Waiting for rain in Arizona; revisiting a boondock in Utah

Friday, June 15

Photos in today’s post take us back to September 2015 when the crew and I made our camp in Fishlake National Forest in western Utah.  This is one of my favorite boondocks.

Long-time readers of this blog may remember the scenes shown below.

Now don’t get confused . . .

This post comes to you from Arizona.

This summer Reggie, Roger, and I are camped in the house we plan to share with my sister, Nancy, and her dog, Marg, when they move westward from Florida in August.(Boondocking will resume at a later date.)

In yesterday’s post I hoped for rain to kick off the monsoon season.  It didn’t happen. Today looks more promising.

The sky is overcast with gray clouds!

After an hour of painting an interior door and baseboard trim this morning, I put away brush and paint and turn my attention to cleaning up the yard.  I load the Perfect Tow Vehicle with clippings and trash, leave the boys behind in the air conditioned house, and head down the road to the transfer station.

When the back of the PTV is empty, I drive onto the scale and pay $6.50 to the man at the window.  He’s smiling due to the possibility of rain.  In fact, when he hands me my receipt to conclude the transaction, instead of wishing that I have a nice day, he sends me off with what I hope is a timely suggestion:

“Go dance in the rain!” 

How very Arizonian!

I’m still loving smoothies!

Every day I take a smoothie out onto the porch.  I sip through a straw while Reggie and Roger play.  I love our porch so much that I eat almost all my meals out there, unless it’s too hot.

As for continuing the painting started in the morning, I’ve given up on that.  The den is on the east side of the house and afternoon light in that room makes it difficult to see what I’m doing.

Which gives me an excuse to watch a movie instead!

I sit in my lounger in the back bedroom and watch a DVD from the library.  The boys curl up in their beds and nap.


Later . . .

I’m out on the porch this afternoon when a light rain begins.  It doesn’t last long.

Already I understand why year-round residents like monsoon season!  After a couple weeks of temperatures in the high 90s and low 100s, the cooler breezes that herald rain are refreshing.

I did see rain coming down on distant mountains.  It’s hard to say if it will move this way.

P1070316Ah, the road beckons . . .

In order to come up with photos for this post, I open up memory cards from previous years.  Browsing hundreds of photos of our camps and travels sparks the ol’ gypsy spirit in me.

I’m grateful I have this house as a base and I’m super excited about Nancy being a part of my life again.  At the same time I look forward to the time when the crew and I will discover more of our beautiful country and more special boondocks like the one I display in this post.

Wildfire alert!

If you’re traveling and camping, do keep up with the latest reports on fires.  National forests and their facilities, as well as roads, may be closed.


Wherever you are this summer . . .

Whether in a stationary home or on the road RVing, I hope you are safe, well, and happy. Feel welcome to jump into comments with a few words or a long story or something in between.  Whatever suits you.

This blog is a better place with you in it!


NOTE:  To read and see photos of the boondock on Oak Ridge Road, go to the 2015 post:  “Horses, a calf who’s lost his mama, and the mule that saves the day.


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54 Responses to Waiting for rain in Arizona; revisiting a boondock in Utah

  1. Darrell in Oregon says:

    Hi Sue,
    Very nice pictures. Hope you do get to dance in the rain.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Thank you, Darrell. Being in Arizona in summertime puts me in a favorable position for rain dancing.


  2. Chris B and Diego says:

    You posted one of my purchases and it arrives tomorrow.

    I still love that photo of the horses against the trees. Somebody should make that into a painting. Just beautiful.

    There is something about the shade of a porch and the access to the kitchen for the forgotten item that you left inside.

    Nice post, Sue. Very calm and happy feel to it.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Thank you, Chris. I appreciate you complimenting this post. It doesn’t hold any great news or reports, sort of drifts along like me. 🙂

      Porch-sitting needs to make a comeback! We looked at several houses when shopping for a house (online and in person) and some had porches. Not all porches have a pleasant atmosphere though. We got a jewel with this one.

      I think a reader did paint that horses-with-aspens photo. She asked for my permission. I wonder how it came out.

      • Columbus Calvin says:

        I’m all for porch sitting. We do it here, even though this is an older apartment building. It’s friendly, gets a person outside, and lets me watch the sunset.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Oh, where are my manners? I forgot to thank you for shopping Amazon from here.

      Thanks, Chris!

      • Chris B and Diego says:

        You’re welcome! I spend lots of money at Amazon simply because they almost always have the best price. It seem that whenever I go to a store, the one item that I want is out of stock!

    • ApplegirlNY says:

      That’s one of my favorite pictures, too. Breathtaking.

      We have a porch on both our home and our camp in the mountains. We practically live on them. We eat on them, entertain, read, take naps. Ahhhh. Summertime on the porch!

  3. Dance in the rain… YES… thunder is booming outside in Charleston, SC… no rain falling yet, my JRT Gracie, is shaking in her bed she is certain the sky is falling, the sky is falling.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Elaine,

      Aww, poor Gracie! Imagine hearing thunder and not understanding what it is. It’s a wonder more pets aren’t frightened by it. I hope she is able to sleep through the night.

  4. Columbus Calvin says:

    I got distracted by someone’s jump starter or I might have been first.

    I really like the header picture. I remember enjoying that before, but I can’t recall right now where you were.

    I’m glad you’re getting rain. Everybody wants what they don’t have, so I’m glad we have dry air right now. I’ve been getting behind on my Internet stuff because I’m out and about doing things. Yay me!

    The wildfires bother me. I’m starting to think I’d have to have a motor vehicle to live in the Southwest because I might need to get away from them. They would absolutely give my lungs a problem if I were downwind of them.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Calvin,

      You gave me a smile with you being distracted by someone’s jump starter. Nice to know someone uses those links.

      The header that’s up as I type this was taken at Sand Mine Mesa, three miles south of Overton, NV. You seem drawn to that place. 🙂

      Yeah, you do need a means to get away from smoke. I think I’ve had three summers where we had to hit the road to get away from smoke approaching.

      Enjoy your dry air. It’s great that you can get out now, better than internet. I’ve been cooped up because of heat so it was a treat to get out in the yard today in the cool breezes.

    • Pat in Rochester says:

      Hi Calvin – my brother lives in NC and has on a number of occasions used his fifth wheel to move out of the range of a hurricane. (Except for one time when the storm turned and he instead headed INTO it.)

      • Columbus Calvin says:

        The only problem is that I don’t and probably won’t have enough income to maintain both a vehicle and a fixed address. Hmmm

  5. Pat in Rochester says:

    My house has a small front porch. My daughter built a bench that fits there and I can sit and watch for my granddaughter’s school bus. But it’s the back porch that’s my favorite. It’s south-facing and surrounded on three sides with sliding glass and screen doors, plus vertical blinds on the east and west sides for when the sun is too much. We have a couple of rockers (from Cracker Barrel – just like the ones they have out front), a lounger that my daughter frequently moves out into the grass. And new this year, a daybed. I used an extra twin mattress and bought a metal frame. We cut a piece of plywood to fit as we didn’t want to use a box spring (too tall.) And I sewed a denim cover for the mattress, plus a bunch of coordinating denim pillows. (Denim is available in all kinds of shades and prints at the fabric stores, so I discovered.) Everything is zippered, removable, and washable, since we live with 2 dogs and a cat.

    Growing up we had a mock orange and I have always loved the scent. It was the first thing I wanted to plant when I bought this little house and now I have one by the back porch. And this year is the first time it has been loaded with blossoms. The scent wafting through the porch and into the back room (where I am sitting to type) is heavenly. It’s exactly as I’d hoped.

    For the past month I’ve been out after two surgeries for a detached retina. (Fixed it once, it decided to detach a second time two weeks later so round two.) It’s not too bad as far as medical emergencies go. I’m forced to take it easy (aw shucks) and am not allowed to go to work. I AM allowed to work from home so I won’t go broke. It isn’t a painful thing at all (I mean the surgery, but also being forced to take it easy). And today when I felt run-down I was able to curl up on my new daybed and take a nap with my older dog, Gracie, and breathe in the beautiful scents from my garden. I’d love to be retired, but for now this is quite nice!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      This is a lovely comment, Pat. You transported me to your back porch with the denim-covered daybed and rocking chairs, the scent of mock orange, the light just right…. Sounds like a perfect place to cuddle with a pup and take a nap. 🙂

  6. Diann in MT says:

    I remember your camp in Salina, Utah! I figured that if I will someday travel south this is a stopover. Of course, the photos of the horses! So Sue!
    I have to admit that I miss you being on the road, but I certainly understand your desire to establish a home base with your sister. It will be wonderful when she can finally join you.
    It’s really cool up here right now, but that is pretty much how it is in the spring. The week before the Fourth of July will start the warm-up season, then, its always hot until the end of August. Planning to take the Tin Tent up to my favorite campground just before the Fourth. Can’t wait.
    Have fun, Sue, painting, or “porching”.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Thanks, Diann. I enjoyed your report on Montana. Love that state! “Tin Tent”… cute. 🙂

      There are two good places to camp near Salina. This one on the mountain on Oak Ridge Road and the other near or in Maple Grove Campground where the leaves are gorgeous in the fall.

  7. Susan in Dallas says:

    A photo with a horse and a calf! Doesn’t get a lot better than that. Send some of that monsoon over to Dallas as we sure could use it.

  8. Geri in the FL panhandle! says:

    Wow! I LOVED the photograph of the horses against the Aspen background! That should be printed and framed and hung on one of your walls! AMAZING!😊. Fun post too! I do wish we had a front porch here…. But we ‘re happy and contented, settled down here!q

    Yeah, you are gonna get a good soaking! Storm system coming up from the Yucatan all set to soak TX, AZ and NM! Hopefully all the rain will put an end to all those wild fires burning!
    Go dance in the rain Sue!😊

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      I just did! It rained!!!

      Okay, so it was a light, misty kind of rain, but good enough for dancing on the way to the mailbox cluster with the boys. 🙂

      Yeah, I hope the storm does put out the wildfires. I don’t know how anyone can be a firefighter. What tough work and dangerous, too.

  9. Stephanie Turner OR says:

    LOVED this post. As usual, hit just the right note. I also saw one of my amazon purchases listed for the first time. Weirdly satisfying.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Stephanie,

      When I’m putting together the list of links, I wonder who I’m including. “weirdly satisfying” — That’s funny!

      Thank you for thinking of us when you shop Amazon.

  10. Another Reader says:

    I was in Phoenix at the beginning of the week. Wednesday was hot and humid – early for monsoon season, but that’s how the season feels. There was a thunderstorm west of Surprise while I was up there running errands. Drove back to California early yesterday, Beautiful clouds almost all the way to Blythe. The weather report was for thunderstorms in the southern part of Arizona today. I enjoy the monsoon storms, and wish I could have stayed to watch them.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Another Reader,

      I think some of Arizona received those thunderstorms from what I surmise looking at distant mountains. We’re having a steady, light rain, so light that it doesn’t seem like it’s raining until one steps outside. That’s a good rain. Gives it time to be absorbed everywhere. My grape vines are loaded with bee-bees! 🙂

      “Beautiful clouds all the way to Blythe”…. What is it about Blythe that calls me? It’s a very ordinary town and yet I always love driving toward it.

      I imagine the weather is perfect in California these days.

  11. LeeJ in Northern California says:

    I just finished reading yesterday’s comments and found you had a new post! Score!

    I have so enjoyed reading the comments, ‘seeing’ what others do to decorate, hearing the news…

    Porches! I have a 22 foot long front porch, on the west side. The roof of the porch helps shade and cool the west side of the house. Then have aluminum louvrred shades, they are old! That cover the living room and a bathroom window on that side of the house.

    I love my porch! When we remodeled this old farmhouse about 20 years ago I had that porch built. The whole roof was being replaced so I had the new roof extend an extra ten feet to make the porch. I have a white turned spindle railing, floor boards are grey, House is manatee grey, sorta grey green sage color. I ‘furnished’ the porch with red scatter rugs, white wicker chairs, a white wicker swing, white wicker coffee table. The cushions are black, red, rust and green stripes with throw pillows in similar colors but tropical leaves fabric. I have six hanging baskets with purple and white pansies, along the length of the porch, automatic watered.

    ‘My’ chair has a small wicker footstool and every morning i sit out there and have my coffee and read. It’s funny, when I see photos taken by company, family, it seems life is centered out there. My daughter in law loves the swing and usually has a kid or two or a dog or two with her. Kids make LEGO treasures on the rugs or lay on their bellies and color. My son usually takes over the little black cast iron bistro table where he can spread out his electronics and ham radio….we often put the truck out of the driveway and bring up one of the horse water troughs to fill with water for a kiddy pool…sit it on the cement driveway for a clean spot to play. My husband got a large shade cloth from the farm store and hung it from the porch to the big Italian Cyprus that line the west side of the drive so the kids have shade to play.

    That porch has become the center of our home. We even sit out there in the winter bundled up with blankets and watch the storms.

    About decorating…my sister that owns a Victorian in Astoria Oregon told me my style was old West Victorian…. I have cow hide floor rugs, leather couches, western art watercolors, alongside my antique cabinet with vintage china, peacock feather bouquet from our peacock George. Black ceiling fans, stained glass, handmade lamp shades….my house is small but has evolved over the years to what it is now.

    And paint color! Once I decided I loved the color of a recycled paper napkin so I took it to True Value and they mixed paint for me.. I painted my bathroom walls then diluted the paint with white and painted the kitchen, dining room, diluted it further and painted the living room. It has been this way for many years and I still love it. Color comes from rugs, pillows, picture mats, drapes.

    This has been fun…as always Sue, your leading the way to reminiscing, counting blessings, enjoying yourself where you are planted. Thanks!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Lee J.,

      Thanks for the tour of your porch. It was fun sitting in the porch swing with you. 🙂 I think you were pretty brave to dilute the paint with white and then again. You must have an instinct for color. Your love for your home bursts out of your writing. How wonderful for you and your family to have this gathering place!

    • ApplegirlNY says:

      LeeJ, I loved reading your porch description. Sounds perfect.

  12. Cynthia in San Clemente says:

    The horse photos are wonderful, even if they are recycled!!
    I love sitting on the front porch too – it must be my Southern heritage (although I’ve never lived in the South). For the first thirteen years we lived here I had two wrought iron chairs on the front porch – they were attractive but uncomfortable, so I never sat in them for more than a few minutes. Last year I saw some rocking chairs on Ballard that I really liked and they had good reviews. I waited until they went on sale and bought two and now I’m out on the front porch almost every evening. Since we live on the corner I get to chat with the neighbors walking their dogs, and the kids skateboarding and riding their bikes. My husband said we’re like the Clampetts in the Beverly Hillbillies, but I don’t care.
    Hopefully you’ll get more rain – it is beautiful in the desert when the clouds pile up and then open up to pour their goodness on the ground. It will be nice to be able to sit on your porch, protected from getting wet, but able to watch and listen to the rain.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      The San Clemente Hillibillies. 🙂 What a difference a good chair makes, eh?

      We had steady, light rain for a couple hours. The smell of rain even permeated the house. Have I mentioned lately I love the desert? You’re right about watching the rain on the porch. Another benefit is I can let the boys out onto the porch to play when they start getting too rambunctious in the house during a rain.

  13. JazzLover says:

    Is that Miss Bridget laying in the shade behind the tree I see? And maybe Reggie in front and to the left of the same tree? Love it when you bring pictures from previous posts in like this, not sure I remember this boondock but certainly appreciated it today.
    When I first bought my home many years ago before I was able to move in, I’d come up and sit on the little porch and just look around at everything and marvel at how I’d found my “breathing room”. This was in January with no snow, grass was brown, the trees were in their winter coats, and it was one of the most beautiful sights I’d ever seen. Never forget how the sun warmed that little space which is now the eating area. Great post! Thank You.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      You’re welcome, JazzLover, and good morning to you!

      Yes, that’s Bridget and Reggie in the photo.

      You and I did the same thing when we were anxious to move into our newly-acquired homes! I set up my camp chair on the porch and let Reg and Rog roam around the yard. I did this a number of times on different days of the week and different times of day. I wanted to get a “feel” for the neighborhood.

      I also went at night on a weekend to see if there was a rabble-rousing neighbor or too many lights. Turns out it is a quiet neighborhood and only one neighbor likes to provide illumination in case a car thief or home invader forgets to bring their flashlight.

      • JazzLover says:

        Good Morning to you as well RVSue. I remember you saying you would sit and watch the boys run around their new yard, explore and, of course being boys, let one and all know that this is now their home by marking it.
        As I always worked nights, I’d go at different times of the day just to see how the light changed. Funny how simple things fill us with such joy. Some of the best things in life really are free if we can slow down long enough to realize this. Unfortunately this is not always possible. I seldom could while working.
        My closest neighbors all have four legs and are extremely quiet. OK, coyotes not always but they have respected our space. Had one come almost nose to nose with Jasmine, my 9 year old pup: It was curious, they looked at one another for maybe 7 or 8 seconds then the coyote backed away, turned and left.
        Smart how you went about checking the neighborhood at different days and times. So glad you found a place you feel comfortable in. Enjoy.

      • Linda Sand (Minnesota) says:

        “only one neighbor likes to provide illumination in case a car thief or home invader forgets to bring their flashlight.”

        That made me laugh out loud. Thanks for that image.

  14. I love porches but I don’t have any. I do have two patios in back yard. One is next to the back door to the block fence (long and wide – the house is upside down L shape). The only shade I have is a patio umbrella & I have lawn chairs under the umbrella. The other patio is smaller next to the northeast corner of my back yard. I placed my outdoor swing with a wide fabric canopy on that patio. I’ve planted hollyhocks and sun flowers in the foot space between the block fence and patio border. I’m still working on the sitting area to be bird friendly I hope.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hollyhocks and sunflowers…. I bet they make a cheerful border to your patio. I’m sure you’ve put out a bird bath to make the area bird-friendly. I want to do that here. I’ll wait until Nancy comes so we can shop for one together. In the meantime I have a slow-dripping spigot over a bowl. The birds and Spigot Lizard are happy with that.

      Lots of rain here this Sat. morning…

  15. Desert Ginger says:

    It has been a much cooler day and evening, because of the rain. It is a little early for monsoon, which starts officially on July 3. But this does feel like monsoon weather. I’m just waiting for my eye surgery. Get my first cataract out on July 10, and the second a few weeks after. I will be happy to be able to see again! I do okay during the day but not good at night. Thank god cataracts are easily fixed. I’m trying to get more exercise. Started walking in the evenings again. Working on getting rid of this oxygen. I’m hoping that by August my eyes will be fixed, I’ll be off oxygen, and I can travel a little. Hate to go thru another summer without traveling.

    I miss your travels but am enjoying your new adventure as well. You are always interesting to me.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Thank you, Ginger. I admire you walking in the evenings. All we manage is the stroll to the mailboxes and back. The boys go to bed so early (they’re morning dogs) that at the time of our pre-bedtime walk it hasn’t cooled down very much on 100-degree days. Wishing you success with your exercise to reach your goal of getting off oxygen . . .

  16. Laurie in NC says:

    When we designed our little house, we included a front and back porch! The back porch is as wide as the house and faces the west. We love to sit here and watch the sun set. We also have a small table where we can eat, but I really want a large farmhouse table for when the kids come! The front porch is smaller but is also a great place to sit. Both porches have rocking chairs! We sat on the front porch last night and watched Meadowlarks playing in the field in front of the house. I have pots of flowering plants and ferns on the front porch as it is shady most of the day. I love our porches!
    I also love the picture of the horses! My husband is a photographer and we have several of his pictures printed and framed in our house. You could do that with some of your photos! He also changed some to “watercolors” using a computer program and had those printed as well. It was an inexpensive but personal way to create art for our walls!

  17. ApplegirlNY says:

    Porches, porches, porches… they feed the soul. We spend practically our entire “indoor” time in the summer on our porch. Our home sits off the road, so our huge porch is very private. We do quite a bit of entertaining on it, as well as enjoying our morning coffee and our summer dinners, not to mention napping, reading, and just enjoying the scents and sights of birds and garden (of course I did just mention them).

    Sue, I’ve been thinking about the transition of your blog from travelling to the recent new home entries. Actually, they’re more similar than one might think. I think what has attracted all of us to your blog for all of these years is how you take the “everyday” and turn it into a pleasant narrative. Of course the adventure and change of scenery is loved by all of us, but it’s really the spirit of the writing that kept us. We could have read about travel anywhere. Who else would we follow to the laundry, grocery store, or to Walmart to pick up a rotisserie chicken?

    Your current “stationary” blogs still hold your spirit and personality, and of course Reggie and Roger are fun no matter where they are.

  18. weather says:

    ” Ah, the road beckons…” How wonderful that you will be able to answer that call, see new places, return to favorite ones, and “come home” to your house, Nancy and Marg. I so enjoyed seeing those beautiful photos and reading that old post again, and seeing the BLT parked beneath aspen trees! Funny how that image comes to my mind as often as seeing it in the desert does. If you and Nancy ever decide to do some landscaping and want to see more plants that change with the seasons , you might want to consider planting an Arizona Sycamore tree in your yard.

    What a good idea borrowing DVDs from the library is. I wonder what movie you watched and if you liked it. I’m so happy that you got to dance in your first rain there. I just love how excited and happy you get about all the nice new experiences and things in your life.

  19. Cinandjules 🌵 says:

    The horse and aspens remind me of Bev Doolittle paintings. That calf is a zoominator or part chihuahua!
    Home base….nice! Nancy and Marg will be there soon! Your porch sounds relaxing! Best place to sit and wait for the rain.
    Our NY porch was the reason why we bought the house! Chip built a swing and sat in it for hours..just watching whatever crawled, flew or paddled by. The swing is still on the porch…ever sit on a swing and not swing? Ya can’t do it!
    Enjoy your day….rain is coming!

  20. Dawn in NC 🐈 says:

    Sue, it was great to revisit that post. Thanks for the link! All the beautiful horses 🐎 and the noble mule! Cute hiney shots of Reg. I also like hearing about your present days doings. I’m glad you can work on the house at the your own pace, taking a break to watch a movie when needed! Porches are wonderful. I have a back porch, but don’t spend much time on it as the cats 🐱 can’t be with me. When I would try to sit out there they would sit at the door and cry. My parents have an amazing porch. It is one of my favorite features of their home.

    • Linda in NE says:

      Why not have your porch screened in so your kitties can join you and the mosquitoes and other assorted bugs can’t? I would dearly love to have a nice, big, screened in porch.

  21. Ruthie in Fontana says:

    Sue, I love this post, nothing better then to dance in the rain. My Dad and I built a swing from scratch. We bought the rough oak, sanded it cut it in strips and screwed it together. We had fun. I downloaded the plans (free) for the project. and Dad taught me to build it. We hung it under the roof of our patio. We like to sit out and watch the dogs play in the yard. On Sunday mornings it is nice to have coffee and listen to gospel music. Reading about your daily musings helps me to really appreciate the good in the day. Thank you

  22. Deena in Phoenix says:

    Most of the day been sitting on my rattan chair on the patio reading, listening to Golden Oldies, quite comfortable, temp about 87 THEN the rains came, temp dropped to the upper sixties and I’m am enjoying the smells, the coolness, hearing the rain hitting the grassy areas, discovered that bees are taking cover behind the stucco wall between the two patio doors (need to have the management check it out later, some of the hidden honeycombs are rather large)… rain won’t last too long BUT it may return hopefully soon…have my plants placed on the ledge so they may get a shower to remove the ever present dust. I hope the day is pleasant for you Sue and blogorinos. Such a nice day!

  23. Gal and a cat in Montana,not Florida says:

    Love the peace of this post. But do get the undertone of your love of travel, new places and all it offers. Love though that you get to reunite with your sister and have a home base.
    I too am stationary in north Montana. Just love this place and also my job. Hrs are not long and go so quickly making space,reservations and checking people in. In return a beautiful free spot under the trees full hookups. So much free time lets me explore Glacier Park and other places. One of the bonuses is having a home in Fl, there was so much to see and do on my lazy way here. Will also get to experience the beautiful fall season as I mosey home in Oct. Looking forward to it. Workamping is maybe not for everyone, but affords me a way to do this financially.
    Hope your life continues happy. I read all the time, just dont always comment. Love this blog.

    • Diann in MT says:

      If you are working in a tourist dense area around Glacier, you will have no time to breathe pretty soon. LOL
      Good luck and have fun all summer long!

  24. chas anderson says:

    I am in my cabin in the Adirondacks.Amish guys built the shell and I dod all the work from the studs out mostly using my Dad’s handtools that he used to build Mom’s house in 1948.Quite proud of it and a great spot for the summer.It is a one bathroom with plumbing and hot water and I have full hookups for my Class C which is the guest house.

    I am 67 and it is a good feeling to used Dad’s tools from 70 years ago.

  25. Diann in MT says:

    Looks like it’s raining in Arizona.
    Sounds like a song title.
    Enjoy the wonderful respite of monsoons, Sue! I remember moving to southern Colorado in the late ’70’s. I counted on the afternoon rain after an exhausting day working inside the place we bought. All I can think is that God will give us what we need when we need it. No more; no less.
    Takes patience and faith.

  26. Gloria in Prescott, Az. says:

    We bought a swing a few years ago for our back porch and the fabric was getting pretty worn not to mention the canopy carried the whole thing over the railing during a wind storm one night last winter. We got it all put back together and then called about getting a new canopy fabric and seat and back replacements. When we called and got the price for replacements from Lowes it sounded reasonable until they added shipping. That added up to more then the original swing price. At that point my hubby told the gal that we would just have to get a new one. Her response was “Happy Easter”. It took us quite awhile before we could accept the fact that it was a gift. In a week or so there it was on the front porch. What a delightful surprise. It’s just like new again and is weighted down with lead weights now so it shouldn’t be trying to fly any more. Love swinging out there until the mosquitoes find me.

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