Perfect in its imperfection

Friday, December 7, at home in Arizona

Both Dennis and Gilbert have the day off from their regular jobs.  

They begin work on the last section of fence.  (The photo above was taken previously. They already brought the fencing around that corner to the gate.)

Today they work on the other side of the double gate and also replacing the gate.  A wooden double gate will be one of the last things to go up.

Here’s Dennis using my beloved Gorilla Cart to haul bags of Quikcrete over to his wheelbarrow in which he mixes the concrete.

He hauls as many as four bags at a time (200 lbs).  He could haul much more than that because the cart is rated for up to 600 pounds.  (Understandably he’s cautious with equipment that doesn’t belong to him.)

Dennis likes this little workhorse — this little workgorilla.  It rolls easily over rough ground.

I’m pleased to see it put to good use.

“You ought to get yourself one, Dennis.”

“Maybe I will!” he grins.

Dennis and Gilbert are using a post hole digger this morning for the few remaining holes, rather than adding the expense of another day’s rental fee for the auger.  I wouldn’t have minded, but they insisted.   This Arizona dirt is hard!

Rain clouds threaten.  

The men work as fast as they can, hoping to pour the concrete and have the posts well set before the rain.

I tell the guys I’m going to the store, leaving Reggie and Roger inside the house.

While shopping, the rain comes down in torrents.

No way they got those posts in the ground in time . . . .

Imagine my surprise when the Perfect Tow Vehicle takes me into view of our yard and there are the posts standing tall and straight like soldiers.

I run in the rain to where Dennis and Gilbert sit in the truck.  Dennis brings the window down.  I stick my head in.

“You did it!  I can’t believe you did it!”

The men laugh.

Dennis says, “We went to McDonald’s already.  We’re waiting for the rain to let up.”

Dennis hops out of the truck and takes me through the rain to show me the concrete.  It looks wet (the rain) but when I tap it with my foot it is rock solid.

“Go home, you guys!  It’s cold and this rain isn’t going to let up soon.”

~ ~ ~

Bargain hunting report!

It was some day last week that this little side table captures my heart.  For twenty dollars it’s ours!

What a solid, rugged piece of work this is.  I don’t know where I’ll put it but surely there’s a place for it in our home.

I unload my purchase from the back of the PTV and set it in the yard by the patio.  Then I open the back door of the house and release the canine inspection crew.  After a happy welcome home for me, they get to “work.”

Okay, let me show you something . . .


Someone took a black marker and wrote on the top!  This is something a toddler would do, yet obviously this vandalism was done by someone who should’ve known better.

Anyhow . . . .

Looking on the bright side, if the side table had not been defaced like this, it probably wouldn’t have been at the thrift shop.

How am I going to get that marker off?  I could fool around with acetone (nail polish) but I bet it would only smear into a big, black blob.  Hmm . . . I’m gonna’ hafta’ sand it out.

(More on this project in a future post.)

In the meantime . . . 

A temporary solution!

Place mat: 25 cents.  Lamp with shade: $10.

~ ~ ~

More thrift store grabs!

These have the appearance of oil paintings, yet I’m not quite sure they are, as there are no brush marks.  The canvas has been stretched over a wood frame the way real paintings are done.

(Note:  Distortion and reflection in the photos.)

However, the artwork is so perfect that I wonder if this is some newfangled process that duplicates an original painting onto canvas.  Also, upon close inspection, the paintings show wear.

You know what?

I don’t care about any of that.

I like these little landscapes (8″ x 10″).  They draw me in and give me the feeling of returning to a familiar, peaceful place.

A pretty good value at three bucks apiece, wouldn’t you say?

~ ~ ~

Sunday, December 9

Dennis and Gilbert are here!  The last section of fence is going up!  I need to get out there and watch!

Y’all have a great day!  As always, thank you for your friendly comments.



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81 Responses to Perfect in its imperfection

  1. Renee from Idaho says:

    Good wonderful morning!

    • Renee from Idaho says:

      It will be really nice to have the fence and gates completely finished!

      Your end table find is great, but you’re right, you’ll have to sand out the graffiti. What a shame. Yea, someone old enough to know better, but there are a lot of “old enough’s” out there that don’t. Depending on the marker, it may have soaked down several layers, but your sanding will determine that. Have a great day!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Good wonderful morning to you, too, Renee!


  2. pam ridgekt says:

    Maybe second???

  3. Columbus Calvin says:

    Good morning! I bet that side table finds a place. Those things are very useful. I’m not sure what the remedy is for marks, but the placemat paid for itself right away. That arrangement looks natural.

    PS: I bought a calendar and some other thing (wallet?) that might show up on the list.

  4. KathyN from MI says:

    I knew I would near the top and had to send in a quick note. Love the fencing and really like the end table! You are really good a shopping; I have to much less success. Maybe the thrift shops there are better stocked than here (lets go with that rather than my impatience). Cold cold and wishing we were traveling to Tucson this year. Have to take care of health this year and hope for next year. Thanks for keeping me busy with your pictures and new life.

  5. Maryanne Davis-Baldwin-CT says:

    I’ve used 90 proof rubbing alcohol to remove permanent marker from less absorbent materials-plastic storage boxes etc. Might work, might not!

  6. Gene Siesky says:

    I enjoy seeing your purchases. Perhaps you could spray paint the top of the table a nice southwestern color and match the cabinet pulls with something of the same color, or complimentary?

  7. Robin B says:

    Quick reply: Have you tried a little hairspray for the marks? I realize you may not own any cans but might get a cheap travel size at Walmart and do a small test. Make sure it’s in an aerosol can. Tresemme (?) Has a travel size and we use it for removing permanent Sharpie marks.

  8. J Wiethorn says:

    Now you will need to add the chicken wire that comes in 25 ft rolls. I had my fence guys put half underground and stapled the upper part to the fence. Dogs can’t dig out and critters can’t dig in. Works perfectly!

    • Don in Okla. says:

      I was just going to suggest that but you beat me to it!! I found some plastic material in a roll similar to chicken wire. I’ve staked out pieces of it in the yard where the dogs were digging and it did the trick and it is very tough too. Rolls are about 3′ wide and are easily cut with heavy scissors. The holes in the material are about 3/4′ square and easier to work with than the chicken wire. Just my two cents!!

  9. Deena in Phoenix says:

    Sue, you are master of the great finds…Dennis & his helper, beautiful methods of bringing the outside inside, best little inspectors.
    I have one remaing gift to finsh crocheting and time seems to be moving quickly.

    Take Care

  10. Wow nice fencing….I can visualize a xmas wreath on them or garland and lights. I also love the side chest and love the woven rug. I’m partial to desert landscapes so I bought some of my bro-in-laws’ prints….he’s an artist, Michael Chiago. I have painted native pots, little sheep, horse, cow figurines, a rug my daughter wove (her first rug), and some purchases from New Mexico…story teller figurine that my niece painted and fired. My grand niece also makes painted clay & fired xmas ornaments of which I have several. I also have lots of books (my beloved books). Several were written by friends and/or illustrated by family/friends (Bring down the Rain, Spiderwoman’s children, etc.). My son loves abstract art so we have several hanging on the walls…they compliment the desert scenes. The only odd ball oil painting I have was given to me as a gift…my granddaughter’s maternal great grandma’s painting…a still life of a copper pot on a table with a few fruit. I hung it in the dining room. Elsie painted beautiful desert scenes and painted a few Navajo children but I wasn’t lucky to get one of those. I love the still life I did get tho. Anyway, I love what you found including the little road runner knickknack. Also the fencing is beautiful. Looking forward to seeing the finished project.

    • Rita, I purchased a small print of a Michael Chiago painting . I was at Saguaro NP a couple weeks ago and the Tohono Oodham were there doing weaving demonstrations etc. One of the tables had the prints for sale. It’s gorgeous!

      • Hi Debra & Misty, I bought several of Mike’s prints. Years ago he gave me an original which I passed on to my daughter for her house. My younger sister Ann is also an accomplished artist. She paints, weaves, and does a lot of other crafty things. She gave me a night scene painting of a pueblo village. I hung it in my bedroom. It’s such a soothing scene. I’m glad you like your print.

  11. Peggy says:

    If the black marks don’t sand out easily (before going too deep) why not paint the top black? Having black in every room is the new style and it does look nice. Just an idea…

    The new fence looks fabulous! I must admit to a slight shade of envy. We have chain link and I hate it but my hubby prefers it. After 53 years, I know which battles to avoid! 🙂

  12. Don in Alaska says:

    What a shame, ‘Taggers’ are the Vandals of the new age. Nice table though.

    The ‘thrift stores’ locally have a few decent things from time to time, but mostly what they have are items that just a few years ago would have been put in the dump without a second thought – tired, worn out and in may cases, badly stained.

    I am able on occasion, to find gently used clothing at a fraction of the ‘new’ price. A nice shirt for $3.95 vs $45 dollars at the retail store.

    Funny you mention the rain. It has been raining here as well.

    As a side note, the family (us and kids/grand kids) all came through the earthquake just fine. It was nice to be able to sit in a warn van (our Eurovan camper, love that propane heater) waiting for the electricity to be restored.

    Sadly, too many others lost their homes and many businesses were forced to close due to the near or complete collapse of their buildings.

    If I don’t check back before then, Happy Holidays to the Blogerinos!

    • weather says:

      It’s good to know that you and your family are fine, Don. When that earthquake was in the news I thought about you, and hoped you’d let us know that you’re alright.

    • Dawn in NC says:

      Don, I’m happy to hear that you are ok and were able to stay warm. I’m sorry to hear the news of the catastrophe around you.

    • Barbara Fiandt says:

      Glad you and family are all OK. Our son who lives in Fairbanks said they could feel it up there – no damage though, thank goodness.

    • Denise - Richmond VA says:

      So glad to hear that you and your family are ok, Don. Thank you for letting us know. Your family was in my thoughts when I heard about the earthquake. Happy Holidays! 🙂

    • Elizabeth says:

      Happy news to hear you and your clan are doing fine!! We have friends up there too…and tho I guess they have a mess to clean up, all is ok otherwise…just so glad that things are not worse with such a big one!!

      • Don in Alaska says:

        Please allow this answer to say **Thanks!** for all the good thoughts.

        I am very happy to say that Anchorage has proven to be a ‘Disaster-resilient’ city – no doubt due to a collective memory of earthquakes past.

        I’m very happy to say many people worked hard to help each other and to pitch in for the clean up.
        For example – at the nearby (and closer to the epicenter) Air Base Commissary, over 100 volunteers showed up to assist with the clean up!

        Most schools will be open for teaching on Monday thanks to the hard working school district maintenance crews and school staff. For the three buildings too damaged to reopen, many volunteers helped to pack up books and supplies – and the kiddos will be in class Monday as well!!

        My best Holiday wishes to all….

  13. You clearly have better thrift stores there than we have here. Either that or you’re much better than I am at navigating the stores. That side table is very nice and looks great with the place mat on it.

  14. Elizabeth says:

    Your thrift finds are lovely!! As well as the fence…it appears really tall!! I hope it will be of good service to you for many years, Sue!!

  15. Barbara (Nashville) says:

    Your fence is fantastic. Dennis and Gilbert are doing a great job and pretty timely at that.
    Your thrift store finds are great. The side table is really nice but I particularly like the paintings. I sure never see anything like that here. My neighbor finds some nice things one in awhile.
    I’m with Don (AK) Most of the stuff is junk that should be in the dump instead of the thrift store. My old junk looks better than some of the things that are there. Think I’m just going to start painting, add new hardware and keep it.
    Guess when I go to the grocery this week, I will get supplies for Christmas goodies. Most of my neighbors are my age or older, and are by themselves, so I make goodies for them every year. This year I think I am going to make egg w/veggies muffin cups, some monkey bread, and homemade fudge. I mostly do something they can enjoy on Christmas morning.

    • Denise -Richmond VA says:

      Hi, Barbara,

      Your neighbors will be happy to receive your homemade treats! They sound delicious! 🙂

    • Elizabeth says:

      What a good neighbor you are!! Great idea to fix goodies to share!!

      • Barbara (Nashville) says:

        Just try to share the spirit of the season with a little something. I have really good neighbors.
        I usually don’t do for those that have have family here as that would get too expensive for my budget. The only exception is my best friend and neighbor. Her daughter and grand kids live up the road a couple of miles.
        The unit across from me just sold to a divorced lady and her 3 yr. old. Haven’t met her yet, so I am undecided, also don’t know when she is moving in.

  16. Jolene/Iowa says:

    Hi Sue!
    I love the new fence and your thrift shop finds are just awesome!! My favorite kind of shopping!

  17. That fence is just beautiful!! So excited seeing it come to the end – you’re blessed to have such a great little work crew 🙂 Really like the paintings with the pretty muted colors. I bet your home is lovely with all the treasures you’ve given another chance to shine. The good karma must fill the air!

  18. Dawn in NC says:

    Hi Sue! I would have been drawn to that table too. It’s really pretty. It is too bad about the graffiti on it. I’m also glad your fence is almost done! What an exciting feeling. I recently had a home project of my own. Three days ago the blinds on my front window broke in the up position, so everyone could see inside at night. As I live in the front of the complex, everyone passes by my house. I felt very exposed in the evenings. It took several trips to Home Depot and I had to change out brackets, but I finally got the blinds up yesterday. I was very proud of myself! I am in the middle of snowpacoplpse right now. We just got 12 inches! Unfortunately one of my cats is very sick with a recurring issue. I even had to take her to the emergency vet yesterday. Despite paying an arm and a leg for palliative care, I wasn’t able to get all the diagnostic tests done. I’m hoping against hope that my vet only has a delayed opening tomorrow and that I can find someone to drive me through the snow!

    • Denise Richmond VA says:

      So sorry to hear you cat is sick, Dawn. Please be extra careful if you do go out! We are dealing with that same storm here. 7”+ so far, it has been snowing hard since 9AM! 🙂

      • Elizabeth says:

        Oh mercy Denise…that is an awful lot for Richmond!!! (We spent one winter near there!) Stay home if you can!!

  19. Carol Sturdevant says:

    Your table looks like custom piece of furniture, signed by the person who made it. You could go with that scenario and not have to deal with sanding it. lol

  20. You have made some great finds at the thrift stores. That table is wonderful! While I’m in Tucson area I want to go down to the White Elephant in Green Valley. I can’t buy anything big but would be fun to check it out.

  21. Cat Lady in Baton Rouge, La says:

    Wish I could give you a couple hundred dollars and turn you loose in the thrift store, Sue. You could furnish my whole house. Hugs to the boys. Take care.

  22. Linda in Minnesota says:

    Love, love, love the placemat! And its accessories. 🙂

  23. Dawn in Michigan says:

    Looks like it’s all coming together, inside and out! You’re almost converted me to a thrift shop shopper!

  24. Denise - Richmond VA says:

    Hi, Sue,

    Your fence looks so nice! Great thrift store finds! The end table looks like it is well made; it will give you many years of enjoyment.

    We are dealing with snow, snow, and more snow! It started snowing at 9 this morning, and it shows no signs of stopping anytime soon. We are up to 7”+! It is pretty to look at, but treacherous. There is a layer of ice under the snow. I slipped and fell while cleaning off my car and had a hell of a time getting back up. Kept losing my footing. Thankfully I am ok, just very sore. I took a hot as I could stand shower to help ease the soreness.

    Sending you, Reggie, and Roger lots of love from me and Gracie pup! Enjoy the rest of the day! 🙂

    Shout out to MB and Rhodium in Virginia! Please be extra careful in this weather. At 5PM, we have 7”+, and it is still snowing hard. Is it still snowing out your way? How much did you get? Stay safe! 🙂

    • weather says:

      Oh,Denise, falling on ice hurts,I’m sorry that you did! I hope the soreness goes away quickly. Do your best to stay safe.Sending gentle hugs to you and Gracie pup

      • Denise - Richmond VA says:

        Thank you, weather! Thank you for the hugs…sending some *hugs* back for you! 🙂

        • Barbara (Nashville) says:

          Sorry you fell Denise. I know how that hurts. We haven’t had any more than a dusting this storm, but last winter I fell while walking Angel, coming down the grade. I couldn’t get up either. Had to scoot on my rear over to someone mailbox to pull myself up. Felt like an idiot.

          • Denise - Richmond VA says:

            Thank you, Barbara. I know what you mean! I had moved my car to the street, as my yard/driveway is on an incline. I fell next to my car, with the curb and sloped yard under me. That along with the slick conditions made it challenging to get back on my feet. I also dropped my keys in the snow. Not one of my finest moments. Feeling less sore today. 🙂

    • AZ Jim says:

      I’m sorry to hear of your fall Denise. I have been there and know how it hurts. Get some of those slip on ice cleats and it really will help. I hope ya get to feeling better real soon.

      • Denise - Richmond VA says:

        Hi, Jim,

        Thank you for your kind words. 🙂 One of my sisters gave me a pair of slip on ice cleats years ago. I do wear them when there are icy conditions. I did not put them on, because the snow was not mixed with freezing rain or ice. I guess the road surface still had some warmth when the snow started, so a thin layer of ice was under the snow. Lesson learned! With each passing day, the soreness is lessening. Sending you and Detta hugs! 🙂

        • rvsueandcrew says:

          Good morning, Denise!

          I was sorry to read you fell and glad this morning to read that the soreness has lessened. Seeing you here this morning tells me you probably aren’t ready to return to work, unless Richmond is still stalled with all that snow. Gracie pup must have mixed feelings — not wanting you to hurt but happy to have you home. Hugs to you both. 🙂

          • Denise - Richmond VA says:

            Good morning, Sue!

            Thank you for the hugs, Sue. 🙂

            Work has a delayed opening. I am taking the rest of the day off as the County has not plowed my neighborhood yet. Most school systems are still closed, but the rest of Richmond is slowly getting back to normal. Gracie pup is happy to have me home. 🙂

            Have a great day! Sending you, Reggie, and Roger lots of love and hugs from me and Gracie pup! 🙂

  25. Cynthia in San Clemente says:

    The fence is really turning out to be quite beautiful – what a great Christmas gift to yourself! I think the chest is adorable and love the idea from Peggy about painting the top black. There is some black in your two new paintings, so if you hung them above the chest and painted the top of it black it would all “relate” to each other. I went and did a little Christmas shopping after church today so I am almost done. Now for the wrapping and baking!

    You all who are experiencing all the snow and storms, please be careful and stay safe!

  26. Love the table and the place mat. I wouldn’t bother with refinishing right now. The mat is perfect.
    Merry Christmas to all🎄🎅🏻🤶🏻⛄️

  27. Susan in Dallas says:

    Love your new table and with that placemat and lamp it looks so stylish.

  28. Roger Fell says:

    I’ve used methyl hydrate to remove Sharpie marker even from leather. Places like Home Depot carry it. Paper towel, soak and blot. I don’t know if it will pull it all out of the grain, but if the wood has some finish on it, it should work.

  29. Sally says:

    My grandson has a bedroom set just like your nightstand. Nice wood. You could get some of your own photos put on canvas or picture board. Google it if interested.

  30. Claudia says:

    Hand sanitizer takes ink out of clothes. You might try that on your table.

  31. Harriet says:

    Just food for thought, you have some beautiful landscapes photos of your travels. If you go to one of those box printing shops, like kinkos or the like they can print your photos on canvas paper . The

  32. Susan in the Pacific NW says:

    try using a damp Mr. Clean Magic eraser on the permanent marker before you get out the sandpaper. Go gently, Mr.Clean erasers are slightly abrasive. But they do take permanent marker off painted walls, countertops, glass, etc.

  33. Eileen says:

    Can’t figure out all the letters on the night stand, but sort of looks like “SIA?K WAY.” I googled “SIAK” and found references to the Irish and Polish languages (couldn’t understand those meanings) as well as reference to the “Malay dictionary” (indicating “poor” or “guard of the mosque”). Wish I knew what that curvy mark is between the A and the K.

  34. Geri from the FL panhandle says:

    That Gorilla Cart is what we bought over a year ago! I love it!

    With my bad back, it will bring all the bagged groceries from the car to the RV! It helps me at the washing machine so I can empty all the wet clean clothes into the wagon and pull it easily over to our clothes line! The wagon helps me move my potted plants around the yard too! I can take all the household garbage out to a the dumpster in it too!

    This cart can turn on a dime! Ours has a “dump truck” feature where the wagon can lift up off the frame, much like the back of a dump truck lifts up to empty it’s load! That feature Is wonderful for taking the yard trash, cuttings, branches etc.out to the road to be picked up twice weekly!

    I really love this wagon! It’s very manageable, easy to pull and it has been a Godsend to this old woman! So if you need a recommendation for buying a Gorilla Cart you have ours!I love your new little table! That place mat is perfect for it and the lamp and shade is a nice touch. Your house is becoming a home with your loving touches!The fence is really nice! I wish we had something like that here. Our RV spaces are good size, just wish we had more privacy!

    Please give the boys a big hug from us! Our boys are doing fine !💗
    We love you Sue 💗 MERRY CHRISTMAS 🎄🎀🎅🎀🎄

  35. weather says:

    What a pretty header photo! It looks like your Field of Flowers camp. I’m impressed that those guys worked fast enough to get the posts set in concrete before it rained, especially when using a post-hole digger. That’s not easy work, it’s so nice of them to do that in order to spare you the extra cost of renting an auger.

    That’s a really good looking side table, nice bargain shopping, Sue 🙂 . I like how versatile those can be. As I type I’m sitting in front of a similar one that I use as a stand for my laptop. At other times I used it as a nightstand by my bed, and as an end table by a couch. I love both of your small paintings. “They draw me in, and give me the feeling of returning to a familiar, peaceful place.”, what a lovely reason to choose a piece of art.

  36. Denise - Richmond VA says:

    Hello, Sue and fellow blogorinos!

    We ended up with over a foot of snow! I stopped measuring at 12”, it continued to snow for several hours after that. Even though it is a cold 30 degrees, the sun popped through the clouds late this morning. Just enough warmth to cause some of the snow to start falling off the trees. It really is pretty. My street looks like a sparkly, magical Christmas snow globe village, all of the homes with a thick layer of snow on their roofs. I won’t be able to get out of my neighborhood until the County plows come through, so I may be snowed in at least another day. Gracie pup and I are are watching movies from the 1930s on TCM – love it! I am very thankful that we have not lost power, work decided to close today, and for a neighbors help with shoveling my back porch and a path down the driveway to the mailbox. Life is good. 🙂

    Hope everyone’s week is off to a good start. :-‘

    • Elizabeth says:

      WOW, Denise…what a lot of snow!! Hope you can take a few days off…enjoying it from inside the house is ok!! Always loved snow…but mostly from indoors looking out!!

      • Elizabeth says:

        PS…hope you are doing ok with that fall…I broke my tailbone quite badly once…going out to get an empty 5 gallon bucket…wind blowing a gale plus ice which I did not see…and BOUNCED all the way down several steps…I was laid up a good while with that one. Do take care…and don’t let anyone tell you to go outside in such to pick up something…it can wait!! (I was PESTERED into so doing).

    • weather says:

      Gosh, Denise, I’m so glad your work decided to close. It’s so nice if one can stay home after a snow storm, look out at the beauty,then tuck warmly inside with a furry friend. And now you’ll have a shorter work week, too 🙂 !

    • Denise - Richmond VA says:

      Thank your warm wishes, Elizabeth and weather. 🙂

  37. Suzicruzi says:

    Thanks Sue, and Chas for the recent boondocking ideas.

    We passed through Blythe coming from the Salton Sea, (which was great by the way!), and stopped in at Midland LTVA. No so on the “day or two free to see if you like it.” Your friend Byron (sp?) said he misses you this year, and to tell you “hello”. I tried my very best to wheedle a free night, but no dice. He sent us to Tom Wells Road, which worked perfectly for us actually.

    The next morning we went back to 95, and headed North which was our planned destination. We have been at a lovely boondock along the Colorado just North of Laughlin a few miles. Oh my, the Sunrises and beach frontage property has been more than worth the narley 4.3 mi narrow dirt road DOWN to the river, (which means a steep UP getting back to the road ). Typical dry camping, but clean pit toilets and trash receptacles. This facility is maintained daily, and the cleanliness has been notable.

    We’ve been here 5 nights tonight, and reluctantly head out in the morning headed towards Havasu City where my brother resides, and is holding mail and packages for us.
    After a couple days visiting, we are going to look for that boondock Chas mentioned in his reply a few posts back. We think it’s called “Lone Tree”, as 2 other campers here mentioned that’s where they were headed next. We want to explore Havasu City a bit, and spend time in the area, without staying with family for a week- if you catch my drift.

    I believe after this, we’ll head on down towards the Ajo and Why area. We want to go see the cactus down at the park, and do a bit of exploring. Not sure about the “Big Q” haha.. ya think we should at least see it, huh? We might just do that, like you said, before it gets busy next month.

    By the way, heading North on 95, we passed Turtle Mountain Road, and I said to Larry, “Hey, Sue has camped down that road”. Instinctively we both waved as we went by. HaHa! There was one tiny RV waaaaay back down that road hardy visible. 🙃

    We are just having a grand old time Sue, and Friends. We sure do appreciate all the helpful tips from everyone. Being a first year newbie, it all seems overwhelming at times. But the funny thing is, we have the benchmarks, we have had this and other blogs, and we have met good campers with like minds along the way who share tips, so we just sort of point out a direction and go! In the end, it has all worked out just great!

    Onward! Cheers all, Happy day to everyone and all the pups and kitties out there too.

    Suzi, Larry, and Kitty.

    • weather says:

      What a fun comment, Suzi! Your enthusiasm and enjoyment is contagious, I’m sitting here smiling, thanks.

    • Denise - Richmond VA says:

      Hi, Suzicruzi,

      Thank you for sharing your trip with us. Sounds like you all are having a great time! Finding a spot to camp near family gives you plenty of flexibility and a genuine excuse (when you need it) to leave family to get back to your own cozy home. You newbies are doing just fine, working out any issues that crop up. Keep on having fun! Enjoy! 🙂

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Another great report from Suzicruzi! Love it! Hi, Suzi, Larry, and Kitty!

      I want you to know I’m sorry about misleading you regarding a couple free days to try out Midland LTVA. That was under a previous camp host or maybe, simply, the rules had to be tightened. I’m glad you found an alternative over on Tom Wells Road.

      I look forward to reading the next exciting episode of The Suzicruzi Adventures on the Road! 🙂

  38. jazzlover says:

    Sue just a thought to add to all the other ideas for cleaning your last great find, how about asking Dennis what he’d recommend if you have not done so already. He may have run into something similar at some point. Personally I like the place mat but can see that you might like to use it without one. Good luck.

  39. Gary says:

    You’re a great shopper. I’m amazed at what you find for such a reasonable price.

  40. rvsueandcrew says:


    Thank you for the product recommendations. Keep ’em coming! 🙂

    Your ideas on how to remove the marker are great! I made a list of your suggestions to refer to in the future. The arrangement of lamp and place mat will do fine in the meantime (Thanks for approving that!).

    Other things have my attention these days… mostly the fence project which has grown to be even better than our original plan. Very exciting!

    And, also, the search for furniture and decor for the house. Your positive comments about my purchases have built up my confidence as I make decisions based on what I like.

    Off and on all day yesterday I worked on the next post. The connection dropped repeatedly. This has happened before and eventually self-corrected. This morning I haven’t had any trouble with it so I hope to finish up the post. (I’m torn because Tuesday is a prime day for thrift shopping!).

    I read every comment and appreciate you being a part of my blog. What a great bunch of readers this blog has!

    As always my thoughts are with readers who are suffering, who face difficulties and challenges, who grieve . . . . I continue to send best wishes to all but particularly to those going through tough times. And if you’re on my silent roll call of blogorinos we don’t hear from anymore, know that I still think of you and wish you well.

    My apologies to my Jewish readers: I neglected to wish you a timely Happy Hannukah!


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