A chorus of lawn mowers; Rialto Beach, Washington


In September 2013 my original crew and I explored Rialto Beach which was only a few miles from our camp at Mora Campground.  

These photos of Rialto Beach were taken on different days, as evidenced by the changing sky.  An approaching storm kicked up waves and brought a change in mood to our surroundings.  Fun to photograph!

Spike and Bridget look stunned in these shots.   It took them a while to become accustomed to the dramatic and unfamiliar environment of massive logs, seaside air, and ocean roar.  

Rialto Beach was an outstanding experience for all of us and a highlight of the year.

Reggie and Roger (my present canine crew) and I are off the road, living in our newly purchased home in southern Arizona.

Sunday, July 15 in Arizona

I’m fired up about painting my bedroom!

Pushing myself to use up the entire gallon of paint, I complete the first coat on the ceiling and walls and part of the second coat.  I also bring the wall color up to the trim.

Lots of rain, on and off, throughout the day.

A reader suggests we purchase a rain barrel for the house.  At first I set the idea aside, having other things to think about.  As the day goes by, I keep coming back to the idea.

Hmm . . .  Mike the roofer will install a new gutter and downspouts.  When would be a better time to consider a rain barrel?

I shoot an email to Nancy in Florida.

She replies, “The rain barrel is a neat idea and untreated water would be nice for herbs and vegetables.”

Something more to buy!  Home ownership is expensive!

Monday, July 16

The neighborhood wakes early this morning and the sounds of mowers fill the air.  I develop a case of Lawn Mower Envy.

Our new mower is scheduled to be delivered today via Fed Ex.  As soon as it arrives and I have her gassed up, I’ll join the neighborhood chorus.

That is, if it’s not raining.

Grey clouds hang above us every day now that we’re in the rainy season.

I patrol the yard collecting dog bones, dog toys, sticks and stones in preparation for the mower.  I take up the stakes holding down the blue mat and fold it out of the way.

C’mon, Fed Ex!  I want my mower!

Since I can’t mow . . .

I pull weeds out of our raised beds.  They come out easily due to the soil being soft and moist.  Two months ago it was like concrete. This work is a pleasant change from painting.

By 8:30 I have one and a half beds cleaned out.

Roger jumps into the bed and commences digging with a vengence.  Dogs can turn the worst textured soil into fluff, better and faster than any tiller.

Reggie and Roger love it when I’m involved in an outdoor project.  

They chase each other around the house, around the Best Little Trailer, through the covered patio area, around trees, etc.  It’s hilarious!  Roger in the lead, leaping over obstacles, making false turns and Reggie figuring out shortcuts (why go around the BLT when you can cut across under it?) and surprising Roger.

I lean on my hoe and laugh.  Finally they collapse at the water bowl by the spigot.

That’s enough weed-pulling for now.  I have a blog to write!


NOTE:  For more information and photos, go to:  “Visiting Mora and Rialto Beach,” an Olympic National Park website, and see my September 2013 post, “Rialto Beach!”


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53 Responses to A chorus of lawn mowers; Rialto Beach, Washington

  1. Linda Rose, Molly & Midgy Carmichael, Ca says:


  2. Susan in Dallas says:

    Love these photos! So refreshing when I’m looking at 2 weeks of temperatures above 100.

  3. Columbus Calvin says:

    I’ve been enthusiastic sometimes about mowing and trimming. Not that I can remember about painting, although I made a living for a while painting exteriors.

    The driftwood makes fascinating shapes. I’ve never spent time at the ocean, and I didn’t realize that.

  4. Stephanie Turner OR says:

    Is it possible I’m 3rd? Hi Sue and crew!

  5. Jolene/Iowa says:

    Hi Sue,
    Great pictures!! I am excited about your new mower. Lawn mower envy is no joke and you need your new mower! 🙂

    We have been quite busy and this is a great thing! My CBD oil business continues to grow little by little. Rick was back to one of his cardiologists last week and doing good. Doesn’t have to see him again for 6 months.

    So when not working or busy with the CBD stuff, I am prepping for a fall Bible study I will be leading in a group on Facebook. So I always manage to keep busy with something. With all the groups I am part of or lead on Facebook, coming here and checking in on life with you and the crew and blogorino’s, life is never boring!

    Have a great rest of the day and I will be back to check in soon! Hugs to all!

  6. Linda Rose, Molly & Midgy Carmichael, Ca says:

    I know how you feel waiting for your lawnmower. Very fun when some item is on its way. Its been triple digits here for days and days so anything done outside needs to be done early in the day. I’m happy you’re getting the much needed rain. I laugh at my girls when they are racing around like that too. I bet my neighbors think I have a screw loose talking and laughing when I’m the only ” person” here.

  7. Cinandjules 🌵 says:

    Love the reminiscing !

    Woman…you are just chugging along with the DIY projects.

    Better check but I believe you need to use Non ethanol gas for your mower! That 10% ethanol stuff seizes small motors…hmmm do they even sell that in AZ? Go to the Briggs and Stratton site and ask them.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Thank you for alerting me, Cinandjules! And just in time! I’m leaving to buy gas in a few minutes. 🙂

      • weather says:

        In case you only found regular gas and bought some, Briggs and Stratton’s website says E10 gas is okay to use it in their lawnmowers. Most gas stations gas has only 10% ethanol

        • Cinandjules🌵 says:

          Good info weather! Thanks

          Hopefully she isn’t driving all over looking for gas!😬

          • rvsueandcrew says:

            Got the gas! More in the next post.

            Thanks, weather and Cinandjules. 🙂

          • Cinandjules 🌵 says:

            Wasting gas looking for gas!

            What kind of driver doesn’t waste gas?? A Backseat driver!

  8. Joe in TN says:

    Hi, Sue,
    Amazing pictures!
    I would rather pull weeds all day than paint for one hour. Sounds like you had fun break with the crew. Enjoy!
    P.S. The nightgown was a hit!😀

  9. FloridaScott, Now In Texas! says:

    Hi Sue & Crew,

    Still following along on all your new house adventures and as another blogorino mentioned, your writing skills and humor make every post fun! Were slowly moving westward. In Junction Texas now then heading to Fort Davis State Park next. After that going to Ruidoso NM to cool off for a few weeks. It has been going well so far. I still wake each day in wonder that we are finally actually doing this.

    It is Hot here, but I’m used to the heat. Loving the lower humidity compared to south Florida. It is amazing how fast each day goes. Wake up , shower, eat, go online planning, walk our pooch, take a hike, putter around the trailer, read and the day is over!

    Thank you again for all your tips, advice and mostly inspiration. Your past blog posts are a treasure trove of information. Will be in your neck of the woods soon!
    Be Happy & Have Fun!

    • Denise - Richmond VA says:

      Another blogorino who has launched into full-timing! I love the sound of your days…savoring each day at a leisurely pace. Enjoy! 🙂

  10. Cynthia in San Clemente says:

    I went back and looked at the Rialto Beach post from September of 2013 – wow! What memories!! I remember when you first posted those pics – thinking how loud the waves must have been and how amazing it was that Bridge and Spike would stand on that log for their photo to be taken – from the front and side!!!

    I never knew Arizona got so much summer rain or that they have a monsoon season. I think we are going to do a motorhome trip to Sedona in October, but I imagine the rains will be over by then. I’m wondering if you’ve ever been there Sue? The colors of the rocks and the sunrise/sunsets make for absolutely spectacular photographs.

    Well, I’m going to go check out a few things on Amazon … if you see any wireless headphones on your list, that would be me.

  11. Geri in the FL panhandle! says:

    Sue, you sound like you are really enjoying your new life! We are so happy for you. 💗 The boys seem to like this new life as much as you! They are really happy there.
    Loved the seaside photos! The West coast is so different from the Gulf coast! Glad you ventured out that way so I could see the West coast!
    Have fun with the lawn mower!

  12. Marilu, traveling through Washington state says:

    Hi Sue, Crew and Blogorinos,
    We are in Washington now on our maiden long voyage with our new rig. We almost made it to camp on the Tieton River. It was one of my favorite camps from your previous posts. Unfortunately, it is HOT, 98°, so we’re ducking out for the coast. I’ll have to look up Rialto beach and Moro CG and see it they’re on our path. Hopefully, if we hang around on the Olympic Peninsula for a few days this heat wave will move on.
    You will be so glad when you get all these projects done! Before you know it Nancy will be there, your house will be beautiful, and you can relax and catch up with each other’s lives.
    Mow on, Desert Woman😁!

  13. Marilu, traveling through Washington state says:

    Airports have non ethanol gasoline. Our small airport is happy to sell it to us for all of Bill’s small engines. It’s much cheaper than buying it at the hardware store.

  14. Lynn says:

    Painting is certainly best before furniture! Choosing colors is often the hardest part, so good you have help with that. Looking forward to seeing the mower and rain barrel! Hi to all!

  15. Denise - Richmond VA says:

    Hi, Sue,

    If you run out of weeds to pull, I would like to extend an invitation to you and the Crew! LOL! I have flower beds that are in need of weeding. The weeds have been getting a reprieve thanks to the hot and humid temps. A good, soaking rain that loosens the soil is always a help. 🙂

    What a treat to see Spike and Bridget! I still think of them and miss them….little sweeties. 💕

    Have a good evening, Sue. Sending you, Reggie, and Roger lots of love and hugs from me and Gracie pup. Gracie says that she would love to run around with the zoom-zoom brothers! And she still has a crush on Reggie… 🙂

  16. Glad you’re having fun with the house. Hope your mower arrived! So nice to see Spike and Bridgette again.

  17. Diann in MT says:

    Thanks for the fabulous pictures of Bridget and Spike. Those are classic! Glad to hear you are almost done painting your room. It’s a boring deal, but the results are great and last a few years. When you’re done, you turn around and admire your accomplishment!
    Leaving on Wednesday for my favorite place by the East Rosebud Creek, just under the gaze of the Beartooth Mountains. It will be peaceful. By myself. Alone. Nobody to please or cook for, ‘cept myself.
    Thanks for sharing the memories and updating us on your home ownership progress. Happy Mowing!

  18. Elizabeth says:

    Home ownership…heh…today was the day the boys came to clean out under the house…rodents, etc…fix the damage etc. They took about 100 yard waste bags away!! I was astounded!! This house is really costing daughter…but I told Hubby today it was likely no more than any other place all on one floor (in the land of 2 or more story houses)…which are few and far between, unless about a century old. So all things considered, no, it was not a steal…but maybe it was no worse. It will be good to have it all done. New screens to be made and placed tomorrow…all but 1 screen. Rest ruined or gone. Repos are like that. Little by little…the turtles are getting there. It is HOT here today…94 an hour or so ago…so I have done little…heat and me do not get along!! Take care Sue…the water catching sounds like a great idea there. I have been told that water also is the best ever to wash your hair in!! Haha…

  19. ValGal (westernWA) says:

    I was just at Rialto yesterday! It’s still just as beautiful. At 66 degrees, it was deliciously cool after 90 degrees a bit inland.

    A room always looks so fresh and clean like a slate ready for a new chapter to be written.

    The boys sound like they are enjoying life. You, too.

  20. Linda Sand (Minnesota) says:

    Here’s another blogger’s experience making a rain barrel: http://kareninthewoods-kareninthewoods.blogspot.com/search?q=rain+barrel

  21. Dee Dee in Florida says:

    I am enjoying reading about your bricks and mortar “settling in” process and the home improvement projects. A rain barrel is a great benefit. Here in Florida, I’ve attended rain barrel fabrication seminars hosted by County Extension office or Native Plant Society. For a fee of $20-$25, the host group offers a hands-on tutorial and all tools & materials needed to complete a functional rain barrel. You can check your local sources for similar offerings OR just order one from Amazon !

  22. Barbara (Nashville) says:

    Loved reminiscing with these beautiful photos. The water looking so inviting with the hot & humid weather we are having. Supposed to get a short reprieve on Wednesday for a couple of days.
    All of your painting projects have me in the mood to paint, too, but trying to wait on my sister so I can choose the best colors. I know what I would like, but she may think its too boring. So in the meantime, I will continue with cleaning out everything I don’t need or want in between working and taking care of DH.
    Sounds like Rog & Reg are having a great time. I’m happy for all of you.

  23. Hi Sue, I always loved weeding during monsoon season. Weeds that were impossible to pull any other time of year came out so easily during the rains. But there were a lot of hidden weeds that would appear during the rains, and some in the most improbable places! Happy mowing.

  24. weather says:

    The fourth photo is spectacular. The fifth one is breath taking . That scene has me in awe of creation, enlarged it would look great on my wall. Are you still considering having some of your photos printed for us to buy? My favorite one is of you, Spike and Bridget 🙂 . With how hot it’s been recently I imagine some days you wish it were cool enough to need to wear a jacket again.

    Did you move the blue mat only so the mower would not shred it? I would think whatever grass had been beneath it would no longer be growing. I imagine Reggie and Roger like having it there to play and rest on. For so long that meant “we’re home” to them, they may be emotionally attached to it.

    When you and Nancy plant things in those raised beds it may not be easy to dissuade Roger from digging in them. I know unless I was outside with my dogs they just couldn’t resist digging for all kinds of reasons. It’s so cute how the boys chase each other and make you laugh. What a joy having our little fur pals is.

    Yesterday I tried to find some Amazon Prime Days deals on pet supplies, but I kept getting messages that said “there is a problem with this page”. Thank goodness they aren’t having problems today. I hope you see a nice spike in the sales accessed through your links to help with all the expenses of fixing your place .

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Good morning, weather,

      Thank you for mentioning Prime Day deals and your hope that folks will shop from my blog. I also appreciate your response to the photos. We do live in a “spectacular” and “breathtaking” world!

      A few notes before I go offline to take advantage of morning coolness: Spike used to dig in my garden in Georgia and, years before that, so did Sparky in Florida. In both cases they only dug alongside me when I was digging in the garden. They were excited about me doing that and joined in. Never once did either of them dig in the garden when I wasn’t there. I expect it will be the same with Roger. 🙂

      Yes, I moved the mat to make way for the mower. I like that mat because it does not kill grass/weeds, only suppresses their growth.

      The boys’ connection with the blue mat seems to have lessened. They haven’t played on it for weeks now, preferring the large front porch. They keep their toys on the porch. When I took up the mat, they showed no interest at all. They love their house and yard and have “bonded” with it! 🙂

  25. rvsueandcrew says:


    A sunshiny, cloudless sky here in southern Arizona! Perfect weather for mowing! 🙂

    Thank you for your wonderful comments. I’m glad and grateful to have you accompany me “down Memory Lane” and to read your cheerful responses to photos and text. I also appreciate the helpful suggestions you give to me and to fellow blogorinos. Nice to see old friends appear again!

    I love interacting with each of you. Yet it is time-consuming on top of the time it takes to create posts. That’s why I don’t always participate fully. Do know that every comment is enjoyed by me and also by others. I can’t thank you enough for what you give to us by taking the time to write!

    May the blessings of this day fill you with hope, gratitude, and love,

  26. Steve says:

    Bridget and Spike … great photos, great dogs. I am finding your transition to home ownership an interesting read and it helps showing me that I am not going crazy. LOL

  27. Dawn in NC says:

    Hi Sue! I love your lawn mower envy! That used to be my job growing up. I live in a condo now, so that is taken care of for me. I still don’t mind mowing the grass, as long as I don’t have to do it more than twice a month. Quite unrealistic in summer! I love the smell and the look of the nice, tidy lawn once the grass is cut. My sister is the kiss of death to lawn mowers. She could never get her pull own to start. She borrowed an electric start one from my parents and it died. She now happily pays someone to cut her lawn. If I lived closer to her, I would do it for her.

    I love the fact that you don’t mind Roger digging in your garden and see it as a help to you! I can just picture how adorable he is doing it. I too get great joy in seeing animals being happy and enjoying life. I can just picture R&R tearing around the yard.

    I am back at work after a week on the beach. I need to be greatful for a job, but it is hard to come back from vacation. I could live at the beach year round! However, after seeing and hearing about all of your adventures. I would like to travel around as you did for a few years. I am getting excited about Nancy coming. She should be there in less than a month! I can’t imagine how excited you must be getting to have a sweet reunion with your sister.

    • Denise - Richmond VA says:

      Hi, Dawn,

      I agree that coming back to reality and a job (thankful we have one to come back to!) after being on vacation is tough. Being waterside full time sounds wonderful. Several years ago, I spent a week at Emerald Isle, NC. I rented a tiny two-room place directly on the Sound. The setting was perfect! Gracie pup and I enjoyed a daily sunrise and sunset viewed from our balcony, hanging out on the property’s pier, and walking along the ocean’s shore, just across the street (2 blocks over). We loved it! As wonderful as EI is, I would not want to be so far from my family. And, while chatting with some folks who live a block off the ocean year-round, they shared that their hurricane/flood/wind insurance is $4K a year, this is in addition to their homeowner’s insurance. Yikes! I hope to return to enjoy EI’s peace and tranquility. 🙂

      Think of work as a means to save time and money for your next vacation! You never can start planning too soon! 🙂

      Inquiring minds want to know….which beach did you visit? 🙂

      • Dawn in NC says:

        Hi Denise! Thanks for the reply. I went to Bald Head Island. It’s about 30 miles south of Wilmington, right next to Oak Island. You have to take a ferry to get over there. Once there, there are no cars, only bikes and golf carts. Half the island is still maritime forest. It is a wonderful place to visit!

        • Denise - Richmond VA says:

          Bald Head Islamd sounds wonderful! Nice and quiet. Thanks for sharing, Dawn. I will add that to my wish list of places that I would like to visit. 🙂

  28. chas anderson says:

    Make sure you use the ethanol free gasoline (sometimes called boat gas).Small engines last a lot longer that way.I learned the hard way.

  29. Judy J. in S.C. says:

    Thinking we all keep checking to see if your lawnmower has arrived. Didn’t know how exciting it could be! Our long-time mechanic tells us to use non ethanol gas in our vehicles. Seems to be working, as we keep ours a long time and all’s well. Not always easy to get when traveling. Tell Nancy we’re on the countdown for her arrival! Be well, Arizona Jim, Detta,Rick and others having both health and other issues going on in your lives.

  30. Suzicruzi says:

    Hi Sue,
    We had a good camp in O’Neill, NE on our Northery migration. It had everything you could want; large sites, shade, hook-ups, showers, dump on site, and a big equestrian arena adjacent. The arena had people and horses coming and going but it wasn’t a bother. The fee was by “donation”, so the price was right. During the wee hours, a big lightening storm blew in followed by a 30 minute hard rain. The lightening lit up the sky for a good hour before the rain hit. It was kind of fun! Kitty took refuge behind my knees and we just felt cocooned in our little nest riding it out. I prayed for no hail as was forecasted, and the hail gods obliged my prayers.
    Today was an odd day, as we headed north out of NE towards Martin, SD on US 20, to 61, then then north on 73 into Martin. We’d read the city park had free overnight camping, with water and electric, but when we got there it was tent only. We had been on the road a fair amount and so traveling further wasn’t too appealing. Plus we were “in the middle of nowhere” per the gal we called at the Chamber in Martin.

    Long story short, we pushed on on Hwy 18 toward Hot Springs, got mixed up because we had wanted to see Wounded Knee tmro morning from Martin- but passed by a side road due to being tired and just wanting to get a camp for the night. We ended up in Angustura State Recreation Area, rather than push on to Cottonwood. It was already 4 pm and we wanted to be done. This stretch of SD is pretty barren as far as boondocks or suitable camping, so we took what we could get, and broke out a couple beers after paying 24$ for one night- AND no water hook-up, only electric. Grrr. That and 10 min on the phone paying for the site and answering way too many Qs about type of rig, how wide, how many ppl, etc. Had Larry not saved my tush, I’d have also paid an add’l $7 because my phone number came up as “out of state”, and not only is there a user tax but an OFS tax too. Man. I needed that beer!! 😬😲😳

    Tmro we head to your Cottonwood camp in Hot Springs for the 3.50 w/buzzard pass. 🙂 I hate when I get stuck paying these exorbitant rates for a 12 hr stay, in a crowded CG. I have to be positive and say though, it’s right on the reservoir and quite nice, with clean showers, and grassy, shaded sites, and little swimming beaches everywhere. It really is a very nice area if you are looking for this type of recreation. There is no privacy between sites though they are larger sites and well spaced. . In other words, no place to hide when you leave your trailer. Lol.

    We were just chased indoors by monster sized rain drops and gusts of wind big enough to blow the bag of chips off the table one time too many. I think it’s time for a nap!

    Onward and upward tmro Sue- to new and exciting places! We will stay a couple days in one spot and see the sights and get our SD licenses. I Loved the last post about Badger Mountain in Utah. I had forgotten about that place and it is on our list for the future.

    Cheers! Suzi, Larry, and Mochi-kitty.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      You’re rolling with the punches, Suzi. Well done! As I’m sure many travelers agree, sometimes you have to get off the road and quit for the day and pay what they’re asking. As you say, you aren’t in a place where boondocks are plentiful.

      Cottonwood is inexpensive because it has no water, showers, or hookups, only a toilet house. Be sure to bring enough water. Easy in, easy out, and handy to Hot Springs, the DMV, and attractions.

      Your reports are fun to read! Much of what you experience brings back memories, big and small. Sometime you should print copies of your comments here to save as memory joggers in the future. A great journal of your early days on ther road!

      Have a wonderful day tomorrow! Thanks for the update!

  31. Jean in Southaven, MS says:

    Hi Sue. I am enjoying your life now as well as those beautiful memories from the past. Our 1997 motorhome has been down now for almost two years. We have been able to get a few repairs completed, but have had major problem finding someone who will work on her. I am hoping that we have finally found someone to work on her roof and side. Never knew that there were people who would turn work away just because the RV was older. Maybe someday I will actually get to put her on the road again.

    Cannot wait until Nancy gets there so we get some pictures of the inside of your new house. I want to see what colors she has picked out in your room. I do not have an eye for color either. But I am lucky that I have family and friends that do. Believe me I do not mind asking for help. I am not proud. Thank you for sharing.

    I showed my husband the suspenders that someone ordered. He wants a purple pair. Be on the lookout for a purple pair of men’s suspenders on your lists of things bought. Enjoy your new life. I am so proud that things have worked out for you and Nancy.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Jean… I’ve been wondering about you. Great to see you here! I have to go offline right now… Be back later to read your comment and reply!

      LATER>>> Reggie was pestering me to walk him and Roger to the mailbox. That boy is a canine clock. He knows the schedule and intends to keep it!

      How frustrating for you, not being able to have your RV repaired, due to her age. I hope you find a good mechanic willing to work on her.

      Thank you for the good wish for us in our new home. Also for intending to enter Amazon through my blog when you go suspenders shopping. I’m glad that those links help people find products they can use.

      • Jean in southaven, ms says:

        I am always out here reading every post. Retirement has not meant retirement from life. We are so busy most days. I read every post, believe me. But do not always have time to join in the conversation.

  32. Carlene and Corky from NW Montana says:

    I just love the ocean shots… oh how I miss the coast. Your description of the boys and their version of tag is so cool…
    We have not had cell service, meaning no internet, for 3-4 weeks but visiting wonderful beautiful NW Montana, river front free Army Corp camping… having never been in this area of the country I just love it… We have to drive 4-5 miles down the road to a boat launch with a park where AT&T kicks in and I can take care of business. But now will be in civilization for a week, meeting up with a cousin I haven’t seen since grade school… a lot to talk about.
    Sue when talking about rain barrels… I used a “red neck” drip irrigation system, raised a large plastic garbage can higher than the garden bed, used 1/4″ tubing out the bottom and adjustable dripper disks. My garden would be watered for up to 3 weeks without my help, if I needed to be gone for a while it really helped not having to leave on the pump in my well.
    I wish you well with all of your settling in and the home owner duties along with it…

    Have a great week…

    • Dawn in NC says:

      Hi Carlene. Your camping site sounded amazing! I hope that you have a good visit with your cousin. I laughed at the “red neck” drip system. What are dripper disks?

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