Happy Homecoming!

Thursday, April 26

The Perfect Tow Vehicle comes home today!

Kelly’s Transmissions, North Highway 90, Huachuca City, Arizona

As instructed, I call Kelly’s around 3:30. 

Shortly thereafter, Reggie, Roger, and I step outside the Best Little Trailer (now residing at Quail Ridge RV Resort) to wait for someone from the shop to pick us up.

The RV park being around the corner from Kelly’s, we don’t have to wait long before the PTV pulls up to us.

Oh, it’s good to see you again!

I greet the driver, pop the boys into the passenger seat, and climb in with them for the ride to the shop.

I pay the bill with my credit card.

For several years I’ve used a credit card to pay for everything I can, from the smallest to the largest purchases.  Then I pay the balance at the end of the billing cycle.  I do this for a bunch of reasons.

The card “earns” points toward purchases at Amazon.  It also creates a record of my purchases that I can review online.  And it eliminates the need for carrying a lot of cash or for writing checks.  (I have a debit card I never use.)

Another benefit of using a credit card for almost everything, paying it off promptly, and doing that for years is one’s credit rating goes up to the moon.

“Okay, got it, RVSue!  What about the bill?

Here it is, as written on the invoice:  R&R Trans 4L60E — $913.75, Install trans cooler — $150.00, Labor — $1,336.25, Tax — $64.89

TOTAL — $2,464.89!

Okay, that’s a big owee.  But, gee, I’m gonna’ have a lot of points to spend!

~ ~ ~

“Isn’t it great to have our PTV again?”

I’m in a celebratory mood! 

I swing the Perfect Tow Vehicle out of the transmission place and shoot over to Huachuca City’s Dollar General store.

“Wait just a minute, guys.  I’ll be right back.”

I trot into the store and pick up a container of ice cream.

Reg and Rog sniff the bag for rotisserie chicken.

“Nope, not this time.  I got us something better — ice cream!  We’re gonna’ have a homecoming party for the PTV!”

This proclamation fills the boys with happy excitement.  With the wind blowing through my hair, I zoom us up the highway to our campsite at Quail Ridge.

“Okay, let’s see what we’ve got.” 

Hmm . . . Vanilla light ice cream with caramel swirl and mini Rolo candy pieces.  That’ll do!

I rip off the lid, grab a spoon, and sit on the bed, setting the ice cream container on our table.   Reg takes his position to the right of me, Rog sits down on my left.

“Because you can’t eat chocolate, I’ll eat the candy pieces and the caramel swirl, okay? You get the vanilla part.  Deal?”

We dig in.

Well, I do the digging.  I search out the precious candy bites and caramel and happily glom away.  Reg and Rog lick the little dollops of ice cream I set on the table before them.

When we’re finished, I make a suggestion.

“How about we go to the dog park?”

Somewhere between the words “go” and “to,” Roger picks up my meaning and leaps to the door.  I hook the crew onto the leashes and we take off.

~ ~ ~

At the dog park . . .

~ ~ ~


All is well!


NOTE:  Now that we have the PTV again, we will be out and about today.  Please take over the comments section for me.  Enjoy the company of fellow blogorinos and, if you aren’t already part of that illustrious group, you are welcome to join today!

Introduce yourself, welcome newcomers, ask and answer questions, give updates, share joys and concerns, however you wish to add your voice to the chatter.  Thank you.

Bye for now! — Sue


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79 Responses to Happy Homecoming!

  1. Dawn in NC says:


  2. Cat Lady back home in Baton Rouge, La. says:


    • Dawn in NC says:

      We tied for first! Congratulations Cat Lady!

      • Cat Lady back home in Baton Rouge, La. says:

        Actually you were first, Dawn. I saw your post when I hit Post on mine…so Congratulations.

        Sue, glad you got the PTV back. The boys are too cute.

    • Denise - Richmond VA says:

      The time stamp doesn’t lie! You tied for 1st with Dawn! Whoo Hoo! 🙂

      • Cat Lady back home in Baton Rouge, La. says:

        It doesn’t count seconds, only minutes. I was within the same minute but Dawn actually Posted first. I consider myself second.

  3. Dawn in NC says:

    Oh Sue! I am so happy for you! You have the second half of your home back! Now for many more grand adventures. The ice cream sounds heavenly. I always share the vanilla parts of my ice cream with my kitty. She will even start to try to bite the packaging off my ice cream sandwiches, unable to wait for me to peel back the paper on the ooey goodness. I love the pictures of the dogs at the dog park. It brings me happiness to see all the joy on the dog faces. Can’t wait to hear where you go next!

  4. Pat McClain says:

    On the Road Again!!

  5. ReneeG from Idaho says:

    Woah! Top Ten for sure today. Now back to reading before I lose my spot!

  6. Pat McClain says:

    Love the pic of Roger grinning at you! Haven’t seen the little Schipperke again! That park sounds like somewhere I could stay for a while!

  7. ReneeG from Idaho says:

    Yay for Dawn and Cat Lady tieing for first! Pat at 3rd and good ole me at 4th!

    Well, the cost is definitely more than one wants to spend, but not bad all in all considering the work they did and the benefit it brings. Peace of mind!

  8. Good news getting it back all fixed. It’s a big bill but could have been oh so much bigger. And ice cream? Perfect celebration. My Katie-girl knows exactly what the word ‘go’ means and she’s always ready! Sounds like your two are always ready to go too!

  9. Jolene/Iowa says:

    I am so glad you have the PTV back! Oh btw, love your blog cover photo right now! You can tell the boys love their time in the dog park and playing with their friends! Your ice cream sounded great!

    For the blogorino’s that have heard us talk on here about the CBD oil I sell, just last night the THC Free version of it got released. You can get more information by clicking on my name to go to my website! This will be a game changer for many people who had to be concerned about drug testing with the trace amount of THC that is in our full spectrum version. You can find my contact information when you sign into my website. Email me with any questions you have.

    • Jolene/Iowa says:

      Commenting again to turn on notifications.

    • Denise - Richmond VA says:

      Thank you for sharing the update, Jolene! I will definitely be reading info! 🙂

      • Jolene/Iowa says:

        Your’re welcome Denise! Yes, our company owner was telling us last night on a webinar that they were not going to do a THC Free product unless they could make one that was effective. They figured out a formulation that worked and we have a product that is not imported and is grown right here in the USA in Kentucky on legal and compliant farms and the oil is processed in an FDA approved facility and we have 3rd party lab testing that is done on each batch. We are now also certified kosher and organic.

  10. milliehubbard says:

    So happy the Crew is mobile again…I bet the ice cream celebration was enjoyed by ALL! Looks like the boys had a great time at the Dog Park, and that RVSue had the wind blowing through her hair rolling down the highway. All is right again!

  11. Back on the road again soon, I wonder where Sue and the crew will go now? Will the crew miss their buddies at the dog park? Adventure awaits.

  12. AZ Jim says:

    You got a good price on the tranny. Years ago I paid more than that for a rebuild. You did good Missy. The boys will miss the dog park…

  13. Stephanie Turner OR says:

    Congrats Dawn and Cat Lady on getting the coveted 1st place. Getting harder to do! I’m thrilled that you have the PTV back and that the cost is so much less than the $3500 you mentioned in an earlier post and that’s with the cooler thing! (I’m so technical.) And the boys look happy – PTV, ice cream and the dog park. Besides you, what more is there? Anyway, drive a lot today to give it a good workout and like everyone else I’m eager to see where you head next.

  14. Speed Gray says:

    Sue- glad to hear you got the transmission fixed with no problems! Don’t fret over the $2400; you couldn’t replace your van for that, so it’s a good deal and you guys came through the whole experience save and sound!

    Really enjoy your blog!


    Speed Gray
    Grand Rapids, MI
    Now “bookdocking” in the Wabash, IN Walmart

    • Cynthia from San Clemente says:

      Wow! I just clicked over and took the photo/text tour of your Peterbilt conversion. Pretty darn impressive and beautifully unique!

  15. weather says:

    Gee, that’s a very reasonable price for what you had done, it’s well below what the average estimate would be in most states. Great idea using your credit card the way you do, too. I love the smiles Roger, Reggie and his pal are wearing in those two photos. What a relief for you to have the PTV again, and to no longer have problems shifting, you have good reasons to celebrate.

    Hm,m , updates. Well, for one thing, the next time I take the jeep to the shop for regular maintenance I plan to have a transmission cooler installed. Until you mentioned it I hadn’t realized that I should have one, too.

    • Denise - Richmond VA says:

      Hi, weather,

      Isn’t it wonderful to learn so much from Sue and the blogorinos?! I hope you can get the transmission cooler installed for a reasonable price. 🙂

      Have a good evening, weather! 🙂

      • weather says:

        Thanks, Denise, I trust and like my mechanic, so can expect a reasonable price for whatever I need to have done on the jeep. I hope you’re having a wonderful weekend.

  16. Robin Beerbower says:

    Love the photos of those two happy faces. They are pretty adorable. The neighbors a few houses from us now have about 3 dogs that look like R & R but they bark! I’m so glad we are down the road a piece.

    Those credit cards that earn points are the best. We’d never go back to not earning *something* for our purchases. Ours started with one of the very first rewards credit cards available, the GM card. We ended up earning the max and got $4000 off a brand new Chevrolet pick-up (took us something like 6 years!), and since we bought a “loss leader” is was a super deal, and ended up selling it for $1000 more than we paid for it. Since then we’ve had various rewards cards and have gone on free cruises and free flights, and our most recent card is the American Express Blue Cash Preferred which gives us 6% on grocery store purchases which also means one can purchase gift cards at grocery stores like Safeway and get 6% off, so we buy for restaurants, home stores, and more. Yes, we pay a yearly fee but the rewards are worth it. Then, of course, you said, pay it off monthly, so it’s a win win win!

    Hope you get to Tombstone & Parker Canyon Lake. We thought Tombstone would be hokey but we had fun at the Courthouse and enjoyed visiting the little library.

  17. Shawna says:

    Love their happy faces!

  18. Geri in the FL panhandle! says:

    And don’t forget to see the Tombstone Rose! Hahaha!
    So glad to know you are all fixed and can safely take to the road again! Yay! The price isn’t as bad as expected, Chuck says it was a very fair price!
    Loved seeing all the happy faces at the dog park! Yeah, 😢 your boys will miss all their new friends, but there will be more further down the road! 😁
    Hugs to all and know you are loved.

  19. Cynthia from San Clemente says:

    Well, I guess you and Willie Nelson will be “on the road again” before too long, now that the PTV has a new tranny. How fun for the boys to meet all sorts of new friends and then get to go somewhere else and have new experiences! I loved the ice cream story … I don’t often eat ice cream (thank heavens, I have enough other high-calorie vices), but a couple of nights ago I had a hankering for something sweet and found some vanilla bean ice cream in the fridge – left over from thanksgiving I think. It’s a real treat when you don’t have it too often, even if I had to share it with Sam and Lucy, who just about had their faces buried in my bowl!

    Memorial Day weekend coming up – I’m guessing you will want to head someplace that is quiet and not crowded. My dad was one of those who died in the armed services while serving his country, although it was in a peace-time plane crash. May we all give thanks to those men and women who gave everything for our way of life.

    • Cynthia from San Clemente says:

      I’m replying to my own post to tell everyone I must be crazy. I thought this weekend coming up is Memorial Day! I’m a month ahead of myself and a few bricks short of a load!!!

      • Stephanie Turner OR says:

        Is ok. I was going along with you thinking I needed to get my flag up. Phew. A month left to procrastinate.

      • Denise - Richmond VA says:

        Hi, Cynthia,

        It is nice to know that I am not the only one having a junior senior moment or two this week! 🙂

        • Cynthia from San Clemente says:

          OMGosh Denise – I love that “a junior senior moment!” I’m gonna have to steal that one!

  20. I can feel your excitement in getting the PTV fixed up and back. I too get super excited when my vehicle is repaired and I’m mobile again 🙂 I drive a stick shift truck and recently had the clutch maintenance and repaired. I think I’ve replaced most parts including the radiator which went out a few years ago on a hot summer day; the water pump several times along with fuel pump; starter & battery, and the front end worked on. It’s always a relief to get it done and be on the road again. I too pay with a credit card and not my debit card as advised by my bank. This way I have a record for guarantee parts, repairs and also to dispute if necessary. BTW the white dog with floppy ears with Rodger looks like our dog Chowder. Our dog Ralphie looks like your dog Reggie but a tad bigger. Ralphie was recently attacked, while my son was walking the dogs on a leach, by two big dogs. Luckily, my son had pepper spray and used it to break the big dogs from further mauling. Ralphie has healed from his surgery and the big dogs owner is paying the bill. We didn’t press charges although we contacted animal control to let the owners know their dogs were loose. Since then, the owners of the big dogs (who live across the park from us) have built a block fence around their back yard.

    • Denise - Richmond VA says:

      Hi, Rita,

      How horrible! I am glad that Ralphie has recovered from his surgery. Does he still like to go for walks?

  21. Wow What a Great Deal on the Transmission repair and now a cooler for those hot days going up hill, now where was the shifting problem at?, in the Leakage or inside the Transmission itself? I had a shifting problem twice, once at the Transmission Leankge hook up and the Colume shifting mechanism deteriorated, fix them both and saved a lot,, but you did better, you relaxed and had it done,, and I worked on it till it was done,LOL,,,, The Dog Park Photos look Great and those Smiles on the Boys are sweet,,,, Ice Cream dose it for all of us,, mmmmmmmm ,,,, Have a Pleasant weekend and give the Boys a huge hug from us, o.k.,,,,,, 🐾👣👣

    • Pat in Rochester says:

      Rusty, I love your question! I wouldn’t even know to ask it. Transmission is a transmission to me. Now, heaven forbid it happens, if mine goes I can now ask – where was the problem? lol! I always say most of what I know about cars I’ve learned the hard way. When something breaks I learn what it is and what it’s supposed to do. And every so often there’s a repeat and I know what it is! And I’m always impressed with folks who can tear something apart and fix it themselves.

      • Having a repair manual helps by showing how things should work right and gives a idea how to fix them, Pat ,,, the first repair on my Transmission was a “clip” falling off and this last time I put a Mr Gasket Floor shifter in,,,,,, 😎,,, 🐾👣👣

        • Columbus Calvin says:

          Rusty, thanks for bringing up repair manuals. For a less-expert person like me, they serve many purposes, even now when I don’t actually repair much of anything myself. There’s a great deal of help available in the troubleshooting sections, and some repairs are well within a non-expert’s potential.

          • Your right Calvin,, as long as I have the tools, I still work on the truck, as I get Older the work still gets done, just One more day longer,,,, LOL AND I Cuss a little more too!, LOL,,,,,,, 😉🐾👣👣

    • Denise - Richmond VA says:

      Hi, Rusty and Miss Piper!

      How is your garden and model railroad layout coming along? Has Miss Piper learned to stay out of her Daddy’s garden? 🙂

      • I haven’t planted a Veggie Garden yet, but have 2 real hot pepper plants growing real slow in the house, all I can do is water and wait,, LOL ,, Piper is doing Great staying out of things and I just finished building 2 Bridges, 1 a Warren, and a Tressel, a very detailed water tower, and still working on a train station with a wood stove in the office and a solar powered lighting planform and finished up a short 6 window Coach that has a wood stove and a closed in toilet,, I also built a Tender with sound, chuff, Whistle, and bell sounds that are triggered by magnets that are glued to the track, I’ll Send more photos when the “Hartland” Train Station is finished,, oh , the wood shed that sets behind my home was just cleaned out and it will become my work shop,, so ya I’ve been busy, Piper is using it as a big Dog House for shade as I type this,,, She says hi to all and Loves it here, so do I,,,, G nite,,,, 🐾👣👣

  22. Linda from Oregon says:

    Just thought I would share a little update about our lives, I’ve been quiet for a while now. After Dale’s diagnoses of Parkinson’s we started looking at how we wanted to spend the rest of our lives. We didn’t want to sit in front of the TV as he slowly got worse. Our happiest times were traveling. We spent five years full timing and most of it was enjoyable. We traveled for our work so even when we weren’t fulltiming it felt like it. We gave up our small trailer and tried a smaller motor home and found that he could still travel if I drove. With the motor home he could go lie down, or take his meds or use the bathroom while I was going down the road. It worked for us. Our home went on the market, with only a public open house of three hours. We now have an offer of a cash sale. We have a 33 ft. older motor home. I enjoy driving it. He loves the layout. Our dog loves it. If all goes well, in about ten days we will be house free and full timing it again. We won’t be doing as much boondocking so probably won’t bump into you but we will be so much more carefree and will wave at you through the blog.

    • Rochelle in IN says:


      I admire your and your husband’s decision to get out there and enjoy life. May you make many happy memories on your travels!

    • Cynthia from San Clemente says:

      Linda, I am so impressed with your decision to enjoy your lives and not give in to your husband’s illness. And I think there are new Parkinson’s medications and break-throughs on the horizon. I wish you safe and happy travels.

    • Pat in Rochester says:

      Are you familiar with “Driving Miss Norma”? About the son and his wife who took Norma, his 91 year old mother, along with them to travel the country after her cancer diagnosis.

    • Stephanie Turner OR says:

      Linda – Safe, fun and relaxing travels to you both as you travel.

    • Denise - Richmond VA says:

      Hi, Linda,

      Congratulations on the super fast sale of your home! I am glad that you all found an RV that allows you both be comfortable and enjoy full-timing again.

  23. Lauri C says:

    OMG!!! ROGER’S SMILE is priceless!!!!! That is the best photo of all time! The one before it is special also, it looks like he’s got a little underbite! I don’t think I’ve ever seen a picture of him that still!

    Great blog today! It’s always such a safe & secure feeling to get your drive back! But ouch! Well it IS the transmission! I live in Los Angeles and it definitely is NOT a norm for the business to give rides! It must feel nice that visit those small towns and get a touch of hospitality!

    I’m really going to miss the dog park!!!! Such adorable little souls! But now you are FREE!!


  24. Pat in Rochester says:

    Hi Sue,
    My daughter took her 8 year old daughter to Dairy Queen last night. When they returned, young Annabelle had two spoons, the extra so she could share her cup of vanilla with Charlie, their moose of a dog. He was one happy moose, and Annabelle had a blast feeding him with the spoon.

  25. Columbus Calvin says:

    I’m going to get the notifications for now and come back to comment after I get groceries.

  26. Elizabeth in WA says:

    HAHA…loved the dog park photos…dogs are so funny!! Thanks for the smile.

  27. Gloria in Prescott, Az. says:

    I am a first born of seven and tend to be a worrier about my siblings although I fight it.
    I was a bit concerned that you had decided not to get a cooler early on and am so glad that you changed your mind and learned of the transmission’s cooler value. I bet that these out of the way repair shops aren’t as apt to, what I would call, overcharging because their reputation is more important to them then those in a big city where there is always another customer. I think you got a good deal. I hope your PTV serves you well for the rest of your travels.

  28. Kellee says:

    I love the pictures of Reggie and Roger at the dog park! Especially the one on top of that platform – pure joy!

  29. Glad you got the PTV back. I was worried you didn’t take a trip about to see how they did. Glad your out today and able to check it out.
    I just took Geordie to the dog park where we used to live. He seemed to remember it right away…he jumped in the river!

  30. Nivrapa in AZ says:

    Howdy Everybody—

    Yabba dabba doo for the return of the PTV with a healthy transmission! I’m so glad you opted to get a transmission cooler installed. You’re treating the healthier tranny well and have done yourself a big favor in making that decision. I think the total cost is very fair and the peace of mind the repair brings is probably worth much more.

    The past several posts about life in a private RV campground have been very entertaining. I chuckled through them, even caught myself in a deep belly laugh, and enjoyed the pics of the crew at the dog park. I’m happy it has been such a positive experience for you. Quail Ridge has served you well.

    There must be some super smart ‘bots frequenting the blog. When did that confounded math “password” move into such high digits? Such difficult equations present a problemo for this muddlehead. For my particular entry I needed to come up with an answer that was more than the number of fingers I have on two hands. I was stumped as to how I was going to figure out the answer. However, being the resourceful blogerino that I am, I decided to resort to the multipurpose M&M Peanuts I keep on hand for just such occasions. That would mean that I had to get out of the loveseat and go to the kitchen to get them which caused me to think twice about exerting all that effort. Then it dawned on me to try and solve the equation using my fingers AND toes. Pretty clever, huh? So I kicked off my shoes and socks and went to work. I came up with the same answer more than once and decided to make a run for it. That’s when I discovered that the wretched math equation is timed for a correct answer. I was timed out and lost my original post! Dang nab it! Now, I always knew that being a math whiz was not in my DNA, but this discovery brought new meaning to the skill.

    So, I started all over again and of course can’t remember all that I wanted to say so I decided to tell you about my trials and tribulation with the infernal math quiz one must successfully conquer to post a comment. I truly understand the need for such a torture test but I do find it disturbing to know that the punk, rotten robots are now being bred to be smarter than yours truly. Thank goodness for Peanut M&M’s. The two pound family size bag should get me through most addition and the basic multiplication table. If it gets any worse than that I’ll have to resort to buying the party size three pound bag. Should these math questions ever move onto the realm of long division, you may never hear from me again.

    BTW, I felt somewhat redeemed when I went to post my comment the second time. I was able to come up with a correct answer using only two fingers on one hand. Much more to my liking and style, not to mention, my ability.

    Looking forward to following you to the next camp. Thank you for all the hard work that goes into keeping this blog alive and lively. Travel on!—Audrey

    • Denise - Richmond VA says:

      Hi, Nivrapa,

      Your comment made me laugh out loud! Thank you for sharing another use for peanut M & Ms! No need for me to justify the purchase anymore….must have some on hand for math emergencies!! LOL. 🙂

      • How bout the use of a calculator, it’s less fattening in carbs or if you hit the circular arrows next to the mathematical question, you’ll see a new math problem that is easier to solve to post a comment , Sue told me how to do that to get around the hard math for this Guy who is slow in Math, LOL,,,,😆+-÷× = me? ,,,,,,,,,, 🐾👣👣

        • Nivrapa in AZ says:

          Hiya Rusty

          A Calculator! That’s just brilliant. Why didn’t I think of that? I have one somewhere around here, too. Probably will need batteries, but that is an easy fix. I still think I’ll keep some M&M’s around for backup, though. They could come in handy if the calculator fails or if I need to verify the calculator’s answer. You never know when a gal is going to need to see if it’s cheaper to buy the multi pack of carburetor primer bulbs for her gas powered chain saw, or if she should just buy them in the single pack. Seems easier to figure out using the M&M’s for some reason. Hmmm, a calculator, huh? Great idea and thanks!

          Since I have your attention, may I ask for some advice about “wild camping” in your old neck of the woods? I’m most interested in Prescott National Forest. I want to do some tent camping some place up there. No campgrounds, just boondocking without the RV. Ever hear of Drake, AZ? Thought I might look around there. Do you know of any areas off of RT89 north of Chino Valley and south of I-40? Temps are decent up there (nights well above freezing and days about 70ish) and here in Tucson things are heating up into the 90’s each day. I’m not very familiar with the wild country of that area but would like to explore it for a few days. Cannot do 4WD roads but my mid sized pickup has decent clearance. Any advice you can offer is appreciated.—Audrey

          • Desert Ginger says:

            I’m in Tucson too!

          • Audrey, if you go to North on 89 you’ll end up in Kibab NF and you don’t want to go there, a fs ranger is a big no no, but there is some boondocks on Mingus Mt. A bit winedy going up from Prescott towards Jerome, turn right towards Mingus mt CG and when you come to a sideways “T” turn right, like west and down, there are boondocks on both side from the “T” a 1/2 mile, when you come to a curve, turn around, cause it gets ruff from there down , there is a good signal up there cause there are towers up top and at Mingus my CG it cost only 3 bucks a night with a seniors card , tables, fire rings, but no water, there is tank toilets, 18 sites, take your time going up from the Hwy, a bit narrow the road is till you get to the ” T”,, now on the south side of Cherry from hwy169, there is a free camp, but no signal and 1 toilet, And at Drake there is some boondocks but you’ll be next to a train and last year the Cement plant was blasting a lot, I didn’t camp much South of or around Prescott cause of a 7 day camps and no return for 30 days limit, mostly camped on Mingus my and all around Flagstaff, Coconieno Nf roads, 506, 526, 518 ,776, 514, 222, all with purity good signals, I would move around alot up there till it was time to go on long trips to Oregon via Nv, N Cal, then Idaho and on to Utah, last year went to Colorado all summer then back to Mingus, then to Kentucky, I’m don rohmin, LOL, NEXT STOP, HEAVEN,,,,,,, 🐾👣👣

            • Nivrapa in AZ says:

              Okay, Rusty. I see what you’re talkin’ about when I pull out my Benchmark Atlas. Doesn’t sound like Drake is such a good idea. I really like Coconino NF and have found some great camps there. Flagstaff may still be too high in elevation for me to tent but someplace around Payson may work. I don’t need a cell signal as I’m still old school and rely on my paper maps and good old fashioned explorin’ on the back roads to scout out camps. Thanks for the help and know that I think heaven is a great last stop.—Audrey

            • Forest road 300 a few miles east of Payson off 260 going towards Hebber or Snow Flake is a great boondocking spot, a lot of camps and beautiful Muggyon Rim look outs, Audrey,,,,,, I like it there too,,, 🐾👣👣

            • Columbus Calvin says:

              That part of the Rim is absolutely the most beautiful place I’ve ever seen. I have trouble driving there because I want to stare at the scenery.

        • Ozarkjoy says:

          Now that’s no fun. I like the m&ms

  31. Marvin McKelvy says:

    Congrats on getting the PTV healthy again. Sounds to me like the transmission shop treated you pretty well. So many places these days charge outrageous prices and really don’t know what they are doing. I think you did well.

    Give the “boys” a pat.

  32. Denise - Richmond VA says:

    Hi, Sue, and fellow blogorionos!

    Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy!!! The PTV is back!! The repair was not as expensive as originally quoted! Yummy ice cream! Another dog park vist! Happy pups, smiling faces! The breeze blowing through Sue’s hair! All is well in Sue’s world! Life is good!!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

    I bet you went searching for your next site. May you find a spot that brings you peacefulness and joys! We are looking forward to see where you take us next! 🙂

    Sending you, Reggie, and Roger lots of love and hugs from me and Gracie pup! The boys are just too cute! 🙂

    Hope everyone has a great weekend!! 🙂

  33. Kay Julia says:

    Yes, that is a big bill one has to deal with those things when RV’n. I had several such bills when I was Full-Time’n! Just one question is your credit card an Amazon card? I was thinking of getting one as I use Amazon frequently.
    Happy Trails to you and your Fur Kids!

  34. Don in Alaska says:

    You were well treated by the shop. Thanks for sharing the details, it may help another down the line.

    I looked up the cost for a rebuilt with warranted transmissions for your year truck. Lowest on-line cost was ~$2200 plus shipping. You would have paid for the remove and replace labor (R&R) anyway… So, looks like you are back on the road and good to go.

    Next bit of fun, my sister tells me it was 91 F in Tucson today, so where will you go next? Central NV? Western UT? I’m looking forward to reading about your next adventure!

  35. Eileen says:

    Luv the smiles on those little faces!!!

  36. Yeah !!…….on to new adventures !!! The photos of the pups at the park are adorable !!

  37. Desert Ginger says:

    So happy you are on the road again, although your little RV Park looked quite comfortable and fun for the boys.

    I’m going Tuesday to get more injections in my spine. Then I have to schedule dates for eye surgery: have to have cataracts removed from both eyes. If there is a disease old people get, I will catch it. But I’m still hoping I can go to NY this year. I think I have to get off oxygen though.

    It’s getting warmer and warmer here. I’m sure you will be heading north soon, although it has been a very late spring in many places. The weather is getting weirder and weirder.

    I’m off to fix breakfast. Happy days to all.

  38. Gregory Giarrusso says:


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