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Sunday, March 22 and Monday, March 23

Bits and pieces in this post . . .

1-P1030601 - CopyUpper Pahranagat Lake, Alamo, Nevada

Bridget, Reggie and I walk the campground road and come upon two men tenting.  Reggie starts to bark because one of the men is dressed all in black.

“He doesn’t like your color choice,” I explain, grinning.  “Hush, Reggie!”

The men ask me several questions about the area as if I know anything.  We chat for a bit and then the crew and I continue our walk.

The next day the men stop by our camp on their way out.

1-P1030625 - Copy“We’re leaving.  We’re going to drive to Barstow today.  There’s a geological formation around there  someplace. . . . ”

Soon I have the California Benchmark atlas open on my new table. 

“See there?  That’s Owl Canyon,” I say, pointing at the map.  “I camped there a few years ago.  Great little campground with interesting rock all around and a trail going out from the campground.  Not expensive and Rainbow Basin is right around the corner.”

The guys ask about the Perfect Tow Vehicle and the Best Little Trailer.

“Would you set yourself up differently? one asks.  Of course that’s an opening for me to brag on my set-up.  One guy is interested in having a trailer.  The other guy mentions he’d like to have a van.  (Both men are in their late 50s, that age when plans for retirement are on one’s mind.)

I invite them both to read my blog.  I also suggest cheaprvliving.com to learn about van dwelling.

Air compressor dies . . .

1-P1030622 - CopyI check the tire pressure in preparation for our next move.  The air in all four PTV tires is slightly low.

I hook up the air compressor I inherited from my uncle.  The trusty Roadpro is over 30 years old.  I plug it into the PTV’s socket and pull out the air hose.  It’s broken into two pieces.  Cracked with old age.  Darn.

I wrap the two ends together with electrical tape, turn on the engine, and hook up the compressor to the valve stem.  It works for a while and then the air line blows apart.  Shoot!

Quickly I take the thing off.  I check the psi.  Great, now it’s down to 25.

“Well, guys.  Looks like we need to go to town.”

I pull into the tire shop next to the Sinclair gas station. 

A thirty-ish man prepares to pump the air in the tires.  We discuss psi.

1-P1030620 - Copy“The van door says 35,” I begin.  “The people who sold me the tires put them at 45.  I tow a small, lightweight trailer.  What do you recommend?”

“55 is good for these tires.  With 10-ply like these, you can go up to 80.  45 is too soft.  With 55 they’ll ride better and last longer.”

“Okay, then.”

I ask him about the Marathon tires I have on the BLT.  

His response is that all trailer tires are pretty much the same and none are that great.

“Even Maxxis?” I ask.  “They cost a lot more.”

“You’re payin’ for the name, ma’am,” he responds.  “They’re all made the same.”

On another subject, I gave you wrong information.

1-P1030521About Pahranagat National Wildlife Refuge Campground on Upper Pahranagat Lake.  I wrote that generators are not allowed.  Well, that is what it says on the refuge website.  However, the rule isn’t enforced.  Thought I should let you know.

Hmm . . . I wonder if that’s why most of the birds are at Lower Pahranagat Lake. 

Will there soon be no campgrounds without the sound of generators?

The secret grocery store . . .

I found the grocery store!  It’s at the Sinclair station in Alamo.  This is what it looks like.  No sign.  No indication that there is anything but a Chester’s Chicken place inside.

1-P1030580 - CopyAlso . . .  behind the in cognito grocery store are two water spigots. 

I go inside and ask the young woman at the register if that is drinking water and if I might fill some jugs.

“Oh, it’s fine,” she says.  “People get water for their horses there all the time.”

Hmm . . . . Not a definite answer.

“Since I’m not a horse, do you know if it’s all right for people to drink?”

She laughs.

“Yeah, it’s okay.  It’s the same water as we use in the restaurant.”

1-P1030603 - Copyrvsue

Canine Corner:  “Boondockin’ dog” by Bridget and Reggie

“Miss Bridget?  Have I been a good boondocker so far?  I mean, am I doin’ it right and everything?”

1-P1030627“Oh, Reggie.  We haven’t even gone boondocking yet.  We’ve been in campgrounds ever since you came to live with RVSue and me.”

“Rats!  I want to be a boondocker!  I want to be the best boondockin’ dog in the whole world!”

1-P1030635“Calm down, you’ll have your chance.  You have to learn to be a campground dog first.”

“You mean stay in The Pen?  I HATE The Pen!”

1-P1030626 - Copy“So do I, but RVSue puts us in it to keep us safe.  That’s why you have to be on a leash, too.  You might run off and be lost again.  You did get lost once, you know.”

“I know.  I made a big mistake.  It turned out okay though.  (pause)  Miss B?”

“Yes, Reggie?  What is it?”

“Have I been a good campground dog?  I try to make RVSue happy.  I really do!”

1-P1030665“You’re pretty good.  You’re learning how to walk alongside me on the leash.  You are nice to people and to the little dogs in the campground. RVSue wants us to be nice.  Um . . .  You do go nuts with the big dogs, barking and jumping and kicking up dirt with your back legs.  That’s a little over the top.”

“Oh.  I was trying to scare them away.”

“Don’t worry about it, tyke.  You’ll get the hang of it.”

“What about being a boondocker dog?  Do you think I can do it?  Do you think I’ll be as good as Spike someday?”


“Miss B?  You okay?”

1-P1030660“Oh, Reggie, dear Reggie.  Listen to me.  There never will be another boondocker like Spike.  Never.  It can’t be done.  Don’t worry though.  You do the best you can, and I bet you’ll be the stuff of legends someday.”

* * *

NOTE:  I’m taking a break from replying to comments.  Y’all will do fine without me.  I’ll be reading though.  🙂

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119 Responses to A little of this, a little of that

  1. Elizabeth in S.E. NM says:

    Hey Su…..
    Guess you are not coming to S.E. NM….. Was kinda thinking you just might….
    Our Spring is spring and what blooms is doing so…..
    Maybe next year?

    I am so pleased your family is complete again….. Both you and Bridgette seem
    pleased with little Reggie!

    Happy trails to all of you!

    Hugs from Elizabeth and King Clyde Cat…..

  2. Deb D says:

    Great pics! Reggie is fitting in nice! Enjoy !

  3. Marsha/MI says:

    Canine corner has me all misty-eyed.

    Ask 50 people about trailer tires and you’ll get 50 different answers.

    • Gayle - SO CAL Beach Boomer says:

      Amen to that, Marsha! There is something about the subject of tires that brings out the crazies in people. For years and years, every time I said I bought a new set of tires, somebody would tell me that their uncle could have saved me $100! Finally, I just stopped discussing tire purchases with anyone.

  4. Janis Harrison says:

    awwww they are so sweet to each other !! love the doggie blog

  5. Another good post; thank you! Seems like every time you send a new post I have to get out my notes on the AZ trip and make notes! (Like where the grocery store is, and the free water) That Reggie is just TOO CUTE!!

  6. Barbara (from Nashville) says:

    Close to the top. Yeh!!!
    How sneaky to hide the grocery store. The pups are too cute. I, like Elizabeth got all teary eyed at the canine corner. Wish i could talk my hubby into a dog. I have seen several on Petfinder, here in the Franklin, TN area.

    If I ever get to RV-fulltime, I will have a dog.

  7. Susan in Dallas says:

    Yes, Reggie, it’s OK to be over the top sometimes. Holy Cow, those pictures sure do make Canine Corner today! Can’t ever have enough puppy pictures. The camera loves the crew 🙂

  8. Kay Dattilio says:

    Miss Sue, The Divine Miss B and Mr. Reggie Studmuffin! Gosh, you can make a grown girl tear up! We all love our animals, don’t we? As usual, love your pictures and your writings. Reggie is a cutie and seems to fit right in. Keep enjoying your life so the rest of us can read about it!

    Kay from Kansas City!

  9. DesertGinger says:

    Top ten again! Woohoo!

  10. weather says:

    Wow,you had me thinking “oo-oo-oo.-blue ribbon for Reggie time!” ,kept reading,now I need a kleenex.Hope you can replace the broken hose on your heirloom!Mysterious store altogether,no sign,horse water-funny 🙂 Great photo with the mallard(?)couple!

    Reggie,you don’t need to be as good as or like Spike,you’re great at being lovable you!

    Bridget- heroine,legend,girl-o-my heart-, so good to your family(sh-h)I’m proudest of you

    • weather says:

      OK, I get the interest in the couple,their large white furry companion,the fish-what surprises me is your not noticing the ghostly two figures at the far left of them on the small peninsula that they’re all on.To you it may appear as white twiggy bushes,I see entities in odd motion poses,with long cattle/ sheep like faces that have ray-like shafts above and around their heads in an aura.If indeed one were to see “an alien” demonic beings appearing sinister or innocent would likely be nearby 😉 Hi,Sue-hope you’re having a wonderful day whether on the road or settled around camp.Ours has been terrific so far and pretty.

    • weather says:

      Hope you and crew had fun and got done whatever that leaves all the good kind of worn out,we did.Always nice to erase things off a to-do list ,freshen up things-whatever it takes to have a clean page again.Thanks for doing that here.They say two warm days with a bit of rain are next,followed by a light snow,yippee!I’m getting my “just one more,please” again.Sweet dreams while you sleep covered in love,n’nite

  11. Check the sidewall of the tires. It will state the maximum allowable pressure. The amount recommended on the door is in fact the best pressure as recommended by the manufacturer with the factory original tire size. If you don’t have the factory original tire size on the van, it will be a bit of trial and error figuring which pressure rides the best, without inflicting premature wear on the tires. In any event, of course never exceed the maximum on the sidewall.

  12. DesertGinger says:

    How are you keeping Reggie so white? My little Chloe always has dusty feet and looks a little bedraggled. She needs a bath now. But reggie and Bridget both look clean and fresh.
    So…what kind of grocery store is it? Typical gas station with snacks and chips? Or actual store with veggies and meats and dairy? Got to have our data you know.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Typical small-town grocery. I catch Reggie for photos before he gets dirty. You got me replying and I said I wouldn’t! 🙂

  13. Lynn Brooks says:

    Such beautiful pictures, as always!
    Thanks for sharing you life adventures with all of us!

  14. Thank you for the face time with Reggie!! What a little character!! Bridget is the best in her story telling mode! She just seems so much more mellow and sweet since Reggie has needed her for guidance! She is a good teacher! Hope you are doing well and enjoying your family!

  15. Chuck says:

    PSI tire advise right on. Reggie fitting in perfectly and is cute as a button. Miss B looking happier! As always, your pix are fabulous. FYI, a NAPA store should be able to replace that aged, cracked hose.

  16. Lois Joy (AZ) says:

    Update on “state count”: 28 States/7 countries!! past the 1/2 way mark! Blogorinos: Try to put your state somewhere on your address or in your writing. Sue? What state do you want? LOL The crew is ever so cute!! Warming up here in Mesa to 90’s next week. Hope it’s not “summer” yet we just started spring!

  17. Denise - Richmond VA says:

    Hi, Sue,

    Thanks for the detailed lesson on how to read the benchmark maps. You made something that seems to be confusing at first, easy peasy! I agree that if/when you get a chance, the info would be a wonderful addition to your header. I have printed it out for future reference. 🙂

    Love the picture of the mallard pair. Mr Mallard’s head feathers glow in his solo portrait.

    To continue from the last comment thread where you asked for everyone’s favorite water spots and why they are special. One of my favorite places was Moose Lake in Wisconsin. My family rented a cabin in the woods, on the lake, a couple times when we were kids for vacation. My Mom and sisters were not too crazy about fishing. I had many occasions to go out fishing with my Dad, way out in the far reaches of the lake. It was special…we talked very little on these excursions. We just enjoyed the quiet of the lake and being together. We usually did not catch many fish, but that was ok! Dad always relied on my navigation skills to get us back to our lodge. Those memories are precious to me. Yesterday would have been my Dad’s birthday….it was nice to revisit this happy place in my heart! 🙂 We never did catch that elusive Muskie…and we had our Walleye Pike dinner in a restaurant!

    Enjoy your break from commenting, Sue. You deserve it!!! Hugs to you, Bridget, and Reggie (boondocker in training) from me and Gracie pup! Sweet dreams! 🙂

  18. DebsJourney says:

    Hi Sue,
    Just loved the Canine Corner… what a sweet hoot. Love how Brig takes Reg under her wing(paw) Both are so beautiful. Makes life so worth living …having those two angels.

  19. Barb from Hoquiam! says:

    Hi Guys!!!

    How wonderful this post is! Bridget is doing a good job training Reggie! 🙂

    Not much to tell… boring old stuck in a stick house and the tow vehicle keeps havin’ issues… Oh well! Still happy and sending you….

    Hugs from Hoquiam!

  20. PookieBoy in houston says:

    WOW…Chester Chicken is everywhere!! HA!
    50 is a good time to start about retirement…
    looks like Reggie is getting comfortable with you and Miss B….
    thanks for the report!

  21. Ann says:

    Love the Canine Corner! Reggie and Bridget are stars, following Spike’s lead!

  22. Lacy says:

    Excuse me for pointing out the obvious, but Reggie is SO DARN ADORABLE! He compliments Bridget, who – as we already know, is ALSO adorable!!!! Sorry, I just had to say it since it’s what I think every time I see that little body and that little face.

    Carry on………. 😀


  23. BadgerRickInWis says:

    The stuff of legends indeed!!!

    You out did yourself with this one Sue, Kleenex and smiles. How do you do it?

  24. dancer says:

    I read this and like all my heart skips a beat, the feeling of being there and watching the story unfold. I have a hard time believing anyone who can write likes this can be grumpy. but then I think of my own life, and I like my own company, not much in for people these days, my son, my animals, my home, my job and family.. I get grumpy to when people invade my personal space, because I don’t think they really care, just nosey… that is why like you when all my obligations are met, and I can retire, the road seems like the best place, a different picture every day I can’t stand four walls, and I do not want to cut grass or shovel snow lol. I hear and see your heart, and that is what counts in the end, it is for me, those who really know me know my heart is big and my soul is wandering.. love the pics and the crew seem like a great family. Happy Trails and only the best for Sue and her Crew..

  25. Fred Wishnie says:

    You are so lucky – that little dog is ADORABLE!!

  26. Timber n' me says:

    Reggie and Bridget are SOOOOO Cute, Dad even notices with a smile and a Awh, then he chuckles and I like the way Reggie does his smile,,,,,, Dad says hi too,,,,,,, Timber

  27. Timber n' me says:

    Oh yah, Sue, Dad says we might miss some posts when we Get back on the road, so don’t worry, Ok Sue?,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Timber

  28. SusanS/south central WA state says:

    The photo of Reggie saying “I want to be the best boondockin’ dog in the whole world!” I imagined him with a little cowboy hat and bandana. (and a cartoon kid voice). If you end up in the dry side of the PNW wave when you go by!! I think you’ve been through this way before maybe? An hour east of Yakima, dry, no trees, hot, not real inviting or exciting!!

  29. rvsueandcrew says:

    What? No one noticed something strange about the first photo in this post? The little water people standing in the lake up to their waists in water? . . . . The giant white fish? . . . The rocket ship?

    Boy, Reggie really does steal the show! 😉

    • A gal in Maple Valley, WA says:

      Umm… Sue?

      Was there something ‘special’ in that ‘horse water’ ? Are you seeing little green men, too? (besides the men in black) Ha Ha, just teasing.

      There is an unidentified object in the weeds there, but thought if it were something of import, you’d zoooom in and edify us with your sleuthiness.

      When I moved up to Washington, I used to do little happy dances all winter long. When asked why, I said because I don’t have to shovel the rain! On the rare occasion it snowed in Puget Sound, I was so happy to help friends and neighbors put on their chains. By the time we got them on and had another latte, (coffee drinks are really just hand warmers) the main roads were clear and the chains had to come off. I still get a chuckle, whenever helping push others, sliding, stuck in the road, about the ones that forgot or didn’t know they had 4wd!

      The ‘winter’ here lasts from mid December till about Valentine’s day. Never saw snow here after January, really. It’s mostly been leave-the-window-open sleeping weather (50*) since the first of February this year. Cool, but not cold. March, as usual, is monsoon season. Some of the mountain passes are being opened early. There are unnumerable pockets of microclimates all throughout the state.

      The best and only reason to be here in spring, imho, is the Rhododendrons! (many locals go to Hawaii) Visualize a 20′ x 100′ wall of every shade of purple, pink, red, white, yellow or orange. Having a view out every window of popping colors. For several months long. The most magnificent ones I’ve seen are those in the protected wild. Native in their rainforests, they get gigantic and intensely colored.

      Camellias and Magnolias are in full bloom now. The Rhodies are a few weeks away. The many species here keep color going through summer.

      I hope you get to see the show!

      Rhododendron Valley Gal 🙂

  30. Picasso informs me that the proper term, according to him, for an expen is PRISON!!! lol He stands there looking through the bars with the most forlorn look imaginable!

    It sounds to me like Reggie is doing great. He is so adorable. I’m glad he is a talker. Nice to hear Reggie and Bridget go back and forth.

  31. Lisa W says:

    Hello Sue, and thank you for sharing with us today. Let’s see, you are playing with tires and drinking water for horses sounds like a great time. I agree with you when it comes to tires everyone has an opinion; so I don’t like to mention them to others at all. Loved the canine corner as usual. Bridget is being a fantastic big sister to Reggie and soon he will know the ropes.

  32. Monica-CA says:

    Mr. Reggie is such a cutie! He’s one lucky boy to have such a wonderful big sister as Ms. Bridget.

  33. JW says:

    Hi Sue,
    As usual, another great post. Last winter I spent 2 months in Owl Canyon. Was alone the whole time except for one weekend when the place filled up. At the risk of sounding strange, I saw one heck of a UFO at close range while there. I reported it to MUFON. It was quite spectacular. Being a former BLM camp host, I was allowed to stay for an extended time. The place is beautiful at sunset when the rocks change colors. The canyon is 8 miles north of Barstow. Also, about 10 miles south of Barstow is Sawtooth Canyon which is beautiful but with much different rock formations than Owl Canyon.

    • Elizabeth in WA says:

      I am not Sue, but had to say I find this very interesting…a real UFO…
      Back in the late 1960’s my grandparents were living in the San Joaquin Valley area of California…and over their farm came one. My grandmother was a very educated teacher and never made up stories. But she said that we had no aircraft that could fly like that did and it made not a sound either. Some things are very strange…

      • Pamela K. says:

        I do believe both of you about the UFO stories. When I was a Police 911 Dispatcher in WV our phone lines lite up one evening with stories from callers about a sighting. We were informed that the Ohio Police Dispatch units were also recieving the calls there too. During this time our ~Red Phone~ rang. We all gasped with shock! Our shift Lt. told us to all say NOTHING as he answered the phone call, not a word! Yes, Sir. We listened intensely…
        ~ No Sir. Linda does not live here. Have a nice evening.~
        Dang! We slowly exhaled! The call was a wrong number.
        Later the lines calmed down somewhat, but all of us on shift that evening knew we had been on the other end of something very special. Something unexplained by normal means. Before our shift ended our Shift Lt. had to call NORAD. After such sightings it was the process back then, of course they already knew everything about the events and had been in contact with the State Officials.
        I remeber how odd it was driving home that night from my 3pm-11pm shift. Once home, it didn’t seem real somehow…like those four little walls I called home could withstand anything, even a mighty UFO if need be. I was glad to be home, my safe place.
        So, yes, I DO understand your stories. And I believed those callers were telling us what they saw in the skies that night. It was surreal.

  34. Kelley in SoCal says:

    Oh Sue, this made me cry again remembering Spike. I loved and still love reading about him. You are right, he was a great boondocker! My heart goes out to you Sue…and to Bridge. Yes, Reggie is such a cutie and will be a legend soon but there will never be another Spike!

  35. Libby Nester says:

    I love the Canine Corner. Reggie and Bridgette are awesome.

  36. Rhonda from middle TN says:

    I’ve been around them but I’ve never had a dog in my life. When I look into Reggie’s eyes…well…I, um, think I might, uh…he is the cutest dang dog and he has my heart! Somehow…I think, maybe…

    • JazzLover says:

      Rhonda, maybe it’s time for a change in your life. There are other youngsters out there like Reggie that need someone just like you to give them your heart and a home where they will be loved forever. The rewards are unbelievable and you’ll wonder why you waited so long to receive so much. Go for it!


    • Pups are wonderful, change your life forever. They’re a lot of work too, and don’t come with a manual 🙂 Hope you find a new pal!

  37. Elizabeth in WA says:

    My most favored of water spots, or mts or anything was Yosemite. When we were young it was kept up so well…I always wondered if the Garden of Eden was like it. But we were there in 1975 and it was still wonderful…then again in 2003 and I was not impressed…had I forgotten? No…it is not kept up as it was….it was kind of let go frankly, in my opinion. But of course, with the waterfalls and granite and trees, and the water places…it was still a very nice place. If we ever go again, I do hope it will be back to its stupendous condition it used to be!!

    Lovely photos of the doggies…love it!! Reggie sure has such inquisitive eyes, that seem to be very interested in whatever you are saying to him!! 🙂

  38. Gayle - SO CAL Beach Boomer says:

    Your “incognito store” post reminds me of the sign on the 405 freeway pointing to Century City — except Century City isn’t really in that direction! Like my friend said: “You live here so you already know that. Who cares about a sign?”

    Must be the sam e with the incognito store — EVERYONE ELSE already knows!

  39. Heda says:

    It’s all good, RVSue. Love to the crew.

  40. Dawn in MI says:

    Reggie you are going to be your own kind of wonderful at boondocking! And Bridget, you are just the one to show him the ropes! You are being so good and patient with him as he learns how things go.

  41. Applegirl NY says:

    Canine Corner has stolen my heart.

    I hope that generators become fewer and fewer. I would think more folks would go solar for the peace and quiet and cost. Generators aren’t cheap to purchase or to run. I understand we all do things differently, but they are so loud that they really infringe on others. My husband is a contractor and when they start a job they often have to use generators. They are horrible. The guys have to listen to them all day, and they have to yell at each other to be heard. I know that the generators increase the stress level of the job, and they don’t even realize it. For them, they have no choice, but I think it’s terrible and I can only visit a job site for 5 minutes when those things are running.

  42. Coming across folks who know of another good spot to camp, and then tracking it down on the map – so much fun! Tessa always barks at people in knit hats. Our kids come over, she knows them all, still barks if they’re wearing a knit hat. You just never know……

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      I edited the part about Owl Canyon. I didn’t realize it was unclear that I was the one describing the campground.

    • Jodee, I just read you blog post about buying your RV…it is hilarious! Not for you of course, but for what is normal in So. Cal at RV Dealerships…I am still shopping for my RV, but have a source that I really trust and will only buy from him…Good luck on your adventures, I will be about a year behind you and I will look forward to reading your blog…

  43. Pamela K. in GA says:

    Loved that you found the hidden grocery store!
    You often find those in Little Havana. Not far from the more pricey grocery stores the tourists flocked to. Often both stores are owned by the same merchant. One store helped to cover the discounts for the locals. When traveling overseas the gasoline resources are done that same way too. The good and cheap gasoline is often found in some local’s shed in jerry cans where he sells it for a small fee, not at the ~sell your first born~ pumps.

  44. Pauline In Mississippi says:

    Love the Canine Corner!!! Such a tribute to Spike and I will admit, it makes me tear up, as I believe it did to Miss B. Reggie has such a sweet face.
    Happy Trails…. Love to you and the crew

  45. Shirlene says:

    Good Morning Sue,

    After 300+ comments, no wonder you need a break…I agree with many of the blogorinos, your tribute to Spike made me tear up, again. Have a great day…Reggie is a wonderful addition and don’t we love the Canine Corner!

  46. CasitaGirl from NY says:

    Am I the only one trying to figure out that first photo? It looks like creatures of some sort? When I zoom, it is still unclear. We are all too smitten with Reggie to focus on anything else!

    • Shirlene says:

      No! you are not alone…I guess we are just going to have to wait until someone else can figure it out…I know it looks like something in the bushes on the right, but my old eyes cannot figure out what it is…I also cannot figure out how to enlarge the picture with my computer…WTH!

      • rvsueandcrew says:

        Hold the CTRL button down while simultaneously tapping the + button to enlarge or the – button to minimize.

        • Shirlene says:

          Hi Sue, yeah, I tried that, it did not work, must be something with THIS computer…I think it will work if I save it to my hard drive. But I know somehow, one of the blogorinos will figure it out or you will not let us go too many days without a clue…Oh! another game…How fun!

    • Wendy in Thailand says:

      Same here enlarged the photo but still can’t make out what it is.
      Hi all!

  47. CasitaGirl from NY says:

    Something white with long ears on the right – dog? sheep?

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      BIG CLUE… 🙂 … The two little people are standing to the left of what you describe. They are in front of the large fish. The woman is on the left. She’s taller than the man and she is turned slightly as if talking to him.

    • Shirlene says:

      I enlarged it after I saved it to my hard drive, only made me feel more inadequate! ha! Looks like a white surf board, but then again, I am from Huntington Beach, the surf capital of the US.

      • Shirlene says:

        Oh Brother!….I think there must have been something in the water you drank yesterday, whatever it was, pass some this way, I need a new slant on life…

        • rvsueandcrew says:

          Okay… I’ll try one more time.

          See the curved log horizontal in the photo.

          Below the curved log you can see a portion of the lake shaped like a fish (or surfboard).

          In front of the shape are two dark figures. The one on the left has dark hair and a white cap. The one on the right is shorter and stockier.

          To the right of these two small figures is a strange shape someone said looks like a sheep with long ears. I see a rocket ship with two launchers on the sides, small and out of proportion to the figures.

          It’s an optical illusion thing, like those geometric posters that can look two different ways. You have to adjust your focus to see it.

          They aren’t anything real (like nesting ducks). They are shapes created probably by stumps and shadows.

  48. Kitt, NW WA says:

    The best Canine Corner ever, well until the next time! My display won’t let me zoom, but those aren’t cows are they??? Naw, couldn’t be…

    Glad to hear you are headed this way! If you haven’t already explored NE WA on your map, check out the Sullivan Lk. area (pg. 51). We stayed at the Noisy Creek CG at the south end and loved it. The lake is crystal clear. Highway 20 is also a wonderful one to explore as you travel east/west.


  49. Phyllis in Phoenix says:

    Today’s post was delightful. It brought a smile to my face. Thank you.

  50. Gail says:

    Hi Sue, you couldn’t have found a cuter pup than Reggie! And he sounds like a really good little guy too. Your time and patience in your search for your new crew member certainly paid off. Every time I see that sweet little face I want to pick him and and hug him. Such love our furry friends inspire in our hearts is beyond wonderful, isn’t it?

  51. Paul H says:

    I enjoy following your travels.
    I am a full time RVer and admire the neat places you visit.
    How do you find these places?
    Would appreciate any help.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Did you see the explanation in comments under the previous post? I think it was a reply to Maribeth, toward the bottom.

      • Paul H says:

        No I didn’t but will look.
        I am in SC at the present came up from Florida
        Where I was wintering

        • rvsueandcrew says:

          It’s a lot easier to find free camps west of the Mississippi because there is more public land.

          • Paul H says:

            I found this freecampsites.net
            Its a little different than freecampsites .com
            So its really down to the Benchmark maps.
            I guess you get them from Amazon?

            • weather says:

              Hi Paul,the easiest way to get them is to use the Amazon link above,click on that and type Benchmark Atlases in their search box.Bonus,when we use her link, and then purchase anything, Sue makes a small profit at no extra cost to us !

            • rvsueandcrew says:

              You must be using a device that doesn’t show the ad for Benchmark maps in the margin that I presently have posted. Here’s a link to the Arizona atlas. Go to that page and scroll down for the other western states.

              Arizona Road and Recreation Atlas (Benchmark Maps)

              Or use the method that weather suggested. (Thanks, weather!)

            • Paul H says:

              Thanks, I also see it on the blog.
              They are all out west I see, as you said more land out there.
              I am in Spartanburg, SC at present, going to Maine to visit my cousin this summer.
              Not much dispersed here I can see, north of Asheville maybe some.
              I am from the west San Diego, Arizona.
              I think I remember you are from over this way?

            • cc and canine (Eastern Missouri) says:

              In the midwest and the east the Delorme Co. makes atlases for each state very similar to the Benchmarks. Most of the national forests allow boondocking, and these are all over the country. Also the Corps of Engineers has very nice campgrounds that seniors can stay in for half price.(with the Golden Age Passport) There is a book “Camping with the Corps” that does a great job listing these, with directions and amenities.
              Both of these are available through Amazon via RVSue’s blog. Lots of options out there if you are willing to look! Good luck….

            • Paul H says:

              Thank you for the information.
              I have used Corps of Eng. with pass.
              Prices are up to $9 a night for dry camp
              and $13 for electric and water.
              Still better than most commercial stuff.

            • Paul H says:

              Looks like Walmart or Cracker Barrel
              again tonight, ugh

  52. Brandy says:

    I looooove canine corner. Soo cute.

  53. Cinandjules (NY) says:

    A stealth grocery store!

    Is this the “favoritest uncle”? Every tire has the PSI max (cold) on the sidewall of the tire. The plate on the door would not be correct if you’ve since change the stock tires.

    That Reggie is a bundle of joy isn’t he? What a love! I do believe Bridge has taught him “stink eye”!

    Canine corner was great! A little sad I must admit. Reggie will never take Spike’s place in your heart. There is plenty room for Bridge, Spike and Reggie.

    We often compare AO to SA…….which is unfair for AO. We keep telling her AND OURSELVES …manners will come with age! Sometimes she reminds us of SA…..who we miss dearly…….just as we know you miss Spike.

    I bet Mr Reggie has kicked your speed into the next gear! It’s good….keeep you young!

    Have a great night! By the way, I thought you were taking the day off? Couldn’t resist eh!

  54. Denise - Richmond VA says:

    Hallelujah! I finally saw what you were describing in the first picture, Sue! Jeez o Pete! My photographer’s eye must have been out to lunch! I attribute my not seeing it at first (ok, after multiple times), to just being stressed out from work. I just looked again, without zooming in and did not think about it and there it was. Sometimes we just need to not look so hard to see what is right in front of us! 🙂

    Hope you and the crew have a peaceful evening, Sending you all hugs! 🙂

  55. Julie says:

    thank you so much for allowing us to share your fulltiming. My husband and I hope to do the same when I can retire, still some years off yet. hug those sweet pups!!

  56. AZ Jim says:

    I am convinced Reggie is a perfect fit Missy. He is a little bundle of joy!! I also fully believe he is Spike approved.

  57. I love Bridget and Reggie’s conversations.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Juley . . . Shirlene’s comment to you alerted me to Rob’s situation. I had no idea, as I don’t read other blogs very often. I’m adding my prayers to the many others . . . .

      • Barbara in Scottsdale says:

        Juley, I too, read your blog regarding Rob’s health condition. Just wanted you to know that Tucson Medical Center is a very good hospital. I’m going to be keeping Rob and you in my prayers that you both will have peace and healing in His hands of love! Btw, you guys have certainly traveled all over the USA in the last 2 1/2 years. I love your graphics,too. Hi sue, Enjoy your blog so much! I’m hooked on it, so much so, that I find myself checking in three or four times during the day hoping to catch a new post or comments. I can’t wait to travel with you to the cooler climates of the PNW. It will make the HOT summer back here in Arizona a tad more tolerant.

    • Velda in Roseville Ca says:

      Thoughts and prayers for Rob and for you. Read notes on your blog and will keep praying for improvements. And found your low sodium blog which will bless my life as well. Thanks for that.

  58. Shirlene says:

    Hi Juley, Prayers to Rob.

  59. Shirlene says:

    Good Morning Sue, enjoying coffee with you…

  60. weather says:

    Hope today blessed you with fair skies and gentle breezes,Sue.A light sprinkle just began here, so the troupe’s crowding around me for their after toweling snuggles.Though it’s rare for me to nap, today I had a wee one.Looks like this page did,too,it’s a bit like finding the playground empty-not sure if I arrived early or late 🙂

    • Good Afternoon Weather, Yep Sue must be on the road, it has been quiet here all day…Hope your day was as quiet and peaceful. Hugs.

      • weather says:

        Thanks it was,Shirlene.A few pleasant little forays outside,head in the clouds sort of day,nice.Designed a little portable deck in my head for the RV I’m looking to get,counted all the new birds and critters around.Hope you have a great sunset later,hugs back.

  61. UPCDebra says:

    Just thought of you, watching “The Last Man on Earth,” (really stupid) with my Grandson ((NO this is not when I thought of you!). Surprise, while exploring, he runs into the last woman on earth! He shows her the huge subdivision house, in Tucson, on a cul-de-sac of equally large homes, that he chose to live in. But, he soon realizes she is unbelievably annoying. She starts cleaning up his house, insisted he make a full stop at all stop signs, says he’s wasting his time playing Jingo, not fulfilling his life purpose, Blah, Blah, Blah. (NO, not here either). Exasperated, he dumps her back where he found her! But, the next morning he awakes to find her moving into the house next door! (NOW, this is when I thought of you!) He yells, “OF ALL THE HOUSES IN THE WHOLE WORLD, YOU HAVE TO MOVE IN RIGHT NEXT DOOR TO ME!” LOLOLOL! Thanks for the laugh, otherwise it was a pretty boring show.

  62. Liz Hopper says:

    Hi Sue, We love Pahranagat Wildlife Refuge. We were heading home to Idaho and we always stop by there but boy, it was as croweded as we have ever seen it. But we did the loop to check and happened to spot your rigs and doggie pen. I said to my hubby was that who I think it was and he said, yup. It’s like seeing a celebrity, oh wait, you are a celebrity :). Love following your adventures. Thanks for taking the time to share with all of us. Liz

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      What rig do you have? So that was you who walked by and said hello? The next day the campground was less crowded. People seem to come and go in waves.

  63. Jean in OR says:

    Spike-correction, Reggie, is one. Eager beaver, what a doll!!Our weather here in the Willamette Valley is in the sixties, so nice.if you stopped here, Reggie can run free.Skeezi loves pups.Indie, however gets nervous and hides.She is an introvert like me.Ujntil I replace my fiver, I will have to hitch a ride on your muffler.

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