Picking up a couple six-packs

Monday, April 15, at home in Arizona

I’m in the habit these days of parking the Perfect Tow Vehicle at the garden center end of WalMart.  New plants for spring planting are coming in frequently and I like to see the latest arrivals before going inside.  Recently I decide to pick up a few annuals for pots around the house.

I push my shopping cart through the profusion of blooming plants.

Gee, a six-pack is only $2.48.  Hmm . . . dianthus, marigolds, petunias . . . oh, the memories . . .   I still can see Grandma’s two big washtubs full of petunias on the tree stumps in her front yard.  I’ll get the petunias!

I choose a six-pack of the white ones and a six-pack of purplish-blue ones.

Moseying around the flower aisles . . . 

I approach a fifty-to-sixtyish woman standing with her hands on her cart.

Maybe she would be a good one to ask . . .

“Excuse me, ma’am.  Have you lived in Arizona long?”

She smiles. 

“Yes, I have.  About 30 years.  Why do you ask?”

“Well, I’m not from around here.  I bought a home a year ago and planted that thing over there with the yellow flowers.  The tag said “perennial” but it died over the winter. Makes me wonder if any of these perennials will survive around here.”

“I don’t know about that, but I do know this past winter was colder than usual.  Colder and with more snow.”

“Oh, so there’s hope . . . .  Aren’t these beautiful?” I remark, referring to the bright blooms surrounding us.

“Yes, they are.  I just can’t make a decision.  I have trouble spending money on plants.  They’ll probably die in my care,” she adds wryly.

Noting she’s dressed well enough, I sense the reason for her reticence.  It’s not that she can’t afford them.

“You know?  I can be the same way.”  I look down at my choice of petunias smiling at me from the cart, exuberant with spring freshness.

I continue . . . .

“I came up with a way to get over that.  Think of all the times you’ve gone into a Wendy’s or McDonald’s, plunked down 6 bucks, and thought nothing of it.  You eat the meal, and, when you leave, you have nothing to show for the 6 bucks . . . . except maybe a bit of blubber.”  (I can say that last part because she’s slender in that maddingly natural way of some petite, small-boned women.)

She laughs. 

“That’s so true!  Why is it easy to spend on food and not on plants?  I think nothing of the cost of the food I want.”

“Yeah, and these flowers will give you pleasure a lot longer than bites of food.”

“Well, maybe.  Maybe not.”

She explains.

“I don’t have much luck with plants.  My mother could grow anything.  I never had any interest in it until a few years ago.  You should see my neighbor.  She has this big, round thing full of geraniums.  Gorgeous.  In the winter she pulls it into the garage . . . . ”

“Maybe she would help you with a few plants of your own?”

“Oh, she’s tried.  Believe me, she’s tried.  I think she’s given up on me.” She laughs weakly and asks,  “What are those you have?”

“Petunias.  Petunias are probably the easiest.  Though everyone is different, I suppose.  See those marigolds over there?  I can’t grow marigolds to save my life.  They sit and stare and do nothing.  Petunias I can do. You oughta’ try them.”

“They ARE pretty . . . .”

“Two things to remember — One, use Miracle-Gro to fertilize — ”

“Yeah, I’ve heard Miracle Gro is best.”

“– and dead-head regularly.”

“What’s dead-head?” she asks.

I demonstrate, pinching off a dried-up bloom from a plant in my cart.  “When you do that the plant goes Oh no, I need to put out more flowers!

We talk a while more, as if old friends. 

I offer her a last bit of encouragement before heading into the store.

“Everyone needs beauty in their lives.  Get yourself some flowers.  They’re worth it, even if they don’t last long.  Even if you have to skip lunch at McD’s for them.”

We chuckle at that, wish each other good luck, and I leave her standing among the flowers.

Later, somewhere around women’s apparel . . . 

Here comes my new acquaintance —

“WOW!  LOOK AT YOU!” I exclaim upon seeing her cart.  In front of her petunias of several colors nod their pretty heads.

“I did it!”  She grins broadly as she passes.  “Now I’m off to buy food.”


~ ~ ~

NOTE:  Not wanting to break up the flow of this little story, I held back photos of my petunias until it was done.  Here they are on our patio:

~ ~ ~

~ ~ ~

~ ~ ~


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“They do look comfortable, Dawn.  I like that color, too.” — Sue

FloridaScott in Ajo, Arizona, recommends:

Crocs Unisex Classic Clog

“Crocs Classic Clogs are great for just hanging around the campsite. Easy on, easy off, waterproof and are super for using in the shower house. Very comfortable too!” — Scott

Millie loves her Crocs!

“One more advantage to add about Crocs…they are machine WASHABLE!! When mine start getting kind of grubby, I just throw them in the washing machine with jeans and they come out good as new! LOVE my Crocs! Crocs sandals too!” — Millie

~ ~ ~

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Coming up . . . It’s griddlin’ time again!

~ ~ ~


I invite you to share with us your story or stories of times you encouraged someone. We all have those stories (forget about those opportunities we missed!). In fact, many of you are regular encouragers on this blog. — Sue

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80 Responses to Picking up a couple six-packs

  1. Dawn in NC says:

    First?! So excited for a new post! I was just re reading comments from the last one!

    • rvsueandcrew says:


      And thanks for sharing your recommendations for products available at Amazon. 🙂

  2. Carol in Delaware says:

    Your petunias look great. Love the wicker lantern stand!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Carol,

      Nice to see you here! “lantern stand?” I’m not familiar with that term.

    • Elaine and Miss Lovey says:

      Love love love your plants and those wicker plant holders. Thift store purchases perhaps? Miss Lovey and I will be on the move soon, it’s time to travel. Thank you for your blog with your travels. I was encouraged to buy my truck and trailer and now after 2 years in one spot have been bit by the travel bug!

      • rvsueandcrew says:

        Good for you, Elaine and Miss Lovey!

        Yeah, most of what you see in the photos came from the thrift store. Wicker rocker was only a couple dollars, same with the wicker plant stand holding the white petunias. I think the rug at the patio doors was two dollars and the rattan plant stand holding the purple-blue petunias was four dollars.

        Have fun on the road and at your camps!

        • Elaine and Miss Lovey says:

          Thank you Sue! I’ll make sure to share my travels with you and the blogarinos as you all might have some great suggestions for me. I’ll check thrift stores for wicker and rattan plant holders. What an absolute great and inexpensive find!

  3. Columbus Calvin says:

    That’s a great story. You’re a role model! Also, it was a sound writing decision about putting the pretty flowers at the end. They really make an impact after the story about growing flowers.

    I’m in 12-Step recovery and have been for some time now, so it’s pretty much of a lifestyle to encourage others to live better and share how I do it myself. There’s no better remedy for spiritual ailments.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Calvin,

      I congratulate you on your recovery, an on-going process. A few people close to me are in 12-step and they are thriving on the encouragement that they receive and that they share with others.

      Thanks for your remarks on the story and photo.

  4. Dawn in NC says:

    Ok, now I have gone back to read. “Picking up a couple of six packs!” RVSue, you crack me up! I’m afraid I’m in the camp of your new friend. I even managed to kill a cactus in college by over fertilizing. It grew black and shriveled up! I used to try a few indoor plants, but once I got cats, they wouldn’t stay away from them. I used to try outdoor plants, but didn’t water them enough. My neighbor, taking pity on me, now puts her own flowers in my flower pot on my porch. The only draw back is that she also puts mothballs in with the flowers…it’s a looong story. So, I have pretty flowers to see, but really crummy mothballs to smell every time I come home. Your petunias look beautiful!

    As for stories of encouraging someone, I’m texting a friend with encouragements regularly today. She’s running the Boston marathon! I’m sure she’ll get them all after she’s done. So impressed by her!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Dawn,

      This is an enjoyable topic! It will be fun to read the different ways and circumstances in which people encourage each other. I enjoyed your comment.

      You have a kind neighbor. I’ll have to research the mothball mystery. 🙂

      Let us know if your friend wins the marathon…

  5. Janet says:

    Can I be number 3?

    You have inspired me to go out and buy some geraniums. I somehow got out of doing that after my husband died and I moved away. Time to get my hands in the dirt and enjoy being outside. Thank you.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      You’re welcome, Janet,

      Almost 3, not quite. 🙂

      Yes, get those geraniums! I’m glad you feel ready to do so. They are available in shades of pink these days, which are lovely, but I still favor the red blooms.

      Enjoy the dirt and the outside. I should get out there myself. It’s a warm, sunny day going into the 80s.

      BTW, I don’t think you’re the same Janet as “Janet in Tennessee” who commented here. If you think of it when signing in next time, could you add something to your name to help us remember you? Thanks.

  6. Millie says:

    I love the petunias Sue. I planted Calibrahcoa last summer in pots on my patio here in NC. They are kind of like mini Petunias. They have really fun color combinations and the plants are usually covered with these tiny little blossoms…anyway, we had a few VERY cold nights here last winter and don’t you know, those little plants survived. One is blooming like crazy and the other one is coming along a little more slowly. Pretty good for what are typically annuals. Now I just have to find some plants to fill in the other “empty” spots in the patio pots.

    Sue, please keep posting pictures of your lovely home, it so nice to see how you are enjoying being a homebody 🙂 and the boys seem to be settling in nicely too…although that Roger gave us all quite a fright! The little escape artist that he is 🙂

    One more advantage to add about Crocs…they are machine WASHABLE!! When mine start getting kind of grubby, I just throw them in the washing machine with jeans and they come out good as new! LOVE my Crocs! Crocs sandals too!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Millie,

      I never heard of those mini-petunias. I’ll go search in images for them.

      Wow, petunias surviving the cold? That’s incredible. Good for you!

      Love your last paragraph…. You’d make a great salesperson. In fact, I think I’ll add your review to Scott’s in the post.

  7. Shirley Knopf says:

    Sue – have you been to the Paton Centr for Hummingbirds? Mobile home-renews.com, there was a story in the June issue. Cleaning out stuff and found this, thought you might be interested.

    My petunias never do well….

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Shirley,

      No, I’ve never been there. I didn’t know about it until now. Gee, we would’ve gone there when we were in Patagonia.

      Here’s a link to the Tucson Audubon Paton Center

      Next time we’re in Patagonia, that will be part of our visit. Thank you! May your petunias flourish …. 🙂

  8. Cinandjules 🌵 says:

    Very weird and cold winter. Lots of plants didn’t make it!

    Hah! Isn’t it fun talking with folks…comparing notes per se and in this case encouraging her to find her green thumb?

    Your home is quite the horticulture feat!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Cinandjules,,

      Any decision yet on what to do about AO’s tooth?

      • Cinandjules 🌵 says:

        Actually yes…

        A root canal is only guaranteed for a year. It also needs a crown. That’s two rounds of anesthesia. The tooth being “dead” makes it vulnerable/more fragile…(remember this is the chomper tooth) .x rays are needed every six months( more anesthesia) and if it gets “compromised” it must be extracted.

        We’ve elected to cut to the chase and extract. We are not into putting AO thru so many procedures. This way it is one and done. Her best interest always.

        We go tomorrow for the consult. Thanks for asking! She looked for her antler today..gone into the trash…even the brand new ones we had stashed.

  9. jazzlover says:

    Hello Sue and Boys. Been among the quiet ones for awhile, waiting for nasty stomach bug to get it’s walking papers, and that is a big laugh! I was beginning to think it had taken up permanent residence. Have been following just not commenting, will rectify that situation shortly. Lots of neat things I’d like to comment on

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Ooh, stomach bugs are bad. Sorry you’ve been dealing with that, jazzlover. Good to see you here again with a promise to get back into commenting. 🙂

  10. Ruthie in Fontana says:

    You are back! Love the story of encouraging the lady to go ahead and buy a few plants. And the way she came and found you to let you know. My mom grew plants that flurished for years. After she passed away I was in charge of a few of her plants. They lasted only two months. I did plant some geraniums and they turned into a bush. But they don’t die and are very pretty twice a year with flowers. I googled their life span and it said they can live to be 40 to 50 years old! I try and encourage my fellow caregiver support group. We are all in this together!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Ruthie,

      Perhaps your mom’s plants were grieving their loss of her tender touch? Hey, what’s this about geraniums “they don’t die.” I knew a person who had a monster geranium in her sunroom, but are you saying they don’t die if left outside year round in AZ?

      How kind of you to encourage fellow caregivers. No caregiver has it easy.

      • Ruthie in Fontana says:

        Sue, I planted the geraniums about 2008, still going strong! I put about five plants in one 48″ x 24″ spot southwest. In Fontana Ca.

  11. Linda in Minnesota says:

    I buy Crocs Men’s and Women’s Specialist II Clog. They have a solid top. I think they look a little dressier than the ones with all the holes in them. Plus, whatever you drop doesn’t drip right through the shoe. (There’s nothing like having cake batter between your toes.)

  12. LOVE the flowers and am encouraged to try my hand at growing some annuals and/or perennials this summer and hope my brown thumb doesn’t cause them to wither and die. We did plant wildflowers which are about as low maintenance as you can get and they appear to have seeded well so we won’t have to do anything for that particular patch of yard.

    I know nothing about flowers and plants but I am the one who will help people find books whether I’m at a bookstore, library, or the local supermarket. Friends call me the “book pusher,” “book pimp,” or my favorite, “Book Goddess.”

    I’m also the one encouraging people to get rid of stuff and try to live a simpler life. I have computer generated business cards with my book blog address on it for both books and my simple living blog.

    You can the woman out of the library but you can’t take the library out of the woman–and all that jazz.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Book Goddess,

      You have chosen (or been led) two very important avenues of encouragement… reading books and living a simpler life. You probably aren’t aware of all the folks you have helped by doing so.

      I encourage everyone reading this to take a look at Robin’s website! (Her name is a link.)

  13. weather says:

    Congratulations, Sue ! You managed to put together a wonderful in every way post without your old familiar laptop, Wow! Everything’s perfect, great story and photos, links and all, and I’m guessing you filed your taxes in between re-learning how to do that, too. Your ability to produce and quick intelligence in so many ways continually impress me.

    Gee,I remember the post ( Rocking the bargains) from mid-January when you showed the rocker that’s now on your patio. What a lovely shade of blue you chose to paint it, for a woman that used to have little confidence in her decorating tastes, you certainly are showing quite a talent in that way , as well!

    It takes patience, willingness to work,learn and experiment to do well with plants and gardening. Doing that without excessive spending really elevates it to an art. But then, with your eye for ( and talent at) photography and creative writing, I already consider you to be an artist, so it shouldn’t surprise me to see the lovely ways you express yourself as a gardener.

    Hm,m…Guess the most recent incident of my encouraging someone may be this note to a dear friend that I’m currently typing 🙂 . Smooches to the boys, and thanks for all you went through to let me see a bit of your world again.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      I do declare, weather — You take encouragement to the level of art! A Master Encourager!

      Countless times in various situations you have encouraged me with your thoughtful and well-composed messages. You can find more to encourage than anyone I know. Ha! Love it!

      Thank you for everything you do for me and my blog.

      Oh, and thanks for the smooches — Reg and Rog.

  14. Geri from the FL panhandle says:

    We bought several of those mini petunias a couple of weeks ago. I love all the color variety! I put pinks and purples in the same pot and they look great!

  15. Anne - GA (Swampland USA) says:

    Hi, Sue, Handsome Crew and Bloggerinos,

    Sue, Your photos just keep getting more and more beautiful. I do think my favorits one – this week – is the wicker chair, petunias and wicker “pot”. Just gorgeous. Also, your photo skills are excellent.

    When I am out travelling, I usually stop at a Walmart to stretch my legs, find food, use restroom, etc. And I always end up chatting with at least one and sometimes more while I am “crusing” the store. Getting to know the locals is such fun and great fun finding out about the place I stopped. I always think of you at those times. I used to be quite shy in this aspect of travel but now I just do an RV Sue and start converstions. I found the conversations often find me because I practice my best RV Sue smile while I am out and about. So thank you for all kinds of assists. Some you aren’t even aware you are sharing.

    So, Sue. I have a question. I am leaving in late May for a 2 month trip across country. I need “a few things” and have them marked on Amazon. I plan to buy them through your portal here but the problem is – I need one backpack. But I cannot make up my mind which one of the two I’ve narrowed down to. My plan is to order both, look them over, pack them, then decide which works best. Then I will return the one which didn’t work as well. But I don’t want to return if that will hurt you in any way. There are several other things on the order as well. And only the one back pack (59-79$) to be returned. Would you prefer I order not through your portal? Help.

    Also, I need some hiking shoes for my trip and would appreciate any advice or product recommend from folks here. I don’t want sandals nor the low top sneaker types. I found a pair of ankle height hiking women’s shoes on Amazon (my home away from home) but don’t want to buy until I’ve checked to see if anyone here has experience with the kind of “high top” shoes I’m looking for. And a pair of walking sticks – anyone with info and/or advice? Thank you all in advance.

    I have a product to recommend but I don’t know how to do the link for it. Help?
    Sadly, I didn’t buy it through you – it was a gift to replace the one I had which was stolen.

    Keep up the marvelous work with the photos for us to enjoy, the thrift shopping for us to envy, and the flowers and meeting other folks which is just so fun to hear about.
    But I did miss hearing the fun things the “boys” have been up to lately. Hugs to both of them.

    • Columbus Calvin says:

      I got my boots from a female friend, although they’re marketed as a men’s model. (I have the unusual luck of having a friend whose feet exactly match mine.) They’re good solid shoes with velcro closure and no-tie laces. I just walked roughly a mile and a half in these. They’re light enough to not wear me out and heavy enough to last, with a good sole to cushion impacts.

      They’re called Dr. Comfort Men’s Ranger Black Diabetic Hiking Boots. Of course, Amazon will show you similar ones at the site. The ASIN for the particular ones I have is B00IWYAPT2. They’re not cheap, though. $139

      • rvsueandcrew says:

        Thanks for the product recommendation, Calvin!

      • Anne - GA (Swampland USA) says:

        Sorry I didn’t respond right away. I was “eshopping” – hehheh.
        Thank you so much for the boot recommend. The simple fact that it is for diabetics is perfect. I’m not a diabetic but I prefer to find footwear that will protect, cushion and not damage my feet. These boots sound like they are what I’m looking for. I will try them out and see. Thank you again for taking the time to help me get ready to travel. I do enjoy reading your posts here in bloggerino country. I always feel as if I’m coming in to Sue’s home through the back door with my coffee cup in hand, looking around to see who else is here, listening to the hum of quiet conversations and frequent musical sounds of laughter around the room. You have a great day and thank you again.

        • Columbus Calvin says:

          Anne, you’re very welcome. I love walking/hiking and I appreciate good shoes. They’re the only clothing that I’ll pay more than Walmart prices to get.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Well, Anne, I just wrote a nice, long reply and it disappeared. I’ll try again. Sheesh.

      I appreciate you wanting to shop Amazon via my blog. Go ahead and shop according to what you want/need without consideration for me, okay? That’s the way it’s supposed to be done. Thank you for caring. 🙂

      I also appreciate you wanting to make a product recommendation. All you do is write it in a comment, like Calvin did (above), and I’ll paste it into the bottom of a post. Include a description with brand name (ASIN if you can find it, not necessary) and explain how you use the product, why you like it, and why you recommend it.

      A two-month trip across country — Good for you! What fun you must be having as you plan your route. I hope we hear more about your trip….

      Oh, the boys will manage to show up in future posts. 🙂

      • Anne - GA (Swampland USA) says:

        Thank you for the advice about posting links. I will try to put that up in a day or so. I keep forgetting to tell you (makes me seem so ungrateful) how very much I LOVE LOVE my weed whacker thingy. It has a 40volt batt which doesn’t take long to charge – likely 3 hrs but I haven’t exactly timed it. The batt lasts at least 2 hours of medium duty cutting. I have resisted the urge to chop up the owner’s manual any further – meaning I am following directions and being very safety conscious. I did step on my goggles (they got knocked off when I bumped my head on the RV hitch – leaning over) I lost my balance and stepped on them.
        Good news is that I found a pair at Wally World today that are also sunglasses. Such a deal and only $4 and change. Thank you for telling us about your weedy thing. I actually have fun using it, especially for small jobs that don’t really require getting out the lawn mower.

        Funny story about my past cross country drives. I wrote emails to a few of my online friends and asked if they’d like to travel with me as it would keep me from feeling so alone. Everyone emailed back a big “YES!”. So I drove the “short bus” and would write emails with photos as I drove along. Sometines the photos with the iPAD and its floppy cover were a bit skewed since I was driving (usually 65-80mph) while taking them. I had such a fun time writing to everyone – OK, we’re stopping here for the night – check around you seat and don’t leave anything on the bus. Be ready to go on time in the early AM. We will leave as soon as the bus has gas and the driver has coffee.

        So everyone got a kick out of these silly entries. I was meeting with a lady in Salt Lake City for the first time during one of these “Short bus” trips. I phoned her to say I was finally in SLC and now needed directions to her house. She said she didn’t know how long my bus was but it should be ok, just be sure I was directly in front of her house as the community where she lived had strict parking regs. I couldn’t hang up fast enough to cover my laughter. When I drove up, she looked very surprised to see my truck and not a real bus. When we both quit laughing, I explained that the “bus” was just a mechanism of humor and that it was really a euphemism for the email/photos I sent throughout the trip. I received such funny comments back as well.

        When I was being treated for cancer years ago, I would take my iPAD and keyboard to lunch with me. Perhaps Red Lobster. I would wait for the person to take my order, begin an email to daughter and one of my friends, tell them I was taking them to lunch, I would pay, order anything they wanted on the menu, describe what I was having and just do the usual out-to-lunch banter. Often, one or both of them would be online and see my email and we’d have such a lot of giggles and laughs while I was eating. So I was sitting alone but I wasn’t lunching alone. Made such a difference.

        I’ve so thoroughly enjoyed travelling along with you and the “children” through the years, through the miles, seeing sights, learning about people and places I might never have experienced without your blog.

        However, I’m not in any way a blogger but I do love emails so I do the “short bus” routine with friends. My trip is a 2-week drive to the Kitsap Peninsula, Wash., stay there a month with my daughter then a 2-week wandering drive back home. I’m making a list of states i think I’ll pass through then in a week or so, I’ll start wandering through your blog looking for places I’ve noted I want to see. There are so many to choose from. Thank you for the diversity. I also have a list of places and things from Louis L’Amour books I’ve read about the Old West I’d like to visit. Then there are so many friends strung out along the way. Don’t forget all the Walmarts that need visiting as well. Thanks for being my travel agent. eHugs to both boys, some ear scratches.

  16. Lynda H says:

    Your memory of your Mom and petunias sparked mine. My Dad built these amazing planters for her for the back patio. She only planted Petunias. They thrived!!!! And she was a ruthless dead-header. Thanks for reminding me!

  17. Elizabeth says:

    Nice flowers, Sue!! Cute planters you found too…looks fancy!! And homey!!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Thanks, Elizabeth. The patio is a very pleasant place to relax.

      • Elizabeth says:

        I just remembered why I was drawn to the petunias, Sue…my grandma had gobs of flowers around her house in California, during my youth…and these were one she always grew!! Thanks for the memories!!

  18. LeeJ in Northern California says:

    I love the flower encouragement…..I just cleaned out my hanging baskets, ready now for their petunia load….I have six hanging baskets and usually put in at least six plants each. They last all summer, automatically watered twice a day. We get hot summers!
    Thanks for the reminder, I need to head for the store for flowers!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Wow, sounds wonderful, LeeJ! Do you have them set up with an automatic waterer or are YOU the automatic waterer? 🙂

      • LeeJ in Northern California says:

        Nope, I put it up, it strings across the beam over the length of the porch, each basket has a joint with a little piece of black hose that drops down that have tiny tips that make umbrella shaped spray just over each basket. A timer is at the faucet for water every 12 hours. Easy!

  19. Nora now in Dauphin Island AL says:

    Just wrote you a nice long message and it disappeared! I’ll try again. Have missed you and was happy to get todays’ post. Especially like the wicker chair and planter. Did you paint them? If so, what paint and color did you use?
    Close on my new home in Pascagoula MS later this week. I will be furnishing it in the same way you are. Haven’t been able to buy anything for it yet since nothing else will fit into the RV. Beach/cottage style is what I’m looking for.
    Don’t think I’ve mentioned it to you (don’t think I’ve had success in posting lately) but I recently lost my Kobie. He seemed to have a couple of mini heart attacks and passed out completely twice in one day. I hated to have him go thru that so I let him go. Still have my two girls tho.
    Well I’ll try to post this before it too disappears.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Nora,

      I’m very sorry your Kobie has passed on. It’s so hard to go on without one who gave us unconditional love. I hope your girls help you through the sad times.

      Exciting to close on a new home. I hope you have access to good thrift stores and resale shops. Good luck finding treasures!

      To answer your question . . . Yes, I did paint the rocker and the planter. I also painted a wicker settee in the same color. I’ll show that in another post. The color is a Rustoleum 2X paint and primer spray called Moss Green. Wicker painted pastel is pretty but it draws attention to the piece. Since the rocker has several imperfections I wanted a color that would make the wicker “disappear” rather than stand out. Plus I like green. 🙂

      I bought two cans of the spray paint to try it out, to see if I liked it. When I returned to the store for more, no more cans in that color! I checked a few other stores — no Moss Green! I was disappointed until I remembered Amazon. I found it, ordered four more cans, and two days later I finished the project which includes the rocker, the planter, the settee, and a three-drawer wicker chest. Here’s the paint at Amazon for anyone interested:

      Rustoleum Moss Green Spray Paint

      Okay, this is weird. The Moss Green’s price has gone up, while the other colors have stayed in the $4-$5 range. Must be in demand or something.

  20. Jan NH says:


    I love your reasoning and you are so right about not thinking twice about spending the money on food but hemming and hawing on spending it on flowers.
    Next time I think about going for fast food, I’m going to tell myself…wouldn’t you rather spend that money on flowers and see if I can keep myself from buying the fast food that I truly do NOT need :).
    I will also remember it when I go to buy flowers so I’m not so hesitant to spend on something where the beauty will last….well the blubber lasts but I don’t really want that so…….:)

    Love your petunias!

    Glad you decided to either keep your HP or buy a new Acer…good to see you back online!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      It is true, isn’t it, Jan. I guess buying food is such a habit, a necessary expense, that we frugal folks become immune to the discomfort of paying for it. Years of denying oneself of “unnecessary” purchases makes one hesitant to let loose with a few dollars on something that feeds the spirit. Silly really.

      I’m always glad to read someone is going to use the message of one of my posts. Like your self-talk! 🙂

      Thanks for the welcome back. I’m making friends with this HP, even when it’s obnoxious and stubborn.

  21. Barb From Hoquiam says:

    Awe that is awesome! You are always an encouraging soul, Sue!

    Spring has rained enough up here in the wetlands that the grass (having been mowed twice) is mid-calve length… UGH! But the flowers are happy!

    I miss getting on here. Just too much going on. I rarely get to check my own email!

    Hugs from (!) Hoquiam!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      It’s okay if you can’t be here regularly, Barb. Real life is always more important.

      Your grass is thriving and growing and our grass is drying up. That’s okay. It’s Arizona. I’ll have plenty of opportunity, like you, to mow grass when the rains arrive.

      No, unfortunately, I’m NOT always “an encouraging soul.” But I’m trying to do better!

  22. Cynthia in San Clemente says:

    Your advice and encouragement to the lady at Walmart was perfect – I do think Miracle Grow and deadheading are the keys to plant health. Your petunias look lovely – what a pretty view you’ll have from that aqua-colored rocker! In the past, I have purchased specialized fertilizers (for my acid lovers like azaleas and camellias) but honestly, Miracle Grow seems to work the best and then I don’t end up with a bunch of specialized products.

    Thank you to Shirley for recommending the Paton Hummingbird Center. I love hummingbirds and think we will be near Tucson next fall – if so, we’ll check it out. I worked in the yard all day Saturday and while trimming a vine, found a hummer nest. It had two or three eggs in it – I didn’t want to look too closely and disturb it. When I went back to check this morning, the babes had hatched but they are so tiny I still can’t count them. I do hope the crows don’t get them. Two years ago I had two nests and six baby birds who successfully fledged, but last year the &%#@ crows got all the eggs.

    Jim had surgery on his left foot this morning (a ruptured posterior tibialis tendon) and I just brought him home a few hours ago. He cannot put any weight on the foot for 4 to 6 weeks (ugh!!) so I’ll be doing all the home chores and dog walking – you may not hear from me too often 🙁 Fingers crossed that he is doing well enough to take a planned motorhome trip to Morro Bay in June.

    Encouragement is such a wonderful gift to give and it doesn’t cost a dime – only a moment of our time. Almost all things in life will come and go, but how people feel after interacting with us will last, and it may make a difference in how they feel about themselves. I want them to feel better.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Another charming post from Cynthia! You do have a talent. It’s always a pleasure to read your writing.

      Interesting about the hummers and the nests you’ve found over time. I know crows have to eat but, gee, baby hummers? Go eat some beetles or something…

      Poor Jim! He’s facing some very long weeks. Poor Cynthia! I have a feeling those weeks will be long for you, too. May Jim find the patience to stay off his foot until the healing is complete and may he heal well. You both will be set for that get-away in June.

  23. Ladybug in Mid-Tenn says:

    I have a stump in my front yard and been debating what to do with it.

    I shall plant petunias in honor of your grandmother (I can remember my mother growing them as well). However, a metal container might not be the best idea here in the south; the roots might get fried! I’ll think of something….

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Ladybug,

      You’re probably right about the metal getting too hot. My grandmother’s place was in upstate New York.

      It’s a lot cheaper to plop some petunias on a stump than having it removed!

  24. AZ Jim says:

    Good to see you Missy. You picked up some “purty” flowers. It’s a pleasure seeing how you have embraced living here in AZ. The real test will be this summer but you learn to “pay your dues” for the rest of the year. It is well worth it in my opinion.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Jim,

      Good to see you, too. Honestly, I didn’t think last summer was bad. I was driving around without air conditioning (mornings) and in the afternoons staying inside in air conditioning while it rained cats and dogs. For years I’ve read your comments about loving AZ. Now I know why! Yes, “well worth it.”

  25. Oh petunias remind me of my mom too. She loved the dark purple ones, looked like velvet and smelled sweet, especially at night.

  26. FloridaScott In Patagonia! says:

    Hi Sue,
    What Beautiful flowers. I have never seen more flowers than our ride from Ajo to Tucson, The desert was in bloom with millions of wild flowers Wow it was a site to see.
    The ride from I-10 to Sonoita was spectacular, scenic views in every direction. So far this South East high desert area is my favorite part of Arizona.

    Patagonia is a Quaint little town with a spirit and vibe that’s hard to describe. Good restaurants, a bakery, small basic grocery stores & galleries. It sort of feels like I’m back in the late 1960’s. Groovy! So far, we are really enjoying it here.

    If it were not for you Sue and your blog We would have never found this Beautiful place. Going to see the hummingbird center in the next few days. Waiting for the wind to ease up a bit. Were here for a month so plenty of time to see everything.

    Be Well & Stay Happy!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Scott,

      Oh, how I enjoy reliving good times through your comments. I remember that area very well and agree with all you wrote about Patagonia and the ride from I-10 to Sonoita. The desert is underappreciated by many people. It truly is marvelous in many ways. I’m glad you’re experiencing it with appreciative eyes and that you got to see the “millions of wildflowers.” 🙂

      About the ride from the interstate to Sonoita… beautiful, yes, but I should point out to readers that it has a long, uphill, winding grade that may not be something all folks want to attempt. An alternative is to go to the Benson 302 exit, go south to Huachuca City, and west to Sonoita. That’s a long way around but may save a transmission. I’ve driven both directions; downhill from Sonoita to I-10 is a pretty ride, too.

      The high desert is wonderful, isn’t it.

      Thank you for another comment that exudes a contagious excitement with your love of travel and new experiences. Continue to enjoy and we’ll look forward to reading another update. 🙂

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Oh, I almost forgot…. I’m not clear where you are camped. I remember there’s a little RV park in town. If you don’t mind sharing (maybe wait until after you leave, if you prefer), readers would appreciate knowing where to camp in the area, pros and cons. That is if you can break away from having fun! 🙂

      • Elaine and Miss Lovey says:

        I would love a list! That way I can stay out of big cities and see great places along the way.

      • FloridaScott In Patagonia! says:

        We are camping or should I say glamping at Patagonia RV Park.
        Its the little one in town that you mentioned. Nice, nothing fancy, full hookups, showers, laundry and nice owners. Decent monthly rates. There are not allot of options in the area except boondocking or Patagonia Lake State Park. We love the Arizona state parks, but at $30.00 a night it gets too expensive for us on a regular basis. As a treat we will visit for a week or two every several months The State Parks here are very popular and you need to make reservations in advance especially during peak times. We like our hookups so I guess were more RVers than
        true campers. We did enough true camping when we were younger and then when our kids were little and growing up.

        • rvsueandcrew says:

          Thanks, Scott!

          You have found an RVing/camping pace and style that suits you at this point in your lives. That’s the secret to enjoying “the life.” 🙂

  27. Geri from the FL panhandle says:

    Funny, for me watering my plants is very therapeutic! I love taking the hose, spray nozzle on fan setting, and walking from plant to plant happy to see that each plant is happy and healthy! It’s how I start my mornings before Chuck wakes up!

    • Geri from the FL panhandle says:

      Obviously my comment didn’t appear where it was supposed to go…under the automatic timer sprinkler system. Oh well.

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