinking that too, Kay. Didn’t Sue call it a “tooter”? Seems like someone did. And I’ve had that silly tongue twister going through my mind ever since:
      “A tutor who tooted the flute tried to tutor two tooters to toot. Said the two to their tutor: “Is it harder to toot, Or to tutor two tooters to toot?

  84. Timber n' Me says:

    Happy Birthday Of 3 Years, Sue, Timber n’ I Are ready for many more to go. I’ll follow you for ever, or, as long as my Lord will allow. God Bless you and your Babies, Young Lady, As an old Medicine Man said to me, a long time ago, “Grandfather says”, The smallest step towards the tallest Mountain is stronger than any small Storm in Life! Grandfather says, Keep Going, Young Lady,,,,,,Whasse Sthay. AHO,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,us

  85. Cherie from OH says:

    I’ve enjoyed so many of your campsites over the past 3 years, but Camp Bluebell is my very favorite, especially during your 2013 stay. Mountains, meadows, a creek, and those gorgeous wildflowers, even Dandelion Hill. Heaven on earth! I’m hoping you will camp there sometime in the fall when when the Aspens turn to gold. I bet that would be equally beautiful.

    Sue, I hope this break provides the rest and relaxation you need to refresh your body, mind and spirit. You and the crew are in my thoughts and prayers.

  86. Timber n' Me says:

    thar’s moose, griss, and buffalo and wolves just a hop n’ a tease that stone’s throw, jus be yon Sublette’s Lake, oh ya, thar’s beaver too, Jeddah, ,,,,,,,,,,ye haw get them horns out. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  87. Wendy in Thailand says:

    Hi Sue and Crew
    Happy Anniversary !!!! I hope you have a nice relaxing break. I have no favourite camp site, just love getting see so much of the U.S.A. and seeing the crew of course!!! Take care, hugs to all.

  88. virginia Henkaline says:

    Three years, how about that. Congratulations. I also am going to miss hearing from you but wish you and the crew well. And savor this special time for you all.

  89. Edie (OK) says:


    Please enjoy your break and give both Bridget and Spike a big hug. And have them give you one too please!

    Hope things are going well. Everyone deserves a vacation and we should all understand that. Sending good vibes and hugs your way.

    My favorite camp is your next one. You are positively my “Tioga George” from your description of his blog and how it impacted your life. House is on the market, camper purchased. Just waiting to get moving. You have been a joy an, inspiration, a teacher and a friend. Please take care and know there are a lot of people praying for you three.

    Remember you don’t “owe” us, or anybody, anything. Live your dash as Cindy says. Live it for you and the pups. That’s the priority. Not us.

    We will miss you and worry about you though. Can’t help that…:)

    Hope you are having a wonderful day!

  90. Terri from Texas says:

    Congratulations from me, too! Take it easy and we’ll read ya soon! I think my favorite places were in the Pacific NW.
    Everything is so cool and beautiful!

  91. Marcia GB in MA says:

    Sue, congrats on your three year anniversary! You give us lots to think and dream about. What encouragement you’ve given to those who are exploring the full-timer lifestyle!

    As far as favorite campsites go, I really like the ones where you are near water and Spike can soak. I never get tired of those pics 🙂

    Rest up, have a good break and know that when you return, we’ll be waiting for the latest news from you and the crew.

  92. BettyShea says:

    Yeah! 3 wonderful years! Your blogorinos love you and the fur kids…enjoy the time off!

  93. weather says:

    The winds aloft speed a white river of cloud across brilliant sky-passing the plateau in it’s rush down the cliff towards the lake,the white cloud river disperses-spreads itself into layered wings full of color and the world underneath loses view.

    Through the window of an airplane I’d seen a storm cover a huge community-while above it the heavens were at peace.The image ,and it’s message never left me.The high view-the Truth-trumps everything that’s beneath it,though time in the shadows is hard.

    WAIT-change isn’t the end.It’s a turn-it’s only a force to withstand.Simply live through it,with whatever that takes.Weak or confused hold on one more time,the promise of light is no lie.

    That plane ride trip’s outcome was like so many others,the very thing meant all along.Live’s different-so much better -followed what had looked like disaster at the time.Back in the sunlight-if only in my heart-I pray no shadows make sweet moments go unfelt.Soft fabric,coffee sipped,the least lightening of a weight or notice of pleasure felt-hold it …

    My favorite camp was in Palm Canyon Road,Kofa Refuge,Arizona -sunsets so amazing amid desert blooms and warmth-close to great Mexican food or California’s highway to the ocean-something there- as the air shimmers across the soil and above-always reminds me that I made it.Across decades,states and life-I’m here-with what I’ve known since my childhood-fear no wild wind -dark’s lie loses-this is OUR playground -we win!

    • That was beautiful weather. I remember thinking similar thoughts when flying above the storm. Such a picture of life. When we are in the storm it is impossible to see that the sun is still shining and the sky above is blue and cloudless…but it is, and time will reveal that. For the moment it helps if we can believe it.

      • weather says:

        Thank you Micky,-“we can believe it”,your last four words,are the answer I always long to hear people say…. 🙂

      • Mick'nTN says:

        Maybe it should be “that was beautiful weather, weather”; depending on weather we are talking about weather or the weather.

        • weather says:

          Clever and cute,Mick.Glad you know there are some differences between it and me.Late February here,when folks say “We’re so sick of this weather!” would be rough if we were both the same thing 😉

  94. JodeeinSoCal says:

    The highlight of the three years for me would have to be when Timber was found in Colorado and Rusty got him back – the stuff of legends! I love the boondocking spot in AZ where you met Al and Kelly – as much as I love your creeks and trees locations, I still picture you in the desert :-). My mother’s favorite place on the planet was the Tetons. I’m sure she is watching over you and the crew as you take a breather from the rest of the tribe.

  95. MK in NE GA for now says:

    Congrats on your 3 years and many more I hope! I can’t name a fave spot but I really enjoy when you are in the NW so I can live vicariously through you. I miss the NW sooo bad and keep hoping I can move back one day!

    Give the nutcakes a hug for me! Enjoy your break!

  96. I can’t possibly pin a favorite place, but my favorite thing…the changes, all while living in a constant!

  97. Marg in Ouachita's says:

    Without having to go back and search the day, I can only remember starting to read your blog when you were in Ajo, Arizona. As a big fan of Arizona and the RV trips we made there, staying at Escapee camps, I think this must be my favorite. I just wonder though, now with border things the way they are, can it be safe to stay there. I would like to go back and stay in one of those little, what I call slot canyons, and put the bird feeders out. On my bucket list. Enjoy your anniversary break Sue.

  98. Applegirl NY says:

    Three years! How wonderful, congratulations.

    My favorite spot is the one I’m reading about on any given day. Thanks for taking us along for the ride.

    God bless you and your crew. You know you are prayed for daily.

  99. Marsha/MI (currently at Glacier) says:

    Congrats on your three year anniversary.

    Hope all is well with you and crew.

  100. Happy anniversary Sue.
    Did you imagine when you first had to delay your pick-up of the BLT, that life would take on such variety, and with a whole bunch of people waiting to hear about your next camp?
    I may not reply often, but know I relish each post like the rest.
    With any luck I should be out there too, within the week!
    Enjoy your time off from the daily “grind.”
    Peace, Robert

  101. Chuck says:

    Congrats Kiddo and puppies. Our favorite campsite of yours dealt with Ruebens n Bagpipes! Sorry we’re so far away, be safe.

  102. Renee (from Datil) says:

    Thinking happy thoughts for your little man Spike. Our Bailey girl will be 15 in December, so we’re nervous about her aging process & what may come up. Luckily, she so far has stayed fairly heathy; she just sleeps most of her life away! Every once in a while she even gets a little frisky, hopping around back & forth. It just doesn’t last as long. We’ve had her since she was about 6 months old (rescue pup), & she’s been such a joy….just as Spike has been for you.

    Just wanted to know we’re all pulling for Spike; it sounds like the meds are helping. YAY!!!

  103. G says:

    My most favorite spot you have camped out on? Hmmmm….
    How about ‘All the above’
    Enjoy your break!

  104. Illinois Jane says:

    Enjoy your break, Sue.

  105. Alison PNW says:

    The high elevation sites in Utah
    Rogue Natural Bridge

  106. Lee J in Northern California says:

    Well my dear, you sure deserve a break, you so faithfully tell us of your adventures, so faithfully share photos, so faithfully cheer us up. Thank you!
    I will forever thank you for sharing the desert camps. I grew up in the desert and never really appreciated the diversity and beauty. Through your eyes I finally realized what a gift it was to live part of my life among the thorns and horned toads.

  107. judithcamper says:

    While you take a well deserved break from your blog, I am going to go back to the beginning of your blog and reread the adventures of Sue and Crew. Have an enjoyable break and blessings to you and the crew.

    • Angie2B says:

      I think I will too. I didn’t read the comments at first. I should go back and do that even though I have followed her from nearly the beginning.

  108. Ann M says:

    Hi, Sue!

    Congratulations on your three yrs of travel! What a life you are living!
    I started following you back when you were just commenting on Tioga George’s blog and you talked about going fulltime so I’ve been around for a long time! Love your blog and all the comments. Who would have thought that you would be where you are today? So much more confidence and experience and friends. Good for you! Enjoy your time off and see you when you get back online. Okay, the bear episode freaked me out!

    Ann M

  109. Cinandjules (NY) says:

    Enjoy your midnight potty run with Spike!

    • DesertGinger says:

      She is probably out there now, watching Spike’s red light wandering across the landscape.

  110. Tawnya says:

    Hi Aunt Susan!! I love it when you are in Montana and Washington areas. I love the woods, ferns and moss with a creek running beside you. If I could ever do what your doing I think I would spend all my time in those areas. I look forward to the pictures each summer once you have made your way up there. I sure do miss you. I know you are where you want to be and doing what you want to do. I also know you are very happy. That’s all that matters to me. I want you safe and happy always. I really look forward to the day I get to see you again. Until then never forget how much you are loved and I’m always just a phone call away. Love you to the moon!

  111. Cynthia says:

    Dear Sue and Crew
    My favourite is any of the alpine sites, for the flowers, of course!
    Love from Cynthia & Scout (who is now a grey-faced rattie, still with that somethin’ special, even if he needs a footstool to get on the bed now… ;0)

  112. sandi says:

    thx sue for sharing your life with us. fyi…a spagetti spoon makes a great back scratcher, dollar store has them. hugs to u and crew.

  113. Heda says:

    Anywhere that Spike can soak and Bridget can sit and watch. They’ve all been the stuff of dreams. xo

  114. R. (Western Colorado) says:

    Congratulations and thank you for sharing your travels with us.
    My favorite is the camp on Green River, UT. Maybe because it is a season right now for watermelons. If you’re driving through the area in the end of August or September stop there, buy watermelon and you’ll know there is no other place anywhere where watermelons can be so juicy, sweet, satisfying. It is a pure heaven!! Green River hosts an annual watermelon festival around mid-September.
    I continue to make a list of my favorite camps based on your experiences and so far I included 21 camps I hope to visit one day. Thank you.
    Be safe and happy.

  115. AZJim says:

    Missin’ Missy but glad she’s recharging. ;0

  116. ja says:

    What an adventure the three of you have had for the last three years. I enjoy reading the journey. Enjoy your time away from the blog.
    My favorite posts are the Washington State ones. I love that part of the world, wish I could live there! The pictures you posted of your time there reminded me of all I miss but also of the wonderful times spent there. I consider that part of the world as my spiritual haven. Despite the mountains and trees making me feel very small I still felt very safe…something I’d never experienced any where else.
    Take care

  117. Congratulations Sue, Bridget and Spike! Wishing you many more happy years! Thank you for sharing your journey.

    Pam and Maya

  118. Krystina in Mitchell SD says:

    Happy 3 Years of travel!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you for being who you are. You have been there for all of us ALL the time and I hope that we have been there for you and the crew. The sense of Community that your blog brings to all us Blogerinos is a God send. You brought me through the never ending days when I was selling my home xxoo. This blog has changed my life as well as many others here. I have learned so much from you AND fellow Blogerinos. Thank you RVSue.

  119. Timber n' Me says:

    our favorite spot is where we met for the first time, Kaibab N. F. road 35, when you Sue named me Camo man,, ; )

    • Mick'nTN says:

      Hello Camo Man & Timber, My favorite spot was where RvSue & Crew were parked when cinandjules and Sue found Timber. Ha, ha!
      And I like Ajo and Brooks Lake.

    • Diann in MT says:


      • Timber n' me says:

        you know, Mick, I didn’t have a laptop or been on line ever till after I got Timber back, Ask Sue, I only had a Smokeless signaling device, a cell phone to communicate with. I bought a Acer, Tiny thing, in September and this HP just before getting this home we’re in and now , I just down loaded Windows 8.1 yesterday. ,,,,Man I coming up in the World. ,,,,,,us

        • Sidewinder Pen says:

          Hard to keep ‘im down on the farm now 😀

          Sometimes I try to remember how we found out anything before Internet?! Other times I’m offline for some period of time (due to being out in the boonies) and after the initial withdrawal it’s fine. But I like having it. Perfect way for this shy loner (who nonetheless gets lonely) to be with people! 😀

  120. Sue(Alabama) says:

    Happy Monday to Sue and her fur pups! I am sitting here on my back deck trying to enjoy the cooler temps, listen to the thunder in the distance, watching it rain, and thinking about where you could be and hoping that ya’ll are also having a wonderful, peaceful day with water for Spike, shade for Sue and for Miss Bridget a few days with no camera! Enjoy!

  121. Rita says:

    Fav camping spot? At Love’s Truck Stop nestled between big semi trucks LOL…just joking. All kidding aside, I’d say my favs are Spike’s fav…near water where he gets to soak and I get to enjoy him soaking 🙂

  122. weather says:

    Remember Champ-my wind-tethered pal from July 13th’s post “Boondocking with the birds and butterflies” ? He looks like I’ve have sometimes lately.

    As crying for my friend Sue competes with last winter’s shards to pull me where I just won’t go-

    Fighting darkness with light I’ve become tired -in a good way-like after winning a footrace-winded and grinning -I shake my head at the shadows as they fade.-Like someone who’d bring a knife to a gun fight-they forget Who wins battles for me.

    Hope everyone has good snacks and dinner-and whatever else you need of course,too!

    • Edie (OK) says:

      I remember Champ. I’m guessing there is a resemblance to many of us humans and our canine friends too.

      Getting old is not for the meek. Whoeve said that, or something close to that, 🙂 is right!!

  123. Kay says:

    Boy, its sure lonely without RVSue and Crew. Understanding they do need a break from us crazy, wild readers, it’s still very lonely without them. I hope they never leave forever because several folks may need some RVSUE and CREW REHAB.

    So, since I am so addicted to RVSUE and Crew…. I am going to check myself into Rehab for a while. You all hang in here, and remember…. rehab is not so bad. It helps us over come some MISSING and DEAR friends from Blogland.

    • weather says:

      rehabs are for people in denial.Since you know what ails you,spend the money on toys instead 😉

      • deadeye says:

        Now that, weather, is a profound statement and one I will remember to use at appropriate times.


    • Libby Nester says:


      I’m addicted to the RVSUE and Crew blog, also. But, honestly I enjoy the conversation here.

      I know they will be back soon. Till then we will keep the comments alive.


      • Sidewinder Pen says:

        Yep, gives us a chance to “carry the ball” of “needing” to keep the blogorinos happy and entertained (i.e…. us!). I keep coming back to see how the conversation is developing, maybe chip in.

  124. Jolene/Iowa says:

    Besides the question Sue asked about her favorite place. I have another question for all of you? What place or places would you like to see yet or more of and why?

    Now we all know this journey is Sue and the crews but it gets all of us thinking and gives us something to talk about while Sue is taking a much needed break.

    So here goes for me. I love anything to do with mountains and water. I think for me personally I would also like to see more of Oregon, California just because I have never been there and I think there is a lot to see there.

    I also was intrigued by Sue’s visit to Mexico. I would love to see more of Mexico and learn about the culture there.

    So there you go, I got it started… Go Blogineros!!

    • Vicki M. From MI now TN says:

      My favorite place is anywhere around the Rockies. I would like to revisit Glacier National Park, celebrated my 16th birthday there. And would like to see Alaska.

      • Jolene/Iowa says:

        Alaska, that is one I had not given any thought to but I would love to see Alaska!!

      • Sidewinder Pen says:

        I would like to do some exploring around SW or western Colorado. Trouble is the PNW keeps “convincing” me to return in summer 😀

        Mexico, especially Baja, sounds interesting, and like it is full of kind people and good food! It does take a bit more “nerve” (at least for me) to head down that way in a vehicle though.

        There are some pockets/places (and people) on the East Coast that I would like to see (or to see again) but it’s hard to leave the West and all its public land, good boondocking, wide-open spaces, and low humidity!

        • weather says:

          Mid-autumn in the peaks of the Smokies-for the round the clock winds on my face,Aberdeen in cold winter-for snow and fog on the ocean,Tall wheat fields and oats tops seen moving in the heat-for the soil of the dirt road felt barefoot as we pause,the orange groves in blossom for the best scent on earth,the jacarandas being misted -lit by street lamps,before sunrise,for the glimpse of how the whole earth would look sometimes-if it had been left up to me 🙂

        • R. (Western Colorado) says:

          Pen, if you ever want details about western Colorado get in touch with me. So many amazing spots and variety of activities, peaches, apples, corn. Trails for hikers, bikers, ATV, horseback riders, wineries, vineyards, wildhorses, moose, elk, bighorn sheep, golden eagles, bald eagles, red rocks, arches, wildflowers, hot springs, charming little towns, state parks, national parks and monuments, endless BLM and national forest areas and so much more

          • Sidewinder Pen says:

            Thanks, R. that’s such a nice offer! I’ve been impressed with your vast knowledge of the area (and the type of thing you know) and always find your posts interesting. I will try to take you up on it! I don’t hike like you do, but I do like being off the beaten path, and still a tent camper at heart (albeit in a somewhat cushier rig now)

            • Sidewinder Pen says:

              P.S. Depending on your/my loner/sociability status, it would be fun to meet up sometime. (I’m a small group person, as in one or maybe two 😉

            • Krystina in Mitchell SD says:

              I couldn’t agree more. You should come to the “Blogerino Weekend” at Kay’s new campground. I would love to put a face to everyone and all the pups too!

            • R. (Western Colorado) says:

              I feel the same way. Where are you now? I would give you my yahoo email address but I don’t want to advertise it on internet for everyone to see and start sending me spams. I already get plenty of that stuff.

            • Sidewinder Pen says:

              That’s the same problem I have! Hard to give out an address on the Internet and keep it relatively private. I’m up in the PNW now, heading for UT/AZ in a few weeks, then…??

            • R. (Western Colorado) says:

              I’m in CO for two more weeks. It takes me less than 2 hours to get to Moab or Green River, UT. Then going to camp at the Great Basin NP. After that heading northeast (NY, NH, VT). December -March in AZ and the desert of CA. I’m giving my permission to RVSue to give you my e-mail address.

    • Marsha/MI (currently at Glacier) says:

      Love the mountains too. We’re on our last night in Glacier National Park. We were at Two Medicine CG for 4 nights and just loved it there. The view from the campground was incredible. Apgar CG is too noisy and busy, but we wanted to see this side of the park.

      Tomorrow we’re on to the Cascades.

    • The entire west! I want to return to Glacier/Waterton area especially some day

    • Mick'nTN says:

      The Canadian Rockies, Baniff and Jasper National Parks are spectacular, but only in the summer for me.

    • Besides answering “anywhere I can go in a motorhome,” I suppose specific places are New Mexico (and maybe the Guadalupe Mountains of Texas) and Acadia National Park in Maine. Both are places I’ve always wanted to see but never have, as is Alaska.

      I’d also have to say the Black Hills of South Dakota and the Lafayette area and a little further south in Louisiana. I lived in both areas for a time and have fond memories of each.

      Then, of course, there’s Mexico, another place I’ve always wanted to see, but places slightly off the beaten path. No Acapulco of Cabo San Lucas for me . The list is just so long. 🙂

    • Jolene/Iowa says:

      Great answers everyone as to where you might want to go someday. I have another thought that just came to me. I have heard that Vermont and Maine are beautiful. Actually I have seen very little east of the Mississippi River except a little in IL, and WI. So although I don’t have a lot of interest in the real populated areas east, it might be fun to see some of those other states east also.

      • Krystina in Mitchell SD says:

        I lived in Vermont for the last 15 years….It is the best place on earth….green, green, COOL and the snow is wonderful. Everyone should go there at some point.

        • R. (Western Colorado) says:

          Love VT. Commuted to UVM in Burlington while taking the ferry across Lake Champlain. Sunsets, blueberries, scenery and inexpensive gas along route 7. Priceless memories!!

          • Krystina in Mitchell SD says:

            It has been 4 months and I do miss it 🙁 But my new backyard has been fabulous. Have you been back since you left? Years ago my kids Dad and I traveled all over the US and Canada for a summer. As we drove over the state line back into Vermont the tears flowed down my cheeks. LOVED Vermont.

  125. Gotta be Ivie’s Creek. I think you skipped the free sites outside Grand Canyon, which were also great, I don’t recall you going that close to Sedona and to me the desert seems pretty hostile anyway … gotta have water.

  126. CheryLyn(Oregon) says:

    I have enjoyed all the travels because of the possibilies you have opened. I was facinated with Utah and plan to see it. I live in the middle of mtns and streams so always enjoy those sites. Writing is not my strong suit so have often wondered how you manage to keep up. Enjoy, relax, love on the kidlets. Look forward to your next adventures.

  127. Val R. Lakefield On. says:

    Happy 3rd Anniversary Sue & Crew. I’m thankful to have discovered your blog a couple of years ago. One rainy day I spent the afternoon reading from day one of your travels.
    Hard to pick a favourite spot, but I do like your camps among the Aspens. Enjoy the blog break, hope your spirits are lifting as we look forward to more travels with you and the crew. Thanks for sharing it all with us.

  128. Vicki M. From MI now TN says:

    Happy anniversary Sue. Thank you for letting me travel with you. And hoping for a few more years of taking us on your journey. Your picture is one of my favorite spots the foothills of the Grand Tetons, such beauty and grandour. I always felt so much closer to God whenever I’m near the Rockies. The Smokies where we live now is pretty awesome too for foothills

    • Vicki M. From MI now TN says:

      Hmmm half of what I said didn’t post, strange.
      Keep looking up Sue and find your strength, courage, and most of all peace from Him.

  129. wheelingit says:

    Alabama Hills…because that’s where we met 🙂


  130. weather says:

    Invisible water is moistening the air-yet I “see” it.In golden reflections of branches below -on the waves ,in the cove, as they rock shiny pebbles back and forth.In yesterday’s less humid light -the colors were clearer and crisp-sparkling on spider’s webs-showing details on squirrels-they’d made an eagle’s hunt for breakfast be quick.

    Overnight this environment’s put on a look of the Algonquin Wilderness loon’s home I’d backpacked us in to find.I was twenty,my son was three-Saturday his son is flying to me.We’ll meet at the airport-set him up by the campus-catching up where we left off in May.He’s twenty now -we’re unabashedly wild about each other-wow!

    My antiquing friend’s confidence helped her take back the reins-she’ll sell and not lose her place-I’m free -the Class C I’d considered turned out too rusted to buy.Now I’ll let my grandson test drive the next one on the list.Today’s agenda is more jello than ink,the troupe’s antics and voices are slowing -they’re ready for naps.I’m ready for anything.that’s fun or feels good.Still,I’m lingering over coffee-savoring the quiet-I hear music -same as always-as it drifts from Him towards me.

    Take your time-it belongs to you-there’s more where that came from.A day’s just sunrise,sunset,things we’ll have again together.Hope your rest has times of peace increase at a pace that best suits your needs.Praying lightness across the country for you-and soft landings when they come.

    • Elizabeth in WA says:

      So happy to hear about you and your grandson, Weather…enjoy!!

    • DesertGinger says:

      Are you near Albany? Is that where your grandson goes to school?

      • weather says:

        Hi Ginger,hope you feel OK today,Syracuse University ,just a good drive from Oneida Lake

        • DesertGinger says:

          Oh I didn’t realize where you are. That area is too cold and snowy for me. That’s what drove me out of Albany…pneumonia every winter. I’ve always wanted to visit Ithaca…I have friends there. And to go to Moosewood cafe,

    • Denise - Richmond VA says:

      Hi, Weather,

      I hope you enjoyed your “jello agenda” day. Sometimes those days are the best – you never know what it might bring! Enjoy your visit with your grandson! It sounds like you all have a close relationship – how wonderful! Have fun test driving the next Class C! I am looking forward to later this week…my oldest nephew will come to visit. We will catch up, enjoy dinner together and just “be.” We share a love of photography and travel, and both value strong family ties. Ever since he was a baby, we have had a special bond. Priceless! 🙂

  131. My favorite camping spots are the ones we got to share with you and the crew. Elephant Butte State Park, where we drove up and introduced ourselves to you… Wide eyed and confused as to who these strangers were knocking at your door!:-) Sue’s Pond near Yuma’ then Quartzsite. We got to meet again at Darby Well Road and also meet The Bayfield Bunch. Our last meet up was in Bluff Utah at Sand Island. These are my favorite places where you camped because we got to share time with the nicest little old lady ever! 🙂 I am sorry these are hard times for you and wish we could be closer so we could give you a few good hugs! We love you Sue, and we love Spikey and Bridget too. Please know our prayers and thoughts are always with you.

  132. Barb George says:

    Happy Anniversary Roamers!!! How wonderful to share this with us!!!

    My favorite? Hm… Honestly, I never thought the desert was beautiful… until I saw it through your eyes. Truly, you have made it lovely. Thank you for that.

    Best to you, and of course—-

  133. Kay says:

    Progress Report on RV Park!

    Cable here installing temp wireless internet – Oh what a relief!
    Gas Company – Here installing natural gas, Ahhhhh Hot water coming to the house!
    Concrete Crew here forming up the foundation to the shop – Yippee!

    Bad news…. we may not get site open this year as in 2014. We will have one for sure, possibly two…. Still waiting on info regarding this process.

    Okay – back to rehab I go!

    • Connie & Mugsy (MN/AZ) says:

      Back to Rehab? … at first I thought, “is this work driving her to drink?” LOL

  134. Elizabeth in WA says:

    Well, Sue, yesterday was spent seeing our old doc…getting test results back…heh, you should see my food allergy list!! Oh well…won’t be hard to know what to eat, cause the list is really short!! Good thing I am old now and it does not matter so much…the good part? Heh…should loose weight if I am careful to only eat what is on the ok list!! One never knows what a day will hold, do they?

  135. AZ Jim says:

    I think I have SAD (Separation anxiety disorder (SAD) is a psychological condition in which an individual experiences excessive anxiety regarding separation from home or from people to whom the individual has a strong emotional attachment).
    I won’t blame our Sue for it as I know she needed a break. Anyone else experiencing symptoms of SAD? Come on, admit it maybe we can organize some group therapy, I’ll bring donuts.

    • weather says:

      Aw Jim,has turning on your computer become a predictable disappointment you still feel compelled to go through?What used to be Christmas every day,now feels like being served food that tastes awful,but hungry,you eat it anyway.I offer a bandaid ,until Sue comes back,be prepared.Choose a song that you like before you come to this page,as a reward for caring,as soon as you notice nothing’s changed,Google the song,play it smiling for yourself,have a donut and rest ,knowing soon there’ll be presents here,more fun to open,because you waited ’til morning again.We’re such good kids-there’s just got to be toys coming soon!!

    • Krystina in Mitchell SD says:

      Ok…if I must!!! Whaaaaaaaaaa I miss her too…and the crew. 🙁

    • Chaunte in West TN says:

      I am experiencing it too, Jim. I know sue needed the break as well as deserves it! I need my donut now……:(

  136. Ed says:


    On your 3 year anniversary I think you have found what is expressed in this quote from my favorite “On The Road Book”.

    “Once a journey is designed, equipped, and put in process, a new factor enters and takes over. A trip, a safari, an exploration, is an entity, different from all other journeys. It has personality, temperament, individuality, uniqueness. A journey is a person in itself; no two are alike. And all plans, safeguards, policing, and coercion are fruitless. We find after years of struggle that we do not take a trip; a trip takes us. ”
    ~ John Steinbeck ~ [Travels with Charley]

  137. R. (Western Colorado) says:

    I have a question for all full timers. How do you deal with banks and a required physical address? If you already have or want to open a new bank account it is required you haves an actual physical address, any mailing service address is not acceptable. If you enter an address of your family or someone else’s somewhere in another state (not FL, SD or TX) you are going to be considered the resident of what state during a tax season?

    • Ed says:

      None of what I have to say should be taken as legal advice, it is simply what I have done or plan on doing.

      First, I had great luck with Ally Bank, an online bank, by opening the account using my UPS store address. They have no physical address why should I?

      Second, I have had a lot more problems with brokerage firms. The section of the law that the banks and brokers hang their hat on is 31 C.F.R. § 103.121(b)(2)(i) — Information required. However, that section allows for the address of another contact individual i.e the banks and brokers tell you to lie and use a relative.

      I am in the process of moving my domicle and anticipate that I am going to have brokerage problems. I will be re-drafting my will and naming a new executor and plan on using the executor address as my legal address for bank/brokerage compliance. I have yet to do it so will have to wait and see what kind of legal pissing battle that will stir up but that is the plan.

      There is also a document called a Affidavit of Residence that is filed with the court where you claim your residence. I filed one of these when I went out of the United States to make sure that my ‘legal residence’ remained in Nevada at that time. I plan on filing one of those also with the court for my new domicile.

      • DesertGinger says:

        I was going to suggest an Internet bank. Also,might think Sue has suggestions for these issues and has written about them in the past; might want to check the archives.

        • TexasTom says:

          I agree with “Timber and me” a federal credit union is the only place I bank. I can do it all on the internet and get money anywhere there is a bank or ATM.

          I’m in Texas and its like a whole other country!

        • R. (Western Colorado) says:

          Unfortuntaley, Ally bank which is exclusively on-line bank does not accept America Mailboxes in SD as a legal address. I don’t know about any others but rules are probably the same.dress

          • R. (Western Colorado) says:

            Unfortunately, Ally bank which is exclusively on-line bank does not accept America Mailboxes in SD as a legal address. I don’t know about any others but rules are probably the same.

      • Timber n' me says:

        A long time ago I joined up with a credit union and they are very good at letting their members live anywhere they want, over seas, boon docking, you name it. Check it out, I get free checking, all my cards are free, even if I loose them, my % rate is low, 8.6, they help me in all things and protect me too. Rusty

        • R. (Western Colorado) says:

          Thank you Rusty. Sadly I had such horrible experience with a credit union bank after my husband’s death I promised myself never ever use any credit union again. I already have free checking and free credit card so that’s not my concern but a physical address required by banks when I start full timing. I don’t have any family members to use their address. I’m an orphan now, I guess.

          • Krystina in Mitchell SD says:

            My Credit Union in Vermont is ok with the Americas Mailbox address…so far.

          • Timber n' me says:

            R, ,,,,If you do your banking on line, like some, what do you need a physical address for? I Had 2 during the years and I’m in one now and if I happen to hit the road in the future, all I need to do is call them and tell them what I’m doing. I haven’t called in years other than to wish them a Merry Christmas, because I’m online and I’m paperless in all my important items. ,,,,,me

            • R. (Western Colorado) says:

              Timber, this is not my idea, this is federal requirement. I opened CD with Ally bank and initially there was no problem but about 5-6 weeks later I got calls and e-mails requesting my physical address and if I won’t provide it within 10 days my funds will be returned to me. So someone somewhere is checking if an address provided is an actual physical address. We all know there are some people who do illegal money transferring, scams, for example, I guess there need to be a way to trace them if there is such need. Finally, we do have to pay taxes on any interests

          • Sidewinder Pen says:

            I know what you mean, R. I’m an orphan too in that way – don’t have any family or etc. address to use. What I did was decide to establish domicile in a state that has many RV full timers, and so there is some precedence (because you know all those “old people” in Class A’s have bank accounts and aren’t going to stand for second class treatment) (I say that tongue in cheek as I’m no spring chicken myself).

            I wanted to go with Florida because I had a great mailing service there, but for other reasons I ended up going with Texas and joining Escapees. So far I have not had any problems, although I have not opened a new bank account since then. I did notice that when I was doing things like my driver’s license in TX they were “Oh, Escapees, sure, we know you people” so that helped because the whole thing is not a foreign concept. I did prefer the Florida mailing service.

            • R. (Western Colorado) says:

              Thank you Pen for sharing your own experiences. Being orphan is often a blessing to me since I don’t have to deal with many family dynamics, on the other hand I don’t have anyone I could ask to use a physical address.

            • Sidewinder Pen says:

              I hear you on both counts!

      • R. (Western Colorado) says:

        Thank you Ed for fantastic information and I know this is not a legal advise. That would be funny to ask for a legal advise on this travel blog. Anyway, Ally bank does not accept America Mailboxes in SD as a legal address, you still have to provide a physical address but you’re right, they do not have a physical building and address and why a person is required to do so if they are full timers? I need to find out about Affidavit of Residence.

    • BadgerRickInWis says:

      First off let me state that all my info comes second hand. I have not set up another domicile but plan to as my full time date approaches. But perhaps the issue is confusion between a mailing service like Mail Boxes Etc which rents P.O. boxes and a mail FORWARDING service like Americas mailbox that just holds your mail until you tell them where to send it.

      I have studied this a bit and have read literally dozens of blogs and posts of full time RV folks that use a mail forwarding address as their official address with banks, government agencies and brokerage accounts.. I have even spoken to my local credit union about my plans and they said they would have no problem doing a change of address and accessing my accounts online. Not sure what your bank told you but maybe all you need to do is shop for a different bank.

      I know that Sue has said that she uses a South Dakota address and if you search the archives you can read the charming story of her trip to the S.D. DMV and the beautiful likeness they captured for her drivers license photo

      • Timber n' me says:

        Yes that’s right, but don’t tell them it’s any mailing forward co. because, it’s and address. when I was on the road my address was a street address, a suet, and a number and I was with a UPS Store with mail box’s. ,,it was like living in a apartment, same address, just a different number. ,,,,,,,,,,,me

  138. Timber n' me says:


  139. DesertGinger says:

    Hey guys….I think I’m beginning to improve, knock on wood. Although I woke up nauseated, I was able to get it under control more quickly and I had a bit of energy for a few errands.

    I’m so missing Sue and crew! I guess I need to get better and get a bit more active!

    I don’t really have favorite places…enjoy it all. But since I now live in AZ, would live to learn more about my state this winter.

    • AZ Jim says:

      Ginger….You will LOVE most of Oct. all of Nov, Dec, Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr and May then it starts to warm up but that is why old man Carrier invented Air Conditioning. Also, we have many wonderful places in our mountains that are much cooler during summer. Some here spend winter in the desert and have a place up in the mountains for summer. I love being a Zonie.

    • Denise - Richmond VA says:

      Hi, DesertGinger,

      So glad to hear that you are starting to feel better! 🙂

      Are you in the Phoenix area? Flash flooding was mentioned on the news tonight. Please stay safe!

      Keeping you in my prayers – sending you healing thoughts! 🙂

    • BadgerRickInWis says:

      So glad to hear that you are on the mend. Please keep us updated. Hugs, thoughts and prayers your way.

    • Jolene/Iowa says:

      Hey DGinger, I am glad you are doing a little better. I will keep you in my prayers sweetie. You hang in there!

    • Elizabeth in WA says:

      GOOD news Ginger…keep on getting well soon!!

  140. Jolene/Iowa says:

    Ok, I have another question for everyone. Each of us have our own personalities and interests. When you are out camping or in the case of some of you, fulltimers, what are your favorite things to do?

    For me, I am a fisherman. There is nothing more pleasurable to me and relaxing than to get out my fly rod, ultra light or even a worm and bobber if that is the type of water I am in, and go fish!

    Vacations to the Estes Park area several years had us going from lake to stream to river and just spending the day fishing.

    I also love to walk and then sightseeing. I love it.

    So what about you, what do you enjoy about being out in nature and living life whether it is for a weekend, a vacation or full time?

    • Krystina in Mitchell SD says:

      Love to fish!!! The kids dad and I used to go Trout fishing BEFORE WORK! Because I have a bad back I cannot go hiking anymore but I just bought a SpitFire mobility scooter so now I can go just about any place I want!

      • Jolene/Iowa says:

        Hey Krystina, I grew up fishing so I have been doing it all my life! Your SpitFire mobility scooter should be very helpful and guess what? You can fish from that scooter too!! I want to hear about your adventures in the weeks ahead!! Go catch a big one!!

    • Denise - Richmond VA says:

      Hi, Jolene,

      I don’t have an RV, but hope to have one in the future. I love to travel, explore, and take photographs. I would like to visit each state in the US ( fourteen so far!) and explore as many National and State Parks as possible.

      I enjoy visiting historic sites/houses/gardens/small towns/zoos/aquariums/museums/wineries. Also, if near water, a raft trip, paddle boat cruise, fishing trip or such is nice!

      Favorite places (so far): The North Rim of the Grand Canyon – no crowds or tour buses. Beautiful, peaceful, inspiring. Drove from Vegas through AZ and UT to get there. I would like to go back to explore more of UT…especially the 5 national parks. Hoover Dam and the new bridge are man made marvels…so cool! Asheville, NC – Biltmore (one of the Vanderbilt’s homes). Atlanta, GA – the zoo, aquarium and botanical gardens are must-sees!

      I just returned from an awesome, very relaxing trip to Emerald Isle, NC. The island is 5 miles long, and has the Atlantic Ocean on one side and the Bogue Sound on the other. The island is a bird and sea turtle sanctuary. If a low key, non-commercialized beach vacation is on your wish list, this is the place to be! I explored the neighboring waterfront towns of Moorehead City and Beaufort. Beaufort has historic homes that date back to the early 1700s; Blackbeard (the pirate) had a home here. I attended a Pirate Invasion re-enactment, went on a 6 hr sailboat cruise, saw wild mustangs, shelled, visited the aquarium and Cape Seashore National Park and Lighthouse. Enjoyed lots of fresh seafood. Oh, yes…also spent a couple of days on the beach: not crowded, no obnoxious Sea-dos or motor boats, no planes flying over with restaurant banners. Very, very clean. I stayed at a dog friendly condo on the Sound across from a bird sanctuary island. One of my sisters and her family have a travel trailer. They stayed at Holiday Trav-L-Park. The park is family run…very clean, grassy sites, and oceanfront. I highly recommend the area! EI is now on my favorites list!

      If rainy, I like to catch up on reading. If with family and/or friends, playing cards or board games is always fun.

      Next trip….maybe New Hampshire and Vermont next Fall…..starting to dream and plan now! 🙂

      • Jolene/Iowa says:

        Thanks so much for sharing Denise!!

        Your trip to the Emerald Isle sounds wonderful! The older I get the less I like the crowds. I love to see new places but I want it low key.

        I am really glad it got you to thinking! Now keep dreaming that dream and maybe someday you can do it!

        How about the rest of you? I love hearing stories like this!

        Oh and everyone, please remember to shop Sue’s Amazon page while she is taking a short break here! I am just trying to keep some conversation going and getting us dreaming!! 🙂

    • DesertGinger says:

      I haven’t spent much time outdoors in a long time, mainly due to various health issues. But what I like is sight-seeing…of every kind. Strolling through a beautiful forest. Admiring a garden. I have been in many areas of the U.S…..most of the west…I lived near Seattle, also San Francisco..,5. Years in Las Vegas, now in Tucson. Grew up in Oklahoma and Texas. Spent time in New Mexico. Utah, Colorado. Lived in New York, and for a few months in Indiana. Spent time in Toronto, Wisconsin, Minnesota. Have visited Florida of course, and New Orleans. I haven’t spent much time in the southeast and I would like to visit and see the sights.
      Outside of the U.S. I have spent time in Canada, Mexico, Costa Rica, Caribbean islands like Jamaica, St. Thomas, grand cayman, Bahamas, Puerto Rico and Europe: Switzerland, France and Italy.

      One of my big goals in getting my knee replaced was being able to rebuild my walking ability so I could resume traveling and sight-seeing.
      I also love driving…cross country drives are my faves, especially when I can take my time.
      I have never been much of a photographer as I have always preferred to be in the experience, rather than recording it. However, I am getting interested since I have been following Sue’s blog as I have noticed the details she pucks up that most people probably I’m thinking if adding photography.

    • R. (Western Colorado) says:

      Jolene, if you’re a fisherwoman then think abut Grand Mesa, CO. 300 lakes and fish is this biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiig

    • Sidewinder Pen says:

      As we “introduce ourselves” a bit more in the comments, well… it’s neat! You reminded me of my youth, when we had a cabin and fished all summer long. BUT, we kids were never allowed to fly fish (someone could lose an eye). My mom had her dad’s inherited special fly rod, and that was sacred. Watching her cast and (somehow!) whip the rod back and forth and control that wild (and long!) lasso of a line as it made crazy loops in the sky… and then just ever-so-gently “poof” set the fly down on the surface in a certain spot with barely a ripple. It was just magical. And the flies and tying them! Oh so cool!

      (We kids went for panfish with worms, trolled, or “cast and reel in” fished with enclosed reels.)

      Now reading your post I realize… I could fly fish! I’m a grown up now (or so they say). I’m thinking about whether I would enjoy it. It would be fun to try it and see.

      • R. (Western Colorado) says:

        I need someone to teach me fishing but I want to catch and eat it.

      • Jolene/Iowa says:

        Oh, yes, do try fly fishing if you have a chance. I don’t tie my own flies. I started to but I just let my son tie mine for me. My parents didn’t teach me fly fishing, I did fish as a kid, but just worms.

        I had a friend that taught me how to fly fish and I have taught my kids. Great fun!!

  141. Taranis says:

    Hello RVSue,

    As are all your other fans, I’m checking in to offer my congratulations on three years and many miles on the open road. More importantly however, I’d like to offer my gratitude.

    I discovered your blog about a year ago in my research into this lifestyle, and have read it end-to-end many times. Although it’s impossible for us to join this way of life, I’ve found no small measure of comfort and solace in your writings. Truly, this is a small and essential highlight of my day, reading your witty and charming tales of a daily life in freedom, just you and the crew!

    I wish you and the crew nothing but the best, and hope you’re enjoying your downtime. Without a doubt, a well-deserved respite, and I personally look forward immensely to your return.

    All The Best!

    JB in Dallas Texas

  142. Mick'nTN says:

    Attention Furry Friend Lovers > from [u]Readers Digest[/u]

  143. jonthebru says:

    I just checked in to see if all was well. My favorite post Sue was when you interacted with the old farmer in Nephi, Utah. The man who you thought had more to say but was reluctant to share. He seemed to be in an environment where he had no one with which to share his true feelings. There are many people in that situation all over the darn place. I appreciate your desire for personal space. I can really relate to that. You and the crew have had a delightful visit through the best parts of Central Utah a very beautiful area of the country.
    Sue, I definitely appreciate your practical mode of travel and your abode; The PTV and BLT are really awesome! Enjoy your break and I hope all is well.
    Aloha from Hawaii jb

  144. weather says:

    The soft warmth of one of the troupe snuggling into my back awakened me.Without looking to see which of them was doing it I was just happy that everything felt as good as it did.Soon after,outside,just as I was thinking “there’s really,at the moment ,nothing else that I want”,an eagle emerged from the tree in front of me -so close to me that I heard his flight as clearly as I saw it.What generosity-to send me such a gift without even being asked to!

    Again,as I consider the choices before me,I’m at peace with whatever comes next.You see ,lovely as it all may be in it’s own way,I’m not rushing because -this -right now -would have been reason enough-to call life worth living for me.

    So the details and footwork involved to go forward don’t seem urgent this morning-as pleasant as their outcome will be-I’ll wait for the pups to wake up again-let the day take shape slowly and not wish things were different at all for me.

    Yet I do pray,- for more-happiness,peace,gifts,blessings ,ease- distance from harsh things— for you—now,today,tomorrow and beyond…may whatever you need most be there

    • CheryLyn(Oregon) says:

      What a thoughtful comment and timely. As I look to the choices in my future, leaving a place I love, it is easy to forget to just be well and breathe in the moment. Thank you also for your words to Sue, you express so well what we all wish.

      • weather says:

        You know,CheryLyn,loving the place you’re in,bodes well for your loving tomorrow,with whatever that happens to be.

        I’ve been where no one around me,many times in my life,could find virtue in anything there,yet Grace managed to give me what it took to hang on,until something made me say”Phew,I’m glad at least one good thing about this is true!” .

        It seems those deeply happy,eventually repeat that experience,no matter what turn their road takes.Loving-a place,person or thing doesn’t depend on what’s in front of us.It’s what’s inside- that allows us to see find worth in what we see.

        Knowing Sue will be once again ready to share what delights or challenges her soon,I know we all send ,written or not,from our hearts only good things until then.

    • weather says:

      As just one bird is heard,that spot draws my attention at first.Next- far to it’s right-chattering,something chimes in.Soon every direction and level is so full of sound ,that it’s buoyancy lets me float on it.Morning brings me with to visit awakening wildlife eager and hungry already.

      Back inside the finches throw bird seed around like it’s party time as I refill my coffee and grin.This place has wet prints all over,from the mud and grass pups feet brought in,happy troupe messes make me glad the sink works-this’ll take some doing to deal with,Hi,Sue!

      The plantlife here, that needs heat to survive, is nestled against evergreen trees,so the insects are feasting -it’s a banquet for wee things again.Hope your aspen leaves twinkle sunlight soon as warmer air changes whatever you feel.That remote camp makes me happy the PTV’s back up food and whatnot’s are so handy again for you three again.Hope your keyboard feels welcome to your fingers and soul next time you use it,whenever that is. 🙂

  145. Terri From Texas says:

    I love reading about where everyone has been. It helps me to put things on my bucket list! The last time I really visited the west, meaning most of the states west of Texas except for California, was with my parents after my father retired when I was 18. We packed up their new Apache travel trailer and went off for 3 months on the longest vacation we ever had as a family. That is, longer than a weekend. I wish I had been more appreciative but hey, I was 18, and spending 3 months in a pop up trailer with a 13 year old brother, and a 22 year old sister was a bit trying! But, it left me with great memories a desire to go back and see all those places again. My husband and I have gotten to the Grand Canyon for our 20th anniversary and we spent a week in the Tetons and a week in Yellowstone Natl. Park as well. We have been back to Mesa Verde, as well, but I want to go back to the Pacific NW very much and hope to in a few years when hubby retires. Personally, I would like to chuck everything now…Ha! Ain’t gonna happen-we still need to save more for retirement!
    This October we will be spending some time in Davis Mountains State Park, Seminole Canyon State Park, and Big Bend Natl. Park-about 2 weeks. Happy Travels everyone!

    • Roger in SoCal says:

      Hi Terri,
      I really wish you hadn’t mentioned Davis Mtns. lol. I lived in West Texas for 16 years, Davis Mtns. State Park was my favorite place to camp. Now I’m in California and hope someday to get back to visit Texas.

    • R. (Western Colorado) says:

      Did you say Davis Mountain State Park? I love hiking trails there. We stayed at the lodge. Then another time in that area we stayed at the Astronomers Lodge at McDonald Observatory. We visited Fort Davis. Hiked at Chihuahuan Desert Nature Center. This place had the most amazing variety of cacti in the greenhouse.
      Almost forgot, one time on the way to CA we stayed at the Balmorhea SP. That is one great place. The swimming pool there is spring-fed with million gallons of crystal clear water. The biggest pool. I think it is almost 2 acre and 25 feet deep. Busy on weekends with lots of kids and many visitors swimming, snorkeling, diving. We stayed at the lovely motel there built by CCC.

  146. Concerning banks….I’ve just started this full timing lifestyle and I use a local Monterey credit union and BofA. The credit union had no trouble with my address change. When I went into BofA to talk to them about the address change, in one area of the computer form they filled out there was no problem. Another spot wanted a physical address and he used my old address. I told him that was so inaccurate, because I don’t live there anymore! He said, ‘no problem, no mail will come to you there.’ Well, I wasn’t happy with that situation so when I got home I went on line to my accounts and was able to change the address he used to my new S.D. address with no problem. That was a few weeks ago and I haven’t had any negative response to that from the bank. (I will be making my SD residence official when I get there in September).

    As for places I would like to go….oh my gosh, there are so many, and that’s one of the main reasons I’ve chosen this lifestyle since I retired. (VERY new at this, retired July 31:-). Along with many of you, Glacier National Park is high on my list. I was there 20 or so years ago in late May and it was so wonderful with multiple waterfalls everywhere I looked….and baby mountain goats, and so much green and water and …wow….I loved it all. But I also want to go….everywhere! From Maine to Washington….(I’m in Oregon now, on my way to Washington. We (dogs and I) are on the coast in a state park right now and they are having so much fun on these huge, empty beaches, chasing waves and birds. And yes I also want to see Arizona to Florida….and all that is in between! SO excited to be able to be doing this!

  147. Alan Rabe says:

    Our girl has been gone on vacation for sometime, Starting to get a little worried.
    Hello is anyone out there? 🙂

    When changing to Americas Mailbox the only place that complained a little was Morgan Stanley, But I assured them it was legit and they accepted it. It seems the USPS doesn’t show it as a legal personal address.

    • weather says:

      Something tells me that Sue is just conserving her energy -for a comeback 😉

      • Alan Rabe says:

        Oh, I am sure she is just fine. But not doing anything can be addictive and I’m afraid she might get used to it. Just kidding Sue. 🙂

    • Jolene/Iowa says:

      I know it seems like forever since Sue has been gone but honestly it has not even been a week yet. I am sure with all she has had going on and the lack of good internet signal this was just a good time to take a week or two to recharge.

      Sue, we all love and miss you but do take the time you need!

    • Sidewinder Pen says:

      On the one hand, it’s nice to be “worried about” because it means people care. But on the other hand (and I’m speaking for me here, not Sue, and I’m likely a curmudgeon), I find it slightly unpleasant if I want to take a break from something for me, and I end up having to “break” my break to reassure others who are (somewhat needlessly) worried about me. It’s kind of like when you are in the hospital and you have to cheer up and look good so the visitors who came to cheer you up don’t get depressed or worried (backwards!).

      I betcha Sue is just fine and I hope she doesn’t “un-break” until she is darned good and ready. Whether it be a week or a month or a year. Maybe it’s just me, but I’m not the least bit worried about her (although of course I think of her and hope she is happy).

  148. Jean/Southaven, MS says:

    I am really missing Sue and Crew. I know there are things she is dealing with right now. Hope all is ok. Pray for the three of them and for Rusty and Timber almost daily. Sure will be glad to hear from Sue when she decides to write again. Scared she will not come back. We can be overwhelming with all the convesations going on in the comment section.

    Rusty can the Va get you another house if this one goes away? I love hearing what you ae doing. Take care

  149. Jean/Southaven, MS says:

    I forgot, my favorite place is Ajo, AZ

  150. rvsueandcrew says:


    I don’t want anyone to worry about me or the crew. We are safe and happy.

    Our mountain camp has a very weak signal. If I’m really patient, I can read your comments. It’s impossible to reply because the connection times out. I can receive emails, but I can’t open them. I expect this message will take a long, long time to post successfully.

    I think this blog had developed a life of its own. It doesn’t like me taking a break. That’s the only reason I can think of for several of your comments being held for moderation. I apologize for that. I try to approve them as quickly as I’m able.

    I said that time is the only remedy for my depression. I was wrong. A few days of fresh, cool mountain air and a hundred well-wishes or more from blogorinos wipes the blues away!

    Thank you for the anniversary congratulations and good wishes for Spike, Bridget, and me. It’s been fun for me to read your conversations and to learn what camps you like the best.

    Spike is enjoying soaks in the river, Bridget is showing off her scouting skills on our walks, and I’m relaxing every afternoon next to aspens and with a gazillion dollar view. No need to feel sorry for us!

    I will drive to the nearest town soon in order to post. Thank you again for being patient with me and for being the best blogorinos ever!

    Love y’all,

    • weather says:

      Yippee!River soaks,walks for scouting,aspens in cool mountain air,you having fun and relaxing-wow,there’s a “picture” worth waiting for!Thanks ever so for letting us know 🙂

    • Jolene/Iowa says:

      Thanks for checking in Sue! It sounds wonderful! I am glad you are doing better. I was wondering about the whole moderation thing but just figured it was one of those things.

      Enjoy your days and know that we are thinking of you and the crew!

    • DesertGinger says:

      Could feel in my heart that you were okay, but still miss you. And that’s okay. You aren’t obligated to keep us from missing you…we will survive. All kinds of feelings are good…good to have emotional bandwidth. So take your time, but I will be happy when you are back!

      • Sidewinder Pen says:

        Nicely put, DesertGinger!

        Hiya Sue, glad you are having fun. As someone’s grandmother used to say “A change is as good as a rest” 😀

    • AZ Jim says:

      Whew…..I feel better. At first I wasn’t worried but then I started to think things that I didn’t want to think. I am so relieved Missy….Have fun and let Spike soak some more. We’ll be here when you get back. Missin’ ya…but relieved.

    • Elizabeth in WA says:

      Always glad to hear you are doing well, Sue!! And the pups!!!

  151. Colleen / Maryland says:

    I just love all the comments and was really glad to see Sue pop on !!
    I like the camp that has all the iron statues…

  152. Ron in TX says:

    If I could I would give you a big hug for posting

  153. Ilse says:

    Hi Sue,
    Happy to see you here, I was beginning to worry. Keep enjoying the solitude along with all the fresh air. You know we miss you, but prefer you and the crew healthy and happy!

  154. Tawanda says:

    Many Congrats to you and crew Sue!!!
    Sounds like a great way for you to commemorate your “living life simply” Anniversary!!!

    Busy long weekend here with a birthday celebration as mom turned 80 🙂

  155. Cat Lady (on the road in Bradyville, TN) says:

    Good to hear from you and the Crew, Sue. We’ve been sending thoughts, prayers, and love to y’all. We don’t mind that you’re taking a break…just throw us a bone every couple of days and let us know y’all are doing well.

    Hugs to the fur kids. So thankful Spike is doing better.

    Cat Lady

  156. Patricia from Florida says:

    Sue, it was good to hear from you and that all is well with you and the nutcakes but… don’t rush back till you are well rested and ready…
    Us blogerinos are a hearty bunch. Who knows that we may make it to 500 comments. Wouldn’t that be something.

    • Jolene/Iowa says:

      Wouldn’t 500 comments be something?! Hey Blogerino’s, I just thought of another experience I had growing up at a campground. It was a private campground that was so awesome. Spring fed lake, pony rides, rec building and the list goes on…

      Anyway, how many of you have ever participated in a snipe hunt? That was one of the many fun things I have done while out camping!!

    • Sidewinder Pen says:

      I’m enjoying how this is giving us all a chance to get to know each other better.

    • R. (Western Colorado) says:

      That’s interesting that my late evening’s comments regarding 500 posts disappeared. Hmm!

  157. Michelle, SLC Utah says:

    Question for those with big doggies. We have our class B, our service dog is very scared. He will come up to it but he will not get in!

    Any ideas and thanks in advance for all the help. Because of the lift he needs to either go in thru the front door or jump high enough to get in. He is a lab mix, 70 lbs. only 3 years old.

    • R. (Western Colorado) says:

      Michelle, this a great question and hopefully someone can provide suggestions. Are you saying there are no steps he can climb? Can you explain a little more about his need to jump high enough to get in.

      • Michelle, SLC UT says:

        So it is a Sprinter van, and the side door has a outside lift. So the first step is 30 inches. I have a step stool I use to get in. So far the dog just cries and walks around the outside. The inside floor is also black. I can lift his front legs up, but he won’t go any farther in.

        • Sidewinder Pen says:

          How about feeding him supper in the van? Then it may suddenly be a WONDERFUL place. Perhaps at first the supper bowl on the lift gate, then work your way in?

          Yeah, it’s kind of like bribing, but food often makes the world go ’round 😀

        • CheryLyn(Oregon) says:

          What about putting something light colored on the floor to help depth perception, maybe feed him inside the van starting at the door where he can reach slowly feeding further inside each time.. May take a few days. With my big dogs jumping in was a problem so made a big wide tote step and then I would go sit inside and read (with treats) and as they made an effort to come inside they got a treat, then only as they got further inside. It took about a day.

    • Alan Rabe says:

      The answer, I think, is in familiarity and their love and devotion to you. Give them time to get used to it and then you go inside and call them. It will take sometime and maybe many tries but eventually their need to be in your presence will compel them into coming in. They shouldn’t have to jump, some breeds just don’t do it well, and they know it. There are several fold up steps out there or you can make your own to give them an easy access for when they get the courage to enter.

    • Santa Rosa Leslie CA says:

      Hi Michelle,

      I had an OES that we bought a particular van so that he could jump in (silly, I know). He was born with dysplasia, so when he got older he couldn’t jump in, and since he weighed 105 pounds, I couldn’t lift him. Instead, I got a ramp so he could just walk right in. Now I have an old cocker spaniel, and a very low car, but he can’t jump anymore either. I trained him to put his front paws on the seat, and he trained me to tip in his back end. It may just take time for your pup to adjust, or you may try one of my methods. I wonder if he would ride the lift?

      Good luck – he’ll come around with a little help and encouragement.


  158. Evie says:

    Sue, Everyone deserves a vacation. Give the puppies a hug from me and kitten Rose. We will patiently wait for your return.

  159. Laurie in NC says:

    Hey Sue! I have been reading your blog for about a year and this is the first time I have commented! I love camping and hope to hit the road someday! My husband and I want to take extended trips once we retire. Reading about your daily activities fuels my imagination about our future wandering! Congratulations on three years!

    • Jolene/Iowa says:

      Hey Laurie, Welcome to Sue’s blog and all us crazy blogerino’s!!

      • AZ Jim says:

        Hey! I am not crazy! Well, maybe a little bit but still not certifiable. *Ok…who are these guys in white suits and what’s with the jacket they want to put on me? It’s summertime, I don’t need a jacket….

        • Ha! It’s before Labor Day so you can still wear that white jacket, I know I am. But why do they have to tie it so tight? “Dudes, are you saying I need a girdle, why I oughta…” Umph! 😉

    • Sidewinder Pen says:

      Welcome, Laurie! Sue always goes out of her way to welcome new commenters, and I’m sure she’ll be glad to see you here (as are the rest of us).

    • DesertGinger says:

      Hi Laurie! So glad you decided to get your feet wet with a comment. Please don’t be a stranger.

  160. Kay says:

    Knock… Knock…. RVSue???? Crew?????

    RV Park Update: I’m pooped.

    Hubby: Exhausted.

    Good Night….

  161. I love your blog and hearing about your adventures. My two cents – I think that you posting weekly when you are in super remote, no phone service places won’t kill us bloggorinos. Especially since so much of the year, we hear from you almost daily. I hope you don’t feel pressure about posting. That said – I am addicted and I do check your blog each day. Happy, happy 3rd and enjoy the well deserved break.

  162. Sue and crew, congratulations on this milestone, three year anniversary! You know you are such an inspiration to so many.

    Inspiration to some, a lifeline for others who need hope and you bring it. It might be that someone wants to fulltime RV or do something else – you let people know they can by walkin’ the walk and not being afraid.

    Good for you for taking a vacation too! I hope you’re resting and enjoying good books, sunrises, and food!

    I’ve been working hard and only popping in occasionally lately but I think most the hard work is done and look forward to keeping up with your wonderful life via blog soon.

    Wow, this is the most comments I’ve seen on one of your posts, wish I could read them all.

    Much love to you and the crew. 🙂

  163. R. (Western Colorado) says:

    Hello blogorinos. This is my last post here on this blog. Thanks for all comments regarding physical address for financial institutions.

  164. Elizabeth in WA says:

    A WORD RO THE WISE…my first social security check was to arrive to my bank this month…we wondered what happened to it…now we know….THEY made up another bank number and sent it THERE….to whomever it is….so who knows how long it will take them to straighten this out….or if they will even!! Good job social security!! So folks, pester them to death I guess is the word to the wise….now we have this mess to deal with. And with hubby’s recent surgery and all those expenses, we needed THIS lovely deal like a hole in the head!!

    • Elizabeth in WA says:

      Opppsss….make that a word TO the wise…

    • Krystina in Mitchell SD says:

      So sorry to hear about your SS check!!! When I first went on Social Security I had a few issues. After two phone calls to Social Security I just called Senator Bernie Sanders (Vermont) and the issues were fixed the next day!! Love that guy (office).

      • Elizabeth in WA says:

        You called the senator from Vermont?? And you are in SD? WOW…am impressed if he would help someone who could not vote for him!!!

        When we called them today she said it would take 8-10 working days to get the money and get it reput in my account. I have such a hard time of understanding this when we live in the instant computer age?? It sounded like maybe it might not be there even then!! The one good thing (a GOD thing in my opinion) was the next call hubby made was to his surgeon about something on the bill to try to understand what it meant and why our insurance did not pay a single penny on it….the staff said, ‘Oh well, some insurances pay and some do not….don’t worry, we will take that off your bill and you don’t need to pay it either!!” WOW…that bill was over $400 more than my check would have been….so GOD is helping us ANYWAY!!! Good idea to ask questions when you cannot figure billing out!!

  165. Lolalo says:

    I, for one, am glad to hear that you are well and taking a very deserved break. It must be difficult to write an interesting post daily.
    My favorite place that you have visited has to be the entire state of Utah. My daughter lives there, but when I visit I do not get to see all the beautiful things you describe. It is such a breathtaking place. Flying into Salt Lake City is an experience in itself. You come flying over the snow capped mountains, through a pass, and down into the fertile valley. I would love to spend several months exploring Utah. From the red rock, desert area to the towering mountain ranges and everything in between, it seems to have much to offer. One day…….
    My husband leaves Saturday and will spend a few days backpacking in Wyoming, very near to where you are, along the Wind River Range. He is all excited and will spend a couple of days in Pinedale to get acclimated. I’m jealous!
    Take care and enjoy your down time and we will be waiting ???patiently??? for your return to our favorite blog!

  166. Hey! Do you use Twitter? I’d like to follow you if that would
    be okay. I’m absolutely enjoying your blog and look forward to new

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