Roger makes his mark!

Friday, September 14, in southern Arizona

In the freshness of morning I’m outside painting the concrete border of a raised bed that extends the full length of one side of our house.  A concrete sidewalk runs alongside the raised bed.

Happily I paint along until the 35-foot border is almost completed.

Suddenly Roger appears around the far corner of the house.

“Oh, no0000!” I groan.

Why do I groan?

Well, Roger loves to run on the border of the raised beds.  He does this so often that it is commonly stated at our house . . .

“There goes Roger on the Roger Highway.”

Roger has jumped onto the freshly-painted “highway.”

Startled by my loud groan, Roger jumps off the border onto the unpainted sidewalk and trots toward me with a goofy grin on his face.

“Roger!” I moan.  “Roger, get off the sidewalk!”

Roger is confused.  

He’s already trotted several feet toward me.  Now he turns and trots the other way.

After surveying the scene, I gotta’ admit, those little pawprints are kind of cute going up and down the sidewalk.

~ ~ ~

In response to popular demand . . .

Here are photos of one of the rooms I painted and that Nancy decorated with her furnishings:

This is the den.

It’s a small room with one window.  The fireplace adds architectural interest and warmth, even though it’s faux.

On the wall opposite the fireplace hangs a cheery, colorful painting of parrots.

Nancy picked up the painting at a resale shop in Florida.  Twenty-five bucks, hand-painted, perfect condition, in a nice frame.  It really puts life into our den!

Roger soon claims his special spot.

It’s ideal for keeping an eye on the front yard while lying in comfort.

He likes this comfy place so much that sometimes he sleeps all night long on the back of the loveseat, snuggled into the nubby throw.

With those big brown eyes, pink ears, and adorable underbite, who could fault him for a few pawprints?

Not I!  

(And to be honest, it was my fault.  I should’ve thought to keep him in the house.)


NOTE:  If you missed the previous post, “Reading this post could save a life, maybe yours,” I encourage you to read it.  You may be surprised to learn the symptoms of a heart attack as experienced by my friend, Geri.  Additional information and links are included in the comments section.

Thanks to Geri for sharing her heart attacks and recovery with us and to blogorinos who contributed to the discussion that followed. — Sue


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136 Responses to Roger makes his mark!

  1. Sue says:

    Hey Sue And Crew—Nancy and Marg, too.

    I might be in the top three?

    I love your blog.

  2. Jan NH says:

    LOL – poor Roger, not knowing what he did but leaving his mark! The house and furnishings look wonderful and Roger does have the best seat in the house!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Jan,

      Roger is such a happy guy. He never mopes or acts like his feelings are hurt. He goes merrily on his way from one activity to the next, always into something.

      Reggie, on the other hand, is the sensitive one. 🙂

      • Jan NH says:

        That is great that Roger is so happy-go-lucky! I think he knows how truly blessed he is to have happened across your path and appreciates the love of his family.
        I do love that he sometimes guards the house from his special spot.

        It is nice that Reggie and Roger have such distinct personalities and are also such great buds!

  3. pookie and chuck says:

    your home is looking good, Sue……

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Thanks, pookie and chuck. Nancy did an excellent job. I should say, “Nancy is doing an excellent job” because she likes to change things up and try new arrangements.

  4. Awww…Roger is an artist!

  5. Geri in the FL panhandle says:

    Oh! I love this home!💗 Such a nice job making it y’alls home! Bee U Te Ful!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Thanks, Geri. Good to see you can comment here again. ( I got your emails and haven’t gotten around to replying.)

      Hope your wrist feels better today.

      • Geri in the FL panhandle says:

        You know what? My wrist has never hurt! Not once! I got to take the band aid off yesterday and I was totally amazed that all I have to show for a 3 hour surgery is a little pin prick scab! AND a big black and blue bruise!
        I love your home! Good job Nancy! Everything looks so comfey!

  6. Elaine Magliacane says:

    Oh Nancy picked just the right colors and did a wonderful job decorating your home… what a cozy place it is now that she’s there. I hope you two will spend many happy years together there.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Thank you, Elaine, for those kind words.

      I’ll show more of Nancy’s decorating expertise in the future.

  7. Love your sister’s skill/instinct/ability for decorating. I have never been able to drape my throws to look decorative; they always look like I just threw a blank to cover up something. 🙂

    I meant to comment on the heart attack thread but didn’t get a chance, so hope it’s OK to say something now. I scrolled through and while the jaw pain, indigestion, and fatigue symptoms were mentioned (two friends had the fatigue symptom), I didn’t see anything about a sudden toothache, which could also be thought of as jaw pain.

    My mother-in-law started getting a horrible ache in a particular tooth then started vomiting. She had her “help-me-I’ve-fallen” alarm so was able to call 911 and get instructions on what to do while waiting for the ambulance. Turns out she actually died while on her way to the hospital and was brought back. What was interesting was what she said about how it felt, which was she felt like she was falling headfirst into space, and then thought “Well, this isn’t so bad…”

    Keep up the photos of the refurbished rooms. I love seeing how others decorate.


    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Robin,

      Comments that continue the discussion about heart attack symptoms are most welcome! What a dramatic experience your mother-in-law went through! She had a very close call and maybe a glimpse into the life hereafter?

      Thank you for telling her story. A bad toothache could be the beginning of a heart attack. I can see where jaw pain could be interpreted as a toothache and throw one off from recognizing what is really going on.

      More house photos in the future…

    • Columbus Calvin says:

      It might be a good idea for those of us who live alone to look into one of those “help me” alarms.

      • Most definitely. Despite being 90 and living by herself, she was totally against it but happened to have it on that particular day. Now everyone nags her to make sure she keeps up the subscription and wears it. Also, remember to make sure it transmits when outside. She recently fell in the yeard and spent 2 hours lying there as it didn’t transmit outside the house. Now it does.

      • Geri in the FL panhandle says:

        I 100% agree Calvin!

  8. Columbus Calvin says:

    I’m glad Roger didn’t get in “real” trouble for being himself. I agree that he’s found a nearly ideal place to rest.

    Nancy has done (or is doing) a great job on the den.

  9. Pat in Rochester says:

    My long-ago dog walked through the paint tray and across a beige carpet. Good thing I loved her.

    I love the colors in that room, looking forward to more interior shots.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Ha! Right through the paint tray and onto the carpet! I shouldn’t laugh, Pat …. I hope it was latex paint.. 🙂

  10. Barb George says:

    I love Rogers prints!
    That is a faux fireplace? GORGEOUS!
    Your spot is heavenly!
    Hugs from Hoquiam

  11. Bruce Johnston says:


  12. Pauline in Mississippi says:

    Your den is looking so beautiful!!! Can’t wait to see more of your house. Nancy has exquisite taste and both of you have a great eye for color. I think the paw prints are cute. Maybe you should let all 3 pups put their paw prints on the driveway
    Our Sassy loves to get on the back of the couch and look out the large glass window of our front door.
    Sending lots of love and big hugs to you and Nancy…Roger, Reggie and Marge

  13. Barbara (Nashville) says:

    Love your den such a beautiful and restful place as Roger will attest to. Such cut pics of R & R.
    Temps are unusually hot here. Up to 94 today and humid. They removed the upper cabinets today, so Theresa can paint come Monday. My kitchen looks naked out there. I have dishes and food piled across 2 tables 8ft. tables in the dining room. I dread doing th lower cabinets. I will have pots, pans, baking dishes, can goods etc. piled everywhere in the house. I hope my sister can help me get rid of alot of stuff. I discarded to large bags of stuff already. Goodness, what a mess! Feels like I’m moving.

  14. DonnaF from TN says:

    Glad Geri is doing better! I need myself a Nancy and a Sue to do my house! Your den is beautiful!

  15. Anne says:

    Sue, Nancy and Crew,
    the house is gorgeous, inside and out. It is so restful, relaxing and easy on the eyes.
    Where was Marge, didn’t she get a chance to “decorate”?

    I found a site online that seemed just made for you ladies.
    The website id …..Returntonow dot net.
    this this part of the description. I was totally fascinated by it.
    Their method seemed just made for you two and the arid/rainy area there.
    this is a brief quote from the article.

    “Family grows 7000 pounds of organic food per year on a tenth of an acre, supplying 90 percent of their diet… They spend less than $2 per day per person on other kitchen staples and make over $20,000 a year selling excess produce.”

    A second article on a website (lost the name of that one) explained how to bury an olla jar in the center of a garden bed or plot up to its neck, fill it with water and keep the plot or bed watered as water seeped from the olla. Unglazed, of course. So many ideas.

    Photos of Nancy’s lush greenery just got my thumbs itching. So I went in search of some greenery. I live in an RV so can’t be much. No outdoor plants – too many bugs, crawlies, etc, humidity. As I write this, I nearly turned over the table to tap a frog off the middle of my screen door. “Not tonight, Honey. I have a headache.” 🙀

    At any rate, I brought the mint, lavender plants, Rabbit’s foot fern home, went online for directions for care. The fern was just pretty – the other two were for indoor mosquitoes. And I love the scents. The rabbit fern is doing great – so far. Tomorrow is the funeral for the other plants. And the mosquitos indoors are totally happy about it all.

    So, Nancy, can I send you my plants by email (har har har) and you can heal them?
    I’m still working out the “copy and paste” part of getting the plants into my email.
    So enjoying the photos of your entire project – decorating, painting, repairing, installing, rearranging, stepping in and leaving paw prints……all of it.

    Great blog from your Home Base. A very restful place to put Sue’s Family Room for us all to gather and chit chat. And send prayers for Geri’s healing. Have you heard from Rusty and Lady Piper lately? And his train project?
    Sorry, didn’t mean to run on so.
    Anne, deep breathing in middle GA, the storm didn’t come here after all.
    But am praying for safety and rescue for those in the storm.

    • weather says:

      Anne on the prior post( titled “reading this might save a life,…”) and look for Jean’s comment, you’ll see that she asked about Rusty,too, and can read Sue’s reply to answer your question about him and Piper.

      • Anne says:

        thank you, Weather. good that you sent me back. there were more responses that were written after i was last there. So I read those as well. Some months ago, you shared with me how and why to refresh a page. Every time I click on that address bar, i think of you and smile.
        Thank you again for all.

  16. Rover Ronda says:

    Hi Sue and crew🐾🐾

  17. Linda Sand in Minnesota says:

    I have a friend who’s a retired cop. He once took me to the house he grew up in and there in the cement sidewalk it said, “Tommy.” He was so proud of that even though he hadn’t been called Tommy for many years. Now Roger has staked his claim to your sidewalk. Be proud.

  18. Pamela Campbell says:

    Really like your decorating touches and the colors. The arched windows are winners, too, and the porch decor is lovely. What a nice home you have made for yourselves.
    Pamelab in Grand Rapids MI visiting friends

  19. Cynthia in San Clemente says:

    On my gosh – I haven’t laughed so hard in a long time! Roger is hysterical, but I do agree with Pauline that perhaps you should let Reggie and Marg place their pawprints “for posterity” on the sidewalk! Just like kids put their initials and handprints in wet cement! Nancy’s decorating is wonderful – the den looks very cozy – a good place to curl up with a book when the evenings cool down. My Lucy also loves to perch on the backs of sofas and chairs, so I have placed soft throws over the backs of all those pieces of furniture. Unfortunately, her 14 pounds had compressed the sofa and chair backs where she likes to lay and I am constantly stuffing extra foam in them, or fluffing the down feathers. But I figure this house belongs to the dogs as much as it does to the humans so I am happy to do it – I suspect you and Nancy are the same 🙂

  20. Cat lady in tacoma says:

    Your home is looking cozy! I love the happy colors.

  21. Laurie says:

    I love the colors of the den and Nancy’s style! It is so relaxing and restful!
    I had a little dog years ago who had to walk on any curb or edging like that. It was her own little sidewalk!

    • Barbara (Nashville) says:

      Angel does that too. I had never seen a dog do that before. All this time I thought she was unique! She walks on the very tip of the curb.

  22. Eileen says:

    Luv the paw print, much cuter than the Hollywood Walk Of Fame!

  23. Denise - Richmond VA says:

    Good morning, Sue!

    Can Roger be any cuter?! Leaving his paw prints on the sidewalk, and then snuggled in the comfy throw on the sofa? So sweet! 💕

    The den’s peaceful color and plush furnishings make a nice sanctuary. When it is just too hot or rainy, make some tea, grab a book, and make yourself comfy. Nancy scored a bargain when finding the parrot painting. 🙂

    Enjoy the weekend, Sue! Sending you, Reggie, and Roger lots of love and hugs from me and Gracie pup! Hi to Nancy and Marg! 🙂

    I hope all of the blorgorinos in Florence’s path are safe.

    • weather says:

      This morning’s news had a bit about a tornado in your area, Denise, I hope you were not affected and that all’s well with you.

  24. You might need to find another color paint for Reggie to mark alongside Roger’s – pretty cute those little prints!

    The den is beautiful and homey. Love the arched window!!

  25. Lisa, Dad, Tommie and Buddy in FL says:

    Hi Sue
    I too love the decorating that you too have done. You have a restful haven for you expanded family. I agree with Pauline and think you should make the side-walk a “paw-pular print path “using a different color of latex paint for each pooch.
    My Mom used to paint, on canvas, and one day our cats decided to walk through the palette on top of our piano. It took me awhile to scrub the many colored prints and smears on that room. LOL I think it would be nice to have some paw prints of your pups as their mark on the house.

  26. weather says:

    Aw-w, lovable little Roger had no idea that he shouldn’t be doing what he did. I hope by now he has been happily running on his “highway” again. Your den looks great! If I’m in a waiting room that has magazines I often look at some about homes and decorating. My favorite rooms are done the way yours is, with each piece complimenting the other but not part of a matched set of furniture. I really prefer things that were bought individually, it’s a much more creative and interesting way to make a house feel like a home. Also, the paint colors make a perfect background for the scene, without being so loud that it’s the first thing noticed.

    If this post were part of a magazine a couple of your photos would be featured on the cover. Inside would be an article telling a few details about it all. The story I think of is how many years, trips and decisions went into Nancy’s collecting everything in that room, the other rooms in your house, the porch, yard and patio. And of how much you, Sue, went through in order to find and prepare that home for all of you to have, share and enjoy. I continue to be fascinated by how well two sisters blend their strengths and talents to achieve so much.

  27. ValGal (westernWA) says:

    I love Nancy’s taste in decorating and colors! You did a great job painting, Sue. What a lovely home.

    Roger’s paint pawprints are charming. I do hope they didn’t extend into the house. I think the pups love their new home.

  28. Barbara from Camano Island, WA says:

    I keep going back to the picture in your last post of the little outside sitting area. I just love the lime green pillows with the black and white throw pillows in the wicker. And the wonderful black and white rug. The beautiful rose in the foreground is a final perfect touch. My favorite “room”!!! kudos to Nancy.

  29. Renee (Datil/North Ranch) says:

    Your home is lovely lovely LOVELY! It looks so welcoming, comfortable, & homey. Roger’s contribution just makes it more “yours.” Glad to hear you’re so enjoying making a LOVELY home with your sister. Just beautiful!

  30. Heather Jopling says:

    Thank you so much for posting Geri’s comments re heart attack.
    I had no idea that this is how it looks.
    I have read of the symptoms but had no idea it could and did play out!
    I will pass this information on,so valuable to know

  31. Susie Rollyson says:

    Sue i have been following you for about 5 years and I am finally ready to hit the road. I took care of my mother until she died. Then took care of my husband until he died. I am leaving in the morning , the 16th and hurrying across the Mississippi river. I will still be following you.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Good for you, Susie! If anyone deserves to live the life of their dreams, it’s you. Caretaking is tough work, no matter how much love is involved. My condolences on your losses.

      “hurrying across the Mississippi river”…. boy, does that bring back memories! 🙂

      Thank you for following all these years. I’m very happy for you and wish you many enjoyable miles and pleasant camps. Be sure to check in from time to time to tell us about your life on the road.

  32. Jan Johnson says:

    What a cheery, comfy, beautiful space!

  33. Dawn in NC 🐈 says:

    Sue, your den looks gorgeous! Love the wall color, the arched windows and how the furniture colors compliment each other! Love ❤️ love 💗 love 💕 Roger’s paw 🐾 prints! How precious. I am doing well. Florence is wreaking havoc on my beloved state! Fortunately I am in a spot that is not near a river nor prone to flooding. Hope that all blogorinos in the path of the storm are taking care.

  34. Becky in NJ says:

    Roger was just adding an “artistic touch” to an otherwise dull, ordinary sidewalk! 🐾

  35. rvsueandcrew says:


    Your votes are in and the results are tabulated: Roger is hereby declared innocent of any wrongdoing! 🙂

    Thank you for commenting on this post. As always, your friendly presence is enjoyed and appreciated.


  36. Dawn in NC says:

    Some good news after Florence…it seems as if the wild ponies 🐴 that live in the outer banks of N.C. weathered the storm and are ok! The eastern part of N.C. is inundated with flood water and the rivers are still rising.

  37. Suzette in TN says:

    I absolutely love what y’all are doing with the house. I hope you’re having lots of fun with it.

  38. Val R. Lakefield Ontario says:

    So now cute little Roger has his own “Walk of Fame” 😊

  39. Val R. Lakefield Ontario says:

    Cute little Roger now has his own “Walk of Fame” 😊

  40. Val R. Lakefield Ontario says:

    Whoops, commented twice

  41. Mona from West Texas says:

    Greetings Sue,
    A few weeks ago you painted your door Navajo Turquoise, was that a Vaspar brand?
    Would like to paint my patio chairs. The color looks very “calming”.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Mona,

      The paint we used is Clark and Kensington. Ask at a paint department for Navajo Turquoise and they can look it up and mix it for you in any brand of paint.

  42. Cynthia in San Clemente says:

    Sue, thinking of you and remembering HRH Bridget today. Hug the boyz for me.

  43. Denise - Richmond VA says:

    Hi, Sue,

    You have been on my mind all day. Hope you are well! 🙂

    We had a wild start to our week. Late Monday afternoon into the evening, Richmond had 8 tornados touch down. The number may increase as the NWS is still investigating damage. Gracie pup and I were hunkered down in our downstairs hallway for almost 2 hours. I had the tv on; one local station was tracking each storm in detail, showing a detailed map and announcing the street locations as the rotations were on the move. We had three rotations pass directly over our home, each which touched down a very short distance away. Thankfully, no damage to the house. I have not had a chance to check the backyard, as it was raining most of yesterday. No worries if any limbs are down; they can be cleaned up. The angry line of storms was an offshoot of Miss Florence. One person lost their life, and there is extensive damage where the twisters touched down. Cars and trees were picked up and tossed like toys. A large church had their huge HVAC unit ripped from the roof and dropped 60 feet away in their parking lot. A gas station and warehouse had their roof peeled off, and one area was completely flattened (the location of the fatality). It is a miracle that more people were not killed or injured from flying debris. So thankful!

    Cooler temps are on their way later this week – yay! Sending you, Reggie, and Roger lots of love and hugs from me and Gracie pup! Hi to Nancy and Marg, too. 🙂

    • weather says:

      Gosh,Denise,I’m so glad you’re alright! I knew your area was getting hit hard and prayed you’d be spared from any problems. Thanks for checking in, hugs to you and Gracie pup

      • Denise - Richmond VA says:

        Thank you for your kind thoughts and prayers, weather. 🙂
        Sending hugs to you and your crew, too! 🙂

        • Barbara (Nashville) says:

          Hi Denise, so glad you and Gracie pup are okay. I have been praying for all the folks affected by Florence whether it be the hurricane itself or the remnants like the tornadoes. I hate hurricane season almost as much as tornado season, especially since my sister moved to Florida.

          • Denise - Richmond VA says:

            Thank you so much, Barbara. Gracie pup and I are fine. Several rotations passed right over our home, no damage to us, but they touched down close by. One of my coworkers had his roof partially ripped off, and two huge hardwoods knocked down. The trees roots were wrapped around the water & sewer pipes, which were unearthed and broken. He had raw sewage backing up into the house and down an HVAC return. His wife and two small boys were huddled in a closet under their stairs. His wife said it sounded like a freight train was plowing into their home. So thankful that the damage is “just” to things which can be fixed.

            When you get a chance, let us know how your kitchen refresh is coming along. I hope you are having a good weekend! **hugs** 🙂

        • Barbara (Nashville) says:

          Posted a comment, but it went to never never land evidently.
          I’m so glad you and Gracie pup are okay. I have been praying for everyone over there in the coastal area affected by Florence in whatever way happens, flood, tornadoes, winds, etc.

    • Cinandjules 🌵 says:

      That is crazy! Glad you and Gracie are safe!

    • Cinandjules 🌵 says:

      That is crazy! Glad you and Gracie are safe! We were watching that unfold on the weather channel!

    • Elizabeth says:

      GLAD all is ok with you Denise!! Thanks for telling about the storm there…it prompted me to write my friend there…and she and her kitty are ok which is no small thing as she said 2 twisters came way too close to her house.

  44. weather says:

    Hi,everyone, I’m making a list of things to get done on my Jeep Liberty before my mechanic gets busy with pre-winter appointments and would appreciate suggestions of what maintenance to have done and checked on.Thanks in advance for any ideas. Also, any thoughts about if a generator in case of prolonged power outage is worth the investment, make and model recommendation, etc.

    • Denise - Richmond VA says:

      Hi, weather,

      So smart to get things taken care of sooner rather than later. I have an oil & filter change plus new tires on my to-do list before wintry weather sets in.

      I have a few suggestions. If your Jeep is due for these regular maintenance items, get them done: a filter & oil change and tire rotation. Ask to have all the hoses and belts inspected, along with the tires, battery, and brake pads/rotors.
      Inspect the brake, power steering, and brake fluids. Flush and refill only if necessary some may just need to be topped off. Fill the window washer fluid with cold weather solution. You can do this yourself, picking up a gallon at Walmart. The cold weather washer fluid I have found is orange. It is ok to mix it with your current washer fluid.

      I am glad that you have a trusty mechanic! He or she is worth their weight in gold! 🙂

      Now might me a good time to make sure your snow and ice scrapers are in good shape and in the Jeep. Also, if you keep an emergency kit in your car (blanket, water, granola bars, a flashlight with fresh batteries, a first aid kit, etc.), look things over to make sure you have what you need. 🙂

      This weekend will usher in the first day of Autumn! 🍁 The leaves on one of my backyard trees are starting to turn yellow….any Fall color in your neck of the woods yet?

      Have a good evening, weather! Sending you a hug!

      I have no experience or advice regarding a generator. Maybe Consumer Reports has recommendations. A visit in person or online to your library may be helpful. Good luck with your research. 🙂

    • Cinandjules 🌵 says:


      We would not live in the north country without a generator. We have a 10kw Generac Generator. We function normally when the power is out. By far our best investment for living in the woods. Our neighbor is the Generac representative for anything north of Syracuse to the Canadian border. Kiernan Contractors in Brantingham NY. 315-348-4049. Jim, is old school, and will never sell you anything you don’t need. Very knowledgeable and honest. He installs and services generators clear up in Malone NY.

      Jim was the neighbor who offered and drove our Uhaul to AZ…because that’s what good neighbors do! Call and talk with him or Lisa won’t be disappointed or have buyers remorse. Tell him we sent you. No kick backs but you’ll see him smile cuz he misses us bad!

      • weather says:

        Yay, I was hoping you’d chime in , thanks so much ! I thought you would knowing a lot about what to do. I really appreciate your sharing that connection with something trustworthy, too. I’ll let you know what I decide to do as soon as I know.

        • Cinandjules says:

          Been busy…jules just retuned from NY.
          Google Generac standby generators. You can get them at home improvement stores BUT it won’t come with installation, service or maintenence.
          What you need to think about is placement…needs to be close to your electrical panel ( another main panel will be added) and the tank has to be at least three feet from the building. We have a separate 100 gallon tank JUST because we are City girls transplants. The gas company will deliver the tank and run the gas line. We filled the tank when the price of propane was cheaper. The longest power outage was a week and it didn’t use that much propane. So you can use a smaller tank if you want. Peace of mind is huge when the wind blows. .
          With the recent hurricane, Lisa said production will be slower cuz units will be sent to the affected area. Jim does have them in stock. He is busy with installations trying to beat the snow. Not to mention just after a storm is when most decide they want one! Best wishes deciding.

          He has no problem coming to your house…he also does home shows. Generac also does “specials” like a powerwasher included…if you want to wait for them.

          Again, we would never be without. Just something about being able to flush the toilet and get water when we want it.

          • Denise - Richmond VA says:

            Better to have it and not need t! 🙂

          • Denise - Richmond VA says:

            Better to have it and not need it! 🙂

            • Cinandjules 🌵 says:

              Hah hah! Oh you’ll need it! North Country is da boonies…and the weather is unpredictable. Nat Grid is pretty good about assigning a crew to an outage but they have to wait until it is safe to be out fixing things. So the power can be out for a couple of hours, days or a week.

        • weather says:

          Thanks, again, the extra information will help a lot. I saw and kept your email address, so if Sue sees this thread and can delete that comment, it may be a good idea, there are sometimes good reasons not to have it viewed by the public in general.

  45. weather says:

    Wow,what a thorough list, thanks,Denise! I’ll take my phone to my mechanic and show him your reply. That should cover his end, I will repack my emergency kit&research a generator as you suggest. A few vines that twirl up tree trunks are turning scarlet. The leafed trees remain green so far. The hickory nuts have not ripened enough to fall yet, so squirrels and chipmunks are busy gathering seed pods and berries. I plan to be outside to greet the new season Saturday evening when autumn officially arrives here in central NY state at 9:54 pm EST.

    • Denise - Richmond VA says:

      We both will be outside doing the happy Autumn dance! 🙂

      • weather says:

        Hi, Denise, I just came inside after being out to greet autumn. A friend that lives in this grove knew I was waiting for it, so he called a few minutes before it arrived to tell me he had built a bonfire for us to celebrate beside. We watched a thin mist rising over the lake and circling the nearly full moon, really nice! I hope you had a nice evening, too.

        • Denise - Richmond VA says:

          Oh, how special, weather! I was out on my patio, savoring the slightly cooler temps. The Nandina shrub’s leaves are starting to turn crimson, and the tree whose leaves started to turn yellow the past week or so has more yellow. The color is changing from the bottom branches upward. Ah…Autumn! Love it! 🙂

  46. Lisa in San Diego says:

    when I first saw the title of this post, I thought it would be about Roger marking his territory, in and outside of the house

    he’s a good boy, and I bet he limits his marking to outside

  47. Barbara (Nashville) says:

    Well, ya’ll my sister has come and gone already. The kitchen and guest bathroom are both beautifully painted and sparkling clean. She painted walls, ceilings & trim in both rooms. The kitchen is Calla by Behr (yellow) and the bath is Silver Bullet by Behr. Trim is a bright white. She has my floors so beautiful, that I don’t have to replace them now. She used to clean on a military base when she was younger and knows tricks I didn’t know. I will still replace my floor eventually, just not now so I can get new appliances in a couple of months. The D/W & Microwave are dead, the stove is 20 years old and the refrigerator was a cheap replacement and very small, so I am looking forward to that as well.
    The cabinets will be ordered on Monday & should be here in 3 weeks. They finally brought a drawing I could approve today.

    • Denise - Richmond VA says:

      Hi, Barbara,

      Thank you for the update! I love the colors you chose, especially the yellow! It sounds like everything is falling into place. Your new kitchen should be ready before Thanksgiving. 🙂

      What is your sister’s secret to revive the floors? It sounds like she was a wonderful help to you. I am glad that you all enjoyed your time together. 🙂

  48. Kaye Schmidt says:

    Kaye from Oregon

    Sue are you OK ???? I am worried about you !!! Your last response was on Wed. Hope you aren’t ill or in the hospital !!! Guess we are all addicted to hearing something every few days. Best wishes !!

  49. Cat Lady, Baton Rouge, La. says:

    My guess is she and the boys hitched up and took some time to get back into Nature. May have no cell/intern connections. Hope they’re having a good time.

  50. Rosie says:

    We are missing Sue. Every day I am asked if she has posted.

  51. Rosie says:

    Both Sue and Nancy are having to make major adjustments in their lives. Retirement, after being accustomed to a daily routine for years, is jolting. That built-in schedule is no longer there. All that “free time” takes some getting used to. Husband and I adapted to this new world by hitting the road. Pretty much like Sue did. Going different places, doing different things, helped us adjust our outlook. We sort of traded in one world for another.

    Nancy has moved from Florida to AZ. A new house, a much closer relationship with Sue. She has changed her schedule and her neighborhood. Her world is very different now. Hopefully many days—-years?—–in front of her. Finding ways to fill the days with happy, meaningful experiences is a job in itself. Yes, rearranging the furniture, working in the yard, cooking, reading, doing laundry, watching TV, all fill some time. And, yes, Sue did tell us that there will be visits to family.

    Still, from my point of view, grappling with the question of “what now”? might be a real issue for Nancy—–and Sue as her sister and housemate—–right now.
    Just my two cents worth………

  52. rvsueandcrew says:

    Hi, Everyone!

    Just a note to let you know we are fine and still at the house. No one is sick or in the hospital. I’ll try to be back soon with a regular post.

    As always you are in my thoughts, especially those of you who are grieving over a loss or dealing with health/life issues. I appreciate the efforts of those loyal blogorinos who keep conversations going in my absence.

    Bye for now,
    Love you!

    • Denise - Richmond VA says:

      Thank you for the update, Sue.

      We miss you, but don’t worry! We’ll be here waiting for you, chatting amongst ourselves. 🙂

      As always, sending you, Reggie, and Roger lots of love and hugs from me and Gracie pup! Hi to Nancy and Marg, too! xo 🙂

  53. ApplegirlNY says:

    Such a beautiful home you and Nancy have put together – and of course, Roger wanted to do some landscape decorating of his own. I bet those prints are very cute.

    Geri, sounds like you’re on the mend. Thanks for the post.

    I’ve been crazy busy. Nothing exciting to report in, but life has been very full. We’re now enjoying the cooler fall temps in Upstate NY. Eating plenty of Cortland Apples, and taking long walks (it was a hot, humid summer, so we didn’t take as many walks as usual in the soupy air).

    My best to everyone, and keeping all of you in prayer who are experiencing difficulties due to the hurricane, and other life changing events.

  54. weather says:

    The reason the place where I live is called “the grove” is there are over two hundred trees growing along it’s lanes and between each dwelling. During the time I’ve been here several residents had complained about needing to deal with fallen branches, leaves, nuts, etc. So recently the owners had two crews come through to trim, thin or cut down anything that could cause problems.

    As I noticed a crew approaching my home I asked them what they intended to do. They pointed out several things explaining the reason it all needed to be done. The owners’ son watched me quietly walk away to look at a bird’s nest in one tree and the butterflies gathered among the wildflowers that grow close to another one . He knows that I love listening for the birds’ songs around sunrise, hearing the wind blow through the trees around my windows, or sitting in a sheltering canopy of leaves to see the chipmunks and squirrels gather their and their families’ food.

    He went to speak to the crew himself. Prompted by whatever he said to them they left without touching anything growing on my part of this place. That may seem like a small thing to anyone that doesn’t spend much time among nature and the wee creatures that live in it. But I could have wept when I realized he had been kind enough to make sure I can remain as happy as I am here.

    Kindness can take many forms, I would love to read comments from anyone that has a story about one in your own life. It could be one you have given, received or seen, they all remind us of how many good people there are in this world, and that’s always an uplifting topic.

    • Denise - Richmond VA says:

      Hi, weather,

      That man’s kindness brought tears to my eyes. Many folks do not realize that fallen trees, limbs, leaves, nuts, and brush provide food and shelter for birds and many animals. With so many areas becoming concrete jungles, it even more important to protect natural areas that support wildlife. Some people forget….the animal were here first. We are invading their homes and taking away precious food resources. It makes my heart happy that your piece of paradise was left intact. If anything, the cleaning up of the grove may have sent more creatures to your happy place. Thank you for sharing, weather. 🙂

      • weather says:

        You’re right, Denise, I’ve already noticed one rabbit has been staying closer. N’nite 🙂

        • Barbara (Nashville) says:

          When I was on our HOA Board, several residents and board members wanted to have the dead or dying trees on the banks of our pond removed, but I argued in favor of the wildlife. We have 2 herons, ducks, geese and other birds that nest in those trees and use them for perches to forage for their food, be it fish, bugs or something else. The turtles use the fallen branches to sunbathe and take a break from the water. It felt good to win that issue.

          • weather says:

            That’s so good to hear, Barbara, your success will be felt by untold numbers of creatures who have no way to speak for themselves, thanks for your what you did and for sharing the story.

            • Barbara (Nashville) says:

              Our little community is only 1.2 miles from the freeway with a commercial park between the 2 and a rail line. However, I am still amazed at all the wildlife we have around here. In addition to the birds, we have several resident groundhogs, chipmunks, deer, turkeys, coyotes, armadillos, opossums, a bobcat and skunks. The only two I can’t take are the latter two. Scary & Smelly yuk!

          • Denise - Richmond VA says:

            Hi, Barbara,

            Glad you were able to persuade your HOA to preserve the areas home to wildlife. It is amazing how many wild creatures live among us. 🙂

  55. Ruthie in Fontana says:

    I started caregiving my father in 2006, he is wheelchair bound and 93 years old. I have since started caregiving my husband due to his very poor health. So when I start to think there is no one to help me I think of all the doctor visits to the hospital/med center. Each and every time there is another person ready to help with the elevator, open a door or jumping in to help with transfers to the car or chair. We are all in this together. It does not take but seconds to be kind. And a quick thank you and smile go a long way to help make it through day. Thanks Weather for the nudge to remember gratitude.

    • weather says:

      That’s a wonderful way of seeing things, Ruthie, that you’re both giving and receiving. You deserve kindness and respect for all you do.

      • Barbara (Nashville) says:

        I am in the same boat with my husband Ruthie and you are right, that little bit of kindness goes a long way in the day of caregivers. I am grateful as well to my neighbors who bring us meals occasionally.

  56. Dawn in NC says:

    It was a small act of kindness, but very much appreciated in a cold world. A few weeks ago, I got off of work on a Friday. I had to get gas. I went into pay. I started talking to the lady in line in front of me. She insisted that I take her spot in line. It was a little thing, but trully appreciated by me. So many people are so busy and so withdrawn into themselves and thier phones. Then, on Sunday, a friend’s son randomly gave me a bag of cookies from an anonymous person. They were chocolate chip/oatmeal and were delicious. Small things, but ones that I really value.

    I’m so glad weather that the owner’s son spoke up for you and the animals around you!

  57. weather says:

    What a well written and profound comment, Dawn. One small gesture like those you described can turn someone’s day around…then they may feel like being nice to the next one met, the ripples can be so far reaching.

  58. Judy J. in S.C. says:

    Since we’re sharing acts of kindness, here’s mine. I just came from 2 breast biopsies. Actually, I was truly dreading them. I had a painful experience with a dermatologist doing a above knee biopsy a while back. So, my imagination had kicked in my fears. I had the kindest, gentle doctor to do today’s procedures and what was the very best… the technician just kept patting me on the arm and back. I told her she was just the best “patter” and it meant so much! Thankful for those who are so sensitive to others.

    • weather says:

      How nice of the technician to be that way with you, Judy. Going above and beyond the written responsibilities of one’s job can mean so much. She is well paired with the kind and gentle doctor. I’m glad you had a better time there than you expected, thanks for sharing your story.

      • Barbara (Nashville) says:

        Judy, Hope your biopsy’s are negative. I am a breast cancer survivor and my breast health navigator was with with me during the biopsy and every step of the way. She made a big difference in how I handled the diagnosis, and my recovery from a double mastectomy.

    • Denise - Richmond VA says:

      Hi, Judy,

      Having caring medical staff is truly a blessing; especially during stressful and potentially painful procedures. I hope your results come back soon and are negative. **hugs**

      • Judy J. in S.C. says:

        Just got the call… both areas negative. So thankful! 🙏 Your kind thoughts and well wishes are much-appreciated, Weather, Barbara and Denise. I love this group!

  59. Barbara (Nashville) says:

    Were you able to take the position I recommended you for? Just curious if you took it and how it is working out.
    Hope all is well with you.

  60. Elizabeth says:

    Once in awhile something good happens…this evening we got an email from our dear friend up in New York. He was so frustrated as all his calls and emails had not reached us. Turns out he got both of our email addresses mixed up a bit. And for whatever reason, Hubby’s arrived…so we were able to write and give him our information again. Whoever heard of that?? An email incorrectly addressed arriving?? We cannot even get our snail mail to arrive all the time no matter how much postage or whatever we do to send it right. I am so amazed…but I think God must have helped that along…we needed the encouragement our friend wrote to us!! I am grateful.

    • weather says:

      Friends that care enough to know they’re needed, and kind enough to write then, are precious. I’m so glad his email reached you, Elizabeth.

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