Ambassador of love

“Reggie, it’s too early for a walk. Can’t you wait until it warms up a bit?”

P1080274Las Vegas Bay Campground

Bridget and Reggie had a quick potty run at daybreak, followed by breakfast. As is their routine after breakfast, they burrowed under the tangle of quilts and comforter to sleep off the meal. Bridget quickly became a mound of warm snooze.

Not Reggie. He squirms out of the covers and jumps in my face.

He’s spring-loaded for action!

“Okay, okay, be still so I can get your suit on you.”

I suit him up and clip on the tether. Before sneaking out the door, I check on the Bridge. She’s still snoring softly. Nothing would convince her to join us now. She’s a smart one, ol’ Bridge.

The campground is asleep.

Reggie is ecstatic. He trots in front of me, pausing now and then to sniff and mark bushes.

P1080319We follow the road that takes us away from the sleepy campers to the end of a spit of land.

At one time this was a peninsular reaching into the bright blue water of Lake Mead.

The blue is gone, replaced by brown and tan — dirt, sand, rocks and rubble — and the dusty green of scrub and creosote bushes scattered here and there.

P1080315I squint into the sun through the oleander bushes. The remains of the lake lie in defeat at the foot of a distant mountain.

P1080316I speed up our pace to keep warm. I should’ve put on my jacket.

The tether goes taut behind me.

P1080331“C’mon, Reg! We’ll come back later and you can sniff every bush then.”

A man and a small boy are several yards behind us. They’re bundled up in jackets and knit caps.

The road goes into a loop like the end of a sewing needle.  Soon we’re walking toward the man and the boy.

Reggie runs to greet them. He reaches the end of his tether and strains against it, standing on his back legs, tail wagging with excitement.

The man and the boy stop a few feet in front of Reggie.

P1080320The boy, about four years old, is rigid, hands at his sides, big brown eyes watching Reggie. A faint hint of a smile tugs at his mouth.

“He’s a little skittish around dogs,” the man explains.

I step forward to allow Reggie to be close enough to sniff the boy’s pant leg.

The boy smiles. Reggie playfully hops away and skitters in circles, putting on a show.

“What’s the dog’s name?” the man asks.


Reggie runs in arcs around us. “Look at him go!  He’s so excited to see you!” I exclaim.

P1080334Reggie runs to the boy and looks up at him.

“You can pet him if you want. He likes that.”

The boy reaches down and Reggie scampers away.

“Oh, he’s playing games with you.”

All the time the boy says nothing.

Apparently nothing needs to be said.  Reggie returns to the boy and stands next to his sneakers.  He wags his tail at top speed and wiggles his butt.  His happy eyes look upward to the boy.

The man and I wait. The boy reaches down to pet Reggie’s head and Reggie lets him for a second, then licks his hand.  The boy squeals with surprise and delight.

Reggie takes off at a brisk pace toward home and I step lively behind him, tether stretched out in front of me.

I glance over my shoulder.

P1080322The boy stands with his hand lifted in a tentative wave.

“Bye! See ya’ later,” I call out to him while returning the wave not meant for me.

“Reggie, you sweet boy.  You’re a love ambassador!”




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  1. Sue says:

    Those two fur babies of yours are the cutest little ones ever. Love the campground where you are.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Sue,

      Thanks for agreeing with me about Bridget and Reggie. CONGRATULATIONS ON BEING FIRST!

  2. Chey (WA coast) says:

    nah, can’t be.

    • Chey (WA coast) says:

      Love your post: “The remains of the lake lie in defeat at the foot of a distant mountain” Sigh, your writing is awesome. Sidebar says 34 Tues morning; will you be moving on? Nice greet by exuberant Reggie Man. Left the kid in awe!

      • Chey (WA coast) says:

        Sue, thought it might please you to know that your comment re: my amazon purchases of underwear and a walking stick is forever etched in my mind. When I begin my walks now I think of Gandhi, played by Ben Kingsley, in the dhoti loin cloth with the walking stick. Thanks for the laugh

      • rvsueandcrew says:

        Hi, Chey,

        You have to stop walking around the neighborhood in your undies, toting a walking stick!

        Yeah, I see that low in the 30s bearing down on us. There’s a reason for us to stay which I’ll mention in the next post.

        Thanks for the compliment on my writing. Very nice of you to say so…

  3. Corkerinna620 says:


  4. Sue, queennonna says:

    Yea, Chey we are both first! A first for me! Oh yea we are in currently in Oregon.

  5. Wendy - Illinois says:

    Another great post. Thank you for Reggie and Miss Bridge too they entertain us all! Keep keeping on.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Thanks, Wendy. One of these days I’m going to take a photo of Bridget and Reggie while they sleep. Every time I try, they hear the camera turn on and they open their eyes!

  6. Linda Rose, Muffin, Murphy, Molly & Midgy in Carmichael, CA says:

    How sweet to see them all snuggled together. It must be the start of a new month for your wireless. I re read your last post to find out why it had been 3 days since your last post. You have been missed.

  7. Cynthia from San Clemente, CA says:

    Love that last photo – they look so cozy together. Glad you’re back in the land of the wireless 🙂

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Thanks, Cynthia. It’s no fun when Verizon reins me in. I like to race around the internet with no restrictions!

  8. Dave Stewart (in missouri for now) says:

    Sounds like Reggie made a friend.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Oh, Dave, this little boy makes friends every day! He attracts attention wherever he goes and once he has someone’s attention, he makes a friend!

  9. LP n' rusty near th' river,Az. says:

    Reggie sure is a Greeter to new folk,,, nice post, have a warm day,,, nice photo of the crew in the nest,,,,,,,,,,,,,, r

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Thanks, Rusty. I’m not sure if they wanted to be close to each other or if they both wanted the same blanket.

    • Dawn in MI says:

      Hi Rusty! How are you and Lady Piper doing? I think of you often!

      • LP n' rusty near th' river,Az. says:

        Hi Dawn,, I been fighting a infection that is in my left side of my head and eye,, Thursday a swarm of Flies hit me and I’ve been looking like “the Michelin Man” ,, You know,, the tire guy,, my eye has been swollen along with my upper left head,, I took Apple Cider Vinegar and soaked a towel to put on the area of the bites to try and draw out the poisons they left behind, I also took a bunch of Lipton Tea bags to release the pain and poisons and I’ve been drinking Creosote tea to build up my immune system and been taking Cephalexin , 2 caps every 6 Hrs. and the pain is leaving and the swelling is getting less each day,,,, I look like a pin cushion, but I’m getting better…………… Lady Piper is doing great,, she loves our play, our walks and I think she really loves me by the way she looks at me,, you know that look of a love sick young lady ,, that is how she looks when I talk to her and I go “AHHH” you sweet girl to her and her tail wags more,,,,, she’s so mellow,,,, so How’s Life with you and yours,, you can tell by email , you still have it, right, or I’ll send some photos to you via email soon,,,,,,,,,, have a great day,,,,, rusty n’ Lp

        • rvsueandcrew says:

          I hope you get better soon, Rusty!

          • LP n' rusty near th' river,Az. says:

            Thank you, Sue n’ crew,, but I’m starting of getting tired of this,, a dadburn fly got me again on a tender spot of last weeks swarm just a minute ago and Arggggggggg

            • Cinandjules (NY) says:

              Deer fly bites?

            • LP n' rusty near th' river,Az. says:

              Not in the desert, at 1083 ft. there are no deer here,, I found a area that someone who was camped between us and the Hwy and They dumped their crap on the ground and man o man when Lp and myself walked to the Hwy that’s when I got hit by them flies and we walk every evening from our camp down the the Hwy and back,,Yesterday morn I went down to cover the Sh__ to stop the fly build up in case Sue wants to visit us on the way south and finished the covering this early morn before the sun came up,,, To nights walk is going towards the hills that Sue went up last spring while she was here,,, I’ll check the site in the morn,,,,, and I’m getting BETTER,, it’s 17:25 here and time to take my meds.,,, this time yesterday I felt like, well you know how I felt, but I feel a whole lot better and ready to take on the world,,,,,,,,,, see ya , day lights a burnin’,,,,,,, rusty

            • Cinandjules (NY) says:

              That is absolutely nasty! Are they bothering you up at your camp or only when you venture down that way?

              How inconsiderate of some folks. Kudos to you for covering up their mess…I seriously don’t know if I could/would do that. On second thought…nope no way Jose!

            • LP n' rusty near th' river,Az. says:

              Strong down at the site and not as much up here, but It’s done and there are not as many flies as there was in fact even the Smell is gone,, oh oh a song is commin’,,,,,,, OOOO ooo that Smell about you,, ooo oo that Smell,,,, darn it I lost it but all I remember is ooo That Smelll about you around you,,, Help me out Cindy, it’s about doing Drugs,, the song is,,, Come on you 2,, ah heck,, I lost it,, it’s gone,,,,, See ,, that’s what I’ve been trying to tell ya,, When I became who I am now,, I lost all those songs,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Sorry,, I feel better now,,,,,,, BUT the SMELL ISSSS GONE!!!! ,,,,,,,,, me

            • Sidewinder Pen says:

              “Ooooh that smell
              Can’t you smell that smell
              Ooooh that smell”

              Lynyrd Skynyrd

              Gee, now I have “Rocket Man,” “Up, Up, and Away,” “That Smell,” AND “Let’s Get Physical” in my head all from the comments to one post! LOL

            • LP n' rusty near th' river,Az. says:

              Thanks SP,It came back as I read your reply,,, YEAH, that’s It,, the song or tune,,, Linard ? huh,,,, oh oh a new one,,TA ta ta ta ta,,,, ta,,, ta ta Like to ride in my LOW Rider,, all my friends like to ride in my low rider ta ta ta ta ta,,,,, ta ,,,,,,ta ta ta ta ta,,,,,ta ta taaaaaaaa ta ta,,,,,, wow that’s been a long time a go,,, LOL,,,,,, thanks SP,,,,,,,,me,,,,,,, But the flies are not as bad as they were and smell,,,, nope not here ,, It’s gone

            • LP n' rusty near th' river,Az. says:

              AND your welcome Sue,, so you can come on down and You to SP ,, there’s plenty of good sites near us and you wont be CLINGERS nether,,,,,,,,,,,,,, rusty,,, but on the weekends there’s a dust storm of OHVs tha go up and down the main road,,, but you 2 ladies can camp above us in a large camp spot that is away from the OHVs,,, it’ where we usually camp,, Sue knows the place she camped there last spring and I wont let no body bug ya,, nether,,, and as Bill Bosess said in the beginin’ of Tombstone the movie,,, I aint KIDDING ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, SO COME ON DOWN to DOOR # 1,,,, the price is right,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

        • Barbara (Nashville) says:

          Take care Rusty. You should write a book of home remedies.

          • LP n' rusty near th' river,Az. says:

            Hi Barbra,,, nah That cost $$$ and I don’t need the $$$ , but if you want to ,, just copy my stuff or remidees and you make the $$$ and help those who are in need,,,,ok,,,rusty,,,,,, is that ok with you Sue? … Remidees from a good Blog,,,, Sue’s

            • LP n' rusty near th' river,Az. says:

              Barbra,, I mean it cost the $$$ that I don’t have to make But it’s a good Idea,,, I tell for free, so every one will know in a pinch how to do things to make ones life better,,, I’m sorry for my words , sometimes I think, but it comes out wrong ,,,,,,,, rusty

        • Applegirl NY says:

          Take care of yourself, Rusty, and keep us up to date. We will pray for quick healing. Make sure you don’t get a secondary infection.

          • LP n' rusty near th' river,Az. says:

            Hi Applegirl and thanks ,,,, I started gettin’ better as soon as you did what you did,,, ya know what I mean,,,, your prayers,,,,,,, we all need them,,,,,, rusty

  10. Pauline in Mississippi says:

    Oh how sweet!!! Reggie is so cute and such a loveable character!! Love the picture of Bridget and Reggie.
    Sending lots of love and big hugs.

  11. Linda Hughes North Carolina says:

    Hi RV Sue and Crew, it’s good to hear from you, Reggie is a social little fellow, always entertaining everyone. The phrase “the remains of the lake lie in defeat”, love to read your blog! Are there many campers still in the campground where you are now? I think Miss B is such a cool little lady, she enjoys life her way and doesn’t let what Reggie Man does bother her at all. I love your blog, it makes my day and encourages me to enjoy life more and look ahead to being on the road full time soon. Take care and stay safe!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Thank you, Linda, for your nice note. I’m very happy you enjoy my blog and that it helps you look toward the day when you’ll begin your own full-time journey.

      It doesn’t seem like there are many campers here because it has different sections and loops. Yesterday Bob the camp host told me there were 49 campers here which surprised me. That’s the weekend crowd. A lot of them are overnighters so the number is less during mid-day. No one has camped next to us or across from us (except for a lady with a Class C who parked next to us and sat outside to read. The crew and I left, went into town. Came back, she was gone.)

  12. Pam and Maya says:

    Hi Sue and Crew! I could picture the little boy and Reg in my head, loved that story!

  13. weather says:

    Aw-w-w,so sweet! I hadn’t seen Bridget and Reggie curled up beside each other until now, it must feel precious for you to see them doing that,too.Thanks for saving your last bits of data to give us such a nice post,it’s at the top of the feel good meter 🙂

    A walk, shivering from the cold and saddened by viewing the lake so diminished, made delightful by Reggie’s making a little boy feel brave,happy and connected-amazing what gifts the animals in our families bring.You likely felt as warm as smart little Bridget was ,still tucked in bed, after watching that happen.I appreciate you letting me “watch it” ,too.

    That lake hanging on for all it’s worth touches me, it may yet see grand days again.I hope so,and also hope you and crew are enjoying life and rest well this evening ..Bye!See ya’ later..

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, weather,

      The loss of the lake is sad. We went into Henderson today, a town adjacent to Las Vegas. On the return to the campground at the crest of a small hill, what used to be the lake came into view. I recalled a previous time cresting that hill and being wowed by the blanket of blue. Seeing the same landscape dried up gave me a shock. Lake Mead used to be an enormous body of water. It’s not only sad, it’s scary.

      On a brighter note… Yes, Reggie spreads warmth wherever he goes! If he hadn’t insisted that we take an extra-early walk we would’ve missed meeting the little boy. I was struck by his reaction to receiving a pet from the boy. It was like he thought, “My work is done here! Love accomplished. We can go home now.”

      Have a good evening. Any progress finding homes for the kitties?

      • weather says:

        Good morning, Sue, I’ll focus on the brighter part,too. Reggie’s work may well have been the beginning of one little boy’s future including animals as friends and family, ambassador – one more job he’s mastered 🙂 I’ll let you know about the kitties another time.I’m off to a busy day at the moment, I hope you have a wonderful one.

        • rvsueandcrew says:

          Thanks, weather. I hope all your tasks go easily for you today!

        • weather says:

          Thanks,Sue,the tasks were few and easy.Bright blue skies and temps near 60 degrees,diamonds on the lake as a dear friend and I visited in the T@B and at a near by picnic table talking about how blessed we are took most of day.I hope whatever is keeping you there is being resolved easily and that you have a beautiful sunset.I’m going to watch ours near the kitties as becoming even more approachable will help ready them for transport to vet(spayed,shots,etc.) to make their being adopted go more smoothly and quickly.

          • rvsueandcrew says:

            What a pleasant image — You showing your friend your new T@B and sitting together at a picnic table talking and enjoying each other’s company, diamonds on the lake…

            Wishing you a lovely sunset in the company of your feline pals!

      • Maggie says:

        Thanks for the photo of Lake Mead, Sue. I think we all need more pictures of lakes drying up. People want to focus on the bright side, but doing that usually means falling into denial about climate change. We have too much of both in this country, ie. denial and climate change.

        • rvsueandcrew says:

          You’re welcome, Maggie. I do try to insert some of the harsh realities of full-timing and also the disappointments (vandalism, neglect, inconsiderate behaviors, low reservoirs and lakes, etc.) as we travel, along with cute puppies, pretty butterflies, gorgeous camps, and spectacular views. Our lakes and reservoirs are in dire shape and yet we waste water on the silliest things and with carelessness, like spoiled children.

    • Chey (WA coast) says:

      Weather; well put about the boy,” Brave, happy and connected” good words, true.

  14. Marcia GB in MA says:

    Sweet, sweet picture of Bridget and Reggie cuddled up together. That says it all 🙂

  15. Sidewinder Pen says:

    So cute with the two of them curled up snoozing together!

    Since this got tacked on at the very end of the last post and so maybe not seen by many, let me just say congratulations to blogorino MollyLuvsRoadTrippin on her NEW CASITA!!! That would be the perfect-50th-birthday-present-to-one’s-self Casita. It should be showing up in her driveway just about now. Can you imagine the excitement?

    Yay, new Casita!! 🙂 🙂

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Can I imagine the excitement? Oh yes! I remember the excitement!

    • MollyLuvsRoadtrippin (Seattle) says:

      Yay new Casita! I couldn’t be happier with this new chapter of outdoor adventures that I can’t yet imagine. A cozy home with all the essentials and nothing extra, and a beautiful view wherever we roam. Thank you RVSue and all your blogorinos for sharing with me this wonderful preparation runway of information and joy and inspiration. Truly a gift I treasure.

      • rvsueandcrew says:

        You’re welcome, Molly. Thank you for sharing the beginning of “this new chapter of outdoor adventures.” Congratulations on the arrival of your magic carpet! 🙂

      • Pamela K. says:

        Your zest is contagious!!! I am overjoyed that YOU are overjoyed! The times you’ll have, the memories you’ll make, your adventures await you! 🙂 Have you named him/her (Casita) yet?
        Good Rollings to you always!

        • LP n' rusty near th' river,Az. says:

          We’re all Happy For You Molly,, Now you can start a new journey in your Casita like RVSUE and the rest of the Casita trailer owners,,, Have a lot of FUN out there,,,,,,,,,,, rusty n’ L.P.

      • Applegirl NY says:

        Congratulations! We love our Casita. I hope you have many wonderful adventures. We’re all so happy to hear of your adventures.

  16. Pookie in SE Texas says:

    its sad to see these lakes drying up…..several years ago we
    had a bad drought here in texas and several lakes I fish at
    were 15-20 foot low….I would walk out on the dry land and
    look for stuff that people had dropped overboard when fishing.
    amazing what you will find…….I myself lost my phone….grrrr

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Chuck,

      I’m wondering… Is this the way it’s going to be next spring? Will Lake Mead come back? It’s much smaller now in November than it was last March.

      • Pookie in SE Texas says:

        Im sure it will come back to a degree….Lake Somerville here was so
        low the marina that sits about 200 feet out into the lake was sitting on
        dry ground…..the rains we have back in May put so much water in
        the lake it flooded everything so you couldnt get to the marina except
        by boat…..go figure……..
        BTW, if I ever get back to LV Im gonna camp where your at….:)
        I love the place…..and I havent even been there yet..

        • rvsueandcrew says:

          I like your optimism, chuck… Maybe Lake Mead will return and you’ll come here to enjoy it. Wouldn’t that be fine!

          • Barbara (Nashville) says:

            The one time I was in LV, we took a side trip to the Hoover Dam and passed Lake Meade. It was so full and bright blue. I thought it was the most beautiful place I had ever seen. It is sad to see it so low. I frequently pray for rain in the western states.

  17. Pam N. says:

    I totally agree with other posters, that phrase “…lake lie in defeat…” really resonates. And oh my, little Reggie is an adorable peanut!! Such a great protege for Miss Bridget.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      I like that nickname Peanut. I’m going to use it when Reginator doesn’t fit. 🙂 Thanks re the post. Lake Mead is a pathetic sight for anyone who saw her in her glory. There’s a marina next to the campground and it sits in desert.

      • Chey (WA coast) says:

        please don’t call Reggie “Peanut”, not even behind his back

        • Sidewinder Pen says:

          But he is such a cute li’l peanut!

          • Sidewinder Pen says:

            (Maybe I’m oblivious, sorry. But is peanut a negative term for some reason and I am just not hep enough to know? )

            • Chey (WA coast) says:

              I’m not aware of “peanut” being derogatory, per se, but it does refer to size in a very cutesie way. I like The Reginator,
              Reggie Man, etc. Just sayin’, a dog’s got pride!

            • rvsueandcrew says:

              Peanut is a step up from some of the names that I say without thinking… Like “Let’s go, Poopies!” Ha!

            • Cinandjules (NY) says:

              My nickname is Peanut. I was a premie 3 lbs…doc handed me to my mom and said here’s a peanut for ya! Everyone in CA calls me that…no one here! My license plate was Peanut6. Back in the day I was a Steve Garvey fan. The LA Dodgers for those who don’t know.

            • Pookie in SE Texas says:

              GAALEE…..steve harvey…..what a blast from the past…
              havent heard that name in many many years…….
              I was a Koufax/Drysdale fan myself…thanks for the memories

            • Pookie in SE Texas says:

              ugh….autofill sucks…..
              Garvey not Harvey

            • BadgerRickInWis says:

              For some reason it won’t let me respond to Cinandjules post so I’ll do it up here.

              That settles it than cuz it don’t get more kick ass around here then Cinandjules. 🙂

        • Applegirl NY says:

          Nicknames can be so funny. I would love to have been called Peanut once in my life. I’ve never been small.

          It reminds me that once when I was in elementary school I called a friend of mine Twiggy (yes, I’m that old). She was nice and thin and I thought I was paying her the highest compliment (I was round). Well, she broke down in tears because she hated being skinny. Oh my, I would have loved to have been skinny. I never forgot it. We all see the world through different eyes.

  18. The drought conditions in the west are bad! Sure would be nice to see everything full to the brim out there! We are under a flood watch now, but not to worry, we are up high at 4 feet elevation! Lol!
    That last photo of Bridget and Reggie is just too precious!
    Snow in Flagstaff! Which way you headed next ???

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Geri,

      I’m not sure exactly where we’re going next. Of course, I’ll try to put us in a place where the overnight lows aren’t too low. It’s been close to perfect here, not as cold as the weather reports indicate.

      High and dry at 4 feet! 🙂

  19. Elizabeth in WA says:

    AH, What a CUTE photo of the 2 buddies!! Lovely…see another great one for a story book!! So sorry about the lake…tis so sad…we can only hope the water situation gets set right again soon… Have heard from a southern Idaho pal that maybe even some snow this weekend…but in the mts anyway…so that is good news there!! The Olympics were just covered in white stuff a couple days ago, when the clouds parted so we could see them from here!!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Elizabeth,

      Good to see you here! You reminded me… I saw snow-topped mountains while in Vegas the other day. I think I was looking northwest, not sure… I lose my sense of direction easily. Maybe that’s why I love maps so much!

      I hope all is well with you, that your plans are working out just how you want them to!

      • Elizabeth in WA says:

        Thanks Sue…we are still working on getting ready to leave ere too long…so far so good. Having fun in life with friends here too…so glad for that too!!

  20. Barb from Hoquiam! says:

    Oh gosh that is the sweetest of photos of those two! Love it!

    Lots of rain here on the WA coast and it looks to be even worse this week… they are saying 5-8 inches by end of week. Scares me a bit–we still have damage from January floods in Hoquiam (we are fine, but neighbors are not always so lucky).

    Tomorrow I will spend at the mall (gag) for a good cause–a ‘Stand Down’ for VET’s. Services (hair cuts, flu shots, etc) and lunch for local needy veterans. I am excited to share about our Brain Injury group.

    Hope you continue to have good weather! Hugs from…
    HOQUIAM! 🙂

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Barb,

      You do such good work with your brain injury support group and outreach to veterans. I hope your presentation today reaches those who need support.

      I’m glad you are on higher ground, out of the way of flooding. The need for water is so great and the effect of its scarcity very evident here that I won’t wish for the rain to go away. I’ll wish for the safety of your neighbors.

      As always, I appreciate the hugs from HOQUIAM!

    • Applegirl NY says:

      Barb, thank you for serving those who have served us.

  21. Kay Dattilio says:

    Dear Sue and Crew,

    Always read yours writings, haven’t written for awhile. I think Reggie is the ‘Friendliness Ambassador’ of the RV community and The Divine Miss B is the ‘I know how to relax Ambassador’. I’m glad you all are doing well and love the pictures…always!

    Kay from KC!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      I’m glad to see you here again, Kay. Thanks for letting me know you still read my blog. I hope you are well, too.

  22. GypsyPurl says:

    Hi Sue. They look SOOO Sweet all cuddled up together! I see Reggie has his sweet moments too when he’s not being a Rocket Dog. Wishing you and the crew safe travels.

    • Dawn in MI says:

      Reggie the Rocket Dog! Great name!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Thanks, GypsyPurl . . . I wish I could show you the sweetest moments of all, like when Reggie sleeps with his face on my shoulder, a few inches from my face. I see him in the moonlight that comes through the window and wonder how anything can be this precious.

      • Sidewinder Pen says:

        Oh my. Could you show the crew rolling in dead fish or something? Without an antidote I’m going to be at the pound adopting six cuties by nightfall 😀 😀 😀

  23. Paula in Indiana says:

    Aaaaaw…love that last pic, so cozy even though Reggie is peeking. I bet not much gets past him! And Bridget, “a mound of warm snooze”, that made me laugh! Thank you for sharing, Sue : )

  24. BadgerRickInWis says:

    OK, ya got me.
    Little boys, puppies, and desert mountains all capped off by that little love bundle.

    Might just be my favorite post ever!!!

  25. Pamelab says:

    Hi, Sue and crew –
    Welcome back. Drat! – those usage restrictions. So good of you and Reggie to bring some joy to the world. So tender and sweet.
    Wishing you happy trails and thank you for this very nice blog.

  26. Lynn Brooks says:

    So sweet!!!
    Lynn B. (Baltimore, MD)

  27. Cinandjules (NY) says:

    Great job Reg man.

    I’m in just like everyone else…..that last photo is absolutely adorable. My favorite! Could he curl up any smaller? Bridgee…your such a good girl!

    Stay warm!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      When I say Reggie curls up to the size of a dinner plate, that’s the truth. He has that catlike ability to bend into a ball.

  28. AZ Jim says:

    Missy, I see others have commented on the last picture of the two buddies all curled up contentedly so I’ll just be kind of a echo at this point, but that is a great shot. It’s good to see you back young lady….

  29. Pamela K. says:

    Well! How are you going to ever top this post? Sweet boy with his dad, Reggie helping him to overcome his fear of dogs, Bridget getting to snooze in late and then (drum roll) the two of them cozy and snuggled up together! Short of getting a new Crew Member from the same adoption center…I don’t know…it’s gonna be hard to top this one 🙂 🙂 🙂 !! With temps in the low 30s, something is keepin’ ya there…could it be…?

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Pamela K! I like your summary of this post… You hit all the high points!

      Aw, no, I’m not looking to add to the crew. Bridget is content with Reggie and Reggie is meeting lots of dogs and little children to play with.

      Yes, something is keeping us here, but it’s not as exciting as a new crew member!

      • Sidewinder Pen says:

        Probably something like a thermocouple. Heh, well, it can’t all be high-flying drama 😀

        • Pamela K. says:

          You’re mostlikely right about the thermocoupler. That crossed my mind but teasing Sue about a new crew member was more fun, lol. Sue’s crew is perfect just the way it is so no need for a new crew member 🙂 Besides, I think Miss B would be too taxed with more than one charge to look after. She would get no rest then, lol!
          Are you still in the land of very cold mornings? Hope it is warmer in your livingroom… Be well, layer-up!

          • Sidewinder Pen says:

            Hi Pamela,

            No, I’ve moved down to the warm country by the river in Arizona. When I saw the forecast for 8″ of snow and night after night of around 11º even my beautiful kayaking couldn’t keep me there!

            But then again, it’s nice here too. Just in a different way 🙂

        • rvsueandcrew says:

          No, not a thermocouple. I haven’t procrastinated long enough on that yet.

  30. Stan Watkins says:

    I realize, looking at your picture of lake Mead that we stayed in that campground 18 years ago and camped right near the beach. My boys played with their toys by the water that couldn’t have been more than thirty feet from our motorhome. Hope we get some good rain and snow this year.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Oh Stan, I’m glad you were able to enjoy Las Vegas Bay when it was a bay and not a dry desert. What great memories for your family! This campground must have been delightful for you and your boys, having water 30 feet from your door. I look at the ditches of dirt and imagine . . . Yes, I hope we have good rain and snow, too!

  31. Krystina ~ Victory, Vermont says:

    Warms my heart seeing the “kids” snuggling!!

  32. Dawn in MI says:

    I like the “remains of the lake lie in defeat” line too. Reggie is probably the perfect size for a 4 year old that is “a little skittish about dogs.” Glad he could pass on some Reggie love.

    • Joyce Sutton says:

      sparked a study–metaphor? or symbolism? according to google enriches literary content. hmmm

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Dawn . . . There’s nothing threatening about Reggie and little kids can see that right away. Reg would make a great ambassador at a children’s hospital if he could learn not to run in the halls. 🙂 Your Katie, BTW, is beautiful!

  33. Dawn from Camano Island says:

    Good morning! Reg seems like one of those pups who has never met a stranger. He did such a good job of interacting with the little boy–some small dogs might have jumped up on a child but not our boy Reg! Bridge looks so comfy & cozy. Reminds me of Jim’s observation that old dogs eat, sleep & fart!

    I hope the predictions about El Nino are correct–there are so many places in the West that are dry. I’m a little conflicted however about the predictions for Arizona & New Mexico–cooler & water? We’ll make sure to pack mittens, hats & rain boots for our winter sojourn.

    Ear skritches to the crew & happy trails.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Dawn from Camano Island (you’re right after Dawn from MI).. 🙂

      You’ll be in AZ and NM this winter… Good for you, whether it’s rainy or dry or cooler than usual…

      Jim’s observation made me chuckle and reminded me of a song I sing whenever canine gas is passed audibly in our little home…

      Remember Olivia Newton John’s song, Physical?

      Ok, everybody! It’s sing along time!

      “Physical, physical . . . I wanna’ get physical . . . Let me hear your hiney talk, your hiney talk… Let me hear your hiney talk…”

      On that note, have a great day, Dawn! 🙂

      • Dawn from Camano Island says:

        h, you’ve got me laughing here! I hadn’t heard quite that version! Jim loves it!

  34. Barbara (Nashville) says:

    Love that last photo of the crew so snugly. Funny how both of our pups are so social. Angel wants to meet everyone. One of neighbors up the street have their son & his family staying with him for care reasons. His grandson is may be 3 and the dad takes him over to the clubhouse parking lot on nice days to play toss. Angel just loves that child. She stands by him and the little boy stoops down to pet her but it is more like he is patting her. She just nuzzles him and licks his hand and face. His dad and myself think it is so cute. The last time we saw them, she about pulled my arm out of the socket to get there to see him.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Barbara,

      Your description of Angel and the way she loves the little boy has me thinking about all the people who need to be loved and aren’t, plus all the dogs who have much love to give and no one to give it to. Angel is another love ambassador! 🙂

  35. A gentle dog is like a balm to a shy child. It always melts my heart when one who is first timid to meet Tessa, warms up to petting and sometimes hugging her. They really are little ambassadors, spreading love and doggie kisses at every turn :-))))

  36. Jean in Southaven, MS says:

    I Sue, I am still lurking out here. You know when I started reading your blog, I had never heard of a Casita, much less seen one. Now I see them regularly here in Southaven, MS. I saw one this morning. They look real nice. They are too small for anything I could do but if it was just me, I would be retiring in one for sure. Love the Reggie and the little boy story. I hope some of the fear the little boy has of dogs was helped by that encounter. Beautiful campground, I will have to add it to my bucket list. My bucket lists is getting long, I am going to have to start working on it or I will have to live to be 200 one. Be safe

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Jean,

      Fiberglass “egg” trailers really stand out in a crowd, their shape being so different from other RVs. In some parts of the country there are lots of them. I never saw one in Georgia and I was wanting to see one for several years.

      I think the boy’s encounter with Reg helped him. All that love and attention from a dog couldn’t have hurt!

  37. Suzette (TN) says:

    Reading about the little boy and Reggie kind of made me sad. Sad that a little boy has to be introduced to the joys of doggies. I thought little boys just came that way. 🙂

    And as for Lake Mead. Yikes! Now THAT’S sad. When I think of Lake Mead, I think of the water skiing scene with Elvis and Ann Margaret in “Viva Las Vegas.” How beautiful the lake was back then. I wonder if the current condition can all be blamed on drought…or is the lake just not able to keep up with the demands of all the thirsty cities it serves.

    • AlanOutandAbout - Pahrump, Pahrunp, Pahrump says:

      It is actually a bit of both, no rain and uncontrolled usage. It is interesting to note just how shallow most of the lake is. The actual canyon part is really quite narrow. That is why the Hoover damn is so tall. The water has to cover up the upper area of the canyon in order to get the amount of water they need. The weather men say El Nino will generate a lot of rain this winter but it hasn’t manifested itself yet. All the weather we are seeing now is coming from the north which is why we have the cold temps. Also most of the water that fills the lake comes from Utah and Colorado which won’t be affected all that much by an El Nino. So it will be interesting to see what happens this winter

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      It does seem that “little boys just came that way.” That boy would do well to have a pup of his own.

      About Lake Mead and why it is drying up… I skimmed the internet a little and, of course, the drought is blamed. Also Las Vegas water usage. I don’t know what other cities it holds water for. I wonder… Does that casino, the name of which I can’t recall, still have that huge fountain? It’s an anachronism in these days of depleting water supply.

      • Cinandjules (NY) says:

        The Bellagio…

        All the hotels have huge fountains…when we were there I was thinking how much water is consumed by inattentive guests.

        • rvsueandcrew says:

          Thanks. That’s the one I was thinking of. Imagine the evaporation going on…. If I put down a dish of water for the crew when we sit outside, it dries up quickly in this dry air.

          • Cinandjules (NY) says:

            Not to mention the wind which adds to it!

            The drought situation is scary all over the US. Affects the farmers, who can’t grow their feed for their animals….or water them. That makes the prices higher for the consumer.

      • edlfrey says:

        The more famous fountains were at Caesars Place where Evel Knievel failed in his attempt to jump them. As a result of the crash, Knievel suffered a crushed pelvis and femur, fractures to his hip, wrist, and both ankles and a concussion that kept him in the hospital for a month in a reported coma for 29 days.

        The amount of water that Las Vegas takes from the Colorado river is a pittance compared to California’s 4.40 million acre·ft/year. Nevada gets 0.30 million acre·ft/year which is also nothing compared to Arizona ‘s 2.80 million acre·ft/year. Blame Southern California and the Valley of the Sun for most of the water usage not Las Vegas.

        • rvsueandcrew says:

          That makes more sense. Thanks, Ed. The figures on usage, I mean, not the draining of the Colorado.

    • Pookie in SE Texas says:

      Suzette….Lake Mead has been dropping for many many years now….we used to take driving trips to Las Vegas and would cross over the dam before the bridge was built and I have watched it slowly go down over the years….maybe one of these years they can close the gates that let water thru the dam to build the lake back up but not sure if they can do that….I know it produces a lot of electricity for some folks out there…

  38. Pat Northern Ontario says:

    Hi Sue,
    Wonderful blog, your adventures and crew are awesome. I have to ask I noticed in this picture that you have a cone under your trailer arm, I really like this.. We camp with a tent trailer and I am always trying to find boards but I love that cone. What is it called, and I guess you purchased it in the states, but if I know what its called I can look here. Take care and hugs for the crew.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Pat in Northern Ontario,

      Thanks for the nice note about my blog and the crew.

      I realize you won’t be using this Amazon link since you’re in Canada. I post it so you’ll see what it’s called, what it is, the price, and so forth and also for any readers who might be interested.

      Valterra A10-0900 Red Trailer Tongue Jack Stand

      If you scroll done on that page you’ll see the Camco cone which is more expensive and might be sturdier. I don’t know what company made the one I have.

      My cone is pink and faded, yet it does the job! It was a gift from Paul and Renee of Plano, Texas. They’re the Casita people who helped me with my first back-in and my first set-up and breaking of camp. They even fed me grilled shiskabob!

      Casitas come from the factory with a heavy, cumbersome, wheeled jack stand. I never use that. I like the cone much better.

  39. Applegirl NY says:

    There is nothing as heartwarming as a child and a pup. How sweet. Reggie is an ambassador of love because he knows what love is.

    Just like everyone else, my favorite is the last photo. Makes us all feel good about you and the crew.

    The trees have given up about 80% of their leaves here. Just some rusty and brown oaks left, and they can hang on until spring. We’ve decided that by next weekend “fall” should be just about done, and hopefully the raking! But, oh what beautiful weather we’re still having, yes, getting cooler but still bright and sunny.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      I so enjoy hearing of the changing seasons from you, Cinandjules, weather, and other New York state readers, as you revive memories from childhood. I remember distinctly standing next to an oak tree with the last of its leaves still hanging on to its branches, the crisp air, the sunshine, and the feeling that winter was going to arrive very soon. I was about 15 at the time. See it clearly in detail. Know right where the tree was. Can’t remember what I did a week ago. Ha!

      Thank you!

  40. Aerolite Steve says:

    Back when you were in the Baker Dam area I remember a conversation you were having with someone about the pies in Veyo, Just thought you might be interested in a newspaper article in the Salt Lake City paper today about the place.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Wonderful story, Steve. I wish I had stopped for some pie!

      Was that you who drove into Las Vegas Bay Campground today… a grey Tundra pulling an Aerolite trailer? Anyway… whether or not, I thought of you. 🙂

      • Aerolite Steve says:

        Wasn’t me, 🙁
        Actually, I guess I’m not Aerolite Steve anymore, but will continue with the name. 4 weeks ago we sold the Aerolite. 3 weeks ago we bought a 17ft Lance …
        After reading your blog and others with smaller trailers, I wanted to go in that direction. I was getting tired of not being able to get into some places because I was too big. 2 weeks ago we took the one week trip to the St. George area for a trial run. That was when I ended up in the same camping spot you had at Baker Dam.

        • rvsueandcrew says:

          Congratulations on the new rig, Steve! I’m very glad you replied with this comment because you give a real-life example of why bigger is not always better. With rigs, that is. Anyway . . . Thanks for the link. She’s a beauty!

          You’ve joined the ranks of 17-footers… You can squeeze into a lot of great camps. I know you will enjoy that! I hope you’ll keep in touch with your new name, whatever it may be. 🙂

    • Lois (AZ) says:

      Great article about pie–now I’m hungry for one! So do enjoy the relaxing atmosphere of this post…especially about pups and boys! Just heard weather will be going downhill by Wednesday…you are probably heading south?? After such a hot summer, hard to believe we will have a cooler winter…good old mother nature….

      • rvsueandcrew says:

        Hi, Lois,

        I’ve been checking the weather reports for different areas and have almost made my decision where to go next. When the lows are expected to drop below 40 degrees, we need to move. The daytime temps have been very pleasant here and will continue to be so. Even though forecasts are for highs in the 60s, the sunshine makes that very pleasant. Depends upon where one places the lounger! Have a nice evening, Lois.

    • Pookie in SE Texas says:

      I would love to visit that place in Utah since I love pies….
      in Houston there is a pie shop called House of Pies and
      every Thanksgiving and Christmas folks are lined up around
      the block twice for pies……amazing whaat folks will do
      to get a good pie…

  41. Kitt, NW WA says:

    As always, wonderful words and pictures. I keep bookmarking and bookmarking all the wonderful places you are taking us. When we are on the road we will know just where we want to land. The last photo of Reggie and Bridget just tugs at the heart strings – so darn cute!

    If you are interested in water usage this is a good book: The Big Thirst by Charles Fishman. Not only does he he talk about how LasVegas handles the water issue but how it is dealt with around the world. Published in 2011, it may be even more relevant now.

    We recently returned home from a month long out and about in our Casita. Over N. Cascades Hwy. 20, down through NE Oregon, south and west to the N. California coast and the southern redwoods, then returned via the southern Oregon coast, central Oregon Cascades and retraced our steps up and across the N. Cascades – we avoid the Seattle area if at all possible. A great time!

    To all those Casitas we passed on the road, we attempted to give you the flashed headlight salute but wound up doing the wiper/wash salute. Those darn control arms are easy to confuse when under pressure! Yes, we were the Tacoma with the red canoe and bikes towing a Casita, wiping and washing as you went by! We laughed and laughed.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Such a great trip, Kitt! And so funny about the wiper salute!

      I made a big mistake trying to do the Oregon coast during the summer. Never again will I do that! It was much better when we went in September and I imagine October is a good time to make that trip, too. Love your itinerary… I’m glad you had a great time.

    • Sidewinder Pen says:

      The Wiper Salute – ha ha, so true! I do the same, especially if I’ve been driving two vehicles with the opposite arrangement.

  42. Jolene/Iowa says:

    Nice campground. Reggie is going to keep you young!! 🙂 Bridget had the right idea!

    We are still having pretty nice weather here in Iowa for Nov. If only it would stay like this all winter. Ha!!

    Finally had something to order from Amazon and got it through your link. A memory foam pet bed and a couple of dog dishes that will clip in his pet taxi.

    Hugs to all of you, Sue.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      I saw those orders, Jolene. Thank you! I hope they work well for you and that the nice weather hangs around.

  43. Cinandjules (NY) says:

    I was just looking at that last photo again…..

    Does Reg Man wear his harness all the time?

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      No, usually I take Reggie’s harness off as soon as he comes into the house. I must’ve become involved in something and he fell asleep with Bridget before I took off the harness. Reggie can go from hyper-speed to sleep in a few seconds. 🙂

      I put that harness on and off him several times every day. Fortunately it has a slide-clip thingy that snaps on easily and with a squeeze on the sides of the clip, releases quickly.

  44. DesertGinger says:

    Well, I’m dancing a happy dance. Got a call today and it looks like I might get a job doing maintenance on the website. I would also still write and do analysis, but the website work would allow me to NOT DO BLOCK! Yippee! Waiting to hear more and get confirmation before I call the BLOCKheads and tell them adios. That would make a lovely winter for me, able to work from home.

  45. Terri From Texas says:

    Hello All:
    Anyone hear the NPR story of how the Saudi Companies are coming over to AZ and CA and buying huge swaths of desert (in AZ it is 15 square miles in one case) and then using the underground water to grow alfalfa to export back to their country. Seems they depleted all the water in their desert, now they are taking ours, apparently with the blessings of the various governments. Is this totally crazy or what?? I do wonder if there will be anything left by the time I retire in 4 or 5 years. On another note, great post Sue. Do you read the comic Mutts? He always does Shelter stories for awhile and the little dog he featured was the story of Reggie!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Terri,

      No, I’m not familiar with Mutts. I’ll have to look it up since it features Reggie. 🙂

  46. Shirlene (Huntington Beach, Ca) says:

    Hi Sue, I am home from Boise…well, I am a California girl, born and raised, so you know that I don’t do well in the cold…68 degrees in the house is just not my cup of tea…if it is not near 74 degrees, I get uncomfortable…So all week I was a little chilly, but not so much that we did not have a great time out and about..mixing with Idahoians…it was beautiful there, family time was great, as a lot of my Son-In-Laws family have moved there…on football Sunday, it felt like a Sunday back in California, football, dip, chips, pizza, beer (I don’t drink) and Pumpkin pie for desert…what a great send off…I think I could live there if I had my own heater (ha!). I see why you move to stay above 40 degrees. Is that day temperatures or night time temperatures? I would move even if it was nightime temperatures. Now that I am back in town I want to take more time to spend in my has been parked for 2 weeks at the R dealership and I have things to move in there. I also want to take it to the beach…I think I am going to have to put on my big girl panties and drive it down to the beach. Lucky for me only about 15 minutes away. I hope you and the pups are staying warm and happy…I am at least warm again! It was even cold on the plane trip back…I guess I am just thin skinned…I think I am going to have to toughen up, huh.

    Hi Weather! 🙂

    Hi All Blogorinos, I missed you all. DG…sounds like you are living under that lucky star again! Best wishes for you to get the job you want!

    Tata for now 🙂

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Great comment, Shirlene! Fun to read … I felt like I was in Idaho eating chips and dips with the game on!

      We move to stay out of overnight lows of below 40 degrees. I don’t always accomplish that though!

      Yes, step into those Bridget Jones undies and drive your new home to the beach! 🙂 Stay warm, be happy, and roll on!

    • weather says:

      Hi Shirlene! 🙂

  47. Cinandjules (NY) says:

    In honor for your service many restaurants have free meals for active, reserve and retired military on Veterans Day. The list is 10 pages long…too many to name. Family members will also get a discount.

    Here is a link:

    It’s a way of thanking those who served…enjoy your meal! My dad did this last year with his friends.

    Thank you for your service.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      And thank you for posting the link on my blog, Cinandjules. Would you be so kind to put it under the next post? I hate for it to be overlooked.

    • Pookie in SE Texas says:

      AMEN!………I have a son just retired from the Navy after 25 years…..
      only saw one tour of duty in a war zone during the first gulf war but
      we were very uneasy about him being on a mine sweeper ship…
      thanks to all our veterans….

  48. rvsueandcrew says:

    Hi, blogorinos!

    Thanks for all the comments. Another post is coming soon!

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