There goes the building inspector, checking the new fence

Saturday, December 1

I was wrong!  The pecans are good-tasting and ready for harvesting!

No work on the fence today.  

Dennis and Gilbert will be here tomorrow.  My focus today is house-cleaning.  Yep, I do clean the house from time to time.

Besides organizing, dusting and two loads of laundry, I mop most of the floors.

Chores done, I read a book I picked up recently at the thrift store.  It’s available at Amazon, too:  Arizona Legends and Lore  as told by Dorothy Daniels Anderson.

Roadrunner knicknack from the thrift shop:  $2.50 (7 inches, beak to tip of tail)

Christmas lights go up!

Not at our house.  Directly across the street.  Three young adults with small children put up quite a display of colored lights and garland.  The kids are cute marching around the Italian cypress trees with their sparkly garlands.  They wind the trees tightly.  No sloppy draping for these tiny decorators!  The cypress will have definite waists by the time the decorations come down.

When adults and children are finished, I holler out of the dark of the porch, “Nice job!” Someone hollers back, “Thank you!”  I respond, “Thank YOU!” and someone laughs.

Because they provided me with a beautiful Christmas display!

Sunday, December 2

The building inspector checks the fence and gives us the nod of approval!

Dennis and Gilbert arrive early.

They resume the privacy fence installation by tearing out the chain link and metal posts along the one side remaining to be done.  Rain clouds threaten, then move on, revealing blue sky.  Then they return and leave again throughout the day.

The men are conscious of this as they pour in the Quikcrete right before lunch.  We’re all relieved when the concrete has set around the base of the posts.  No rain so far as I type this, although we had a good dowsing Friday night.

My apologies for few photos.

I could run around and take photos or pull up some old ones.  Instead I’m going to take a nap with the crew.

This morning I buy a six-pack of ginger ale in case I get a fever or upset stomach.  I detect slight muscle aches, so I want to be prepared.

If I rest and drink plenty of fluids including Emergen-C , I usually avoid being knocked down with a “bug.”  I thank God for a healthy immune system!

Actually, I’m amazed I haven’t picked up a virus or something in the months since moving to house-living last spring.  As a roaming, boondocking hermit, I wasn’t exposed to the germs that I am these days, regularly going in and out of grocery and thrift stores.

Anyway  . . . .

No big deal.  Just going to take it easy for the rest of the day.  I doubt I’ll fall asleep in a nap.  Kind of hard to do that when I can’t resist regular checks on the fence progress.  It’s a thrill to watch the transformation of our back yard.

Are you putting up decorations this year?



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56 Responses to There goes the building inspector, checking the new fence

  1. Renee from Idaho says:


    • rvsueandcrew says:


    • Renee from Idaho says:

      When I saw your posting title, I thought, “inspection? for a fence?”, well now I know who the inspector was.

      Yes, we have had our Christmas decorations up since last weekend. This is the earliest we have ever done it, but at our age too soon is never too soon and enjoying them as long as possible is always the point!

      Take care and I hope you fend off that illness. Rest up for everything else can wait . . . except for Reggie and Roger’s meals and potty breaks.

  2. Elizabeth says:

    Mercy…already the inspector comes? Ha…funny birds…we used to live beside the Snake River and gobs of them were about…we so enjoyed watching!!

    • Elizabeth says:

      PS…oh my pecans!!! I am SO happy they are good ones, Sue!! And that roadrunner is a stunning one…and what a price too!!

  3. Mary in CO says:

    Just think those quail are the most interesting birds to watch. Saw them around our campsite at McDowell near Phoenix in October.

  4. Gramma Dy says:

    love pecan pie

  5. Columbus Calvin says:

    I like pecans! Enjoy yours.

    The roadrunner looks like a fun piece.

    That may be the only type of fence inspector anyone welcomes.

  6. Diann in MT says:

    Hi, Sue,
    What a fortunate thing to have a pecan tree in your yard. Will you be celebrating the season with a pecan pie? I would bet it will be like none you have ever tasted. So good! The roadrunner statuette is awesome. I love roadrunners; I particularly love to hear their little coo’s. I am thinking you are building a room of artful representations of the local bird world. Although, you probably are not planning it that way. Next, a Gambel Quail, the beauty you managed to photograph outside your fence. How lucky you are to have this little critter around. They eat bugs like crazy. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Barbara from Camano says:

    You ARE a good story teller!!! The quail got me. I think the road runner is beautiful. I’m surprised at all the quality things you are finding at the thrift shops there. And good pecans! Have you ever seen the special nut crackers for pecans? I have one from when I lived in Texas.

  8. Airstreaming Pagey says:

    That is the best looking inspector I have ever seen. Glad he (she?) approved your fence.

  9. Ruthie in Fontana says:

    Great pic of the quail inspector, they usually always give you a pass. Not much decorating in the Casita, A Christmas wreath, a nutcracker hanging from the door knob, a collector’s Christmas bulb, and a scented candle. In the front house my DIL and Son have a tree with all the trimmings. Our next door neighbor is quasi related to Chevy Chase!

  10. weather says:

    You know the best ways to take care of yourself, Sue, please try your best to do so. No more photos were needed to make me smile at how sweet both are. How nice to have neighbors one can holler to while enjoying what they’re doing- giving you something lovely to see for the Christmas season 🙂 !

    Two years ago I had a tiny carved manger scene given to me for Christmas. I placed it beside a miniature 5″ tall tree . Last year I added an eighteen inch tall, white “Charlie Brown tree” like one to the mix. This year I added one about same size, green with faux snow on the boughs. I decorate the trees with tiny strings of beads, ornaments, and a star on top of one. I’m looking for a small angel tree topper now for the other one. I also have a small and wonderfully handmade Santa/Saint Nicholas figure, I display that on a kitchen shelf throughout the year. On my front door I have a small decoration that says welcome written with pinecones. I hung some Christmas bells with it, what a perfect sound for the season!

    While raising my son, and later while married, I put up a huge tree, decorated the house inside and out, did what most folks traditionally do, cooking a special meal, exchanging wrapped gifts, etc., because that made them happy. I’m just as happy with far simpler ways to enjoy what to me is a celebration of a Friend’s birthday.

    • Gayle says:

      Reminds me of Christmas last year at my son’s in-laws’ house. Their 9 yr old daughter excitedly said: “I’m the one who made the birthday cake this year!” I said: “Cool! Whose birthday is it?” Dohhhhhhhh.

      • weather says:

        Gosh, Gayle, that she was only 9 years old and already making a cake, is impressive by itself, add her reason for doing it, 🙂 how cute and sweet is that?!

    • Cynthia in San Clemente says:

      OMgosh Weather: “… a celebration of a friend’s birthday.” What a perfect turn of words!!

      • weather says:

        Thanks, Cynthia, I like it, too. One year I found a single green candle that was over 2′ tall, and brought to Christmas dinner with my friends. We lit it and sang Happy Birthday To You in lieu of saying grace before our meal together 🙂

        • Cynthia in San Clemente says:

          Weather, I love that idea. I did something similar when I started a new family tradition when my oldest grandson was born 19 years ago. I make a cake for dessert on Christmas Eve and we put candles on it and sing happy birthday to Jesus. I have wonderful photos of them blowing out the candles on Jesus’ birthday cake each year.

  11. Lynda H says:

    Speaking of reading, I like recommending books to friends. So, have you read the Sister Agatha mysteries by Aimee and David Thurlo? Set in New Mexico, they’re very good. Also, you might like the Sam Craddock mysteries by Terry Shames, set in Texas. The locations and gentle mysteries seem suited to you. Hooe you enjoy them as much as your Canadian friend does!

  12. Dawn in Michigan says:

    I love the quail! And yes, today we had 50 degrees in Michigan, very much above average, which was nice given we’ve been way below average since early November. So I took advantage and put lights up on one spruce tree in the yard. Now I’m happy. It will be 20 tomorrow.

  13. Nivrapa in AZ says:

    Howdy Everybody!

    Hey!!! Someone left the door open to the walk in refrigerator! All that cold air is rushing over my house and it is on the chilly side in these parts of southern AZ. Yes, it is definitely flannel shirt and jeans weather with daytime temps that are barely in the fifties. I love it!

    Sue, I like your new chair. The color would blend in nicely with the southwest colors of my home. Looks mighty comfy, too. Very nice find. I’m not sure how I feel about the covering for your dining room chairs, though. The chairs are nice but that fabric? Just not 100% sold on it. It’s just okay and not a big win for me. The price was certainly right for a whole new look and if you’re happy with the outcome, that’s all that matters. You did a great job with the pattern placement and they give a real pop of color to the space.

    I’ve read that the cranes have returned to the Whitewater Draw Recreation Area. I’m considering making that a destination for one of my Wednesday in the Woods outings. IMO, there is not that much beauty around the marshlands but I do find observing the sand hill cranes interesting. I don’t think I would make the recreation area my lunch spot but merely a stopover along the way to/from something more scenic and peaceful.

    Sue, you have become such a homebody fixing and decorating your nesting place. Don’t you miss travel and waking up to a new view every several days? You have such a strong wanderlust that I’m amazed that you have not ventured out with the BLT. I enjoy reading about your home improvements, thrift shop finds, interior decorating and the crew’s antics but I really miss your days on the road. Planting some roots has certainly provided an interesting twist. I understand that this blog is about your life and world but there is a selfish part of me that longs for your former nomadic lifestyle. You write so openly about some of your daily life and I’m just curious if your mentality these days is “been there, done that, and now onto something different.” Either way, you provide great entertainment and I will continue look forward to your posts.
    The cooler weather has inspired me to get outside and do some yard work. It’s been quite breezy the past two weeks and I have lots of small branches, twigs, leaves, and dried debris that needs to be cleaned up. I’ve been bending, stooping, and raking up a storm. This equals calories burned so in addition to having a neater looking yard I am saving calories for some of those Christmas cookies I’m bound to run into at this time of year. That’s my rationalization, anyway.

    I certainly hope you can ward off any virus that may be looking for its next victim. Lay low and help your body fight off any attacks. Make yourself a priority if you’re coming down with something. The blog and your readers would certainly understand if it’s better to let things steep on the back burner. Bet the crew would pick up on your need to rest more, too. Dogs can sense that kind of stuff.

    Hope the blogorinos are having a good weekend and enjoying the sights and sounds of the season. I know that I am. That includes the new snow fall in the mountains making for some snow capped peaks surrounding Tucson. Seasonal and beautiful!—Audrey

  14. Joe in TN says:

    Hi, Sue,
    I’m a retired home builder and have enjoyed watching Dennis & Co. build your fence. Thanks for sharing this with us blogorinos.
    Also, I love the roadrunner statue. I think I saw a roadrunner once on a quick trip through AZ, but can’t be sure—whatever it was moved pretty fast.
    Have a great week !

  15. Lisa on the White River says:

    As usual, another great story! I love hearing and seeing all of your thrift store finds and what is going on with you and the boys. Having a clean canvas to pick and choose each treasure must be exciting! I have had my little fiber optic tree up for about a week now. I love the lights of Christmas. On my way to work every morning I pass a display. It is a really old truck, I’d say maybe from the 40’s, a flat bed, and inside are two snowmen. The passenger is looking out the side window and the driver is looking straight ahead. The cab is lit up inside, whether from the snowmen or an alternate light source. I look forward to seeing that display each and every morning, as it always puts a smile on my face and in my heart. The snowmen have such such animated smiles that they bring the magic of Christmas from your childhood back. Since you are not decorating this year, you could take your time and have your pick of Christmas ornaments from the thrift stores after the holiday season and really stock up cheaply. I priced new decorations and I couldn’t believe how expensive they are. I hope you are feeling better. This winter weather is brutal on everybody, pets included.

  16. Barbara (Nashville) says:

    Love the little roadrunner, such a cute piece. The building inspector was a surprise, having worked in codes, I thought “What the heck?” That quail is a beauty.

    As far as decorations, they are limited. Wreath on the door, Christmas up all over the house, over the mantle, in the foyer and centered on the table. Also have a stuffed felt snowman on the door in the kitchen & Christmas towels in the guest bath. That’s it for me.

  17. Denise - Richmond VA says:

    Hi, Sue,

    That is the cutest little fence inspector! 🙂

    Rest, drink plenty of fluids, and just take good care of yourself. With your great immune system, hopefully you will be feeling better in a couple of days. Reggie and Roger, take good care of your Mom!

    Sending you wishes for healing sleep and lots of love and hugs from me and Gracie pup. Kisses on the head for those adorable boys! Feel better soon! 🙂

    • Denise - Richmond VA says:

      Christmas decorations: a wreath on the front door, a Snoopy Christmas flag on the front porch, our 5’ flocked tree with incandescent multi-colored lights, the nativity on the mantel, and stockings hung by the fireplace. One addition this year is a sparkly green tinsel tree that will be hung on my back door. Like you, I have been enjoying my neighbors outdoor light displays. 🙂

  18. Paula says:

    A while back you asked for ideas of things people order from Amazon and I thought I’d recommend Ova Easy Egg Crystals. We take them backpacking and make freezer bag omelets for breakfast. They would also be useful for someone full-timing in an RV because they would save space in your refrigerator since they are shelf stable. They mix easily with cold water and have the exact same consistency as eggs ready to scramble so you can just cook them up like regular eggs. They are delicious and I can’t tell the difference since they are just basically real whole eggs processed to store easily in crystal form. Anyway, egg lovers might want to give them a try.

  19. Rachel says:

    Hi Sue and crew! I love your building inspector! It looks like he really knew what he was doing when he was checking it out! A very thorough inspection. LOL

    Yes I did put up my Christmas decorations. I have a very teeny tiny tree and I actually put a shelf in underneath one of my windows so that I can set my tree in the window and people can see it. Of course, I’m out here in the country, so not a lot of people are going to see it, but I know it’s there and it’s important to me.

    I had some new additions to my home! I had some unwanted ones and I have some very welcome ones. The unwelcome ones were the pack rats and the mice, but I now have a little tiny trailer to hold my trash and an adorable little tiny kitty to chase those naughty mice! I just finished the post about it, if you would like to see pictures of my new kitty. 🙂 I’m glad to know that you are getting your fence fixed. I actually have a little fence for my little Macha! Of course, she is an escape artist. She is still on a Long Leash, but I don’t have to worry about coyotes coming sweeping through and trying to snag her now. I am truly enjoying staying in one place!

  20. Rover Ronda says:

    Hi 😃

  21. SherryIn SalemOregon says:

    MEH on the decorations … the neighbors do them & we have those “stick in the ground” lights that project onto the house, so we usually do that … but last year we didn’t feel like getting the tree out so we decorated the telescope that sits in the front window … a few lights, some ornaments … it was great. Who says you need to go overboard?

  22. Rob, in FL says:

    I like the building inspector!

  23. Pauline in Mississippi says:

    You have found the best stuff in your shopping!!! Sounds like your neighbors have provided a nice view from your house…sure is easier that putting up and taking down yourself. Love the fence inspector!!!
    Sending lots of love and big hugs

  24. Geri from the FL panhandle says:

    G’mornin’ Sue! I hope the Emergency-C worked its magic and your aches have disappeared! I swear by that stuff!
    I loved the photo of the “fence inspector” !😂 I remember when Chuck and I were camped at City of Rocks State Park, North of Deming, there were gambrel quail everywhere!💗 Fun to watch! The boys look great! Looks like they have settled in quite well! Give them hugs from us and know we love ya Sue!💗

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Good morning, Geri, and all blogorinos!

      I’m feeling better this morning, thank you. 🙂 Love you, too!

      • weather says:

        Hi, Sue, I’m glad you’re feeling better.Your gradually becoming exposed to the germs, bacteria, virus, etc. in your area is likely letting your system build an immunity to them all. Among the many health benefits pecans offer is boosting our immunity, I hope your harvest of them is plentiful.

      • Denise - Richmond VA says:

        Good news! 🙂

  25. Dawn in NC says:

    Love, love, love ❤️ the building inspector! You are so creative! I’m glad to hear that your feeling better. I don’t really do Christmas decorations anymore. I do have a glass frosted 12 inch tree that lights up with swirling colors. That’s about it for me. I have gotten most of my Christmas shopping done. So that’s a relief. I would like to do more for others, but like most of us I have limited funds. Please give Reggie and Roger a scratch from me!

  26. Suzicruzi says:

    Hi Sue,
    Nice find on the Roadrunner guy. 😄 The fence is looking good, also the neighbors Christmas display of lights. Ha! Love that!

    Many years ago, a friend told me about EmergenC after a bout with pneumonia. I have been using it in my daily life for 30 years now, and wouldn’t be without it for many reasons. For you blogerinos out there who hike, or do extensive outdoor activities, it is an instant pick me up, and re-hydrator. In the case of too much alcohol consumption; a packet before bed, and upon arising, will keep the headache away. The headache is mearly a sign of dehydration. To this: I hope you aren’t coming down with anything!!

    We thoroughly loved our boondock by Clark Dry Lake outside Borrego Springs for a week. We hiked, took day drives, and enjoyed the town and farmers market throughly. We purchased the BEST tamales from a gal at the farmers market. We feasted on them for two dinners and I’m still licking my chops! My kind of homemade love-food!

    We are moving camps to Corvina Beach today. I have been thinking of that hot shower and having a real shampoo for 2 days now!! Ima gunna be in heaven!!! 😜

    Happy day! Happy day! Peace, Love, and good health!!

    Suzi, Larry, and Kitty 😸

  27. Cynthia in San Clemente says:

    You really got me on the building inspector – I was expecting a real one, but I guess they only get involved if you’re building a masonry wall. However, Dennis and Gilbert have done such a nice job I’m sure they would pass a real inspection if you had to have one!

    How nice that you can enjoy the lights and decorations across the street without having to put it all up yourself! And you can do it from a clean and newly-mopped house with two snuggly pups! It doesn’t get much better than that, does it? Hope the aches were just temporary and that you’re feeling better by now.

  28. Isn’t it wonderful to know our bodies well enough to prepare for a bit of down time? We haven’t had a cold or flu since being on the road even with museums and movie theaters now and then. Yay!! Your inspector is quite handsome, hope he approves of the work so far.

  29. Carolyn H says:

    Love your roadrunner. I see one occasionally. You certainly do well at the thrift stores. My daughter finds great bargains at Goodwill, but when I go there never seems to be anything worth buying. Hope you wind up with a family of “fence inspectors” in your yard. They are such fun to see.

  30. Great “building inspector” photo … sure had me fooled about why you would need an official inspection until I saw the photo. 🙂
    And yes, naps are always a really good idea!

  31. Linda in Minnesota says:

    I’m not sure how we are supposed to send recommendation for Amazon purchases so I’m trying this:
    Joseph Joseph 85119 DrawerStore Kitchen Drawer Organizer Tray for Cutlery Silverware, Gray
    I have not bought one of these but I sure would have liked to have it in my RV.

  32. rhodium in sw va says:

    I am glad you have shook off the bug. After I came down with norovius a while ago I have taken to wiping off shopping cart handles wherever the wipes are available. I guess as a former school teacher you needed a strong immune system to get through the year.

  33. Li says:

    A very good looking building inspector! Love thrift shops and love Emergen C. Self care is good.

  34. mary batt says:

    Hey RVSue!
    ALWAYS love to see you post ANYTHING! New, old, or future.
    BTW I watch and love ancient timeless reruns of Andy Griffith! Just know I add the RVSue “reruns” to that timeless collection of choice viewing! Grateful for them! Thanks!
    FYI What I love about the 2 chairs that you recovered is that I can see a ‘nod’ in so many directions with color, motif, original style of chairs, whimsy, and the building of an eclectic and cohesive collection based on your inner eye! (Is that too much?? Maybe)
    I see you are getting such enjoyment from expanding your ‘new campsite’. You got me with the Inspector…I was thinking the Crew!…so Bird was a surprise! Have you seen your other yard creatures or have they chosen to not live in the “gated community”?
    We will decorate with something for Christmas but we are under construction in that living room…so it may be moved-tree and all-to the screened porch with the Icicle Lights! Our candle inside, tho!

    To keep ahead of cold/flu is to keep hand sanitizer with aloe in both cars to use every time we return to the car from pumping gas, stores, group gatherings, appointments, etc. and one in the kitchen when we return home before putting up groceries, etc. We are MORE mindful to do this in the flu/cold season! Hope you can stay ahead of catching anything. (Ha! That typed, as I sneeze!)
    mary b

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Mary! You are such a creative thinker! Your comment is a delight. Following your thoughts is like chasing butterflies. They have you running and twirling across open meadows . . .

      “gated community”…. Hahaha! Me, in a gated community. 🙂

      I hope you’re having a good morning, Mary, (and all the blogorinos, too, whose comments are delightful in their own way). I’m in the middle of putting together a new post. Bye for now!

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