A free camp in the Great Basin near Sunnyside, Nevada

Tuesday, March 24

1-P1030582In the morning, Bridget, Reggie, and I drive the few miles to Alamo.  The day is sunny and bright.  I’m restless.

“Well, Bridge, I think the time has come to move to a new camp.  Do you like that idea, Reggie?”

I pull into Pickett’s RV Park behind the grocery store and buy 4.5 gallons of propane ($14.36).  I also stock up on groceries and fill the PTV’s tank with gas @ $2.89 a gallon.

We return to our campsite on Upper Pahranagat Lake.

After lunch, I hitch up and we take Route 93 north through Pahranagat Valley.

Rather than turn to the northeast on Route 93 to Caliente and Pioche as earlier planned or go northwest on Route 275, the Extraterrestrial Highway , we take Route 318  due north.  The speed limit is 70 mph until one approaches Hiko, a small farming and ranching community.  It’s a smaller version of a former self.  Some sites on the internet call it a ghost town.

The speed limit drops to 45 mph which I obey, forcing a line of vehicles to form behind the Best Little Trailer.

We drive through the populated (that’s an exaggeration) area and return to open road traversing flat desert with a few cultivated fields here and there.  I see in the side mirror that the car behind me is becoming impatient, sliding over to the left to see if there’s a chance to pass.  It seems like we’re in 70 mph territory again.  Well, I’m not speeding up until I see a sign.  I don’t care what parade is behind me.

I and my caravan go around a curve in the road and, lo and behold, there’s a sheriff’s car with lights flashing.   A sixty-ish man stands by his car door listening to the officer.  Gee, too bad, fella’.

Approximately two miles further a speed sign appears . . . . 60 mph. . . then 70 mph.  I pull over and let the vehicles fly by.  No need to thank me!  Have a nice trip everybody! 

Seventy miles of two-lane road take us through White River Valley. 

There’s no evidence of human habitation off the road.  Lots of sage, rocks and, far to the east and west, mountains.  I don’t want to wake up the crew by stopping for photos.

At Sunnyside, we head west on a powdery sand and gravel road.  We’ re on our way to the Wayne F. Kirch Wildlife Management Area, specifically to Dave Deacon Campground.

Bridget and Reggie slept the entire trip! 

When they wake up, they will be wired and rarin’ to go.   I pull over shortly before reaching the campground.  After a walk-around, I take this shot of the Egan Mountains from whence we came.

1-P1030668Moving forward we drive past the Darcy Reservoir.

1-P1030720A flock of ducks takes flight. 


1-P1030674“Sorry to disturb you!”

Out the window of the Perfect Tow Vehicle I zoom in on a pair of ducks that landed way off.  (Later, in editing, I enlarge the photo  in order to make an identification and crop it to post here.)

I think these are a pair of Ruddy Ducks.

I base this on the blue bill and white cheeks of the male.

“We’re here, guys!”

1-P1030734From what I learned online, I’m not expecting anything more than a basic, primitive campground.  Rustic.

People camp here to fish and hunt.  The seven-mile distance from Route 318 deters RVers from using it as an overnight stop.

1-P1030737We’re in dusty, brushy, flat, arid, range land . . . . the part of the Great Basin less popular than the national park.  Of course, it’s windy and, with an elevation of just over 5,200 feet, as well as it being four in the afternoon, the air is cool.

The snowy peaks of the Grant Range are the campground view to the west.

1-P1030701The campground is empty except for two clusters of campers.

This group is under cottonwood trees that haven’t leafed out yet.  They have a boat and all-terrain vehicles.

1-P1030681The other group is under trees also.  They have a boat, too.  Hmm. . .  I bet they’re duck hunters.  (Note:  A reader informs me that it isn’t likely they are hunters since the season is fall to winter, not in March.)

1-P1030678Sites aren’t clearly defined.  I choose a table and shelter far away from everyone else.

Of course.

The photos below were taken later, after we were settled into our campsite.

1-P1030690Bridget is allowed to run around off-leash.

1-P1030689 Reggie is on-leash and didn’t make it into the photos.  He will reappear in the next post!

1-P1030691While walking at dusk a Western Meadowlark sings from his perch on a fence post. 

I love the song of a meadowlark!  Click this link and scroll down to hear its melody.  The photo below shows our view to the east.

1-P1030677I’m surprised when I discover that the campground has . . .

1-P1030736 . . . water spigots . . . and . . .

. . . a dump station . . . and it’s all free!






I check the weather forecast.

Tomorrow will be cool and windy again and then by the weekend will warm up to 70 degrees or so for highs and 40s for lows.  The wind will calm.  This camp may be plain and rustic, but it will do us fine as we wait for places north of here to warm up.

Temperatures go down into the 30s overnight.

The three of us keep warm snuggled together under the comforter and quilt.  I don’t bother with the propane heater.  Making coffee and toast on the stove top takes the chill out of the Best Little Trailer in the morning.



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1-P1030612 - CopyOkay . . . Here they are.  (Photo taken at our previous camp.)


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150 Responses to A free camp in the Great Basin near Sunnyside, Nevada

  1. Vicki & Kitty campin' ... how cool is that! says:

    Hey #1!

    Thanks for sharing this RV lifestyle we live.
    I love Reggie & Ms. B of course.

    Safe travels.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Vicki & Kitty,

      It’s my pleasure to share what I find as we travel. Congratulations on being first!

    • Vicki & Kitty campin' ... how cool is that! says:

      May I add…
      Wonderful pictures as always!
      I need to learn to slow down & search for some of these sites too.
      Thanks for the encouragement.

      • rvsueandcrew says:

        You’re welcome. Sometimes one has to slow down. I’m pushing the season as it is . . .

        Thanks re the pics!

  2. Ukulele Teri says:

    Timing is everything. getting ready for dinner and decide to check the blog. Will probably miss being first.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      But you came in close! Hi, Ukulele Teri. I hope you didn’t burn the dinner. 🙂

      • Ukulele Teri says:

        No burning. dinner was a salad. very yummy.

        Finished up the grades and one more quarter to go before I am done. I am looking forward to more trips with my little fiberglass trailer during non peak times.

  3. Chris B says:

    Water, dump station and free! Life doesn’t get any better!

  4. Mary in CO says:

    As close as I’ll ever get to #1.Thanks for the Pahranagat posts. We tented camped there last fall with our dogs.

  5. Barbara (from Nashville) says:

    Great photos. Love the last picture of Bridget & Reggie. Bridget looks like she’s Reggie’s protector, and proud of her duties.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Barbara,

      It’s difficult to know what goes on in Bridget’s head. Thanks for the compliment on the photos.

  6. JW says:

    Hello Sue

    I so envy you right now. Have a wonderful stay.

  7. Dedra says:

    Thanks, for writing about a solo camper.
    All the work of driving, setting up, cooking, feeding my four legged kids, etc.
    A person I know thinks you should be able to drive 400/500 miles a day.
    I’m exhausted after 250 miles, then all the work after driving that far.
    Love the crew!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Dedra,

      That person who thinks you “should be able to drive 400/500 miles a day” is missing the point. Retired and living in a home-on-wheels means go when and where you want at a pace that is enjoyable. For me a camp move requiring only 1-2 hours of driving is ideal. This isn’t a race. 🙂

  8. CheryLyn(Oregon) says:

    Enjoying reading your travels thru here. For 2-3 years made some mad trips thru here to Sierra Vista, Az. from Boise, Id to pickup my step-sons. Ash Springs, Ely, Wells, Twin Falls, all kinds of weather. Like the more leisurely approach you are taking. Once did stop out of Ely to pick pine nuts. Careful when you go thru Ely now, maximum prison went in a few years ago. Hard core prisoners.
    Finally feeling better so starting to “plan” again to escape down the road.
    Wishing you safe travels.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, CheryLyn,

      The “leisurely approach” makes a lot of sense. Why ruin a day with a grueling drive in order to make a lot of miles only to need to stop and rest a day or two later because you’ve lost the desire to go further? Of course, I do both. Drive a little, rest a lot. Ha!

      I’m happy to hear you’re planning your escape!

  9. Lois Joy (AZ) says:

    Can’t believe I’m first!! Figured you were traveling & getting to where ? you are going. The pic of B & R is so cute and shows their size difference. (Brig looks like the mom) Enjoy your travels as will we “your followers”. Your photos are breathtaking!

    • Lois Joy (AZ) says:

      Oops-far from first!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Thanks, Lois Joy, regarding the photos. I needed time away from the blog and also time to enjoy our first full day at this camp. That’s the next post . . .

  10. Karen LeMoine says:

    I really like the camp area. Your fur kids look so happy and probably want to get into some mischief! Mine would. You lucked out with the water and dump station.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Karen,

      You know? Bridget has never shown any inclination to get into trouble. She doesn’t do mischief. Reggie, on the other hand, is made for trouble. I was reading a profile of the Jack Russell personality. . . . sneaky! manipulative! always looking to get into something!

      Yes, what a nice surprise… water and dump. I almost paid $10 to dump at the RV park in Alamo . . . .

      • Gayle - SO CAL Beach Boomer says:

        This scenario reminds me of my elementary school students on the playground. The girls were playing cooperatively with their dolls. The boys were butting head like billy goats!

  11. Dave Burdick says:

    Only thing better than a line of cars behind you and then coming upon a cop, is to have one of the jerks go flying by you, and see him (it’s always a him) getting a ticket when you come up on the cop! “IF” you change your mind and go back to the Terrestrial Highway, my sister-in-law is working at the Little A’Le’Inn right now. My brother and her are good friends with the owner and give her a hand now and then….I think they might retire there some day. They ‘fit’ right in with the entire area and lore. They also have free boondocking, cheep electric/water hookups, and free Internet….and the food is really pretty good there too. –Dave (GoingRvWay.com)

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Dave,

      Oh yeah, the pleasure of seeing when “crime doesn’t pay,” and that includes speeding.

      Well that would have been neat if I wrote about the nice woman working at the cafe and it turned out to be your sis . . .

      • Gayle - SO CAL Beach Boomer says:

        Reminds me of my red letter day in St. Monica when I stopped for a pedestrian in a crosswalk as I turned left. The SUV behind me started honking and drove around me, thru the crosswalk and behind the pedestrian in the crosswalk. Well, there just happened to be a motor officer sitting there, who flipped around and nailed the SUV for a long list of offenses!!! The police can think up offenses to add to your moving violation that you never thought of!!!

  12. Cynthia from San Clemente, CA says:

    Love the last pic of Bridge and Reggie. They look like they were just meant to be together.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Cynthia,

      They do have matching grump-faces, don’t they…. Thanks for including your location. I like that.

  13. Lee J in Northern California says:

    I just looked on a map and you are about due east of us…so helllllllloooooo! Waving…

    We are having wonderful weather, sunny and warm and great air..clean and full of birdies!

    When I see the photos and read your travel progress, I find myself really appreciating your slow sensible approach to travel…stop and smell the roses, or lake..or…you get the idea!
    Thanks so much for sharing..you are a joy.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hmm . . . . “due east of us”…. I’ll guess you’re at Walker Lake. . . .

      Today’s weather was great here, too! (The post is about yesterday, Tues. and the weather forecast was off). . . .

      Not only does it make sense to move at a slower pace — smelling the roses and all that — I like the challenge of finding camps in short hops. I would have missed some of my favorite boondocks if I drove more miles in a day.

      I may be “a joy” in print. I’m a moody sonofa*^&%# in person. 🙂

      • Lee J in Northern California says:

        No, I mean way east of us! You look to be about the same latitude as central California!

        You go right ahead and be moody, it’s your life, enjoy it girl!

        • rvsueandcrew says:

          Of course, I wasn’t thinking of northern California!

          I get moody when I’m around people too much. I belong in the middle of the Great Basin! There probably are people who are glad I’m here, too. Haha!

      • Gayle - SO CAL Beach Boomer says:

        That’s funny! Forewarned is forearmed as they say!

  14. Calvin R (Ohio) says:

    Thanks for pointing out Wildlife Management Areas. Those will come in handy, and wildlife is a favorite thing of mine.

    Easy driving with pretty mountains to look at along the way is the best of both worlds. Thanks for the perspective pictures.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      You’re welcome, Calvin. Sometimes I try to take photos that are artistic or pretty. Other times I take photos to give you information. To see what a campground looks like, the area, the facilities, the roads, and so forth.

      Not all WMA or refuges allow camping. When they do, I’m on it! 🙂

  15. Cinandjules (ny) says:

    The photo of Reggie peering out the window is so cute. Sounds like he’s getting the down!

    People are always in a hurry….70 in a trailer is probably not advisable! My thought is…if I’m going to slow, then pass me! I’m not in a hurry! People do that here…pass on a one lane…and they don’t care if cars are approaching! Funny because we always seem to catch up at the stoplight ahead!

    Free. Oh boy nothing better than free!

    Does Reggie sleep thru the night? Is he a bed hog?

    Enjoy your night! Stay warm!

    • Cinandjules (ny) says:


      Who is Dave Deacon? Tried to look it up to no avail.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Reggie does sleep through the night. He started that after three or four nights. Well, he does wake up around 4 or 5 in the morning. I put on his leash and take him outside. He’s quick about lifting his leg and as soon as he’s done, he knows to run back inside, get under the covers, and go back to sleep.

      My only suggestion for his improvement would be to sleep a little bit longer in the morning. He’s licking my face, jumping on me, digging into my hair, rolling around, making little angry noises like I’m the enemy he’s attacking, biting my hands (I have holes in my hands!)….

      • BadgerRickInWis says:

        I know some dogs and some breeds are just “lively” but I’m thinking more and more that your little guy is a lot younger than three.

        • rvsueandcrew says:

          I hope that’s the case, Rick. I read an article online about Jack Russell terriers and it said they “keep their ‘puppyness’ into old age.” Egads!!!

      • Cinandjules (ny) says:

        Hahhh I am rolling on the floor! Sorry!

  16. Elizabeth in WA says:

    Love the photos…esp. of the doggies!! Just love Reggie’s little flippy ears and bright, intense eyes and Bridget’s markings!! We are now in NC, but since this is temporary, I will leave my name as being in WA…as plans are to return in a couple months anyway. We survived the flights…in spite of it all!! GLAD to arrive ok and in one piece…though one not so great feeling one. We will be on the run now for weeks…till this job is done!! Have fun in your travels!!!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Nice of you to keep in touch, Elizabeth, no matter where you are or how busy life becomes… Glad you survived the flight.

      I’m happy you like the photos. I’m wondering if Reggie’s ears are going to point straight up someday, like Bridget’s do. It seems like they aren’t curled over as much as when I first saw him . . . .

  17. Larry M from the Pacific NW says:

    I thought I’d share a quick, easy, and tasty recipe I’ve been fixing recently (the last 6 months). I hope you enjoy the video:

    Instead of broccoli I grab a bag of frozen stir fry vegetables, and use a third to a half bag when I cook for myself (I’m always cooking for just myself). Just add some brown rice, and it’s a really GREAT meal. I typically eat half of what I fix, and save the rest for another day.

    Love your travel blog as always!! With luck, and your OK, I hope to get to meet you next winter in the Yuma area. 🙂 Luck and Happy Trails to you!!


    • Marsha/MI says:

      This is not at all a criticism of the recipe shared by Larry W, but I’ve noticed more and more lately that rather than written recipes, instructions, information, news, etc. that more and more things are moving to videos, and the main reason I’m aware of this is we use our phone data for internet and it gets eaten up rather quickly by videos. Because it came so highly recommended, however, I’ll probably watch it because I love to cook (and eat).

      • Marsha/MI says:

        Sorry – Larry M.

      • Dawn from Camano Island says:

        I really like using Pinterest for recipes–no video to eat up data & usually include reviews, which I find helpful. I sure wish there was an alternative to data for online access while we’re on the road.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Larry M.,

      The stir fry looks delicious! Easy to prepare, too. It’s been a long time since I’ve made stir fry. Those frozen veggies are handy.

      I’m flattered that you would like to meet me. It’s necessary for me to discourage visitors at my camps. It’s to the point where I feel uncomfortable camping in popular snowbird locations. I may not go to Yuma next winter.

      Happy trails to you, too, and good luck with your cooking enterprise!

      • Larry M from the Pacific NW says:


        I understand entirely about your need for your privacy. I’m also a very private person. Whatever happens is fine with me. 🙂

        I hope you enjoy the recipe. I know I do. Both healthy and delicious. 🙂


  18. DebsJourney says:

    Hi Sue,
    Another enjoyable post as usual. Seems like you have such a peaceful life. As soon as I sell my house I’m outta here. Sure strange to have people looking at my home in every corner. It’s not easy and I don’t care for any drop ins. Says to call on my ad. Oh well…. just keep thinking of my future rig and trip.
    Those two pups of yours look like they love each other. 🙂

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi,, Deb,

      Showing one’s home for sale is not fun! It was a blessing that I had a friend waiting for me to decide to sell my last house so he could buy it. Good luck.

      You could paint NO DROP INS or BY APPOINTMENT ONLY across the front of your house and there still would be those who think they are the exception. “Just want to take a peek” or “We’ll only be a minute. We were in the neighborhood” etc. Some aren’t buyers at all; they’re nosy. Can you tell I’ve been through it? Ha!

      Again you possess the right attitude and the determination to make things happen — “just keep thinking of my future rig and trip.” Good for you!

  19. DesertGinger says:

    I love wide open skies with mountains on the horizon. And, of course, doggie pics.

    My friend from Albuquerque arrives tomorrow evening for a couple days. I’m trying to plan what to do. Tucson has so many events and activities. Some of the things we could do: Tucson botanical gardens, quarter horse racing, home and garden show, Desert Museum with raptor free flight shows, Indian festival with vendors of all kinds of Indian handcrafts at U of A, Tucson Art Museum spring festival with more vendors. And she wants to help me with some of my projects, so I imagine we will only get to a couple of outings. Oh well. I’m hoping to have fun.

    Monday I have an upper GI series to try to figure why I have so much nausea. Hope they figure something out!

    Now, back to my book. Night all.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Ginger,

      I’m sure you and your friend will have a wonderful visit together. You have a great selection of activities to present to her. I wish you hugs and laughs and special moments.

      You still dealing with nausea? That’s awful. I hope you get some answers from the tests on Monday.

    • Denise - Richmond VA says:

      Have a great weekend with your friend, DesertGinger! All of those possible activities sound like fun! It is nice to have so many choices! Good luck Monday. 🙂

  20. Rhonda from middle TN says:

    What a delightful post! I chuckled out loud with this: “Gee, too bad, fella.” Then I felt a twinge of sadness for Dave Deacon’s loved ones–a life short, but meaningful enough that folks who loved him designated a place for strangers to be one with nature in his name. What a beautiful memorial stone for him…And, then, I found enjoyment from the sound of a Western Meadowlark’s call as well as from the darling photos of your two little scamps! All this in the span of a few moments in time while reading your thoughtfully detailed descriptions and musings…I so enjoy your blog! Thank you for providing it. And, for sure, I shall make my next order from Amazon through this avenue. 🙂

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi Rhonda,

      I really did feel sorry for the man who was stopped for exceeding the speed limit. He was an older man, not a young rapscallion out for thrills…. Through that area it’s very easy to think you must have passed the sign ending the 45 mph zone and didn’t notice it.

      Anyway… I’m glad you took my “too bad” a different way and had a good laugh!

      Thank you for writing what you enjoy about my blog and your plans to shop Amazon from here . . . .

  21. Rhonda from middle TN says:

    ps…May you find your source of strength and beauty while there…

  22. K & B in CO says:

    Another new campsite to explore, fun! I will admit up front that I know nothing of Nevada hunting regs, that said, I would guess duck hunting everywhere is in the fall. Good chance your stay will not be spoiled by duck hunting, maybe target shooting. Or, maybe those campers are there for the fishing. Cheers!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, K & B in CO,

      Not only am I unaware what season of the year we’re in, I also know nothing about hunting and fishing seasons. You’re right. The guys are here to fish. I saw a fishing rod and I haven’t heard any gunshots. I guess I was influenced by the presence of a hunting dog. Maybe the dog has been trained to cast a line? 😉

      The bulletin board at the entrance shows hunting season ended in January.

  23. Monica-CA says:

    That’s an excellent deal! A free campground with beautiful vistas and a hot creek. I would be soaking in the hot creek. Hopefully the other campers are there to fish for the trout instead of duck hunting.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Monica,

      We may take a drive over to Hot Creek today. If I find it I’ll probably take a photo rather than a dip!

  24. weather says:

    Hopefully the others camped there being potential fishing/hunter types comes with benefits e.g. they’re early risers unlikely to be up late noisily partying and won’t allow coyotes too near the place.Even the wind there likely,for the land’s sake,has a benefit.That will keep the soil dry enough to recoup itself from ATV tracks in time naturally.Thank you for including the links for the meadowlark and ducks,it was a delightful treat for me to hear their voices this morning!

    Bridget must have enjoyed being off leash,I’m glad she also enjoys being on one,too.She really is a great traveler in so many ways.I’m glad you’re not rushing to let Reggie do both.Like your this-isn’t- a-race life style, each joy is best found on it’s given day.I hope this one’s are wonderful for you three.Sleeping with fur love and quilts to keep you warm,days with solitudes freedom to enjoy this earth’s many gifts,I just love seeing you have so much.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, weather,

      I’m late with morning replies. A little doggie kept pestering me for another walk until I gave in. Bridget decided to skip the second walk of the morning and stayed at camp. Reggie and I ran up and down the road and now he’s asleep in the sunbeam on the bed. Whew!

      Bridget is a perfect traveler. Well, she barks when I get out of the PTV. Other than that, she’s perfect. She knows all our routines for setting up and breaking camp, as well as inside routines. Reggie is learning from her. I’m relieved that he isn’t learning to bark whenever I get out of the PTV!

      Thanks again for an uplifting comment. I smiled to read you were designing a deck for your RV… It’s fun to think of ways to make a little house and camp into a home. I hope you are enjoying the rain or snow or sunbeams that touch your home today.

      • weather says:

        The deck isn’t something I’m planning solely for it’s charm’s sake(though it will have that effect). It’s because my cat has long hair,one dog is a springer/field spaniel,the other is his daughter and her mother was a Siberian husky,quite different from the breeds of your crew.They’ll need protection from desert heat while outside for any length of time,use of an awning with a raised above hot soil floor beneath it will give them that.Thank you for your hope that I’m enjoying today 🙂 As I type my troupe ,like Reggie,are all napping in the light and I’m finishing the last of a delicious cup of coffee-life is good.

        • rvsueandcrew says:

          I see what you mean. Yes, we have to consider the needs of our crew… It’s not a one-size-fits-all situation. 🙂

          One thing to consider… I’ve noticed that even on the hottest days we’ve been in the desert, Bridget, Spike, and Reggie all prefer/preferred to lie on the ground in shade. I think the ground is cool if it’s been shaded for any period of time… Thus the reason the crew likes to go under the BLT.

          I smile at your “life is good” morning…

        • DesertGinger says:

          I’m going to say the same thing. The ground doesn’t retain the heat if it is shaded; most animals quite like being under the trailer. In fact, a porch or deck may be warmer if hot wind is blowing that can get under the porch. Just my thought.

        • weather says:

          Thank you,Sue and Ginger,for caring enough to try to save me the expense and trouble of what may not be needed 🙂

  25. Dawn from Camano Island says:

    Good morning Sue. I so admire your ability to find great campsites. This one looks like a winner & just our style to0…not many people, scenery & good amenities. Free water & dump–even better! One of the most interesting parts of travel for me is the ability (which comes over time) to know what is important to you, how to find it & what Plan B will be if you don’t. It’s helpful for me to be flexible & realize that we can’t see everything in one trip. The opportunity to see what we want is wide open–it just might not be this time ’round. And who knows? Something even more dynamic & amazing might present itself.

    The pups are adorable. Bridget has become the wise sage who will guide Regie, the novice. Reg is a very fortunate pup!

    Jim & I got a huge laugh from your description of the speed limit parade! I hope the folks behind you were appreciative. It froze here in Cortez, CO last night. We were fine here in the Walmart parking lot; it’s the first time we’ve seen more single cars parked for the night than RV’s. Three more nights & we should be home, where it’s raining after a winter of very little rain. Oh, well. It means we can do nothing & blame the rain! Enjoy your day!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Dawn,

      Lots of wisdom in your first paragraph! This way of life does tend to bring understanding of what is important and what is not, also to appreciate those things. I get a thrill from finding a water spigot and a dump station! Ha!

      This camp didn’t take any special ability because it’s shown on my atlas. Then I researched it online. The distance from our last camp to this one made for an ideal move.

      Safe travels home… Thank heaven for Wal-Mart, eh? 🙂

  26. Kent W says:

    You are way out there Sue. Way to go!. We are north bound over near Moab. too busy here despite the beauty. Can’t wait to depart. oh that’s today. Headed north to Utah Lake to see nephew and family for weekend then will cross north of you on I-80 to get to Sierra’s for spring. It is warmer than usual this year and the sierra foothills beckon. Loving the new pup. He seems to have a bundle of unbridled and, so far, indiscriminate energy. So cute tho. Miss B seems more content too if I read the photos correctly over past few weeks.
    Take care, til our paths cross again!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Kent,

      Moab certainly does draw the crowds. Our stay there was disappointing mainly because of the hordes of people, the limited dispersed camping to be had outside of the full campgrounds, and the uncooperative weather. Sometimes it’s best to move along.

      I hope you enjoy springtime in the Sierra… It’s practically guaranteed!

  27. JIM PETERSON says:

    Have you scoped this out yet?
    “By far the best feature of this place is the hot springs and the adjacent impossibly-clear natural pool, not more than a half mile away (90 degrees year round!). It makes for a perfect place to take a dip since no showers are available.”

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Jim,

      Thanks for the link for readers to enjoy. I had read that when at Pahranagat when researching choices for routes north. I usually don’t rush off to see the area around our camps until the 2nd or 3rd day…. That’s my slo-mo style! We may go over there today . . . .

  28. Dennis Keppner says:

    Nice choice, I hope you enjoy it there as much as we did. As I mentioned in a previous comment we never did find the hot springs that is supposed to be in that area, perhaps you and the crew can.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Dennis,

      I was trying to remember who mentioned this place in a recent comment… 🙂 I’ll report on the hot springs soon, whether we find them of not.

      I remember you said it’s peaceful here. Yes, it is! The most “noise” comes from the singing meadowlarks and a jackrabbit hopping across the sand in front of our camp.

  29. Ann - TX says:

    Love reading your blog, RV Sue! It’s like a favorite TV show, except there are more episodes! I look for your posts every day. Thanks for sharing your adventures, and those of the Crew.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      You’re welcome, Ann,

      Thanks for the encouragement to keep writing and posting. I’m always pleased to learn another person loves my blog. You have a wonderful day in Texas!

  30. Joe says:

    I lived in St George UT for 9 years. I have always wanted to camp at Dave Deacon, so I am pleased you made it there.

  31. Lee J in Northern California says:

    I was wondering about something…when I post it always marks the time as an hour later thN the time here in California, different time zones? And I also see people say they are commenter…number…..and I wondered how they know? I understand,the first few, but when over a hundred? I can just see someone sitting with their glasses on the end of their nose, scrolling and counting….lol.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Oh, I don’t know…. I checked on my computer and it is an hour later than Nevada time. I suppose I should keep track of things better As for people saying they are number 256 or something… I think they are making up a number. 🙂

      • DesertGinger says:

        Your computer is probably on AZ time…

      • BadgerRickInWis says:

        Not making up a number at all. As I write this on the bottom of the post it tells me that there are 87 responses to this post. Thus this is comment #88. However this number includes original comments, Sue’s response to comments, other folks responses to Sue’s comments etc.

  32. Good Morning Sue, I cannot belive that you not only found a nice camp, but free water and dump site! We paid $25.00 this weekend and it looks like yours except for the blooming flowers…No water available because of the drought, and dump station not available…So I guess we paid 25.00 to see the flowers..ha! Slow going like you do finds many gems. Where are the other campers fishing? Is there a lake or a stream? And of course being a fisherwoman, are they catching anything? Hugs to you and crew (and isn’t that nice saying that again…)

  33. Hi Sue!
    I promised myself I would leave a comment as soon as I caught up with your WHOLE blog, and today is the day!!! I been reading weeks worth of entries during my lunch break at work (ugh!), and it was like my treat every day to find out what happened next…your writing is truly like reading a book! Love your journeys, love all your pics (especially of the pups), so envious of your adventures! My husband and I typically only get to head out for short weekend trips, we bought our used Class C last year. We did one huge trip from So. Cal. all the way to Sequim, WA over the holidays, and it was amazing! My retirement dream is your life!

    Anyway…..just had to pop in and say “hi”!!! Finally! Thank you so much for sharing your life with all of us readers, I love that you have this online family of friends, so amazing 🙂

    • Hi Marla, welcome to the family…I would just like to say that in my travels, I think the place that I would most live, if not in Huntington Beach, is Sequim WA….I think they call it Heaven’s waiting room…lol…Enjoy the blog and all the blogorinos. By the way, that was quite a feat reading all the comments and past blogs, you must have a LONG lunch hour…just kidding.

      • Hi Shirlene!

        I do have to admit my lunch break can extend past an “hour” at times 🙂 Benefits of sitting in front of a computer all day, I guess! And yes, I loved Sequim, I have family that lives there, and I can’t wait to go back.

        Take care, and thanks for the welcome!

        • I also sit in front of a computer all day, this is may escape. I see by your website you like to travel like we do, especially up the 395….We camp and fish in Big Pine yearly. We may have to compare notes sometime, I like where you have been.

            • Velda in Roseville Ca says:

              Welcome Marla from Corona! My fathers family lived in Corona for over half. Century! I grew up visiting 2 to 3 times a year. Miss it now that most are gone. Have one cousin left there.

            • cc and canine (Eastern Missouri) says:

              Velda– On one of Sue’s previous posts, in the comments section, you shared a recipe for a Mexican Chicken in a slow cooker…It’s taken me forever, but I made it tonight and got raves from hubby! I tried to find the date of the post, but couldn’t…Thanks for sharing this yummy dish!

            • Velda in Roseville Ca says:

              Thanks for letting me know. Glad you enjoyed it.

            • Thanks, Velda! Oh I’ve heard it was so beautiful in Corona years back, our pastor is born and raised in Corona, and he often talks about the orange groves and how the blossoms smelled, wish it was still that way! All houses and shopping centers now!

      • PookieBoy in houston says:

        Theres a small town in Texas called Utopia, Texas and there is a reason its called that…..may get a little warm in summer time but I could live there…..in the hill country…

    • DesertGinger says:

      Welcome Marla!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Congratulations, Marla, on reading my blog from the beginning! I’m very proud to know it held your interest. And also, welcome to my blog if I haven’t already done so. Good to have you with us. This is a great group of caring folks.

      I missed Sequim on our first trip to Washington. I enjoyed Port Angeles so much that surely I’ll love Sequim!

      Thanks for “popping in,” Marla. I hope we hear from you again…

    • Denise - Richmond VA says:

      Welcome, Marla! You are now an official blogorino! 🙂

    • Krystina at Wellton, AZ says:

      Welcome to the family Marla 🙂 I am heading up the CA, OR and Washington coast on April 6th from Yuma, AZ. I will now stop in Sequim! Thanks for the tip. Going to be 99 here today!!!! UGH.

      • rvsueandcrew says:

        What a fabulous trip you have planned, Krystina! I’ve thought of you, wondering about the heat and about your plans for spring. Good to hear from you again …

      • Oh, you are going to LOVE it!! It was by far the best trip we ever took, ours was just too short, lots of driving, had to be there and back in just over 2wks. Hope you have longer than we did! I absolutely loved the Pacific NW, we couldn’t decide which we loved more, OR or WA!

        • Krystina at Wellton, AZ says:

          I am a full timer so I can do that route until November when I come back here to the Tier Drop RV Park in AZ. LOVE this life!!

  34. Diann in MT says:

    Hi, Sue,
    I will never grow tired of reading how you find such out of the way places to stay for nothing or practically nothing. I envy your life so much! We are in the midst of a lengthy home improvement so we can put it on the market about this time next year. Husband wants to move to Kansas near the grandkids; I want to jump into the truck and pull my 14′ trailer outa here and be gone into the wilds of independence and freedom. We’ll see what happens. Long time until I sign a contract to sell this home I have worked so hard to bring up to standards. Until then, another year in the garden.
    You’ve blessed your readership with the western meadowlark call. Did you know that bird is MT’s state bird? It always reminds me of spring walks cross country with the hint of sage and moist earth in the air. Enjoy, Sue and Crew!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Diann,

      No, I didn’t know the western meadowlark is Montana’s state bird. I never tire of its song … puts me in a relaxed, happy mood .

      Big decisions in your life… It’s none of my business so you can ignore this if you wish… Whenever I hear of someone making a life-changing decision based on what other people are expected to do, I cringe. That’s setting oneself up for disappointment. Grandkids are notorious for self-involvement to the point of ignoring the grandparents. Plus they grow up so fast! Even grown children can be consumed by the busy-ness of modern living….

      I can relate to your yearning for independence and freedom. Best wishes…

      • PookieBoy in houston says:

        Sue, couldnt have said it better myself…..I luv our grandkids but we dont let our lives evolve around them. But some folks do and to each his own….

    • Elizabeth in WA says:


      Just wanted to add my 2 cents to Sue too…she is surely correct about things not working out as we anticipate. Hubby and I moved 12 years ago to NC from WA state, as our child and family were going to move there to be near the in-laws. Well, we hoped to see our grandchildren more…but not due to the fault of the children certainly, but other things and people and work situations. Turned out we hardly got to see them and even rarely our child (working almost all the time). So many events later a child in Seattle area needed us and asked us to come. We have. We may end up living there the rest of our lives, who knows. If your hubby wants to move to be near the grandkids, maybe get him to agree to rent awhile and see “how the wind blows”. I finally realized this year that maybe one reason for our situation is simply that our children did not get to grow up near the grandparents, though they visited some and we visited at least 2 times a year. Well, that is not enough really…so it is normal to our children not to see parents/grandparents much. We had never planned but to live forever in the area our parents and my grandparents were. But live intrudes in ways you cannot even dream…so we had to move. I think it might be ideal to have a little cottage or maybe an RV pad if some of your kin has the space, to let you park there part of the year and travel the rest. We wish we had that. Maybe someday. Right now we are needed very much with our West Coast child and family. But the children grow up so they may not need us all that much longer. We are talking about many different possibilities. Wishing you the best as you try to figure out a path that will suit everyone.

    • DesertGinger says:

      I always feel bad for those grandparents who devote so much time to the grandkids, then the grandkids hit teenage years and have no time for grandparents. That’s what I did to my grandmother; I was a selfish brat. I think that’s what they all do.

  35. Bret from Texas says:

    Re: “Well, I’m not speeding up until I see a sign. I don’t care what parade is behind me.”

    Brava, Ms. Sue! I’d like to see the statistics on how many wrecks are caused by impatient idjuts. Or maybe I wouldn’t.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Bret,

      Great hearing from you!

      Impatient drivers…. I’m sure you’ve had this happen. Someone tail-gates because they’re in a big hurry. They pass into oncoming traffic, barely making it back into the lane in front of you. Then they don’t go any faster than you were going! What is that all about? An uncontrollable desire to be first? Risk your life and others for what?

      Oh yeah, like you said… idjuts. 🙂 Like the person who walked into a moving freight train recently while texting…

      • Elizabeth in WA says:

        THESE kind of people are one reason I try not to drive at all if I don’t have to do so!! It is weird isn’t it…why would they drive the same speed as you were already?? It must be important to them to arrive someplace a few seconds sooner…in traffic areas, you just as well be patient and take your time, cause you cannot get there quicker anyway…no matter what you do!!

        • rvsueandcrew says:

          I think it’s a compulsion with some people to drive up to the back bumper of the car in front of them and then pass. It has nothing to do with speed or getting anywhere more quickly.

          There’s another kind of driver that acts afraid to go first. They drive up to my back bumper and hang there. I slow down, the road is clear, they don’t pass. I slow down some more, almost to a stop, wave out the window to “go on!” and they wait. Finally they drive around and go on their way. I watch and they do the same thing with the car up ahead. Weird.

      • Krystina at Wellton, AZ says:

        Good Morning Everyone! I always chuckle when vehicles behind me are right on my tail. I never tailgate anyone because I cannot see around them if I am that close plus I have to pay constant attention to what they are doing so I don’t hit them which means I am not able to see the scenery. If I see that there are a few cars behind me wanting to pass (and there are no cars coming the other way) I tap my brake peddle several times so I slow way down. That tells the first guy (or gal) behind me that I want them to pass. When the first car passes me everyone else follows. It works REALLY well. Tailgaters distract me. Why fight it. Many times I get a “thank you” wave from people. My theory is “where do I need to be”. Have a great day everyone…99 here today in Yuma AZ!

  36. Nancy says:

    Hi Sue,

    I’m loving your lifestyle. Your posts make me laugh because I am much like you in that I treasure my privacy and have always, since a child, related better to animals than folks.

    Speaking of folks, yes, I do love those lead-footers who cling to my bumper when I’m driving the old Class C. I try to do like you and pull over from time to time, but they’re so impatient they zoom around me anyway, sometimes honk and give me the finger.

    Reggie is like a lovely Bassett hound I had once; when she was just a puppy she was so bite-ish and so aggressive with her little puppy snarls, and she’d bite into my hair, too. But she was so darned cute doing it I guess I indulged her when I shouldn’t have. She did eventually grow out of it and became more of the stereotypical laid-back hound.

    So happy for you and the pups, Sue. Your stories are inspiring.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Nancy,

      You give me hope with your experience with your bassett hound. Boy, this Reggie is puppy through and through! It’s going to be a long time before he outgrows all the behaviors that are presently making me crazy. I’ll be crazy before he gets there!

      Oh, he’s so “darned cute.” 🙂

      Don’t ya’ just love it when someone is annoyed because you don’t drive your Class C (or I don’t drive the PTV/BLT) the same way they drive their little compact car? High speed, darting in and out of lanes. . .

      Thank you for the compliment on my stories.

  37. I finally got to catch up and read your post! I really got a chuckle about the grumbling line of cars behind you! I do it often as well! I do the spped limit! If they want to speed, then they can just go around me! But it was priceless that all your gang got to see another speeder getting a ticket! I could almost hear that collective sigh of relief here in Florida! Chuck always let’s the faster traffic behind him,” push ” him to higher speeds! My nagging has helped cure that defect in his driving! Hahahaha!
    You new camp looks comfortable! The mountains in the distance look so nice! They put a big sigh in my heart! I do miss seeing mountains, but I love looking at beaches too !
    Bridget and Reggie seem happy with each other! It will be fun to see how he reacts to his first boondocking experience! Take care my friend! Sunday we head to Eastpoint, home!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi,, Geri,

      It’s a natural reaction to pressure to try to get away from it. The trouble is… The faster you go, the faster they want you to go!

      After I lived in Florida for over a decade, it wasn’t the mountains I missed. I missed normal trees. You know, regular shade trees with leaves. Gosh, I yearned for trees!

      Always a treat to see you here, Geri. You and Chuck and your crew have a safe trip home.

  38. Denise - Richmond VA says:

    Hi, Sue,

    Your experience driving the speed limit and having impatient drivers behind you had me chuckling. I always say, “If you are in such a hurry, go ahead and pass me…go get your ticket!” Kinda nice to see when that actually happens. He-he! 🙂

    One of my sisters has some serious health issues and has been wiped out physically and emotionally from not feeling well. I shared your happy news of adopting Reggie, and suggested that she check out your blog. I knew that the pictures of Bridget and Reggie would make her smile. She read the post where Bridget was telling Reggie the story of Spike and the cows (aaaaawww!), then she read the original cow post (Spike had his priorities straight!) and even went back a couple weeks to when you and Miss Bridge found Reggie (happy tears). She enjoyed your posts and pictures and thinks that Reg is a cutie! She said that she was so happy that you found Reggie and that your heart was open to loving another little one. Thank you for making one of my sisters feel just a bit better by sharing your joy! 🙂

    Hope you, Bridget, and Reggie have another peaceful night! Love and hugs from me and Gracie pup! 🙂

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Denise,

      I’m touched and amazed that you extended my blog to your sister as a mood-brightener and that it seemed to work! Thank you for sharing my blog and for writing this heartwarming comment. May God bless you and your sister and, of course, Gracie pup!

  39. EmilyO in NM says:

    Sunday I fell across the “forks” on a forklift and the the metal forks won – therapy and all that stuff for me for a while to heal up the bone bruises. I have been taking my afternoon naps in Eggie for my “Eggie therapy” – now if he was only where you are, it would be so much better, so am substituting my Eggie for your Egg (and of course, if he was where you are then I wouldn’t have these bone bruises). So have RVSue and Eggie therapy to get me through.

    • Denise - Richmond VA says:

      Sending you warm thoughts and healing prayers, EmilyO. 🙂

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      I’m so sorry, EmilyO! How painful! You didn’t need this. Well, I’ll do the best I can with therapy, but I’d keep those appointments with the real therapist. 🙂 Heal up soon!

    • Krystina at Wellton, AZ says:

      Ouch! Sorry to hear your forklift story EmilyO 🙁 I hope you heal-up VERY soon.

  40. Lynn Brooks says:

    Just wonderful!
    I love all the pix & I can just picture the 3 of you snuggled warm
    & cozy in bed!
    I’m enjoying this trip almost as much as you are!
    Thank you for sharing!

  41. JW says:

    Hello again Sue

    Someone may have mentioned this already but I was reading up on the campground and supposedly there is a clear hot springs pool only a half mile from you. Don’t know which direction. The article says the water is 90*F year round. Sounds like a great place for a soak. I’m sure Spike would approve.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, JW . . . Yes, I know about it. I read up on campgrounds, too, before I go to them. Darn, I wanted it to be a surprise! 🙂

  42. Marcia GB in MA says:

    The first picture in this post of the mountains is spectacular. It has an almost mystical quality about it.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Thank you, Marcia. That photo was made special by the light on it. The sun was dropping low in late afternoon.

      I wonder if that’s why the little settlement is called Sunnyside. 🙂

  43. kgdan says:

    So grateful to you, Sue, for staking out some nifty places for us to explore on the way north. Absolutely beautiful weather in Laughlin but getting very warm. Trying to manage our travels around the weather. Just a few days left to departure from our winter digs here. Bittersweet but looking forward to traveling & exploring again. Also looking forward to seeing the kids, spring in the Yakima Valley & getting into the garden. Will be a bit strange to be minus Kitty who didn’t make it through the winter but looking forward to lap sits under the maple tree with the remaining two. Looking forward to your next camping ”finds”.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Kathy and Gil,

      Oh, there will be empty places for a while, places where you remember your kitty. I’m sure it will be good to be home though, see the family, the garden, etc..

      In a previous comment you mentioned that the weather stabilizes at Yakima in late April, warm enough to camp. I’m still hesitant because the nearest camp I know of is along one of the rivers by Naches and it’s cooler there.

      Have a good trip north. I decided against the Caliente and Pioche route because of the slightly higher elevation. Plus this quiet, remote camp appealed to me. If I talk to one of the guys around here I’ll ask how the fishing is… for Gil’s benefit. 🙂

  44. Randyl J says:

    Hi Sue ~ Found you via MaliaSmiles and have been reading through here all evening and lovin’ it! Home is Grand Junction, Co but my 32′ motorhome and tow Jeep are along the eastern shore of Virginia – since my husband passed away in 2011, I’ve been moving a bit at a time. My traveling sweetie is now Sandyl Rose – my ‘going on age 3 Maltese’ and yes, we DO sleep together! She has yet to experience ‘being-on-the-road-towed’ but she knows something’s up every time I start the motorhome engine and she jumps up on the couch to hide with her stuffed bear. Hah! Very close here to NC – may return to Charlotte via Wilmington and then head West again. Loved seeing one daughter in Pittsburgh 2 years ago but for all my RV bravery, the other one is in France and I just can’t see me flying any more. Too long cooped up in the air. I’ll keep following your post and LOVE the hot springs!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, RandylJ,

      Welcome to my blog! Nice of you to tell me you love it. Thank you for introducing yourself to us. I understand your feeling about flying. It’s something I have no desire to do anymore. Maybe your daughter will make it over here for a visit. Have a good evening and hugs to Rose!

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