“Hand it over, scalawag!”

Wow!  RVSue writes a post on this blog!  Finally!

~ ~ ~

Often I find it difficult to start writing.  

When that happens, I have to jump right into it without much of an intro.  So here goes . . .

I buy Roger and Reggie bones from the pet department in order to provide them with chewing exercise.

And what do they do?

Chew on sticks instead!

The crew and I follow a morning routine.

It’s a three-act play written and directed by Reggie and Roger.  Here’s the plot line:  Reggie wakes me up with kisses, then rousts a dopey Roger out of the doggie bed with nibboes to his neck.

I shuffle down the hall and through the kitchen to open the back door.

Roger is alert now. He and Reggie charge outside to defend our home against trespassers and to go potty.  I hit the bathroom, shuffle back to the kitchen, put on the coffee, and set up the crew’s breakfast plates.

I peek out the front door and smile.

Yep, soon it will be another sunny day in Arizona!

While the boys eat breakfast, I go online to check that the blog is okay.

Soon, here come the boys.  They race through the empty house to the back bedroom where I am with the computer.

Roger interrupts to thank me for breakfast. Then the three of us go out to the front porch.

Sitting on the porch in early sunbeams with a cup of coffee — That’s my quiet time.

 Reggie and Roger love this part of our daily routine.

Assured that all is right with me and with their world in general, they break into joyful play.  When the happiness is especially strong, this includes chasing each other around the house with glee.

Okay, that’s the routine.  I tell you all this for a reason which will become apparent later in this post.

~ ~ ~

I’ve never been a person to wear gloves.

I mean the kind of gloves that protect one’s hands.  I couldn’t be bothered with them, not for gardening, not even for dumping tanks. Part of the reason for no gloves is I don’t have a need to protect long, smooth, tapered fingers with perfectly shaped nails.

My hands are small and freckled, my fingers stubby and blunt-tipped.

When young, oh, how I wished for pretty hands!  In time I learned to love my hands.  Sure, they’re small and not very strong, but they’ve proven to be hands sufficient for my life.

As I’m in my 70th year . . .

I marvel at these hands that were given to me.  These little hands with little bones and muscle, they still work!  And, best of all, better than all the pretty-hand compliments in the world, THEY DON’T HURT ME!

No swollen joints, no arthritis, no pain, thank God.

Anyway, to get to my point . . . 

I’m an Arizona resident.  Stuff that grows here has attitude.

Big attitude.

You don’t mess with it without protection. I search and find gloves that fit my small, short-fingered hands perfectly.

I mean, they fit like . . . like . . . like a glove!

I love wearing them.

~ ~ ~

Back to the morning routine.

Today I break routine by staying too long at the computer.  The crew cannot allow this! Roger hops, his nails clicking on the tile.  Reggie stands firm and executes The Stare.

Translation:  “Hey!  It’s time to go out on the porch with us!”

“Hang on a minute, guys.”  (I keep on reading blogorino comments, ignoring them.)

Reggie and Roger:  

Hmm . . . What can we do to get RVSue off her butt and out on the front porch with us, where she’s supposed to be?

As if synchronized by an unseen force, they turn, run down the tiled hall, skid into a slide as they turn for the kitchen, and shoot out the back door.  Around the outside of the house they go to the front porch.

On the porch are my new gloves.

I left them there yesterday after working on the flower bed.

Roger grabs one of the gloves.  He and Reggie run around the house, fly in through the back door, race and slide down the hall, skidding to a stop in front of me.  Roger’s mouth is full.  Reggie looks like he’s laughing.

“My GLOVE!  You scalawags!”

I laugh as they lead me on a chase, out of the bedroom, down the hall, out the back door, around the house, and up the steps to the front porch.

Like I say, they’re the directors of this play.

~ ~ ~

The birds in our yard like to perch on the yucca.

I watch them from the porch.  They stick their beaks into the blossoms . . . English sparrows, house finches, and a hummingbird!

In other news . . . 

A few days ago my sister Nancy emails that she ordered a refrigerator for us.  It will arrive at the house tomorrow!


Did you know . . .

The etymology of the word “scalawag?”

According to www.etymonline.com:

“also scallawag, “disreputable fellow,” 1848, American English, originally in trade union jargon, of uncertain origin; perhaps an alteration (by influence of wag “habitual joker”) of Scottish scallag “farm servant, rustic,” itself an alteration of Scalloway, one of the Shetland Islands, with the reference being to little Shetland ponies (an early recorded sense of scalawag was “undersized or worthless animal,” 1854).  In U.S. history, used from 1862 as a derogatory term for anti-Confederate native white Southerners.”

Whew!  I should’ve called the crew “rascals” instead. — Sue


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85 Responses to “Hand it over, scalawag!”

  1. Dawn in Michigan says:

    Katie steals gloves too.

  2. Sherry says:

    This was incredibly entertaining. Thanks so much. It made my day.

    • Well, I read the post and it’s great Sue as always along with the photos, got me laffen out loud along with excitement of my eye sight, literally I just need the lower part of my bi-focals to see and read on this tablet only, as far as everything else I don’t need glasses to see or function on this Ol’ man’ journey through life now, not even to drive,, WOW, these folks at the Louaville VAMC are great in taking real good care of their Veterans and of course all the folks of your Blog in prayers, I thank you all,,,,,, now back to your regular channel,,,,, LOL,,,,,,,,, HAVE A GREATDAY, whoops sorry on the caps, I’m so excited, have A great day Sue and allll,,,,,,,,,,, 🐾👣👣

      • Geri in the FL panhandle! says:

        So glad to hear the eye surgery was a success!

      • Gloria in Prescott, Az. says:

        Rusty: Wonderful!! Good vision helps make life exciting.
        Sue: Yes, I was one of those who didn’t wear gloves for years. Would get started on a project and just didn’t think about putting any on but I finally got smart.
        I refuse to put thorns in my yard. It takes the fun out of gardening. Am really enjoying my “Desert Bird of Paradise” in full bloom right now.
        Sounds like Nancy is getting excited about moving.
        I thoroughly enjoyed this post. You have such command of the English Language along with your creativity.

        • Gloria in Prescott, Az. says:

          I lied. I’ve got “Thornless” Black Berry Bushes. The mail order catalog lied too. They have thorns about the length of my raspberries but they aren’t a problem using gloves to cut out the canes. The raspberries are just starting to get ripe. Oh Joy! Last year the most exciting gift my 3 year old granddaughter got from me was a plastic bowl of raspberries. How her eyes lit up when she opened the lid.
          My Tribute Strawberries are doing wonderful. I can’t recommend them enough.

      • Krystina McMorrow says:

        Oh Happy Day Rusty!!! I had that surgery too and could NOT believe how well I could see afterward…NO CONTACTS!! Also, just love your train set up. I can see you puttering out there every day. 🙂

      • Dawn in Michigan says:

        Very happy for you Rusty!

      • Denise - Richmond VA says:

        Hi, Rusty,

        I am so happy to hear that you are doing well after your surgery. Prayers answered! Give Miss Piper a pat for me. 🙂

  3. Judy in East Texas says:

    RVSue and crew, what little rascals they are. I would have loved to been a fly on the wall when they came with this plan and executed perfectly.

    Have a wonderful day and stay safe out there my friend, Judy

  4. Columbus Calvin says:

    Our dogs never thought of that trick. Then again, they never needed it. They got attention easily. I’m glad Reggie and Roger know how to get you to do the important things in life.

  5. Terry says:

    LOVED IT!!! ps Thanks to all for the well wishes at the loss of my little Beau. It hurts beyond words. But your kind words do help. Terry from the Midwest.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Thanks for checking in here, Terry. These are the toughest days but you’ll get through it. God bless you.

    • Terry, we had a pug named Tater. She loved to play but was real skittish of sudden movement or noise. While out on a walk, a big dog barked, Tater slipped her harness and ran into the street and got hit my a semi-truck. We grieved so much for Tater because it was such an unexpected death. One minute she was here and the next minute gone. Anyway, 4 days later, my son was in the park still upset over Tater when right at the place where Taters was hit, a big flash of light lit up the skies at 9 p.m. at night. My son said he could see clearly every house nearby the flash of flight was so bright and intense. We believe Tater said her final goodbye by the light display. It’s the only explanation we could come up with to justify the brilliant flash of light. Apparently, we were not the only ones who saw it because someone reported it to the city and it appeared in the paper. The city had no explanation.

      • Lauri C says:

        I’m sorry for such a horrific loss. That is an unexpected shock! It’s NEVER easy to lose a soul mate like our pups are to us. I hope that was long ago and easier to bear now.

      • Terry says:

        Rita Thank you for sharing your story about Tator. I know that many if not most of RVSue’s blog friends have and love their pets and my sadness resonates with you. Sue we love R&R and you. Your stories are more than lovely stories they bring so much joy and offer opportunities to support each other. You all don’t know how much you kindnesses have meant to me Terry

  6. Dawn in NC says:

    Bravo! Bravo!! What a great ending to the three act play. The drama and action are priceless! Does Reggie still jump on your head in the mornings, or does he now only use kisses? I love the glove stealing action! It reminds me of one of my deceased cats, Dante. Once, when he was young, he was frustrated by the fact that I was in the bathtub and not paying adequate attention to His Royal Highness. So, he jimmies open the door to the medicine cabinet, looks directly at me and proceeds to take his paw and dump everything on the shelves of the cabinet to the floor! The little RASCAL! He always did make me laugh. Glad that your little ones make you laugh too!

  7. Such a fun post! I on the edge of my seat with the glove story thinking it would be destroyed but worried for naught. Such a good boy! And I know how you feel about hands and gloves. I have the worst nails and never worry about ruining them (now my toenails are a different story; they are kept prettily painted since they are my best feature) but did find a mismatched pair of leather gloves at a garage sale for $1 so at least I have something for when I mow the lawn–well, weeds anyway.

    I know many of your readers live or travel in the SW so I have a new book to recommend to those wanting more information about AZ/NM travel. “RoadTrip America’s Arizona and New Mexico: 25 Scenic Side Trips” by Rick Quinn is a terrific guide. The format is easy-to-read and it also has beautiful photos and detailed maps. It’s definitely a book to own or ask your local library to purchase it if they haven’t already. I wished I had had a copy when we were touring Arizona.


  8. Susan in Dallas says:

    Wow, “scalawag” – haven’t heard that word in a long time. I believe my Mom might have used it in reference to my brother and me at some point in our childhood.

  9. Renee G says:

    I love how happy our dogs are in the morning too! Full of energy. One is definitely a morning “person” and the other is an all day kind of “person”, always happy.

  10. Linda Mary Soaft says:

    You inspire me! I didn’t know your age and I am in my 70th year too. I’ve been wanting to hook up my SCAMP Ladybug and travel around the west and NP’s. I’ve been scared however since I haven’t done anything since 2016 & have lost my confidence to do so on my own. I like your blogs for many reasons but when I see your independence and abilities to problem solve and bounce back from troubles, as I said I’m inspired. Now you have a perfect home as well and you and your fur babies have begun another kind of journey. Enjoy and embrace the love from your Blogorinos. Keep on keeping on!!!

    • LeeJ in Northern California says:

      I wonder how old we are on here….I am 71. I was also inspired by Sue and started camping alone several years ago. My husband lost interest…..so..just do It! I make sure my AAA is paid, and yes they tow my truck and trailer, Casita, both….I figure I can ask for help just as well as a man, and fix many problems myself!
      Go have fun! And then share with Us!

    • Denise - Richmond VA says:

      Go for it, Linda! I hope you will share your adventure with us! Many of us are armchair travelers….some are dreaming about the day they can escape; others are not able to travel due to health issues. Fly, Ladybug, fly!! 🙂

  11. Deena in Phoenix says:

    Chuckles are in order for the the Little Scamps…great fun and so smart to get their Mom out to play…wonderful story telling and yes, AZ plants do have attitudes, LOL…keep some of the aloe around for burns and other minor mishaps.

    Take Care

  12. Pat in Bulverde, Tx says:

    Had a horse who would steal a glove, like a puppy. She was more of a pet. a little spoiled, and would come running when called. At the rainbow bridge now and in my memories.

  13. LeeJ in Northern California says:

    What a couple of nuts!
    Arlo always remembers from his puppyhood when he used to always steal my sister’s keys from her purse. She has a small pink poodle on her keychain…..now, my sister lives in Astoria Oregon, but visits each summer. Arlo goes for her purse and steals her keys as soon as she sits her purse on the floor….she is the only person who gets the ‘steal the keys’ treatment! Dogs! Love,them!

  14. milliehubbard says:

    Sue, did you find those gloves on Amazon? I ask because I too have hands suitable for “work”…actually I inherited my fathers hands, broad with short stubby fingers, as a girl I was not happy with my “man-hands” and big feet, but as an adult of the “mature” variety, I am ever grateful for the utility they provide. Strong, with no aches or pains….they have served me well. I can never find gloves to fit me, ladies gloves are too small and the fingers on men’s gloves are too long. It is a constant quest 🙂

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Millie,

      No, I didn’t order the gloves from Amazon because I needed them the same day. The brand is Miracle Gro ($9.99).

      For gloves I wouldn’t order online unless I had the gloves on my hands previously. The ones I have wouldn’t be good for you as you describe your hands as large, whereas mine are small.

      Good luck finding the ones that fit you!

      • Cinandjules 🌵 says:

        They make kids size gloves !

        • Cheryl in The Lower Thumb of MI says:

          That’s EXACTLY what I found @ True Value Hardware & they were inexpensive too! Win! Win!

      • milliehubbard says:

        My quest continues. Thank you for the brand name though, I’ll check at my local home center maybe a different size will work for me.

    • Millie, I have short stubby hands too. I bought my gloves from Big Lots in size small with mesh stretch tops…they stretch to fit my fat stubby hands. I also bought a couple of leather (size small) gloves from Big Lots also. I take it with me when I travel to change a tire, carry wood, bucket of water, etc. My hands may be short, fat, & stubby and work well but they are tender like women’s hands hence the gloves.

      • LeeJ in Northern California says:

        My short wide hands are not subject to aches and pains either despite being good tools for 71 years…… I wonder if there is a correlation ? I use gloves that have stretch backs with some sort of plastic coating on the palms and fingers, two years ago from Costco. The medium fit like a glove…lol…
        When I drive Meg I use leather driving gloves, better to grip the reins and keeps the sun off.

  15. Cynthia from San Clemente says:

    When you segued from the description of your morning routine to the discussion of your hands and gloves, I had an inkling where the story was headed …. R&R did not disappoint!!! They are indeed the directors of the play, so I guess that makes you the leading lady – LOL!!!

    I do love morning routines and quiet time. Since Sam has gotten older, he sleeps on his dog bed downstairs. When Lucy and I get up, we come downstairs and she licks the sleep out of his eyes (kind of gross, but sweet) while I make my coffee. Like R&R, they go outside and chase real or perceived threats and relieve themselves. I open the window so I can hear and watch the hummingbirds bathing in the fountain and then we all cuddle on the couch while I read my devotional. I can’t think of a better way to start the day!

  16. Stephanie Turner OR says:

    I love your stories Sue and all the blogorino comments. The people on your blog are the best. Congrats rusty on your great result. I wished I’d had cataracts when I was 40 as the surgery made my sight that much better. But certainly enjoying it now. And as for the R’s, they are characters. Toby likes to take one of my socks when I’m prepping for a walk to encourage me to move faster. Out the house, down the steps and to the furthest corner of our tiny yard. Always so proud of himself. I wished I had trained him to pick up his toys and my socks at the end of each day but alas, that seems to be my job. Enjoy your new frig. Starting to get downright homey!

  17. Karen LeMoine says:

    The next blog will be all about the grocery shopping to stock that fridge lol!So glad the adventure continues.What will Sue buy and what store does she favor? Thank you for continuing this amazing blog. Love that you share your life with us. BTW I’ll be 65 in December.

  18. Marcia GB in MA says:

    Laughing out loud at the scalawags’ antics! I, too, haven’t worn gloves while working in the yard but wintering in FL where nearly every flowering bush is prickly, I have had to change my ways! You are lucky to have good healthy hands! I’m a year older than you and have quite a bit of arthritis now. But I don’t let it stop me! I’m so glad you and the boys are enjoying your new home.

  19. Cinandjules🌵 says:

    Oh my gawd you had me laughing! Imagining the boys and their antics! How funny!
    Yes…it amazes me ALL plants in the desert have spikes…Nice gloves! We’re thinking one needs that Kevlar type that chefs use! Even with gloves on…them buggars find a way to poke their way thru!
    A fridge! Whooooooeeeeeee!
    Enjoy the day and your home! Thanks for the comical post!

  20. Pam and Maya, still in New York for 12 more days! says:

    My Mom always called us scallawags, it was cool to see where the word comes from. You always learn something new when you tune in to Sue and Crew!

  21. Columbus Calvin says:

    I didn’t manage to follow with my other comment.

  22. Sue, I love reading your blog. No matter what has happened that day or what mood I am in you, Reggie, and Roger always bring a smile to my face. Enjoy the new refrigerator

  23. Geri in the FL panhandle! says:

    Funny and happy post! 😊. Those two are certainly scallawags !!! But so much better to start the day chuckling rather than grumbling!
    We just had a nice visit with Chucks sister Patty Jo! Haven’t seen her since we got married almost 9 years ago! She lives in California.
    Can’t wait to hear all the news about the new fridge! Yay!
    Keep on with the happy days Sue! Listen to the boys, they know what’s important too! 💗

  24. suzicruzi from the 'Couve says:

    Love the post Sue! Love those two rascals of yours, and how they keep you on track and organized. Lol, our pets have a way of doing that, don’t they?

    22 days until signing escrow docs on the condo; 33 days before departing for Rice. Oh my!!

    “Have a good one” – all. Suzi 🙂

    • suzicruzi from the 'Couve says:

      Oh, I forgot to add;

      I’m having my skin cancers dealt with, and the back of my hands are a ugly mess! Dejavu Sue? I think of you and your poor nose those years back; how you hated wearing that bandaid! I commiserate.

    • Denise - Richmond VA says:

      Hi, suzicruzi,

      22 days! 33 days! I bet you are beyond anxious and excited!! Whoo-Hoo!! 🙂

      • suzicruzi from the 'Couve says:

        Yes, “beyond anxious” is the perfect description, thanks!! 😉

  25. Carlene and Corky from the Sierra foothills says:

    Thanks again for some fun stories, your guys are just a crack up… I can envision the skidding around corners on the tile floors… so much fun. They do have us trained very well, that has always been the joke with my family and our pooches…

    We are driveway camping at my sons house in NoCal, which is very close to where I lived 3 years ago before the selling of the house and hitting the road. I’m surprised that I’ve missed this place way more than I thought. It’s been over a year since we’ve been here and it is truly good to be back.

    Thanks for keeping up to speed on your new chapter.

  26. Joe in TN says:

    Hi Sue,

    I’m in my 70th year as well and would love to know what I wouldn’t give up for hands that are free of arthritis. It hurts…

    You’re blessed. Have a happy first Memorial Day in your new home.

  27. weather says:

    Your morning routine is so nice. Coffee on the porch with birdsong and blossoms, sweet! How clever of Roger and Reggie to know what will pull you away from the computer. I’m glad the cute little scalawags didn’t ruin your gloves, it’s not easy finding ones that fit and hold up well.

    Having a full size refrigerator after years with such limited space in one will be a treat. Nancy must be looking forward to retiring. Then moving across the country into a nice home with you, too, wow, what a period of adjustment that will be for her. I can only imagine how excited she, her son and you will be when they arrive in August.

  28. Marilyn Dennison says:

    Wait until you get the refrigerator. If it has an electronic display be prepared to be confused when trying to change something. We just arrived after being gone for 6 months and I must have stopped the ice maker. It took a while to get it going and then I didn’t know if it was actually activated for a few hours. What a wonderful sound of the ice plunking into the ice bin.!!!

    You will have a wonderful transition to sticks and bricks.

  29. Chris B and Diego says:

    The blog photo just cracks me up. Reggie sticking out his tongue…LOL!
    Glad to hear that you are adjusting well to your new home and it appears that you were ready to enjoy some conveniences after being on the road for so long. The boys sure seem to enjoy it!
    I have the short stubby blunt cut fingers too, and always wanted the long, slender model- type but so it goes. I have flat wide nails, too. What a mess!

    Loved today’s blog chapter that put a smile on my face. The crew is priceless!

  30. Shawna says:

    I can just picture those two racing through the house ! Never a dull moment is there? Love it!
    Bet they’re going to be surprised when it fills up with furniture.

  31. Barb in Florida says:

    Hey – Happy day everybody! Thanks for the fun post, Sue. Your boys sure entertain us. I can picture it all. We once had a pair of dogs that would run around the house like that and the bigger one would try to make the little one run into the brick wall. The first time we saw it was after we saw them eating rotten apples from under the snow. They were so silly, playing king of the hill on the 5 foot snow piles out front and then racing around and eating more apples in the back. We think the apples were fermented and they were drunk. They finally flopped down on their sides in the snow and just laid there. When they came inside their breath smelled like they had been to the bar.

    I always start pulling weeds and forget the gloves until my nails are dirty. Then decide if its worth cleaning up to put the gloves on, getting the key to unlock the shed and getting the gloves. If I know I will want them for a specific job, I get the key first as I’ll need other things in the shed.

    Not driving long distances when you traveled probably helped you to not have sore hands. How lucky you are. Mine just started this year. Too much crocheting and cleaning houses and pulling weeds and building fences and typing too many too long comments. Love and hugs.

  32. Rover Ronda (WA) says:

    Hi Sue!

  33. Terri in Tx. says:

    Gee, guys, I am only 57, soon to be 58, and my hands and joints are already hurting! Every other year or so I get a steroid shot and the pain goes away for a good long while. Lately, I have been dropping things, so it may be time for another visit! Even so, I walk 3 miles, sometimes more, every morning to work the kinks out! My cat will be 19 in June and lately has decided she likes waking me up by pulling my hair with her teeth at 5 a.m. Or, she tugs on my husbands beard. This morning Bret told me he felt her start to tug and her tapped her in the nose with his head! Well, she didn’t like that. Hopefully, we can cure her of this little habit. Think she is punishing us for leaving her for 3 weeks! Love the glove story! Dogs are hilarious when they want attention!

  34. weather says:

    Yesterday after reading this post I kept thinking about a song, Daddy’s Hands, so I found it on a youtube video and listened to it again. The most touching lyric said though there were things they’d forgotten that they loved about him, they’d always remember the love in his hands…

    Sue, you wrote about your hands “…best of all…they don’t hurt me!” That is indeed a blessing to be grateful for. A blessing for all that lives around you is that your hands don’t hurt them. Rather than swat the bees at a campsite you gave them a dish of water, I could add several more examples of how considerate you are, but will instead just mention an especially endearing one.

    You have treated your current and previous crew to more love in one day than many creatures receive in a lifetime. Whether it’s with gentle touches to give them affection or holding them if they are scared or hurting, you use your hands to give them whatever they need in the moment. To me your hands seem more than just pretty, they truly are beautiful.

    My own hands actually look a lot like yours, I noticed that when seeing photos of yours in past blog posts. What is different is that I have a couple of small scars, darker skin coloring and more prominent veins. My mother’s hands looked almost identical to my own. One day she looked at mine and said “You work too hard”. I said “So have you throughout your life.” I doubt you would trade what you’ve accomplished and given to have slender, tapered fingers and manicured perfectly shaped nails. Even during the decades when you probably had the typical vanity of youth you had the values of a more mature being.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      A beautiful message beautifully written. Thank you, weather.

      • weather says:

        Hopefully by now your hands have felt how cool the food in your new refrigerator is 🙂 . I wonder if you have been using your griddle or if it’s too hot where you are for that to be done comfortably. With this being Memorial Day weekend a lot of the summertime people are returning to the grove I live in for the season. So when I’ve been walking around it’s nice to see folks grilling their meals outside.

        It must be nice for you not to be concerned about whether or not some campers will be trying to park a few feet from your home or roaring through riding their off road toys on a holiday weekend. Gosh, you had to deal with that too often while you were on the road in recent years.

        Last year you adopted Roger the day after Memorial Day. It’s amazing how well he’s adapted to so many new situations in only twelve months. Being with you and Reggie was exactly what that sweet little guy needed to become as happy as he is. I love that he still thanks you for feeding him. Kyla and Polly do that in their own way, too. First they run to the dishes all excited as if they’re getting something wonderful for the first time. Then afterwards they come to me to purr their “I’m so content now” tones.

    • Cynthia from San Clemente says:

      Weather, I love how you see beauty in the mundane.

      • weather says:

        Thank you for the nice note, Cynthia, it’s hard not to notice beauty when it’s everywhere around us …

  35. Rhodium in sw va says:

    We don’t have gloves around but Sophie is a reliable shoe hound. If we can’t find our slippers we know to look in her dog bed. Sometimes they are even useable. And Sue, I just realized how wonderful it must be to move into a house and not have a hundred boxes to unpack. Who has not been in a new place for a year and still have dozens of boxes around.

  36. chas anderson says:

    I am 67 and am so fortunate to have been retired since age 55 and have snowbirded since then in the SW mainly.Have gotten a lot of good info on this blog and appreciate the love for the world of pups.The wife and I have visited 47 states since then with our pooch Juice and now Eddie.

  37. Brad (mn) says:

    RVSue — I see that the Blackstone griddle that I ordered made the recent purchases. I hope to be using it soon. 13 months to go until my wife and I hit the road. Reggie & Roger are good directors. They like each day’s play to start the same, then the plot can change in any way.

    Still reading the older posts. I am gradually catching up. Just read the post about the black bear that visited you in the night at Ashley National Forest. Very well written and I like the negative exposure picture.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      You got the griddle! Good for you! I wish you many delicious meals off of it. Thank you, Brad and Mrs. Brad, for shopping Amazon from my blog.

      Oh yeah, what a memory — the night the bear tried to break into the BLT. 🙂 I’m always pleased to learn someone is reading the old posts. Thanks also for the compliment.

      Countdown to launch! I’m happy for both of you.

  38. rvsueandcrew says:

    Hello, blogorinos!

    You’re the greatest! As always I enjoyed your comments very much and I appreciate every one. Thank you for taking the time to write. Rather than reply individually to every comment, I’m working on the next post. It will be a while yet, but at least it’s moving along!

    Remember those who need your prayers… tiny babies, those who need healing, those who hurt and grieve….


  39. Becky in NJ says:

    RV Sue and crew-
    Enjoy a traffic-free, noise-free, crowd free holiday weekend!

    • Barb in Florida says:

      Oh yeah – Happy first 4-day weekend in your new home. No generators, 4-wheelers, loud neighbors moving in too close and needing to move when its a holiday.

      • rvsueandcrew says:

        Thanks, Barb. I hope you have a happy weekend, too.

        There definitely are positives to having one’s own property. I’m curious to see if there are firecrackers going off in the neighborhood on holiday weekends. So far it’s been a quiet place.

        • Barb in Florida says:

          Forgot about the fireworks. Hopefully nothing too noisy to scare Reggie. Did Roger ever react to loud sounds?

          Something has been making our dog nervous and can’t figure it out. We wondered if our new smoke detectors were making a sound we can’t hear. We can’t hear anything outside ie fireworks, thunder, etc. It seems worse at night and not all the time during the day. It’s going on four days now.

          • rvsueandcrew says:

            That’s odd about your dog, Barb. Could he/she have tinnitus? Try unhooking the detectors for a night if you haven’t already done so. Poor pets can’t tell us what’s bothering them.

            Roger isn’t afraid of loud or sharp sounds, like Reggie is.

  40. Such clever boys!! They know how to get you going in the right direction 🙂

  41. Rita says:

    I read “I shuffle down the hall and through the kitchen to open the back door.” I think, what’s that? Two steps? Then I remember that you’re in a house, not the Casita!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hahaha! That’s funny, Rita. There isn’t enough room in the BLT to get a good shuffle going.

  42. Virginia620 AL says:

    Love to read your words. Thanks!!!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      You’re welcome, Virginia. If you’re still traveling or back home, I hope all is well and you’re enjoying every day.

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