Clearing the way for big change!

Sunday, November 18, (continued) at home in Arizona

Dennis arrives and gets right to work!

He was delayed for an important reason.  His wife needed him to take the children somewhere and, with Dennis, family comes first.  That’s the way it should be, and he knows I want him to keep those priorities.

The neighbor’s mesquite tree has several branches that reach over our property.  Dennis uses his electric saw to trim them back.

He rakes the fence line free of weeds until he reaches the big tangle in the photo below. The rabbit brush has grown so big that Dennis picks up his electric saw again to cut it down.

“I’m glad to see this mess taken out.  Roger likes to stick his nose in it and Lord knows what lives in there.”

As Dennis clears away the brush, these softball-size gourds or squash or whatever are revealed.

I remember seeing globes like these when we boondocked at Buenos Aires National Wildlife Refuge in southern Arizona.  I camped there in 2016 with Bridget and Reggie, and again last winter with Reggie and Roger.

Seems like ages ago . . . .

Dennis works until almost dark.

When he’s finished, the fence line is clear and two huge piles of brush and mesquite branches remain.

“I’ll come by with my pick-up and take all this to the transfer station,” Dennis says and then adds, “Unless you want the mesquite for burning.”

“No, I don’t want it.  You can have it though.”

“Oh, I have enough . . . .”

There’s no shortage of mesquite in southern Arizona!

Dennis plans to return next weekend.

He will pull out the old fence.  After that is completed, he will begin the installation of a privacy fence.

I can hardly wait to see how the fence will change the back yard!



Dennis says that Dewalt tools are the only brand he buys.  He likes their dependability and that they carry the label, “Made in the USA.”  I watched him trim the mesquite tree with ease using his Dewalt reciprocating saw.

When I trimmed the big mesquite tree (the one next to the Best Little Trailer), I used a hacksaw.  I got the job done but it took a lot of effort and time.

If you prefer an easier method to cut branches and brush or, if you know someone who would like to receive a saw as a gift, the link below takes you to the cordless version at Amazon:

DEWALT DCS367P1 20V Max XR Brushless Compact Reciprocating Saw, 5.0 Ah

~ ~ ~


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91 Responses to Clearing the way for big change!

  1. Pauline in Mississippi says:

    Am I first? Or close??

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Yes, you’re first! YAY FOR MY SISTER PAULINE!

      You’re also close (to me)…. 🙂

      Love you!

    • Pauline in Mississippi says:

      WOW!!! I think I am first!!! And I read your post before I posted!! Glad to see that jungle is being cleared out. I always am leary of what may be living in stuff like that. Dennis sounds like a good man!!!
      Hugs to you and the crew.

  2. Mf says:

    Looks like you’re first, all right!

  3. Pat in Rochester says:

    Glad to see that brush cleared. I know what you mean about what could be living in there. And how great to have a friend like Dennis.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Pat!

      “And how great to have a friend like Dennis.” So true! I am grateful.

      It would be fun to read stories from blogorinos about a friend for whom they are grateful. Thanks for the idea!

      • Pat in Rochester says:

        Ok! Here’s mine: When I was a kid I got into poison ivy and ended up coated in rash. It was terrible. I was a bloated, itching, mess. Needless to say I’m scared of anything with 3 leaves. When I bought my house five years ago I discovered some questionable ivy around the back fence. I posted some pics of the stuff on Facebook, mainly to whine about it. But didn’t my friend Darryl show up with a protective suit, gardening tools, and disposal supplies. He dug out all the questionable stuff (and I still don’t know if it was poison ivy or not) and took care of every aspect of the project. AND, his wife, who is quite allergic to the stuff, waited patiently in their truck in my driveway the whole time. I mean, if he had any of the oil on anything he brought home, she would have broken out in a rash. I am still so grateful to both of them.

      • Lucy says:

        Hi RVSue ! Truth be said, friends are a blessing. Being wondering about those large gourds… they look more like squash or melons’ cousins, it will be interesting to investigate if they are possibly eatable, just a thought. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your boys. My regards: Lucy.

  4. Diannn in MT says:

    Excellent man! You seem to run into the most upright guys to help you out! Life is spectacular because of all the wonderful folks in it! So…
    Gratitude for all the folks who help their neighbors out. Who go the distance to improve someone’s life!
    Happy Thanksgiving, Sue and Crew!

  5. rvsueandcrew says:

    Hi, Blogorinos!

    In the spirit of Thanksgiving . . . .

    How about you? Do you have a friend you’d like to tell us about? (No full names please). How did you meet? How long have you been friends? Why are you grateful for this friend?

  6. Elizabeth says:

    So glad you have gotten rid of that brush…one can never be too careful in snake country!!

    Well, Sue, last year I lost my dear friends Gitte and Sandy. But I still have Carol. Carol has been my dear friend since about 1987…some years we have had more contact than others…in recent years as we have gone through some deep waters, and still are, she is in closer contact. We moved from her town in 2000…but real friends will still find ways to stay in contact!! And now I have my 2 daughters who stay in close contact too. My only wish is that eventually both daughters will live closeby, instead of a continent apart. We and our NC daughter have been having a great time at our waterside rental and soon the other daughter and her kids join us for the holidays. We have never done something like this…and it is costing us plenty…but I do not think any of us will ever regret having done so. And of course, we have hopes that ONE DAY maybe the rest of our little family will be of a mind to join us someplace too. One has to live with hope right?

    I wish you the best too, Sue…I am sure this has been a tough time. In the last 3 years, both daughters and we have gone through some difficult betrayals…but we still have each other…and a few loyal friends. You have those who love you, too…though like me, I know some are far away. Who knows, maybe in time, you will feel ensconced where you are there and be with those who will prove to be very loyal long lasting friends too!! And one can never underestimate the value of a close friend made over the internet either. It does happen…and I think here on your blog are quite a few who value others and relationships as well!!

  7. Dawn in NC says:

    Hi Sue. Gosh, what a treasure Dennis is. I am bummed that one of my friends is moving out of town. Although I am practically old enough to be his mother, Owen is a real gem. We started out as movie buddies. Then, when he knew I needed help, came over and trimmed some really tall bushes for me. At one point, he had one foot on the ladder, one on the fence and was hacking away at the bushes! I am really going to miss him!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Owen does sound like a treasure. No wonder you anticipate missing him!

      I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving, Dawn. Thank you for your frequent comments on my blog. I appreciate what you share here.

  8. For years my wooden backyard fence kept blowing down during monsoon. Finally I had a block fence installed & I love it although it does give off heat in summer. The privacy is fantastic. I want a front yard fence but haven’t done that yet. Maybe next year I’ll have that done. Can’t wait to see how your back yard turns out.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Rita,

      I’m excited about the fence. Dennis called and said the materials will be delivered on Friday. Yippee!

      Have an enjoyable Thanksgiving, whatever you do! I’m thankful for you and all you share here. 🙂

  9. Kathy N from MI says:

    Hi Sue! I could not resist the urge to chime in on good friends. It is a bit more difficult as I have gotten older to find new friends, but several years ago I met a wonderful person (Pat) who has become so dear to me. I have been ill lately and she keeps showing up for us to go to lunch, to say Hi, and ask how I am doing. It is such a blessing.
    I wish that for everyone… And a happy thanksgiving

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Feel better soon, Kathy. Thank you for writing about your friend, Pat, and for the Thanksgiving wish. I hope you are able to enjoy the holiday. 🙂

  10. ReneeG from Idaho says:

    Sue, what a blessing Dennis is! Not too many would be willing to do hard, dirty work like that.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  11. chas anderson says:

    I have two lifelong buddies who I have known since birth (I am 67)I went back East to have lunch with them.The day before I received some documents from genealogical research that I was doing.Turned out that the Great Great Grandfather of one had signed an affidavit testifying that he served with my GG Grandfather for my GG Grandfathers civil war pension.The great great Grandfather of the other one was the surveyor of our original family farm deed after the civil war.Neither of us knew that our
    GG Grandfathers were buddies and to find out the day before we met for the first time in years was karma for which I am thankful.

  12. Peggy says:

    We found some of those melon looking things in southern New Mexico last winter. Research and with the help of a Ranger, we identified them as “buffalo gourds”.

    We have an assortment of battery operated DeWalt tools – small shop vac, leaf blower and assorted other tools my husband uses in his extensive workshop, and they’re all fantastic! Very dependable and well made.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Thank you for the link, Peggy. I couldn’t remember the name of those gourds from when we talked about them last winter.

      Have an enjoyable Thanksgiving!

  13. Columbus Calvin says:

    Thanks to Peggy for identifying the buffalo gourds. I’d have driven myself out of my gourd (grin) trying to figure out what they were.

    I’m not sure I can talk about “a” friend. I have broad and deep blessings in that field. Of course, 12-step recovery has a lot to do with that, but so do many miles of hitchhiking and a generally “rough” life before recovery. I am confident in my ability to spot dangerous people and those with severe dysfunctions; that leaves me able to see the many great people around me.

    I have one friend from older and wilder days. We have a “rule” that either of us might show up on the other’s doorstep at any time. He’s as solid as the day is long, and we’ve been through many adventures together and separately. The last I heard, he was full-timing in a travel trailer around Phoenix.

    I’ve also made friends with my siblings, two in particular. We’re not as close as the Brady Bunch (who are fictional), but we’re real and reliable friends.

    My friends in recovery are more than I can talk about in a short format. It’s enough to say that a person is blessed who has one person they can tell anything about themselves, and I have more than one.

  14. Cat Lady at home in Baton Rouge says:

    Happy Thanksgiving, Sue and fellow blogerinos. Hope you and your have a wonderful get together. Since my brother/sister-in-law, parents, and in-laws are gone and our only child and her hubby are on-the-road full-timing, Thanksgiving is just another day for us and we don’t do much of anything. That’s alright.

    I’m having back surgery Friday so please remember me in your prayers. I’m hoping that I’ll be able to get back on the road around March.

    Hugs to the fur babies.

  15. Suzicruzi says:

    Happy Thanksgiving to all!

    Sue, I really liked that mirror you found thrifting. You have an eye! I hope you and the doggies are well, and maybe will throw some treat in the oven for yourselves that will make you 3 feel like it’s a special day.

    I feel nothing but gratitude for this blog and all the blogerinos. It’s a fine place to come to for stories and sincere advice. Sue, You’ve really grown a fine community here. Cheers everyone!


  16. Denise - Richmond VA says:

    Sending Happy Thanksgiving wishes to all!

    Hi, Sue,

    Your friend Dennis is another one of your treasures! It is so nice that your paths have crossed. You now have a handful of local friends who can help you or can refer you to a trusted tradesperson.

    The rear privacy fence will enclose your little piece of paradise, blocking the eyesore of the neighbor’s unkempt yard. You will alomost forget that it is even there! 🙂

    I hope you enjoy your Thanksgiving, Sue. I had planned to host dinner this year, but my family cannot make it. Very disappointed, but that is how it is. So, on to Plan B. I will be meeting a friend for turkey dinner at Cracker Barrel. We will have an enjoyable meal together. 🙂 Sending you, Reggie, and Roger lots of love and hugs from me and Gracie pup! We are thankful for you and the wonderful blogorino family that you have created! xo 🙂

    • Elizabeth says:

      So sorry about the plans not working out, Denise…glad you will be with a friend and one can usually count on yummy stuff at Cracker Barrel. Hope you have a good Thanksgiving anyway!! Sending hugs your way!!

      • Denise - Richmond VA says:

        Thank you, Elizabeth! **Hugs** back attcha!! 🙂

        Enjoy having your two daughters and their families all under one roof for Thanksgiving! Have fun making good memories! 🙂

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Thank you for that sweet message, Denise. I wish you and Gracie pup a wonderful holiday!

  17. Mr. ed says:

    The gourds,,, save as much stem on them as you can hang them from the fence or a tree and let them dry out. Native Indians used to use them in their native ceremonies as rattles over time they’ll turn brown

  18. Barbara (Nashville) says:

    So glad Dennis could help you with this, Sue. Brush cleaning is a hard job. Since my 2 best friends and my family are in the Cincinnati area, I rely on my neighbors, who I consider friends. One of my neighbors is also one of my closest friends and confidant. She travels quite a bit, so while she is gone I check on her house, watch for deliveries and put them inside, collect her mail, and put out her trash.
    In return she brings us meals occasionally, keeps and walks Angel if necessary, like when workmen run in and out of the house, or we have medical issues. She also takes and picks me up at the hospital if I need her as when I had to have my stents put in. I had another neighbor who did the hospital runs, but she has dementia and is a nursing home. I take her to hair appointments occasionally. Even the divorced men on either side of me help out when I need them. Think it makes them feel needed. haha! I am ever so thankful for all of them. Our community is about 75/25% older folks, so we all help each other. We share handymen, landscapers, etc. Referrals are big in my neighborhood.

    • Denise - Richmond VA says:

      Hi, Barbara,

      It sounds like you live in a wonderful neighborhood where many folks look out for each other. That is a blessing. Hope you and your husband enjoy Thanksgiving! 🙂

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      I’m glad you have good friends, Barbara. Thank you for all you add to my blog throughout the year. Wishing you a happy Thanksgiving!

  19. dgreensOTR says:

    When I was boy in Albuquerque, we would go out on the mesa and collect gourds like those and make jack-o-lanterns out of them. Since the gourds are only softball sized, we’d get birthday candles and cut off part of the bottoms to shorten them to get them to fit inside.

  20. Cynthia in San Clemente says:

    I tried posting to your post from yesterday but the “captcha” thing didn’t like me for some reason. I was going to say (when Dennis hadn’t showed up yet) that he sounds like a nice guy. Now that he’s shown up and done all that work I’m saying he is definitely a nice guy. What a blessing to know someone like that who is dependable and willing to lend a hand.

    It cracks me up that Roger was leading Dennis up the street and back to his house, like “Hey Mister, you have my bro in that car and you had better take him home or I’ll get Sue to give you a piece of her mind!”

    I like the grape vine/beveled mirror too. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything like that, with canvas around a mirror. I think it would be lovely hanging over a little bar, with a couple of bottles of wine below it (you know … grapes …. wine !!)

    It’s cooling down quite a bit here in So Cal, which is such a relief from all the fire danger. It’s supposed to rain the day before or on Thanksgiving – I sure hope so!!! If you don’t post again before Thursday, I hope you and all the blogarinos have a wonderful, blessed day. Can’t wait to see the backyard when it has been tamed a little!

  21. AZ Jim says:

    Happy Thanksgiving Missy, the boys and all our fellow Blogorinos. Detta and I will have our Granddaughter and Hubby plus one of our beautiful great Granddaughters from California to share our little dinner. We hope you all have a wonderful day…

  22. Rover Ronda says:

    Hi Sue,
    I know what you mean. I want to be able to see all the ground in our dogs yard too. I’m glad you’re getting help getting it cleared out. That is a nice saw Dennis has.

  23. Linda in Ky. says:

    Hello Sue. My 5 sisters are my best friends. Every year now for 24 years, we have taken an annual “sisters trip” together in June. We used to take our mother with us too, until her passing at age 87. We sure miss her! I wish you and all your blogorinos a Blessed Thanksgiving. Linda

  24. Geri from the FL panhandle says:

    I can’t wait to see if all cleaned up and with a new fence! Dennis has been a blessing! Looks like a good hiding place for snakes and creepy critters to hide out!
    Wishing you a happy thanksgiving! Chuck and I didn’t even buy a turkey this year. Turkey sandwiches … No muss, no fuss! Grin! Love you! Hug the terrible twosome from us! 😂😂😂

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Happy Thanksgiving, Geri, Chuck, Radar and Tater! No special turkey dinner here either. We eat turkey throughout the year. 🙂

  25. rvsueandcrew says:


    Thank you for sharing your thoughts on my blog. I imagine many of you are busy today preparing for tomorrow. Perhaps you’re traveling to spend the holiday with family.

    Message to those in charge of the turkey: The best turkey I ever served still had the package of giblets in the neck cavity. My mistake was discovered in the middle of the meal and gave us all a good laugh. Be assured that perfection is not necessary for a successful holiday dinner. 🙂

    Be safe, be well, be happy in thankfulness,
    God bless you,

    • Denise - Richmond VA says:

      Sending lots of love and hugs for you and your boys, from me and Gracie pup!

    • Elizabeth says:

      Haha Sue…such things have happened to us all!! Have good food tomorrow…hope you find all you love to eat!!

  26. Harriet says:

    I have been following you for a long time but I guess I am just a blogstalker LOL I have had a lot of wonderful friends come in and out of my life. My best friend has grown old with me. We met in our early twenties at the gym. Working out every day and talking about the men in our lives. She was single, me married. We had almost identical family experiences growing up and instantly felt like we had known each other forever. Fast forward 45 years later and she is my sister from another mister. We live in different states now but still see each other as often as we can and talk all the time. I know that if I need her she will be there and she knows the same about me. Even my children, who have known her all their lives, speak of her as part of the family. Friends are truly one of life’s treasures. If God blesses you with that kind of friendship, cherish it. Happy Thanksgiving

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Thank you, Harriet, for the Thanksgiving wish and for telling us about your friendship. Have a wonderful holiday!

  27. weather says:

    Gotta luv a guy that puts family first! Despite running late Dennis got a lot done. I like that he cleans as he goes rather than leaving a huge mess around, too. I’m excited about your having a privacy fence installed in that part of your yard. It’s nice to wave at and talk to neighbors sometimes, still it will be nice not to have the unkempt, unoccupied property ruining your view. Also, there may be times and reasons a bit of privacy is nice to have.

    “Seems like ages ago…” , sigh…it really does, Sue. I guess it’s not only because time has passed, it’s how different your life is today than it was when you were camping at that refuge. At least, in my experience, every change somehow makes the past seem more distant. What a blessing it is for us to have had some many kinds of experiences in our lives.

    One of those is having the friend I’ve decided to write about. It’s been on my mind since I first saw this post yesterday. By this morning I realized why felt no peace about my initial choices. Created-only beings cannot reach perfection as a friend the way God has, yet this isn’t the place to say all that topic includes. And people, whether family or other loved ones, might feel hurt if I chose someone other than them to focus on. So-o, when upon awakening I saw Kyla curled up at the foot of my bed, I thought, “Perfect, she truly is a wonderful friend to me 🙂 !”

    We met 15 years ago at the home of a co-worker who had agreed to give her to me. She hadn’t had an easy first year of her life there, which helped her not miss that place and enjoy ours right away. Of all the animals I’ve had throughout life, she became attached to me the most quickly, and I felt the same way. It would take pages to list reasons why I’m grateful for her, for now I’ll mention these.

    Whenever I come back inside (even if I only stepped into the yard for a few minutes) she runs to greet me, all happy and wanting to exchange affection. She does that often during each day and night, too, either coming to find me or calling me to wherever she is. When I sometimes took a short trip without my husband he told me she wasn’t unhappy while I was away, she is just an affectionate creature that loves easily.

    A big reason I’m grateful is that she been with me through thick and thin, during times we needed each other’s warmth and friendship, whether to console each other or to celebrate happy times. Not everyone believes animals understand people, I do, though. So I often thank her for staying with me for as long she has. There have been many times when she was outside and could have left had she wanted to. Instead she would explore a bit then come inside purring from gladness over being home with me.

    • Denise - Richmond VA says:

      Oh, weather, what a special bond you have with your little Kyla. It is wonderful to have that ever present love, in the package of a snuggly warm animal. They ask nothing of us, but give so much. I am glad that Kyla found her loving forever home with you and your husband.

      I tell Gracie pup several times a day how much I love her, and how lucky I am to have such a good girl. She is my little ray of sunshine. Always happy to see me, comfort me, and give sweet little kisses. I sing to her, “Gracie says, I love mommy, mommy loves me, we are a little family.” Love that little pup!

      Enjoy your Thanksgiving! **hugs**

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Kyla deserves this recognition! 🙂

      Thank you, weather, for sharing what it is like to have such a devoted friend. Have a very pleasant Thanksgiving, whatever you do!

    • Elizabeth says:

      I have had quite a few dogs and all of them more loyal than most humans. Tis a fact. But the good dogs were created to be that for us I think…a kind of angel with fur. Glad you have an animal that loves you well!! (Not all of mine have…funny thing, they indeed have personalities and preferences too). Our last one was beyond wonderful!! We all still talk of her…we already have this holiday time…it has been almost 8 years now since she passed. Your pet sounds like one of those!! Blessings on your holiday too…at least have some yummy food.

    • weather says:

      Thank you, ladies, for replying and understanding. We all have so much to be grateful for. May this day be another wonderful reason we find ourselves giving thanks !

  28. Jean in Southaven, says:

    Hope your Thanksgiving is fun and happy. We are going to a local restaurant for lunch and home to sleep it off the rest of the day. I will have Thanksgiving get togethers with my daughter and family on Sunday and Thanksgiving with my son and family on Saturday. We have all decided that turkey is too much so we are having Mexican with my daughter and I don’t know with my son. I am letting him and his wife decide, I am just showing up. So nice. I am glad you are getting the brush cleared at you property. I am looking for a Dennis to help me clean up my back property too. It is worse than yours with honeysuckle and Johnson grass and some kind of tree that is actually a weed taking it over. It is cold here in Southaven, but beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

  29. Cynthia in San Clemente says:

    Sue, I just read your reply about the turkey you cooked with giblets inside. It would be fun to do a post where everyone “tells all” about their biggest Thanksgiving disaster. I’m sure we’ve all had one (or two)!!

    This year, I’m giving thanks, not only for what God has given me, but for what he has kept from me – fire, flood, tornadoes, earthquakes. So many are “without” this year; I’m grateful for so many blessings, including your blog and the friendship and sharing by all the blogorinos here.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Thank you for another thoughtful and kind comment, Cynthia. You are a blessing to me, along with all the blogorinos.

      We have much for which to be thankful. That’s more apparent than ever when we see the suffering of others. Wishing you a pleasant Thanksgiving…. and thanks for the suggestion!

  30. Cynthia in San Clemente says:

    Just beautiful, Weather. I don’t think it demeans or minimizes God to say that animals, especially our domesticated dogs and cats, show us a glimpse of who God is. They are loving, forgiving, and grateful. But mostly, they are willing to extend grace when we fail them. ‘Nuff said.

  31. Woohoo!! How wonderful to get it all cleaned up. Good way to prepare for a new year.

  32. Toni says:

    Happy Thanksgiving Sue and crew from the bitterly cold New Hampshire. 3 degrees!

  33. Deena in Phoenix says:

    I’ve many stories about friends and family that could have the title of “And how great to have a friend like Dennis.”. But the one that taught me 1st of how great a friend could be was Marie. Our Dads were stationed at Torrejon AFB, Madrid, Spain…1962…she was 15, I 14. Because I was returning to the States earlier than my family to start high school, Marie was helping me decide what to pack from my teenage collection of “stuff”. I was very emotional as I didn’t want to leave my brothers and sisters (who would take of them better than I? ah, the angst). Four years before I had been given a box of paper dolls of the queen and princesses of the world, it is a beautiful collection but I wasn’t into paperdolls so I only looked at them occasionally. Peggy, age 7, was on the bed “touching” the beautiful ladies…well, I yelled at her and off she ran crying…I cried because I had upset her on my last day with the family. Marie and I finished packing, unbeknown to me, she signed my scrapbook, leaving little messages throughout…we said goodbye…I left the next day.
    At my Grandparents home, Grandmother was looking through my scrapbook and picture albums…later at dinner she asked if I was interested in paperdolls, “huh, what about paper dolls?” “You’ll see someday”, she said. I was very homesick for my family, GM suggested that it might help to tell them about the family pictures…Lo and behold…found Marie writings, one was “we all love you, maybe you should remember that love and the paperdolls want to be loved and played with by someone and that Peggy might be a better caregiver to them”…well, I’m a thinker so I mulled that thought over, finally decided mailing them to Peggy for her birthday would be the right thing to do…Peggy kept everything every given her and she played with those paperdolls many a year, she loving gave to her daughter at 8 and Peggy’s son and daughter will give them to Peggy’s granddaughter at 8.
    Oh yeah, Marie and I are still penpalling, she knows that I learned from her that day and it made me a better person for the teaching (she became a kindergarten teacher) and that I am thankful for her friendship these many years.

    I am thankful for you and your blogorinos!

    Happy Thanksgiving.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      A beautiful story, Deena. Thank you for sharing the wisdom it conveys. Happy Thanksgiving to you, too!

    • Jean in Southaven, says:

      This is a wonderful story. I loved paper dolls when I was young. I never had any that was as amazing as these paper dolls sounded though. Hope you see this. It was writing after Sue and posted her Thanksgiving post.

  34. Terri in Tx., for now says:

    Lately I feel moved to pray for all those incredibly desperate people just
    On the other side of the border from us. I am grateful this day for food and a house to shelter in. So many don’t have that. I am grateful for my family, especially my hubby, AND my pets-my 9 yr. old dig and 19 yr old cat. And I do love reading all the stories here about other people. It takes you out of yourself! Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

  35. jazzlover says:

    Happy Thanksgiving Sue, Reggie and Roger. Attempted to do this last night but captcha said no, Grrr! Been behind with comments for previous blogs, will make up for that. You seem to find people that have the skills you need when you need them. Mike for the house and Dennis, who gets to the root of things, yes corny but couldn’t resist. Do you still make your favorite meal with the tortilla, salsa, refried beans and was it cheese? You always did it on your flat top grill when you were out boon docking with the boys. Love your thrift store finds specially the prices! It was always an adventure to see what neat things may be waiting for us to take them home.
    Hope you, Reggie and Roger have a very peaceful, sunny Thanksgiving your.first in your new home. Be Well.

  36. A Gal and a cat in FL says:

    I too have much to be thankful for. Family for one and health. Even though at my age family is slimmed down quite a bit. Time with them is precious. I too have a purring family member who loves me as much as I him. He travels this country with me for months on end, always accepting of wherever we are, whatever happens. At home in Fl for winter, he too greets me with a small chirp when I come back even from the mailbox. Always sleeps close to me, is in the same room with me, wherever I am. Sick? He’s right there. How he knows I don’t know but he does. I too am grateful for the 13 yrs I have had this wonderful old guy. If I could post a pic I would but you could not be able to see his heart and soul. I see and feel it every day.
    Love this blog and the kind folks on it. Have followed for a couple yrs, cried at the sad parts and laughed at the funnies. Sue, you are magic and so happy for you.

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