To do or not to do, that’s another question

Wednesday, January 17

Today is the day we prepare for moving camp tomorrow. I have several items on my to-do list, but first the crew and I need to exercise.

We get a later than usual start on our walk because of my lengthy coffee-in-the-sun, my lengthy bath and my lengthy time online.

Ever notice . . .

. . . how some days everything takes longer than usual?

The late walk is okay because the cool temperatures of early morning are still here. I love a walk in brisk air.

Reggie and Roger seem to feel the same way.

We walk to Midland Road and into the LTVA entrance.

I don’t know why there aren’t as many RVers here this year. At the most I’ve counted twenty rigs, spread out over a wide area. Some days there are only about ten rigs.

This camp near Blythe has been a good one.

The visits with Del and his crew are fun and add another dimension to our days. We will miss them. Maybe we’ll return in a month or so before setting out on 2018 travels.

Who knows?  I don’t have any plans in place for this year.

After looping around the camping area, the boys and I cut back to Midland Road.

Roger and Reggie interpret pavement as playground.

Being on the 30-foot tether, the boys can stage a very wild and ferocious “Battle Of The Canine Warriors.”

Fortunately there’s hardly any traffic on Midland Road and any vehicle can be seen and heard long before it arrives.

“You’re enjoying this day, aren’t you, big boy.”

After lunch we’ll go into town . . . I’ll stop at the Verizon store to find out how to open my bill.

It’s frustrating that I never can get it to open. The only information I receive is what comes across on my Verizon jet pack, since I halted paper billing a long time ago.

I’ll stock up on water at the vending machine, pick up more Mexican foods to stockpile (much variety in Blythe, good prices, too), and snag another jumbo, rotisserie chicken for the boys’ breakfasts.

After that we’ll come home and visit Del and his dogs. Later on I’ll start packing up.  Maybe get the hitching and dumping the tanks done and then have an early start tomorrow.  It’ll be fun going down the highway to a new camp . . . .

Oh, here they go again . . . .

When I know a camp is long-term, I tend not to be as compulsive about putting everything in its place.  I tend to nest. Hence, when it’s time to move camp, there’s more to be done than when we’re rolling from camp to camp in spring-summer-fall travels.

I wait for the boys to tire themselves.

“Well, may we proceed now? I have things to do.”

All the stuff I was going to do today?


On the way to town I have to pull over, of course, to watch the ewes and lambs, take a few pictures.

The to-do list?

I don’t get past the first item on the list — the visit to the Verizon store.

Turns out the problem with my phone wasn’t me, as I had thought. Somehow the phone was set up incorrectly and I wasn’t entered as the primary owner. Thus access to billing information was repeatedly denied. It looked to me like an unsolvable password problem.

At times the life of a sheep looks pretty damn good.

The young woman charges the phone for me.

She gets in touch with the main customer service office and they allow her to fix the glitches. We also wait for several updates (software and apps) which collected over the years during which I never turned on the phone.

I’m in the store for a long time.  Through the storefront window I see the boys waiting impatiently in the PTV.

When we return home I let them run.

Off-leash they go, straight over to play with Skeeter and the rest of their pals. Del’s dogs are just as excited as Reggie and Roger because they, too, have been waiting impatiently, aware of the delay.

Thursday, January 18

Okay, back to the to-do list.  Maybe tomorrow we’ll be ready to move camp . . . . 



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81 Responses to To do or not to do, that’s another question

  1. Tim in Seattle says:

    RV Sue,

    Happy Thursday! I hope you have a great week.

  2. eliza says:

    everyone is at the RTR, Sue!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Everyone? Tim’s in Seattle and I’m in Blythe…. hee-hee… 🙂

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      eliza… Are you at the Rubber Tramps Rendevous?

      • eliza in illinois says:

        haha. no way jose. but when you were wondering where all the rvers were, it made me think about the 4000 people at the rtf (shudder) – i’m sure it’s a wonderful event, but not for me. i thought the way you started was about perfect.
        enjoy your peace.

  3. Pat McClain says:

    Top ten and lots of pics of the boys! Couldn’t be better!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Pat! Yeah, I posted a load of photos. I hope I didn’t overdo it.

      • mostlylost says:

        there’s never too many photos of the boys. Especially since I finally have internet again and can catch up on the last week! Sounds like we need to consider getting a grill – we love tex-mex!

  4. Barbara from Camano Island says:

    Wow! I was actually on my computer when I received this email but two people are before me! That’s o.k.

    Saw some great pictures as I scrolled through. Will read in a minute.

    I am waiting to hear from a person on Craig’s list who has a van I might buy! It is scary. And I’m sick so don’t feel like driving forty minutes to see it. I’m trying to trust that if it was meant to be I will have it. Hi to everyone.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Barbara,

      That’s a good attitude. If it’s meant to be, it will work out. Driving while sick isn’t a great idea, nor is making decisions. I hope you feel better soon.

  5. Pat McClain says:

    Sue, you might check out Metro PCS. When we signed up, it was $30 a month for one phone and that included unlimited everything including internet. I used to have Verizon and I remember how expensive it was and we were always going into the store to have something fixed.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Thanks for sharing that information here, Pat.

      In order for me to blog consistently and to monitor this blog every day, I need the coverage that Verizon provides. I consider the cost an investment.

    • Calvin Rittenhouse says:

      I’ll get in on this one because I have a recent experience where I got a MetroPCS phone and it dropped nearly every call.

  6. Calvin Rittenhouse says:

    I’m still enjoying the lamb pictures, and the R & R ones, too. Maybe the rigs are at LaPosa this year. Reports from the RTR have it much bigger than last year. Maybe the RVers are there, too.

    I suspect none of us armchair travelers are in any hurry to see you move on. This looks from here like one of the best camps ever!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Calvin,

      What you say may be true….. Yet Midland LTVA has had very few campers this year, going back to when the season permit started on September 15. Del arrived at the time and he was one of very few here. The number of rigs is nowhere near what it was last fall and winter.

      I’ve heard that LaPosa and all things Quartzsite are big this year.

      I know, this is a great camp. It’s been especially nice for me because we haven’t had one drive-by in the 75 days of this camp. I love the feeling that gives, being totally ignored in our private space in the desert. . . peaceful, serene, with just enough diversion going into town and visiting with Del and crew.

      I’m glad you like what you see, Calvin. I get a kick out of people enjoying a camp along with us…. online that is! Ha!

    • Shawna says:

      The RTR has surpassed last year’s attendance by double is my guess! Meeting some wonderful people.

  7. Linda, Molly and Midgy in Carmichael, CA says:

    Sitting here reading emails and just saw your post. It’s been a while since I was in the top ten. Now I’ll go read.

  8. Judy in East Texas says:

    Hi Sue and crew.

    Those pups make me laugh out loud. What a joy they are.

    Stay safe out there my friend, Judy

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Judy,

      Thank you. You stay safe, too. Whenever I read “East Texas” I recall the time I drove through there to pick up the BLT. How exciting that was! And HOT.


  9. Nora now in Dauphin Island AL says:

    Hi Sue,
    Wish I could trade places with you about now. It’s been darn cold here in Alabama. Think I should have stayed West this year. Hard to believe you’ll find a new camping spot as nice as the one you’re leaving but I’m sure you will; you always do.
    Love to Roger and Reggie from me and my gang.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Nora,

      I wish I could send some warmth your way. Yeah, the next camping spot may not be as nice in the way this one is, but I trust it will be nice in other ways.

      One of the reasons I want to move camp ….. I don’t want to ever feel stuck in one place again, like I felt when I was tied to a home, job, and responsibilities. That’s what brings on the restlessness, I think. We might come back before long.

      Cuddle your “gang” and keep warm!

      Ha! I fixed the typo… I had written “cuggle”… a new word! A combination of cuddle and snuggle! I like it!

      • Hi Sue — I just had to comment on your “cuggle” word. Our 3-year old grandson invented the word “huggle” about a year ago (hug and snuggle) and even now it’s totally his “go-to” for wanting a good cuddle. We love the word and sounds like your “cuggle” would have the same usefulness! 😉

        • rvsueandcrew says:

          Hi, Arden! Welcome!

          Huggle is even better than cuggle!

          So cute of your grandson to know how to perfectly express what he wants. 🙂

          • Cynthia from San Clemente says:

            Speaking of combined words, I heard on the news last night about a study that was recently done on kids – asking them what they want to be when they grow up. One of the little girls answered that she wants to be a “liberina” – a hybrid of a librarian and a ballerina!! Why not?

  10. Linda, Molly and Midgy in Carmichael, CA says:

    I love that R&R get to run off leash without worry of them running off. I never felt confident enough with mine to let them do that. Your lamb pictures are so sweet. Hope you find a good next home!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      I, too, like that the crew has that freedom. The longer we stay here, the tougher it will be for Skeeter when we leave. Reg and Rog have each other. Although Skeeter has the other dogs, they aren’t as young and as playful as chihuahuas.

      Thanks for the wish for a good home. I’m confident it will be good because I’m taking it with us. 🙂

      Take care, wishing you a good weekend….

  11. I just love seeing those photos of the boys playing together. You did good when you adopted Spike!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      I think you mean Roger? Although adopting Spike was one of the best things I ever did!

      Thanks for letting me know you enjoyed the photos, Janis.

  12. Dawn in NC 🐈 says:

    Hi Sue! Love, love, love all the pics! The one with Roger just smiling is amazing! I’m glad you got your phone problems straightened out. I’m contemplating going out. We got over 5 inches of snow ⛄️ yesterday. Everything is melting today, which is fine by me! Being off work was nice, but I had to use vacation days. 🙁

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Dawn,

      Gee, I wish you didn’t have to use one of your vacation days. January can seem awfully long for working folks. I’m glad you got a day off in the middle of it. 🙂

      One thing about Roger, he sure does know how to smile for the camera!

  13. Stephanie Turner OR says:

    I too loved the lamb pics. Baby anything is adorable. I used to live in a community where they used huge herd of sheep to graze down the open space. Baby lambs galore. It was so fun to watch them. I’m curious to see where you head for your summer travels. Vicarious RVg is so interesting. Living in a park model I have the small stable space I need and you generously add the on the move piece. Thanks Sue!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      You’re welcome, Stephanie. I’m sure there are advantages to living in a park model. Maybe you’re in one of those communities of retired folks where there are many amenities, a club house, etc. I’m glad you’re happy and content with your living choice. 🙂

      I really don’t know where we will go this summer. Sometimes I think about slowing down, not going so far from our winter home, and then I’m dreaming about going to the ocean or another far-off destination…. That’s full-timing for ya!

  14. rvsueandcrew says:

    Well, I’m not getting much done hanging around this laptop…. although it’s fun!

    Bye for now…. Y’all talk to each other….


  15. Geri in the FL panhandle! says:

    I also loved the smiling photo of Roger! You can see, it even in his eyes, this is one very happy dog! He and Reggie are perfectly matched! Poor Skeeter.😵 He is going to miss y’all so much!
    So glad you got the phone snag figured out! Grin! Chuck is slowly getting comfortable with his new smart phone!
    It was 23° here this morning! Brrrrrr!
    Y’all take care and remember we love you! Ear skritches for the boys! 💗💕💝

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Geri,

      Twenty-three degrees? Joe (below) is in Panama City, escaping the cold of TN and AL, so I guess he and you guys have got it good in comparison.

      Love you, too…. Hugs to you, Chuck, and your boys.

  16. weather says:

    Roger was smiling in that one photo, he really did look like a happy big boy, how cute! I’m glad you included fresh pictures of the mothers and lambs, too. The one ewe must been asleep(?) or have felt very relaxed to let a bird stand on her, at least I seldom see birds on animals.

    If I remember correctly your phone and Jetpack are on one account that they set up for you when you got the phone at one of their stores before. If so, I’m not very surprised that the glitch was something that happened on their end in the process. I’m not criticizing Verizon or their employees, just saying that there was some confusion involved with their setting things up for me , too.

    When I went to their store to get my Jetpack they were extremely helpful, and set everything up for me, for which I was grateful. However, somehow the phone number they used that is associated with my account isn’t one I have or ever did. I need to remember that phone number whenever I contact them to pay my bill, besides knowing my password, in order to prove it’s really me trying to access my account. Oh well, it works out every month, I trust it will now for you, too.

    Another thing I trust is that you’ll move at the right time- whatever that turns out to be. Who knows why some things go slowly or make us pause where we are? I’ve often noticed, in your life and mine, that later upon looking back … we see the hand of Providence in our lives was controlling things for our best outcome or for someone else’s sake.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, weather . . . .Reggie and Roger are begging to go see their friends. I’ll reply to your comment and others later today.

      LATER…. We went over to Del’s, had a nice visit, said our goodbyes. I still have stuff to do in the morning, then we’ll hit the road. Another lovely, quiet, cool evening tonight. Took the boys out for the last potty break of the day…. a sliver of a moon, a few stars, the lights of Blythe along the horizon, quiet all around.

      Funny how the quiet of desert and quiet of a snowy winterscape are very different, yet the same. I’m thankful for this peaceful place.

      The only place I’ve seen birds sitting on animals were the starlings, cowbirds and cattle egrets in Florida. They ride along on their host’s back and it appears as if the cattle appreciate them, probably for tick and flea removal.

      • weather says:

        Love the gentle send off being given you before you move. May your traveling be smooth. I hope you’ll rest well tonight and be settled in somewhere nice early enough tomorrow to give us an update . Cuggles to you and the sweet boys, n’nite

  17. Diann in MT says:

    Hi, Sue,
    This winter has been so uncomfortably cold and unpredictable, I have dreamed of pulling up stakes next year and camping in an LTVA. I wonder if I will be able to camp since my trailer is not self contained. Are there outdoor bathrooms where I can park next to? I remember a rule that camping on BLM requires a self contained unit. Please enlighten me. Thanks so much.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Diann…. No, there aren’t rest rooms at Midland. A self-contained unit is required to camp at an LTVA. I don’t know about BLM land in general as it’s not something I’ve ever thought to research. It probably is the same rule, and, if so, I’d guess that it is a rule that is ignored by many.

      • weather says:

        Not to contradict Sue, however, I had the same question years ago and found out LaPosa, Imperial Dam and Mule Mountain LTVAs are the only 3 LTVA exceptions to that rule. Campers that aren’t self contained may stay there, but must be camping within 500 feet of the vault toilets. This info is listed on some BLM site among a list of rules, I believe it’s current, you may want to check for yourself though.

      • Calvin Rittenhouse says:

        You have to have at least a 10-gallon black tank, if I remember correctly, except at La Posa and that one near Yuma. Those two have restrooms/latrines. If you don’t have that tank, you have to camp within 500 feet of the latrine. Also, essentially anyone can use the 2-week areas, but you have to take care of your own needs.

    • Linda Sand (Minnesota) says:

      La Posa South LTVA, south of Quartzsite, has port-a-pots you can camp by if you are not self-contained.

      • Linda Sand (Minnesota) says:

        Posted before I was finished. I also meant to say there’s a laundromat in town with pay-per-use showers.

  18. Harriet says:

    Sue a question, are your photos copywrited? I do some painting , oils and watercolors and sometimes you have taken photos that are calling out to me to paint them. I would never use someone’s photo without asking permission first. Your thoughts ? I post my finished paintings on my blog. I am not a professional but I do enjoy painting and it keeps me off the streets and out the department stores😜

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Harriet,

      No, I don’t copyright my photos. Feel free to use them as the subject of your paintings. I’m pleased you like them enough to want to do that. 🙂

  19. Harriet says:

    Thank you, Sue. It is greatly,appreciated.

  20. Joe in TN says:

    After two snowy and bitterly cold days in Alabama, we moved Gracey (our trailer) to Panama City, FL. It’s a tad chilly here, but no snow and ice and the weather gurus promised some 60 degree weather for the weekend. Can’t wait to see your next home, but as us trailer types say “Home is where we park it!” Safe travels.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Joe,

      Yeah, I heard it’s bitter cold in Alabama, and, well, Tennessee, too. You bring back memories of long weekends in Panama City, where I used to escape when still working in Georgia. I hope it warms up soon and you have plenty of the famous Florida sunshine!

      Safe travels to you, too…

  21. Renee still in Idaho says:

    You’ve had quite a full day in preparation for your move! I love the photo of the ewe with her lambs on each side, especially the expression on the lamb’s face with the black nose and mottled eye! He/she sure looks relaxed.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      That black-nosed lamb is soaking up the sunshine. Did you notice there’s another lamb on the other side of the ewe? I think I see a pair of legs by hers.

      There are so many lambs around here… hundreds, I’m sure! Every one of them cute as the dickens, too.

  22. Jan Johnson says:

    Love the new banner photo! And the little lambs are darling. Reading this I just fantasize about being able to take my time to bathe or drink coffee with no specific plan for where to go and the freedom to just go where you want! I used to dread my kids growing up and moving out but now that they are 20 and halfway through college I just kind of wish I could pick up and go when I want to instead of being the shopper, cook, driver to work for one of them, errand runner. But when it’s gone I probably will miss it. Maybe…

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      It’s all good, Jan. One chapter after another. There’s nothing wrong with feeling relief when the last birdie leaves the nest. 🙂

      Living in the present, anticipating the future, and creating a new life after the demands of parenthood and work fall away…… Yes, it’s good.

  23. Lauri from SoCal says:

    Well RV Sue, I’m proud to tell you that I am CURRENTLY on my maiden journey!!!

    I mentioned some time ago I acquired a 20’ toy hauler; I am current attending the RTR in Quartzsite, AZ.

    It’s just the “4” of us, me – 58 yo retired, “disabled” fibromyalgia (2 daughters 24 & 26), Nicki – 10 yo , 7 lb, F/S chi/terrier; Chia – 11 yo, 3 lb, F/S Pom-Chi; & Buddy – ~4 yo, M/N Westie-poo.

    The day of departure I left late. Ended up sleeping at a rest stop. Bunk bed is as HORRID as HORRID can be. I “woke up” and could hardly walk! Pain level 15!!! Electrical power not working; Didn’t have my tea; dealt with the dogs; sweating buckets!! Got in car and still had to find water for tanks & gas for generator; I couldn’t figure out how to do the simplest things!!! Pain does funny things to the brain! For one instantaneous moment I wanted to throw it all away & go back home to my bed and die there!!! I slowly began searching online; found a place for water – well water – disgusting & stinky!! But water! Found an easy to drive thru gas station.

    Finally got to destination!!! Very cool atmosphere – everyone is of like mind – kinda like being at a roundup!! Got to the end of a dirt road and got stuck trying to turn trailer around 😥. TOM came & rescued me!!! I ended up parking next to him.

    I set up “camp”. Opened up the back (toy-hauler remember). Finally had my tea at 5:30 pm!! Exhausted. Dogs wouldn’t stop barking at everything. There’s LOTS of dogs here – mine are the loudest!!! Couldn’t remember how to turn on water heater 🤭 so warmed up water on the propane stove and took a French whores bath!!

    Crawled into bed with the dogs. It’s 11:30 & I pottied them one last time & going to get some rest.

    Because of all my delays I’ve missed most of my favorite seminars ☹ But I’ll figure out how to do the rest with the dogs (I did bring a dog stroller)!!!

    I also need to go into Quartzsite & get solar and another battery. Hopefully someone will install….. there’s a lot of people I follow on YouTube here – I’m hoping to finally meet them!!!

    (Tuesday) Got to town and found a couple of little stores; picked up a few things and GOT A SQUIRT BOTTLE!!! It made ALLLLL the difference in the world with the dogs!!!!! Nicki is actually pretty good now! Buddy is just high strung and nervous. He’s very out of place!

    I also got a battery… get back to trailer, wrong wattage -I got a 6-volt instead of an RV 12-volt.

    Today (Wednesday) I exchanged the battery for the right one…. get back, switch it out; go inside to check… everything works !!! Go back out to close it up – put the cover on, just about to put strap in…. smoke!!! I ripped the lid off, tear off the leads (although I had “exam” gloves on, fire is fire! No burns though!!!!

    BUT my wiring is fried, AND the front portion of the RV is out… but at least I have light enough light with the Generator!!!!

    So the fridge hasn’t really worked at all. Although it “runs” on propane, it requires power to maintain the temperature (the control panel). Before I left I got a cheap styrofoam ice chest and filled it with ice mainly for water, but it came in handy.

    So between the ice & the generator I’ve been doing well! But I need a lot to do with this trailer before I can call it home!!! Plus I need some MAJOR downsizing to do also!!

    (Thursday) was very mellow – with every day everything gets better! The dogs are getting much more adapted! I think of you all the time “What would Sue do!?!?”

    At night, I just pull out a chair & stare at the sky in awe!!! Coming from a MAJOR city, the light pollution makes one come to the conclusion this whole story about stars & planets floating around out there was just a hoax!! Lol. I can clearly attest that there are billions & billions of stars out there just waiting to be seen!!!

    I also wonder HOW THE HECK DOES SUE HANDLE THE TWISTED TETHERS!?!?!? It seems these dogs are ACROBATS!! The crazy knots they manage to create!!

    The weather has been great (I could stand it a little cooler, but this is fine!)

    I know this was exceptionally long, but hopefully interesting…. I doubt I’ll ever be this divulgent in the future ☺️

    Thank you RV Sue for all the wisdom you’ve shared over the years – it truly has been INSPIRING!!


    • rvsueandcrew says:

      I absolutely LOVE posts like yours, Lauri! I was right along with you as I read about your first night at a rest stop and all the challenges you’ve overcome… barking dogs, searching for water, battery buying, frying the wiring, whew! And there you are, looking up at the stars with awe. YOU are inspiring.

      Have a fabulous time at the rendevous! Thank you very much for taking the time to write a report to us. You can be rightly proud of your maiden journey. 🙂 Sleep well tonight, Lauri!

      • Lauri from SoCal says:

        Honestly, I was a bit nervous people would think to themselves “why is she boring us with this dribble”. I really thought it was way too long!

        Thank you so much for your understanding reply!! This IS real-life!, lol

        Since the RTR is officially over EVERYONE around me has left – however, there is a women RTR Monday- Wednesday that I’ll stick around for….as long as it’s informative. I have plenty of supplies!

        Thanks again for your warm response!!!

    • Cynthia from San Clemente says:

      Wow – you’ve had a tough few days Lauri! But it sounds like you’re working through the “challenges” (we don’t call them “problems” – lol) and the dogs are adapting. I admire your perseverance and pluckiness!!

  24. Seana in AZ says:

    Well goodness gracious, I thought this day would never come.
    No complaints, mind you.
    I’ve caught up with you RVSue!

    Ok wait, that sounds creepy.
    I mean I’ve finally caught up with you on your blog. I discovered yourself and the crew(s) this past year. After reading two blog posts, I jumped back in time to live your journey from day one.
    I tell you what, you have a lot to say!
    Again no complaints! Haha, your blog is the best collection I’ve read in such a long time! I cried, heaven knows I cried! Happy tears, tears of grieving, tears from laughing. I cursed out loud to some of the idiots that crossed your path, I coveted the pockets of paradise you found (and took plenty of notes!), and my knowledge and confidence grew as my eyes devoured your posts, week by week, month by month, you get the idea.

    Now I feel like I’ve earned the esteemed honor to comment and step gingerly into the realm of blogorinos! Hehe, here we go…

    Thank you RVSue. Thank you Spike and Bridgett. Thank you Reggie and Roger.

    Like for so many others, you have become a prominent inspiration for me as well. I treasure the fact what you have opened up to the world and that you’ve so eloquently shared your experiences, thoughts, opinions and advice with everyone. I wish you especially smooth roads, quiet or non-existent neighbors and many more precious memories for you and your crew(s), even if you decide to stop sharing.

    Though that may make me cry again…

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      You’re welcome, Seana! Congratulations on becoming a blogorino! (Yes, you’ve “earned the esteemed honor!” 🙂

      Thank you for reading all my posts. I appreciate that you’ve let yourself become a part of the ups and downs, tears and laughter, and challenges and joys of my life on the road with my crew.

      You’re quite a talented writer. I enjoyed reading your comment and hope you will return to our “realm” often!

  25. Eileen says:

    Luv all the pics, both lambs & ur little boys – they are all sooooo adorable!!!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      I agree, Eileen! Of course, everyone thinks their pets are the best, the brightest, and definitely the cutest! 🙂

  26. AZ Jim says:

    Oh Boy! R&R get another day with their pal Skeeter and you another chat with Del. After their patience while you were at Verizon the boys earned another day there. Nice pics Missy…..

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Good morning, Jim and Detta! Glad you liked the photos. 🙂

      I’m going offline now. Today is a travel day. Weeeeeeeeeeee!!!!

      Bye for now…

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Thanks, Sarvi. We arrived at our new camp without any problems. It was a beautiful, calm day with easy driving.

  27. Cynthia from San Clemente says:

    I really liked the photo with the bird sitting on top of the mama lamb’s back. Hope you have safe travels today and find a wonderful new spot.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Thank you, Cynthia. Our travel today went well and it is quiet where we are camped. The boys and I returned from a walk after supper and they immediately went to bed and fell asleep. We may travel again tomorrow. I’ll see how I feel about that in the morning.

      I hope you had a good day, too. 🙂

  28. Laurie in NC says:

    Great post! I can really feel your frustration at the phone place and then peace once you return to your camp. This technology that allows us to communicate is wonderful on one hand but so frustrating at the same time. I usually turn to old school non-electronic options when I get tired and frustrated. It also helps to “cuggle” with my fur baby!
    Can’t wait to see the new camp!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Thank you, Laurie. I’m happy you liked the post. Yeah, technology is frustrating at times. It was a relief to find a Verizon representative who took the time to sort out the mess of my phone.

      Cuggle on! 🙂

  29. John L. says:

    As luck would have it, I pulled in to Midland to scout out a new site just as you were pulling out from the dumpsters…..have followed the blog for a long time and as a result know that you relish your privacy….so wanted to just say hello, we weren’t 100 feet away, but went on about my business…..some other time perhaps…..

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, John!

      I remember someone in a white vehicle parked at the kiosk. — Maybe that was you? Then you turned right at the entrance to go further up Midland Road?

      Thank you for following my blog and for respecting my privacy. It’s nice that we can “say hello” here on my blog. 🙂

      • John L. says:

        Yup, that was me…..I thought it odd that Midland was/is so empty!! Such a nice and quiet area….just a few minutes out of Blythe. And the sheep were recently sheared!! Hope they stay warm without their “coats”…..

  30. AZ Jim says:

    Today when I open the blog I hear the faint sounds of Willy Nelsons old guitar and willy singing “on the road again, just can’t wait to get on the road again….” Safe travel Missy, see ya when ya land!!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      We landed yesterday afternoon,Jim! By the time I settled us into a camp, took the restless boys on a long walk, and fixed some supper, I didn’t have the get-up-and-go to edit photos and write a post. I started one this morning . . . .

      Tomorrow we’ll be “on the road again…” Keep singing! 🙂

  31. Rover Ronda (WA) says:

    Ack I’m way behind! I’m coming!

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