Tire talk

Tuesday, October 31

The crew and I return to Cal’s Repair Center in Overton, Nevada.  The flat tire of yesterday gave me a much needed kick in the rear to have the tires replaced on the Perfect Tow Vehicle.

Today is the day!

Back in October of 2013, I bought four new tires for the PTV while we camped at the state park near The Dalles, Oregon.

See post: “Deschutes River State Park, a little salmon, a big steelhead, and new tires!”

At the time that those tires were mounted on the PTV, her odometer read 135,197.

Flashback to October 2013

Approximately four years later, on October 31, 2017, I’m having those tires replaced at Cal’s Repair Center.  The mileage on the odometer is 174,928.

I’ll do the math for you:  39,731 miles.


At any rate, I’m happy to have new tires. I’m getting them when I need them and in the location where we are at the time of the flat tire.

I do like the traction of these Toyo All Terrain tires, also that they aren’t noisy on the highway.

Okay, what about price?

Let’s compare.

Les Schwab, The Dalles, Oregon, October 2, 2013:  $930.80 + no tax in OR

(Four Toyo Open Country AT II LT245/75R – 16/10 tires at $232.72 each)

Cal’s Repair Center, Overton, Nevada, October 31, 2017:  $624.40 + tax

(Four Toyo Open Country AT II LT245/75R – 16/10 tires at $156.10 each + $51.51 tax)

The difference in price?

Don’t worry.  I’ll do the math again.

 $930.80 – $624.40 = whoa!  $306.40 less at Cal’s!


~ ~ ~

How does Roger feel about getting new tires?

As you can see, the little guy had a rough day.

He’s become accustomed to a different sort of day.

Walking around the parking lot of an auto repair shop is no substitute for walking in the park in the shade of cottonwood trees on soft, green grass!



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“After all I do for you two, this is what I get?”

~ ~ ~

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81 Responses to Tire talk

  1. Pam bohanek says:


  2. ReneeG from Idaho says:

    Oh boy! 2nd!

  3. Helen says:

    Oh my I love that last Picture and that you saved on tires. Travel safe!

  4. Stephanie Turner OR says:

    Good morning! Glad you are now tire safe. Is that a good run rate on the old tires? I have no idea. Roger did not appear thrilled. But he survived. The little fella is certainly used to his wonderful life and like most of us hates disruptions to what we like. Will be curious to see where you go next…or stay put?

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Stephanie,

      I have no idea if that’s “a good run rate” or not. I would’ve guessed they’d go further than that. Maybe someone more knowledgeable will let us know what they think.

    • weather says:

      My guess would have been that you’d have needed to replace your tires before now. People that know they will often/consistently drive on gravel/dirt roads can buy more expensive tires- made specifically to hold up well under the extra abuse those surfaces put tires through.
      You got almost 80% of the warrantied miles Toyo would cover in normal circumstances, that’s great, considering places your drive to on a regular basis. Your post titled “Drama on the way to an exceptionally fine boondock” comes to mind. Though getting to every camp doesn’t pose such severe problems, refrigerators, tires, etc. aren’t all made to live a life as exciting and rough as yours is 😉

  5. Rochelle in IN says:

    LOL @ Roger with his harness out of kilter. He certainly does look disgruntled!

  6. Becky in NJ says:

    Haha- in that bottom picture, Roger looks a bit like Winston Churchill- all he needs is a cigar!

  7. mrdsee in Riverside says:

    “After all I do for you two, this is what I get?”
    Too Funny!

  8. Terry says:

    One more thing checked off your ‘to do list’. Let’s look at the map…where to next.

  9. Elizabeth in WA says:

    Well, glad you have new tires…while in NC, a flat caused us to look into the tires more on that car (that our daughter uses some back there and we do when we come)…so we had a big bill for 4 new ones too. Oh well…at least she should be safer!! You are a fortunate lady to have gotten SUCH a good deal on your tires!!

    Well, dogs like people, often have to adjust to situations they would not prefer…called life eh? Happy trails to you all!!

  10. Wow, interesting about the tire prices .. reminds me to do an internet search and not rely solely on any major brand’s prices. Although, I was driving down the freeway a couple of months ago and one of my rear truck tires blew .. BIG TIME! (Was not towing the trailer at the time, thank goodness.) As it turned out, a tire place was right off the next exit and a really nice guy came out within 20 minutes and put the spare on for me. Thought about doing it myself but my insurance covered it and I like helping other people have jobs. 🙂 The next day I had two brand new tires installed. So sometimes ya gotta just take what you can get and you can’t squibble about prices!
    Having bought a 20-foot trailer a year ago and having gone camping a whole bunch of wonderful times in it this past year, I finally have built my own little baby blog. If anyone wants to take a look it’s here .. http://www.travelswithtowhee.com. I’ll catch up to real time in a month or so. I have learned so much from you Sue .. like never posting where you currently are .. and RVing stuff .. and interactions with people .. etc. I hope my blog will be interesting, but I also hope it might help someone else coming along behind just a tiny bit.

  11. Dawn in NC says:

    LOVE that last picture…Roger looking disgruntled and Reggie with his tongue out! Those two are such hams! I suppose they are now used to and expect the total life of retirement…with no reality checks, such as car maintenance!

  12. Those new tires should give Roger something to bark at…or aim at (if you know what I mean). Reggie sure is handsome in those pictures.

  13. Sarvi in OR says:

    Les Schwab seems to have the majority of tire sales, but I don’t care for them much. Doesn’t surprise me that they were that much more expensive, although I have heard that tire prices are dependent upon the price of oil. So I’m curious to know the price difference of oil between then and now. I get my tires at Costco, I like them a lot better.

  14. Seems to me those tires from before should have lasted more than 40K miles…but I guess it’s best to be safe. I remember when you got those, we were all excited for you then. I’m excited for you now. Sort of like when I get a full tank of gas and think about how far I could go….now you have new tires and you’ve got the whole wide west to explore!

    OK Roger…I know it was no fun in the parking lot, but no sulking allowed. Most of us would love to change places with you and hang out with RVSue a bit, so enjoy it OK?

    AND…I LOVE LOVE LOVE that header. It looks like a painting!

  15. Rover Ronda (WA) says:

    Made me laugh 😂 Thank you

  16. Jean in Southaven, MS says:

    I have noticed a lot of speculation about how long the tires should have lasted on here today. over 39,000 miles is probably average with the type of driving you do. You drive on a lot of different surfaces and you are towing the trailer. I expect that should make a difference. I bet you felt a lot like Roger at the end of the day after getting the tires too. Not the kind of activity that I would want to spend the day doing either. But a necessary part of life. I too love the last picture with Roger resting his chin on the glass and Reggie with his tongue hanging out. I almost forgot, I am awe struck at that header picture. Just goes to show how small we are in the skem of things.

    • Rover Ronda (WA) says:

      My husband thought Sue did well for her type of driving too. He worked for Les Schwab for 18 years. He likes Toyo. It’s what we always ran on the Rover. I actually don’t know what we currently have on our new truck. Probably Toyo unless they don’t make them for the wheels he got. Silly “Schwabie” can’t have factory wheels and tires.

  17. Paula says:

    Once again thank you for your inspiration as I travel with my two pups. Yes I lost a set of keys my first time in my life and one happened to be my spare to my tow vehicle and it cost $250 to get it replaced but I do need a spare. When I read your blogs I see you go through similar things and getting repairs and just what is necessary to say on the road. Playing with two pups also I understand how the dogs react when their days different mine are also getting a custom to the eb and flow of the road. Yes I do work the weekends as a vendor and fortunately I get to pick what shows I attend so I am in the best weather and in some very beautiful places. I am also working very hard to be frugal as you are and your lessons have taught me abundantly. Thank you again I appreciate Paula

  18. Cynthia from San Clemente says:

    I keep missing your posts because they keep going into my spam folder – which they never used to do. I don’t know what has happened. I’ve tried to correct it, but no luck. If anyone uses Outlook and knows, please tell me what to do.

    Love the disgruntled pups – they are just so spoiled and expect you to order your entire life around them – too funny!! I’m so glad that if you had to have a flat, you had it in a safe place and where you were able to find reasonably priced new tires – a win/win!!!

  19. Marcia GB in MA says:

    It’s very good that you got a better price on those tires the second time around. I would think that with some rough terrain driving and sometimes prolonged heat conditions that 40,000 miles is OK for those tires. Not great, but OK. And you like their performance to boot. I hope the new ones last you at least as long.

  20. Cinandjules 🌵 says:

    The retired math teacher can be so silly!

    Wow….the difference in price is huge…and that’s without taxes! Not sure if the price of tires fluctuate. Quick story…in NY one has to get their vehicle inspected once a year. The “shop” completed it and suggested the tires replaced to the tune of $1000 for 5. That includes mounting balancing and whatever else they do. Eh..thank you. Stopped in at our mechanic on the way home…same tires were 135 each with the 5th one free AND a $60 rebate! You can do the math! 😉

    Glad you have new tires and saved some moolah! Sometimes an event puts you in a pickle….and one pays whatever price they give you. Ya’ll done good!

    Hah Rog’s crooked harness is his….up and down kind of day! Silly!

    Have a great day! Rotisserie chicken….comfort food! Or is it ice cream and melons?

  21. VictoriaEP formerly in Estes Park says:

    That last picture made me laugh out loud. Too funny!
    I wonder why there was such a big difference in the price of the tires. If anything, you’d think that a couple of year later, they would cost more.

  22. Geri in the FL panhandle! says:

    Sorry I mussed your last blog, and almost missed this one. Yahoo is playing name games with me and not letting me sign in!
    Glad you got some new tires. Consider yht your rent for living free on the road to adventure!
    Roger’s crooked halter reminds me of my old dog Midget. She hated her halter and was always trying to sneak out of it!
    Glad you were near a good repair shop with decent prices on your new tires!
    I agree about your header photo looking like a painting! Beautiful!
    Hug the pups from us!

  23. Barbara from Camano says:

    The pups are priceless, as are the captions! Thanks for a good, out-loud, belly laugh.

    (Don’t know why I had to fill out my name and email address. Maybe one just has to do that once in awhile.)

  24. Rob, back in N Georgia until after Thanksgiving says:

    I like that last picture!

  25. Ladybug in Mid-Tenn says:

    Poor Rog….he looks a bit disheveled and worse for wear! I hope he was rewarded with some nice juicy chicken.

  26. Barbara (Nashville) says:

    Love the pics of Reg & Rog. The lopsided harness on Reg is just like Angel. It happens quite often with her as she plays “catch me if you can” to get suited up, so she ends up like that quite often and we have to start over.
    The last photo is hilarious, Grumpy and the tongue sticking out.

    Sue, have you heard from Mick, lately? I haven’t seen a post from him in quite awhile, unless I missed it. Hope you all didn’t have a misunderstanding.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Barbara,

      Mick hasn’t commented here in a year and infrequently prior to that. He’s moved on to other things apparently.

  27. Tesaje says:

    Love that last pic and caption.

    Only an average of 10,000 miles a year for a nomad. I did that commuting to a train and basic shopping while working. Interesting how what seems like constant motion really isn’t.

  28. Wendy / Bribie Island Aus. says:

    Loved that last picture. Stay safe guys.

  29. Jo in OR says:

    Wow I’m surprised about the price difference on tires. Les Schwab has always been good to me over the years. Glad you have safe tires on the BTV it carries precious cargo.
    Love the pictures of the boys they are too cute. Beautiful header.
    Take care.

  30. Gus VanZandt says:

    The last photo is worth all of the head-ache and heart-ache of having those two.

  31. Denise - Richmond VA says:

    Hi, Sue,

    I am glad that you have new tires. Now you will have four years (at least) of not having to worry or wonder about them. May your new tires take you safely to many more places!

    I love the header photo. It really puts things in perspective. We are just a tiny part of this wonderful, beautiful world!

    I hope the pups are back to their usual sweet selves. Spending the day at the repair shop is not fun for anyone, including your mom, boys. Those two little pissy pup faces say it all!

    Sending you, Reggie, and Roger love and hugs from me and Gracie pup! We are looking forward to the next adventure you share with us. 🙂

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Denise,

      Thank you for wishing us many more safe miles with the new tires and for another sweet note from you and the adorable Gracie pup. I hope you are having a good day and have that guest room all ready for family at Thanksgiving. 🙂

  32. Where's Chris Now (OR) says:

    Ugh! Tires! I’ve been shopping winter tires for my Hymer Aktiv that I take over snowy mountain passes, along icy river roads, onto dirt roads and to/from work in town three days a week. The prices for specialized tires varies widely from shop to shop and even more brand to brand. Like you, I carry precious canine cargo, and now that I have finalized my decision I’ll set up the appointment, pay the $$ and just let it pass.

  33. Ha ha ha…that last photo priceless!
    I was in BC all summer now in the neiborhood . Fall in Zion area very beautiful.

  34. Barb from Hoquiam says:

    Glad you are safe and all is well.

    We have had a very difficult few months, with our sweet Kali, our Aussie. She has gone downhill, for a while, but we sll agreed, she is the type of pup to go solid until the very end. On Tuesday, she lost all her capabilities. .. legs, etc. We had to put her down. She had asperated into her lungs… I hate that we waited so long… I honestly wanted to save her the sadness, and my husband just couldn’t do it. I am thankful she is not in pain now…

    Racy is lonesome for his old girl. Clinging to me…

    Safe journey Sue and the kiddos. Thank you for always bringing a smile.

    Hugs from Hoquiam!

    • weather says:

      Oh, Barb, I’m so sorry you are going through such sadness and loss . I hope you can find some comfort in knowing yours and your husband’s hearts were in the right place while making tough decisions about Kali. You did your best and gave her a wonderful life- one filled with being loved.

    • Dawn in NC says:

      Barb, I am so sorry about Kali. You did the right thing by her and gave her the best life she could have possibly had. I hope in time the sadness will ease. Are you considering another in the future?

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      How painful for you and your husband. I’m sorry, Barb, for your sorrow. You’re paying the price for loving Kali so deeply. As weather wrote above, you gave her a wonderful life. Hugs to you, dear one.

      • Barbara (Nashville) says:

        Hugs to you Barb. Sorry to hear about Kali, but her ills are over now. I know you gave her a good life.

    • Geri in the FL panhandle! says:

      So sorry you had to say goodbye to Kali. (I love that name!) I know that pain. I have had dogs all my life and saying goodbye is always hard. But the next thing I know I see another pair of eyes looking up at me with hope and love and then I have a new dog loving me. Its love. You loved Kali, Racy will help fill the corner of your heart that Kali previously occupied.

    • Denise - Richmond VA says:

      I am so very sorry for you loss, Barb.

    • Rochelle in IN says:

      Oh dear – I am so sorry! It is hard to say goodbye to our beloved pets. May the pain of loss mellow into the comfort of happy memories as soon as possible.

    • Deena in Phoenix says:

      I am sorry for your loss. RIP Kali.

      • Barb from Hoquiam! says:

        Thank you all. It has been a very rough time. Kali has been up most nights every two hours and so… well… have I. It has been really a difficult year. Racy and she were nearly the same age, and I am shocked he is still with me honestly. He is so confused… they were ‘twins’ you know… (she was an Aussie, he a Chihuahua) and when we had our Golden that was the third in the triplets 😛 they were a team for sure.
        Thank you again, all. I love coming to this blog and just be on a moments vacation… honestly.

        Hugs from Hoquiam,

        PS Yes, I do want to get another dog at some time. I need a service dog. But that will have to come when Racy is gone and I can afford it. I am currently — ugh — I have to go back to work… my insurance is way out of my price point (I have to buy my own) and I cannot do it any longer. I have been trying to find something and well… at 58. And brain damaged… ugh. Just a tough tough time.
        Thank you again. Hugs.

        • rvsueandcrew says:

          You’re welcome, Barb.

          That is a tough situation. There are employers who value maturity over youth. The challenge is finding them! You have great people skills and a compassionate personality. There has to be something that’s right for you.

          Dear God, please help our Barb find her way to what’s perfect for her. Amen.

        • Elizabeth in WA says:

          Oh so sorry about your fur baby, Barb…and having to go to work too!! Not an easy time for most in our age group these days I think…wishing you all the best and better times soon!!

  35. Yay Cal’s! Glad the PTV has new shoes again, ready for many more miles of adventure.

    Those boys are just funnin’ you :-))))

  36. chas anderson says:

    For whatever it is worth my Dodge Ram 2500 has had 4 sets of tires with 196K miles which averages out to 49K miles per set.Probably 100K miles were towing a trailer.Considering your % of miles towed 39K on your tires seems in the ballpark.

    p.s I use Firestone TransForce AT 10 plys 265 x 17 which can be had on sale and would recommend them for those who tow with a 2500 type pickup.

  37. Judy Williams says:

    Sue, concerning Roger and his alarm barking: I have a remedy that usually works on all dogs. Get a small spray bottle that also can be a squirter. Fill with half water and half vinegar. When he barks squirt him and aim for the head/eyes and say “No”. It stings a little bit but doesn’t hurt the eyes. Pretty soon all you will have to do is show him the bottle. I can also carry it on walks hooked onto my pants belt loops. I have many people thank me for this hint with their barking dogs.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      I’m sure that works well. I don’t want to do anything where a negative (punishing) action goes from me to Roger, given his insecure past. That’s why I like the shock collar that emits a high pitched sound and/or vibration. The collar is the bad guy, not me.

      It took a few months before Roger wouldn’t flinch and crouch low whenever I made a fast movement with my arm around him.

      Thanks for the suggestion anyway.

      • Tesaje says:

        Dogs don’t really like being hugged (re Patricia McConnell, my favorite animal behaviorist). They get used to it and will accept it when they trust us, but not like it. Mine, who has been hugged from 5 1/2 months, still does tongue flicks indicating, she doesn’t like it. Leaning into me, licks, etc are affectionate. I think you are wise to not use negative techniques. Positive training makes the dog want to do what you want and increases the bond.

        My dog does alarm barking but stops once I’ve acknowledged her issue. If not, “Leave it” tells her that’s enuf. Trainers usually tell you to teach the dog to bark on command, then stop it on command. I’ve never gone to the trouble, tho.

  38. Susan in Dallas says:

    When I go to the doctor’s next week and he asks me how I’m feeling I’m going to have Roger and Reggie’s photo up on my phone. No words will be needed. LOL

  39. John3006 says:

    Sue, you may want to check your tire receipt. My calculator thinks that four tires at $156.10 should have only cost you $624.40 instead of $684.40.
    Either way, much better than the Les Schwab price.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, John,

      I’m so glad you caught that! I know what happened there…. I copied Cal’s subtotal that included $60 charge for “mount and balance” which I shouldn’t have done because Les Schwab’s $930.88 did not include the additional $60 they charged for “mount and balance.”

      Thank you! Gotta’ keep an eye on me… This train leaves the track sometimes. Ha! 🙂

      • Cinandjules 🌵 says:

        I kind of thought it might be the balance and mounting…..

        Raining down here….but it could be lake effect snow…right? Loving life in da zone!

  40. JazzLover says:

    That last picture is beyond words, like “really guys, could you both look any more silly?”

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