A little walk along the Big River

Wednesday, May 13

“Well, good morning to you, too!”

1-P1040794Three deer graze on the tender shoots of bushes growing on the bank of the Big River behind our camp. 

I adjust my camera to the setting known as “through glass” and zoom in.  (My technical expertise is impressive, I know.  It’s limited only by smudges on the window glass.)

1-P1040789-001The plan for this morning was to break camp.

The mountain passes are clear of snow.  This I know from looking at road cams on the website, TripCheck.  The coast looks foggy, of course.  More rain is on the way across the Pacific Northwest for the next few weeks.  I’m sort of stuck. 

If I wait for the weather to clear up, the busy season will be upon us, which I want to avoid as much as possible.  Not only because crowds and traffic limit the fun, but also because coastal campgrounds fill up.  And this woman doesn’t make reservations.

1-P1040802-001But, gosh, it was so cold and damp this morning that I couldn’t bring myself to break camp.  Although hitching up isn’t a difficult, drawn-out process, I didn’t feel like fussing around outside.  Plus the outdoor mat is glued to the muddy ground.

1-P1040797I opt instead to cuddle Bridget and Reggie in the warmth of the BLT and the glow of my laptop.  The coffee is good.  This is a three-cup morning.

Later Reggie insists we go for another walk.

1-P1040640 - CopyOur early morning run through the pines, down a short trail from our campsite and back, isn’t sufficient for the day.  Not in Reggie’s power-packed world.

“Okay, you’re right, rocket man.  This laying-about needs to end!”

I grab my coat and camera and the crew and I take off.

It’s warmed up some.  We wind around big puddles.  I dump a bag of trash in the dumpster.

Only one other camper is here.

I like national forest and BLM campgrounds.  They’re rustic, the campsites get muddy, big puddles appear, grass and weeds grow nilly-willy.  So?  If I wanted pavement and curbs, I’d be in the city, walking the sidewalks.

We cross Big River Campground to where we camped originally, near the bridge.

1-P1040629-001Under the bridge we go.  The high water mark is visible on the bridge supports.

1-P1040642 - CopyA path leads to a pedestrian walk across the bridge.

1-P1040805This takes us to the group camping area on the other side of the river.  No one is here.

1-P1040818In the shady Northwest camps with full sun for the solar panel aren’t always available. 

It helps that I can take the solar panel to full sun simply by driving the Perfect Tow Vehicle.  The PTV’s starter battery and the two AGM batteries are connected.  All three are charging whenever we go down the road.

1-P1040817I admit I neglect my batteries. 

I rarely check the meter to make sure the batteries do not discharge lower than 50%.  Is that a gasp I hear?  Choking? 

You know, it’s hard on batteries to have their charge drained lower than 50%.

(Note:  Readers discuss in comments whether allowing the charge to drain lower than 50% will shorten battery life.)

I have no clue whether or not I’m doing that. I probably am, although the inverter inside the BLT doesn’t complain.  (How does an inverter complain?  By making an annoying screech.)  Some people keep a close watch on their solar panels and batteries.  Oh well.  More power to ’em.

Monitoring stuff drains my mojo!

“Never mind, Bridget.  This doesn’t concern you.  Keep walking.”

1-P1040812I look at it this way.

These AGM batteries are supposed to last 3-5 years, right?  The two Optimas I bought in the fall of 2011 are still doing their thing after 3 years.  If they poop out tomorrow, I’ve had my money’s worth, wouldn’t you say?

1-P1040807I can be frugal.  Y’all know that.  But I’m not going to compromise my Carefree Quotient!

We come to a very large Ponderosa pine cut down some time ago.

“Hey, Reggie, isn’t that strange?  The log is bigger than the stump!  How did that happen?”

1-P1040808-001Oh, I almost forgot to tell you . . . .

Reggie likes the water!

1-P1040653-001A few days ago, when it was sunnier and warmer, I walk Reggie to the river for a short potty run.

“Are you going in the water, Reg?  It’s awfully cold!”


I really don’t expect him to.  I’m shocked when . . .

Out he goes!

1-P1040650-001I have a feeling Reggie’s going to have a great summer!

I don’t know when we will cross the Cascades to go to the coast.

I’m taking each day as it comes.



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1-SierraNevadaDawn and dusk at our desert camp east of the Sierra Nevada” – October 2013


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184 Responses to A little walk along the Big River

  1. Linda Rose & the 4 M's says:

    I want to be first.

  2. R. now somewhere in CO says:

    Am I first?

  3. Diann in MT says:

    Oh! So good and carefree a life such as yours! Blessed all around! Yay! Thanks for the uplifting messages, Sue.
    Do you think Reggie might take up soaking???

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      You’re welcome, Diann. Will Reggie take up soaking? Maybe in his old age. Splashing and wading are more a young dog’s game.

  4. Linda Rose & the 4 M's says:

    Wow, I made it. First time ever. I’m with you Sue. I just don’t spend any time checking my batteries. I use them and when they die I replace them. My rig is so old it doesn’t have an inverter so I don’t have to worry about that screeching. I love Oregon and since I live in California it’s not a huge trip to go there. I will be taking notes about the different wonderful places you find while you’re there. I am a great boondocker too. I have no desire to park and stay in a row by row parking lot of campers. Awesome shots of the deer!! and when you mentioned that Reggie likes the water I was thinking he’s channeling Spike…

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Linda Rose,

      We’re similar on two counts: love to boondock and don’t wanna’ mess with checking batteries. I hope I find some new places in Oregon for you. You can bet I’ll try to stay out of the all-campers-in-a-row parking lots. Thanks re the deer photos. 🙂

  5. Susan in Dallas says:

    I appreciate the rugged beauty of the desert but I have to admit this is my kind of country where you are camped now. I just might have to visit the PNW. I’m not a traveler so I come along with you. Love the pictures of Bridget and Reggie. Don’t you think it’s time to have a Canine Corner and have Reggie “tell all”? (With Bridget’s guidance, of course!)

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Yes, it is time for a Canine Corner. I had a bunch of errands to accomplish today and I think that in the back of my mind squelched my creativity for the CC. When I’m in the right mood, the dogs seem to do the talking for me and I simply write down what they say! It’s funny how that happens… and fun!

  6. R. now in GJ, CO says:

    Sometimes plans have to be changed but isn’t this a really great feeling you can make those changes as you go. I had to change my plans too. I’m waiting for my Subaru to be fixed. Meanwhile, I had to rent a car. These are unexpected expenses but I always have some $$ saved for this kind of emergencies.

    Maybe Reggie is reincarnation of Spike. It looks like he is waiting for your approval before going in the water.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      I’m glad you had money in reserve for this unexpected expense. I’m sorry you’re dealing with car repair. We all “pay our dues” that way from time to time… part of the price for freedom!

  7. Tara from Pac NW says:

    Sue, you must be in a silly mood, there were several pics that made me chuckle–Bridget’s look back, the small stump to cut down tree and Reggie’s water exploration.

    And I love this quote “But I’m not going to compromise my Carefree Quotient!”

    Right on, I totally agree! That’s one to live by!

    • Chris B - Southern California says:

      I agree with you, Tara! Sue is in a great mood today! When she referred to Reggie as Rocket Man I started chuckling. “Rocket man, burning out his fuse up here alone.” LOL!

      The tree stump comment was great. What was the explanation on that to Reggie?

      Great post Sue! Keep that carefree attitude alive! 🙂

      Chris B, Southern California

      • rvsueandcrew says:

        Hi, Chris,

        You always sound upbeat! Love your sense of humor…

        No explanation re the tree stump. One of the mysteries of the forest . . . . 😉

        Rocket Man has burned out his fuse . . . He’s fast asleep beside me.

        • Krystina - Friant , CA says:

          I would say that they cut down a smaller one in front of the bigger one first and took it away to use as firewood.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Yeah, Tara, I’m not going to fool around with batteries when I could be doing something I really like doing. Which is like being a spoiled kid. Yay! That’s retirement!

  8. So awesome…and you’ve got another water dog!!!


  9. John & BJ says:

    I think you’re on to something. A bit more research into the small stumps > big logs could be worthwhile. If you can figure out how to do that consistently… And not to rain on your parade, but summer doesn’t come to the Northwest until July 🙁

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Yeah, I could make a deal with logging companies maybe, turn those tiny stumps into huge logs! 😉

      You don’t have to worry about raining on my parade. It’s already raining again today! That’s the Northwest for ya . . .

  10. Jean in Southaven, MS says:

    That Scrubba Wash Bag on your Amazon list look interesting. Do you know how well it works? Maybe I might have to check it out. Our RV does not have a washing machine. That bag looks like it would be great for smaller things.

    Your pictures are so pretty. I love the pictures of the doe. She is beautiful. Oregon is definitely on my bucket list. Thank you for taking us along and only showing us the good stuff where you go. I realize you only show us what is perfect. All the bad stuff you leave out. Which is ok. I get so excited when I see your emails pop up on my email at work. I show them off to everyone. You have a growing fan base here.

    • John K - Mobile, AL says:

      I am curious as well, but for $53? I shopped around a little bit and got a fancy plunger type device for cleaning clothes…$20 shipped. I’ll report back when it has been delivered and used.

      • rvsueandcrew says:

        I think the $53 value is that the Scrubba is handy when traveling and staying in motel/hotel rooms or maybe long backpack trips. One can unpack the thing, wash out a few items, and then pack it into a small space.

        I don’t know. I use my hands and a basin or I go to a laundromat.

      • BadgerRickInWis says:

        By plunger types do you mean the kind that work in a 5 gal bucket? I’ve had my eye on one of those as well. Would love to hear an update when you have one.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Jean,

      I don’t know anything more about the Scrubba Wash Bag than what you can see at Amazon. Click the link and scroll down to customer reviews. You can learn a lot about a product that way.

      This may surprise you, but I don’t limit my posts to showing just “the good stuff.” I do try to take artful photos. Some things I don’t photograph — like trash in a fire ring — but I tell you about it (who wants to look at trash, right?). Another example: The rain has the outdoor mat “glued” to the ground. I told you about that. Didn’t take a photo of it.

      Our camps are truly as pretty as the photos show! I let you know about any bad stuff.

      Thanks a lot of sharing my blog with the folks at work! I appreciate that very much.

    • Lisa says:

      Hi, I know someone with a scrubba. They are really small and so do best with lightweight clothes, sweaters and jeans would be difficult. I think you could do the same job for a lot le$$ with a dry bag and a bumpy ball inside to scrub with. The plunger works well, but you need a bucket and those are hard to fold and store, lol. My friend Libes in a small space, so storage is a premium commodity.

  11. Dawn from NC says:

    Hi Sue! Thanks for the update. Seeing a new blog with the crew always makes me smile. I wanted to thank you for publishing your expenses. I am trying to cut back my current expenses and seeing what you live on really encourages me to live on less. Since retirement is a long ways off for me, my current dream is to move into a tiny house. My goal is to save for that. I had a question for you about the process of downsizing. What did you do with your family’s heirlooms and sentimental items? This is of great importance to me as I want to down size and a. my current place is full and b. my mom is in the process of giving away much of the current heirlooms and possessions that she has. (She has a lot.) Even my normally no clutter sister expects me to take “my fair share”. Suggestions and what has worked for you and for the others here would be greatly appreciated! Stay dry and warm! Dawn

    • Chas Anderson says:

      As you get older the heirlooms won’t seem as important.Keep the ones that are really special and take pictures or make videos of them. Only sell them to people who really are excited to get them and will cherish them as heirlooms in their own families.If you have a large family spread them out amongst the nieces,nephews,grandkids etc so everyone has something.Also, attach a card to the bottom or back of them telling the story of the piece to keep the Karma going.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Dawn,

      I’m pleased that you found my money information to be helpful. Thanks for letting me know.

      As for family heirlooms… I had very few. Someone broke into my parents’ home several years ago and trashed what they didn’t steal. World War II items inherited from my father and uncle were sent to a historical society or given to family. The rest, which was mostly photographs and doo-dads, I put in four boxes … one box was “thrift store,” another box was “throw out,” and the other two were family members. I’m not very sentimental so I didn’t have a lot to get rid of.

      Readers may have suggestions for you . .. .

    • MB says:

      Your family sounds a lot like mine. Very sentimental and kept things for over 100 years. In the last few years I have lost both parents. I am not married and have no children. I am also an only child. Thus there are no siblings or nieces or nephews to give things too. I had so many “old family things” because I once loved to decorate with them. But as my dream of travel became more and more important, the things became less so. (The memories are what I will take with me.) There are a four things that I will store….in case I decided to build a tiny “sticks & bricks” house somewhere beautiful. I am in the process of giving the super “important” items to people who will love them and pass on the stories. (Cousins and family friends mainly)…… Don’t forget the stories! Some things I have given away or sold to strangers. Don’t be surprised at the initial guilt you may feel when doing this. But just try and remember that those people will love them and care for them in a way in which no longer fits the lifestyle you envision for yourself. The guilt goes away as you recognize the freedom that replaces it. And a very few things will go with me on the road. You will know what to do and when to do it. Just listen to yourself. You’ll know…..promise. 🙂 MB from VA

  12. Chas Anderson says:

    Juice’s little brother recently surprised me by jumping off the dock I built at our summer spot.Eddie will have a fun summer also.Did not see that one coming.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Oh my, isn’t that something! You must have been shocked! He’s a water dog, for sure… With Reggie, his curiosity is what motivates him..

  13. Karen LeMoine says:

    I want to jump into the picture! Love love your camp! Dogs are so happy! What a wonderful life for them! I’m very happy for you all!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Thank you, Karen. You’re sweet. I’m pleased my photos are inviting you to jump inside them. 🙂

  14. Well, I have to disagree with you about monitoring batteries. As part of installing our solar system on the Bounder in preparation for the Great Escape, we installed a battery monitor that provides EASY details relating to the storage batteries, and voltage of the engine/start battery. This monitor, mounted on the wall directly behind the driver’s seat is easily observable from pretty much anywhere in the front half of the coach AND outside thru the windows.

    For most of this motorhome’s life, we were clueless about the status of our batteries. And we paid for it dearly on numerous occasions at the most inconvenient times.

    If you actually have a monitor, and don’t pay any attention to it, what can I say except please give up a smidgen of your Carefree Quotient. I would not want you stranded…and COLD. 🙂

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      I’m not saying one shouldn’t monitor their batteries. I’m saying I don’t monitor my batteries.

      I’m confused. How would I end up stranded? The PTV battery is not in any more jeopardy than anyone else’s car battery. And why would I end up cold? I heat with propane.

      • Sue’s gonna do what Sue’s gonna do. I get that. I’m not trying to start an arguement. Just trying to be helpful.

        In the hypothetical, let’s say that after years of being dependable, your alternator starts causing a discharge of the PTV battery, however slight or gradual. How would you know if you don’t observe or “monitor”. Things get worse in this circumstance if the weather is cold. So, add that there’s little to no sun due to weather, and the low storage batteries which weren’t monitored, can’t get enough recharge. Combine THIS circumstance with a tendency to camp remotely with a desire to have no one around. So, admittedly in the extreme, how long does the propane last beyond not being able to start the PTV?

        • rvsueandcrew says:

          Oh, I’m sorry if I sounded argumentative. Scratch that. 🙂

          Re: being stranded, you’re referring to alternator trouble. I probably wouldn’t avoid that if I monitored the AGM batteries. Never in 50+ years of driving have I monitored the starter battery. Not going to change that. Haha! And yes I’ve been stuck with a dead battery due to an alternator going bad.

          Re: propane? I have two tanks. I always try to keep one tank full. In other words when a tank empties I get the thing filled. I can go for weeks on a tank of propane while heating the BLT.

          I appreciate your concern. God looks out for fools and children and old women who fly solo by the seat of their pants. LOL!

  15. JIM PETERSON says:

    The intel on deep-cycle batteries is confusing and there is a LOT of misinformation out there. Let’s start with Wiki:
    “A deep-cycle battery is designed to discharge between 45% and 75% of its capacity, depending on the manufacturer and the construction of the battery. Although these batteries can be cycled down to 20% charge, the best lifespan vs cost method is to keep the average cycle at about 45% discharge. There is a direct correlation between the depth of discharge of the battery, and the number of charge and discharge cycles it can perform.”
    The last line is absolutely true; the 2nd to last line = not so much! I don’t have the chart in front of me, but real-world testing evaluations have been made — with regular discharges to 50%, 60%, 70%, and 80%. While it is true you’ll have a shorter total service life (time between purchase and replacement) with regular discharges to 80%, the battery is doing 60% more work (discharging to 80% vs. 50%) *AND* charging a battery is much like inflating a tire: as a tire nears full pressure, it takes quite a bit more energy to push in that last 5 PSI than it did to get the first 5 PSI — which is to say a battery accepts charging current more readily at lower voltages. As the disparity between charging voltage and battery voltage gets lower and lower, it gets harder and harder to push more power into the battery. [This is why alternators, for example, typically charge at 14.5 volts plus.] With the above chart, if you take the number of life cycles at any given discharge level (down to 80%) and multiply that number times the amps which were made available, you learn the total amount of power stored and later “consumed” is unchanged.
    The 50% discharge thing (never drawing your batts below 12.06 volts) has been proven (on “deep cycle” batteries) to be a myth. Even the battery manufactures (on their respective websites) now admit that regular discharges even down to 20% (11.58 volts) do absolutely NO harm to your batteries, though many of those same sites *still* recommend shallow discharge for maximum service life vs. cost. We simply find NO evidence to support this recommendation. (These voltage measurements can only accurately be taken when the battery has not been charged *OR* discharged in the previous 30 minutes . . . and measurement must be taken with no load.)
    From my battery file notes:
    12.70 volts 100%
    12.50 volts 90%
    12.42 volts 80%
    12.32 volts 70%
    12.20 volts 60%
    12.06 volts 50%
    11.90 volts 40%
    11.75 volts 30%
    11.58 volts 20%
    There are other considerations:

    Doing my part to dispel this long-running myth that discharging deep cycle batteries below 50% somehow ruins batteries . . . just ain’t true . . . most likely never was . . . and yet the myth persists :o)
    JIM & ANNIE — Boise, ID — 23 weeks & 0 days to go!

    • John K - Mobile, AL says:

      Good info Jim. Isn’t it also important (or another myth) that you should recharge ASAP after a deep discharge?

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Thanks, Jim. Well, it looks like my batteries are test cases’cause they probably drain below that and yet they keep on keepin’ on. Of course they could die tomorrow. Knock on fiberglass.

      I’m putting a note in the post referring to your comment regarding the 50% discharge.

    • Wheelingit says:

      Can you link to some of the “proof” please? I’m genuinely interested and not being snarky. I’ve seen hundreds of graphs that link depth of discharge to number life cycles on lead-acid batteries, pretty much on every white paper and technical paper I’ve read.

      Here’s a typical example:
      (See about half way down).

      And here’s another example from Lifeline showing the same thing:

      You’re not going to kill your batteries by going below 50% but you will shorten their life somewhat. For some folks it may not matter, but I’ve not seen proof that the shortening of life doesn’t occur.


    • Wheelingit says:

      A few more examples.

      Here’s the spec sheet from another battery manufacturer (Trojan). They have the typical cycle versus DOD graph on page 2 of their spec sheet.

      And for their AGMs the same graph on their website:

      The cycles versus depth of discharge graph is pretty standard across all deep-cycle battery manufacturers that I know of.


      • Mick'nTN says:

        Thanks, Nina

      • rvsueandcrew says:

        Thanks Nina and Jim for providing these links for people to ponder. This is a topic that I can’t bring myself to research, so it’s good there are people willing to do so and to share it here.

        • GB in norcal says:

          Can you carry a battery charger with you? I have one in my car that I can use to jump start my battery & have used it to jump start several cars for people (2 of them @ campgrounds). Mine is only for a 12 volt battery but was only $35.

  16. mockturtle says:

    Love the way Reggie seems to be pondering the stump vs. log situation. 😉

    I’m currently in the PNW and yes, it’s cold & wet. Getting ready to head to Alaska. Missing the desert!

    • R. now in GJ, CO says:

      See you in AK mockturtle. Can be wet and cold there or dry and sunny. During many trips to AK we had all possible weather.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, mockturtle…I’m sure readers join me in wishing you a fantastic Alaska trip and also hoping you’ll let us know how it goes.

  17. JIM PETERSON says:

    Whoops! Must remember to not use ‘less than’ or ‘greater than’ symbols OR whatever is contained between them disappears!
    Paragraph should read:
    There are other considerations:
    “At a 40% state of charge, electrolyte will freeze if the temperature reaches approximately 16º F (-9º C).”

  18. Pat says:

    Hi, I’m at South Beach state campground and the weather has been great…..sunny and a few clouds. Only a couple rainy days so far this month. Come and join me in H loop.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      You really don’t want me to join you, Pat, because by the time I got to South Beach, the clouds would open up and that would be the end of your sun!

  19. Timber/Rusty inthe Zone says:

    It’s cold and raining here and wont be sunny till Sunday, I hear there’s a storm all over the lower 48.,,,,,,,,,,,,, The deer look healthy.,,,,,,,,,, That sign under the bridge is a speed limit to boaters, but as one looks closely at the bridge supports, you can see where the high water mark is for now, wait for the snow to melt and that mark will rise,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, The Reggie Man might have a bit of Spike in him, Reggie might like swimmin’ ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, give them pups a warm hug from us, Sue.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, me

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Rusty,

      I hope there’s plenty of snow to melt and provide the water people want. I was going to write “the water people need.” That’s a lot less than we use!

      A warm hug to you and Timber… Wishing you clear skies and lots of sunshine…

  20. Barbara (Nashville) says:

    Lovely photos. The shots of the deer are amazing. We have them in our backyard occasionally. Looks like you may another soaking pup on your hands. He is just too funny. The log and stump picture is hilarious.
    Thanks Jim for the battery info. For me, the battery and conversion information gets complicated. Must be a gal thing. I can read that info 50 times and still not get it.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Thanks, Barbara, re the photos. I know seeing deer is no big deal. They’re seen everywhere. Still, I love taking photos of them, they are such graceful animals with expressive eyes.

  21. Pauline In Mississippi says:

    Love all the pictures but the one of the 2 trees in the group camping area is fantastic!!! What a beautiful forest. So glad Reggie loves the water.
    Heading off tomorrow for a weekend in Little Rock AR. Taking Elly to her travel basketball team’s tournament there. Scott and Melissa are involved with stuff for Jake and Taylor Beth so Nana and Papa have “Elly Duty”. Sure is a tough life 🙂
    Sending love and hugs to you and the crew

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Pauline,

      Those kids are fortunate to have all this support for their sports and activities. You have a wonderful, safe trip this weekend and here’s a cheer for Elly — “Burn up that court, girl! Show ’em what you can do!”

      Have fun! Love and hugs to all…

  22. Pamela K. says:

    The Reggie-Man Meets Water…
    Oh Happy Day!!! I can’t wait to see and hear about all his water related antics this summer! He is such the explorer, I can only imagine what he has in store for all of us as he takes on the vast water adventures as ~The Reggie-Man. Super Ranger, Boondocker-In-Training.~
    🙂 🙂 🙂 and 🙂 again!

    • Pamela K. says:

      Dang, I can’t figure out what is happening to my international server!!!
      I swear I am not making all these mistakes in typing. For sure something is getting lost-in-translation. I thought I had it all worked out already.
      Back to the drawing board.

  23. Kathy from Florida says:

    I’m with you on the batteries. Just thinking about that stuff gives me a headache. As long as they are working well I don’t fool with them.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Kathy….

      I can hear the groans of folks who keep a close watch on their batteries. Some people are attuned to that sort of thing and others, like you and me, are not. Simple as that! 🙂

  24. Bill & Ann, Bend, OR says:

    Nice picture. The Ponderosas are beautiful.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Aren’t they though… I like the way they look in the photo with the picnic tables.

  25. weather says:

    “…sites get muddy…puddles appear…weeds grow nilly-willy…if I wanted pavement I’d be in the city” -Love your attitude,Sue,and love your opening photo!What a beautiful face on that deer,oh my!I’m with you on not constantly monitoring things that one uses,buy-use-recycle-replace and get on with enjoying life.This morning I noticed a leaky pipe had become suddenly more leaky than I felt would be wise to allow.I called a friend to get the number of their plumber.Within an hour and a half of speaking on the phone to the handsome gentleman I had no leak,a shut off installed(old house,there’d been none before)for a hundred dollars.That covers his gas and the part,guess he liked being here…

    He showed me as he worked exactly what he was doing in case I need to know that going forward,nice chat,nice morning,nice guy.I saw that “issue”begin to develop over a long period of time,just like I know when I put in a light bulb or wear socks that at some point in time things wear out or need to be fixed.Entropy,the tendency for order to become chaotic,goes with living,vigilance just takes time away from thinking about ,to me,more important things-the what-so-ever-is lovely in life.

    Those large trees are amazing,gosh it’s a wonderful earth!Reggie liking water is a nice development,especially because you love camping near it whenever possible.Bridget and him walking in tandem is sweet to see.I hope you are enjoying where you are at the moment.Thanks for another treat of a post 🙂

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, weather,

      I enjoyed your comment as I always do. Thanks for noting the deer photo. He/She allowed me to take a portrait. 🙂

      It’s a good feeling when someone takes care of a repair or maintenance, allowing it to leave your mind and freeing you to do other things, “the-what-so-ever-is lovely in life.” I like that. A leaky pipe is like a nagging pipe. I’m glad it has been silenced!

      The trees are magnificent! Ever since coming to this part of the country I’ve wanted to show their greatness. The photos in this post give an idea of their size, only an indication. Photos are inadequate.

      Yes, I’m enjoying where we are at this moment. I wish the same for you, weather.

      • weather says:

        A nagging pipe,Ha!I had convinced myself the sound was another lovely water feature here 🙂 troupe playtime,yippee,then a busyish day tomorrow,we’ll tuck in early so I’ll say early -n’nite

  26. rita says:

    Wow…the cutest little water dog ever (besides Spike). We get to see Reggie grow to become a boondocker, explorer, and a full fledge water dog 🙂 I’m wondering what Bridget has to say about that!! LOL

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Rita,

      It will be fun to watch Reggie grow into a full-fledged boondocker and competent member of the crew. 🙂

  27. Applegirl NY says:

    Nice pictures again, Sue. I really love the picture of the group campground. It looks like such an inviting place, whether empty of people or full for a gathering. Also, you can really get an idea of the size of those trees compared to the picnic tables. Beautiful.

    I must admit, when people start getting technical about batteries and stuff, I glaze over. I really appreciate that people can figure these things out for the rest of us, when the time comes that we need the information. I have had to dig for stuff like that, so “Thank you!” to everyone for your technical input on all the stuff that goes along with RV living.

    Looking forward to your next camp, Sue. It’s nice that you can just hang and have that 3rd cup of coffee and then move on when the spirit moves you. Great life!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Applegirl,

      I agree with you about the battery technical stuff. I’m thankful for the people who research that sort of thing. I just can’t focus on things the way I used to. My mind refuses! It feels too much like work!

      It is nice to let the days unfold instead of yanking myself out of bed before I’ve had enough sleep and pushing myself all day… you know, the way too many working people do. Enough of that!

      Thanks regarding the photo of the group site. I wanted to show those mighty Ponderosas!

  28. Elizabeth in WA says:

    Ah yes, the sound of a river going past…lovely soothing music!! Well, Sue, when you love things that are green…rain is part of it…so you just try to do more when it is beautiful!! But it might get a bit hard to stay indoors in chilly weather…sounds like for Reggie at least. You would not believe the weather here today…been mostly clear…and VERY cool…I can never remember mid-May with almost needing a coat weather in this heat box area!! LOVED IT!! Breezy too…love that too…so we took 2 walks today instead of just one!!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Elizabeth,

      You’re right about doing more when it’s sunny. I don’t like to clean or do projects when it’s cold, snowy, or rainy. I’m surprised you say you’re in a “heat box area.” I thought you were in northern WA… Maybe I’ve mixed you up with someone else and you’re in eastern WA…. ?

      I’m happy you enjoyed today!

      • Elizabeth in WA says:

        We are in WA as to our apt location, Sue…but for the last couple months we are back in NC, clearing out almost all the storage unit, etc (we just have a small one now, the size of a walk-in closet, instead of the 10ft by 20 ft one we had). We will head back in a week or 2 to WA again…you are not confused, except forgetting where I am for the moment…ha, no expectation of remembering such as that…after all, we have passed 60 right? So the HEAT box is NC!!! Do you agree?? Haha…but yesterday and today you would have thought we were nearing winter…cool, breezy, low humidity!! NICE!!!

        I am one who does not like to do a whole lot when it is cold either…and if I was living as you are, I would be mostly inside during cold and rainy weather!!

  29. Lynn Brooks says:

    Dear Sue,
    Your website has changed!!!
    I now must enter my name & email each time I comment!!
    Before, my info was already loaded in!
    I loved your pictures of the deer!!! It looked like they were just standing right next to you!
    Reggie & Bridget are so cute!
    Thanks for letting us share your travels & your life!

    • AlanOutandAbout says:

      Sounds like the Delete Internet Temporary Files on Exit setting in your internet settings has been set to on. Depends on your browser as to where the setting is

    • Barbara (Nashville) says:

      I have that same issue if I am using Internet Explorer. It stays loaded in if I am using Mozilla Firefox. I don’t believe it is Sue’s site.

      • rvsueandcrew says:

        Thanks for the feedback, Barbara and Alan…. I haven’t changed anything in regard to writing comments.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      You’re welcome, Lynn. I hope you can fix your device so you don’t have to enter your name and email each time. Thanks for mentioning the deer photos. I’m glad you like them.

  30. Denise - Richmond VA says:

    Hi Sue,

    I love your carefree, happy tone of this post! Just what I needed after a bout of several blue days for me. Thank you with all my heart! Bridget’s expression says, “You are taking time to discuss battery monitoring?! Snap out of it woman…time to focus on our walk!” Cute picture of the two litte buds strolling along. So the Reg Man likes water and doesn’t mind the cold! Sending you and the Crew hugs from me and Gracie pup!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Denise and Gracie pup,

      I hope you’re coming out of the valley… I’m glad my blog brought you some cheer. Thanks for taking the time to write… Hugs to you both!

  31. DebsJourney says:

    Hi Sue and all,
    Well I have some news. I sold my home and basically the closing and my move out and into my RV will be July 10th. I wanted to get out of Florida before July’s heat but oh well. I need these weeks to find my RV and get it all together to get out of here. Still have way too much stuff so I will get rid of more things.
    I’m excited about my you tube channel and already have over 155 subscribers. Awesome and keeps me busy trying to learn how to make decent video’s.
    RVDebs Journey is my channel.
    It looks so beautiful in Oregon and hoping I get that way by September. It sure is nice seeing how happy Bridget and Reggie looks. So green and lush.

    • DebsJourney says:

      oh and I wanted to add that May 6th was one year of my husbands passing, May 7th was our anniversary and May 12th was Marks birthday so it’s been a emotional time for sure and I am glad the year passed.

    • Krystina - Oakdale , CA says:

      Happy to hear the good news about the house and your You Tube channel! You will be out here very soon.


    • Elizabeth in WA says:

      Glad your plans are coming around and soon you will have your new life!! Glad you are ok…tis very hard on those certain days…take care of yourself!! Happy travels soon!!

  32. Velda in Roseville Ca says:

    Wonders never cease. Beginning around 4:30 today (Thursday) a storm moved over us from south to north, with thunder and lightning and rain, Oh My! Rained until around 9 p.m. And we got 2.73 inches of rain. Creeks rose. People in Folsom paddling kayaks in the street. Cars stalling out in water. And yet we are still deep in drought and this will make the weeds grow so when they dry in a few weeks it will be more fuel for grass fires. But it was so very nice to feel and see the rain. We left during the rain to take son out for his birthday. Had to shake ourselves like dogs when we got inside. We had forgotten where umbrellas are because it’s been so long since rain. LOL

    • MB says:

      Wow! Sorry about the flooding but happy you got some rain. There is nothing like the sound and feel of rain after a long time without.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Velda,

      That is a lot of rain in a short time! Good to know you weren’t washed away and had a chance to celebrate with your son.

      • Good Morning All, one more Californian to join in the topic of rain in Cali…..It rained cats and dogs again yesterday….flooding everywhere, but it comes so fast that it does us no good. The only thing to save our water condition is snow pack in the mountains. The Major of Los Angeles is coming up with a water reclaminaton idea of saving the water run off from all the rain and having it treated and use it for farming and such…but I guess that is going to take some time. In the meantime, I finally found my umbrella…love watching the birds love the rain…I guess April arrived in California finally.

  33. MB says:

    AWWWwww……the pictures of Reggie in the water brought a happy, nostalgic tear…..memories of sweet Spike in the same position. He may have run you all over the southwest to do it…..but I think he led you to just the right companion…..someone who loves water and who has just enough energy and spunk to keep you and Bridget on your toes. 🙂 I know the three of you will have a great summer. It’s nice here. Hay on the ground. Love, MB from VA

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, MB,

      Thank you for sharing the bittersweet memories I have of Spike. He would’ve loved Reggie. I agree that Reggie is the “right companion.” I thought about that last night. Even being a high-energy boy, he is tender-hearted and affectionate. You can see it in his face in some of my photos.

      I’m happy you are enjoying nice weather in Virginia.

  34. Lacy says:

    Hi Sue!
    As usual, I often get a giggle when I come to catch up with you. I do seem to remember your keeping a close eye on the battery monitor thing-y when you first got solar. I’d say times have changed (for the better, I agree).

    Question: what, if any, encounters have you had with ticks on either yourself or the pups? As usual, I’m curious. Forgive me if I’ve missed the answer along the way.

    I spotted a Casita while I was out and about the other day. I mentally said “hello Sue!” – even though it wasn’t you driving a black SUV. DUH!

    The one thing your blog doesn’t provide is how glorious all that fresh air must smell. You always camp where I would LOVE to be. Walking through those pines makes me so envious. Now, I don’t mind telling you that if you could come up with a way to incorporate scent into your blog, you’d probably end up being a gazillionaire! Good Luck with that one.

    Have a great day!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Lacy,

      Yes, it would be great if my blog could provide piney aromatherapy, too!

      We fought ticks in Georgia. Since living on the road, not one tick on Spike, Bridget, Reggie, or me. No fleas either. 🙂

      • Lacy says:

        Thanks, GLAD to hear it!

        sniff, sniff…………….? Nope, I got nothin. Keep workin on it, ok Sue? ha


  35. weather says:

    Blades of grass and blossoms,leaves and little young flowers – all curled in a bit warming themselves-seem so like children snuggling closely,aw-w ,they’re cold.A breeze skims the lakes less cold than the air surface and the sun rises just high enough, buds and petals ,relaxing now, begin to open.A tree the tornadic winds had broken the tallest parts of now has a squirrel family’s home in it’s jaggedy top.The female danced along upright on her hind legs, she was carrying a leaf to cushion their nest with.A too cool night bothering the plants,an air motion ripping an old oak,their effects and sudden changes ameliorated in natural ways.I could have said remedied instead of ameliorated ,I just like the sound of it and it’s fun to say prettier words,look at prettier things.

    Good morning,Sue,I imagine you’ve been seeing your share of beauty.I love that you always look for it.That improves(or ameliorates-tee hee-three chances to say it) about any kind of day,doesn’t it?Because our temps dropped and my plans include beach walking with a friend,rather than change our idea I’m adding to it-fuzzy small blankets to wrap ourselves in as we stroll and wander around.I hope you three have a simply delightful day starting already,too 🙂

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Good morning, weather,

      From slight changes to dramatic ones, there’s good that follows in nature. Your skill with words puts me in your shoes this morning. Not the first time you’ve done that! I can see the squirrel carrying the leaf to her next, the uncurling of grass in response to the sunrise, you and your friend wrapped in fuzzy blankets that ameliorate the cold. Ha! 🙂

      • weather says:

        Now the fuzzy blankets have furry sleepy heads on them,word of the hour is n’nite

    • Good Morning Weather, 🙂

      Thank you for your pretty words. Must be beautiful from your eyes to your words. Enjoy the day with a warm blanket and a warm friend.

  36. Cinandjules (NY) says:

    My what big ears you have! Cute!

    Uh oh! Soon Reg Man will be soaking! That’s our boy!

    Happy Friday y’all!

  37. DesertGinger says:

    Good morning all! We had a lot of rain last night, here in Oklahoma. I’m lounging away the morning. My friend went to work. I’m thinking of a long, hot shower then going downtown to the library to commence my research. It is so pleasant being here. I grew up in Tulsa. Has anybody seen The Outsiders? That was written about kids here in .tulsa and shot here in Tulsa. When I was in high school there were two groups of kids…the ‘soc’ as in short for ‘social’, and the ‘greasers’, who were primarily from the west side of town. And never the twain shall meet. The ‘soc’ kids cruised Brookside, all along Peoria Avenue. Fights were usually in the Safeway parking lot. This is portrayed in ‘The Outsiders’. It’s a good movie with lots of famous actors.
    Every time I come here I think I could live here again. But I doubt that will ever happen. They have winter here. I’m pretty down on winter.
    So…off to my day. Love to all.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Good morning, Ginger!

      So you’re with your friend in Tulsa and you can relax. Great! It’s nice that you can return to your hometown and recall those memories. I think The Outsiders is a prevalent book study in high schools, or is was at one time. Have a wonderful day! 🙂

    • Good you are in a safe place….raining here so that means it is on its way to you…please be safe when traveling.

  38. Krystina - Oakdale , CA says:

    Good Morning RVSue and Bloggerinos! Your pictures are just super! LOVE the pic of the crew side by side. Looks like you are in a fine spot. Reggie Man is brave to go in that freezing water. Yep, Spite must be whispering in his ear.

    I am at Woodward Reservoir in Oakdale CA. Wonderful. Right on the Reservoir site. Teenie, Weenie baby ducks and only $10 a day with Old Farts pass!! I just might stay here awhile. I’m with you Sue, batteries ETC are way over my head. Remember I had an issue with my inverter remote blinking? I called Samlex and they didn’t have a clue. It stopped blinking on it’s own…thank goodness. Yep, clueless. I pray everyday that things just keep running. Oregon is still VERY far away.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Good morning, Krystina!

      Yay! You found a wonderful camp and it isn’t costing you a fortune. I’m happy for you. Yes, I’d stay there … Why not? 🙂

    • AlanOutandAbout says:

      Krystina, you are only a stones throw from Yosemite Park. I now gas is expensive but if you haven’t been there before you really must go. Everyone should go there at least once. It is a very special place.

      • Elizabeth in WA says:

        I second that motion, Alan…everyone ought to see Yosemite at least once in their life. Just for the massive granite and the massive waterfalls!! If nothing else…

      • Krystina - Oakdale , CA says:

        Good Morning Alan….Thank you for that advice. I was going to go there about 10 days ago but the roads were closed because they got 8″ of snow. I will probably go there when I leave here. Have a great day!


        • Lee J in Northern California says:

          Hi there! I was born in Oakdale!
          Are you camped in the campground or on the backside in the rough?
          We like to stay in the campground in the winter but opt for the undeveloped part in the summer….
          Are you traveling? I am going up to marble quarry rv park in Columbia the end of the month, so pretty, going up to participate in the Columbia Diggins 1852 event at the state park. That is a beautiful area to explore, wineries, neat old towns…lots of eye candy!

          • Krystina - Oakdale , CA says:

            Hi Lee…I am in the campground out at T Island. Great place…unfortunately there is a huge amount of campers that are having some kind of rally with loud speakers, a band, etc etc. Hopefully most of them will leave tomorrow and I can have a bit my piece and quiet back. The boats, the geese and the ducks has been great. Have a good, peaceful time on your trip.


  39. PookieBoy north of houston says:

    oh well, so if ya didnt get packed up and moved so what? Tomorrow is another day.
    HA! thats what its all about isnt it Sue?
    I luv it.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      I love it, too, Chuck. The freedom to choose how one will spend a day — priceless!

  40. Bob in Orting says:

    I don’t care if I’m first, thirteenth, forty second, or whatever. There must be some sort of competitive thing for being first that I can’t seem to relate to.

    This is my first comment on any Blog, and I really only had a vague idea of what a Blog is until I started reading your flog a few years ago after there was a story or two in the Arizona Republic about you helping Rusty reunite with his missing dog Timber. I have read all the archives from the beginning and have been a reader ever since.

    I am somewhat fascinated with your lifestyle and enjoy your individual personality such as your likes and dislikes, your photos, and your dogs. I am not an RVer, but if I ever do, I would probably emulate you. I think I also relate to your travels as over the years I have been to or in close proximity to many of the places you have been.

    I am very curious as to how much you think about your future life such as where you see yourself in say 5 or 10 years? If you permanently settle somewhere, what area of the country do you think that might be? In your current life, how do you deal with health care concerns (if any) and periodic check-ups, etc.? Apparently you do not watch TV, but how about other media such as radio, newpapers, or whatever?

    I may have other questions and comments in the future, but this is long enough for now. Thanks for keeping the Blog. Bob in Orting, WA (formerly Ariz and many other States in years past).

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Bob in Orting,

      As for who is 1st, 2nd, 3rd…. It’s a silliness thing… 🙂

      How do I see myself in 5 or 10 years? Well, that’s difficult to plan because I don’t know who I will be then or what condition I’ll be in. 🙂

      1) Still wandering around the west like I do now, having fun with my crew, and blogging.
      2) If constant wandering becomes too much, have a home base where I can park in privacy for a few months and travel the rest of the year.
      3) Health issues could take me off the road. Finances will determine where and how I’ll live… Shop Amazon here! LOL!

      • PookieBoy north of houston says:

        well if you decide to settle down in one spot for a few months you are certainly
        welcome to settle here at my place..I have 5 acres that is heavily wooded and
        we can park you in the back and not even I would see you from the kitchen….
        I purposely built my house in the woods hidden from the world…..

  41. DesertGinger says:

    Well, I’m going to jump in here, as Sue’s regular readers often do. No telling when Sue will return.

    Sue has mentioned a few times that she is drawn to central Utah, however she has concerns about the winter there. So I don’t think she has a permanent spot picked out. I think we’ll have to stay tuned. And she went to Algodones, Mexico for some minor dental care. She hasn’t really mentioned much else about health care…I think she is pretty healthy. However, I suspect she would just seek out a local doc wherever she happened to be if she should need one. She is insured, of course.

    And she does not keep up with the news, as far as I know. She has the Internet, of course, but never really mentions following the news. Definitely does not take the paper or watch tv, other than movies sometimes. I don’t know about radio, but I doubt it. I think Sue spends her time mainly on maintaining her blog, chores like setting up camp, doing dishes, cleaning BLT, tracking Amazon orders and lots of time hanging with nut cakes, exploring her campsites and taking photos, and reading books on her e-reader. Rough life, huh?

    • Good job DG! Welcome Bob. I think most of us were waiting for Sue…not wanting to over step, but it has been a while, she must be on the move, or really enjoying her time with the pups.

    • Denise - Richmond VA says:

      Hi DesertGinger! So glad to hear that you are enjoying your trip! A well deserved treat after such a hard year for you. Sending you wishes for health, happiness, and safe travels!! How does Chloe like being on the road? Hugs from me and Gracie pup! 🙂

      • DesertGinger says:

        Chloe is a terrific traveler! We are having a great time. I have spent the whole day today resting, and am totally enjoying it.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Yes! Excellent stand-in, Ginger! Thanks!

    • Barbara (Nashville) says:

      She does Listen to XM Radio. She also Had and eye exam & got new glasses in
      Algodones, Mexico.

    • Gayle - SO CAL Beach Boomer says:

      Your post reminds me that when I retired, I actually thought my housework would retire along with me; and, it didn’t, and boy was I surprised! I’m still stunned at how much time simple self-maintenance takes.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      I do keep up with the news, maybe not “as it breaks,” but I check a few online news sites every day. Why, I don’t know.

  42. DanO says:

    Sounds as if winter is hanging on all over the west! We’re at the south rim of the Grand Canyon and we’ve had snow, rain and hail for the past 2 days and more to come. The Big Ditch itself was Zero/Zero today – totally fog filled much to the dismay of all our foreign visitors. We, too, need some some for solar to charge the batteries!

  43. Sheila says:

    Hi Sue – As a nature girl myself, I really enjoy your photos of flora, fauna and scenery. You have a great life and two adorable little critters. I’m so happy for you that Reggie found you and Bridget, he seems to have fit right in with you two. And isn’t it something that he likes the water too! I am learning a lot from you about full-timing and sticking to a tight budget. While I’m not in a position to retire, I do plan to hit the road for awhile when the time comes and you certainly are an inspiration. 🙂

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Sheila,

      It’s rewarding for me to learn that my blog is helping someone. Thank you for letting me know and for being a blogorino! 🙂

  44. rvsueandcrew says:

    Hi, everyone!

    I’m experiencing some technical difficulties. Sorry for the delay. I won’t be able to post today. Thanks for answering questions in my absence. Love y’all!


    • John K - Mobile, AL says:

      Hey Blogorinos! Sue’s away, let’s parteeeeeeee!

    • weather says:

      Thanks for letting us know any difficulty is just technical,not with you three.I hope you find any easy resolution and don’t let the issue dampen the pleasure of having the crew close and knowing we’re still “here”. Until you have more access may your travels in distance and mind be strewn with gifts and stillness hold sweet rest.

    • BadgerRickInWis says:

      Hummmmmm, maybe your batteries are dead?

  45. Barbara (Nashville) says:

    I’m sure you have helped a lot of folks, including myself. It is nice to see life through another perspective other than sticks & bricks, mortgage payments, home maintenance, high utilities, etc.
    You have made all of us see you can be happy enjoying a simpler lifestyle, enjoying nature, just taking life as, I believe, the Lord intended for us, instead of having to be in a constant rat race, keeping up with the Jones’, etc.
    Safe travels.

  46. edlfrey says:

    I agree with Sue about battery monitoring. My monitoring has always been use a battery until it does not work and then buy another one.

    Ed @ Chasing Sunrises and Sunsets. says: “For most of this motorhome’s life, we were clueless about the status of our batteries. And we paid for it dearly on numerous occasions at the most inconvenient times.” All I can say to that is I have never paid dearly on numerous occasions because I did not monitor my batteries. I will admit that when they die it usually is at the most inconvenient time but then again when is there a convenient time?

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Another classic Ed Frey quote: “. . . use a battery until it does not work and then buy another one.” Fits right in with my keep-it-simple philosophy! 🙂

  47. Shirlene (Huntington Beach CA) says:

    Good Morning….
    This comment is for the battery guys…is it true that if one of your batteries dies, you have to replace all of them or the power suck from the weakest and drains them all fast?

    • Mick'nTN says:

      Having RV batteries all the same; age, type, and size is the best situation. In mismatched case the new battery will try to charge to older battery because it has a higher voltage.
      To be reasonable, I would look at, and record, the battery ages and replace the old ones, 4-5 years and keep the ones under 2 years old.
      You might find a battery dealer that would replace all your batteries and give you a reasonable trade-in on the newer ones.
      An important thing is that the batteries are all the same type, AGM, Gel cell or wet cell as different types have slightly different full charged voltages and don’t play nice together. Different sizes is less important.

      • weather says:

        Thanks,Mick,for the clarity in your information.My prior understanding had been -the batteries should be matched by type and being in similar condition/age.Your reply being more specific (about how many years old) is the most useful I’ve seen anywhere.I have been in situations where only 1 or 2 of what I needed was available at the moment,and knowing a better solution should be sought “as soon as possible” was far to vague an answer to put my mind at rest.Your answer is one I can use,and will going forward.

  48. Lee J in Northern California says:

    Good morning blogarinos!
    We are about to head home from Oregon, it has been so nice here! We drove out to Collier State park yesterday and have every intention to come back this summer to camp, it is right on the river so will be bringing my kayak.
    I loved the photo of Reggie in the creek… My Arlo loves the water. We were up camping at Pipi campground in the Sierras that is right on the Cosumnes River. I had Arlo on his leash and that little stink walked right in and took off swimming! I was so glad he was on leash as the current was pretty swift. You just never know what a dog is going to decide to do.
    Can’t wait for your next adventure..you are inspriring me. I think I will pull the Casita up to Astoria and get my sister and do some exploring this summer. Maybe I will come here to see my kids again then head up north. I am getting the itchy foot and have not even gotten back home from this trip..all your fault Miss Sue!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Lee J.,

      Collier State Park is very nice, and the Williamson River which isn’t far from there is good for kayaking. That’s where my friends took me and my crew kayaking a few years ago. Google “RVSue + Williamson” and you’ll see the post with photos.

      Glad Arlo wasn’t swept away!

      • Bill & Ann, Bend, OR says:

        If you take the turn-off for Collier, pass Collier, and drive up the road until you cross the Williamson River on a narrow bridge. Don’t turn left before the bridge. After you cross the bridge continue until you come to a turn off on the left. Follow a bumpy road to the river. This is one of our favorite kayaking spots. We have hosted several times at Collier. Be careful with the summer mosquitoes there. They are vicious. Spring and fall are best.

  49. weather says:

    Hi,Sue and crew,no news is good news seems to apply well at the moment.I assume and am hoping that you are having a splendid time and just haven’t had a recent convenient opportunity to say so here.Enjoy being good to yourself while this page is quiet,”see” you soon 🙂

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, weather,

      I wouldn’t call today “splendid” . . . . productive would be a better description. Lots of running around in the PTV. It feels good to have some of the problems resolved. I still have technical issues to deal with and I hope to finish up with those tomorrow.

      A nagging worry (which I’ll explain in the next post) is off my mind and that is indeed “splendid.” Hope you have peace of mind, body, and spirit this evening!

      • weather says:

        Thanks,Sue,the peace you wished for me is here.I’m glad your nagging worry’s being gone will bring that to you,and that by this time tomorrow more things should be dealt with ,too.Snuggles to the crew and nightly blessings to you 🙂

    • weather says:

      Hi Sue,if you check in and wonder if this page still works I’m leaving a note to reassure you that at least this doesn’t need fixing 🙂 I hope the things that do are easily taken care of.I could have said a few more words than “hi,yes it is a beautiful day” to a guy working in my neighbor’s yard to get my list shortened.He’s cut broken limbs of trees,etc.that I couldn’t reach before,he does good work for a more than fair price .I really didn’t feel like socializing.I know your recent task list must involve some of that necessary conversation,and hope you get to balance it with solitude. Don’t feel as if you need to reply to my note if you’re “peopled out” ,I’ll just leave a “You can do it!” cheer in case the technical stuff is frustrating you.

      • rvsueandcrew says:

        Thanks, weather. I’ve been on “chat support” for over 2 hours this morning, making progress. More to do before I can write a post. Bye for now.

  50. AZ Jim says:

    Hi Missy, I notice before little Reggie went into the water he looked back at you as if to say “Is it ok?”….Gonna have to watch him around swift water. I look forward to when you might let him run free but confess it worries me. So many danger a young inquisitive little fella can run into. We have had some rain which really cooled things down here. California got a lot of rain and we all need it. Traveling right along with ya. Be safe.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Jim,

      I know you’re falling love with the Reggie Man as I have. He’s such a cutie and I understand your concern.

      In some of his photos it looks like he’s running loose when actually he’s on the blue tether. Sometimes I use the 20-foot tether line as I take him on a potty run or short walk. Gives him more chance to wander. He was leashed when he went into the water.

      Nice that you got some rain!

  51. Glenda in OZ! says:

    Phew that was quite a read in one sitting…………….just read about 14 posts in a row to catch up on what you 3 have been up to………..where you are and where you will be heading. I’ve been overseas soaking up some sun and relaxation. Back to work and the usual grind this week. But had to catch up with you first! Love seeing you in Oregon and seeing so much more of that lovely scenery. Loving your little man too…..and I can’t forget your dear Bridget. The best thing about coming home from a wonderful holiday………..coming back to my two fur babies………..love them to the moon and back!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Glenda,

      I’m happy to learn that you are interested enough in my blog to read 14 posts in a row. Wow! And I’m glad you had a wonderful holiday. Thanks for the kind words about our travels and my crew. 🙂

      • PookieBoy north of houston says:

        hey Sue, dont forget that next weekend is a holiday weekend so be sure
        and have a new camp scoped out if your planning on moving….as for me…
        Im gonna stay at home and tend to the tomato patch and peach trees….

        • rvsueandcrew says:

          Good reminder for all of us, Chuck. I’m looking at a possible new camp today. Thanks.

  52. Pamela K. says:

    Morning everyone,

    It’s 2:24 here in Alanta and Klemper and I just got up after a hard pressed yesterday and last night.

    Both of us spent time in Urgent Care complete with Xrays and tests.
    Me, I have Walking Pneumonia.
    Klemper has acute Sinus and Bronchitis.

    We both felt like something was wrong but Klemper thought he had a very bad cold. I knew I felt aweful but just kept pressing on. I was dumbfounded by the Walking Pneumonia thing! Anyway, meds for three weeks and then another Xray. If it is still there then they will put me in the hospital.
    Needless to say, our weekend has been pretty much shot. Three weeks, and it’s already the last of May. Guess that means my summer is pretty well shot too.

    I know, I’m whining…
    I shouldn’t, others have far more medical issues to deal with.
    I’m just not used to being ill. It takes a bit of getting used to it.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      AAaaakk! Good heavens, when it rains it pours. Wishing you and Klemper quick recoveries!

  53. michelemcnickle says:

    Hi Sue!
    It took me all day but I actually read through all of your 2011 posts! Do you ever reread through your postings? I will continue on and hopefully get caught up in the near future so I don’t have to ask stuff that you have written previously.

    I recently started looking at a 1996 casita spirit deluxe but the guy is asking $6000. Isn’t that a tad high? I think $4000 is a fair price but maybe I am off. Should I start looking at other sites? My husband and I are looking for a tiny home alternative and these rvs look great! After reading your first year, I learned so much about camping sites and solar power.

    Well, back to reading some more…thanks for blogging about your experiences.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      You’re welcome, Michelle,

      I really can’t tell you if it’s a good deal or not, since I don’t know the condition of the Casita nor am I aware of the present market for Casitas. Maybe readers will help you.

      I do know that used Casitas are in demand and they sell quickly. Not putting pressure on you to buy this particular one. Just be ready to act fast. Look at fiberglassrv.com as well as the Casita forum sites. Again, I ask readers for suggestions on your behalf.

      Thanks for reading my old posts. I’m glad you found them helpful. Once in a while I read an old post, usually when setting up a flashback photo for a recent post.

  54. deadeye says:

    Sue, I am not receiving notifications by email when you have a new post. I did received them a week or so ago, but not now. I see that I am still subscribed. Is this something still to be worked out with your new computer setup?


    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Don,

      I don’t know if anyone else isn’t receiving the notifications. At this point I don’t know if it’s something I need to fix. Please subscribe again and see if it works. If you end up receiving double notifications, scroll down and unsubscribe from one of them. Good luck! I’m pleased that you care enough about my blog to write about this.

      • PookieBoy north of houston says:

        please, please, please,please, please, please,please, please, please,please, please, please,
        dont give up your blog because some idiots want to gawk…..
        you have too many folks that love you even tho most of us have never met you…..
        many times when I wake up at 2am I get a cup of coffee and sit down at my puter
        to read the 80-100 replies you’ve had over the past day or two…..
        as the song goes in the James Bond movie…..”nobody does it better”….

        • rvsueandcrew says:

          There’s a lot of entertainment provided by the blogorinos! I liked the glimpse you give of your middle-of-the-night visits to my blog. Great last line, too… Thank you!

  55. PookieBoy north of houston says:

    BTW, I am getting all of my notifications…

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