A new camp to relieve transmission anxiety!

Wednesday, April 18

Las Cienegas National Conservation Area, Sonoita, Arizona

Today we move to a new camp!

The photos in today’s post show my boys as they play in the dirt and grass around our campsite in La Cieneguita Camping Area.

In the previous post I reported on the Perfect Tow Vehicle.

The ol’ gal has been having trouble shifting into “drive.”

This morning we are leaving Las Cienegas for a new camp.

Because of the shifting problem, I approach the task of hitching up the Best Little Trailer with apprehension.  The process often takes several gear changes, going back and forth, until the coupler and hitch ball are aligned.  If the PTV has a finite number of shifts into “drive” left in her,  I don’t want to use them all up!

The hitching goes well.

Now to see if we can drive out of here!

I slide into the driver’s seat and take a deep breath.  

I shift to “drive” and press my foot on the PTV’s accelerator.

“Well, thank God in heaven, we’re on our way!”

A slow, rolling drive over the blond, grassy hills and dales of Las Cienegas takes us to Route 82.  Going east is a straight drive to Whetstone.

You may have guessed the location of our new camp . . . 

Quail Ridge RV Resort!

“RVSue!” you ask incredulously.  “What the heck are you doing camping in an RV park?”

Well, a little online research yesterday reveals that Kelly’s Transmission Service is a short distance from Quail Ridge.

There’s the solution I’ve been waiting for!

Although I suspect the seriousness of the PTV’s problem will require us to stay much longer, I only pay for two nights at Quail Ridge.

Soon we are settled into our assigned space in one of the rows of RVs.

After lunch and a quick walk-around for the crew, I shut them into the BLT so that they’ll be safe while I unhitch.

Shortly thereafter we’re at Kelly’s Transmission.

I relay the details about the transmission and answer several questions.  It comes down to this:  I could have the transmission serviced (drop pan, flush, new filter) but, in the words of the mechanic, “With the mileage being what it is, I’m 99% sure it wouldn’t do any good. It needs a rebuild.”

(The PTV’s odometer reads 174,000+ miles.)

Actually the transmission guy explains more thoroughly than that.    I face the harsh reality and make arrangements to bring the PTV in for the rebuild.

From Kelly’s, the crew and I take off to get groceries.  

Fortunately I find a shady parking space because I want to do a good job stocking up.  The Perfect Tow Vehicle will be in the shop about four days and I don’t want to run out of food and supplies.

I’m telling you, it’s not fun wondering whether your vehicle is going to go into gear or instead you’re going to be stranded.

Again I’m thankful that we’re on the road again, heading for “home.”

This is our home for now.

By late afternoon, Reggie, Roger, and I are inside the Best Little Trailer relaxing in the air conditioning.  I prefer cool breezes sweeping across the grassland, but this is fine, too.



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90 Responses to A new camp to relieve transmission anxiety!

  1. rvsueandcrew says:


  2. Rochelle in IN says:

    Happy Anniversary!

  3. Kitt NW WA says:

    Humm- near first???

  4. Cynthia from San Clemente says:

    Happy Anniversary you two! What a wonderful achievement 🙂

  5. Rochelle in IN says:

    Oops! Meant for my first comment to go under Sue’s. Maybe AZ Jim would favor us with a story about how he and Detta met and fell in love. 🙂

    I thoroughly enjoyed the pictures of the boys rough-housing. You can tell they are just having a blast!

    I’m glad you have a comfortable home base for the time you will be without the PTV, but it sure is a lot different than your usual! I predict that once the PTV has had her bloom of youth restored, you will be more than ready to hightail out to a nice remote camp. In the meantime, enjoy the luxury of full hookups. I know you usually see the positive of any situation.

    We finally have spring here in Indiana – at least for the weekend. Hubby and I will be trying to get some seasonal yard work done. Sunday afternoon we will be doing the vehicle “dance” – ferrying our motorhome and our toad to the dealer for install of the towing “stuff”. Our maiden voyage will be over Memorial Day weekend – leaving on my birthday – can hardly wait!!

    • Denise - Richmond VA says:

      Memorial Day weekend is just around the corner. Have fun planning your maiden voyage! I hope you check in to share your journey with us!

  6. Joy Loner says:


  7. Dawn in NC says:

    Happy Anniversary Az Jim and Detta!!! I too would love to hear the story about how you both met and fell in love. Gosh Sue, I’m sorry about the PTV. I feel for you. My car has to go into the shop again on Sat. My car has 190,000 miles on it. However, I have high hopes for getting quite a few more out of her. Glad you landed somewhere where you have hook ups in warmer weather. Can’t wait to hear how everything turns out.

  8. weather says:

    Bet hearing that news about the transmission made you gulp. I kinda thought that’s the advice a good mechanic would give you. It would be different if you just wanted a bandaid solution to buy another couple of months of driving. The PTV is just too important a part of your life to settle for that, though. I think I have a pretty good idea of what your bill will be. Your wallet may take a hit, still I imagine you likely feel it’s worth it, I would.

    Now and then a stay in civilization can be alright, as long as you can comfortably live through it. I hope you bought your favorite foods while you were stocking up. And, hey, maybe the other RV’s there will block the wind- griddle time?

  9. Hi Sue and Crew! I’m sure it was a tough transition to go from the grasslands to the RV Park in town. But it is a good solution for taking care of the transmission repair.

    On Wednesday as I was traveling east from Hurricane towards Kanab UT I stopped at Pipe Spring National Monument. The ranger tour of the Mormon fort was starting a few minutes after I arrived. One of the things I learned is that this part of the Kaiparowits Plateau was once grasslands. Upon hearing this my first thought was of the beautiful photos you have shared of the Arizona grasslands. The grasslands was vital to the wildlife and also the Native American population. With the introduction of sheep and cattle the grasslands were quickly decimated and replaced with the sage and saltbush that we see now. The grasslands must have been so beautiful. I imagine it was very distressing for the Kaibab Paiutes to see this change taking place.

    Hope all goes well with the repair and you are safely back on the road soon.

  10. Deena in Phoenix says:

    Hi Sue…love the full head-on shot of the boys running full out. Am glad you have a full larder, place to take the boys walking safely and close enough to visit the PTV. PTV getting a full rebuild; oh boy…another 174,000 miles being adding on…Happy Traveling ahead.

    I have caught up to you in current time…all comments read and enjoyed…photos viewed and new screen savers chosen…thank you for sharing.

    to AZ Jim and Detta: Happy Anniversary!

    Take Care

  11. Cat Lady back home in Baton Rouge, La. says:

    I remember when my old Winnebago’s transmission pooped out. Good thing I had a nice cushion. Then, another costly repair only a couple of months later. Enough already. That’s when I sold her to her mechanic and bought a small class C. Haven’t been able to use it (since I bought it in October, 2017)…the kids are staying in her until they finish rebuilding their military truck into an rv. Shouldn’t be much longer, maybe 3weeks max. Can’t wait to get on the road.

    Hugs to the boys.

  12. ReneeG from Idaho says:

    Happy Anniversary to the two love birds! That’s fantastic@

  13. ReneeG from Idaho says:

    Sue, you are a very wise person indeed to realize when the time has come to take care of business. Yes, I understand completely wondering whether your car is going to make it. There was a time in my life that everything was patched because that’s all I could afford. It’s not enjoyable wondering if you’re going to make it or not, but Thank God in Heaven you are going to be alright and you are all settled safely till it’s fixed.

  14. Hi Sue, so sorry to hear the transmission has to be rebuilt. Hope it goes smoothly, and you and the boys are on the road again soon.

  15. Jolene/Iowa says:

    Happy Anniversary to AZ Jim and Detta! I am sorry to hear about the PTV but at least you are in an area that you are close to services. They will get you fixed up and back on the road! I guess better now than in the middle of the summer while you are doing your summer travel!

    I am excited to see where you take us this summer! 🙂

  16. Lauri C says:

    Wow! BOOM! The news I always dread hearing!!! I’m sorry to hear that. But I also appreciate that you are very pragmatic about these issues and are prepared for life’s little bumps!!

    How do you know to trust facilities like the one you’re at?

    Although RV parks are something I wouldn’t want to be st either… there sure are some amenities I wouldn’t mind! I hope you enjoy ALL of them!!!…… perhaps a good black tank flush???


    • rvsueandcrew says:

      How do I know to trust? Well, good people and not-so-good people are everywhere so one hopes for the best. I mentioned Kelly’s Transmission to a couple locals and to a snowbird at the park. Good recommendations and no negatives.

  17. Connie says:

    Hope all goes well with the PTV and the crew are out in the country side again soon. We are heading to Bakersfield today.

  18. Geri in the FL panhandle! says:

    Happy Anniversary to Detta and Jim! 45 years of love 💗 and devotion is a wonderful reason to celebrate!

  19. Rhodium says:

    Peace of mind is priceless. Worrying whether you will get stuck or not is no way to live. Sorry I have not been saying much, I still try to read every day. Been helping the local animal shelter with transportation. The women who work there have gone from a kill rate of over 50% to less than 3. I’ll be taking 10 dogs to northern Va where they will scatter to no kill shelters. Meanwhile they talked us into fostering a treeing Walker coonhound who will be having puppies at the end of May. There is now a difference of opinion as to whether we will be keeping her after the puppies are placed. Big dogs have big poops to clean up. Have you always have smaller dogs?

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      The only time I’ve had large dogs was when I was married and that was by my husband’s choice.

      As a single person I’ve had small-to-medium dogs, terriers being my favorite, although now I’m loving chihuahua mixes. The years I fostered dogs out of the animal shelter I had mostly medium to large dogs in my care because very few small dogs languished at the shelter.

      That was fun — mixes of pointers, shepherds, collie, malamute, cattle dog, and others. Spike and Bridget were with me for a few of those years of fostering. Crazy times. 🙂

  20. Barb From Hoquiam! says:

    Happy Anniversary!

  21. Oohnoooo Sue, I sure hope n’ pray this problem with the PTVs Transmission doesn’t cost ya a Arm n’ a Leg to be stuck in a RV Park, prayers for you and the Boys,,, try to have a pleasant weekend and give the Boys a huge hug from us,,,, 🐾👣👣

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      No, it won’t cost an arm and a leg. I get to keep those. They want money instead. 🙂

  22. Gingerita says:

    Happy Anniversary AZ JIm and Detta! Those are some great pics of the boys wrestling. Those two always have a good time:)

    Sorry to hear about the transmission. I am glad though that you weren’t stranded anywhere and were able to stock up on groceries beforehand. Maybe you will get some griddlin’ time in as mentioned above.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      I feel like I’m in a fishbowl which makes me not want to cook outside here in the RV park.

  23. Geri in the FL panhandle! says:

    Wow! A full rebuild! 😩 But the good thing is, no worries for the next 174,000 miles! 😁
    We are trading Chucks big truck for a smaller one. Doesn’t make much sense to be paying insurance and tags for that big truck since we won’t be headed up any mountains with The MotherShip behind us! This smaller truck will pull us out of the path of hurricanes, that’s all we need. 😁
    Enjoy your time, clean showers, laundromat, and maybe some nice neighbors! Hugs to all! 💗

    • Ladybug in Mid-Tenn says:

      I was just thinking, what with being on hookups, maybe the BLT and the boys could get a stem to stern scrubbing!!

      • rvsueandcrew says:

        I have very little experience with RV parks. It’s my understanding that RV parks prefer you take your rig elsewhere for washing.

        Anyone have a comment on this?

        • Ed says:

          Ask in the office. My neighbor, now gone, washed his Class ‘A’ while at Quail Ridge.

          • rvsueandcrew says:

            Hi, Ed,

            I have no intention of washing the BLT. Readers came up with that idea. I guess they want me to clean up my act. 🙂

        • Ladybug in Mid-Tenn says:

          Sue, I didn’t even think about that! And you’re right, a lot of the parks have rules against washing vehicles….I can see that, since short-term stays don’t usually meter the water! I have read that some of the more ‘resort’ type campgrounds have washing bays in their parks.

  24. Barbara in Phoenix says:

    Happy 45th anniversary Az Jim and Detta! May you both experience Gods richest blessings in your years together.

    Sue, enjoyed the photos of Roger and Reggie rough housing, looks as if they were enjoying it more.

    So sad that the transmission is acting up, at least you are able to choose when and where you are to get it fixed. Hope your back on the road real soon. Take care!

  25. AZ Jim 'n Detta says:

    Thanks to all for your kind comments on our anniversary! It all started after Detta and I had both just left marriages that didn’t work. We both worked for the same employer, I knew Detta casually and I don’t know why I did it but one day I asked her if she was happy. She replied “is anyone , Jim?” Next, came dating and the rest is history. She was and is my life… Thanks again dear friends…

  26. Columbus Calvin says:

    Happy Anniversary to AZ Jim and Detta!

    I wouldn’t wish a transmission rebuild on you, but I’m glad you didn’t procrastinate.

    I agree that head-on shot of Reggie and Roger is great!

  27. LeeJ in Northern California says:

    I am so appreciative of your ability to count your blessings in the face of adversity!
    Good example to all of us.
    Our diesel truck needed transmission work about that mileage…runs like new now. Our other truck only has about 40,000 miles on it. How in the world did we end up with two trucks and no car….must live in the country..yes indeed!
    Oh, just a heads up about buying trucks, we got the second one through Hertz, only 28000 miles and it was perfect! Excellent price too.
    Love those doggie photos, I never get tired of laughing at their antics.

  28. Cinandjules 🌵 says:

    Yep…best to fix it instead of a bandaid…cuz you never know where you are going to be. Gotta love honest mechanics!
    Staying at the RV park is great..close to things, hook ups cuz your solar is on top of the PTV, probably a laundry facility and most relaxing…showers!
    The last photo of Rog and Reg….darling….look at their faces….and love that their paws are flying!
    Have a great evening….and when the PTV tranny is fixed…it’s fixed and you are free to roam about the country! No added stress! Good on you for hooking up on the first try…rock on Desert woman!

  29. Diann in MT says:

    I’m so glad you decided to get the job done. May I suggest that you drive around the area for about a week to make sure the work they did “takes”. Just saying.
    I have had work done, and then a couple of days later, something pops up that had something to do with workmanship.

  30. Rob, Raccoon Creek WMA, Stevenson Alabama. says:

    Well that’s a bummer! You are in a good spot to deal with the time involved. Good luck!

  31. Joe in TN says:

    Hi Sue,

    Now that you have a full pantry and some time on your hands, maybe you can pull out the griddle and torture the neighbors with some griddled goodness. I can smell it from here. If you need a recipe for fried cornbread, just say so.

  32. Linda Sand (Minnesota) says:

    You remind me of the time the clutch went out on my Mom’s car while we were traveling. We had to always park at the top of an incline so we could get a rolling start. But, we had to stay in a motel while it was being replaced. I’m glad you have all the comforts of home.

  33. Ken Canada says:

    Hi Sue…
    Please ensure you have a large transmissin cooler in front of your
    vehicle radiator.
    Heat is a killer of transmissions.
    Take care

  34. Denise - Richmond VA says:

    Hi, Sue!

    I really like your pictures of the pronghorn on the previous post. In the first picture, she looks like she is posing for you. “My best side is head on!” So pretty in the grasses. When your camera is fully zoomed out, the pictures sometimes have the soft look of an impressionist painting. Keep ‘em coming! The little baby cow was so cute! And, as usual, the boys are so adorable! Playing hard, then sleeping hard! Love those little pups! 🙂

    I am glad that you found a reputable shop for the transmission replacement, and a nice RV Park with hookups, so at least you will be cool while you are home bound. Also, an opportunity to catch up on laundry and Spring cleaning. 🙂 A small inconvenience for the peace of mind! 🙂

    Ask the RV Park if they will allow you to wash the BLT. Another suggestion is to see if they would allow (and recommend) a company (which has their own tank of water) to come and wash and wax the BLT for you. Not sure how much that would cost, but with the BLT being a petite size, it may not be too costly. That being said, it may be a costly luxury, after having to shell out for the new tranny.

    Thank you to the blogorinos for sharing the eagle nesting websites. My obsession since early March, is watching the pet cam on NBC12.com. March 1st, Ginny had 15 pups, 7 survived. It has been fun watching them flourish and grow. I forget which blogorino made the comment that if you check out a site regularly, you get used to the rhythm of their day. So true. At my lunchtime, all of the pups are snuggled together, napping. So cute! When I check the cam late afternoon, the pups are playing. Seven squirmy puppies rough housing! I have to admit that I am very smitten by the smallest pup. She is light brown and cream with a black stripe on her back and a black mask over her eyes. *sigh*. My best guess is to the pups are a mix of hound, Rottweiler, and maybe German Shepherd.

    I hope you have a peaceful evening, Sue! Have a great weekend! Sending you, Reggie, and Roger love and hugs from me and Gracie pup! Thank you for letting us tag along! xo 🙂

    • Denise - Richmond VA says:

      Sending you some sweet Persian Lilac fragrance, Sue! I have this lilac planted just off my patio….have to walk/brush past it multiple times a day. I love it’s heavenly scent. 🙂

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Thank you, Denise. You are a gift to this blog and to the people who come here. I always enjoy your late posts. Love and hugs to you and Gracie pup!

  35. I guess towing must be harder on transmissions. My Express has about 250K miles on it and the transmission is still working as it should. Knock on wood.

  36. Pamelab says:

    Hi, Sue –
    When it’s time, it’s time. Glad you’re in a safe spot to have this issue fixed.
    If you want wild life viewing, you don’t have far to look with those two live wires by your side.
    Happy Travels!
    Pamelab – leaving the Alabama Hills and the views of Mt. Whitney.

  37. Denise - Richmond VA says:

    Congratulations to suzicruzi and her hubby on the quick sale of their home! Cash offers, too – awesome! Whoo-Hoo!! 🙂

    The housing market is hot, hot, hot right now. In my neck of the woods, offers are being placed on properties the day of, or within two days of the listing. Any property that has not moved quickly is either priced incorrectly. Or has problems. Good luck to all of the blogorinos getting ready to list! 🙂

    • Suzicruzi from The 'Couve says:

      Thanks Denise!! Yes, the market is crazy right now. I feel fortunate that it sold immediately. It’s going to be a good feeling to be free of it, and out on the road! 😎

  38. Beth and Rosie dog, Arizona says:

    A wonderful Happy Anniversary to AZ Jim and Detta! That is so amazing and awe inspiring, the love those two have, it warms my heart. Nowadays people seem to have a tough time getting past the 6-7 year itch and just call it quits on marriage so fast! It gives me the warm fuzzies thinking about all they’ve been through and their love is still strong! *happy sigh*

    When it comes to washing your rig every RV park is different so it’s just best to ask the manager. Not all parks frown on it. It’s a bummer about your tranny, I’m glad to hear you’re planning on sticking in the area for a bit to make sure they did their job right. Good idea 🙂.

    I totally understand that fish bowl feeling and will pray you’re able to keep your wits about ya! It’s sooo different from your norm, but you’ll survive, you know you will. You may need to do a lot of deep breathing exercises though!

    Awesome R and R pictures! Those boys sure know how to have fun.

    Hang in there! Blogorino’s are sending good vibes your way 😎.

  39. Stephanie Turner OR says:

    Hi Sue. I’ll just say ditto on the comments about your transmission. But I do have a question on the boys. How are they adjusting to their new, less expansive surroundings? I’m thinking it’s leashed walks. And that no one will be happier than they will be when you regain your solitude. Give them a scratch from Toby and me.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Stephanie… Your question leads into the topic of a future post. You’ll see how my country boys are adjusting to “city” living. 🙂 Scratches back to Toby!

  40. Ken in Queen Creek, AZ says:

    Hi Sue. When you described what the PTV was doing, I figured the outcome. Today’s transmissions are electronic marvels and can no longer be repaired like the used to. No more band adjustments or replacing modulator valves to fix and be on your way. Honestly, I have not had much luck with rebuilds. I had one done and they could never stop it from leaking. I know you have already found your transmission shop and you seem to be comfortable with them. The one good thing (and the only good thing) about a national repair chain like AAMCO is that they are everywhere. I do like the idea of supporting local business though and hopefuly the will do you right. It sounds like you are planning to stay in the area for a while and I think that is a good plan. Get yourself a big piece of cardboard and place it under the transmission when you park for several hours or overnight. Check for drips on the cardboard the next day and you see any reddish colored wet spots on your cardboard – get right back to the shop and tell ‘em.

    You’re a brave woman living the life you do. I admire your approach to things and I love how you don’t let fear hold you back. You’re an inspiration to many of us and I have told your story to several single women approaching retirement that I know. Keep on living your dream, RV Sue. You ride with the hopes and prayers of us blogorinos.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Thank you for the advice, Ken. I will do that with cardboard.

      I’m touched by your last paragraph. What a lovely thing to read, that I “ride with the hopes and prayers of us blogorinos.” I am blessed.

  41. mrdsee in Riverside says:

    Was hoping it was a linkage adjustment issue after reading about the description. I had a gearbox(manual trans) go out once climbing up towards Mammoth on 395. I had paid to have the gear oil replaced a month earlier and it turned out that while they did drain it, and replaced the drain bolt, they neglected to add any gear oil. Ended up getting towed to Bishop where there was a Ford dealer and dropped it off. Me, my sister and brother in law needed to get back home to go to work so I rented a car for a week and told Ford to see what’s what. When they said how much it would be to rebuild it I declined and said I’d be up next Saturday to get my Bronco II. Me and my brother rented a tow bar and he followed me up in his truck and we dropped off the rental and towed the Bronco back home where my mechanic is and we put in a new clutch(since the gearbox was already out) and put in a gearbox from a low mileage wreck. Just an idea, if it’s a common trans that fits many models.

  42. Danielle says:

    Good morning, Sue!
    I am a fellow Treeper and for some crazy reason clicked on your blog this morning as I sometimes do because I am a nomad at heart, and like to see what you’re up to. I was so excited when I saw the top title that said you were in Sonoita! That’s my and my husband’s old stomping grounds!
    Then my excitement only grew as you headed into Whetstone because you had to pass right by my house! Then really couldn’t believe how awesome it is that you’ll be here a few days!
    I would be thrilled to meet you if you are up for it. Don’t hesitate to contact me if you want to go to town.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Good morning, Danielle,

      I love your enthusiasm! Welcome to my blog!

      Since you’re new to my blog you aren’t aware of me being a loner (a real one, not the kind most people say they are.). I prefer being alone (See privacy policy in footer). I rarely accept any invitations and I don’t invite people to my house. Nothing personal, just the way I am and enjoy being.

      Thank you anyway for your kind words. I’m thrilled to see you here, Danielle!

    • JazzLover says:

      Danielle, am guessing you are not very familiar with RV Sue if you only pop in sometimes. If she were to meet one reader then others might want to do the same and there goes time needed to work on the blog and have time to herself. Believe RV Sue is a loner at heart and we all try to respect that fact and give her the privacy she loves. I’m sure you understand.

  43. JazzLover says:

    Oops, sorry Sue, did not see your response to Danielle.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      That’s okay, JazzLover. It’s nice to know you are willing to step in on my behalf. 🙂

  44. Danielle says:

    Well, no harm, no foul ☺️. I faintly recall reading that at some point now. I appreciate where you’re coming from. Just know the invitation for a ride stands if your repairs drag out longer than you expect.
    Best wishes to all!

  45. Barb in Florida says:

    Hi Everybody!

    Happy Anniversary Detta & Jim! I may be a day late but my happiness for your 45 years is worth the late comment. My husband & I shared many an anniversary with a lobster dinner. Hope it was delicious. Loved Detta’s reply “is anyone, Jim?” and know you changed her reply to that question. Your love for each other is obvious in your writing. She’s a lucky lady and you’re a lucky man!!!

    May the luck spread to Sue’s transmission rebuild and hoping the rv park has a great shower to use. Oh yeah, thanks for the link on the other post. Found myself rereading your trip on the ferry in 2013. I so enjoyed it again and after enjoying days of posts and comments said to myself “Crap, I’m stuck back in 2013.” It was like watching a favorite movie or rereading a favorite book. I think I might have to go back to the beginning again. I don’t think I can wait for the book or movie to come out 🙂 Love & hugs to you and your dusty crew.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      After all these years of blogging (7 years total on April 18th), I still get a kick out of people wanting to read the old posts. That’s one of the best compliments! Thanks, Barb. Cute comment.

  46. Elizabeth in WA says:

    As folks who tend to keep vehicles so long as possible, seems you have done well making it to that mileage before this major repair!! I hope it will all go well and your stay in the RV park will be ok too!! At least you have AC!!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      You know, Elizabeth? I’m not upset about this big repair for that very reason you mention. I bought the PTV for $8,500 and drove it for over 7 years without having to put a lot of money into it. It has towed up and down mountains and in all sorts of driving conditions with reasonable gas mileage (12-15 mpg) and with plenty of power. Thank you for the good hope for us. I wish you a great week!

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