A two-day camp in the sunshine — Minersville Lake, Utah

Tuesday, October 3

The Best Little Trailer nestled in a site at Maple Grove Campground

Today we move camp!

Route 50 takes us to Salina where we pick up Interstate 70 which takes us southwest, past Richfield, then west to where it meets up with Interstate 15.

We go south to Beaver where we exit.

There’s a sweet boondock next to Beaver River, east of town, but camping there might mean another cold morning. (I picked up the new Wave 3 heater at UPS, but it’s still in the box.)  Instead we go west/southwest on Route 21.

I set up camp at Minersville Lake Campground.

This campground is sunny and warm.  For $20 a night we have a shelter over a picnic table on a concrete pad.  The electric hook-up includes a light fixture in the shelter.  There’s water hook-up and trash bins.

Of course, this being a county campground, my senior discount card isn’t accepted here. However, it’s a good deal for us right now because we’re assured of warmth.  Plus, before we leave, I’ll utilize the dump station that’s included in the camping fee.

Best of all — hot showers!

Not the kind where you plunk in quarters and hope for hot water.  Oh no, these showers are included in the camping fee.  You push a button and super-hot water under high pressure blasts out of the shower head.  It’s so hot that it’s at the threshold of being too hot to bear.


The water turns off automatically after 5 minutes or so.  Tap the button again and you get more.

The campground is almost empty.

Only a few RVs here and everyone is well spaced.

Internet signal is good.  Hooked up to electric I can blog away without having to run to the PTV.  If the morning is chilly, I can turn on the heat strip.  Luxury!

Reggie, Roger and I walk over to the reservoir.

Not surprisingly, the water level is low.  It is a pretty blue . . .

In October 2015, I camped here with Bridget and Reggie. 

I think the reservoir is even lower now.

There’s no activity at the boat ramp and dock.

Only one fisherman on the reservoir today.

Funny thing about the photo above.  When I first opened it, I saw those white lines and thought they were evidence of scratches on my camera’s lens.

“Oh, no!”

Then I calmed down, realizing the “white lines” are spillway pipes (guessing here), not scratches.

To see and read more about this reservoir, the campground, and the surrounding area, go to my post, “To Beaver County’s Minersville Lake Campground.”

Our campsite has a patch of lawn.

I set out my camp chair and tether the crew.

The sunshine feels so good!

Soon the boys are romping on the grass.  They engage in tug-of-war with their latest toy.

(Yeah, I know.  I said I wouldn’t buy them any more toys because they disembowel them in no time. Well, this duck is sturdy and may last.)

NOTE:  It doesn’t.

Look at Roger.  

He’s such a boss.  Definitely the more dominant partner of my crew.

Reggie doesn’t seem to mind.  He knows how to tell Roger to back off when he gets too bossy.  Then Roger becomes apologetic and noses around, asking for forgiveness.

Of course, Reggie does forgive and he doesn’t hold a grudge.  Why do that and miss out on more play?

Thursday, October 5

After two comfortable nights and a full day of sunshine, the crew and I are ready to hit the road again!

After a walk-around, we board the Perfect Tow Vehicle.

The Best Little Trailer has her tanks dumped and takes on fresh water.  Away we go to a new home!



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62 Responses to A two-day camp in the sunshine — Minersville Lake, Utah

  1. Bruce says:



  2. Aww, Bruce!

  3. Wow! Free hot showers – that is a sooper dooper treat to a boondocker! And in a very pretty camp. It’s always sweet to be next to water 😀

  4. Archae says:

    It looks like a great campground!

  5. Dawn says:

    Sunshine! It looks so inviting. I’d love to sit there and watch the birds and the boys. We’ve had rain and clouds for a few days, not that I’m complaining, we need the rain. Such lovely landscape you have! Thanks for sharing it with all of us!

  6. milliehubbard says:

    I love the little patch of green grass for the boys…and that they have a new toy–at least for a little while!! I wondered how Reggie was doing with the new dynamic with Roger. As you say, having a “buddy” makes up for a lot. I love the last photo, where they seem to be saying “What?”

  7. Deena in Phoenix says:

    Lucky You…nice warm & sunny, water with a bit of grass and HOT shower…oh my! Glad to see the Boys being Boys with the new duck…thanks for sharing

    Take Care

  8. Marcia GB in MA says:

    Those hot showers must have been a real treat!

  9. Dawn in Asheville...err, Denver says:

    Aw the boys look so happy and having fun!! Freyja seems to have grown out of the chewing her toys to shred stage 🙁

    Thought I’d better check in…what an absolute horrendous trip from Asheville to Denver – took me eight days between mechanical issues (which I now know a mechanic in every state, some two – and all with different opinions and none with fixes that worked!) and the winds across the plains. There were some days with 40 mph gusts and I just couldn’t deal with those. Have lots of adventures to relate (I will get my blog published this next week) but after being ready to sell this and rent a car and go back and give up (I do find I’m lonely, too), I’m feeling a little better today having some hookups, and finally finding yet another mechanic that will look at my problem. I’m an internal optimist.

    It’s been especially difficult to find mechanics that will first look at a motorhome (because they don’t have the lifts) or more problematic an 84/carbureted vehicle. Now I am feeling a little less daunted. The issue is loss of power/surging going up hills/rises – she didn’t leave me stranded but almost thought she was a couple of times but I limped off onto an exit. Mornings seemed better so it’s definitely related to warming up but would would not believe the argument between whether vapor lock exists or not, and whether there is no cure. I’ve decided despite it seeming like it happens after a few hours and it’s warm I fall in the “there’s no such thing” and that’s the fallback when they can’t figure out the issue. Actually I think that the mechanics really believe in that, but it made it over from Denver and the issue started after some driving time, so I think it’s a real problem that exists. So far I’ve had the new fuel filter replaced, spark plugs tightened, vacuum on carb checked, fuel line wrapped and reshaped away from the water pump and a new fuel pump (I could see that was leaking – so that was not an unneeded repair) – now we are going back to that repair, checking all and any rubber fuel lines and connections, checking the catalytic converter and exhaust, and from there, dunno.

    The worst adventure was on a windy windy day in Hays when the tornado siren I was parked right next to at Wally World went off – completely freaked. Turned out it was a test but I just lost there for awhile. So that’s my tale of woe.

    For now though am in a city park til it closes for the season at end of month, then will move over to one of the fairgrounds (forget boondocking in Denver). But Boulder fairgrounds are only $20 a night for electric. Need electric with the snow, freezing and wind (and not driving during the day to recharge). Although I tested, and my portable solar panel does work. Just there IS nowhere to park. The place we thought we had lined up didn’t work out.

    Anyway hope to get my mechanical issue resolved and start heading south. Sorry, this has gotten long. Just wanted to check in. Linda from NC and I finally got in touch by email and that has been a nice support line 🙂

    Enjoy your time in the sun. Hope to be that direction soon and discovering some real boondocking (although I’ve come to actually enjoy both truck stops and Wally Worlds. But then I like people 🙂

    • Robin B (Oregon & Arizona) says:

      Dawn, I’m so sorry you’ve had so many issues during your trip. I hope things better for you. I would be interested in following your blog. Can you post the address or email me the address? novelrambles at gmail. Thanks.

      • rvsueandcrew says:

        Robin… When Dawn is ready for readers she can make her name a link to her blog when she signs in here to comment. 🙂

        • Dawn in Asheville...err, Denver says:

          Thank you RV Sue – exactly what I was planning to do 🙂 Appreciate that you maintain the forum to allow us to do that!

      • Dawn in Asheville...err, Denver says:

        Thank you Robin! Support means a lot – I’m starting to feel better about my situation but boy for a few days there I really felt isolated and out there. As soon as I get my blog up and going I’ll include it so my name will link to it! I’ll send you a quick email as well so we can keep in touch 🙂

        • rvsueandcrew says:

          Dawn… I, too, am sorry you’ve had these “challenges” right up front after launching. Well, you know what that means… It can only get better! And experience makes you stronger and blah, blah, blah. 🙂

          Keep in touch and hang on to your sense of humor, you’ll be fine.

    • Teri Live Oak Fl says:

      Sorry to hear you’re having problems but the stories you can tell☺ Sending you good luck.

      • Dawn in Asheville...err, Denver says:

        Haha – I’ll try to remember that! Been thru Live Oak often – born in Gainesville 🙂

    • VictoriaEP formerly in Estes Park says:

      Hi Dawn,
      Sorry you’re having so many troubles. So frustrating! I have no idea what you mean by an 84/carbureted vehicle…. but I know a really excellent mechanic in Estes Park. From the Boulder County fairgrounds, it would be about an hour’s drive – with the last 20 miles uphill. Anyway, Steve at Autoworks (he’s the owner) is excellent and honest. His number is 970-586-2932.

      And for boondocking – I think the Walmart on US 34 in Loveland allows overnight parking, but you should probably call before heading there.

      • Dawn in Asheville...err, Denver says:

        Thank you so much!!!! Referrals are always so reassuring to have. I’ve been to Estes. An elk tried to plow me down there once 🙂 Lovely little town. I will definitely keep his name and number. For now I found a mechanic here willing to at least look (and sounds like he likes “conundrums”) that’s close by and an appt set up for Wednesday. Wish me luck?!!

    • Archae says:

      Dawn in Ashville…err, Denver
      I am sorry for your problems and hope your optimism will pull you through. I don’t know what kind of motorhome you have but the problems you have when the engine is warm, and your consideration of vapor lock, make me wonder if an auxilliary radiator could be helpful. When I was thinking about pulling a trailer with a Dodge Caravan, the mechanics recommended installing an auxilliary radiator in the minivan to avoid problems on long pulls. Just a thought.
      Also, the free camping website lists free parking in Northglen at the Cracker Barrel, and at Arapahoe County farigrounds, for when the snow melts and temps are back up.

      • Dawn in Asheville...err, Denver says:

        Thanks! Another good idea.

        My optimism is slowly building back up. There has to be a fix to this, just going to have to ‘thunk it out’ and find a mechanic willing to go through the variables.

        I didn’t see anything obvious checking under the chassis again today – no leaks on the ground, my radiator is full although I found a small drip coming down a hose – think that is coming from a corroded hose clamp.

        A little oil on the housing the belts all come off of but no drip. The newly installed fuel pump and filter appear to all be tightly connected. Fuel lines that run to the back are metal.

        Looked up what a catalytic converter looks like – don’t see one unless it’s further up by the engine (I was looking the length from the tailpipe past the muffler and up to the engine – figured it would be by the muffler). I’ve been told by two mechanics my EGR has been removed. Going to confirm with the next one.

        Again checked my wires. Hope that this mechanic lets me look over his shoulder (some don’t like that!). I really want to understand more – it seems (in relation to modern engines) fairly simple (I spent last night pouring over the manuals on fuel and exhaust systems).

        Thanks for the support and encouragement!

        • Barbara (Nashville) says:

          Good Luck Dawn. Hope this mechanic can figure out an repair you problem. Hate that you are having issues. I really hate when mechanical things don’t work right.

        • Robin B (Oregon & Arizona) says:

          Thanks Dawn & RVSue,
          Sorry about asking about the blog. I was thinking you had one going and just needed to update. I’ll be eagerly watching for the link when you get it going. Good luck with your future travels!

        • Ruthie in Fontana says:

          Hi Dawn, It seems like I remember when I lived in CO for over 40 years, the “old timers” would blame engine problems on the altitude!

    • Dy says:

      Don/t know if this will help but years ago, I was experiencing vapor lock and heat related issues that caused me almost to stall out and creap along.

      I was towed to a truck repair place. I didn’t have a lot of money and there was this “very old mechanic” I mean OLD. He came over and told me to ask if I could park overnight before I moved on.. I said why. He said I’ll be back about 7-8 n will tell you what you can do as a temp or perm fix. U have to order me a Something Cafe double burger and Fries and a 6 pack of beer.

      Something told me OK do this. He showed up a bit after 7, I ordered the burgers(for him and me) and they also brought the beer.

      After we ate and he talked and talked and TALKED, he said ok I fix you up

      He went to his truck got a package of wooden clothes pins. Ahh.. what?

      He opened my hood, clipped those wooden clothes pins, on my fuel lines about 6″ apart, 2 on each of the spark plug lines, and on almost anything else.
      Said you need to pry open the spring on the fuel pins so it doesn’t cut off the flow.

      Said.. the wooden clothes pins will take the heat and prevent the fuel lock.

      It worked.. didn’t have any more problems the rest of the 4500 mile trip even in 115 degree temps. Although he said I might want to travel early morning or late afternoon / evening just to be sure.

      Said change out fuel filter, thermostat, air filter, upgrade oil I forget what to.. check with oil change dude to see what is best to desiminate heat. Get better Radiator filling and radiator cap. Also when I get too hot.. turn on heater on high for 10-15 min.

      This worked for me for many years, you should have seen the looks I got when I had my oil changed. I never had vapor lock again.

      Strange but it worked… was a 78 for F250 3/4 ton with a 9 1/2 camper.

      Clothes pins disipate heat. don’t know. worth a try.

      Dy in Northern Calif.

      • John McDonald in Duluth MN says:

        Great story!

      • JazzLover says:

        Dy, it sounds like you hit the jack pot with the old timer. Was well worth the double burger, fries and a six pack! Sometimes the strangest fix works better than an expensive repair. Loved the story, thanks for sharing.

    • Denise - Richmond VA says:

      Dawn, I am so sorry that Juno is giving you so many issues. Reading about what it is doing, and what you have had to replace, without it fixing the problem. I had a car like that. It would only give me similar issues when taking a 2-3 hr trip away from home usually when I was out in the boondocks all alone. Not that I am afraid of traveling solo, but on less traveled areas, there would be a slim chance of someone passing by who could help. (This was before cell phones). After sinking lots of money into my well cared for, paid off car, and still experiencing the problems, I sold the &@## thing. Of course it was a clear, sunny morning that I went to the dealership to buy a new car…my “problem child” was on its best behavior and I got a good trade-in value. If you do end up selling Juno, give yourself time to decide what you will do next. I hated to be in the position of having to make a quick decision for safety reasons. I am still hoping that the true issue will be found and resolved for you. Hang in there….you are in all of our thoughts and prayers. **hugs**

  10. ReneeG from Idaho says:

    Wow. I’m in the top ten! That’s exciting to me. Loved the greenery photos. Almost like Spring, but we know that’s not true! Stay warm and looking forward to the next posting.

  11. Jean in Southaven, MS says:

    I remember this campground. I loved it. Those shelters over the tables with the light and the sides enclosed look quite homey. I did not realize it had been so long since you had been there though. It is getting cold for Memphis area. Frost warnings for tonight and high on in the mid 50’s for this weekend. I will have to finally turn the heat on in the house and break out the winter coat. Sure hope you are in Arizona or Southern California where it is HOT by now. Love the boys playing. Great little patch of grass there for them to play on. Thanks for sharing and be safe.

  12. I also remember you staying at this campground and thinking the sites are actually large enough for our big rig. Glad you had another good stay and HOT water for showers, icing on the cake!

  13. Nice photos of the Boys and of the lake, hope you can get the new Wave 3 hooked up soon,, our temps have dropped into the 30s at night and the weather guy says maybe Snow Flurries this weekend,, that HomeGear 1500sq ft heater is Nice and keeping me nice and comfortable, it’s drying my shoes as I type, Piper loves the cold temperatures and her coat is getting real thick, must be a sign that Winter is on the way,, well you three have a pleasant weekend and give a huge hug for the Boys from us,,,,,, 👣👣🐾

  14. Rochelle in IN says:

    Love the happiness I hear in this post. 🙂 Gorgeous campground, no-extra-charge hot showers *and* decent water pressure, electric hookups so BLT can be kept cozy warm and blogging can be done in comfort, ahhhhhh. As my Dad used to say when he and my step-mom were full-timing – “It’s a rough life, but somebody’s got to do it.” LOL

    Nice to see the fun the boys had with their new toy. Even though the toy didn’t survive, it sure looks as though the boys were getting your money’s worth of fun out of it!

  15. Nora now in Livingston TX says:

    Haven’t found a toy yet that Mona (Bichon) hasn’t disemboweled in under 20 minutes to get the squeaker out. But I keep trying too. I imagine with two dogs attacking it happens even quicker! Hope you reach warmer climes soon.

    • Joyce Sutton says:

      Jake dog now just has a heavy plastic frog that squeaks. No stuffing and he loves it. Of course then he couldn’t play tug of war with a pal. He keeps taking it out side to show off to his pals but they prefer balls

  16. Linda (Wisconsin) says:

    Seems like a really nice, quiet, respite. If they have fun disemboweling the duck, maybe it’s worth it after all.

  17. Joe Bruner says:

    It’s great that you have the experience to know where the best sites are. This place is worth remembering…with hot showers too! Safe travels.

  18. Becky in NJ says:

    There’s a theory about dogs I read years ago, that seems generally true. It says that the “floppier” the ears on a dog, the more submissive they are. And the ones with straight-up, pointed ears have a more dominant personality. It would seem to hold true with your boys!

    • Dawn in Asheville...err, Denver says:

      OH – So that’s Freyja’s excuse???!!!!! It’s those dang pointy ears – LOL. I love this!

  19. Nancy in California says:

    Hi Sue!
    A real hot shower! Nothing like it when camping. Looks like a lovely site. Lighting in the shelter too!
    So, just saw your reply to me a couple of days ago! I clicked on the “ENTER AMAZON HERE” link that appears at the bottom of your blogs. Not sure if it was already in my shopping cart, but i made sure to use your link when i was ready to check out and pay. Could that make a difference? If I put it in my cart or save for later without entering Amazon thru your link?

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Thanks for the feedback, Nancy. I’m pretty sure that storing products on a wish list and then, at a later date, going to Amazon from my blog to check-out… results in no commission. Affiliates are paid for bringing people to shop, for originating an order, NOT for finalizing a sale.

      Readers tend to think it works if they just come to my blog when they’re ready to go to check-out. No, it doesn’t. I’m glad I don’t know how much $$ I lose due to that!

      • Nancy in California says:

        Oh darn!!
        I am so glad that you told me that, and very sorry i lost you a commission on that and other purchases!
        From now on i will enter amazon exclusively thru your link to do browsing, shopping and ordering

  20. Jolene/Iowa says:

    Hi Sue,

    What a nice campground! It is getting COLD here in Iowa. Is it spring yet? I am getting that I hate winter! Looking forward to seeing where we land with you next! 🙂

  21. Geri in the FL panhandle! says:

    Yay to the FREE hot showers, power for the blog and lordy lordy, green grass for the boys to roll around on!
    GRIN! Hope you have the Wave3 installed now and are toasty warm! Hug the boys from us! Thanks for all the fun photographs!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      You’re welcome, Geri.

      Someone asked if you had both knees replaced at the same time and how your recovery was. If you see this, please reply here and maybe the person will see it (Darn, can’t recall who it was!).

      • Geri in the FL panhandle! says:

        I did have both knees replaced but not at the same time! Because Chuck and I had not met yet, I was living alone and for that reason my surgeon did my knees a month apart! The first week was not easy, I felt very awkward. But as the days passed, the pain and awkwardness passed. Soon I was ready for my second knee replacement!

        • JazzLover says:

          Hi Geri, was a month enough time to maneuver around after the first operation? Did you have a support system or go it alone and around what age were you, if you don’t mind my asking? Thank You.

      • JazzLover says:

        Sue, it was I that asked the question, Thanks for remembering, need to have one with no cartilage replaced and putting it off. I see Geri answered the question, she must be one strong lady. Thanks again.

  22. Terry says:

    Hey Sue,
    Sounds wonderful! Hot Shower, warm cozy home; walks by the reservoir; happy puppies. Life doesn’t get better than this. PS I’ve been driving my Van around, did I tell you it is orange? Not too many people interested in orange. Think that might be the reason I got such a good deal. I’m so happy. Will start seriously looking for a travel trailer soon.

  23. Barbara (Nashville) says:

    I love this campground from before and now. Reservoir areas are usually well kept, and the camping area at this one is really nice. Glad you were warm, had hot showers, a peaceful area to walk and a playground for the boys.

    Thought about you while eating my rotisserie chicken for dinner. Made a salad and mac & cheese for sides. Sooooo good. Haven’t had macaroni in over a month, making it extra good.

    Saw where our illustrious government is planning on shrinking the Bears Ears National monument area in Utah. What a shame! Why can’t they let us peons have some beautiful and reasonable areas to enjoy?

  24. Ruthie in Fontana says:

    Hi Sue and crew,
    Loved this post, the boys got their grass and you got your hot long shower, can’t get any better than that. I always love the info from the peanut gallery too.

  25. David Reed says:

    Hum, problems with and 1984 with a carburator? Would be useful if you could find a very old mechanic. They would know about that engine. Good thought on checking the catlytic converter and muffler. I had a problem on a old car pulling a small trailer. Going up hill I had to floor it and it got hot, etc. Turned out the engine was fine. It was the exhaust that was plugged causing back pressure

  26. Rover Ronda (WA) says:


  27. weather says:

    It’s nice to read about your having had a bit of luxury. I can only imagine how good it felt for you while you were there. The pipes in that photo really do look like evidence of scratches. I’m glad your camera isn’t damaged. Wow, that is some really blue water!

    Finding toys that will last for a while doesn’t seem easy, it’s sweet of you to keep trying. The boys obviously love each other, I’m glad their both being so good natured doesn’t allow Roger being bossy to interfere with them being best friends. Their being together, you three living together as a family, is a wonderful gift for all of you.

    At some point I expect you will have the needed electrical repairs in the BLT done. I’ll be interested to find out exactly what those are. I’m guessing it has to do with some connection between your solar power and the outlets, since they work when you plug in at campgrounds. What a relief it will be for you to have that and your heater back. I’m glad for now you are in a warm place, I hope it’s lovely 🙂

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, weather,

      Have to make my reply short… “I’m guessing it has to do with some connection between your solar power and the outlets, since they work when you plug in at campgrounds.”

      The 12 volt outlets don’t work when we are plugged into campgrounds or otherwise. Only the 120 volt system works.

      Hope you’re having a great day!

  28. Lauri from SoCal says:

    What a perfect little patch of grass!!!

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